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bearcountrygg - Wednesday Nov 20, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Got up really early this morning and decided to do the WW purple plan...loads of zero point foods that right now appeal to me....so I got started on a big pot of zero vegetable soup with black beans and garbanzo beans.........and a big pot of oatmeal with cinnamon and nutmeg that is also zero......added some zero crystal light to my water and had a cup of coffee..........This is a good way of using up some of our stored pantry foods and make some quick meals at the same time...I've never precooked oatmeal before but apparently a lot of people are doing it so i think that will be super fast and easy and only 1 pan to clean up........so.......kind of excited for the zero meals and how quick they will be to stick in the microwave and since fish, chicken, turkey, fat free greek yogurt , eggs and whole grain pastas and brown rice  and fruit are also zero...I think this just may be an easy way to do this.......will see how the next few days go.....at least I'm using up some cans that have been sitting around here for awhile.

D had an early dentist appointment this morning and he left...and came right back in a few minutes......he was still wearing his slippers...LOL......this last week he left without his phone and one day another essential...so....looks like we need to start making ourselves lists....LOL...old age stinks!!!

Vegetable soup for lunch...it is really thick...more like a vegetable stew.....and will keep me full for a long time......I think I can do this.

innerpeace on 11/20/2019:
Slippers aren't all that bad, except for his feet would get wet and cold. I've seen worse out shopping...with pajama bottoms and hair curlers still in. I made a vegetable soup yesterday, it was delish.

BearCountryGG on 11/20/2019:
He would have been so embarrassed.......the soup hits the spot this time of year.

Maria7 on 11/20/2019:
Funny that you said that about the slippers, cause I forgot to put on my outside shoes today when I was fixing to leave the house and realized it right before I went outside that I still had on my slippers, ha! I have got some very low carb veggie soup stored in the freezer from a big pot I made of it recently. Very healthy to eat, isn't it? But mine is not thick, more watery. How did you get yours thick? Did you cook out most of the water?

BearCountryGG on 11/20/2019:
Mine consisted of a large can of pureed tomatoes, and 1 drained can each of black beans, garbanzo beans, carrots, green beans and corn....so it was thick to start with...I didn't add any other liquid.....so it is thick and quite hearty....stayed with me for a long time. Funny about both of you and the slippers.....

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bearcountrygg - Monday Nov 18, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Woke up to the news this morning of another death in my family.  My sweet Aunt Wanda passed overnight......she was in her 90's.....the one thing about being in our 70's is that our families are passing very quickly now.  D and I both had many aunts and uncles (39 total) and cousins in the hundreds......and we are all old and at risk.  I must say that it is sobering and a huge reminder to live the best life we can.  Today I will do some thngs I have been putting off for some time.  I will get a little more serious about some things that I tend to delay.......and today I will eat for health and find my enjoyment  in  places other  than  the kitchen...........


coffee and yogurt


2 dole fruit cups

Donkey on 11/18/2019:
I'm so sorry for your loss.... (((hugs)))

90+ is a long life, and I hope hers was a good one. It's rather sobering when we are confronted with the reality that our time is limited.

BearCountryGG on 11/18/2019:
Right now it seems like they are dropping so quickly and you are right...she did have a long life....her life was not particularly easy.....she had 4 divorces, raised 4 children virtually alone and moved a lot but she struggled on and kept a smile on her face. She raised kids while being the salad girl and living over a restaurant, she raised kids in the second floor of a funeral home....she struggled....but she was a sweetheart right to the end.

legcramps on 11/18/2019:
I'm so sorry for your loss; your aunt sounds like she was a lovely person.

BearCountryGG on 11/18/2019:
She was...thank you.

Maria7 on 11/19/2019:
So sorry... I know you loved her. I recently lost my very close Aunt, too. She was almost 91.

BearCountryGG on 11/20/2019:
They had long lives but it's still hard to have them go....but we can look forward to seeing all of them again someday!

Horn_of_plenty on 11/19/2019:
you make such good points in your entry and it's a very healthy entry you have written, although i am so sorry of the passing of another of your family members.

but i must say, i like to hear you will be doing tasks that you have put off, that you are going to find enjoyment in things other than food. i just really like your attitude here!

BearCountryGG on 11/20/2019:
I have had an attitude switch for sure. It feels comfy so hopefully it sticks.

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bearcountrygg - Friday Nov 15, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Just working the green ww program.......all is going well.......first day of deer hunting season around here and the woods are full....and when i say full...I mean full.  I have some things to take to the mailbox....but I'm scared...LOL........

Just started the amazon prime deal............and I think we are over shopping...lol....just things that we have been thinking about for awhile but still...I swear it encourages us to shop more often...we used to wait until we had enough in the cart to get free shipping......now we just place orders.......I will say that I do love the 2 day shipping and the prime movies....I am loving movies this way...3 in the last 2 days.  No advertisements make me just enjoy them so much more.......turn out the lights and have a seat....just like going to a theatre.  I do believe that this had upped my happiness level...of course anything that allows me to sit in my lazy boy always makes me happy...but anyway.........

Lots of laundry to wash.......and D headed out in his hunting clothes as usual for the first day...I never really did worry about that for years.......now....at 71...I worry....but as he always has said.....if something does happen...at least he would die happy.......well...when he was young it didn't seem likely...now....it's scary.  I had planned some heavy cleaning today...now I find myself rooted near a window...waiting for him to get home again.  If it's not one thing it's another....... or as Wynona Judd used to sing....."If it's not one thing it's your Mother"..........take mother out and add husband there.

Maria7 on 11/15/2019:
Yes, as they get older, we do tend to worry more about them when they are not home. I will be thrilled when Hubby is home again...4 more weeks...

BearCountryGG on 11/15/2019:
I'm sure you will.

Donkey on 11/16/2019:
With his disability, I worry about my husband falling a lot. He doesn't go outside much in the winter because of the constant fear of slipping on ice. Due to his inflexibility, if he started to slip, he would not be able to prevent a fall. He's looking into mall walking, but it requires a drive. And gotta walk in the parking lot...

Hope you had a good WW day!

BearCountryGG on 11/16/2019:
Falling is a problem for sure...D fell the other day out behind the kennels....and I had no idea.....he could have laid there a long time without me knowing....because he spends so much time outside...if for some reason he couldn't use his phone he could freeze out there.....

horn_of_plenty on 11/16/2019:
Thanks for all your thoughtful comments ! I am still getting back to commenting here as you see bc I only had my phone and now on the way home back to my parents with my mom and brought my laptop back too for this week.

horn_of_plenty on 11/16/2019:
Yeah I love amazon prime too and listen to the free music it has - speaking of free I must cancel my iTunes membership today and now so thanks for that reminder !!! One subscription - the free amazon iPhone music - is enough !

happy-1 on 11/17/2019:
"Bosch" is really good on Amazon prime video

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bearcountrygg - Thursday Nov 14, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Liked yesterday using the green plan so will stay green for today.


coffee =0

bagel = 6

butter = 5

baby bel light cheese


2 nature valley sweet and salty bars, peanut = 12


chicken with black olives and red peppers = 3

hash browns = 6


banana = 0

Got hungry in the evening so had

chocolate muscle milk for 3

popcorn = 5

Total points for day = 41

total cals for day = 1,516


legcramps on 11/14/2019:
Doing great! Have another good day today :)

BearCountryGG on 11/14/2019:
Thanks....it's an easy program to stay on at the moment.

Donkey on 11/14/2019:
I'll comment more on yesterday's entry, but yes, if you like green, go for it!

BearCountryGG on 11/14/2019:
liking it

happy-1 on 11/15/2019:
Good job!

BearCountryGG on 11/15/2019:

horn_of_plenty on 11/16/2019:
Cals look great sounds like you are using a new plan !

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bearcountrygg - Wednesday Nov 13, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Lots of snow and icy roads......and I'm nesting for the winter.....okay by me...I'm a homebody anyway and this time of year makes it so easy to accomplish the things than the nicer weather does. 

WW rolled out it's new program for the year or so...on Monday...and everyone seems to LOVE IT!!!  I've spent the last 2 days pouring over it and I think it's a winner too. 

Basically we now have choices like never before..3 plans that we can use and switch up at will........and this suits me very well.....it keeps boredom from setting in which is one of my main issues.

The Green Plan = 100+ zero point foods which basically contain fruit and non starchy vegetables

The Blue Plan = 200+ zero point foods which contain fruits, vegetables including some starchy but not potatoes, chicken, turkey, fish,0% fat plain greek yogurt, beans  and eggs

The Purple Plan = 300+ zero point foods which contain fruit, vegetables including potatoes, beans, eggs, 0%greek yogurt, chicken, turkey, fish, some grains like oatmeal and barley, brown rice, air popped popcorn , vegetable based and whole grain pasta, tempe and tofu.

The green plan gives me 30 daily points and 42 weeklies

The blue plan gives me 23 dailies and 42 weeklies

The purple plan gives me 16 dailies and 42 weeklies

The dailies are determined by WW and are different for everyone based on age, weight, height, activity level etc.

The beauty of the program is that you can choose every day to pick a different program for the day...they prefer that we do one for 2 weeks before switching but that is not mandatory.  It does allow daily choices to be determined by what food is available that day.........or a day when you want more points to use because of a special meal or eating out.  Days when I'm more snacky than meal driven would make for a good green day...a day when there is a lot of free foods available would make for a good purple day...or a day when I just want to use specific things up and are not overly hungry might be a good blue day...right now...I think the 2 extreme days will probably be the ones I use the most...so ( green or purple)............

Since I am a person that loves to switch things up all of the time ( moving furniture around, cleaning out drawers, not having specific menus etc.)...I think this will keep my interest better than any previous program.

Today I've chosen GREEN

30 dailies plus 42 weeklies


1 cup coffee = 0

Aldis, mixed berry quark = 3


Banana = 0


1/2 baked chicken breast with nutritional yeast and other seasonings = 3

lettuce, tomato, cucumber and carrots = 0

dressing= 1

1 cup hash browns with butter = 8


So far today 15 points and 749 calories


cereal = 11


days total = 29 points and 1112 calories

1% milk = 3


legcramps on 11/13/2019:
It's nice to have a few different options each day; you are not tied to one particular way of eating then.

BearCountryGG on 11/13/2019:
I like the switching around...and it's a little more of a game for me.

happy-1 on 11/13/2019:
I bet I'd be pretty close to the purple plan. What are dailies and weeklies?

BearCountryGG on 11/13/2019:
Dailies are the points you can/should use for that day....weeklies are the points you can use anytime that week but don't have to. All leftover points go away at the end of your week and it starts all over again.

Donkey on 11/14/2019:
Very interesting! I love the flexibility this plan offers you!

BearCountryGG on 11/15/2019:
Me too.

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bearcountrygg - Saturday Nov 09, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Back at home and looking at a lot of things to get done here today.  Clothes got a bit looser over the last few days and that is typical for me....I just eat more when I'm at home then when I am away.....I'm looking forward to having the new WW programs rolling out tomorrow...I will be switching I'm sure to a plan there that has less zero point foods.......or at least will give it a try.  The roads were really bad yesterday and we narrowly avoided 2 accidents...one was a auto hauler fish tailing right in fromt of us.....narrowly missing a bus and since we were just slightly behind it we were able to slow a bit until we could get around it........going 75 miles an hour on the expressway and having that happen  just a few feet away was sobering....glad to be home and off the roads....I'm battening down the hatches and planning on getting  a lot done in the house this winter.

Started with my cup of black coffee 0 points

Little bit of a change in plans...decided to go pick up some groceries and other supplies because the roads are somewhat passable....who knows when that will happen again now...and D has been wanting nachos and I didn't have the ingredients....so theres that.  Had a dougnut and a bar when i got home because I forgot to eat breakfast.

Had nachos for lunch and haven't counted the points yet..........it's going on 5 and I'm still full......still need to count points...

Took a nap and just finally loaded the dish washer.......feeling lazier than I expected today....I ended up getting more groeries than I planned......but the fridge is full now and I don't think I could get another thing in the freezer so I can forget about that for a long time.

Donkey on 11/09/2019:
Welcome home! I'm glad you're back!

I am not looking forward to the scary winter driving, that's for sure! And I know that you get more of that then we do.

I'm excited to hear about your thoughts on the new WW!

BearCountryGG on 11/09/2019:
I'm kind of expecting a long shut in winter here this year for some reason...it just seems to be a lot of lake effect snow and it got cold a little earlier this year it seems....I'm looking forward to the new ww changes too...I like counting more and having less that is zero......keeps me in line better.

happy-1 on 11/09/2019:
Glad you made it back safe! Missed you on here!

BearCountryGG on 11/09/2019:
I missed posting too......glad to be back.

Maria7 on 11/12/2019:
Glad you all were okay.

BearCountryGG on 11/13/2019:
Good to be back home.

bearcountrygg - Saturday Nov 02, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Had a good on program day with WW......spent the morning doing errands and the snow is sticking......but roads were just wet.  Just found out that D's uncle passed today so we will be out of town in this coming week.......so will be reading as I can.

happy-1 on 11/02/2019:
Hugs. So sorry for your loss. We all meet up again in Valhalla.

Grannyannie on 11/03/2019:
So sorry for your loss. Hugs.

Donkey on 11/03/2019:
I'm so sorry... hugs and prayers for your family. :-(

innerpeace on 11/04/2019:
Sorry for you loss.

bearcountrygg - Friday Nov 01, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

The snow fell all day yesterday...and then last night just before 11....the power went out...luckily we do have a generac...so no sufferering here...and it finally came back on this morning around 10........and the snow continued....so that right now...it is BEAUTIFUL!!

Breakfast was coffee with caramel flavoring, a chicken/apple sausage and hash browns.......looking into what impact macros have today......I've been watching a lot of you tube videos lately about keto......and I know that I could never stick to that forever.......and wondering what short term would look like though...not necessarily getting into ketosis...but just going low carb for awhile...or for a few days...or a day...LOL...or a meal...LOL...I'm a sick puppy!!!

Wow...low carb......just wow......we have very little here that is low carb....We don't have any place that accepts food witin 100 miles from us....they now all want cash or garden produce.......and anyone can go there without real need so they only want to stock what they buy........so I can't give this stuff to them...........I guess I just need to keep counting points until we use it all up......I can see the point of not stocking up so much food.....it would be just my luck that when it's finally gone...the power grid will go down and so will the stores.....guess we will just have to hunt and fish and forrage..when that happens....hmmmmm.

innerpeace on 11/01/2019:
so beautiful.

BearCountryGG on 11/01/2019:
The sad thing is for the rest of the winter it will probably never be this pristine again...

happy-1 on 11/01/2019:
so jealous... all that quiet white solitude.

BearCountryGG on 11/02/2019:
Quiet out back...but the road is a different matter.

happy-1 on 11/01/2019:
Don’t beat yourself up for stocking food. Don’t mormons leave their food stockpiles to specific kids in their wills?

BearCountryGG on 11/02/2019:

Donkey on 11/02/2019:
You definitely have more snow that we do. Most of ours melted away yesterday and continues to do so today, since temperatures are *just* above freezing.

However, most of our trees have ALL their leaves - which makes the snow covering not as pretty. I'm hoping that this freeze will make the trees shed quickly....

I've been on some body building groups, and they all say that it's a calorie deficit that sheds fat. Low carb, keto, paleo, vegan, vegetarian -- whatever works for you, bottom line is calories. So if points works for you, then work it :-)

BearCountryGG on 11/02/2019:
Yup....WW will be it...although technically I can do a low carb on WW....but keto would be almost impossible...

bearcountrygg - Thursday Oct 31, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Rained over night and woke up to snow this morning.........No matter how many hair washings I did....still crisco head...so this morning I'm covered with corn starch..........this mornings bath should be interesting... just spending an hour or so to let it absorb......but so far so good. 

Coffee and cereal with milk today for breakfast.

Plenty to do around here today.........so will stay busy.

Corn starch worked and I am so grateful......back to being my old me again.

Snack =- a mini bag of terra chips and a tiny beef stick ( 2 bites)

Lunch was a chicken sausage and hash browns and cheese

 Just about the snowiest Halloween I have ever seen.



legcramps on 10/31/2019:
Have a great day!

BearCountryGG on 10/31/2019:
So far so good!

innerpeace on 10/31/2019:
I'm glad the corn starch worked. I was going to suggest baby powder.

BearCountryGG on 10/31/2019:
I can live with it now...it's about 90% better.

grannyannie on 10/31/2019:
It's gotten as low as upper 30's here but no snow, just frost.

BearCountryGG on 10/31/2019:
First snow here today...and it's been coming down all day....when does your snow usually start?

Donkey on 10/31/2019:
Glad to hear that the corn starch worked - who would have thought?

We got 3.4 inches of snow today. Thick, heavy, wet snow - heart attack shoveling. It finally stopped snowing, but the winds are blowing it around now. Supposed to get very cold tonight.

BUT warming up into the low 40's over the weekend...

BearCountryGG on 10/31/2019:
It has snowed all day here...but I'm sure your snow is deeper.....usually ours disappears as soon as it hits the ground...but not today....

happy-1 on 11/02/2019:
Did it cover your halloween decorations?

bearcountrygg - Wednesday Oct 30, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Well...chilly here...the leaves are on the ground but it does allow us to see the road and I can keep track of D easier when he is out walking around in the back.....yesterday he tripped and fell in the woods......and wasn't hurt but he came in telling me that if he hadn't been wearing his glasses he would have been poked in the eye by a branch on the ground......yeah...for glasses....no mention of the knee replacement...so that tells me he has become  aclimated to that really well now.  Allergies must be high today...my eyes are really red and itchy......life goes on...still washing my hair daily and trying to get that greasy hair treament out.....slow going...but getting better. 

Lots to be done today so started with coffee, cereal and milk.....and getting at it all now.

Somehow I thought retirement was going to mean leisure time...but didn't take into account that housework continues rather or not you are retired........I just keep donating...in hopes that at some point it will all get simple...so far...nope.

grannyannie on 10/30/2019:
Nope, retirement doesn't mean sitting with your feet up all the time. Although I do massive amounts of that!

happy-1 on 10/30/2019:
OMG... Retirement may actually be as much work as not working.

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