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bearcountrygg - Monday Apr 16, 2018
(Walking the fine line between happiness and health)
Weight: 245.6

Just wrote an entry and got an error message and lost it..... 

So......not going to risk that again............lost some water weight over night.

Weather pretty nasty....schools staying closed and roads icy.  Waiting for this afternoons call to see if everything is a go......

We would normally take the truck in weather like this...but since I would have to drive it home tomorrow and the parking there is cramped and tight....we will take the car.....not such a great thing in this weather ....but I'm not driving that 4 wheel drive with the huge dog boxes in the back....I can't see anything in it...and i'm sure I would be a danger on the road.....so the car it will be.  

Ate very little yesterday and I guess that is the way it will have to be.....

4  cups coffee = 18

1 cup chicken broth = 15

green beans = 25

baked chicken breast = 172

whole wheat roll = 150

aioli = 90

german potato salad = 240


620 cals for day

WELL..we have a plan.....If dr and hosp says they are going through with this tomorrow...then......the dogs will get fed 2 times today.......( usually only get fed once)...... and I've packed a bag for myself....and if it looks like it will be too dangerous for me to drive home tomorrow...I will stay in a hotel a couple miles from the hosp...for tuesday night.....and I will have to come home on wednesday no matter what to feed them...and then back to the Hosp....but with some luck there will be some road improvements by then.  There is a small chance they may even release him on wednesday...( not likely with a diabetic who is 69)...but a possibility...that would be the best possible outcome....but...from wednesday on...I will do whatever I have to do...but must be home to feed dogs daily...in the end...they get the same number of feedings....but miss one day...they will be fine doing that.  I feel better after making this decision.....he will drive in the morning.....after that...it's all up to me.  

Got the call...it's on...even though our county doesn't want anyone on the roads....

Progress as of today: 7.2 lbs lost so far, only 100.6 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 04/16/2018:
I am guessing they will keep the surgery..you can always stay somewhere even the night before like tonight if you have to!

Have a pleasant day...i have to lose my entries also...it happens sometimes when i press a wrong key.

bearcountrygg on 04/16/2018:
Problem is the dogs need to be fed.....neighbors too old and sick to help with that........it's a problem...it's snowing like crazy right now....and everything is up in the air......Looks like we are getting 6 more inches of snow...it's heavy and pulling tree limbs down.....Problem is...while he will be staying in the hosp....I will have to turn around later tomorrow and get home some how....or the dogs will miss food for a day....they would live through it....but...

bearcountrygg on 04/16/2018:
I mentioned to him that we could leave tonight...but he didn't think he would be able to sleep in a hotel.....guess he wants his own bed tonight.....but we now have a plan at least.

Maria7 on 04/16/2018:
Please be careful...driving in those conditions as well as when you are walking on the ice to feed the dogs. I know you will be happy when all this is behind you. Praying for you and your Hubby to have a safe trip and that all goes well.

bearcountrygg on 04/16/2018:
Thank you Maria......D fixed me up with some ice walking gripper things on my old high tops....so I will wear those to go to the kennels....and the mailbox. Thank you...we are looking forward to having it behind us too.

Donkey on 04/16/2018:
Thinking of you!!!!! Drive safely and slowly! ((((hugs))))

horn_of_plenty on 04/17/2018:
yes, i keep forgetting you have dogs to take care of!

best wishes today!

bearcountrygg - Sunday Apr 15, 2018
(Walking the fine line between happiness and health)
Weight: 247.2

Still mid storm....just plain nasty here...a foot of snow...and high winds and sleet and rain......they say today and tomorrow it will continue.  

It wouldn't surprise me if the hospital cancels tuesdays surgery...but we won't know until tomorrow

I've decided to count calories when I can because my clothes are getting snug again...Got on the scales and was so shocked I had to do it over again......I have gone horribly backwards....and basically starting over again.  Not hungry so it's a good time to just eat lightly today.  Boy have I wasted time...and stress eating is what I did.


V8 fusion pomegranate blueberry juice , 2 cups= 200

coffee 2 cups = 9

mixed vegetables = 60

banana = 105



Progress as of today: 5.6 lbs lost so far, only 102.2 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/15/2018:
my clothes are snug too...it's good to put the extra effort in to do better :)

also, my fingers are still crossed for your hubby!

bearcountrygg on 04/15/2018:
Thank you....And I put it right back on so fast it's scary......I knew my clothes were getting tight...but not that tight...LOL...basically...I'm starting over again....

Donkey on 04/15/2018:
Depending on what you ate yesterday, today's weigh in is probably mostly bloat from carbs, salt, etc. Give it a week to even out.

It may very well be that the post-pone the surgery due to weather. Yuck :-/

bearcountrygg on 04/15/2018:
I'm thinking the same thing...I was eating crackers a lot..... We are wondering the same thing about surgery........we are hoping it doesn't get cancelled...we really want it over with...but getting there is sounding like a problem...they still don't want anyone on the roads...and the town is closed down for the second day.....this would be easier if we were in the city...but we are so rural....with miles in between houses.......we should know tomorrow evening.

Donkey on 04/15/2018:
I hope you managed to have a good day in spite of the weather.

bearcountrygg on 04/16/2018:
Inside...no TV....ate good.

bearcountrygg - Saturday Apr 14, 2018
(Walking the fine line between happiness and health)
Weight: 236.2

Woke up to no TV or computer this morning........brushing off the 2 dishes...we did get the computer back...but still no TV.  

I definately feel the need today to rip into the house and chores and get things done......I'm obviously feeling like I need to get my ducks in a row.  Looks like a good day for some deep cleaning.

Yesterdays ice storm left us with a hefty layer of ice on everything....and then the thunder snow started...and hasn't stopped...the sleet came and went...the rain stepped in off and on...all and all...right now as it's getting light out....it looks like a typical January or February day.   

I'm so looking forward to late next week when everything is behind us...and I can get back to the norm.  Of course it won't be exactly norm for a few weeks...but close enough.  


After a breakfast of whole grain toast (2) with butter and peanut butter, a banana and coffee......I just found myself mindlessly eating....cookies, fruit rollups ( and I hid a fruit roll up when I saw D in the doorway)...and coconut chips...this is a behaviour I am not happy about.......he wasn't judging me...and he didn't say anything.....I'm not sure if I didn't want him to see me eating the roll up...or if I didn't want to share it with him ( he most likely would have turned it down  anyway)....but it is a behavior that I'm finding quite upsetting.  I've turned into one sneaky eater.............I don't want to be judged by him...which actually makes me worse...the more critical others get  the worse i get (stress?...or defiance?)...not sure...possibly both?  As a kid...my Mom was pushing food at me because I wasn't a big eater...then when I did start gaining weight basically in my 40's....I was critisized for that...by  my parents and D.....at one time when I was thin and aunt asked if I was anorexic.....then in my 50's-60's my Mom said I ate too fast....I'm thinking what it all comes down to is that I basically have an eating disorder.........I have the prepper food. ( A LOT OF IT)..which started with the year 2000 food storage idea...and has never stopped.....We call it prepping...but maybe it's food hoarding!  Maybe I need to look at it for what it most likely is.....................anorexia to morbid obesity and food hoarding...maybe I need to start doing some research on all of these including closet eating.  For my entire adulthood...I have read about healthy food choices...I have a bookcase full of books about healthy eating...I know what it is...I made sure to feed my kids that way and I ate that too....and stayed skinny.....I never have eaten anything in any large quantities......but there have been binges where I ate a lot of different bad choices....at one time...kind of like a kid left alone in the candy store...just sampling many different things.........that happened this morning.  It's time to face my problem.......

HI My name is LINDA...and I have an eating disorder!


Progress as of today: 16.6 lbs lost so far, only 91.2 lbs to go!

jayhawkjen on 04/14/2018:
I just picked up a book called “Mindless Eating” by Brian Wansink. You might like it, it’s pretty interesting and has some good ideas about reengineering your environment to your advantage. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

bearcountrygg on 04/14/2018:
Thank you...I will definitely get the book and read it. I can follow the trail throughout my life....there have always been food issues from early childhood.....they just seem to go from one extreme to another....I'm kind of relieved to finally accept that it is a problem. I've always tried to fight it with books on healthy eating...and books and tapes on exercise...but never really getting to the bottom of the real problem...I guess finally accepting that it is a problem and reading about what it really is...will be more help...Thank you for recommending the book....I will go order it right now.

bearcountrygg on 04/14/2018:
got it!

Donkey on 04/14/2018:
"Sneaky eating" is a behavior that really bothers me for myself. I've always tried to live by this: To thine own self be true... (Shakespeare) And so I guess I interpret sneak-eating as lying to myself, although it really isn't. Eating is eating.

Please don't beat yourself up over this. I would suggest that if you catch yourself sneak-eating or mindless-eating, stop yourself and fix a real meal or a real snack. Sit and enjoy. It's OK.

Having been through a spouse's surgery recently, I know that the weekend before the surgery is very anxiety-filled. Do what you have to do to get yourself through it. I'm sure all that rotten winter weather isn't helping much either, on many levels.

Speaking of which, LOL at your weatherman in yesterday's entry. I'm sure he's just bursting with excitement at all the weather action!

bearcountrygg on 04/14/2018:
YES...Our weatherman is having the time of his life.....finally...some excitement for him!!! And yes...the tension is high here.....it seems to be more on the weather right now...just GETTING there...is a question....I know he is on edge......odd how between us we have had several surgeries...but they were always much less fuss...and not much time to think about it beforehand...this has been grueling...there have been several things that had to be done beforehand....that never were before...I think I like the old way better.

happy-1 on 04/14/2018:
I get that you guys stockpiled food before your health changes and so the food stockpile doesn't fit your current needs... but isn't it more expensive to aggravate health conditions than to buy bulk healthier foods? Wouldn't you get a tax credit if you donate to a food bank? Or if you and a neighbor go in on a pig, couldn't you feed it that stuff and get some pork out of it? It just seems to me that the sneaky eating and beating yourself up about food is mostly coming from a core alignment issue between your current actions and your real needs and goals... increasing and aggravating your anxiety as you also worry about the upcoming surgery.

bearcountrygg on 04/14/2018:
Good ideas...and something to think about.......Our local food bank closed...and there are no others around here that I know of. I' will give these ideas some thought...Thanks

Maria7 on 04/14/2018:
Hello, my name's Maria and I have an eating disorder, also! Girl, I think you are acting out with your 'eating fit' from anxiety over feeling overwhelmed with the icy weather and your upcoming travel. If it wasn't for the ice and snow and all, I think you would feel a lot less anxious, understandably. As for the prepping, I think you are very smart to store food. Better to have it and not need it than vice versa! :-)

bearcountrygg on 04/14/2018:
It is nice to have it...even for times like this when we are basically snowed in...our town has totally shut down and the police dept says stay off the roads...but then again...having so much can make it hard to be moderate...it's a blessing and a curse...LOL

bearcountrygg - Friday Apr 13, 2018
(Walking the fine line between happiness and health)
Weight: 236.2

Ice storm on it's way...........................

They are already mobilizing for emergeny power outages and even red cross was mentioned.

I must have misunderstood.........I thought it was spring.

It is Friday the 13th

We have to be 2 towns away(45 minutes in good weather) by 4:00 A.M. Tuesday....at the hospital...and they are already talking about hospitals and power outages that may happen....that is assuming we can drive on the ice and  actually make it there...............and dodge the downed trees.  Our weather man is so excited he was practically hyperventilating....

I have 4 huge dogs in the kennel to feed , water and shovel up after everyday...including Tuesday afternoon

Monday we are scheduled to be getting up to 20 inches of snow on top of it all...some reports say 3 inches.....but it may also just be raining on top of the ice.




Progress as of today: 16.6 lbs lost so far, only 91.2 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 04/13/2018:
I'm sorry about your ice storm!

We are getting extra warm weather...warming up today from around high 50's this morning to 75 this afternoon!!!!! and tomorrow it will be another warm one up to around the same 75...then back down to 50's!

Spring will eventually have to come to you!

bearcountrygg on 04/13/2018:
Later next week they are talking 50's......We can only hope. If I get trapped out of town because of ice....there thankfully is a hotel in that town..but that doesn't get the dogs fed.......

bearcountrygg on 04/13/2018:
I'm glad you are getting some nice weather though.

horn_of_plenty on 04/13/2018:
i guess you'll have to leave some extra food for dogs? craziness!

bearcountrygg on 04/13/2018:
They will gobble it up right away......it's going to be interesting....bad thing about what we feed is that it's concentrated and when they drink water it hydrates the food. Switching their food now would make them sick...so I will just wing it and hope for the best.

Maria7 on 04/13/2018:
Could you not postpone til safe to travel?

bearcountrygg on 04/13/2018:
I don't think so unless the doctor or hospital cancels it...it's been set up for 2 months now...dr only does 2 of them a week.

bearcountrygg on 04/13/2018:
The reason we took april 17th is because we are usually having good weather by this time...that backfired.

Maria7 on 04/13/2018:
Bless your hearts...Will surely be praying for safe travel for you. Thanks for sharing about your Mom. I, too, am a retired secretary.

bearcountrygg on 04/14/2018:
Thank you......I loved being a medical secretary....I did a lot of climbing too at that time...we had files to the ceiling...and rolling ladders.....I can't imagine it's like that anymore.

bearcountrygg - Thursday Apr 12, 2018
(Walking the fine line between happiness and health)
Weight: 236.2

Woke up to rain on top of snow which quickly turned into ice......some things closed.   Between now and Tuesday ( D's operation day)....the weather includes ice and a snow storm..the hospital is at least 45 minutes away and the drive is through forrest and quite a desolate area......this could get very interesting.......starting today I'm not giving much thought to calories.....when this is all behind us and he is home again I will get back on track.......still no return call from the dealership...we are now assuming that they called us in error...and don't feel the need to call and explain or appologise for  messing up...they just lost us as customers.  I wonder if I can remove that 5 star rating I gave them!  


Progress as of today: 16.6 lbs lost so far, only 91.2 lbs to go!

Donkey on 04/12/2018:
Just try to get through the surgery in one piece. The anxiety beforehand can be difficult to manage. Been there, done that.

bearcountrygg on 04/12/2018:
I know...you are the model I need to follow through this...personally...I'm sure it was worse for you and your husband because his surgery was even harder to deal with. This too shall pass.

horn_of_plenty on 04/12/2018:
Hello BCGG!

Wow is the weather a BEAST by you! I shouldn’t be surprised! Yes, they most probably called you on error and may not even know who they called by accident, making it even harder for them to call you back to apologize, you know. Wishing you a good day and fingers crossed the weather calms a little bit before D’s surgery!

bearcountrygg on 04/12/2018:
Right now they are ramping the weather up more.....but unfortunately I can't control the weather...If I have to stay in a hotel there then that's what I will do. When I called them back to say I found the papers....I gave them my new number...I also told them my name....I do think he made a mistake...but he didn't make us very confident in his abilities...with how he handled that. oh well....there is more than 2 yrs left on this lease...so it will be awhile before we need a new one.

horn_of_plenty on 04/12/2018:
did you know that you and happy weigh similar weights?

bearcountrygg on 04/12/2018:
Yes...and she is losing much better than I am...in fact I put some back on.....SHE ROCKS!!!

Maria7 on 04/12/2018:
Hoping you have a safe trip. I wouldn't worry about calories, either with all you are going through right now. Take care of yourself and try not to worry about anything.

bearcountrygg on 04/12/2018:
Thank you

happy-1 on 04/12/2018:

bearcountrygg on 04/12/2018:
Thank you

bearcountrygg - Wednesday Apr 11, 2018
(Walking the fine line between happiness and health)
Weight: 236.2

More nasty weather on the way for us...and we still have lots of snow.... so no outside walking for me......so I will definately be riding the exercise bike today.  Yesterdays rant and the food fit following it will be under better control today....still have not heard from the car salesman...and I don't plan to call him back again...if he can't return calls that he originally initiated...that's his problem.  Even with my wonky food choices yesterday ( basically protein and crunchy)...I still was well under what fitday says I burn in a day...so it's okay.  I can see by my angry choices exactly what i want to eat when i'm mad...LOL....weird...I seriously do not like jerky...but yesteray i tore into that stuff like a virtual cavewoman. Laughing at myself today.  


coffee = 9

banana = 105

hot multigrain cereal with quinoa, cranberries and almonds = 190




Was staying away from snacking...but apparently I still am a bit agitated...and was wanting crunchy food....funny how I have never noticed this  before...although...I'm rarely an angry person...but I remember years ago the discussions about angry crunchy food fixes.at weight watchers..it just never applied to me...basically I saw it as a craving more for the salt for mysef...but not an angry thing.  BUT.....guess I'm still a bit angry...because I grabbed the bags of pretzels and veggie chips and didn't count the amounts....but that's over...and I have no idea of the calories...oh well...not the end of the world.  It may have been well worth it actually...it did force me to understand why.


whole wheat bun = 150

hamburger patty = 145

lettuce, cucumber, radishes = 24

poppy seed dressing, skinny girl brand = 10

 mustard =3

fresh pineapple = 28




cashews = 200

peanut butter = 125

banana = 105



total for day = 1,094...plus what ever the pretzels and veggie chips were



Progress as of today: 16.6 lbs lost so far, only 91.2 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 04/11/2018:
You sound happier and care free today.

I agree about the salesman. No need, at all, to go out of your way after your first attempt to reach him - let him reach out to you again.

bearcountrygg on 04/11/2018:
Just seems weird that after all these months he wants info....after having to change my phone number a few days ago...and having my 2 email accts hacked and closed for a month ( still don't have access to those)...I am really leery of people. There are a lot of shady people out there just waiting to pounce. But I am happier today...had to sleep it off I guess.

horn_of_plenty on 04/11/2018:
i agree with you, no need to contact him again.

bearcountrygg on 04/11/2018:
Waited all day today...nada...at this point we are thinking he called the wrong customers...and that DOES NOT make us trust him for the future. If he made a mistake...he should have at least called back and explained and apologized.

graindart on 04/11/2018:
It's been a long snowy winter here also. Finally warmed up for enough days in a row that we've had our first week of almost no snow on the ground since Thanksgiving. Friday has some snow forecast, but followed by a high of 50 on Saturday means that it won't stick around. Hopefully your snow will be gone soon too......

bearcountrygg on 04/11/2018:
Unfortunately we have more on the way.....I'm glad to hear it's going away in other places though.

happy-1 on 04/11/2018:
Hugs!!! Sounds very difficult! What did weight watchers say about cookies and ice cream?

bearcountrygg on 04/11/2018:

bearcountrygg on 04/11/2018:
Not really......on WW you can have anything...you just have to count it.

Maria7 on 04/11/2018:
Glad you are having a better day today.

bearcountrygg on 04/11/2018:
After my ugly fit yesterday...anything is better...Lol

Donkey on 04/11/2018:
So we eat crunchy foods when we're angry? Wow, I haven't seen the correlation, but I guess that's right -- is that why I eat raw vegetables in the afternoon at work? Could be!

bearcountrygg on 04/11/2018:
Possibly...it never seemed true to me until yesterday.

bearcountrygg - Tuesday Apr 10, 2018
(Walking the fine line between happiness and health)
Weight: 236.2

Had problems with the DD board yesterday...not sure if it was my computer, my internet or DD....my computer is still limping along....my back country internet can be spotty at times...so it can easily be any of the above.

Final drs clearance for D today...and desperate for a grocery shopping trip too.......not at all hungry so not sure how to play this today....on top of that the scale isn't moving after some lower cal days.......I may need to drop it further......i do have a slow metabolism ( thyroid and past crash dieting with a diet company)....so I need to do some thinking about it all.........more recently in the last 8 or 9 months I did find that all liquid days did move the scale down...and I'm toying with working that in on some kind of schedule... I feel better and respond well to that...just not sure if I want to make that part of my life on a regular basis.  I'm aware that a couple of friends my age are now doing something similar themselves..........decisions, decisions

I will say...the first time I did a liquid day...it was tough...after that it did get a lot easier......since then...I have had many liquid days.....and it was much easier...but just no specific pattern with them.  I always felt great after them....and now I could use protein shakes....and blender shakes...and possibly even smoothies...to tweek them a bit...one other thing I did learn with those days was that I really enjoyed drinking broth....and there are lots of nice canned and boxed broths now.....I have checked the nutrition on some of the liquid days and found that it was very good...and so I'm not concerned about that....with my IBS...I think it may be a positive thing to give it a rest...I doubt if I had not tested it out back in the fall for jury duty...I may never have discovered it.....now with so much coming up again it would be easy to do and would keep me away from fast food, which is basically what I would be eating......( I know for a fact that next weeks meals will be seriously wonky otherwise)...........

BREAKFAST LATE After shopping

bagel = 220

baby Bel cheese round = 70

strawberry cream cheese = 60

coffee = 9


359 cals

Got a call from the car dealership that we leased our car from last August...they HAVE TO SEE the lease agreement from our PREVIOUS car....OMG...that was 8 months ago!!!!  The dealership is 2 towns away....dug up the paperwork...called them back and left a message for them to call me now.......nothing yet....What is going on????   Ate lunch with out even thinking....and I admit I attacked the food....just now am I realizing how anger/frustration....can make me eat my feelings.  So out of the ordinary for me but right now I would like to punch something.


2 pkgs cheese and crackers = 400

P3 portable protein pack which contained beef jerky, chipolte peanuts and sunflower kernels = 230

Mixed fruit sauce = 80


710 cals





more cheese and crackers




Car dealership still has not called us back...after they called and wanted info on car lease that they had not set up with us......Spent an hour turning files and bins upside down looking for said lease info......they are lucky I even still had it.....now they aren't calling back......I have no idea why they even need it...D took the original call....so I'm at a loss........but something is fishy with this dealership...and I have no idea what.

Progress as of today: 16.6 lbs lost so far, only 91.2 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 04/10/2018:
Personally, i cannot do the liquid days. Liquids pass right through me...that's why i took a liking to veggies so much.

Liquids may make the scale move down quickly, but as soon as you eat food, it will go up. They may be a quick fix, but lifestyle wise i have found liquid diets to be unfullfilling. Remember the days of the Slimfast commercials? Slimfast was popular, only shakes all day, they were sugary and def didn't have much sustenance. Personally the all day liquid diets don't work with me...

I do not think you need any fast fixes...more just keep with your lifestyle...of course, this is only my opinion. lately i'm very opinionated, lol, to everyone!

bearcountrygg on 04/10/2018:
They go right through me too...but they do help the IBS a lot! I like the feeling of not being bogged down....I have some of the newer slim fast shakes...and they really do agree with me......I will see...I'm not giving up solid foods at all...just figuring I feel better when I have some all liquid days.

Donkey on 04/10/2018:
There were some issues with DD yesterday.

I'm not a liquid day person either, but it might work for you as a "detox day" thing occasionally (once a week?)... I would recommend using that day to focus on calm and depression and restoration, internally and externally.

I would also recommend having a plan ahead of time, in case you start a liquid day and find that you need to eat.

I think it could work, for you...

bearcountrygg on 04/10/2018:
It works well with my IBS.....I think I sometimes just need to rest the innards...LOL

bearcountrygg on 04/10/2018:
So the DD problems weren't my computer...good to know.

Maria7 on 04/10/2018:
Re: Liquid diet....My Mother did the Slimfast diet many years ago and lost about a hundred pounds in a year by replacing one or 2 meals with them each day, if I've got it right. It worked for her. She had weighed 315 when she went on diet. She has kept it off, too and lost even more and I think she weighs about 172 now. Hope you have a good day.

bearcountrygg on 04/10/2018:
I have used slim fast off and on for years...not usually as a weight loss thing but more for a shake thing....I do they have improved the formula a lot.....I love the new bottled ones that don't have any dairy...all in all...I think they do well for me..........that's wonderful about your Mom....and she has kept it off...that's not easy at all.

horn_of_plenty on 04/10/2018:
putting myself in your boat, if i were retired and home - i would probably want some days diff from the others...like by having a liquid day.

i do understand the feeling of wanting to feel "free" on the insides...yes, i like this too every now & then.

bearcountrygg on 04/10/2018:
I've figured the nutrition...it's there......just looks like funny eating.

happy-1 on 04/10/2018:
Hugs! Feel better... just a thought that all those processed foods make IBS worse.

bearcountrygg on 04/10/2018:
Agreed....but basically everything bothers my digestion....even the fresh stuff.....liquids just give it a break.

Donkey on 04/10/2018:
Ugh, I hate that when that happens. I'm surprised they didn't call you on a Friday afternoon before a 3-day weekend, right? Those sorts of things "eat" away at me too. I hope the issue gets resolved quickly.

bearcountrygg on 04/10/2018:
The funny part is we didn't lease that car from them....we turned it in there...on time...and got a new one from them...we heard from the finance company that everything was done...and the car was resold....all clear...all the way around....and now this 8 or 9 months later....and now...he's not calling me back...and he started it. ugh

bearcountrygg - Monday Apr 09, 2018
(Walking the fine line between happiness and health)
Weight: 236.2

Woke up easily and feeling okay.....D has a pre op conference call today...so we will be home...probably will be doing the grocery shopping tomorrow.  3 meals a day...keeping it under 1,500 and no snacking seems to be a good fit for me...it keeps me from grazing all day...it keeps me from eating too many sweets but can allow a dessert after dinner or with dinner.  And the best thing for me is that I know when the next meal will be and if I get hungry it does force me to wait....so .....I'm thinking this is probably my best bet for using self control with food......I've seen that meals with low or no protein and fat do not stick with me well...so each meal needs that and I'm working on keeping them between 400 and 500 cals per meal if possible...less is fine for a high protein meal.


1 fried egg = 91

Sausage gravy = 139

coffee = 9


239 cals 

LUNCH = spaghetti and meatballs

Pasta 1 cup = 180

6 meatballs = 230

1/2 cup spaghetti sauce = 70

propel water = 0


480 cals

Tuna = 70

bagel = 220

cream cheese = 160

sesame seaweed = 30

veggie straws = 130

dried fruit = 40

nutrigrain bar = 140


 1,509 for the day

Worked out well...no desire to eat between meals


Progress as of today: 16.6 lbs lost so far, only 91.2 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 04/09/2018:
i'm noticing a lot of healthy items below on your food lists!

great eating - i also love sesame seaweed. it's fun to munch on and no calorie issues. me too - i do better with meals around 500 cal. lately my lunches are over that amount, but when my actual meals are a tad lower, the calorie counting becomes a bit easier...something for me to consider too! you see, i've gotten used to more wholesome meals especially for work lunches.

what i'd like to do, honestly, is get stronger so i can continue eating higher cals and actually lose weight :)

keep on, keep your exercise up...and agreed - you need protein and fat. i have the same big issue. carb meals don't stick with me at all.

lately, i've noticed i'm prob not eating enough fats. i may pick up an avocado or two on my way home today..

bearcountrygg on 04/09/2018:
I think fat is important....WW had it on their program ever since I can remember.

Maria7 on 04/09/2018:
Yes, protein is very important and helps in feeling full. Good food plan going. Hope you have a good day. :-)

bearcountrygg on 04/09/2018:
Thank you

horn_of_plenty on 04/09/2018:
YES, fat is one thing i do not emphasize but i know i should...my mom always cooked really low fat bc it was the 90's...and that was the fad at the time...meaning she didn't add much fat to the food. def no avocado! it just wasn't the thing in the 90's. all yogurts, fat free, milk, fat free back then!

bearcountrygg on 04/10/2018:
That was the era.......my Dad had a triple heart bypass and they banned him from eggs...( he ate lots of them)......and now eggs are heros....

bearcountrygg - Sunday Apr 08, 2018
(Walking the fine line between happiness and health)
Weight: 236.2

Slept well last night.......Still cold and snowy here....D gone for the day again....friends of his are up here tracking...so I wil have the house to myself today.  Doing some organizing and decluttering......and other odds and ends...also need to make up a shopping list for this coming week.  

I critiqued my day yesterday at the end of the day...and I think that may be a new way for me to look back and actually internalize what I had done...right and wrong.  

I know that was the first thing that came to mind this morning when I was deciding what to have for breakfast.


coffee = 9

15 grain bread toasted (1) = 130

1 T butter = 102

1T almond butter = 95

1 wrapped baby bel cheese reg = 70

Polar frost water = 0


406..................number wise this is exactly where I want to be......3 meals per day with between 400 and 500 calories per meal...I would prefer to get away from any snacking between meals at all...that seems to be my downfall...I don't mind filling in with something in the evening...to bring the numbers up a bit...but I do want to stop eating between meals.  Shooting for a 1,500 cal or below day.


Fish = 90

Edamame = 80

Sesame seaweed = 30

Green bean casserole = 296 


496 cals........................breakfast was perfect...no between meal hunger at all...lunch was lots of food and still stayed below 500..lots of veggies and a protein.....seaweed contains iodine which is great for low thyroid...so it was time to get eating that again.  


Chicken = 188

Corn bake = 60

green bean casserole = 75

oatmeal cookies = 260



Total for the day was 1,485........

Just now this evening I'm getting in my second cup of coffee for the day......calories were easy...lots of veggies......no eating between meals...which actually works the best for me......when I start snacking it ends in grazing and doesn't stop........after lunch I did get a bit hungry but looked at the clock and basically knew how long I had to wait...it worked...I waited for dinner and it went by quickly.  protein at every meal...and ending my eating day with a dessert.  It's working well.


Progress as of today: 16.6 lbs lost so far, only 91.2 lbs to go!

Donkey on 04/08/2018:
I praise your menu evaluation to see where you could have done better, what you did right, etc. You may find that process to be helpful in establishing better food choices/habits rather than the trial & error process we've shared together, LOL...

I noticed on Saturday, there were quite a few processed foods in your menu, rather than fresh or fresh-made. Not a criticism, but wondering if the processed food truly satisfies your hunger, taste-wise -- maybe on other levels too?

I never noticed this before, but I notice that your breakfasts are always varied. I usually have 1 of 2 options unless there is a special occasion, e.g. brunch, illness, etc. No judgment, just an observation. I never really thought about mixing it up too much. Hmm...

bearcountrygg on 04/08/2018:
I guess basically I eat what is on hand....I am a human garbage can basically...I love to use things up...I love to make them disappear...LOL...even if that means eating them...LOL....that is true...there are a lot of processed foods....we are working on clearing out our food on hand...and most of it is shelf stable foods.....we need to use them if possible before the exp. dates...so that's what I have been doing. We are out of the fresh stuff....need to go shopping this week. Yup...I'm kind of all over the place when it comes to food...that is true.

Maria7 on 04/08/2018:
I hope you have a good day.

bearcountrygg on 04/08/2018:
Thank you

Horn_of_plenty on 04/08/2018:
you did awesome today...i am sure you like your time at home too? i certainly like to be home, relaxing :)

bearcountrygg on 04/08/2018:
Yes...I definetly enjoy my alone time!!!

Donkey on 04/08/2018:
Good day - well done! (applause)

bearcountrygg on 04/08/2018:
Thank you...it felt right.

bearcountrygg - Saturday Apr 07, 2018
(Walking the fine line between happiness and health)
Weight: 236.2

 Up and ready to get moving around today...lots of things to get done...and D will be gone for the day ( he loaded the dogs up and they get to sniff the country air, and he is looking for bear tracks)...so it's a good time for me to be productive....awful hip pain last night which I think may have been caused by too much sitting down yesterday ( and that old habit of sitting with that leg underneath me)....it's a hard habit to break, so I will make it impossible to happen by staying on my feet......today.

Multi Vit, extra c, zinc,turmeric, omegas


coffee (2) =9

Kodiak Cakes, minute muffin, blueberry = 260

Del Monte fruit burst squeezers blueberry = 80


Part of a multi grain roll = 90

polar frost water = 0


ground beef patty = 240

fried rice = 290

beets = 35

pop tarts = 380

P.M. Snack

Cliff Bar = 230


baked chicken breast = 188

green bean casserole= 161

Baked corn dish = 128

--2091 cals---------------------------------not a low cal day...probably a maintain type of day calorie wise.....was just very hungry today

EDIT.......Figuring out why....................  I think my carb/fruit sauce was a bad start...there should have been protein there in the morning.  meat, egg,or cheese would have stuck with me longer.  The pop tarts should never have happened...., the cliff bar was unnecessary but dinner had been cooking for 2 hours.....the house smelled great...and D wasn't home yet...then after the cliff bar...when he did get home...I really wasn't hungry but ate anyway. Lots of mistakes today...I knew better but gave in to the temptaions too easily.  


Progress as of today: 16.6 lbs lost so far, only 91.2 lbs to go!

trishpiglet3 on 04/07/2018:
Good luck with today and sorry to hear about the hip pain

bearcountrygg on 04/07/2018:
Thank you....hip has improved today some....I do not know what I did to it yesterday...I wish Iknew for sure..because I would never do that again! And in the meantime..I'm keeping both feet on the floor...LOL

Donkey on 04/07/2018:
Since reading your post, I've caught myself several times today sitting with one leg under the other. Not good, I know!

bearcountrygg on 04/07/2018:
It took a lot of years for it to catch up with me......but now it's a horrible habit and very painful...I still do it automatically...

happy-1 on 04/08/2018:
Pop tarts are evil and delicious

bearcountrygg on 04/08/2018:
Yes they are....I hope I never find anymore around here...but I'm not holding my breath...I think they are hidden...UGH

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