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biscottibody59 - Friday Sep 19, 2003
(2000 Cal * <60g Fat * 30g Fiber * 90 oz Water)
Weight: 156.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 155 (Aug 2003)
Current BMI=26.8; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

Hello All!

I got in a workout rather late--couldn't jog because of rain/storms, so I got on the Airdyne for 1 hr, 24 min/19.6 mi. I needed to get back on that thing. I think the last time I used it I was fighting a stiff neck. It's a little extreme--more than an hour, but it didn't do me in . . . so:-)

Had to break down and get out my CD player to get through it--listened to Bread (you know, "If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can't I paint you, etc.") and "old" Steely Dan--so there was alot of bad singing along on my part. I was going to say "old" Bread for laughs, but all Bread is old! I never realized how out of breath I could get. I kept checking my heartrate, but it wasn't faster than usual--I just couldn't breathe--haha!

Garlic asked me about my consistency with exercise. The best explanation I can give is that I really enjoy jogging and that my body cooperates with me by letting me do it. I do have a hard time getting up and getting exercise early, but if it's part of my routine and I'm "in shape" for it--it's actually enjoyable because I know I'm gaining ground fitness-wise instead of losing ground. I think I'm finally looking at the big picture at my age (44) and I want to get into my 50s, 60s, and 70s in good health and fit instead of how I felt before this. Women lose so much muscle in their late 20s and 30s and I was a testament to that. It hurt my shoulder just to pull towels out of the washer and get them into the dryer. I don't want to go back to that. My big-ass thighs are smaller and probably look as good as they did in high school--they are firm, I'll tell you that--that's a big deal for me!

Breakaway asked me about getting hungry after the pre-breakfast workout--it doesn't really make me hungry, I just know I had better eat something soon after--bananas are good--(within an hour). I drink coffee before my workout--I have to have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Also, I would just say to anyone who isn't hungry right when they get up--just to give themselves a little time. Don't wait until you're ravenous, but don't force yourself unless you're not going to be able to eat because of time or work or stuff you have to do.

It's a real balancing act to say the least. You can change old habits and ways of eating. Be patient with yourself and don't give up!

1928 cal * 61g fat * 52g fiber * 110 oz water * 1041 cal deficit

breakaway on 09/19/2003:
Thanks for answering my question to you! You are doing very well and a great inspiration to us. We all have hope that MAYBE we can have firm thighs to. GOd I hope so lol. Have a great day today!

lafemme_loca on 09/19/2003:
All I can say is WOW! I can't wait to be fit enough to do half of what you are doing. That is so great. I need to find the motivation to sweat... (YUCK!) Anyway... you are doing awesome and I can just feel your energy. Woosh!

malh on 09/19/2003:
I know the Feeling of being 44, as thats my age also and wanting to go into the next decade being fit. Congrats on your running. When I am walking every now and then I will break into a run for a few and its very exhilirating. I actually hope to when I lose more weight to run. So keep inspiring us...*S*

Scruffy on 09/20/2003:
Scruff was here :-)

biscottibody59 - Thursday Sep 18, 2003
(2000 Cal * <60g Fat * 30g Fiber * 90 oz Water)
Weight: 156.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 155 (Aug 2003)
Current BMI=26.8; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

Happy Thursday!

I really pushed myself yesterday. Did a pre-breakfast workout, NordicTrack 51 min/5.6 mi and a little weight work--about 5 min worth with barbells. Later I took a 20 min jog and 10 min walk.

Hope you have a good day!

1764 cal * 61g fat * 43g fiber * 125 oz water * 1430 cal deficit

garlic on 09/18/2003:
You have been quite the exercise junkie these days!!! You should be so proud of yourself. You must feel like a million. You've been so consistent for so long. Good for you. What is it that keeps you so motivated for so long? I want some of it!!!!

breakaway on 09/18/2003:
DID the pre breakfast work out seem to make you more hungry for breadfast? Just curious becasue I have a hard time eating breakfast because I don't feel hungry but I do because I know it's important. Great day for you today! WAY TO GO!

Scruffy on 09/19/2003:
Scruff was here :-)

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Sep 17, 2003
(2000 Cal * <60g Fat * 30g Fiber * 90 oz Water)
Weight: 156.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 155 (Aug 2003)
Current BMI=26.8; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

Fri 9.12
Jog 25 min (evening)
70 oz Water

Sat 9.13
No Exercise
45 oz Water

Sun 9.14
Jog 20 min (evening)
No Water

Mon 9.15
Jog 30 min (evening)
70 oz Water

Tues 9.16
Jog 20 min (evening)
90 oz Water

Happy Wednesday!

I haven't been counting on Fitday the last several days, but I'm down 1 pound from last week's weigh-in. I didn't do my measurements. I'm upping my calorie limit for a week with the intent of losing a couple of pounds. Also, I plan to have at least a 900 calorie/day deficit. Besides the "Current Diet" goals above, that's about it.

I hope you have a good food choice day!

Scruffy on 09/17/2003:
You are enduro!!!!!

breakaway on 09/17/2003:
Great job at getttin your exercise and your water in!! Your doing a terrific job! I am so glad your week went well. Have a great day today.

legcramp on 09/17/2003:
wow, you're going great!!! Keep it going and you're sure to lose those couple of pounds.

Have a great day!!

biscottibody59 - Friday Sep 12, 2003
(Pre-Bkf Cardio/Count Calories--Fat--Carb/90 oz H20)
Weight: 157.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 155 (Aug 2003)
Current BMI=26.9; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

Jog 20 min (evening)
2473 Calories, 90g Fat, 342 Carb
35 oz Water

Had a hi-cal day--still having trouble with the water consumption.

Remember Jack LaLanne? I am old enough to remember him in his jumpsuit and ballet slippers. This article covers alot about him. One thing I didn't know is that he battled Carnation over "Instant Breakfast." Here's a link to an article from 1995, Jack LaLanne Is Still An Animal.

I promised the POTSTICKER recipe to legcramp--of course if you can get ahold of the round wraps by Azumaya, the recipe will likely be included, here it is:

3/4 lb lean ground beef, pork, chicken or 1 tub (14 oz) Azumaya firm Tofu, drained and crumbled
1 C finely chopped cabbage
8 water chestnuts, finely chopped
2 green onions, finely chopped
1 tsp grated ginger
1 T soy sauce
1/4 tsp salt
1 pkg (12 oz) Azumaya Round Wraps
2 T vegetable oil
3 C chicken broth

Combine meat or tofu, cabbage, water chestnuts, green onions, ginger, soy sauce and salt in bowl, mix well. Use 1 teaspoon filling for each dumpling. Follow folding directions (it's pictured in the packaging). Heat 2 teaspoons oil in wide non-stick skillet over low heat. Put one third of potstickers in pan and cook until bottoms are golden brown, 8-10 min. Add 1 cup broth, cover and simmer until tender, 10 min. Uncover and cook until all liquid is absorbed. Remove with spatula onto serving plate. Repeat with remaining potstickers. Serve with soy sauce, vinegar and chili oil for dipping.

These are very much worth the trouble. Hope you're having a good day!

breakaway on 09/12/2003:
Great job on the jog today! Your recipe looks really good. It was really nice of you to type it all in your entry. You have a great day today!

Scruffy on 09/13/2003:
recipe was nice of you :-)

legcramp on 09/16/2003:
Thanks so much for the recipe!!! That was so great of you!!!! I'm going to head to the grocery store today after gym and try to find these Azumaya Round Wraps. I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to write out the whole recipe and everything!

Want a suggestion with the water consumption? Try counting to 10 while you're drinking, and take a swallow for each number. Or letter, whatever you choose. Give yourself little challenges throughout the day in order to finish your quota. It works great for me, probably because i'm so competitive i'll even compete with myself!!!

Have a great day and thanks again!!!

biscottibody59 - Thursday Sep 11, 2003
(Pre-Bkf Cardio/Count Calories--Fat--Carb/90 oz H20)
Weight: 157.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 155 (Aug 2003)
Current BMI=26.9; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

Tues 9.9
Jog 20 min (9-11) (evening)
1789 Calories, 46g Fat, 260 Carb
75 oz Water

Wed 9.10
Jog 25 min (evening)
2554 Calories, 109g Fat (40% of total--too high!), 281 Carb
45 oz Water

Cheers to everyone!

I discovered Pringles Salt and Vinegar chips--I quit buying regular salt and vinegar chips a while ago because they were just too harsh--these are just right, O my goodness:-) I also tried a little bit of Post Fruit & Fibre (peaches raisins almonds)--had a coupon. It's quite good. Gosh, if I had just filled up on some watermelon I could have saved about 800 calories.

I made a batch of potsticker filling, which will last a few days. So I made up a few. I put a glass lid on for them to steam and it got stuck--so frustrating. After banging it, trying to pry it off, and turning it over, I almost gave up. So I stuck it in the freezer thinking I would cool down the whole thing and then put it back on the burner and expand the pan before the lid heated up as well. Close, very close--the lid would turn, but was still sealed:-) I put a bag of frozen raspberries on the lid while the pan was still warm, waited about 2 min and it magically loosened! Yiiii-hah those were the best-tasting potstickers ever!

Hope you have a good day!

breakaway on 09/11/2003:
Great job today! That is really funny that the cover stuck so tight like that.

Wanted to let everyone know that I have the picture site so I can add pics now and it will be veiwable tomorrow by the members here. If you want to add your pic to the site send it to my email. And add any writing you would like added under each picture. Watch for a link to the picture site tomorrow in my entry!

breakaway on 09/11/2003:
Just wanted to get back to you about your comment to me...I didn't realize at all that DVDmon was asking or thought about asking about donations from everyone for having there pic on the site. Don't worry about this one...it's totally free and it will always be here to...even if I'm not. I could easily give someone the password to add more pics even, If I did decide to leave, which I can't see. I sure hope DVDmon isn't mad at me if he comes back here :/ Oh well, if he is that's ok. My husband worked a long time at getting the program written for the site and he did a fabulous job on it and I can't wait for you all to see it. HOpe to see your pic in there soon too! Have a great day and will check out your entry tomorrow.

legcramp on 09/11/2003:
ooooo, salt and vinegar.....salt.....salt.....salt.....

potsticker filling?

12-min test?

what are these things?!!!

Have an awesome day today, and keep up the hard work!!!

Scruffy on 09/12/2003:
Nice job on the lid :-)

bigmama on 09/12/2003:
bb59- I read on someone else's comments your recommendation of "challenges". Can you give us newbies the lowdown on what you do, the structure, frequency, your philosophy on why they work for you, etc? Enquiring minds want to know. Thanks

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Sep 09, 2003
(Pre-Bkf Cardio/Count Calories--Fat--Carb/90 oz H20)
Weight: 157.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 155 (Aug 2003)
Current BMI=26.9; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.
--Russian Proverb

Today I'm weighing in formally. I did my measurements for the first time in several weeks. I'm up from my low by 2 pounds and my measurements are mostly unchanged--that's a good thing:-) I'm removing my date "goal to lose" from above--when I started I never really made a pound goal on a short-term basis, and it doesn't really work for me. I just keep changing the date and never achieving that goal. So it's outta here!

I walked 30 min yesterday. For Sunday I wanted to jog, but could only make about 10 min (9-1)--I wasn't sore, but just very fatigued overall from the previous day's 12-min test (plan to do the test again on 11 Oct). For both days I had 70 oz water.

Oh, I rechecked the mileage for the test. It was the same:-( So, I'm going to try moderation in both exercise and food/eating. The above quote reminded me that I'm (sort of) trying to do two things at once and succeeding at neither.

The plan is to get in a pre-breakfast cardio workout when possible, jog no more than 20 min per day (and only walk if I'm just not into it), do the Emergency Workout at least 2 times/week, and concentrate on keeping my fat intake in check (within 60 g or 25-30 percent of day's total calories).

That's about it. Like everyone else here I want to get a handle on my weight loss. Those cooler months are coming on and it's easier to gain. I guess I want to try to get a little jump if I can.

Have a good one everyone!

Scruffy on 09/09/2003:
Good quote!

That's how I make changes these days. One thing at a time.

breakaway on 09/09/2003:
Your right...work on one thing at a time and I think it will be easier to succeed. Your doing super though, don't give up!

Soon2BThin on 09/09/2003:
Sometimes we just have to clean house and shake things up a bit, huh? I'm not a "goal-reacher" either, it's really hard. But it sounds like you're doing well so keep it up. No chasing 2 rabbits!

legcramp on 09/10/2003:
Sometimes changing things up can boost your motivation and give you the incentive you need to keep going.

Good luck with your new plan of attack!!

biscottibody59 - Sunday Sep 07, 2003
(Pre-Bkf Cardio/Count Calories--Fat--Carb/90 oz H20)
Weight: 155.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 155 (Aug 2003)
My Current Goal: 149 by September 16
Current BMI=26.6; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

Jog 15 min (evening)
70 oz Water

You know how I sing the praises of my jogging and how much I enjoy it, blah blah blah! Well, I did a 12-min test--this is where you walk, jog, or run or a combination and use it to check your fitness (from Ken Cooper's Aerobics books). I couldn't believe that I didn't improve from May of this year. It's still 1.13 miles, which I did last year some time, so I'm going to check the mileage again just to be sure. And it was anything but fun--actually it was like being tortured with only myself to blame, kinda sick!

I warmed up with a jog for 3 min then walked a bit. Then I just started out with long strides as long as I could stand and still breathe--that lasted about 5 min, which was good. Then after about a minute more I so wanted to stop, I didn't. My breathing was fine, but I could tell that I had slowed to about half the speed I started out with. I kept just wanting to stop, I didn't. Then I got to the end, checked my HR and it was only about 160--that was a good sign for the future. I'm not fighting the breathing and fitness part so much.

I'd just like to get a little faster. Not crazy or uncomfortably fast, just a little faster and still enjoying the jogging and, I hope one day, running--at least what I would call running:-)

Not counting cals, etc for today or yesterday. And I really need to improve my water (consistently). I hope you're having a good Sunday!

Soon2BThin on 09/07/2003:
I'm really looking forward to getting back to the walking. Then when I've worked my way back up to walking fast without my ankle hurting, I will try doing some jogging with the walking. Right now I have to be very careful just walking in the shallow end of the pool but it's a start. I may try the treadmill really slow tomorrow for a short time and see how that feels. Keep up the good work and I hope you have a good week.

breakaway on 09/07/2003:
That would suck testing the same after a whole year! That would depress me. Good for you for staying strong and getting out ther eand getting it done! Do get that extra water in though! Good luck to you and hope you have a wonderful day.

Scruffy on 09/08/2003:
Scruff was here :-)

biscottibody59 - Saturday Sep 06, 2003
(Pre-Bkf Cardio/Count Calories--Fat--Carb/90 oz H20)
Weight: 155.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 155 (Aug 2003)
My Current Goal: 149 by September 16
Current BMI=26.6; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

Jog 25 min (evening)
1762 Calories, 61g Fat, 243 Carb
70 oz Water

Happy Saturday!

Look, it's the 7 keys to weight loss freedom--Dr Phil's new book for which he received a $10 million advance (1 million copies for the first printing): This is from the Amazon website--"First, you have to understand and face your "personal truth"--what you think about yourself and your weight--and replace toxic messages with positive thoughts. Next, step by step, you learn how to (2) counter emotional eating, (3) change your environment, (4) master impulse eating, (5) choose foods, (6) adopt an exercise habit, and (7) assemble a support circle."

List price: $26--his momma did not, nor did his agent's momma raise no fool!!! (I guess if you choose to buy it, you'll get your money's worth--according to Amazon it's 320 pages.) As for me, it seems a daunting task to go to that much trouble (testing, workbook type stuff--the way it sounds), when after about 2 years of posting here, changing my eating habits, etc, I have lost and kept off a certain amount of weight.

If you're totally lost and have no insight into what works for you, then maybe it's going to be just the thing. The hard work that leads to change doesn't just happen--seven keys or not. It takes courage to tell those who would rather you stay just the way you are, "Hey, up yours--I feel like crap and I'm going to do something about it!"

Notes to self:
1. dietitian.com recommends Fat:25% Protein:15% Carbohydrate:60% (sometime ago)
2. Took 23 days to lose first 10 pounds (189-179)
3. Took 68 days to lose second 10 pounds (179-169)
4. Took 221 days to lose third 10 pounds (169-159)
5. And:-), 134 days and counting to lose fourth 10 pounds (159-149).

To geevee, as you can see it took way more than 3 months to lose what I have--knowing what I know now, I don't think I would have kept it off if I'd done it in only 3 months.

Cheers to you all--have a good food day!

Soon2BThin on 09/06/2003:
When I first heard about Dr. Phil's new book, I had made up my mind to buy it, cause you can never have too many diet books, ya know. And just maybe it would have something I didn't already know about dieting, hard to believe. But $26, I don't know, maybe I'll wait for the paperback version. I already have Oprah's book and video and Bob Green's book is somewhere around here, not even half read yet. I think I know myself and my ways by now (54 years), I just need to get it in gear. You are doing so well, biscottibody, and I agree, your way is the best way--slowly, but surely and forever. Keep up the great work.

pollyanna on 09/07/2003:
You are so very right. You are doing it the right way for you. Keep strong :)

Scruffy on 09/07/2003:
Good info, thanks for the layout of time!

biscottibody59 - Friday Sep 05, 2003
(Pre-Bkf Cardio/Count Calories--Fat--Carb/90 oz H20)
Weight: 155.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 155 (Aug 2003)
My Current Goal: 149 by September 16
Current BMI=26.6; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

Jog 25 min (evening)
1422 Calories, 58g Fat, 162 Carb
85 oz Water

Cheers one and all! Hope you're having a good one!

Scruffy on 09/05/2003:
Scruff was here :-)

prism on 09/06/2003:
Good for you for getting in all that jogging in August!

geevee on 09/06/2003:
Hey! You're really serious! 34 pounds in three months is fantastic.

biscottibody59 - Thursday Sep 04, 2003
(Pre-Bkf Cardio/Count Calories--Fat--Carb/90 oz H20)
Weight: 155.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 155 (Aug 2003)
My Current Goal: 149 by September 16
Current BMI=26.6; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

Mon 9.1
Jog 20 min; 60 oz Water

Tues 9.2
Jog 30 min; 40 oz Water

Wed 9.3
Jog 30 min; 100 oz Water

The previous entry shows the results of my challenge, the last day of it was quite a bust, and since then I haven't been using FitDay for counting or even really writing my stuff down. It's back to getting down to brass tacks for tomorrow. Better choices and early exercise every other day. I'm thinking two "on-diet" meals per day and healthy third meal--not restrictive, then healthy snacks if I need a boost before my jog, for instance.

As for my jogging results for the month of August, I jogged a total of 27 days--a pumperiffic result, I must say--woo-hoo!

I hope you have a very good food and exercise day!

Scruffy on 09/04/2003:

Scruff was here :-)

breakaway on 09/04/2003:
Great entry today...congrats to you! Pumperiffic, I like that word lol. You have done alot of jogging...Great job! Keep up the good work.

Soon2BThin on 09/04/2003:
Hey, you're doing great! I really envy you that exercise (did I say that before?) 27 days is fantastic! I can't wait till I can get back at it! It doesn't look like it will be soon though, at least, not soon enough for me. Waaaah! Keep it up, okay?

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