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anewhb - Thursday Nov 06, 2008

Weight: 0.0

Well, here I am again. Yesterday was a good day - walked 1.5 hours with friend and dogs. It was a great weather day. I did OK on eating until last night I ate a small Reece's cup! I'll do better today. I can do it.

Some of you all will remember that I was offered a job about 6 months ago. I was in a quandry on whether to take it or not. I didn't take it because was just not sure that I should go back to work full-time or not. I wasn't sure that it was God's will for me to do that at that time since I felt like he had put me where I am not for a reason. Well, lately I am thinking that that job offer was a gift and I missed it!!! I gave them a call - left a message for the HR manager that I was READY to work fulltime and that If they had any more openings, please let me know. That was Tuesday a.m. I haven't heard anything! I am almost sick over it.

Carpet still not in. Maybe 3 more weeks. Probably not in time for Thanksgiving. : o( More later.

skinnyjeans on 11/06/2008:
I hope you get the job! Good luck. And you did a great job walking yesterday - 1.5 hours is a long walk!

thinnside40 on 11/06/2008:
Huh... I can remember a few years back... I was sitting in my totally empty living room with the only flooring being wood boards 2 days before Easter... Waiting on the carpet layers.... No phone call, no nothing for 4 hours past the installation was to begin... 1 guy showed up...1 guy!!!!!.. He did 3 rooms by himself, cause nobody else showed and I was NOT going to go another day without... He told me he was about to walk out when he saw my jaw clinched, cause he was already upset enough about the crew...But, he did it and I sent him out with a $20 bill to buy his little girl an Easter Basket.....

Hope you can get the job & the carpet SOON!!!!!!

Beth201P on 11/06/2008:
I wish you luck on getting that job. I know I have done that myself. Passed on something and thought why did I do that. I wish you the best of luck. Good job on getting out there and walking. Have a great rest of the week. BETH :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/06/2008:
good luck!!!! :) nice to see you on here! :)

selina on 11/07/2008:
Hi! Great to see your posting! Hope you'll find the perfect job if you can't get this one, and your carpet.... Have a great day!

Agent_Guber on 11/16/2008:
I am sorry about what you are going through.I had a similar incident with a job, it is hard tot hink about and so I try to just remember that everything happens for a reason. Good Luck with the job, and the carpet and I hope to see you around soon.

anewhb - Sunday Nov 02, 2008

Weight: 0.0

Hello all. I am still working on the house. I finally ordered the carpet - I hope I like it!!! It should be here in a week and then it will probably take a week to get it installed.

I have had a health set-back - a root canal was necessary last week to get a tooth fixed up. Yikes - $850 and lots of pain. Looking back it had been bothering me for about a month - I did not feel well for that long. But I was ignoring it.....I got it done by someone other than my regular dentist - he was on vacation last week - wouldn't you know it.

We had the church retreat this weekend and I was so glad to get the root canal done before the weekend so I could enjoy it. It turned out great. I'm glad to be home though.

Daughter-dear is coming home from New Orleans - she is going to have a rude awaking when she gets her - although I can't wait to see her. She has not called each day like she promised. It turns out she didn't take the phone charger that goes with her cell phone and the one she took didn't work. BUT - there is the hotel phone - the good old fashioned one! Brother.....17 year old people think they are so smart - one day she will find out she doesn't know everything.

I have been doing OK with food and exercise. Holding my own. I will post more when I have more done on the house. Hope this finds everyone doing well!

Whatever your political convictions - be sure to vote on Tuesday!!

selina on 11/03/2008:
Hi HB! Great job on the food and exercise. Sounds like you've got lots going on. root canal sounds painful, ugg. I'm with you on the voting matter - I've done my part and mailed in my absentee vote last week. Easy on you dear Daughter - she is only seventeen.... hugs!

thinnside40 on 11/03/2008:
Glad to hear from you.....

skinnyjeans on 11/04/2008:
Good to see you are doing OK with food and excercise. And let us know about your new carpet once it's installed! Fixing up the house can be so fun and rewarding!

WI3 on 11/05/2008:
OUCH on the root canal. I am going to the dentist tomorrow and just KNOW I am going to have more cavities. I never had a cavity until a couple years ago...I hate going to the dentist now. I hope you are feeling much much better and hanging in there!

anewhb - Thursday Oct 09, 2008

Weight: 0.0

OK I just had to sit down and dash off this post about Cheryl Burke - on Dancing with the Stars - for those of you who aren't aware of the situation - evidently she was on the cover of People Mag this week and they were giving her "the business" about having "gained weight" and being "fat"!!! This is a great looking young woman who has won the DWTS competition twice and has a body to die for - very curvy and sexy. She took the summer off for the first time in years and gained 5 lbs because she wasn't dancing 7 hours a day everyday and evidently it showed a little in those skimpy costumes they wear on that show.

On Good Morning America they gave her some time to comment about it and I found myself yelling at the screen "Sic 'em, Cheryl!!" And while she was very professional and didn't tell them off in a ugly way she sure had her say. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on all who publish, point out and talk about it when anyone - especially those in the public eye gain a pound or two. This is one thing that feeds into the minds of women everywhere - especially those young, impressionable ones - and helps create eating disorders all over the world.

Let me go on record, even if it is just here on DDs, and say that we need to get BETTER things to talk about that things of this nature - that don't matter a hill of beans to anyone. Let these people talking about this stuff spend their time trying to figure out how to help their fellow man, or make a change in the world that really matters.

SIGH - OK - that's off my chest!! God bless us all. Let's go forward in our day rich in the knowledge that we all matter to God, and He wants a relationship with all of us. Let's all figure out one thing we can do today that will bring Him glory!

skinnyjeans on 10/09/2008:
I agree with you...imagine criticizing a super fit young woman for gaining 5 lbs...that is just awful!

grumpy on 10/09/2008:
I am with you! and thanks for your comments! i will post a pic as soon as I get back. haha

thinnside40 on 10/09/2008:
This world' conception of what is acceptable is just simply so "idealistic" not "realistic".... Those people in the spotlight do live with so much criticism, but they also make plenty $$$$$ that comes along with the lifestyle they have chosen..... I personally don't think I could let the $$$ determine my happiness, in the sadness of pretty much having to live up to such standards this world expects.... They are ever changing standards to try and keep up with!

Good Day to you and to vent is a good thing!

glycrina on 10/09/2008:
Why we revel in being nasty about weight, I will never understand. thanks for the comments!

yaz on 10/11/2008:
it is darn awful to see all that talk!! it really damages women/girls head everywhere! DD is also a place to vent, glad you vented!

WI3 on 10/11/2008:
Yeah I think that is disgusting when they start calling slender people 'fat' and make fun of them. It is disgusting

mcwoo40 on 10/13/2008:
Hiya Holls,I hope you are seeing light at the end of the tunnel with your house renovations.All we need now is stair carpet which will hopefully be fitted in the next few weeks.Stay well my friend and will catch up soon,Julie

Maria7 on 10/18/2008:
Hey! We are in the Appalachian Mountains. We have hiked for miles today. (Whewwwww!)

Hope all is going well with you. Sounds like you've about got your house finished. Did you decide on the carpet yet?

Take care and thanks for your comments. Big smile!

selina on 10/19/2008:
Hi HB! Hope all is well with you!

anewhb - Thursday Oct 02, 2008

Weight: 0.0

Hi guys. Working on the house really hard and not much time to post. Not doing really well, but not really bad either. I don't feel like I'm living up to my new name - A New Hollybelle, that is for sure, though. I promise I will catch up and comment on your diaries soon. I need to concentrate on the house right now - it's better better - finally.

Church group tonight - big dinner. Will eat as healthily as possible.

Hope everyone is doing well - God bless......

thinnside40 on 10/02/2008:
Thank You!.... I needed you to enter something today!

Get to work and be proud of all the new improvements on the house...

skinnyjeans on 10/02/2008:
Good luck eating healthy tonight! You can do it!

greengirl on 10/02/2008:
I'm glad you are still here too !!! I thought of coming back with a new name but I couldnt think of one. I hope you are all sorted out at home soon. I cant imagine what you have had to go thru'. Hope you and the family are all safe and sound ?? Do what you need to do , but keep in touch :)

Jen40 on 10/02/2008:
Thanks for your comment :O) No I don't have short hair, but I have worn it before, in fact for many years I had it SUPER short, and I loved it! Right now my hair reaches to my bra line, about half way down my back. I put it up to exercise and took the photo after.

balloonlady on 10/03/2008:
it is hard sometimes.... esppecially when you dont see changes to keep going... just push through you will make it!

mcwoo40 on 10/04/2008:
Stay in touch soon Holly,Keep well Julie

WI3 on 10/04/2008:
I miss ya! Glad to see you post and am really looking forward to reading about your new home! YAY!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/06/2008:
hi lady. thanks for your post. Long Island/New York City is quite expensive and that's why i am trying not to move out as much as i can to make it work at home. even though it's not so enjoyable all the time. without working, i'd graduate from this program in major debt. so i have to live at home right now. unless i find a job also, but i am trying to just go to school right now. haha.

i hope you can relax girl and find the time to do what you need to for you! :)

lafemme_loca on 10/07/2008:
:-) I hope your house is getting done quickly ! :-)

anewhb - Friday Sep 26, 2008

Weight: 0.0

Last night a church dinner was OK. I ate good dinner and only had 2 bites of cheesecake. I love cheesecake, but this was not my favorite.

Today so far so good. I will try to post more later, but my home computer is DOWN - can't get on internet for some reason. Opened a "questionable" file from a known source the other night and it acted funny. I am running spy and virus scans and protection updates so hope it is temporary.

God bless......everyone.

thinnside40 on 09/26/2008:
My computer isn't the greates either and need a new one desperately....

Good on the so far so good for today...Let it continue!

selina on 09/26/2008:
Hi HB! I hope you figure out your computer virus, what a nuisance they are!!!

Cheesecake: my favorite!!! - You are so good for having only 2 bites!

Daughters and dance classes : they say children grow up so fast... I am having a BLAST with her now, because she is not totally "grown" yet, she is still my delightful little daughter - although she is taller than I am at 5"8" at 11 y.o.... I hope you still enjoy your daughter's company even though she drives herself to class... what am I to do when mine starts driving????? Anyway, enjoy the moment!

WI3 on 09/26/2008:
I think that if we can get into a regular exercise routine, we'd find that we feel much better all the time. I hear you about the being in the blah's kind of thing...I still go in and out of that myself. I am just going to try really hard to focus on hard facts, the science of weight loss...and let everything else be a different part of my life and not tie everything up into and around food. I'm pretty sick of using that as my excuse anyway LOL.

mcwoo40 on 09/27/2008:
Hiya Holly,have a great weekend,with not too many goodies,Julie

Maria7 on 09/29/2008:
I know all about those 'files' that you mentioned...you click on something and it is a file that takes over some of your other files!

lafemme_loca on 09/30/2008:
Bonjour La Belle Holly... I hope that your home computer gets all better soon. Just thinking of you ! :-)

anewhb - Thursday Sep 25, 2008

Weight: 0.0

Well, I have been doing Ok the last couple of days, but not any better than OK. I guess that, even, is better than AWFUL!!! LOL 'ya gotta laugh sometimes.

I walked for an hour and 15 minutes last night with husband and the dogs. I hope to get a walk of at least 30-45 min in tonight before church, but I don't know - there is a BIG issue I need to address with daughter and I really dread it - don't know what time she is coming home and I need to catch her so she can be made aware.

House is still a mess. Contractor hasn't shown up in 5 working days! He said he only had 2-3 days left of work, so I'm not sure what the heck is the hold up! At this point I am almost beyond caring! I think I'll just live in the mess forever! LOL, again!

I think calories were about 1800-1900 yesterday thanks to an absolutely wonderful cupcake from a bakery called The Pie Kitchen. I love caramel icing and it had the best caramel icing I have ever eaten. I went into sugar-shock after having it, though! I really felt dizzy!

Tonight have church dinner - so will try to keep portions down on that so I can have some of everything and enjoy. I am hoping the dessert will be something I really don't like!

God bless you, everyone! Later.......

thinnside40 on 09/25/2008:
I will pray for the most awful looking/tasting dessert possible as the offering tonight for you..... hehe!!! 8 - }

Have a good day!

grumpy on 09/25/2008:
1800-1900 is not too bad. it's okay. hahaha. and yea, if we have mostly good days and some okay days, that will work. xoxox

Maria7 on 09/25/2008:
WOWWWWW your 'caramel icing cupcake' is making me hungry for that! Bet is was REAL REAL good! We have a ladies church supper tonite as well...I usually do NOT be good....I'm already looking forward to seeing what's for desert!!!

anewhb - Tuesday Sep 23, 2008

Weight: 0.0

Yesterday was ok - still no exercise. Met with only my one girlfriend last night. Didn't really over eat - but ate some rolls at the resturant that probably kicked up calories for the day to around 1665. That's not awful, but need to be better today.

I plan to ride bike after work for awhile and maybe take dogs for a walk with busband later.

House is still driving me crazy! Just have to laugh! God bless you all will try to comment on your diaries later. Sorry haven't done that much lately - just nuts around here.

selina on 09/23/2008:
Thank you so much Hollybelle for your kind words. I appreciate it.

Your calories are not bad at all! Enjoy your bike ride and walking the dogs. Have a wonderful day!

thinnside40 on 09/23/2008:
"piddle on the docotr's scales and all the other stuff too"

Let me tell you...I wanted to leave something on those scales a little more solid than "piddle" when she told me that I needed to get on them... I had drank lots of water, went ahead and ate as usual. Thinking I could just tell her my weight (like last year)...Then when the Dr. said "high cholesterol"...Oh my goodness!!!!!!! I wanted to strangle someone!....

Have a good day today...And as always, I sure appreciate the support you offer...

thinnside40 on 09/23/2008:
O.K.... I posted the recipe on the FORUMS page of "recipes & other fun stuff"...

VERY moist as a cake and DOES NOT need any frosting.....

ellenhope on 09/23/2008:
You asked me why I had clothing in the back room where I work cause I work in a clothing store. It is the Jewish New Year so we are very very busy. Tomorrow one of my customers is coming in from out of town and I will be in store very late. It will be a test of my will power. Thanks for asking Ellen Hope

Maria7 on 09/23/2008:
1665 is good! Matter of fact, that's about where I am for today's cals! Smile!

anewhb - Monday Sep 22, 2008

Weight: 0.0

Whew, I am glad the weekend is OVER. I didn't do too badly overall, but didn't exercise at all! I don't know why. Well, actually, I guess I did exercise somewhat because Saturday I took the wife of one of the board members to a local historic site - Shakertown at Pleasant Hill - and we walked from 10:00 'til 3:00 except for 45 min we took for a light lunch. The other lady had a foot that was bothering her and we walked slowly, though.

Anyway - I actually can't wait to get back to good eating habits and some exercise today!

Have a wonderful day everyone and God bless.

kzirkle on 09/22/2008:
That's a lot of walking! :)

Ok so Fried Twinkie Bites are at this restaurant here in Cleveland called Melt. I had never had them before so my cousin ordered it for me to try. They honestly weren't that good. It was just like a warm doughnut. I thought it would be an actual Twinkie fried but it wasn't. Definitely not worth the calories!!! haha I've had a Fried Oreo before though and THAT was goooooood. It was like an oreo inside of a doughnut.

Rockband is like guitar hero but you get to play the guitar, bass, drums and sing too. Here's a link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock_Band_(video_game) It's super fun and the drums are definitely a workout. I sang a lot so my voice hurts today, it's pretty funny.

Hope you have a great day!

thinnside40 on 09/22/2008:
Good Day!

mcwoo40 on 09/22/2008:
Hiya Holly,keep up the good work.I hope the home improvements are coming to an end.We have a bit of normality coming back in our house.I just need to win the lottery to pay dad now!!!I've had an ok day today no bad foods at all,here's to tommorow,catch up soon Julie

anewhb - Friday Sep 19, 2008

Weight: 0.0

Well, I think I didn't do so well last night at the church dinner. I had dessert - and it wasn't even something I really loved. I was very nervous and ate in anxiety/excitement-being with all those new people. Probably wound up with about 2000 calories yesterday and no exercise.

Today I am going back to my walk at lunch plan. I will walk about 20 minutes at lunch and eat at my desk later.

God bless. Have a wonderful day-let's all try to have a successful weekend. It's going to be hard for me too because U am going to two dinners tonight and tomorrow night with husband's work associates! Nice restaurants, too! Yikes!

thinnside40 on 09/19/2008:
Just think positive and stick with what you tell yourself...YOU CAN!!!!!!!

Agent_Guber on 09/19/2008:
Enjoy the experience, and know you will feel GREAT by choosing the right foods.

liza36 on 09/19/2008:
I should start walking at lunch too. I tend to eat at my desk, and miss a perfectly good opportunity to get out for a few minutes.

Thank you SO much for your tips on saving money. I really appreciate it. I'm going to have to cook more at home instead of eat out, so I like the allrecipes.com suggestion. I hadn't thought of ebay, but might check that out too. Thanks again! I love how our DD friends watch out for us! Have a good weekend.

Maria7 on 09/22/2008:
I know it is hard to stay on track when we have what I call 'eating engagements'...I usually NEVER do well at them, no matter what, even if I promise myself ahead of time...the only way I know to prepare for them is to try to count calories during the day before going to them...and usually that doesn't help, either...I usually just try to get back on track the next day cause the food is soooo good at those social occassions! You are doing so well, though and so happy for you. Hoping you are having a blessed day today, Holly, over there in Kentucky!

anewhb - Wednesday Sep 17, 2008

Weight: 0.0

Update for Wednesday - Probably ended up with about 1300 calories and a 1 hour walk with husband and dogs. I had a small cheese quiche and a small PBJ for dinner - wierd, but we were doing leftovers and that's what was there that I wanted. I have to eat things I really like or else I go on a big munchie spree later!

Have my Alpha church group tonight......big dinner. Will practice disicline - I hope - with all that good food. Am going to try to split dessert or just have a "bite" of one. The food is always so good! Yikes. I need to prove that I can pace myself on Thursday nights at the Alpha dinners......something to shoot for.....

Will post update later tonight. Have a wonderful day everyone.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So far today has been OK.

Menus were:

Grapes and Coffee - wierd but good 175

1/2 artichoke and pepper chicken pasta - very light - 350 (I'm guessing)

Grapes for snack - 75

Tonight will eat quiche and some other leftovers - walk with husband and dogs - will keep it vry reasonable in the calorie department!!

Note: Aside and BTW - I feel bloated today - not sure why!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/17/2008:
good eating so far :) very nice hollybelle :)

thinnside40 on 09/17/2008:
Thanks Holly!... I won't get to hung up @ the Dr. office... Last time they were the same as home..So lets hope for the same again..... Either way I have "downsized" by the same amount regardless of what any scale reads...

Have a good evneing..NOw I'm off and running out the door..... See ya tomorrow!

omahagrl on 09/18/2008:
great job on calories and the walking. Have a wonderful day!

kzirkle on 09/18/2008:
Good call on the protein! Thanks.

thinnside40 on 09/18/2008:
Have a great time tonight...Yesterday looks super!

kzirkle on 09/18/2008:
I highly recommend doing something active at lunch time and then eating at your desk afterward. There's obvious health and weight benefits and it also really breaks up the monotony of the work day. I love it! Even if you're just walking on a treadmill, it works wonders for the mind.

That's my 2 cents anyhow! haha Have a great day tomorrow.

WI3 on 09/18/2008:
You are doing fantastic!!

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