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bearcountrygg - Friday Mar 20, 2020
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Weight: 0.0

Well...they say it's spring....but not here...more snow today.......been in the house now for many days......I did get to the mailbox today...and out to look at how much propane is left in the tank...came back in and ordered more...that will arrive next week.....all kinds of notices from banks and credit card companies today....doors shut....customers stay out......kind of scary when they have our money.....phone busy again this morning.........tylenol instead of motrin or advil if you think you might have it.  Laundry done, dishes in DW........

breakfast = coffee, cereal and pumpkin scone, lunch - hotdog/bun/catsup and some roasted carrots...1 bite beef and 1 bite potato.....working through the leftovers so as not to waste food.

Seriously I am at my best in a crisis....youngest son is the same...he brought that up today......we' re cut from the same cloth......( we are very different in other behaviors)....but we both function best when push comes to shove.



Donkey on 03/21/2020:
I saw that you got more snow (in your general area). They are saying we're going to get some Sunday night into Monday. So as if it weren't bad enough that I have to go to frickin' work on Monday - because I'm "essential" - I will have to shovel first.

Anyway, I read your post yesterday at work, and was inspired to have hot dogs for dinner. Kind of a nice change!

bearcountrygg on 03/21/2020:
We had them again today too...LOL

Horn_of_plenty on 03/22/2020:
the first day of spring by me was exceptionally nice temps at 70F. but that was just for one, fleeting day! now we're back to 35-40 and windy. but i am not complaining, there's no snow or rain!! trying to get outside most days for longer walks if i can. i feel like it's best to get the walk in one time and not really go out multiple times during the day? still thinking about this one. i do have my bike and stepper (and should really start experimenting with using the stepper more and more!)

thanks for the tip on tylenol, i just bought a new bottle recently.

what brand is the pumpkin scone?

keep on going, bcgg! thnaks for checking in with us!

bearcountrygg on 03/22/2020:
The scone brand was Kusteaz.

bearcountrygg - Thursday Mar 19, 2020
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The phones have been ringing all morning........I guess everyone is getting a little antsy..........Walmart is cutting their hours of operation because the people are getting to be too much to deal with.......

Ordering things has now become close to impossible........so many sites are just refusing orders.........my printer and ink and the storage cabinets we ordered before this show no movement as to being shipped......luckily they aren't  really necessary things. 

I went ahead and e filed income tax and both have sent confirmations that they arrived......sigh of relief here.

D's prescriptions have been ordered....will have to wait and see if they arrive now.... (most likely made in china ugh)

Sick sister in law in a panic.......

D's other sister and her husband are hiding out up north........and we just found out that her husband has had a heart attack......and is still being treated for his cancer and has a port in his chest.........( mid 60's)

Next door neighbor accidentally face timed me...LOL.....

Younger son just checking on us.....

Friend wondering how to tell his 4 year old that they can't go to the fishing tournament...without scaring her.

Older son talking about the store and the outrageous shoppers.

We had a roast from the freezer, roasted carrots before they go bad, a boxed potato mix and a boxed mix of scones for lunch.....I had yesterdays leftovers for breakfast......( I can eat anything in the morning!)........just a little snacking for the rest of the day........my rule is use what is in the fridge first......freezer second.....and pantry only as needed.........it is saving the shelf stable stuff for later......

I'm going to go take a nap now........





Donkey on 03/20/2020:
Wow, my husband gets his meds in the mail, too! I never thought about then being delayed, but now I'm thinking maybe so.

I bet all those phone calls made for a busy day. That's ok! And it's good that folks are checking in with you.

Let's see what today brings!

bearcountrygg on 03/20/2020:
Yup....phone ringing all morning again....the med thing is a little scary!

innerpeace on 03/20/2020:
I never thought about medication. I hope DH can still get his when it's time to renew. I never thought to wonder where they might be made.

bearcountrygg on 03/20/2020:
I believe that most of the meds here are from China....this country needs to knock that off and right now!

horn_of_plenty on 03/20/2020:
Good job on getting your taxes fine. I will do the census either today or tomorrow.

Yes I will be using up my meats also on an expiration date sequence too like you are doing with all your food. On my list is to make the turkey meatballs again :-) I have ground turkey meat to use up and that’s it of my fresh meat supply ! Everything else is smoked or cured meat like salami :) should last me awhile. Also have a few veggie burgers and frozen items :)

bearcountrygg on 03/20/2020:
Good plan...definately not the time to be wasting food.....we could regret it later.

bearcountrygg - Wednesday Mar 18, 2020
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Weight: 0.0

Today will be about accomplishing more.........census filled out, bills filled out,...heading for the mail box. 

Cleaning in places that often get put off or ignored, moving a few things in the way...out of the way.......it's a good time to just do those things that kind of bug me yet I ignore. 

My printer quit....I ordered another one plus ink from amazon...and I get a message last night...amazon will only be shipping essentials like food and meds as they become available......I'm chomping at the bit to get the income tax printed and mailed......and the printer may not now arrive........

Little frustrations that are not life threatening...yet...they are frustration inducing.......

Corona virus email notices from so many places arriving in my email...the bank, walmart, amazon, everyone..........sending them all to keep....just in case for later.

Today home becomes, neater, cleaner, more efficient and a little more fun.......getting out a few games to break the monotony. 

I got a call yesterday from a sister in law who is a nealy blind amputee 68 year old...........her helper is staying home with her own family.......a family member has gone to their cabin in a small northern town........she has cancelled all future doctor appointments...and now is only in phone contact......she is sad and lonely....and both D and I chatted with her.  She is okay.....but those that usually help her are not coming around and I can't blame them.......isolation can be tough on anyone....being severely handicapped and alone is really tough......we had a few laughs and hope that she felt a little less alone.

Retail store  son is dealing with a unending number of out of control people......some are polite...and some are a down right  menace to society. He does everything he can to accomodate them and they take out their frustrations on him.  He tells them when the trucks will be delivering and they complain that the times don't fit into their schedule....sometimes...you just have to let miserable people be miserable.......and life goes on.

I'm hoping everyone is staying safe.......and know that I am praying for all of us.........




Donkey on 03/18/2020:
I think we all have to try to do the best we can, and looks like you're at least being productive. And you and D have your health. I think managing the physical is easier than managing the emotional. Isolation, loneliness, boredom, etc. - can be more difficult, in my opinion.

I don't get people who get mad at the store employees. Just really unnecessary.

bearcountrygg on 03/18/2020:
We all just need to try to keep our spirits up....

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/18/2020:
i got my census and will fill it out on the weekend or if i'm off i'll do it sooner..

i'm glad you are contacting your sister in law...i'm sure she appreciates it more than you can imagine :)

stay safe.

bearcountrygg on 03/18/2020:
The census will take about 5 minutes.....very few questions. You can do it online too....we sent ours in...I'm getting a little iffy about adding any new info online.

bearcountrygg - Tuesday Mar 17, 2020
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Weight: 0.0

Just putting this here as a reminder that we can just do our best and take pride in that we are part of the solution instead of part of the problem.......rather we have to stay home or have to go out.....we can just do our best.

Stay safe friends.

It has arrived to a town near us and a hospital that D had surgery in back a few.......I'm sure there are many that have it,...and have had it...and were never diagnosed.........Being 70 and 71 here...we are just staying home and hoping for the best.......we have supplies to last for quite awhile.......( all purchased over the last few years.)....I guess this is when the prepping now pays off.  Spirits up...and making use of this time to do some things that need doing....and keeping busy.

Donkey on 03/17/2020:
Amen... I'm hoping that now that my MIL closed on her new place, that husband can stay home now.

My biggest fear is becoming a carrier and bringing the virus home. I'll be ok, but Hubby is very vulnerable, and I don't think he wants to admit that to himself.

bearcountrygg on 03/17/2020:
Exactly Donk......we all just need to do our best.....trying times...

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/17/2020:
you are also thinking in a positive, powerful way at this time :)

bearcountrygg on 03/17/2020:
Yes......kind of my M.O.......just naturally....I have my down days....but the up days are more frequent!

bearcountrygg - Monday Mar 16, 2020
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Weight: 0.0

Been in the house for days now.........everything we need is here so it works......boys keep calling to check on us.......one keeps giving me you tube sites to watch........he must think I'm bored!  I'm not! 

Our tiny town is closing down tonight except the gas station, grocery store , drug store and banks, one restaurant in town will take food orders for pick up and all others will stay closed until April. 

The puppies we were waiting for are going to  be delivered by C section tonight because they are not moving and are past due.  Friend has the Mom and we are all waiting for word but it doesn't look good.....we are all worried about her....waiting for that vet call.

I got the taxes done and now the printer won't work.....so ordered another one.......a week and a half out.

Actually not snacking much...and in fact I'm not overly hungry...so no stress eating here.  Pants still snug though.......

Edit.......what we suspected happened.....the puppies were stillborn.......Mama dog is at her home and recovering.



Donkey on 03/16/2020:
Oh no!... I'm so sorry... I know how much you were looking forward to the puppies. Poor mama dog... just heartbreaking. (((hugs)))

bearcountrygg on 03/17/2020:
It is sad, and I hope they didn't suffer too much....Mama dog is doing well...

innerpeace on 03/17/2020:
So very sad to hear! Puppies would be a good thing right now.

bearcountrygg on 03/17/2020:
Yes they would....

bearcountrygg - Saturday Mar 14, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Inside and keeping busy...there is always so many things to do.  We still have the snow issue here so I'm not going outside right now but i will say that I'm looking forward to spring.....( and that isn't usually my M O...........)   We have what we need here and there is comfort in that. 

The short trip we had planned for may has been cancelled......we don't want to stay in a hotel, eat restaurant food and use public bathrooms....one son is cancelling their trip out west as well.  Other son works retail and it's pure craziness there in his store. 

We are still waiting for puppies....and they are now overdue.....

Continuing to work on taxes because life goes on.......Hopefully they will be done this weekend.

There are so many ways to keep busy at home.......so many books to read, so much cleaning and organizing, baking, mending ,laundry.....wash windows......play games, a deck of cards lends itself to so many games...including solitare.......do those crafts that we have been putting off.......turn the Tv on long enough to catch up on what is going on and then....turn it to a uplifting movie......exercise, dance, try some new things with hair and make up.......soak in a nice hot bath.  Go through all of those CDs and DVD's and find joy in using those again. Move the furniture around and create a nice fresh new look at home.  Call friends...call family....video chat........Pray for health for all.......

There is plenty to do..........

Donkey on 03/14/2020:
There IS plenty to do at home. And oh boy do I ever feel your son's pain - the one in retail. My daughter is completely stressed out at work with all of the panic buying that is going on. I confess that I had Husband buy the last bottle of hydrogen peroxide, which I use to clean my mouth guard during the day, and that I will start using to clean my yoga mats more often. << I just have to make the mix (water, peroxide, essential oil to smell good) in the spray bottle.

bearcountrygg on 03/14/2020:
Yes...His store emptied shelves for certain things...but have an over abundance of other things....funny how that worked......but he did say that the trucks continue to come in every night and they restock quickly...apparently the customers are getting quite rude....

Donkey on 03/14/2020:
I'm having problems saying that I'm looking forward to Spring. I feel like what we're having now in Chicago is the Spring that we're going to get. A few warm days, some chilly days, but not freezing, snow is gone, sidewalks are cleared. Windy. Chicago never gets an ideal Spring. It goes from this to either butt-blazin' hot (summer) or down-right cold (winter).

bearcountrygg on 03/14/2020:
We still have a foot of snow....very windy here yesterday....I know what you mean.....spring is fast around here too.

Horn_of_plenty on 03/14/2020:
Yes, there is enough to do at home for now!

Stay safe, video chat is good. I may do that later with my own parents.

For now i'm chilling on the couch, reading some Project managements class notes...

baking later :)

home is welcome for now!

bearcountrygg on 03/14/2020:
Yes.....home feels good today....cozy, warm and and a time to catch up on things!

Horn_of_plenty on 03/14/2020:
i do agree with what you wrote to donkey about eating less and less as we get older. that's a definite i think.

bearcountrygg on 03/15/2020:
I think so too. I've seen it in my family.

Donkey on 03/15/2020:
Bear - I replied to your comment on my Saturday entry. Please read! I was wrong, and I'm sorry for my self-centered insensitivity.

bearcountrygg on 03/15/2020:
Not self centered at all...no problem. No worries...I didn't take offense at all. It's all good Donkey! ;)

bearcountrygg - Friday Mar 13, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Well...the next month will be interesting........but since we have been preppers for 20 years....we don't find it much of a challenge since we have been in the state of preparedness for so long. 

In fact we live where the city folk bug out too....so there is that.

Schools closed state wide until April 6th and so many working from home that it will allow people to head north.

We will be staying out of the public especially because we are in the age group that is most at risk.

Working on income taxes is currently keeping me busy and I will just work on one project after another until this next month is over.....and there is always the home gym so we aren't stressing about it.....

Pants are still snug.......UGH..and I'm not really snacking.....so maybe just accepting where I am the right place to be......but somehow...I don't want to settle for that.

Horn_of_plenty on 03/14/2020:
Keep on doing what you are doing! It's good you are rather prepared as you are used to this sort of living without always having stores to go to at the last minute and that you have things you need at home to use.!!!

NYC schools still open as over 75% of kids are poor and rely on the meals and school support.

bearcountrygg - Monday Mar 09, 2020
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Weight: 0.0

I have been following the reporting on the coronavirus as are most people I know........and this morning I have probably learned more than all previous days...........according to what I read and heard today.....and what makes the most sense to me is that this corona virus is actually a man made virus that was released for who knows why in China and is acually a viral pneumonia....that is caught by about 2% of the population and most people are able to get over it easily enough but particularly older people ( of which I am 1)....have a tendency to have it develop into a life threatening pneumonia.  That peaks my interest because I have had pneumonia several times and have lung issues 100% of the time. 

I have always been a big hand washer to the point of my hands cracking and bleeding........( I will now be adding antibacterial hand cleaner, we are now taking elderberry supplements and making sure we take our daily vitamins.) 

I'm wondering if since I have concentrated on weight loss for the last several years and actually concerned myself with not stressing my already weakened lungs during that time and stopping when I got tired, that possibly I have been putting the emphasis on the wrong things........

1.  Instead of eating to lose weight.....maybe I should have been eating to build health

2.  Exercising for a specific time period instead of exercising to build endurance how ever long that takes......I'm realizing that exercise is not about the number of reps or the minutes on the exercycle...it's about doing them until I am noticeably stronger.....and stronger.

3.  Making endless lists of things I want to get done or have done so that I can enjoy the freedom of being able to just forget about them.........why waste time writing it down, why waste time thinking and planning about when I will do it.....why not just go do it.......and forget about it and move along to something new.

4.  So my emphasis will be on eating for health not losing the last few pounds, pushing myself to do more activity without quitting because I'm tiring, and by activity...I mean I will gather up all of my TO DO LISTS...and get them done...and then I will look for more things to do and get those things done.......until everything across the board is exactly the way I want it....( which will probably be never but that will keep me plenty busy trying.)

Donkey on 03/10/2020:
My husband also thinks that this virus is man- made as part of China's manipulation of biological warfare. The past few flu- like epidemics, he says, have started in the Wuhan province. Hmm... the same place, every time? Hmmm...

I love the idea of eating for health. Also, take vitamin D and a probiotic. Drink plenty of water. These are things I've been hearing and reading, in all this virus talk.

Lists help me only because of the feeling I get from checking off things accomplished. So it's not the list themselves but getting things done. Just insight from my little part of the world.

bearcountrygg on 03/10/2020:
I also take D....but need to get some probiotics.....I so often get complacent and make the list and then don't carry it through...UGH!

Horn_of_plenty on 03/11/2020:
linking to what Donkey said, it seems that China is to blame not for manipulation, but more for their lack of standards and unhealthy practices with their outdoor food markets / disease control perhaps. :( it is strange it's the same place every time...perhaps they have more open markets or less standards than many places in China. i don't know..

i love my kombucha which is all about the probiotics ;)

i would say that the # of minutes or reps can count because it's something to judge your progress off of. you have to see, based on your progress and experience with it, how many reps or minutes it takes to work hard enough so it is helping you get stronger!

i also like my lists and especially when i do them. it helps me to stay ogranized and not waste a day away when i am able to list some goals.

#4 sounds great! :)

innerpeace on 03/13/2020:
I think about you often. Today I would like to be isolated.

I also have the concern going to visit my mother, she is older (75) and I am worried that we will bring it to her, so I am still debating on weather or not we drive to Oklahoma over our planned spring break.

These are crazy times.

bearcountrygg - Sunday Mar 08, 2020
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Weight: 0.0

The time change has things a little messed up but that is no surprise...it happens every time.  D headed out to work with his hounds.......I'm heading to the basement to move some more things around....storage cabinets did not arrive yesterday...( not surprised...it was a really wonky email).......so it may be another month before the do get delivered...and that is what we originally expected anyway...( gives me more time to get organized for them.) 

In going through the boxes and bags last night in the basement...I found a microwave that was apparently broken by the movers......so far...it was the only casualty...and since we haven't needed it before...we didn't know.but the bag it was in contained about a million tiny shards of glass...so that was okay.......and we hadn't needed  to move it...( they hid it very well)...LOL....no problem.........I don't think there has ever been a move where something either was lost, disappeared or was broken in the process......the most embarassing mishap was when movers dropped a dresser and the drawers fell out ( I had emptied the drawers and moved that stuff in boxes....BUT...when one of the drawers fell out...along with it came a brightly colored pair of undies...that had angels all over them....you had better bet that I grabbed those up off the grass very quickly and stuffed them in my pocket!!  I don't think the guys noticed becxause they were so horrified about dropping the dresser and having drawers flying all over..LITERALLY!!!   When we were expecting our first baby...we moved back to the city to a tiny little house in a not very safe area........we didn't have much...so aside from some hand me down furniture....we basically moved our clothing in paper grocery bags ( no such thing as garbage bags in those days).....and the bag of out favorite clothes ( maternity tops, D's levi jeans...etc....just disappeared....did they fall out of the truck?  Were they stolen from the truck when we were inside the house?....We will never know...but they were seriously the most needed things in the move.......BUT...we got by without them and life went on.....and so it goes.

Donkey on 03/08/2020:
That's a funny story about the drawers and the underwear!

This time change always throws me for a loop - SO DIFFICULT to lose that one hour of sleep. Funny how it doesn't bother me as much when I stay up late an extra hour to watch Perry Mason. So it must also have to do with the sunshine.

bearcountrygg on 03/08/2020:
I agree....the sun making that sudden change is confusing.

Donkey on 03/08/2020:
Oh I meant to say that I replied to your comment to my entry yesterday, about the cat boxes. Long story short: good idea!

bearcountrygg on 03/08/2020:
I think I would try that with the kitty just as a reminder to her.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/09/2020:
Yes, i felt the difference of the time change too...

you have a LOT of moving stories. :) I may be done moving for the rest of my life as i have (god bless) an affordable apt that (cross my fingers) stays that way!

bearcountrygg - Saturday Mar 07, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Up early and getting things done...it sure feels good to have accomplished things before 8 A.M.  Moved a lot of things around in the basement this morning...and successfully moved 2 litter boxes from one end of the basement to the other...and he acknowleged it and jumped in....so that worked well.......We have had him for a year next month and have never known him to go anywhere but the litter boxes....so we are just lucky....it hasn't always been that way with past cats...one even went in D's shoe one time.......UGH!

So.......one corner of basement cleared out. and vaccumed....a huge picture came upstairs....and will have to clean and hang that in the near future.  Cabinets may be delivered today...but not sure...got a wonky email that leaves questions.....about that...but does have today between 8 and 8....so we will be here anyway....so it doesn't matter really either way.  

Bath and hair washed.....breakfast was PB toast and coffee

Thank goodness for tylenol....lifting heavy things is no fun anymore...back just can't take it.........

Third load of laundry just went in and had an RX bar for a snack.......getting things done so early usually makes the day go fast...but not today....it's dragging.

3rd load in dryer now.  Took a short nap and had all veggies and ranch dressing for lunch ( lettuce, yellow pepper, celery, cauliflower, mushrooms and asparagus with ranch) Earlier I had found myself eating chocolate...mindlessly.....hope luch helped level things out.


Donkey on 03/07/2020:
Well, we lose an hour of time tonight, so that should make things go by faster for everyone this weekend...

I tell ya, I'm at my wits end with Sick Baby Kitty. I know that she cannot help that she got sick, and that it has affected the use of her lower body. She's been trying to use her litter box again, too, and I'm so proud of her for that. But honestly, the clean-up after her, for when she doesn't use the litter box, is just overwhelming. She still doesn't have proper nerve usage of her hind legs, and I think that her bladder control has been compromised as well. She has a whole new bottle of medicine to take - like for the next 3+ months - so I'm hoping she'll continue to improve. She's such a sweet little thing, but I don't know if we can have 15+ more years of this. She's only 2!

bearcountrygg on 03/07/2020:
That is sad about your kitty....she may not really know when she needs to go...or maybe she just can't get there fast enough....hopefully the meds help her. It could really get to be a pain...but have you tried just placing her in her litter box occasionally? That might start a bad habit of her depending on you for that....but it may also help her remember to use her litter box......it does sound like she has made some improvements so far...hopefully that continues.

Donkey on 03/07/2020:
I seem to have developed tennis elbow. Aleve helps me with that a lot. Tylenol, for me, is great for headaches and cramps. But joint pain like my knee, elbow, and shoulder respond better to Aleve. Isn't that funny?

Be proud that you've gotten a lot accomplished in your day already!

bearcountrygg on 03/07/2020:
That is interesting.....I haven't taken aleve or advil for many years...( I think one or both may not be advised for my age group it seems to me)...so we stick with tylenol....but I do notice that i don't get much relief from the lower dose ones...and the mid range works well....and the arthritis strength is all that works for D........I wonder if larger doses would make a difference for you.

Donkey on 03/08/2020:
Bear - we have discussed putting her in her box occasionally. This is an excellent idea. The only problem is that during the week, my husband cannot really bend down enough to pick her up and place her gently into the box. So it might have the opposite effect if he did that. I can do that on the weekends. She does use her box sometimes. Sometimes I catch her going in there, moving litter around, and then getting out, with nothing done. LOL, such a silly little kitty.

In the meantime, I found our old steamer, looks kind of like a small Dyson vacuum cleaner, but instead steam cleans hardwood floors. I've asked husband to do this every other day, at least on the main level. It will definitely help.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/09/2020:
whoa! you are productive today!

i love it when i wash my hair also. I don't wash it everyday anymore bc, especially in wintertime, it doesn't seem logical to go out with wet hair in mornings. plus i have a sensitive scalp!

so yeah, i love clean hair as well! :)

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