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bearcountrygg - Friday Jan 17, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Well there is snow everywhere...and the roads are bad...d said he may just go shopping later today and that would be fine with me.  We are about halfway done putting the kitchen island together and I love it...it's exactly what we needed...no more complaints about the small kitchen.....today...i'm getting things together to put in it...when it's done.  Ordered some plactic bins for D's snacks...I don't really want to be tempted by his and I have enough of my own to use up....this way I can also repack his bins with what he needs as they empty out ( I do keep up with his blood sugar levels because he is diabetic yet he needs some carbs to keep his energy up...so it's a balance...and I put his snacks in his cupboard accordingly...when his glucose is high I take some specific things out...when he is level i add some back...( keeps him happy and healthy and doesn't make him feel like he is missing out on anything).......

Breakfast = 2 slices of 35 cal potato bread, spray butter, the last of the turkey pepperoni, 1 serving of Pioneer Woman roasted vegetable egg bits, and coffee with sf syrup = 9 points and 302 calories

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bearcountrygg - Thursday Jan 16, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Got up after 6 this morning........no more naps for me.....night time is my maijor sleeping time now and I love it. 

Im have been grousing about my little kitchen here for 5 years....the other day I went online and ordered a rolling kitchen island and it arrived yesterday...i don't believe I will ever complain about this kitchen again.....we needed this.......... 

I wish the roads would get cleared here......right now it's frozen lumpy slush....and we need some specific groceries........hmmmmmm

coffee with sf syrup so far.......0 points and 2 cals

Well....more snow...so definatly not going to the store....then sinfo.....son called needing some info........and I'm staying home.

Breakfast was unicorn cereal, unsweetened almond milk, and Naked coconut water = 16 points and 338 cals

Lunch was cod, mac and cheese and peas and carrots= 9 points and 353 cals

Dinner was a steamfresh  superfoods medley of kale, sweet potato, garbanzo beans and rice and a Built Bar = 12 points and 430 cals

Total cals for the day = 1,121...and no plans to eat anymore tonight....


innerpeace on 01/16/2020:
Ugh, we are due for some colder more wet weather coming up. We bought Unicorn cereal for the girl, I think there is some still in the cabinet. Your lunch looks good - I think Cod is the only fish I don't like.

bearcountrygg on 01/16/2020:
Unicorn cereal is surprisingly good and only 110 cals a serving....we are really getting the snow...at least 4 inches in the last 2 hours...the cod was very mild...and quite tasteless really....I had put everything but the bagel seasoning on it for flavor.....

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bearcountrygg - Wednesday Jan 15, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Got up feeling good and full of energy.  I think I have broken the nap in bed every afternoon problem, Over the last 2 weeks I've resorted to that once but not since....for days I kept falling asleep in a chair as soon as I sat down...but over the last couple of days there is none of that.  I'm going to bed earlier...usually between 9 and 10 ( always read or do sudoko or similar)....and then fall asleep....usually get up a couple of times a night for bathroom breaks and fall asleep again as soon as my head hits the pillow.  Got up this morning at 6...which is a bit late for me...and I love it....I am now getting 7 to 8 hours at night, in bed of solid sleep.......sleep training works for me...and it took 2 weeks.   Just noticed that I haven't had a headache for at least a week......and that is amazing for me.  I'm also wanting to keep busy...not wanting to sit down for more than 10 minutes or so and then I get antsy to move around.  Things are getting done without the timer because I want to.  I will say that I wanted a snack so bad last night...but I resisited because I didn't want to revisit that habit and I didn't want to post it here........THANKS LADIES...YOU KEPT ME FROM SNACKING!!!!!

Breakfast was 2 scrambled eggs with tomatoes and peppers, 2 slices of sprouted bread toasted with spray butter and and 1 cup coffee with sf syrup. = 8 points and 309 cals

Lunch was a bit much....leftovers that I still have problems throwing out...so I'm making room in my pooints for them.......probably a bad habit that I will never be able to break.  With just the 2 of us here and him being quite picky...and me being a human garbage can...well....it just is.

Lunch was beef stroganoff with meatballs, 2 mini peppers, a large can of V-8 and a vanilla Built Bar = 881 cals and 27 points ( good thing my points rolled over to a new week today).......but...I am full and will probably stay that way for many hours.

That last meal stuck with me so not eating dinner tonight.....so my total cals for the day are 1,160

innerpeace on 01/15/2020:
I need sleep training. I will try to get to bed earlier myself because 4 1/2 - 5 hours ain't cutting it for me today.

bearcountrygg on 01/15/2020:
I made it one of my resolutions and I'm sticking to it....and over time...that became the new habit...I feel like now I could probably nap here or there as long as I don't do it daily.........BUT....I don't want to mess it up either.....breaking a habit can be so hard.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/15/2020:
Your meals are looking great everyday! scrambled eggs looks wonderful and reminds me of my Sunday morning with my folks :)

bearcountrygg on 01/15/2020:
Your scrambled eggs reminded me to have them...LOL

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bearcountrygg - Tuesday Jan 14, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

D had to take his best hound dog to the vet last night....and we got bad news...x-rays show cancer of the jaw............will be dosing him with antibiotics and pain killers for the next 2 weeks and then make a decision.....sad times here.

Coffee so far, = 0 points and 2 cals

Continuing with housework today....mnoving furniture around makes me feel like I am in control when I'm really not........it's a calming thing for me....I see lots of cleaning and moving and reorganizing in my day today..........continuing with using up what is here......at least now when we open the freezer...things don't fall out on the floor...and that's a good thing.   Finding forgotten things in there and that's a good thing too......

Had a BIG breakfast but oh well......it is what it is...counted it and moving on....

Breakfast = 2 slices sprouted bread toasted, spray butter, peanut butter, 2 cuties a cup of cracklin oat bran ( finished off that box) and unsweetened almond milk = 759 calories and 26 points.....apparently I threw a food fit...but still in points and cals....

I can see the stress eating in that....had more than a serving of high point cereal to empty box......1 cup of almond milk was too much for that...poured it in anyway.....old habits die hard.  Recognizing it is something though.

Lunch was the last whole wheat hot dog bun with a starkist tuna salad pouch, potato chips and freeze dried corn packet = 15 points and 517 cals

Dinner...wasn't hungry but needed to get some veggies in and the tomatoes are getting kind of old so had a few of those, 2 mini peppers, and orange and 2 small meatballs = 4 points and  237 cals

Total for the day is 1,513

No more eating for the day...just water.



Donkey on 01/14/2020:
I'm sorry to hear about your hound. No easy decisions.

bearcountrygg on 01/14/2020:
Yes..he hasn't been eating well since november and the vet couldn't find anything wrong then so she gave him antibiotics and something to help his appetite...now...it is more obvious

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/14/2020:
I'm so sorry to hear about the best hound's predicament. that is so sad!

bearcountrygg on 01/14/2020:
Wev are sad about it...he's such a good boy and smart...

legcramps on 01/14/2020:
So sorry to hear about your dog :(

bearcountrygg on 01/14/2020:
Sad times for us...he is a good boy!

innerpeace on 01/14/2020:
I can't even imagine about your hound. If/when I lose my dog, I will be so crushed. They are like family.

bearcountrygg on 01/14/2020:
Yes they are...D says he wouldn't trade that dog for a new truck....

happy-1 on 01/14/2020:
I'm so sorry about your dog... That is really tough... I know most canine mouth cancers are surgery + radiation, but it's a lot to put a dog through. I'd be crushed. I'm carting around my ancient dog who is incontinent, having a hard time walking, and pacing around with dementia because I can't bear to part with her. I wouldn't trade her for a truck either. Hugs.

bearcountrygg on 01/14/2020:
We are hours away from a oncology vet and it would be a prolonged treatment....so more than likely that won't be an option...there is also limited success with that.....we will see. They become such a part of the family.

Donkey on 01/14/2020:
You're doing extremely well, even if your calories and points are a little higher. Don't let the higher numbers throw your efforts off the deep end.

bearcountrygg on 01/14/2020:
I do let my cals go up and then down at times...I always find that shaking things up is a huge help for my losses....so it will all work out.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/14/2020:
food looks fun and tasty...sometimes good to have a little more :) just like the reason you wrote to donkey above.

bearcountrygg on 01/14/2020:
Yes....I do alot better if I keep the cals moving around a bit...I'm best at 1,200 but then I need to have a day here and there up to 1,255....

Horn_of_plenty on 01/14/2020:
good job going back for a lighter dinner!

bearcountrygg on 01/15/2020:
Veggies are getting a little wrinkly...LOL

Donkey on 01/14/2020:
^Ditto what Horn said :-)

bearcountrygg on 01/15/2020:
They will appear again for the next breakfast...LOL

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bearcountrygg - Monday Jan 13, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Not sure what we are doing today.......

Breakfast for me was 2 slices of Alpine valley honey sprout bread, spray butter, 1 serving Hormel turkey pepperoni and 1 wedge Laughing cow lite swiss = 7 points and 227 cals.

 Super busy morning...phone rang continually....but happy to talk to both sons so that was fine.......getting a bunch of bedding and laundry done....things piling up to take to the homeless shelter ( they like donated bedding).......so feeling like I'm accomplishing things between calls.........fast lunch....would not buy the frozen sandwiches again but had to try them...still more in the freezer though.  Ice cream had frost on top so time to use it up.......

Lunch 2 frozen ready made tiny ham and cheese sandwiches and a carton of breyers = 20 points and 570 cals............

Denny ate early because a dog had to go to the vet....so I ate later and apparently I ate on a kids plate.......LOL....That sure has been around for a long time but it was handy.

Got a lot of odds and ends done today...bed stripped and everything got washed including all pillows including decorative ones, bedspread and blanket and sheets...plus 99% of the regular laundry...slast dryer load just stopped........it was a productive day.

Dinner was 3 potions of baked chicken wings ( 1 1/2).....corn and steak fries = 14 points and 489 cals

Cals for the day = 1,286....and very happy with that.

happy-1 on 01/13/2020:
1 meal of unprocessed foods. 1 meal of processed. 50/50 split so far!

bearcountrygg on 01/13/2020:
Dinner will have to be veggies!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/13/2020:
hahaha...we are now eating very much alike! i love that kind of ice cream, and yes i eat the pint as well often. sometimes i will split it up if i'm having ice cream with something else...but the pint is good alone too!

bearcountrygg on 01/13/2020:
I love it too....it had been in the freezer for several months....time to move that along!!

happy-1 on 01/13/2020:
I don't think corn and potatoes count as veggies!

bearcountrygg on 01/14/2020:
They are veggies but they are starchy veggies....I'm committed to using up what we have on hand before doing more shopping....so they will have to be used regardless.

Donkey on 01/14/2020:
Love the pictures!

bearcountrygg on 01/14/2020:
Thanks...I'm enjoying it this time.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/14/2020:
dinner looks like it hits the spot!

bearcountrygg on 01/14/2020:
Yup.Clearing out that freezer makes me happy

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bearcountrygg - Sunday Jan 12, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Well.....I guess yesterday wasn't a total loss food wise...because it reminded me how I feel when I eat too many carbs and not enough veggies.........I just feel fatter today......and I don't like that.....veggies make me feel more comfortable........besides...hopefully I got that craving over with.

Starting with coffee with sf syrup = 0 pts and 2 cals

Weather is not pleasant so will be inside......I have struggled with a small kitchen and really disliked it for the last 5 years........so yesterday we turned the table around, moved some other furniture and i ordered a kitchen island yesterday that I think will finally make me a little happier about the storage...hopefully I will quit complaining about lack of kitchen storage.  I'm even boring myself...and I know D will be happy to not listen to that anymore.

Thinking about it now I suspect that was what was behind my carb fest yesterday........

Breakfast was an apple and a breakfast sandwich made with Brownberry Oven whole wheat sandwich thin, spray butter, 1 egg, 1 serving Hormel turkey pepperoni and 1 slice Kraft american cheese = 10 points and 448 cals

Breakfast turned out perfect numbers wise and was very filling, and with three proteins in the sandwich hopefully it will stick with me until lunch...I wish every days turned out like this.


Lunch was 4 thin slices of beef deli meat, 4 steak fries, corn and brussel sprouts/olive oil , an orange and a peanut butter Built bar = 13 points and 576 cals.

Evening snack...not hungry enough for a meal = V8 vegetable juice and harvest snaps green pea crisps mini pkg = 5 points and 160 cals.

1,184 cals for the day


Donkey on 01/12/2020:
Your breakfast sandwiches always look so yummy!

Weather is not pleasant here either, but we never did get the "big snow" that they predicted. I KNEW that if I went out and bought a snowblower, that not much would come of our storm system.

bearcountrygg on 01/12/2020:
The snow here isn't as deep as they predicted for us either although it continues to come down but lightly. Those sandwich thins make them so easy...they hold together really well.

Donkey on 01/12/2020:
Meant to mention yesterday that those mini "Kind" bars are so cute! How many points/calories are in one of them?

bearcountrygg on 01/12/2020:
The mini kind bars are 4 points each or 2 for 7 points...and are 100 cals each...tasty and probably high because of the nuts and chocolate.....they are tasty.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/13/2020:
I'm a big fan of pop chips too. they are so tasty.

i also love the dried peas snack above! it must have been pretty satsifying snack with veggie juice...i cannot do the veggie juice much, it's strong to me.

great, healthy choices. nice menu!

bearcountrygg on 01/13/2020:
Thanx....I prefer the peas.....and I have always liked V*...we usually have that around for times when we think we didn't eat enough veggies that day......pop chips are kind of new to me....I think this was my first bag of them...but I've heard a lot about them...will likely become a evening snack if one is necessary...but I'm still trying to avoid snacks....snacks can get me into trouble.

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bearcountrygg - Saturday Jan 11, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Ice storm going on here...everything is a skating rink. 

Wen to the freezer looking for something for my breakfast.......( feels good finally cleaning that out)....found a couple of  ziplock bags with pancakes.........warmed all of them...but not everyone in the picture was edible.......tossed what wasn't......so did have 5 and tossed 2 in the trash.

5 pancakes, less than 1/4th cup Mrs Buttersworth lite, spray butter, coffee and sf coffee syrup = 14 points and 440 cals

Need to incorporate more fruit and veggies today....lately meals have been carb heavy and I'm actually getting tired of those.

First snack of the year.......and I'm happy that I was able to put it off this long....proves to me that I don't have to just eat on a whim....that it's okay to ignore the desire to snack....but this morning a snack was needed...so i went with it.

1 mini bag of pop corner kettle chips and 2 mini kind bars = 11 points and 320 cals

Lunch was a pork chop, roasted brussel sprouts including olive oil , mixed vegetables and an orange = 5 points and 310 cals

Well so much for the fruit and veg for the rest of the day...i was STARVING!!!!!!  Fruit and veg was not going to satisfy that........so I ate what I was craving.....

Dinner = unicorn cereal, unsweetened almond breeze, a caramel built bar and a cup of tea = 14 points and 362 cals

Calories for the day was 1,432



Horn_of_plenty on 01/11/2020:
What an enjoyable, tasty breakfast :)

I hope the storm dies down soon!

bearcountrygg on 01/11/2020:
Looks like it will last all weekend.....didn't eat all of the pancakes...2 were inedible...LOL

Donkey on 01/11/2020:
Our storm is hitting the area today. It started raining yesterday, and that same rain (on and off) is turning icy with a little snow. Big Snow coming later today...

I was just speaking with another co-worker about how I eat a lot of vegetables. I'm starting to crave carbs - LOL... I know what you mean though. It's easier to do in the summer, warmer weather.

Looking forward to the other pictures you'll post today :-)

bearcountrygg on 01/11/2020:
I'm craving veggies now....and more fruit.....the rest of the day I will make that happen.

bearcountrygg on 01/11/2020:
Well that didn't work out....UGH

Donkey on 01/11/2020:
You'll get no criticism from me. You had more fruit and vegetable. That is a good thing. They didn't hold you, and that's fine. They don't hold me either! Which is why going vegetarian never works for me, as much as I would like it to.

Keep going with the fruits and vegetables! They have other benefits.

bearcountrygg on 01/11/2020:
I will have to tomorrow.....

Donkey on 01/11/2020:
Your cereal is so pretty!

bearcountrygg on 01/11/2020:
It's unicorn cereal and it tastes like a unicorn looks...LOL

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bearcountrygg - Friday Jan 10, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Freezing rain here for the entire weekend and a sheet of ice already...so we will be stuck at home.  Plenty to do here so that isn't a bad thing............

Breakfast was coffee, sf syrup Special K Nourish cereal cup with almonds and cranberries, 2 sprouted bread toast, spray butter, apple = 11 points and 407 cals........I wish all meals would work out this well number wise.

Lunch was easy...I accidentally ruined the seal on a Microwavable mac and cheese so I went ahead and made that......so lunch was a Hamburger Helper microwave cheeseburger macaroni cup with added mixed vegetables and a Well Yes butternut squash and sweet potato sipping soup...= 14 points and 397 cals.

Dinner was leftover goulash and 2 biscuits with 1 slice of Kraft singles, some roast beef deli meat and mustard....30 points and 971 cals

Total cals for the day was 1,775....more cals than I'm comfortable with but then again i do like to keep shaking it up...........no scales, and shooting for fitting into a favorite pair of jeans.........looking forward to that day!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/10/2020:
I keep seeing the really good bread you were buying at an Amazon Go store by me. I will soon buy the bagels i've been meaning to try - high protein bagels. Breakfast looks delightful! Yeah, breakfast tends to be easier to keep lower, i agree.

bearcountrygg on 01/10/2020:
Those Amazon stores look pretty interesting...are they the ones without a check out? The bread is good and organic.

innerpeace on 01/10/2020:
i just love the sprouted bread, I drive extra miles to buy it.

bearcountrygg on 01/10/2020:
I like it in a sandwich and toasted...and love that it's organic too.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/10/2020:
yes, the ones without a checkout - there's one in the city by my workplace lol of course right!?

also, lunch = fantastic!

bearcountrygg on 01/10/2020:
I've seen those stores on TV....of course we would never get anything like that around here...in fact Michigan will probably never see them.....it's a big city thing....LOL...Can you imagine something like that in Detroit...LOL

Donkey on 01/11/2020:
Yes, I think I'm craving carbs, because each one of these photos looks so yummy!

bearcountrygg on 01/11/2020:
Very carb heavy day...and I kind of feel heavier...UGH!

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bearcountrygg - Thursday Jan 09, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

I figure today will be a good day to get some mystery packages out of the freezer and make them part of my meals .......they need to be eaten or tossed.....so it's time for me to stop putting that off....i'm also noticing that I'm gravitating to more recently purchased things...so it's also time to get after those expired things too....they sure aren't getting any fresher...so I guess there is no better time than right now.....if nothing more it will serve the purpose of not sticking little bits of things in the freezer without at least writing what it is and  putting a date on it.........making myself use up outdated stuff will make me think before storing so much......( it's always just easier to grab the new stuff).......this will be like some kind of punishment to me......but so be it.  I will toss anything that is not edible of course..............

coffee and sf syrup = 0 points and 2 cal

I pulled 4 packages from the freezer randomly for the day....turns out 2 were pancakes, 1 was a few fries and one was a container with what looks like some kind of pasta tomato mixture........decided that the 2 pks of pancakes would be breakfast and will decide on the rest later.

5 pancakes, spray butter and 1/4 cup Mrs buttersworth lite syrup = 15 points and 460 calories

I feel like posting pictures of everything I eat is becoming a real habit ( hope I don't forget and eat before the pic though...but,,,so far, so good).

I also feel that since using up past dated packaged and canned foods and bits of leftovers from the freezer are also part of my resolutiuons for the year ( I have already worked in some potato sticks and the puppy chow cereal from yesterday) and still the containers aren't empty...i have a place I'm keeping those and they will keep showing up in my meals until they are gone.  Hopefully since WW allows all foods.....I can get this part of my resolutions done too.  The bad part...so far this stuff has been high in carbs....will see how that goes and adjust as needed.  At least I feel good about 4 packages out of the freezer...and D seemed especially happy!!

Funny enough that the mystery meal was goulash...I had just made goulash last night.,..but this wasn't it...LOL......obviously used at least 3 different pastas so must have been using up odds and ends...but it was tasy and glad to have that gone now.

goulash = 14 points and 501 cals and an orange = 0 points and 62 cals.

Dinner was weird......because the fries came out of the freezer this morning I had to work them in........Made the biscuits for D and baked all of them because they have been in the freezer long enough..spray butter.....ate up the oikos triple vanilla yogurt and added nutmeg, apple to round things out a bit.....weird dinner but I'm full = 337 calories and 17 points

Total cals for the day was 1,632


Donkey on 01/09/2020:
Pretty plate! I love your photos!

bearcountrygg on 01/09/2020:
I'm committed to a year...LOL

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/09/2020:
oh man, i want those pancakes! you know how they sell protein pancake mixes? i've been wanting to try them but so far haven't bought any...because i feel like i can make my own pancakes without a mix...there are so many online healthy recipes for them without using a mix. what i really want is to make cottage cheese pancakes!

bearcountrygg on 01/09/2020:
These are probably kodiak cakes...but I can't be sure....they are sticking with me so I'm guessing yes. There are a lot. I used to make my own..from scratch.......since kodiak cakes came out though it's usually those. There are a lot of recipes. The latest I've heard is not high protein...or really healthy....but those little cheap packets or jiffy mix boxes of muffin mixes that make about 6 small muffins.....I'm hearing the strawberry and blueberry are good but you can use any flavor apparently...just add an egg and a tiny amt of milk...and you get 6 delicious pancakes.....according to everyone that has tried them......

legcramps on 01/09/2020:
Love pancakes!

bearcountrygg on 01/09/2020:
Me too!

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bearcountrygg - Wednesday Jan 08, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Another day of quiet and I'm enjoying it.........One of D's hunting buddies is up here and they went out to let the hounds loose....they love that and i am happy that D isn't in the woods alone.......ice and snow give me more concerns and they are there together so it's safer...plus...they are guys...they love getting stuck in the snow and this way...they are they to pull eachother out od snow banks..........and of course there is their continuing debate over Ford Versus Chevy...LOL

Kind of reminds me of the time there was a construction crew working in front of our house and it was their lunch time apparently...and I happenend to look at our back yard...and there was one of their crew sitting in my boys sandbox playing with the tonka trucks.....( luckily my kids were in school).....but that grown man was having the time of his life digging holes and pushing sand around.....LOL....when his break was over...he walked to the road...got into his REAL backhoe and got back to real work.......Made my day!

Anyway............I'm full of energy...feeling great...except for allergies but that I am used to.......so another cleaning and sorting day....getting a lot done and there is so much more to do....how could we have ever ended up with so much stuff?????

Breakfast, coffee, sf mocha syrup, 1 serving of Oikos triple zero vanilla yogurt, 1 serving of cracklin oat bran cereal  and an orange = 11 points and 404 calories....which i figure is just about perfect for me...If I can have 3 meals a day averaging 10 to 15 points and 400 to 450 calories each..then it would work out really well..........I could easily handle that unless I feel like I'm not losing.

Boy...that breakfast sure looks like dog food...LOL

Lunch was a big bowl of lettuce with turkey pepperoni and dressing = 10 points and 334 calories

I'm happy to say that every single thing that I have photographed and put here over the last 8 days was the only things I have eaten during that time.  Most days it was easy...a couple of meals almost didn't get pics taken because i remembered at the last minute to do that...on a couple occassions i really really wanted to snack....but I didn't because I did not want to break the camera out and post it............and a huge wake up call came this morning when i took the trash to the garage....there were so many less food packages in it....although over the coming days i will be getting into the freezers and pulling out some mystery packages which i will not be able to identify until they are defrosted........but it needs to be done........( I need to at least label them in the future.)  I also will be getting into the expired foods....and may just reach into a container and grab something........randomly and it will be a part of meals until it's gone.  Apparently I am a big kid because I enjoy making a game out of things just to get them done.......love my timers and a chore to get done before it dings....will do darn near any chore for a sticker...boy did my parents miss the boat when theyn didn't give me a chore chart and the ability to earn stickers....I had to offer to do chores...and chose cleaning a bathroom (WHY) and drying dishes.........and that lasted for years.  Anyway........I'm happy that doing this is working well because now i don't want to do anything to break the habit and that's a good thing,

Just realized that I didn't get sundays apple and peanut butter pic posted...so here that is...after I said I had posted every one I decided I had better check myself....and noticed it was missing...luckily it was still in the camera...so this is from sunday evening

Dinner was goulash = 9 points and 334 calories

calories for the day were 1,132....and no more eating for me tonight.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/08/2020:
this is my kinda breakfast! filling with all the different liquids and yogurt and also satisfying with the cereal. enjoy your day! I used to also eat smaller meals around 400-500 cals, lately they are a bit higher in cals.

bearcountrygg on 01/08/2020:
That cracklin oat bran reminds me of puppy chow...so it's a good thing that it's tasty...LOL.....You can handle some extra calories though...I think you burn calories well.....My low thyroid means i burn cals slowly....I have times when I burn them well though...and other times it just crawls along.......typical for Hashimotos...it varies though. If you can eat higher cals...that is great, I wish i could.

innerpeace on 01/08/2020:
I'm sure it is healthy, but I also thought of puppy chow looking at your cereal. Enjoy your day.

bearcountrygg on 01/08/2020:
Yup...thankfully it tastes good...LOL

legcramps on 01/08/2020:
Ahh! LOL, I also think it looks a bit like dog food ;)

bearcountrygg on 01/08/2020:
It really is people food.....I swear! LOL

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/08/2020:
i am LOVING your photos! yum to the pepperoni salad!!! love love love!

soon i will need to clean up my clothes again in my closets.

bearcountrygg on 01/08/2020:
Love downsizing.......BUT...sometimes it just makes room for some new ones...LOL

happy-1 on 01/08/2020:
LOL... I looked at your breakfast and thought yum, wheatabix. I grew up on that.

bearcountrygg on 01/08/2020:
That is one funny looking cereal...i don't think it would be too popular really...although it tastes better than it looks...LOL

happy-1 on 01/08/2020:
It's probably great with raisins

bearcountrygg on 01/08/2020:
Yes it would be.

Donkey on 01/09/2020:
Love that cereal! It's been forever since I've had it. "Puppy chow cereal" --- lol!

bearcountrygg on 01/10/2020:
I like it too!

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