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bearcountrygg - Saturday Jan 04, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Up and ready to get on with the day at 4:30......kept falling asleep in front of the computer last night...so decided to just go to bed.....did a couple crossword/word search things and a little reading and fell asleep at 10....I figure I am probably getting close to  close to 7 hours a day total...but i would really like it to be in a 7 hour chunk of time without falling asleep when I don't want to. 

Breakfast was a bit bigger than necessary but low points......I think it would be nice to have 3...400 -500 calorie meals per day...that would really simplify things.....I haven't had anything other than 2 or 3 meals a day for the last 3 days...no snacking at all...and taking pics really is the reason...I just don't want to put all those snacking pics out there and if that is what it takes...then I'm okay with that...it will help a lot with creating that new habit.  There is a lot of repitition in my meals and I feel kind of funny posting pics of the same foods over and over again but that is the way it is....some things just need to be used up...and the bottom line is that I will be repeating foods until they are used up.......posting pics is a way to keep me inline and it's quite a powerful motive for me....I can see that to have less repitition I need to buy smaller quantities of things...then of course there is the stored food.....fun!!!

Breakfast = coffee and sf hazelnut syrup = 0 points and 2 cals, grapes =0 points and 94 cals, banana = 0 points and 121 cals, 1 cup oikos triple vanilla yogurt = 3 points and 138 cals

Today I dump the litter boxes ( I'm sure that will make Sampson happy)...and a through cleaning and reorganizing master bedroom.  Dishwasher is already running.

Lunch was in a huge what I consider a serving bowl...definately bigger than it looks in the picture.......3 cups lettuce = 0 points and 24 cals, 2 radishes = 0 points and 1 calorie, 3 cherry tomatoes = 0 points and 5 calories, 8 ounces salmon with everything but the bagel seasoning = 11 points and 461 calories and ranch dressing = 3 points and 90 calories....


Got the litter boxes done, some laundry and dishes but D's phione is still not right so we worked on that again for far too long and he finally took it back to verizon and it's working again but for how long....probably won't get to the bedroomtoday...putting that off untiol tomorrow. 

Dinner - 1 beef patty= 8 points and 251 calories, mustard = 0 points and 9 calories, brownberry multigrain sandwich thin = 4 pts and 150 cals, orange 0 points and 87 cals, and a can of st croix 0 points and 0 cals

total cals for the day was 1,438...with 1 ww point leftover. Done eating for the night...haven't had much problem with wanting to snack at all....the food has been filling and I drink a lot of water between meals......no problems so far.

Horn_of_plenty on 01/04/2020:
I don't mind your repetitive photos (if they will be). i enjoy looking at your photos a lot! :)

pets always enjoy fresh bedding / cage. I will be doing that today or tomorrow also :)

bearcountrygg on 01/04/2020:
Right now it's about the fresh stuff...pretty soon it will be about mystery meals from the freezer that I never did write the contents on...LOL

Donkey on 01/04/2020:
I do not mind repetitive photos either - you can change it up with different placemats, plates, bowls, cups, etc. A lot of fine dining is in the presentation, you know ;-)

That fruit bowl looks soooooo yummy!

bearcountrygg on 01/04/2020:
Fruit around here is beginning to get over ripe...so working it in when I can...and it is taking the place of sweets for now...LOL

happy-1 on 01/04/2020:
Yummy cheery healthy choices!

bearcountrygg on 01/05/2020:
Just wait...it will get ugly...LOL

Donkey on 01/05/2020:
LOVE the food pictures! I just noticed that your dinner plate is in the shape of a heart! How cute is that????

Also, seeing your salad reminded me that I have radishes that need to get eaten up too. And I should probably get started on some of my baking/cooking that I've been putting off forever.

bearcountrygg on 01/05/2020:
Little old cheap dollar store plate...I kind of love it myself...LOL I let our last bag of radishes rot in the fridge...LOL

Horn_of_plenty on 01/05/2020:
your lunch and dinner = delish!!!! :) good eats over at your place! :)

bearcountrygg - Friday Jan 03, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Well...it seems like getting up at 4:30 A.M. is just going to be the way it is.....laying around awake in bed usually isn't productive.......I'm thinking that it is apparently my natural wake up time.....( back to the old days).....I've noticed that i'm falling asleep in a chair for a few minutes in the evening....but haven't actually taken an actual planned nap these 2 days and I'm sleeping better at night.........Wouldn't break my heart if I stopped the quick chair naps too........I'm going to test out noticing what tiem that happens and make sure I'm not sitting down then...and then having an earlier bedtime....I really want my 7 to 8 hours at night...in bed.........I see a new habit being created.  Also going to bed earlier is helping with evening snacking..........This could work for the greater good.

Coffee with sf hazelnut syrup to start = 0 points and 2 cals, 6 Pioneer Woman chorizo egg bites = 6 points and 170 cals, 2 slices Alpine Valley sprout bread = 4 points and 120 cals, spray butter = 0 points and 0 cals, 1 med banana = 0points and 105 cals, grapes = 0 points and 101 cals

This morning started a lot better than yesterday....heading for the city to run some errands and then back home to do a through pick up and cleaning of m points and 288 cals, aster bd room.

Lots of errands done and made really good time so was home right after noon....

Lunch was 5 ounces of salmon with everything but the bagel seasoning = 7 points and 293 cals, 5 McCains smiles potatoes = 10 points and 338 cals, 1/2 cup coleslaw = 3 points and 130 cals, LaCroix water = 0 points and 0 cals

1,259 cals for the day so far

Dinner on a little plate...not really hungry but also don't want to get snacky later so I had 1 chicken tender = 1 point and 92 calories and 1 cup of green beans 0 points and 44 cals.

Total calories for the day was 1,395......I actually have ww points left but they can roll over to the next few days.......I'vwe had enough calories today.


innerpeace on 01/03/2020:
Love your breakfasts!

bearcountrygg on 01/03/2020:
I ate early today....need to hit the road soon.....

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/03/2020:
TASTY breakfast!

bearcountrygg on 01/03/2020:
It was filling...kept me going all morning.....

legcramps on 01/03/2020:
I wish 4:30 am was my natural wake-up time, but then I guess 6:30 pm would turn into my natural go-to-bed time LOL

bearcountrygg on 01/03/2020:
Yup.......I so far have fallen asleep for a few minutes when I sit down....but I am going to bed earlier too......we had to get us for 32 years at 4:30....and I guess I never really got past that....I would love to be able to sleep in....but I can't....I can nap...but no sleeping in.

happy-1 on 01/03/2020:
Oh yum on the food today...

I wish I could nap. I think I take like two a year.

bearcountrygg on 01/04/2020:
When you get older...I think they may be mandatory....LOL

bearcountrygg - Thursday Jan 02, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

D's phone messed up last night and stopped showing names whien it rang.......spent  a LOOOONG time fixing that and finally had to just reset the whole thing.....got up this morning to his frustration once again over other things that happened to it by resetting it.....and while I am almost always a VERY patient person....it's not even   6 A.M. yet and he has already gotten after my last nerve.......what do you do with a man that has all the answers but doesn't know the questions.............????????

After hours last night and an hour this morning...i spewed some not so nice things and carefully laid his phone down and left the room.........he can fix it himself..............UGH.........I do believe I had a resolution to be KIND.....but I am assuming there is a limit to that...RIGHT!!!!

I might add...that the contact problem was solved...now it's the Weather Channel that he pays for......and while I was typing this he's been in here grumbling some more...i kicked him out of the den...LOL...my KIND is all used up for the day...I've run out of kind.

Thankfully he's off to verizon.....

Coffee with SF hazelnut syrup = 0 points and 0 cals, med banana 0 points and 105 cals, 12 green grapes 0 points and 40 cals, 3/4th cup oikos triple zero vanilla yogurt 2 points and 110 cals

Lunch = Mini naan dippers (10) = 9 points and 300 cals, 1 mini cup jif peanut butter = 8 points and 250 cals, 4 mini tomatoes = 0 points and 12 calories, and 2 frigo mozarella sticks = 5 points and 160 calories

calories for the day so far = 979....yesterday cals were in the 900's so i need to get those a bit higher today....not healthy at that number...occassionally it'ss fine but not day after day......


Dinner = 2 tiny baby back ribs with just 2 ounces of meat on them = 5 points and 124 calories and some fettucini noodles = 11 points and 364 calories

Total of cals for the day is 1,467........happy with this since yesterdays was really too low.

20 minutes on the bike.

innerpeace on 01/02/2020:
I hope between you and verizon your husband's phone gets repaired. Your fruit looks delicious.

bearcountrygg on 01/02/2020:
The fruit was all at it's peek....so we need to eat it up quickly so that worked out...that phone...verizon fixed it momentarily and by the time he got back home it was acting up again......UGH!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/02/2020:
lol on using up your "KIND!"

also, great food photos and meals! i love seeing the fruit and coffee makes me smile :)

bearcountrygg on 01/02/2020:
Yup..I'm not a very nice person today...LOL.......lots of fresh produce here right now...but that too shall pass...LOL

happy-1 on 01/02/2020:
LOL... Sounds like his inner 2 year old threw a tantrum and his outer grownup was too tired to tell it to chill.

bearcountrygg on 01/02/2020:
I tell ya...I was ready to put him in time out...LOL

Maria7 on 01/02/2020:
Wow, you came in real good with your calories. I enjoy looking at the food photos!

bearcountrygg on 01/02/2020:
I'm enjoying taking the pics ...it sure makes me think twice about eating....

Horn_of_plenty on 01/02/2020:
dinner looks satisfying!

bearcountrygg on 01/03/2020:
It did stick with me so I've not had any desire to snack in the evenings and no heartburn over night.....I would not have necessarily had the noodles but they were leftovers.

bearcountrygg - Wednesday Jan 01, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

I'm up and walking the walk........and ready to begin the day......starting with coffee....but not hungry so coffee it is.  I will have to make an unexpected trip to the grocery store for D this morning but that is okay.  So ...on the plan and all is well.

Took a quick bath and sat down with some paperwork until daylight and then headed to the store.......that should hold us for awhile...I hope so...the roads were not good...so fridge is stocked with perishables and I finally got a chance to eat.....i was kind of regretting not eating before hand this morning but it worked out okay.

11:00 Pioneer Woman chorizo egg bites 6 (tiny) = 4 pts and 170 cals, 2 slices Alpine Valley organic honey sprout bread = 4 pts and 120 cals, I can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray = 0 points and 0 cals, Banana = 0 points and 121 cals, coffee 0 pts and 2 cals

3:15 Well yes soup, roasted red pepper and tomato = 5 points and 140 calories, 1 cup homemade cole slaw = 7 points and 257 calories, 5 cherry tomatoes = 0 points and 15 calories, 26 large green grapes = 0 points and 88 calories

915 calories

Rode bike for 20 minutes



Donkey on 01/01/2020:
Happy New Year!

I love seeing the photos again! So pretty!

bearcountrygg on 01/01/2020:
I'm enjoying it right now.....and I keep fearing that I will eat out of habit without the pic......so far so good...and it definately keeps me from snacking....love that.

Innerpeace on 01/01/2020:
Happy New Year!

bearcountrygg on 01/01/2020:
Thank you and Happy New Year to you too!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/02/2020:
yum! looks like a good day of meals for you too! chorizo bites look amazing...Starbucks sells egg bites which seem similiar and very tasty too.

bearcountrygg on 01/02/2020:
I think they are similar...but these are tiny...but tasted good...there is still more in the freezer so they will be making more appearances...not sure if I would buy them again though.

bearcountrygg - Tuesday Dec 31, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Quiet day around here today.........D is expecting a friend to arrive later but they will be mainly outside working with their dogs...so I'm having a nice quiet day.

I will be staying up to watch the New Years Eve festivities in New York......and the before the confetti even stops flying I will be in bed...D never stays up for that but I have always enjoyed watching the New year come in...that and the presidential elections every 4 years...I enjoy staying up to watch the numbers roll in and see who wins.  Other than that...i'm usually ready for bed by 10.

My New Years resolutions

1.  Get to between 115 and 130 pounds

2.  Post a picture of everything I eat on DD in 2020

3.  Count calories as well as WW points daily

4.  Stop shopping and use up whatever we have around here......shopping for perishables are okay

5.  Write in my  gratitude journal daily

6.  Be kind

7.  Exercise daily and report to WW and DD

8.  Meet my goals for the house organization and daily cleaning schedule


happy-1 on 12/31/2019:
I'm there with you on watching the ball drop!!!! Even if it I turn it off one minute after.

bearcountrygg on 12/31/2019:
Usually I fall asleep waiting for it and when they start counting down I wake up...LOL

Donkey on 12/31/2019:
OK, I especially like #2 and #7, but that's me being selfish - I love reading your entries (photos or not).

I do like your other goals, too. (Please do not think I am discounting them.) I have non-weight loss goals too, but more remarkably, I have a weight loss goal this year. I will post my goals tomorrow on January 1st.

bearcountrygg on 12/31/2019:
I'm looking forward to finding out what your new goals are.....I think we can make this a really good new year...we just need to stay accountable and put the work in!!! We can all do that!!!

bearcountrygg - Monday Dec 30, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

We are having the funniest weather here...it rained all day yesterday...totally POURED rain all night and into this morning...and suddenly it all turned to snow and we are on our way to getting snowed in......The winds were so strong yesterday that it actually blew a closed garage door open...........blustery/soaking wet and then lots of the cold white stuff piling up.

A squirrel on the bird feeder...but squirrels have to eat too.

Have I mentioned that I love the sound of 2020???????

2020 is perfect vision..........it's the beginning of a new decade.......it's the beginning of a  new year...a fresh start........and I fully intend to make it work for me.....I'm looking forward to posting my plans for 2020 tomorrow.......and when that clock strikes midnight.....it will signal so many new and exciting things to be accomplished.........and I fully intend to stay accountable daily, weekly, and monthly here. 


innerpeace on 12/30/2019:
I hope it doesn't find it's way to Cleveland.

bearcountrygg on 12/30/2019:
It might not.....we have a friend in Saranac ( lower Mich).....and he says the snow has stopped there as of a half hour ago......so maybe you won't get it...but it has been pretty intense her......it's been snowing for an hour at least and d is already out shoveling...just an attempt to keep up with it...it's wet snow....and heavy.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/30/2019:
looking forward to you staying with us, here on DD! That's a beautiful photo from your neck of the woods, literally!

bearcountrygg on 12/30/2019:
Windy here again......now freezing rain......I think we have seen almost all of the weather in the last 2 day except warm and balmy...LOL

Donkey on 12/31/2019:
Beautiful photo! And you're right, 2020 is perfect vision for this coming up year, perhaps? I like it!

bearcountrygg on 12/31/2019:
I think it's perfect!!!

bearcountrygg - Sunday Dec 29, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Not a quiet weekend around here...lots of police presence and then ambulance activity.........and we have no idea what was happening.  Just like being back in the city again.  Roads are iced and rutted but when you get to the blacktop they are fine...........I'm staying home today anyway.......will have to make a trip out eventually in the next few days for perishables...but that can wait.  New years eve always finds me waiting up to watch the ball drop in Times Square but D will have already been in bed for 2 or 3 hours by that time...LOL......

I'm so looking forward to making some serious changes........I've been setting things up and listing and planning and I'm excited to get started.

I plan to photograph every meal next year and I can guarantee that it won't be pretty....LOL.....freezers need to be emptied of leftovers....pantry needs to be emptied of expired things......and I am determined to reach a wt of somewhere between 115 and 130................until then....I will ignore the scales and judge by what size clothing I'm wearing......besides clearing out the freezers and pantry I fully expect to clear out a huge amount of clothes that don't fit once and for all..................I want these spaces back and 2020 will be the year that happens.  I also plan to use all kinds of things up before replacing them....it will be a year of saving money by not shopping also.........buying things when we are not in need of them at that time will stop in 2020. 

The fact is that the more stuff we have, the more stuff we have to take care of....and I'm getting tired of stuff......so I will enjoy using things up.....looks like a new sport for me.

I thrived on living on a schedule for years because of family, work and school........but got lax about it with retirement....to the point where I have been fighting any kind of plans or scheduled days........but with that.....I got lazy and things piled up and then took a lot of work to get causght up again...so i'm also going to be scheduling my days so that things don't get behind because i'm not enjoying that feeling. 

I'm going to finally get all of the boxes and bins in the basement opened ( found some that were hiding the other day...I have no idea what is in them ( my parents or our things that moved with us)....but it will get done as long as I write it in the planner....for me....the difference in having a planner and not having one is important......because i DO NOT LIKE IGNORING MY PLANNER.....what it says goes...funny how I don't like to mark them up in a non productive way...I want those pages to be followed to a T.  Sometimes I will have to go to plan B....but....I want that to be as seldom as possible....and if I'm rewarding myself with stickers...all the better...LOL.........Kind of funny how I will work my butt off for a sticker that is awarded  to MYSELF FROM ME!!!!!  Crazy but it works...and if it works then that is what I will do!!


Donkey on 12/30/2019:
I think photographing meals and snacks is a good way to keep yourself accountable without too much hassle. Don't feel like taking a picture? Then don't eat.

Also, taking a picture might give you a pause to determine if you're really going to eat what is on the plate, e.g., "Do I really want to eat these 3 donuts?" (LOL)

I also think it's a wonderful idea to have some sort of schedule or routine, to help add some structure to your day. At least I find it helpful for myself in days off.

bearcountrygg on 12/30/2019:
I'm committing to taking and posting pics of EVERYTHING in 2020....even if I don't want to!!! Making that promise right now.....I sure hope DD is here all next year...LOL And you are right...in the past..it really made me thing and many an evening i did not snack because I knew I would have to add the photo!! I have fought structure for some reason for the last several years...no more.....now it will be my guide.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/30/2019:
it certainly is nice to free oneself of stuff :)

i have lots of extra clothes, but do not throw them out because i figure one day i will want them - even completely never worn yoga / stretchy pants! it's a reminder to myself not to buy things in duplicate and triplicate! to buy when you need it only!

also, i love food photos! so i cannot wait for yours!

bearcountrygg on 12/30/2019:
I am so used to buying something is several colors if I like it....and I've also been very guilty of buying things because they were on sale...not needed...but good price....I definately would have been further ahead to just save the money. I need to follow D's shopping habit...and that is...when he NEEDS something...he only buys EXACTLY what he needs...he doesn't worry about the price because he knows he has to have that item...and then he wears it until basically he can't anymore....he likes duluth trading post clothes and it does make him happy when what he needs is on sale....but he has no problem paying full price if it isn't on sale....I'm sure that I have paid a lot of money over the years buying cheap on sale clothes when he has spent a lot less paying high prices for exactly what he needed. You are going to see a lot of funny food...LOL

bearcountrygg - Saturday Dec 28, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

The day started out well....realized last night that the sugar i have been inhaling the last few days was catching up with me...felt rather crummy and definately seemed to tie it to sugar. 

I started setting up my new year planner this morning and tweeking my resolutions.  Also set up a regular notebook for WW points, calories and food lists ffor each day.

I'm looking forward  to getting started on that. 

I will be concentrating on using up past dated foods here...they need to get used or tossed and I've decided to use them when possible.  Dates don't scare me on canned and packaged foods.  I want this stuff gone and won't be replacing that kind of thing...instead we have invested a little in things that are prepackaged for 25 years....( not a lot...just enough for a few days).......in case we get snowed in or something. )  Of course we always have food around anyway sowe will be fine with just that......I still believe in prepping...but will be doing it differently...no more stocking things with current dates.

I believe that 2020 has a really nice ring to it.  I think it will be very productive and a really good time to tweek my organization and health things.

Donkey on 12/28/2019:
Oh you and me both... I've been trying to pare down the sugar consumption, but it's definitely not keto. And it's been difficult, I must say, to resist.

I have started formulating goals - just writing down ideas while I'm at work. I had an epiphany on Friday, which I will write about in my own entry.

bearcountrygg on 12/28/2019:
I don't feel good when I eat sugar....BUT...the opportunity arises again...and what do I do? Why don't I ever remember how I feel after? Selective memory? UGH!

Maria7 on 12/28/2019:
We're eating food with bbd 2018 over here...still good. Always good to be prepared. I've got to replace my tv-snacking nites with something better. Any ideas? At least I now drink my coffees black as far as sugar goes. That helps a little and sometimes, like they say, a little helps a LOT.

bearcountrygg on 12/29/2019:
I'm going to be spending the year eating this stuff up.......and I'm not finding anything wrong with it for the most part...yesterday i threw some olives out that were in little packets that were leaking and some seaweed sheets that had greasy packages....but the cans are fine. I'm also going to be drinking more coffee and tea in the evening I think.....snacks at night often send me into a feeding frenzy...evenings are the worst for me.

Maria7 on 12/28/2019:
I meant to say replace my tv-snacking nites with something better than sweets.

bearcountrygg on 12/29/2019:
Evenings are a difficult food time for me too......I'm wondering about plain popcorn.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/30/2019:
2020 has a wonderful ring indeed!

and i believe a little sugar is good for you (although i also like to make some sugar free treats!)

bearcountrygg - Friday Dec 27, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Well this week is flying by..........

Keeping busy and trying to stay warm. 

Big laundry day here so stuck at home.  I can not believe how 2 people can make so much laundry....my parents wore clothes for more than 1 day...as well as towels stayed on the towel rack for days........we have gotten quite carefree when it comes to tossing things in the baskets..........and it looks like 10 people live here.........I'm wondering what other people do......how many days do they wear clothes before washing them?


Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/27/2019:
my parents wear their pants more than once before washing...and wear houseclothes even more before washing :)

i wear pj pants around the house (or fleece pants) up to a week before washing, but PJ shirts (tshirts) i change almost daily or every 2 days. i wash my outdoor shirts that i wear to work after 1 use only as well as any daytime shirt - 1 use before washing, but i wear pants a few times before washing them, depending how dirty they look/feel/smell!

bearcountrygg on 12/27/2019:
I think I need to start doing that too...I know growing up my Mom almost always hung my dresses up again and sweaters didn't get washed very often...I know she and my Dad wore their clothes for several days......I need to change my ways I think....Thanks for the response HOP.......I need to change my ways...besides...it's wasteful as far as water, detergent and electricity goes too.

happy-1 on 12/28/2019:
I remember the days when I had actual PJs. Oh how I miss wearing cute PJs to bed. If I were to buy some now they would be... black or grey with like arrows or something geometric maybe. Lace-trimmed for sure.

House clothes I have to wash almost daily. Everything I do here covers me in gross even though I wear an apron. I toss a laundry pod in the washer and leave the washer turned off, then change as I get dirty. I also add general neck-down (no whites, rags, floor pads, or dish cloths). Then whenever the washer is full... I run it before making dinner, with Lysol laundry sanitizer in the rinse cycle. It's almost always dry before bed or in the morning.

Outdoor and yoga clothes, daily errand clothes... I try to avoid washing and spot clean/Febreeze unless I sweat. Then I hand wash.

I have actual sweater dryers I keep assembled and that hide mounted to the wall behind the fake shower curtain that hides my vanity. Drying sweaters and knits flat retains shape and prevents pilling. I don't know why.

Anything fur-covered is sprayed with white vinegar and goes with dryer sheets into the dryer. Magic.

bearcountrygg on 12/28/2019:
I do wear pj's...and change them nightly..I would freeze here otherwise...winter because of cold weather, summer because of AC. Good ideas.

happy-1 on 12/28/2019:
Towels... I have the big fluffy guest towels, but I bought anti-microbial microfiber quick dry towels for camping and I just use those. Separate neck down/neck up. They almost never need washing and also easy to hand wash.

I have a black, covered plastic box I use to collect water in with the shower head hose when I shower while I wait for the water to warm up that I do my hand washing in.

bearcountrygg on 12/28/2019:
Good water saving idea there.

happy-1 on 12/28/2019:
Sometimes I dump that box out into the washer just to start the load faster during the fill cycle.

bearcountrygg on 12/28/2019:
Thanks for your hints Happy.......!!!

Donkey on 12/28/2019:
For me, there are quite a few things that do not get washed every time. I am a fan of Febreeze for certain things. Anything that gets spilled on or sweated on gets washed after wearing.

I take the 5th on towels, sheets, blankets.

bearcountrygg on 12/28/2019:
I love the way everyone else uses things longer before washing....I'm making some changes right now.....what I'm doing is just plain wasteful!

bearcountrygg - Wednesday Dec 25, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Merry Christmas!!!!   It will be a quiet one for us.....talking to kids on the phone....gifts were mailed a few days ago and we are just enjoying the quiet day.  With family hours away we don't get togerher for holidays anymore and instead visit throughout the year and ship gifts.  The spirit of the day is with us andi we do a lot of talking on the phone.

D and I will have roast beef with roasted veggies and godiva lava cake.............

I'm excited for new years day actually...lots of new habits to make.........I've been doing some things to make more new habits easier.......and i haven't really used a planner since the early 80's when I  was using a planner to set up my days hour to hour out of necessity.I was selling real estate at that time and had to keep track of clients and appointments....  Oddly enough I still have those 2 planners and they are quality...both leather...one beautiful red leather one but they aren't as large as i would like now...I could probably buy new pages for them ( they are notebook style)...and were handy at that time size wise.........but now i just need a desk size and don't plan on carrying it around....I love the new one I got from Michaels...spiral bound and large. 

I'm committed to making 2020 the year of creating new habits.......

I'm committing to getting rid of these last few pounds......

I'm committed to recreating new routines that work and free up more time for things I enjoy......

Donkey on 12/25/2019:
MERRY CHRISTMAS! I was wondering if you would be hosting or attending a party this year. It's kind of odd having Christmas in the middle of the week. Since you hadn't mentioned having a party, then I was thinking it might be a quieter holiday for you - and there is nothing wrong with that!

My yoga teacher Jeanne (who teaches hard yoga) had a quiet Thanksgiving with just her and her husband this year, she said. So some holidays are just work out that way.

Your enthusiasm is catching! I am ready!

bearcountrygg on 12/25/2019:
D's siblings had their Christmas party on Sunday this year but D really hates to stay away over night...so...we skip that now that we are so far away.......our kids don't like the drive either....but we had big parties for years and i will say that we are fine without that now...they were exhausting.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/25/2019:
your positive thinking and energy is quite wonderful, like donkey says too!, and is special to read especially on Christmas holiday. Your new goals and plans sound good as does the new Michaels' planner! i didn't know you had a Michael's by you! interestingly, when i was visiting my mom i went with her inside just to look just last weekend :)

bearcountrygg on 12/25/2019:
I had to order the planner online...no Michaels for hours around here...most things have to be ordered. I would have liked to have seen it in person but luckily it turned out perfect. 5 years ago I went from driving to any store you could think of to little access to much of anything....quite the switch....but it's do able.

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