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bearcountrygg - Monday Oct 28, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Looks like winter is kicking in....the last couple of days it has rained and brought down all of the leaves, we've had a deep frost...so it looks like we are ready for a snow.........if history repeats its self then we are due for snow any day.  So I plan to wrap up the remainder of  the yard work today.

Lots to do in the house and according to UPS...the rebounder will arrive this afternoon...looking forward to that.

Now that it's time to batten down the hatches here for the next 5 months......I'm going to be doing some rearranging of furniture and kitchen cabinets.......plenty to do.

I'm not sure what is going on with UPS and FED EX....they can't seem to deliver any of our or the neighbors packages to the right houses anymore......we all are getting each others...and then we just deliver to the correct home ourselves........crazy...maybe we need to start calling the companies.....we all have either our names or our addresses at the road.  Getting kind of turned off to ordering online right now....will be glad when the rebounder gets delivered some where today.. hopefully  to our house.

Breakfast was pumpkin spice coffee 0 points and 0 cals, Aldi Friendly Farms maple yogurt 140 cals and 6 points and 46 grapes at 155 cals and 0 points

Lunch was an apple 94 cals, 0 points, 1 Babybel light cheese 50 cals  1 point, Land O Frost deli Turkey 10 slices 175 cals and 3 points, horseradish sauce 60 cals and 3 points and 2 Aldi Live G Free spinach wraps 300 cals and 9 points

Can't say that I would buy the turkey or the spinach wrap again.....will use up what I have but not imprssed....both...are tasteless.

Just got the cutest bag of candy and halloween socks out of our mailbox......I've been BOOED and I don't know who it was...LOL.......reisting the candy this evening....but will wear the socks tomorrow...so cute!!!    Now to figure out who left it there!


happy-1 on 10/28/2019:
yum. maple yogurt. I will have to try adding maple syrup to my yogurt :)

BearCountryGG on 10/28/2019:
From Aldi...but I have added syrup to mine before and it's really good...this one was very mild though.

Donkey on 10/29/2019:
Your pictures are lovely! Thank you so much for sharing these! I've had a similar experience with most wraps, unfortunately.

We are getting snow tomorrow. I am not ready for this. I may have to shovel. I am not ready for this. Trick-or-Treating looks like it may be a bust, depending on whose weather report you listen to. If I have to shovel, then the trick's on me.

That's too cute about being BOO-ed!

BearCountryGG on 10/29/2019:
Turns out that these wraps are gluten free...I didn't pick up on that when I bought them...I will be more careful the next time. I figured out who Booed me...asked her on facebook and she was evasive....but i was convinced it was her and thanked her...and she said I was welcome...LOL...It was a cute surprise. Wearing the socks today!!

bearcountrygg - Friday Oct 25, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Last evening had a nature valley sweet and salty bar and an elevation bar ( coconut)..2 tiny pkgs sour patch kids and 1 tiny box nerds candy........not  sure why the sugar binge....but my blood sugars have been better than usual ( not low).....so not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

This morning....had a cup of coffee and then decided to clear out the fridge......had tiny amt of squash, tiny amt of no bean chili....1 1/3 chicken fingers and some brownie hummus.......that helped the fridge a lot and I feel great.....no breakfast food for me..LOL and my blood sugar reading this morning is very stable...........eating cravings is where I need to remain...........I can do this instinctively......and ww points are fine......not sure why the sugar cravings last night but I slept soundly but for only 4 and a half hours and then got up.  Wide awake....not feeling like I missed any sleep.........so all is well.

legcramps on 10/25/2019:
brownie hummus?? now that sounds interesting!

BearCountryGG on 10/25/2019:
It is sweet...

grannyannie on 10/25/2019:
I'm surprised how well I'm doing without sugar, but once I get a taste of some I can't stop.

BearCountryGG on 10/25/2019:
Addictive stuff those sweets....I'm the same way....once I get started it's hard to stop.

happy-1 on 10/26/2019:
brownie hummus???

BearCountryGG on 10/28/2019:
Yes...and it looks like the consistency but tastes like dessert.

Maria7 on 10/27/2019:
I have lowered my sugar intake and I think I can see better. I still have sugar, just not as much.

BearCountryGG on 10/28/2019:
WOW...good for you Maria!!!

bearcountrygg - Thursday Oct 24, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Yesterday a friend came over for a chat.....was nice seeing her again..........it was the 5th anniversary of my Moms passing and also oldest great grandsons 7th birthday.  The distraction was a good thing.

Today...a dog who has been quite sick is finally perking up...so D took him and the others for a ride in the truck......I think we all needed a break....and those hounds need to get out and sniff the country air.

Spent a little time this mnorning noticing that our amish neighbors are getting a lot of "driving" time in with their skid steer.........apparently they are amish rebels....can't drive cars....but can get the okay to have farm equipment....so suddenly....farm equipment is being used as on the road vehicles that take the place of the cars they can't have.  They aren't supposed to have electricity.....unless they buy a house that already has it....BINGO!!!  Yup....rebels....bought a house nearby with electricity and trying to buy out the neighbors as well......driving around in a piece of construction equipment......They have a lot of children...and one little boy who is autistic keeps running away......and so we see them frequently combing the area ...looking for him...so scary and worried for him....this is not a good place to get lost in...with thousands of acres of natural forrest...the skid steer keeps going up and down the road......most likely he got away again...so basically I'm keeping an eye out for him as well and spending some time on the computer....makes me so sad...for him as well as his parents.

coffee and toast with spray butter, peanut butter and honey.......that hit the spot

dark chocolate

chicken, squash, cucumber, celery

grannyannie on 10/24/2019:
Anniversaries are tough. Hugs. Glad your friend came by. I think you said you're in Michigan? Rural area?

BearCountryGG on 10/24/2019:
Yes....Mio, Michigan...hold your right hand up with palm facing you...we are in the middle of the index finger........having once lived in Michigan...I'm sure you understand this....Thanks for the hug!

BearCountryGG on 10/24/2019:
Yes we are looking at thousands of forrest on the other side of the road ...and lots of federal land in the area as well....We her bombing practice from the grayling national guard regularly....very very rural.

BearCountryGG on 10/24/2019:
acres of state forest that should say.

grannyannie on 10/24/2019:
Ah, yes. Near Grayling. I lived a total of 32 years in Michigan and go back every year to see family. I spent 4 years in St. Ignace.

BearCountryGG on 10/24/2019:
St Ignace is a beautiful place......Love Michigan!!!

grannyannie on 10/25/2019:
When people ask me where I am from I always say Michigan - even though I lived in 4 states and 3 countries! I am always a Michigander even though I won't be living there again.

BearCountryGG on 10/25/2019:
It's the only place we have lived...traveled the US from end to end.....but had to stick with the Detroit suburbs because of work for 32 years......but now...that we are free...we just moved north...LOL

bearcountrygg - Wednesday Oct 23, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

I'm kind of stunned this morning......didn't eat much during the day yesterday...and wasn't hungry...but decided to eat something around 9 last night because i figured I would get reflux during the night if I didn't....so a little after 9...I had a peanut butter and honey sandwich, potato chips, and a little chocolate......I took tylenol and vitamins......and headed for bed at 10:30 and slept all night...( maybe turned over once)...never got up for a bathroom break...woke up at 5:30 and wide awake....and I'm full of energy again.........cause and effect.....considering the food basically contained protein, fat and sugar...the vitamins covered everything else...and the tylenol just has a calming affect on me....although not the healthiest thing to be ingesting...but the results...results don't lie......and I'm a bit surprised.

6 A.M. black coffee

Just made an observation........a few days ago while cleaning out a closet....i came across 2 quilted mattress covers...there was already 1 on the bed...so these were extras......I really didn't know where to move them too....but didn't want to get rid of them...they were nice and in great shape.....and it occurred to me that there are NO rules about how many mattress pads can be on a bed....there are no bed police...LOL....so I put them all on the bed at once.....and this bed has never been more comfortable......i really think that a big part of the reason i an sleeping so well is that the bed is just so comfy....and while i am not a big honey eater.....I suspect that last night that whole grain bread/peanut butter/honey sandwich just made sleeping a lot easier.........I can't remember how long it has been since I actually slept through the night without waking up or heading for the bathroom...I'm sure the tylenol made an impact on this all too......and that isn't a healthy thing to do...........I know I have never been one that needs breakfast......once again....trying to fit into a mold deemed necessary by others really doesn't work.....all of those years trying to fit into the 3 meal a day routine and then overeating in the evening and messing up the whole day........was so frustrating and futile............I just need to block everything else out....and seriously do what my body says it needs........this morning...I keep thinking about that honey/peanut butter combo....I think it may have been an epiphany.....( the fact is...I was found to be allergic to peanut butter many years ago...I have craved it my entire life)......obviously no really bad reactions.......and so i eat it.......but this morning....that combo keeps comming back to mind.......possibly a key to something here. It doesn't hgurt that it was all in WW points..............and d and I have fell into a habit where I cook for him and I eat when and what I want.......and no one is offended....no more eating what i don't want when i'm not hungry...no more eating something because it's there.........and the fact that he needs to control his high blood sugar while I need to raise mine.....brings it all into perspective....we can sit and have precious time together...but no where is it written that we need to be eating at the same time....it is freeing.

1:00 first food of the day and it was something I have been craving for days and it wouldn't go away.....grilled cheese...had 2.....and now I'm satisfied and I'm not mad about it!  It did use up all of my dailies and  few of the weeklies and that is just fine.

at 7 tonight had some grapes and a leftover cold half of a grilled cheese.......still within points.

Friend came to visit today....so tha got the cat going here....she asked why he was staring at her,.......LOL

Donkey on 10/23/2019:
The One Meal A Day is a real thing - many people follow this. It doesn't necessarily mean "fasting" for the rest of the day -- there are usually 2 other "snacks" that are under 400-500 calories.

Very interesting what you write because I've always held the dinner hour to be sacred. I've relaxed about it a bit now that daughter is an adult, and son is away - you don't have to eat with us, but please do sit with us if you can. :-)

I'm so glad you wrote this -- I must remember this. It's my life, there are no "rules". My (toxic) grandmother would be horrified. (Even more reason to live a little free-er, if you know what I mean.)

BearCountryGG on 10/23/2019:
YES to no rules when it doesn't hurt anyone else......why do we put ourselves in boxes of rules...when they really don't matter.....when our kids were small...and then all of the foster childrens years...we always ate together and it made sense....( although I was getting up and down from my seat at the table to deal with all of them....they sat and ate.....I did what needed to be done....then the years of just D and I kind of mellowed out and we kept the mealtimes the same basically.....I'm happy to see thst he is in total agreement with what we are doing now....we have plenty of time to chat and do....and I think he is even happier with hiss meals because they are totally based around him...and he senses my happiness now too...it's working....rules need to be adjusted to fit....and make us happier...

legcramps on 10/23/2019:
Ah, the courage to change the things you need to change to make you happier! Yes! Congrats to you; I hope we can all base our decisions on this mentality - do what feels right for you, compromise with those close to you, and eat the peanut butter and honey sandwiches!!

BearCountryGG on 10/23/2019:
EXACTLY!!!!! We need to take care of US.....figure out what we want and need and just do it.....and peanut butter and honey has just found a new place in my life.

happy-1 on 10/23/2019:
My nutritionist would tell you that the fat, protein and carb combination will help you sleep more productively also.

Hugs. Back amongst the living. Missed you.

BearCountryGG on 10/23/2019:
It definately worked last night.....glad to see you back!

grannyannie on 10/24/2019:
Whatever you did works! I rarely have a lack of appetite. It has to be serious stress or depression to affect my appetite.

BearCountryGG on 10/24/2019:
Lack of appetite is really how I spent my first 40 years or so.....then stress started the eating......I think I'm just basically coming back around to what was natural for me.

bearcountrygg - Tuesday Oct 22, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Up and full of energy again....lots to do today.  Starting with black coffee as usual and not yet hungry.  I did order the rebounder so I'm looking forward to that..........finding out that I can just use the zero point foods and not worry about the WW dailies changes the game for me.......why didn't I know this before?  Online WW is just not as effective as meetings or what ever they now call them.........( a rose by any other name is still a rose).................

6 A.M. ...black coffee = 0

8 A.M. grapes = 0

D is off to the dentist and I am enjoying a little alone time....boy have I needed that!!!  Being retired is a lot like having little kids...there is a continual come here look at this....you need to hear this....will you come here and do this.......I could use a little help over here.....AGGGT..............finally...a little peace and quiet and it's glorious!  There is a very good reason why people can't become parents in their old age......because they become children themselves.....and I'm about to give my old child a time out!!!  Just sitting here soaking up the quiet!

 9 A.M. Lipton iced tea mango peach drops in water = 0

Lots of reorgnizing and sorting going on.....looks like a promising day as far as chores go......hip improving and I'm learning what movements aggravate it.....avoiding those and doing much better for the moment.

noon  a few kidney beans = 0

2 P.M. parmesan crackers and pimento cheese spread = 12

Just not a hungry day at all today but did end up eating a sandwich, chips and a little chocolate when I realized how long it had been and I knew I would end up with reflux all night.

Donkey on 10/23/2019:
I'm a little jealous on the "lots of energy" part ;-) Gotta grab those days when you can - and I know I'll have my share too, soon.

BearCountryGG on 10/23/2019:
Agreed......need to make up for the days that I want to sleep all day...LOL

happy-1 on 10/23/2019:
Amazing how when I’m not hungry I actually eat more.

BearCountryGG on 10/23/2019:
stress eating?

bearcountrygg - Monday Oct 21, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Started out with coffee this morning as usual and waiting to eat breakfast......finding out some new things about WW that I didn't know...because for the last 5 years I have used online only...there definately is more info at meetings..( actually they don't call them meetings anymore...everyone is so confused...LOl)....but any meetings that are available to me are an hour away....so I continue with online and hope to pick up on the other things with you tube videos....I never knew that we don't need to use our daily points.....after years where we had to...apparently that was one of the changes I never learned about..so no more eating to use them up when we aren't hungry.....makes sense.  They apparently do want us eating 3 meals a day though....but we can pick the times.....Looking forward to the new changes in November...right now...I will be switching to a different plan within WW.....one with less zero foods and more tracking...That just suits me better......never was a total fan of the zero ones...that can get out ofd hand......I like the old count everything plans.

I've been considering getting another rebounder ( mini trampoline).......I had one years ago and liked it.........not sure if I want to tke up the room with one though..........they are supposed to be good for the immune system and also burning cals and just general movement.......at my age...I would get one with the bar to hold onto.....balance problems do come with age...and it would make me feel safer........maybe I will come to a decision today.

Lots to do here today...housework is truly never done.

Breakfast started with coffee at 6 A.M. and eventually had apple cinnamon yogurt at 9:30 for 5 points


grannyannie on 10/21/2019:
Mini trampoline sounds good. I joined WW way back when I was trying to lose before my 50th birthday (I did). Back then it was zero points for certain veg and fruit - nothing else. There were meetings in the town nearest to me so it was very convenient to go after work and after the gym.

BearCountryGG on 10/21/2019:
I've joined and quit so many times....I have had a lot of good losses on WW but usually put it back on again plus more...but I guess it's like every other diet...you can't stop when you reach goal or near it....looks like this will just have to be my lifestyle rather I like it or not. I truly dislike counting...I want to et EVERYTHING and not gain...DREAMING!!!! LOL

Donkey on 10/21/2019:
^^I agree! Sounds like a good stress reliever and fun activity to do.

I also see that you are having a completely different WW experience than folks I know who go to meetings. IDK -- I think as long as there is the feeling of being accountable (support) and conversation (that is, receiving information, being able to ask questions, etc.), it would be a good program.

BearCountryGG on 10/21/2019:
The online just loses something in the process....you really don't get the little tidbits of info you get in a room full of people....when I went to meetings 5 years ago and well before.....the classes ere huge...100 or so people in many places...that does make for a lot of questions that people bring up and it helps....I've had to go onkline since moving here...( although I may rejoin a group and hour away in Gaylord, Mi)...next spring if I'm still trying to get rid of the last few pounds that are hanging on.....( definately not driving in the dark or in the winter that far in these desolate forrest areas where there isn't even a phone connection....will see then...and I think I may just order the rebounder with a handle.....looks safer to me...and we got rid of our old one years ago without a handle.,

bearcountrygg - Friday Oct 18, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Lots of thingf on my to do list today....and realizing it's 9:30 and I had better get started.  Didn't count the points yet...maybe later......but had coffee and a quite a bit of salami this morning.....feeding the craving and feeling motivted and full of energy...better get busy while getting things done feels like the perfect option.

It looks like a good day to cram all of those things I have been putting off into a DONE list.

grannyannie on 10/18/2019:
Definitely take advantage of feeling motivated and energetic. I like to do that!

BearCountryGG on 10/21/2019:
I do....those days are gold.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/19/2019:
I LOVE feeling in a productive mood- it usually occurs when i am exercising at home - i'm already moving and sometimes start to clean my apt in the process!

BearCountryGG on 10/21/2019:
Good opportunity to accomplish things and enjoy it...

Donkey on 10/20/2019:
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

BearCountryGG on 10/21/2019:
It was a good one...busy enough.

bearcountrygg - Tuesday Oct 15, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

New day....bad snack choices last night...I wanted junky stuff but if healthier options had been readily on hand I think I may have chosen them........today...I plan to boil eggs, and cut up some fresh veggies to snack on for evenings.....i also think I can work the junky stuff into meals instead of heading for those things in the evening....I also see that 3 meals a day may not work every day.......late evenings can be tough...I just need to get tougher..........split secon last minute choices need to be better.

Breakfast so far coffee = 0 points

never did eat breakfast.......went out and ran errands all morning and picked up a rotisserie chicken and Bob Evans mashed potatoes from the cooler section for D.

I ended up eating leftover chicken and onions from yesterday ( I swear I could live on that)......some of D's mashed potatoes, lettuce and dressing which came to 16 points (dressing and potatoes)...everything else was zero.....glad to have gotten these errands over with.....they have been on my mind for awhile.....had to drive around the post office 3 times before i could find a parking spot.....next time...I will go there first.  I think we are both ready for naps!!!!  Funny how when you are a kid you hate them...but adults love them........problems with muscle cramps in leg and fingers today........need more something!!!

Drinking lots of water and had dinner...40 points used today...and just fine.

grannyannie on 10/15/2019:
Good luck with the nighttime snacking. It's a really tough habit to conquer.

BearCountryGG on 10/15/2019:
Yes it is!!

Donkey on 10/15/2019:
I agree with Annie - nighttime eating is a hard habit to break. Ask yourself if you would be satisfied with a hard boiled egg or carrot sticks. If the answer is yes, then you are truly hungry. If the answer is no, I want candy, then you are NOT hungry. Drink some water or tea and go to bed.

BearCountryGG on 10/15/2019:
I was really hungry...but my mind went straight to the junk!!! If it happens tonight then I'm not allowing the junk....Putting my foot down!!

Maria7 on 10/15/2019:
I sure do understand...Last evening, I had 2 ice creams (not in my maintain calories)...naughty me!

BearCountryGG on 10/15/2019:
Okay...we were probably snacking at the same time...LOL

Donkey on 10/16/2019:
^^ LOL!!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/16/2019:
those lines at the post office can be horrendous!

bearcountrygg - Monday Oct 14, 2019
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

So it looks like I am recommitting to the WW program and will be using the freestyle program until the new programs roll out around Nov 10th.   

I like the idea that it doesn't have to be about weight loss anymore...or it can be......

I would be ok where I am...but wouldn't mind losing some more......but definately do not want to put anymore back on. 

So...starting with black coffee.....and after reading through what i can find on their site....they really don't have many rules anymore.....just count points.....they reward for 3 meals a day...but don't care when you eat them.....( so intermittant fsting is possible).....they aren't pushing numbers of servings of anything now....but do reward sometimes when you eat veggies......( reward points  can be used to exchange for items like bags, water bottles etc)....when you get enough.......I also see that they are rewarding online weight loss  ...and the little key chain things arrive in the mail without having to ask for them.........

I'm fine with online only........and since I don't go by the scale.....the studio visits don't really serve a purpose for me........and they are all at least 1 hour away and while that would be fine from may thru October....the rest of the year would be impossible for me because of so many miles of desolate forrest driving with nothing but trees for miles on end......so winter driving is impossible through that area.......so...I will continue online.....if sometime in the future...like next spring....going to meeings might be interesting for a few months..........will wait until then to see.

For now...Freestyle is easy...and do-able.......and will be fine until the new green prograam rolls out with it's fewer zero things and more points.......

Today so far

black coffee = 0

OH WOW........made up a plate for breakfast that included an orange 0 points, a container of mixed berry quark 3 points and 1 pumpkin muffin from a mix that when I figure in the olive oil that it took totaled 17 points for a 20 point breakfast.........YIKES...it isn't the end of the world...I have more points and lots of zero foods...but WOW

Lunch was 3 points and was chicken breast, sauteed onions, celery, cucumber, yellow mini peppers, mixed lettuce and 1 T  dressing

Dinner was more of the chicken breast and sauteed red onion, green beans, over ripe banana, 1 cutie and a cup of lemon ginsing green tea = 0 points

Done eating for the day...will continue with water and possibly more tea and or coffee. 

And then in the evening hunger hit and poor choices were made...i knew better...and ate it anyway...really need to work on this with better choices handier...but here it is...well within points but need to do better.15 points for this snack and 38 total for the day.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/14/2019:
maintaining a weight is very healthy - the learned ability to kinda know how much you can eat/ when you want to eat / what satisfies you - for a day.

when i'm at work, i pretty much have a plan of how to get thru the day and know how much i can eat to get thru and feel good till i get home.

weekends i'm a little more open with the plans - and that's when calorie counting helps me because i think i usually like to graze more on the weekends and eat more of a variety...but lately, i'm starting to see a decline in my need to snack all day on weekends!?

anyways, so WW seems a bit more health orientated these days, that's great!

BearCountryGG on 10/14/2019:
Yes......I guess they decided to be about health and weight loss....and that is a postive thing.

grannyannie on 10/14/2019:
Hope you find this successful. Good not to stress so much about weight.

BearCountryGG on 10/14/2019:
Yes...stress never seems to help anything.

Donkey on 10/15/2019:
Our lunches were very similar yesterday!

I love those Elevation bars - but I only eat the "carb conscious" ones (because of keto). I usually have one for breakfast. I don't think I've ever had a bender with those bars, although I have been known to have one for a snack, and one time, I had the cranberry almond one (150 calories) for a dessert.

Donkey on 10/15/2019:
PS Muffins... oh love them, but they are so calorie-dense.

BearCountryGG on 10/15/2019:
YEAH!!!!!! Sad!!!

bearcountrygg - Sunday Oct 13, 2019
(WW points, calorie counting etc)
Weight: 0.0

We just had a little sleet storm....

Well that sure came early this year.......

Today I gather all of the curent ww info...and get ready to start again tomorrow.....freestyle.......then on Nov 10th the new program rolls out and the freestyle progrm will be called the blue program....I plan to switch at that time to the green program....and then there is the purple program that is really intense...and sounds like it will have great results if one can stick to it.  I also see that anyone can now join starting at age 18........and you do not need to lose weight...in the past...you had to be at least 10 pounds over weight.....no longer...now you can just join to eat healthier........apparently kids under 18 can no longer participate. 

I do notice that for the last week or so my pants were getting tighter.....so the time is right.

I am not going to be shopping specially for ww...I'm using what is already here......and since there are no banned foods...it will work out...and comes down to portion size.......my only problem will really be a toss up between frozen mystery packages and any type of bar or cereal...we have lots of those and they are my kryptonite.

I also need to clip my nails because I am really having typos galore......always happens with my long nails.


Donkey on 10/13/2019:
Sleet??? No, not yet!!!

I did a Google and couldn't find info about their new program coming out. What is the green plan?

Is the purple plan like the original WW?

I like that you can use WW to learn better nutrition choices.

As much as I love my nails long, it's better all the way around if I keep them short. I have a pretty pink color on them for the week!

BearCountryGG on 10/14/2019:
The sleet was a shock...but thankfully melted within a few minutes.....I'm not ready for that either. The only place that has any info on the new ww programs is you tube....right now...The blue plan is what we have right now...and apparently will remain the same.....lots of zero point foods.....the green plan is whwere you don';t have as many free foods but you do get more points ( basically to keep you from overeating the free things)...and the purple plan is different...quite restricted..and would possibly be the hardest to stick with but would probably be the one to lose the quickest on.......and now that they are heading for just good nutrition...ppeople that don't want to lose can now join ...probably just another money maker for them...but overall...it may be a wise things to do to encourage healthier foods overall for everyone. My nails grow soooo fast.....they out grow the polish before the polish chips off...LOL

Horn_of_plenty on 10/14/2019:
yeah, i cannot believe all the storms coming your way...didn't you say you also got a little bit of snow and then it melted?!

our trees are mostly still green....good temps this year.

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