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bearcountrygg - Tuesday Sep 17, 2019
(intuitive eating , around 1,200)
Weight: 0.0

Quiet around here today...and feeling sleepy.....allergies are kicking up...but i'm used to that.....placed my first online order today for Walmart pick up...to be done on Thursday.....they recently started that....but the nearest store is 45 minutes away through some desolate forrest with nothing else for miles......so it may not be a winter option.......but i wanted to give it a try in the nice weather.  Other than being sleepy today...i'm feeling so good...no headaches or joint pain...intuitive eating has totally controlled my blood sugar....I do find that most of my cravings are for protein or grains.......but then all of a sudden I want fruits and veggies.....funny how that works.......but it has taken away any general pain that i have been having...no tylenol for days...when I had almost gotten into a daily dose.......the key aside from waiting until I definately KNOW what I want...then portion control HAS TO step in......and it works like a charm......I will admit...I'm eating some crazy things at crazy times....but apparently there is a reason for it.

grannyannie on 09/17/2019:
Glad you're feeling well. I know about allergies! Mine aren't seasonal - they are all the time.

BearCountryGG on 09/17/2019:
I have both...took the allergy shots for a long time until they started causing asthma attacks...since then...i just live with them....funny how they become such an accepted part of life though.

happy-1 on 09/17/2019:
I LOVE in store pickup at Sams Club. They also have it at Target. I'd commit a homicide without it.

BearCountryGG on 09/17/2019:
I think I'm going to use it a lot...especially for the heavy things like pails of kitty litter.....

happy-1 on 09/17/2019:
Sams club has home delivery for heavy stuff like kitty litter, bottled water, detergent, etc.

BearCountryGG on 09/17/2019:
Thats nice and handy...we don't have sams club or costco nearby...closet costco is 3 hrs away...but I used to love to shop there when we lived nearer the city.

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bearcountrygg - Monday Sep 16, 2019
(intuitive eating , around 1,200)
Weight: 0.0

Looks like it will be a beautiful day here today....temps are perfect........and I'm still full of energy.......Since I began the great closet cleanouts...there are little explosions of things here and there all around the house.......today...those things will be finding new homes...some in other rooms...some go to the car to be donated the next time I go to town....hopefully today it will all come together and be done once and for all........

Will need to go get groceries sometime this week...but putting it off as long as possible.......unnecessary shopping is a bad habit....that has plagued me for several years..........getting a handle on that these days, and the bank account thanks me for that.....because everytime I go to the store...i buy things that are not needed........that fill up the house...and then I end up moving them out of the house.......I don't want to do that anymore....

Sipping my coffee....and waiting for a craving to show up......in the meantime.....I am loaded with energy......eating my cravings seems to lead me to what my body needs....not what my eyes want.  I'm having little to no pain these last few days and I'm amazed.  Advertising has such a huge impact on what we eat.....and I swear it has taken over our own natural instincts............

grannyannie on 09/16/2019:
I find that when I start doing deep cleaning and reorganising that I get inspired to keep going. I plan on starting soon including shampooing carpets.

I know what you mean about advertising tempting us to eat what we shouldn't.

bearcountrygg on 09/17/2019:
Once I really get into something it does keep me motivated to continue.....wish everything went this way,....LOL

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/16/2019:
YES, easy to buy unnecessary items at the store...

you sound very good lately! whatever you are doing, keep doing it!

bearcountrygg on 09/17/2019:
Feeling great and being productive...just feeling good does help with all kinds of motivation.

Maria7 on 09/16/2019:
Good to eat what one is hungry for instead of what we are 'told' we should eat daily, isn't it? We are never full if we continue to have cravings going on. Sounds like you are doing real well. Yes, staying out of the grocery stores as much as possible is a good idea, provided a person has a stash to last them a while of food and looks like now gas may be about to go up in price, too.

bearcountrygg on 09/17/2019:
It just works well.....in the past...I would sometimes eat what I thought I should and then ended up eating my cravings too.....LOL

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bearcountrygg - Sunday Sep 15, 2019
(intuitive eating , around 1,200)
Weight: 0.0

If there is one thing that I've learned in life...it is to enjoy today...with an eye towards the future....because if today is my last day...I want to have enjoyed it...but if it is not my last day...I want to be able to live tomorrow as  if it is.  Nothing is ever going to be perfect. 

Jobs are a way to make money, money is necessary for life, jobs are done when you walk out of  their door, then your time begins, until it is time to walk back into that job door the next time.  Save some of that money and spend a little...so that you don't have to worry if an unexpected expense comes up...and it will....many times over your life....

People are a mixture of ones we like and ones we don't...Ones we think we understand and ones we definately know we don't.......spend our time with those we like...and and look right through the ones we don't as if they don't exist...life is too short wasting time on people that just don't click with us.......they may try to rile us...they may try to get our attention....but we are living OUR life...and we need to focus on living our life.  Be kind to all....but focus on what we want for our life....kindness  takes only a little time...so do that.....but focus on what we want for our life.

Life is like walking a tightrope.......keep our eyes on the prize...but balance where we are right now....

Focus on the things that bring you joy but save some joy for tomorrow too...just in case you are still here tomorrow.

Remember that we can never make another person truly happy....happiness is an inside job....if we enjoy helping another......then offer but offering does not guaranteee their happiness...it's just a suggestion and for them to accept or deny.......

Breathe.........relax.......feel the tenseness and let it go.......

JUST A REMINDER TO MYSELF TODAY....living a long life does point out to me what is important and what isn't.  Unfortunately it takes many years for the wisdom to set in...and then it's too late to use it for the most part...maybe that is why old people are quiet....and relaxed.....and observant.....they know from experience......that life will never be perfect.....and that there will always be a lot of distractions that really mean nothing in the whole scheme of things........we may be our past, we make choices, some good, some not so good....but EVERYTHING in life is a learning lesson...and if we are wise....we will take those lessons and create a life that we can love.........battle scars and all.........and find peace in what we have learned...and enjoy today...with an eye to the future.....in case we are given another day.

I have been referring to myself as old...for a few years......this coming week.....I cross an age line...that REALLY IS OLD!!!  To me...the number 70 is shocking and it seems almost impossible to fathom.....I remember back so long ago...yet is at the same time feels like the blink of an eye....life is funny like that.

I'm taking today to remind myself that a life well lived has value........wonderful things have happened in my life.....and sad and painful things have happened as well.....never perfect...but managed..  To me .....being human means being imperfect yet striving for peace and happiness....with a memory of what doesn't work and an eye to what did.  Moving on using what I have learned......and making the best of it.

It seems funny to me that while computers are things that are relatively new in society ( I remember my Dad talking about a compter at General Motors that took up a whole room)...now my phone is one....and yet...for all time...our brain is actually a computer...........memory, good sites, bad sites, dredging up info when needed, and shorting out when stressed........

Today.......as I look forward...with a squinted eye...to what awaits me this week.......I have to remind myself that what it all comes down to is living my best life, hoping tomorrow comes and doing no harm to anyone or myself...........it's time to sit back, relax, know that the little annoyances in life are just that...little things........and that I need to focus on pure happiness.




grannyannie on 09/15/2019:
Very wise thoughts. :)

BearCountryGG on 09/15/2019:
In a contemplative mood today...Hubby and I had some heavy converstaions today.

Donkey on 09/15/2019:
This really spoke to me, and I appreciate you sharing your wisdom & insight, as a person who is older than I am. That is to say, it's like you're a little ahead on the path and just reminding me of where we are in this journey.

I loved all of this post. I think the first 3 paragraphs spoke the strongest to me, as if you were sitting across from me at the kitchen table. But I also like what you spoke to yourself towards the end as well.

What you speak of here is where I want to go...

BearCountryGG on 09/15/2019:
Enjoy the trip through life Donkey....because in the end...you will look back on only a very few of the times...so much just is not remembered...because it really wasn't that important. Just have fun!

Donkey on 09/15/2019:
I love the quote you started out with, too! I think of that song by Carly Simon, "Anticipation" where she sings "These are the good old days!"

I am reminded by the movie "The Hours" where Meryl Streep's character laments words to the effect of: I thought that this (past period in her life) was the beginning of happiness. Little did I know that it actually WAS the happiest time we would have together.

Lately, I have been reminding myself to embrace these moments of happiness. This is it.

BearCountryGG on 09/15/2019:
Yes...enjoy yourself....It's easy to rush through things figuring the best is yet to come.....but...the things you remember as good times were so often the things we rush through.

Maria7 on 09/15/2019:
I cannot express how much your post today resonated with my spirit. You could have been a therapist, Linda. A lot of wisdom you have and thank you so much for sharing it with us. Today of all days, I sure did really need to read your entry. Thank you. Also, the picture you put on the top describes my day today. Smile! Love, Maria

BearCountryGG on 09/15/2019:
I'm happy it helped Maria......lots of conversation at my house today too.

Grannyannie on 09/16/2019:
My husband turned 70 last Nov and I think it's the first time he felt he wasn't middle aged any more. He's physically in better shape than many 40 year olds. I will be 68 in Feb and not quite sure how I will feel when 70 is around the corner. I joke that I am old but don't feel old.

BearCountryGG on 09/16/2019:
I totally understand Annie.....my head says I'm 18.....D says the same thing.....But it seems like daily...we are learning of a classmates death...or a celebrity that is in our generation...or as in the past 2 years...family members.....That seems to point it out to us even more.

Grannyannie on 09/16/2019:
To me, 80 is old and 70 is not. When I am 75 I'm sure that will change again.

BearCountryGG on 09/16/2019:
That is a great attitude!!!! 70 is really the first time I have dreaded the age.....but I'm sure that the day will feel like every other....the number just sounds a little scary to me though...I know my hubby didn't like it last year himself.....but...time marches on!

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bearcountrygg - Saturday Sep 14, 2019
(intuitive eating , around 1,200)
Weight: 0.0

Woke up planning my closet further today...the laundry room is taking shape.......today it continues and should be finished today.  I love it when I wake up with plans...makes me wonder if I had been dreaming about it. 

As I have always known...when i count calories or record what i eat in a day...it makes me think about food too much.....it happened yesterday at lunch time......instead of eating intuitively...I ate to use things up.......usually not a good thing for me ( the human garbage can)..........and my calories were high........i need to just eat cravings when I'm hungry and leave it at that......it is so unconventional but it's definately a quirk that plagues me.....I need to listen to that........apparently I am just not going to fit into the mold...apparently I am just going to be me....LOL...apparently I will just do what I do and I need to listen to that.  Right after my coffee....i will take a bath, get dressed and finish up that laundry room closet......


grannyannie on 09/14/2019:
I have to record all food and calories otherwise I get too stressed.

Good job on reorganizing. I love when I get ambitious and have the urge to clean out and reorganize.

BearCountryGG on 09/14/2019:
I think you are the norm Annie.....it usually helps others.....why I fight it like that i have no idea.....but it is the way I react...I wish it wasn't that way. I don't usually fight anything else...just food...UGH!

Donkey on 09/14/2019:
Wow - after reading this, it was like I had an explosion of thoughts.

I cannot track macros (calories), or I get too caught up in a numbers game. It was hard enough to let go of the scale. When I started Keto, I uploaded the "Carb Manager" app on my phone, where all you have to do is enter the foods, and it calculates everything for you. Nope, couldn't even do that.

However, I dislike being the Leftover Queen at my house, i.e. eating things to get rid of them. That is one reason why I asked my husband to stop preparing so much meat, because then I get stuck feeling obligated to eat something just to be rid of it.

I don't have any answers or insights in my comment. Just saying, you're not alone.

BearCountryGG on 09/14/2019:
Can it be a Mom thing? Were we are so into caring for the family that we put ourselves last....? Now that they are grown, we have created long time habits that are hard to shake? Is it a self esteem thing...where we are used to taking our share out of what is leftover? It is frustrating!!!

Maria7 on 09/14/2019:
Wow, I just know your home is looking outstanding with all the work you have been putting into organizing everything in it!

BearCountryGG on 09/14/2019:
I will definately be able to find things easier!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 09/14/2019:
i am totally still craving a nice, warm Mighty Muffin....soon, soon.

i also like to wake up to plans, it def motivates me more than not. i'm glad to hear you are motivated to be up for the day.

it's ok to just eat when you are hungry, it's normal ;)

sometimes i also cannot eat the same as i usually do or cannot seem to think about it anymore....but i also am an extreme in planning food. so don't compare yourself to me...you are doing it totally OK!

BearCountryGG on 09/14/2019:
It works for me.

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bearcountrygg - Friday Sep 13, 2019
(intuitive eating , around 1,200)
Weight: 0.0

WELL...it's friday the 13th and a full moon....so!!!!  I woke up thinking about how I am going to reorganize all of the laundry room cupboards and closets today........full of energy and ready to get at that.....some bins have been sitting in the hallway for a few days......we want our hallway back...getting tired of squeezing by those...today is the day....started out with coffee and hungry...but don't know what I want....so will wait until I do.  When I get hungry enough it will be a lot clearer to me. 

Worked on emptying 1 laundry rm cupboard and started filling it with different things.(laundry supplies, garbage bags etc) Found the long lost iron...LOL....emptied the floor area of the big laundry room closet and dusted that....poked myself in the eye with the corner of a bin...now that might leave a mark!!!  Took some tylenol and got back to work.  It's a good thing I'm cleaning these things out...I have been rebuying things that were already hidden in this closet.....we now have enough Irish Spring soap and kleenex for the next couple of years......finding things that D can take to the barn...( tools, sponges, lighters)...good!!  Finding bedding for bed sizes we don't even own anymore......boy have we been wasting space storing things we didn't need.....donation bag is filling up. 

Finally decided what I wanted for breakfast and it was a Aunt Jemima pancake cup........it was perfect...hit the spot and I'm not hungry anymore....220 cals so with todays coffee it equals 228 cals so for today.  Lots of water going down too.

Lunch was huge and over my cals...but it was solid and will all I eat for the rest of the day....possibly coffee or tea later but no more food...still full 5 hours later......lunch was cole slaw, chicken, pork, potatoes and fruit juice....to total 2,147 for the day.....but I worked hard all day so i did use a lot of calories on that...so I'm happy.......and i cleared the hallway of bins...and the laundry room closet is looking good......as I continue to go down in clothing sizes that will clear a lot of it out.  The day was VERY successful.....and if I'm not too sore tomorrow...I will continue...if needed...I will take a break tomorrow and continue later.

In the evening I did have a cup of coffee and some crackers that are yogurt and berry based......( remembered last nights acid reflux and decided since i hadn't eaten since noon...I had better have something solid to go to bed on.)

grannyannie on 09/13/2019:
Feels good to reorganize! I've got several places I need to do this. I think I'll do the kitchen cupboards next.

Noticed the moon last night when it was nearly full. Wondering if there will be lots of howling tonight since it's also the 13th?!

BearCountryGG on 09/13/2019:
This cleaning and reorganizing is energizing me...I'm loving it!

Donkey on 09/13/2019:
Thanks for the warning: it's going to be a crazy day at work!

I don't know how you even get started on these projects. I feel so overwhelmed... sad... discouraged... angry --I can't even approach my closets.

I have Closets of Denial in my house, lol.

BearCountryGG on 09/13/2019:
Well...I did put a lot of this off for a long time...then when I finally got soooo fed up with it...that was the point I needed to get to it I guess...I have had a huge mess going on in the hallway and master bd room for several days....and now I've had it with that....so it's an action day.

Donkey on 09/13/2019:
Oh I forgot to mention: good for you for waiting to eat until you knew what you wanted. Good job!!

BearCountryGG on 09/13/2019:
Waiting keeps me from eating any old thing...and then what I crave.....on top of that....I just eat less doing this...and figure it it isaving me a lot of calories....it works.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/13/2019:
and it's my boss' bday !!!! lol. my superior, superior boss, that is!

i haven't seen the aunt jemima pancake cup...but i will say i have a favorite brand of microwavable muffin...there is such a BIG variety in how the different brands stack up in taste.

BearCountryGG on 09/13/2019:
I like the muffins too....they are more filling than I thought they would be....I have the kodiak muffins and the aunt jemima pancakes.....I don't need to add anything to them...they are carbs...but our brains and guts need carbs...so I don't really worry about that. They end up being lower calorie than what I might have eaten.....I can wait for luch without snacking usually with them.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/13/2019:
the muffins that i love, i think they are called Mighty Muffins. a little less calories than the kodiak, but similar. sometimes i add EXTRA chocolate chips into them LOL. and i cook it so it stays really moist in the center, like a lava cake. i'm craving one now!

BearCountryGG on 09/13/2019:
Sound yummy!!

Maria7 on 09/13/2019:
Wow, you are doing fantastic organizing everything!

BearCountryGG on 09/13/2019:
It's looking like a new place...LOL

happy-1 on 09/13/2019:
You are an inspiration. I need this kind of dedication to the clean out. I had the pro organizer in and she is coming back... But there's a lot of pre-work to do for one of the bedrooms and I need to get cracking. We have a cleanup week here on the 21st when you can run a yard sale without getting a permit and I would like to put some stuff out for sale or just for free so I don't have to haul it to donate.

BearCountryGG on 09/13/2019:
VERY good idea......You can do it...you will be glad you did!!! Getting rid of things is so satisfying!!!

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bearcountrygg - Thursday Sep 12, 2019
(intuitive eating , around 1,200)
Weight: 0.0

Dark and rainy day here today.....been out to put things in the mailbox and get the empty garbage can from the road....loaded the washer and it's humming along.......took a bath and got dressed.

No breakfast yet...just a cup of black coffee.......Marias post and then donkeys reply reminded me of the coffee at our house about 50 years ago.....I didn't drink it...but D did......and it looked more like tea than coffee...LOL....for years we served family and friends that pale coffee...LOL.....looking back now...I do not know why we didn't know the difference...what was a wake up call was when someone said they would have another cup of our colored water......and everyone ELSE laughed...we just looked at each other....LOL......silly kids we were!  That did wake us up though...and we figured out how to make coffee that you couldn't see through, about the same way we leared how to write checks...heads together, one step at a time...until was done.  Looking back now...we truly were still babies.......back in the day when his paycheck was $72.00 a week and we were living on that and paying his way through college and raising babies ........and still making payments on our wedding rings and financing a truck for $110.00...at$10 a month....life was fun then.......

Today I had, 1 cup coffee, mini muffin pkg, beef and bean burrito, cole slaw and about an ounce of pork....so far at 908 calories.  Evening was a mini bag of skinny pop and a nature Valley fruit and nut bar for a total for day of 1,148 cals.


Donkey on 09/12/2019:
LOL we have coffee on the brain today, don't we? Our weather is similar today. I am enjoying a 2nd cup of coffee at home before I leave for work. I'm ready way ahead of schedule.

That was such a sweet story of your youth. One of my biggest regrets was not asking my grandparents about their younger adulthood. (Not comparing you to my grandparents!!) Not so much about living through WW2, but more so about their experiences afterwards, especially during the '60s when there were so many changes in our society.

Have you thought about writing down some of your experiences, for your children, in the future?

BearCountryGG on 09/12/2019:
Our kids have heard the stories....we had often sat around at the lake and told them.....My parents had some pretty interesting stories of the war ( my Dad was a ball turret gunner in WWII)they had spent their childhoods during the depression......lots of stories to be told then......in fact my youngest son repeats the stories back to us....so we know they remember what we have told them.......but my Dad wrote an unpublished book of his time in the army air corp....and we love to read and reread that.

Donkey on 09/12/2019:
Oh I posted my comment before the picture was uploaded!!!! Cool!!!!

BearCountryGG on 09/12/2019:
Boy would I love that body back again!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/12/2019:
not totally on the same page, but,DARN INFLATION right!?

i love this pic of you both, i remember you posted it last year also! :)

Lucky for me, they did touch on writing checks when i was in 6th grade or something lol.

BearCountryGG on 09/12/2019:
I'm glad to hear that they are teaching some real life skills now.

grannyannie on 09/12/2019:
I remember having a $52 car payment! I used one of those glass percolators and drank a pot of coffee a day way back in the 70's!

BearCountryGG on 09/12/2019:
We had a percolator too.....and a phone on the wall, and 4 tv channels...and 33 cent a gallon gas. Back in my childhood in the city...we had 2 mail deliveries a day..morning and afternoon.

Maria7 on 09/12/2019:

BearCountryGG on 09/12/2019:

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bearcountrygg - Wednesday Sep 11, 2019
(intuitive eating , around 1,200)
Weight: 0.0

Planning on a busy day here...very humid outside and foggy......will probably be helping D with some wiring for extra lights in the barn...he has called several electricians....and where we live.....they just don't come to this remote area much...so we are usually on our own...because all of the possibilities said it would be months before they get to us......so we will do that ourselves...mostly HIM!  I'm also working on decluttering drawers etc....paying bills, folding and putting away laundry etc..in between times D needs me in the barn.  Had a bagel with PB and a protein bar along with coffee...so that will hold me until lunch. 


Donkey on 09/11/2019:
Hot and humid here today too! Feels like July!

Sounds like you have a productive day ahead!

BearCountryGG on 09/11/2019:
Yup...going to be hot and busy!

Maria7 on 09/11/2019:
Sounds like you have a busy day ahead with helping your Hubby install extra lighting. Hope it goes well and you will save money not having to hire electricians.

BearCountryGG on 09/11/2019:
It is a money savings...I'm on a break now...LOL...go fors get breaks!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/11/2019:
good job to you and D doing the manual labor yourselves!

BearCountryGG on 09/11/2019:
He scares me.....artificical knee...and climbing one ladder to get on the work bench with a ladder on that.....UGH...I will be glad when this is done! But...I' have been the go for!

grannyannie on 09/11/2019:
Well done! My hubby does all the electrical and plumbing himself as well. Save a fortune.

BearCountryGG on 09/11/2019:
He's back at the hardware again....but we have a loud thunderstorm going on right now.....so...we wouldn't be able to work on it right now anyway...looks like we will have to finish up tomorrow.

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bearcountrygg - Tuesday Sep 10, 2019
(intuitive eating , around 1,200)
Weight: 0.0

Well it has been a very sleepy day here today...slept well last night...then a morning nap of almost 2 hours and an afternoon one as well...every so often I do this and usually sleep well that night too.......bagel, peanut butter, crackers, goulash, smoked sausage and saurkraut and coffee........just taking it easy today.........and doing very little....hopefully tomorrow will be a more productive day....guess I just needed a rest day after being so busy.  Feel great though...just allergies and sleepiness.

Donkey on 09/10/2019:
Allergies can really cause havoc in one's life. Rest up. Your body probably needs it badly.

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bearcountrygg - Sunday Sep 08, 2019

Weight: 0.0

Feeling fantastic...7:45 and I'm on my 3rd load of laundry...washing all of the bedding today...bed partially put back together.  As they come out of the dryer they go back on the bed.  Hopefully the final day on my closet......I had no idea that I had so many clothes that actually fit right now.....In the past I went by sizes....and packed everything away that wasn't that size....but companies and sizes are fickle.......things fit from so many different sizes and companies...I was ignoring so many items of clothes.  The closet will definately be done today.  Donate bags filling up.  Things that are too small right now will be put into another closet out of the bedroom...I don't need their distraction anymore...plus....now...as soon as something in my closet gets too big I will move it straight to donate and when the closet is near empty it will be time to move to the smaller things...much better plan than I have had. 

Eating only when I'm hungry and what I'm craving just plain makes me happy......it takes my mind off food entirely which for me is a good thing....I should NOT be thinking about food all day!  Eating a craving makes it go away like magic!  This morning it was coffee with zero caramel and almond milk......then an hour or so later...a roll with mayo, salami and cheddar. and a glass of pineapple/coconut juice...........I feel lucky in that my body tells me what it needs..........I don't think I ever had thought about it that way until pregnancy when my cravings with the first baby were tuna, grapefruit, and a blueberry ice cream that a nearby store carried.....( I don't think I have ever seen it since).......By the second pregnancy I was much more aware of nutrition and had already been eating a good variety of foods and I don't recall any particular cravings.  Now just eating cravings in small servings is just where i am happiest and healthiest.....sleeping great, busy all day and eating only what i crave only when I'm hungry is the way I need to be living.......I really do not know why I tried so many diets over the years....i knew better, and I always ended up going back to intuitive eating and small portions.

Laundry loads 4 and 5 going now.  Wanted something salty...so had some corn chips......lunch will be late today so that will work.

My clothes closet is DONE....next....finishing up laundry....2 more loads to go...and then I can get started on the laundry room closet and cupboards.....

Donkey on 09/08/2019:
Ha ha, we are opposites today. Kind of blah today, but some of that might have to do with the gray, raining, chilly day. I actually like this weather so I'm not sure why I feel blah about it.

I'm so impressed with all your decluttering.

And I like the intuitive eating. You're right in that we have to listen to what our bodies are telling us. I don't do that nearly enough.

BearCountryGG on 09/08/2019:
When my house is organized it takes a load off my shoulders.....it is just so relaxing to me.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/08/2019:
always great to get the sheets right back on the bed and smelling great :)

am very happy that you are feeling better. i crave salt often also and enjoy the chips lol. but this week i have leftover basmati rice and i'll be trying to have more starches other than chips on and off at work...yesterday i was really hungry, worked out a lot, so ordered something with more carbs...with rice...as to not feel deprived..

sounds like you are getting a lot done.

BearCountryGG on 09/08/2019:
I need to take advantage of these higher energy days...never know when they will disappear...LOL

Horn_of_plenty on 09/08/2019:
intuitive eating is def the best yeah ;)

BearCountryGG on 09/08/2019:
I love it...no more wanting something I think I shouldn't have...LOL

Maria7 on 09/09/2019:
Congratulations on finishing your closet. It must be wonderful to have the extra needed space available and the clothes you donated will not be missed. I am still working on ours.

bearcountrygg - Saturday Sep 07, 2019

Weight: 0.0

Today is all about continuing with the closet organization and purge.  I'm loving the way it's turning out.  I had 2 of those little cheap 3 drawer plastic chests in the back of the closet...and 1 of them was totally empty??????..........I will put that to use now....stacked one on top of the other so that will be handy.   One had hats, gloves and scarves in it....but how did I ever forget the other one? 

Lots of odd laundry today...cats things, bedding  , bathroom rugs...and any leftover laundry from yesterday.....luckily I'm full of energy...but things were left undone during those few days of vertigo.....so now they are getting finished.

I don't seem to be getting downstairs to exercise but staying busy all day is making up for it I guess.

Still just eating only when hungry and eating the cravings.......if I let it...my body will tell me what it needs and is paying me back with loads of energy...I'm waiting for it to tell me wrong...LOL...so far...it's worked really well...not sure about weight...but definately in energy.

I've been craving pizza and  fruit juice......so that was breakfast.....no idea why...but just trusting the cravings...also 1 cup of coffee with zero cal caramel sauce and almond milk.

Back to work.......closet is looking great.

 Bagel and PB

Dinner will be goulash

Horn_of_plenty on 09/08/2019:
hahaha, my friend R said he got me stackable plastic drawer sets for my bday so i can get more organized...he hates how much stuff is lying around my apt!

how was your coffee with the caramel sauce?

later i am looking forward to sugar free whipped cream and possibly a microwavable cake :)

goulash yum!

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