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biscottibody59 - Thursday Feb 07, 2008
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 157.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=26.9 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

For my activity: NordicTrack 52 min/5.5 mi; Circ Aer Wkt using Airdyne (12 min/2.3 mi)

Did my obligatory 1 hour of cardio yesterday--didn't make the walk.

Article: Feeling Fat May Be Worse For You Than Being Fat

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk

Don't give up!

1985 cal * 69g Fat * 39g Fiber * 84 oz Water
818 cal Deficit * 25% Activities

Donkey on 02/07/2008:
Very good! Bravo!!

CharlieAngel on 02/07/2008:
You are so consistent and working hard. Only 4 more pounds til goal! Thanksso much for your support, I love when you stop by and leave a comment!

workingit2 on 02/07/2008:
Very interesting article!

thinnsidenotout on 02/07/2008:
REEEEACH!!!!!!!!!That balloon looks so good @ that teal/orange house, but will be even better when it gets to the black/pink one.....There will have to be a CyBeRpArTy!!!!!

CritterMom on 02/08/2008:
Good job on that exercise!!

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Feb 06, 2008
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 157.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=26.9 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

For my activity: Nothing

Glad THAT week is over and that it didn't last more than a week--haha!

For the weekly recap of goals met or not: Calories were <1800 on two days only (Avg: 2058), all planned Circ Wkts done. Fat was <75 grams on four days. I hit the 80 oz water goal on zero days and the cardio (1 hr/day) goal on only one day. I only got one jog done.

Plan for today: Circuit Workout, NTrack, Walk

Don't give up!

2308 cal * 62g Fat * 15g Fiber * 28 oz Water
-46 cal Deficit * 0% Activities

workingit2 on 02/06/2008:
Keep working at it!

leeumom on 02/06/2008:
Good workout. Keep it up. What is your daily calorie goal?

mcwoo40 on 02/08/2008:
Stick at it your nearly at your goal weight,Julie

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Feb 05, 2008
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 157.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=26.9 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

For my activity:
Thur: Circ Aer Wkt using Airdyne (10 min/1.8 mi)
Fri & Sat: Nothing
Sun: Circ Aer Wkt using NordicTrack (15 min/1.4 mi)
Mon: Nothing (at least nothing I could count)

I'm down a half-pound on my Saturday weigh-in. No measurements this week.

Calories/Fat grams: Thurs::2351/84 Fri::2609/108 Sat::1982/87 Sun::1696/57

Since I can't make everything a priority (haha!) I decided that if things begin to suffer (food choices, exercise, water) in my weight loss endeavor, the one thing that I won't skip is my circuit workout. I fully intend to get in more activity in the coming goal week (W-Tues), because the last one has fizzled. (Being the potty mouth I am--not the f-word I'd choose, but . . .)

I ended up skipping just about all of my normal scheduled activity. It happens. I only did a little over half of my circuit on Thursday (9 of 15 exercises) with plans to do the other half the next day--didn't do it. I don't really build a rest day into my routine, so when I know I need rest I MUST turn my back on the activity--the body knows!

Plan for today: Nothing

Don't give up!

2115 cal * 64g Fat * 17g Fiber * 0 oz Water
247 cal Deficit * 0% Activities

workingit2 on 02/05/2008:
The body does know! Congratulations on the weight loss! YAY!

mylifechanges on 02/06/2008:
congrats on that half pound! It all adds up! :) You're doing great!

harleygirl79 on 02/06/2008:
I am just getting started doing circuit training. I love it, but I am definately feeling the burn. My husband has noticed the difference. Have a great day!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/06/2008:
arg...i've been putting exercise on the backburner, to! I'd rather study.

anyways, my day has gone pretty well! Keep up the good work...have a good week!

CharlieAngel on 02/06/2008:
You are so right...the body just knows when it's time to quit. I think that I am having one of those days today. I am just slap worn out! Take care of yourself and tomorrow, get back on track. Blessings.

biscottibody59 - Thursday Jan 31, 2008
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 157.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.0 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

For my activity: DogJog 23 min/Walk 40 min

Calories were a tad low yesterday. My calf issues from days of yore (last year--haha) are nonexistent, though I keep expecting them to surface yet again!

For those who don't have a clue what I'm talking about--I couldn't get through 3-5 minutes of a jog before I'd have to stop because of tight calves or shins. Now it's full-speed ahead!

Plan for today: Circuit Workout, Airdyne, Walk

Don't give up!

1348 cal * 60g Fat * 27g Fiber * 56 oz Water
1121 cal Deficit * 10% Activities

workingit2 on 01/31/2008:
How nice that your calves are deciding to cooperate! YAY!

CharlieAngel on 01/31/2008:
Glad that your calves are doing their duty and holding up through the jogs. Have a happy evening! You really are moving right along and sticking to your plan! Yeah for you!

maria777 on 01/31/2008:
Oh, I'm SO HAPPY to hear that you've healed! And your cals look FANTASTIC today at 1348!!! YAYYAYAAYYYY!!!! Bet you'll VERY soon be at goal!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/31/2008:
lol, it's ok to have a low day sometimes! :) great. it's important to realize you will not hurt yourself by being below...and its better than being above in calories! have a great day!

thinnsidenotout on 01/31/2008:
Keep Going!

borntocry on 02/01/2008:
Well I'm here to assure you that the calf problems can indeed resurface at any time. I had the same problem a while back (ironically it was when I was trying to walk some days instead of running) and then it went away and was gone for about a year and now it's back again!! If you have any insight on what causes it, please share! I thought it was running on concrete but these days I've been running in the park, so it makes no sense at all.

CritterMom on 02/01/2008:
Congrats on the dogjog...does that mean the doggie went with ya? My dogs were pulling me along yesterday, so I added a bit of light jogging along the way.

My calves used to get tight, and I would get a cramp in the arch of my foot, too. Hasn't been a problem in a while now. Yippee!

caz on 02/01/2008:
wow sounds like you're on a roll...keep it up !!

borntocry on 02/01/2008:
Hi biscotti!

Thanks for the comment. You're right - it was Tabbylove!

Drew Bledsoe did play for the Patriots, I think, but I didn't know him then. I only "discovered" him a year ago when he was playing for Dallas. So I only got to be a fan for, like, half a season before he got benched and retired. Story of my life! Just like all the discontinued food products!

But yeah, I don't really hate the Patriots - they're just irritatingly unstoppable right now.

I'm afraid I would have to advise against the heart rate monitor - at least the kind I have (which is, I can't remember what exactly, but I think the brand is Polar - I'll check and get back to you on that). I hate to say this because it was a very thoughtful birthday present from my husband a couple of years ago, but it turned out to be kind of useless. First of all, the readings didn't seem to be very accurate. They didn't seem to shift much even when I changed speed quite drastically. And very often they would fall down to 0 as if the monitor wasn't picking up my heart rate. Which could have been because the belt didn't fit very well, but on the other hand, this happened quite often even when it was fitting snugly. And lastly, even when the monitor was working well, it wasn't really all that helpful to know my heart rate. I mean, you know when you're pushing yourself and when you're not. You don't really need a heart rate monitor to tell you that, especially when it isn't all that reliable in the first place.

shadetree on 02/01/2008:
Full speed ahead - YAY!

ddwebmaster on 02/02/2008:
Biscotti - thanks for the comment - I took care of the posts.

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Jan 30, 2008
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 157.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.0 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

For my activity: NordicTrack 51 min/5.4 mi

I didn't go for a walk. In other news, I caught up on sleep.

For the weekly recap of goals met or not: Calories were <1800 on four days only (Avg: 1852), all planned Circ Wkts done--on a roll there at 10 straight. Fat was <75 grams on four days. I hit the 80 oz water goal on four days and the cardio (1 hr/day) goal on three days. I got my jogging in as scheduled.

So I cut nearly 550 calories/day on average from the previous week--I think that's progress!

Plan for today: NTrack, Jog/Walk

Don't give up!

1869 cal * 76g Fat * 32g Fiber * 84 oz Water
880 cal Deficit * 15% Activities

jmarie60 on 01/30/2008:
Way to go on your progress.

CharlieAngel on 01/30/2008:
I should say so! That is progress with a capital P! Way to go on the circuits--10 in a row, I am impressed with your devotion to the plan. Keep it up and thanks for your support! Have a wonderful day.

geevee on 01/30/2008:
Don't you wish that it was always so easy to stick to your plan?It's so hard to get into the right mindset. Once I do that, there's no problem. BUT, once I get off, it can be ages before I recover just like this past year. Good luck on sticking with it!

thinnsidenotout on 01/30/2008:

mcwoo40 on 01/30/2008:
Hiya,I've just caught up on some sleep all this exercise is doing me in.Keep going you will soon be at your target yippee!!take care,Julie

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/30/2008:
isn't all progress good progress??? i just hampered my own progress for this week! :(

maria777 on 01/30/2008:
I'd say that's progress for REAL!!!! That is FANTASTIC! Keep up the good work!

workingit2 on 01/30/2008:
Great job! It makes me want a Nordic Track! lol

CritterMom on 01/30/2008:
Good job, all the way round! Your near-hour on the Nordic track is impressive. Have a great evening.

caz on 01/31/2008:
Well done, not long to go before you reach your target. It's very impressive your regime. Keep it up..

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Jan 29, 2008
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 157.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.0 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

For my activity:
Fri: Circ Aer Wkt using Airdyne (18 min/3.3 mi)
Sat: NordicTrack 32 min/3.3 mi
Sun: NordicTrack 61 min/6.2 mi; DogJog 23 min/Walk 20 min
Mon: Circ Aer Wkt using Airdyne (21 min/4.1 mi)

Well finally a break in the monotonous/less-than-satisfying weigh-ins--for this past Saturday I was down 1.5 pounds! I also did my measurements, and I'm down nearly an inch overall from last time. (I'm changing my weigh-in/measurements day to Saturday 'til further notice:-)

I haven't been getting in my 1 hr cardio minimum every day. It's a little too late in my week (goal-wise) to make up for it. It defeats the purpose anyway. I'm doing vastly better on average with calories/fat than in previous weeks--still have room for improvement.

I didn't want to do any weight training yesterday, so I just made myself do it. I knew I'd have to do it today or tomorrow anyway. I'm glad I got it out of the way!

Calories/Fat Grams: Fri::1695/74 Sat::1935/101 Sun::1675/55

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk

Don't give up!

2212 cal * 116g Fat * 27g Fiber * 56 oz Water
267 cal Deficit * 11% Activities

jmarie60 on 01/29/2008:
Congrats on the weight loss and inches lost!

Have a great day and stay motivated!

thinnsidenotout on 01/29/2008:
Wow! Impressive.. I don't have time to be that detailed, but know I can have success as you have..CONGRATULATIONS on sticking with it!

caz on 01/29/2008:
Thanks for your comments. Sounds like you are pretty motivated by your successes in weight loss and inch loss.. well done you!!! "pure dead brilliant" all the way from glasgow

Donkey on 01/29/2008:
Thank you Biscotti for always being a voice of truth and of reason. You really tell it like it is. And I appreciate that!

mcwoo40 on 01/29/2008:
Hiya,Thanks for your kind words.Well done to you for your weightloss, nearly to your goal too.

borntocry on 01/29/2008:
Hey! Well done, you! This is your lowest weight in a while, isn't it?

I haven't been getting in the one hour of cardio either. I'm beginning to think it's just an impossible dream...

About that diarist I mentioned a while ago. I think her name was Pauline or Paula or something. And it wasn't that long ago - maybe a year or two? I might have to look through some of my old entries to see if I can find any comments from her to remind me of her handle. The only thing I can remember about her right now is that she had an ex who had killed himself. They used to play tennis together. That was so sad... if it was true...

shadetree on 01/29/2008:
HOORAY! POUND AND A HALF! That's fantastic!

maria777 on 01/29/2008:
Congratulations to you on your new number!!!! You have worked hard and you deserve it! YAY!!!

Thanks for taking the time to write all you wrote about Mom....however, she is not one to do any sort of physical therapy. She HATES exercise.

I'm just taking it one day at a time with the good Lord's help.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

workingit2 on 01/29/2008:

mmuraro on 01/29/2008:
Almost there!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/30/2008:
you are doing much better on calories now! I'm glad to hear things are moving in a much more positive direction! :)

biscottibody59 - Friday Jan 25, 2008
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 159.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.3 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

For my activity: NordicTrack 21 min/2.3 mi; DogJog 5 min/Jog 20 min/Walk 25 min

I know hardly anyone is going to find this amusing, but I caught (or it caught me) a quite a bit of the Celebrity Rehab Trainwreck on VH1. How funny and sad and yet funny, but not funny or sad in a good way. Simply pathetic. And a teaching moment with your sophisticated 10y/o (or over) to watch and discuss. This is the kind of thing (sans the nudity or overtly nasty stuff) that I was forced to see in a seemingly endless supply of movies in 6th grade to deter us from using drugs. Thankfully it worked for me--to the best of my knowledge--haha!

What on earth does that Jeff Conaway live off of? Could he possibly get enough from residuals (payments from each showing/sale) of Grease and Taxi to live and be addicted for apparently many years? He seems to be in about the same shape as Brian Wilson (Beach Boys).

I saw Conaway on a clip of the TVLand Awards (last year?) and he was a mess on that. He seems to actually be understood verbally toward the end of this episode, so he's on the verge of drying out or so it seems. It ended with him about to discharge himself. He is still a handsome man despite his hard-luck (I guess) life.

I kept thinking what if Elvis were still alive today, would he be on here--I suppose--if he had lost his fortune somehow. Can you imagine a show with old dried up Elvis, Janis, Jimi, John (Belushi) . . . etc (before they died from overdoses and be the ages they'd be now, may they rest in peace). The limits of reality TV are seemingly boundless. And to think that Candid Camera--reality TV in its way--kept us amused in days gone by. They didn't go out of their way to hurt anyone in any way. Too tame by Celebrity Drug Addict/Washed-Up Sister of Mariah Carey/Female Pro Wrestler Addict (I guess) Rehab standards. I never caught what any of them were addicted to. What a waste of humanity and my time!

I just thought of Debbie Reynolds. She should have been a washed-up Hollywood starlet many many many (too many) years ago. She was taken to the cleaners by at least two husbands. Her story is quite unbelievable--but it's not fashionable to rise above the crap in the toilet of your life anymore. Apparently. I haven't seen her around, but she was working in her own nightclub in Las Vegas maybe 5 years ago. Those Made shows on MTV are probably more my speed (reality TV-wise), though if they had it, I'd certainly watch Celebrity Viagra/Cialis/Levitra Addict--haha!

I didn't mean to offend anyone with this. I mean above all--TV is supposed to be entertaining. This program was awful, except as a cautionary tale. Any clue as to the celebrity addicts slated for next season;-)

Plan for today: Circuit Workout, Walk

Don't give up!

1790 cal * 66g Fat * 35g Fiber * 84 oz Water
837 cal Deficit * 16% Activities

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/25/2008:
so, you are writing right now...

based on your last entry:

I know you can do 8 circuits...mind over matter! Enjoy your Saturday!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/26/2008:
You are an awesome writer! I must say, I felt like I was following a complex (in a good way) review!

Your circuits sound very much like Curves. I have never tried the Curves program - its a gym for women and they do cicuits with cardio mixed in. But, I always keep it in the back of my mind as a good exercise program to try when I get sick of what I'm doing now...if that ever happens!

workingit2 on 01/26/2008:
I watched that show as well, it was disgusting! They had that porn star on, it was GROSS. I am just not interested in watching the dramatic lives of these trainwrecks! I found it pathetically funny..I guess they all ended up being characitures of themselves in the end, eh? Hopefully if kids do watch that mess, they decide not to use drugs lol. Scary!

Thanks for the entry in my diary...I feel the same way about you!

Have a great day =)

CharlieAngel on 01/26/2008:
I was lured into watching it for a bit as well. So pathetically sad. Hope you have an awesome weekend. Great job on the circuits.

mcwoo40 on 01/27/2008:
Hiya,thanks for your kind words.Yes i came to a bithday milestone where you think enough is enough carrying all this weight around.My mum died young(49)and she started to be unwell @ 40 so it gave me a wake up call,plus i know if she where still alive she would go mad at me for being this size,so watch this space!!Your doing well it's coming of steadily which is the best way.If i put my mind to it my weight comes off quickly and i eat well too.I've done 2hrs exercise this morning plus walking around the town to get some bits and bobs my feet are tingling i think i will give then a soak arrhh!!Anyway keep up the good work,catch up soon,Julie

maria777 on 01/27/2008:
Looks like you are getting a LOT of exercise in! Keep up the good work! Thanks for your kind words! Big Smile to you!

workingit2 on 01/27/2008:
Thank you for the entry in my diary...it really helped me to focus. Have a great evening!

exotictigris on 01/28/2008:
great job on the circuits! Rats are amazing pets, i have two dumbo eared rats and they are more affectionate than my ferrets were and a lot more clean. They are very easy to take care of and you can train them to stay on your shoulder (they especially love hoods) If you have any specfic questions let me know :)

caz on 01/28/2008:
it was nice to hear from you, thanks. Keep up the great work with exercise

biscottibody59 - Thursday Jan 24, 2008
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 159.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.3 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

For my activity: NordicTrack 42 min/4.4 mi; Walk 25 min

I wanted to explain the eight circuits in a row--that's out of eight scheduled chances--my previous best was six in a row (a really long time ago). Believe it or not it has created a bit of momentum for me. I hope I can keep it up!

Plan for today: NTrack, Jog/Walk

I can do this!

1788 cal * 71g Fat * 32g Fiber * 84 oz Water
871 cal Deficit * 16% Activities

fritters on 01/24/2008:
Yes - you can do this!!!!!

dearerdiarist on 01/24/2008:
And I am here hoping for you too. Such excellent exercise! I fooled around today figuring out BMI formulae. My GOSH I am a mess :( I can't dare put my number up yet. H U M I L I A T I O N. I therefore am looking at your work with equal A D M I R A T I O N.

shadetree on 01/24/2008:
YOU CAN DO THIS! Eight in a row YAY!

workingit2 on 01/24/2008:
Fantastic momentum!! YAY!!

Donkey on 01/24/2008:
You are doing GREAT!!!!

hollybelle on 01/25/2008:
Good going! You can do it. YAY!

CharlieAngel on 01/25/2008:
You are absolutely going to make it. I like how you phrased that...you are hitting your stride. Have an active weekend. Take care of you!

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Jan 23, 2008
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 159.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.3 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

For my activity: Circ Aer Wkt using NordicTrack (23 min/2.1) mi; Walk 10 min

Really thought the calories would be much higher for yesterday. Nevertheless I'm back nearer the groove today!

For the weekly recap of goals met or not: Calories were <2000 on two days only (Avg: 2409), all planned Circ Wkts done--in fact I'm on a roll there at eight straight. I only hit the 80 oz water and cardio (1 hr/day) goals on two days.

My goals for the coming week are to keep my calories below 1800 and fat should be <75 grams (that's a start and I think doable). The rest of the goals remain the same. As for jogging, I'm trying to get to it the day before the circuit.

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk

Don't give up!

2691 cal * 115g Fat * 24g Fiber * 56 oz Water
-10 cal Deficit * 16% Activities

maria777 on 01/23/2008:
Fantastic on your exercise! Keep up the good work! Good plan for the coming week, too! Big Smile to you!

shadetree on 01/23/2008:
Nearer the groove - that's good!

fritters on 01/23/2008:
8 days in a row is good! It helps to have those week goals. You are doing great.

dearerdiarist on 01/23/2008:
Eight straight! What a woman. And "nearer the groove" is such an excellent phrase. Butter Brickle ice cream??????? I haven't thought of that stuff in years and I just love it!!! I will look for your recipe post. Hope you are well over there.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/23/2008:
ok, not a hot week...but i bet you will have a better week this time around! remember how well you've been doing up till this past week?

CritterMom on 01/24/2008:
Great job on the exercise! Have a wonderful day.

borntocry on 01/24/2008:
Hmm. Maybe the circuit workouts are making you hungry? Or is it all the high-fat baked goods which are bringing the calorie count up?

I have been going through a major pastry obsession myself lately. And I have the same problem where it seems I never get full. Until recently I didn't even know what it felt like. But you know, there was someone on this site once (from England) who had the same problem as us, and used it to her advantage by reasoning that she found it easier to stick to her diet as she was used to being hungry all the time anyway. (She rapidly got down to her goal weight, then started complaining that she had lost too much weight and needed to gain some back, then deleted all her entries and disappeared from the site - remember her?)

workingit2 on 01/24/2008:
I am blaming the weather as well! Have a great day! =)

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Jan 22, 2008
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 159.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.3 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

For my activity: NordicTrack 21 min/2.2 mi; DogJog 20 min/Walk 10 min

I'm up a pound on my weigh-in. I'm going to leave 159 up until Saturday when I'll weigh in again. I'll record that one, up or down! No measurements: by the time I should have done them, I had started eating. Eating for a two-headed, two-stomached alien life form. I mentioned it's supposed to warm up by the end of the weekend, but before then we're in the deep freeze and it's damp. I'm blaming the weather as much as my lack of control;-)

It started with some lovely scones (full of butter) I made that lasted for two days, I had the last one of them yesterday. But most of my food choices throughout yesterday were also high fat. So my jog was really odd. I waited awhile after eating so I wasn't full by any stretch of the imagination, however I could really feel the effects of all the fat I had consumed--it's like it settled down into each leg making me feel like I had on lead boots.

The other thing I noticed is that though in my head I was struggling, though not bad enough to stop or break it up into segments, my heart rate didn't go past 120 upon stopping. It's usually 140 to 150--so other than the fact that I made it through 20 minutes feeling like I was trudging through quicksand, there was no endurance training effect whatsoever. We live and we learn if we're lucky:-)

Gotta cut the fat--even the usual 60-80 grams I report--I know GeeVee used to remind me of this. It's got to be done, no more putting it off!

Why do I have to be so compelled to eat massive amounts of high-fat baked goods all at once? I know I'm not the only one here who struggles with this--it's pretty common--donuts, candy--though that's not my weakness, sometimes ice cream--I did have ice cream yesterday for the first time in awhile. It's been in the freezer for a couple of months, but I insisted that I just needed to have some with hot fudge topping! Why? (Yeah it was good!)

It's disturbing in a way, but I just don't get full. Satisfied, but I'm not even remotely full. That's not a justification to overeat, though if I could get away with it and not gain a pound I would. So I guess that is one thing I've learned to do pretty well--not stuff myself, though I come close with pizza. (If I had any scones left right now, I'd be planning to devour them soon--haha!)

I'm blaming the weather. And I'm getting back to it for the evening. Plan for supper is low-fat cornmeal pancakes with some plain old pintos I made yesterday. They're good fiberriffic eatin' for sure:-)

Plan for today: Circuit Workout, NTrack, Walk

Don't give up!

2566 cal * 114g Fat * 30g Fiber * 56 oz Water
19 cal Deficit * 13% Activities

dearerdiarist on 01/22/2008:
I'm going to start bragging about you to my friends... I can't believe that I know someone who is capable of having hot fudge in the pantry. I would SO have eaten every spoonful from the jar WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY before it had time to meet up with ice cream! Cornmeal pancakes? What are these? Dessert? They sound delicious even though I don't know what they are :) Good job there with the fiber and water, BB. Sometimes we just hit a rough patch; and, not to commiserate with defeating behaviors, I really do believe that we are battling a basic fact of nature... in the winter we want to eat to stay warm and in the summer we want to gobble fruit and all matter of drinks to stay cool. Howeverrrrrrrrrr, when a woman's body is invaded by monsters, all bets are off, right? Thank you for the congrats. I'll be so happy when I progress abit in my exercise pursuits that I can ask you more about heat rate issues, endurance, Fitday, etc. I am ignorant of such matters. Here's to Saturday! By the way, what ever happened to mugg/muggg. When I was last here, she had made a decision to move to another state, was looking for a job there... She was always making that homemade ice cream and finding wonderful things at yard sales.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/22/2008:
compelled to eat high fat baked goods....LOL. isn't that the source of fat for our whole nation! LOL

That's weird you don't get full...maybe you eat really slowly??? I've tried eating slow and that's what happens, i don't really get stuffed as food is digesting while i am eating better than when i eat quickly and digestion gets all blocked up. or maybe what you eat doesn't have much fiber...like the pizza/pastries.

enjoy your evening.

shadetree on 01/23/2008:
I find that I am okay without the high-fat baked goods, but if I have even a taste, then it's all over with. I just start devouring and can't stop. it's crazy!

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