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biscottibody59 - Friday Jun 28, 2002
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <40; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 164.0

Wednesday 6.26
Calories: 1377; Burned: 3170; 18% Activities; Deficit: 1793;
Fat grams: 39; Fiber: 14
Water: >80 oz

Thursday 6.27
Calories: 1871; Burned: 3017; 14% Activities; Deficit: 1146;
Fat grams: 45; Fiber: 20
Water: >110 oz
Defining myself, as opposed to being defined by others, is one of the most difficult challenges I face. --Carol Mosely-Braun

Happy Friday!

Down 1 pound and it seemed like I'd never lose it--now I have one less psychological hump/hang-up in this journey. Fat gram counting is going well.

I was eating a glob of horseradish mustard the other day (looking for something to snack on) when I thought of making a diet of it. Now I know that it isn't calorie free, but according to the label one serving has no calories and just about no food value. So, if I eat 1 tablespoon at a time, 9000 times a day, I should lose all my weight up to goal;-)

Really though, there is a "Cereal Diet" being touted right now AND I just saw that the latest treatment for anorexia and bulimia is for the patients to eat normally and then immediately go to an overheated room--don't know the details or if it works. I'm just the messenger:-)

I rescued a dog wandering around a somewhat busy county road and returned it to its owners, one of which was an 11 y/o girl. It was one of those dogs that loves everyone and they suspect it got out to migrate to a dog in heat in the neighborhood. It was about a quarter of a mile from home. Every once in a while there is a happy ending somewhere!

On Wednesday I did 47 min on the NordicTrack and a short walk. Then yesterday dum-da-dum-dum! YARD WORK! drat! and a short walk. And I'm gonna really date myself, but for some strange reason the name Pete Barbutti crept into my head--he used to be a frequent guest on "The Tonight Show" when it was good--when Johnny Carson was the host--when there was hardly anything else to watch at that hour--but at least it was funny. I guess it was truly geared to adults so as a little kid, I thought I was watching something somewhat forbidden--which it actually was (way after my bedtime). Anyway, it was just the name that crept in--and I don't remember who he was or anything. I guess that's a good thing that yard work can bring me to the deepest recesses of my memory--even if they make very little/no sense hahaha!

I haven't been having that awful hunger--but I'm planning to do my Circuit Workout, so if it's the weightlifting that's causing the hunger--as Garlic mentioned happens to her--I guess I'll be hungry again tomorrow.

Hope your day is going well--see you later!

misha on 06/28/2002:
Way to go with the pound. Leaving a plateau is the best feeling in the world. What a wonderful story aabout the lost dog. I know I would be frantic if AUstin ever got out. I am sure the little girl was thrilled. Have a grat weekend and keep up the good work.


kyrin on 06/28/2002:
Way to go! I know you're happy to have the scale slide down another notch!

Missed you yesterday!


IndieVegan on 06/28/2002:
If I ate more than 1 tbsp on Horseradish mustard, I would barf. That stuff is so strong! But to each his own I guess :) That's really great about the dog. There are so many bad things that can happen to an animal when they are lost. It's nice to have a happy ending. Have a great day!

Reba on 06/28/2002:
Way to go breaking through your plateau!!! What a great feeling to know that your heading in the right direction again. DOWN!!!!! Have a great weekend. Cheers, Reba

inmorning on 06/28/2002:
Hey there, over one psychological hump and on to the next hon. But maybe we can get through this together. Take care.

MichelleP on 06/28/2002:


eighty-five on 07/01/2002:
Thanks for sharing your experience. Just having taken off about 10 kilo is enough for me to feel a lot better, and I want to keep going. It was frustrating to em that the palpitations would show up at a time where I was taking care of, and not neglecting myself.

I am learning how to choose my battles, and reminding myself that there are limits to what I can control. I accept the break and the pat and will indeed keep going.

Enjoy the new shoes. In my adopted language there is a phrase you say when someone has acquired something new, it literally means �may you be renewed�. Kinda neat, huh?

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Jun 26, 2002
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <40; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 165.0

Calories: 2262; Burned: 3039; 13% Activities; Deficit: 777;
Water: >110 oz
Fat grams: 46; Fiber: 32

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.
--Jim Ryun
(He is serving his third term as a U.S. representative from Kansas. His 1965 high school mile record of 3:55.3 was unbroken for 36 years.)

Happy Wednesday!

I had another "Timmy the Tapeworm" flare-up kind of day--very hungry all day! I fought eating too many fat grams by eating a quite a bit of popcorn and bread--had french toast with raspberry jam for breakfast. Then I wasn't about to go to bed hungry (that's not loving yourself--is it?) so I ate some rice krispies with soy milk. That took me past the 40 grams of fat goal. Oh well;-)

The bottom line is I'm not that way today--in fact I'm thinking of going back to the original diet I started on, which I was never hungry on, but was also not doing as much activity--so I'll let ya' all know how it goes. Please, anything but being hungry even after eating. I thought I was a nutcase for feeling that way--don't remember being "out of control" hungry like that. Maybe 30 min after eating, but not just this constant hunger even when you know you've eaten to fullness--the fullness didn't register for some reason!

I did 15 min of Circuit Aerobic Workout and 10 min more of Airdyne and then a 10 min walk.

I appreciate all your fine comments--you make all the difference in the world! See you later!

inmorning on 06/26/2002:
I went and bought some Progresso Lentil Soup today. I will eat it tomorrow and let you know how I like it.

garlic on 06/26/2002:
I know what you mean about being hungry. My food plan usually suits me perfectly but sometimes, especially the day after I've done some weight training, I feel so hungry that even after I finish a meal, I'm starving!!! The only time I go for something else is when I'm feeling lightheaded. If I get that feeling and just real lethargic, I know that I need more fuel and I'll take it. But if I'm not feeling like that, I sometimes may mistake hunger for something else and I won't have anything.

kyrin on 06/26/2002:
I usually start hunting for breads and starches right after I eat bready sugary things. Rough, huh? I've had your day a lot lately. Hang in there, Biscotti!



MichelleP on 06/26/2002:

I understand the being hungry sometimes! I know I for the most part don't eat enough calories but there are days when I come close and still, am hungry. You workout alot which would make many hungry! Good luck with trying to find a plan that will help you not feel hungry.

misha on 06/27/2002:
Hunger pangs are the worst! I can not think when I am hungry. I fully support your other doet if it worked better for you. Hope all goes and take care


inmorning on 06/28/2002:
Update: I had the lentil soup for breakfast and went and bought some more. Thanks for the suggestion.

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Jun 25, 2002
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <40; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 165.0

Calories: 2580; Burned: 2721; 1% Activities; Deficit: 137;
Water: >80 oz
Fat grams: 56; Fiber: 36

Every strike brings me closer to the next home run. --Babe Ruth

Hope your day is going well!

I ate breakfast a little late and got hungry before and I stayed hungry all day, so the food choices could have been so much worse. I did a 10 min walk and felt I needed the rest from the day before's workout--so I'm gonna get back to it today.

As for measurements, I lost in abdomen, arm, and wrist; gained in hip. Overall the exact same for Abd, Hip, Waist, Bust, Leg, RArm as last week. My shirts feel looser in the shoulders, but it's not reflected so much in the numbers. Oh well, I'll just try to get over it and move on. What am I saying, if it feels looser, then if I were taking those measurements it would have reflected a loss. It's just that I feel like I've been working hard with not much to show. Weight is 165-166-167 depending on the day. I'm grateful the scale hasn't gone up past 167. Last year I stayed at 177 for several weeks, so this isn't a new thing for me.

I'm not giving up . . . see ya' later!

kyrin on 06/25/2002:
Isn't it discouraging when you've been working out and the scale doesn't refect the hard work? Hang in there, gal! You've been building muscle. Just keep at it...maybe lay off the scale for a bit? I have resorted to using tape measurements for determining my weight loss successes...and only using scale measurements twice a month. (Although it would be <i>soooo</i> nice if the scale reflected a loss as well!)

You're doing well with your workouts...and getting better with your food intake everyday too. Like Pasta says...little steps. One day at a time.



pezzy34 on 06/25/2002:
I just got done reading your diary... your ENTIRE diary. It made me feel inspired, awake and ready to face the rest of my day. Thank you! I love the way you write and will make an effort to read every time you do write! Thanks!

Soon2BThin on 06/25/2002:
Hi! It looks like you're doing pretty good to me! I'm just going up a couple, down a couple right now. At least I did get a half hour walk in this morning. Thanks for your comment.

inmorning on 06/25/2002:
You are doing great. You kick that nordictrack's a-s and that isn't easy to do. I am sure you are mostly muscle.

misha on 06/26/2002:
Plateaus are difficult....always a trying time. Just hang in there and then all of a sudden pounds just drop off. Perservance is the key. Keep up the great work


klee on 06/26/2002:
To hear that you are working so hard and actually seeing changes is enough motivation to keep me on track. I've been cutting back for a week now and believe you me, not seeing results is enough to make me want to quit. thanks for sharing that information with the rest of us.

biscottibody59 - Monday Jun 24, 2002
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <40; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 165.0

Calories: 1987; Burned: 3075; 14% Activities; Deficit: 1088;
Water: >60 oz
Fat grams: 79; Fiber: 35

Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product. --Eleanor Roosevelt

Happy Monday!

Having a wonderful time;-) plugging along. I did my Circuit Aerobic Workout yesterday and 20 min extra of Airdyne. For anyone who's having a tough time getting motivated every day--I feel your pain! Once you get started in a routine, you feel 10 feet tall--it's sustaining it that's the hard part. I'm kind of in between. I feel like I've been keeping a routine for weeks when in reality, it's only been about a week. So I'm gonna try to keep it up. Feeling good is worth it:-)

I did a little better on the fat goal, but not much--I'm trying the gradual approach. One thing's for sure I slept much better after that workout.

Hope you're having a good exercise and food choice day!

Update to calories, etc @2:30p or so
I forgot to include half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich:-) So it added 12 g fat, 4 g fiber, and about 200 calories.

misha on 06/24/2002:
Keep up your hard work and weight training. Before you know it you would ahve been at it for weeks and closer to your goal. HAve a wonderful day


kyrin on 06/24/2002:
Woo-Hoo! Look at that workout...and the fiber intake. Terrific!

I'm just starting back on my workout program, so I'm not even in the "feel good" part of things yet...maybe later today, after I cool down. LOL



inmorning on 06/24/2002:
You go girl1 You are doing great and are a true inspiration. annastasia

SacFatCity on 06/24/2002:
Keep plugging along, I'm there with you. I feel kind of up and down lately. I keep doing alright during the week adn then I totally blow it through the weekend. Keep up the exercise!! I'm going to get back on track tonight!! Have a good night!

momof4 on 06/24/2002:
Hey - of course I remember our 151 goal! I am plugging away - but I have been off the exercise for about a week now - for one reason or another and I need to get back to it - -I haven[t gained - but I jsut don't feel as good - I really liked the feeling when I did exercise - and I was starting to feel tighter! We can do this!!!!

biscottibody59 - Sunday Jun 23, 2002
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <40; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 165.0

Calories: 1873; Burned: 3108; 14% Activities; Deficit: 1235;
Water: >60 oz

Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things are yours. --Swedish proverb

Hi Everyone!

I had another ho-hum diet day, which led me to decide to start cutting down on my fat intake. My carbohydrate and protein intake seems to be pretty consistent the last week or so. The fat is gonna have to go. I'm just going to have to keep the faith about this. I've been a little bit irrational about my nighttime eating and IT is where the fat intake is really going out of control. It's a mixture of "a little won't hurt" to "if I don't eat enough, I'll just make up for it tomorrow or the next day, so why not eat it now!" I know that probably sounds kind of stupid--it looks that way, but that's my assessment of how I'm doing. I'm doing alot right, and I don't intend to be perfect, but I know I can do much better. I'm not eating enough fruit and that's probably part of why I think I can get away with these poor choices. So, I'm gonna tweak the plan and go forward.

For yesterday I did 52 min on the NordicTrack, 2 easy 2 hard and about 12 min of the workout was on the next level of elevation. About all it does is get my heart rate up to where it should actually be, but I can't do it the whole time because my legs aren't really in shape to sustain that amount of time.

I hope your day is going well--have a great afternoon!

bellybust on 06/23/2002:
What is it that makes you eat irrationally at night? And I mean what makes you want to eat when you really aren't hungry. I kind of figured out that I have a tendency to use food as entertainment. I would plan our days around a great meal. Now as I work on that I still make/eat a great meal but I make sure it is totally good nutrition. Even if meal sharers aren't worried about it.

inmorning on 06/23/2002:
It really doesn't sound stupid. That thought rational is something that trips me up more times than I care to think about. I will be sure and get some progresso lentil soup. I go shopping later in the week. Take care of yourself and someday I will match you on the nordictrack but I am afraid that day is too far in the future.

biscottibody59 - Saturday Jun 22, 2002
(Activities At Least 10%; Eat 1400-1800 Calories)
Weight: 165.0

Thursday 6.20
Calories: 1868; Burned: 2721; 1% Activities; Deficit: 853;
Water: >20 oz

Friday 6.21
Calories: 1612; Burned: 2993; 11% Activities; Deficit: 1381;
Water: >20 oz
Nothing can be done except little by little. --Charles Baudelaire

Happy Summer!

For Thursday I did a 10 min walk and no other activities. Ate breakfast and supper both Thurs and Fri, but skipped lunch. Too much soda, not enough water. I couldn't make myself drink water--it's easy to get out of the habit for a day. On Friday, I did 35 min on the NordicTrack--2 min slow (no arms) and 2 min fast (arms included). I thought I was gonna die! Not really--but it wasn't as easy as what I'd been doing. Didn't get my 3rd day of Circ Aer Wkt in, maybe today;-)

It's really tedious to put all that info into FitDay, but when I get to check a report that shows what I've been doing for the last week, two weeks, or month--I'd say it's worth it--very motivating to see SOME idea of how I'm doing!

Gotta go . . . see you later!

MichelleP on 06/22/2002:

I agree Fitday takes a lot of time but really is worth the effort. Remember you are worth the effort!!!

If you get tired of water I found a great drink, its Minute Maid Low Calorie Lemonade. It is 3% lemon juice, serv. size is 1 can and has 10 calories, sodium is 105g and carbs are 2 g. It taste great ( I think)!

Take care and have a wonderful night!

yorkmi3 on 06/23/2002:
If you like lemonade, Crystal Lite is practically water! I love it! I think you are doing a great job, keep on perservering! Reading your entry has motivated me, thanks!

biscottibody59 - Thursday Jun 20, 2002
(Activities At Least 10%; Eat 1400-1800 Calories)
Weight: 165.0

Calories: 1886; Burned: 3195; 17% Activities; Deficit: 1309;
Water: >80 oz

All that is necessary to break the spell of inertia and frustration is this: Act as if it were impossible to fail. That is the talisman, the formula, the command of right about face which turns us from failure to success.
--Dorthea Brande

Hi all on this fine Thursday before Summer (h-e-double hockey sticks in Texas--but what would we do without it) officially arrives!

Ugh--I'm doing something that's kind of strange--at least for me. I'm totally stressed out and I should be putting off my exercise, and "semi-good" food choices, but I'm finding that I couldn't, at least yesterday, do that. Of course, I didn't have any chocolate around to binge on. I did my major exercise first thing. I'm sure if I'd waited, I wouldn't have done it. There's more to this, but what I just wrote and put elsewhere to revisit just didn't make any sense right now.

All I can say is I've got alot of s--t to do. I seem to be doing okay corralling my eating and exercise for the first time in a long while. I found an interesting and funny site where the person is doing Body for Life and I have to say it sounds appealing/intriguing just about now. I stumbled upon the site when I was looking up "orthorexia," a word that some guy came up with to explain about people who eat healthy and are extremely snobbish and compulsive about their food as it relates to others. I'll try to get a link on here for tomorrow's entry. Otherwise just put that word into Google (or other search engine) and you'll find a bunch of stuff about it.

So I did 61 min on the NordicTrack and a 10 min walk. I mentioned the other day, "Does anyone have any experience with Brooks running shoes?" Any cheers or jeers you might have will be appreciated.

Have a good day and I'll see ya' all later!

inmorning on 06/20/2002:
Way to go on the nordictrack. That thing is a buger.

MichelleP on 06/20/2002:

Sounds like you are really back on track! Way to go! This week has been pretty good for me... humm wonder if its the summer thing! Gotta love good weather! Take care and have a great night!

kyrin on 06/22/2002:
(saturday morning)...Yeah, I know all about makin' those darned scones. I recently purchased a cookbook of nothing but scones. <i>Very tempting things, those scones!</i> They have been part of the fun...as well as making biscotti. (I bought a biscotti cookbook too.) Way too tempting. Luckily, I can send batches of whatever I make with Matt when he goes to his friend's house. The mom works and is grateful for any and all kitchen "samples."

Hang in there. Make the scones if you have to; but give most of them away (to the neighbors, if you have to). Thankfully, I have guys who will eat anything bready that I make. My only problem is not eating it up before they get a chance. LOL



biscottibody59 - Wednesday Jun 19, 2002
(Activities At Least 10%; Eat 1400-1800 Calories)
Weight: 165.0

One Year Since I Started Losing!
BMI Then=32.4; BMI Now=28.3 (Still Overweight)
Goal BMI=24.9 (less 20# from now and just under "overweight" for BMI)

Calories: 2748; Burned: 3138; 16% Activities; Deficit: 390;
Water: >80 oz
Understanding a person does not mean condoning; it only means that one does not accuse him as if one were God or a judge placed above him. --Erich Fromm, psychoanalyst and author (1900-1980)

Happy Wednesday!

I lost another 1.5 inches overall (Abd Hip Bust Waist Leg RtArm). I did my Circuit Aerobic Workout--15 min Airdyne and 30 min weights. I also did 10 more min on the Airdyne and a 10 min walk. I am really pumped to lose the next 20 pounds to achieve that elusive "non overweight" BMI. Still have 151 in mind though.

I seem to be screwing up my eating every 3 or 4 days. If I don't eat my egg/whites for breakfast it sets me up for a bad day. I'll ignore my water and just make poor choices. I'm going to try to just make it a habit like the exercise. I'm better off when it's a habit.

Hope you're having a good food choice day!

inmorning on 06/19/2002:
Way to go on the inches. You are really nailing it!!!! Take care :~)

Reba on 06/19/2002:
Great job on your BMI over the last year!! You definately should be very proud of yourself. Also, congrats on your inches loss. Kiss them goodbye forever. You are doing an absolutely fabulous job, keep it up. Cheers, Reba

MichelleP on 06/19/2002:

Way to go on the lost inches! BMI is a good way to judge. Thank you for the comments today. It does help to know I am not alone! Glad you did not get a headache! I eat to much sugar (natural or processed) and I get one.

Take care and have a wonderful day!

BellaK on 06/19/2002:
Congratulations on losing the inches - you are doing a wonderful job! Keep it up! :o) Bella

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Jun 18, 2002
(Activities At Least 10%; Eat 1400-1800 Calories)
Weight: 165.0

Day 156

Calories: 1993; Burned: 2962; 10% Activities; Deficit: 969;
Water: >110 oz
You'll break the worry habit the day you decide you can meet and master the worst that can happen to you. --Arnold Glasgow

Hey people out in Diet Diary land, hope you're having a good day!

I did 31 min on the NordicTrack and a 10 min walk. I did TOO eat a number of Hershey's Nuggets, mmm-hmm! That accounts for a few calories. Otherwise food was pretty "close" to the target:-)

I picked the above quotation sort of on purpose. I'd like to turn over a new leaf in other ways. Losing weight and feeling healthier is very empowering. So is moving forward and not looking back. (Something I've found I've had to do with this effort.) I can't just go back and eat EXACTLY what I ate a year ago--oh, I could make myself but I don't find that realistic. I can do it in my own vacuum, but when I am out of my routine, I've found it's too easy to go wayyyy off track. So much for my theory of the day--sounds good now!

See you later!

inmorning on 06/18/2002:
I agree about how easy it is to get off track. I have the worst time with that every time I start losing weight. I think to myself that I will just have this or that and then I start thinking "well, I blew it today, so I might as well start back up tomorrow." and then I never do. I think, thanks in part to this website, that it is a little more difficult to rationalize doing this since I am going to have to write it all down for all to read. Just some random thoughts. Have a good day, I am getting ready to get on my nordictrack.

MichelleP on 06/18/2002:
Hi again,

Thank you for the website! I will check it out tonight.

SacFatCity on 06/18/2002:
Great work with the exercise. I've been off track lately too, but continue to keep my head up and looking forward. Otherwise I would feel worse if I kept looking back and feeling regretful. Thanks for the quote! Have a great night.

biscottibody59 - Monday Jun 17, 2002
(Activities At Least 10%; Eat 1400-1800 Calories)
Weight: 165.0

Day 155

Calories: 1200; Burned: 3250; 20% Activities; Deficit: 2050;
Water: >80 oz
Because a fellow has failed once or twice, or a dozen times, you don't want to set him down as a failure till he's dead or loses his courage; and that's the same thing. --George Lorimer

Happy Monday!

I feel balanced today--didn't overdo it on the calories, but got in ALOT of activity yesterday. I did my Cicuit Aerobic Workout on the Airdyne and then 20 min of NordicTrack, a 10 min walk and then a little yard cleanup. Not much else to say, I made good food choices except for about a third of a french bread loaf (small one) with some butter--that was breakfast, then the rest of the day ate on target. I learned (for the umpteenth time:-) that I feel better making good food choices than bad ones. Maybe I didn't get to eat a couple scones, but I feel good!

Hope your food and exercise goes well today!

MichelleP on 06/17/2002:

It is great to see you in such wonderful spirits! Sounds like a good Sunday! Take care and have a wonderful week!!

Reba on 06/17/2002:
Good job on making wise food choices. It can definately be a challenge sometimes. And I agree with you that it feels so much better to make the good choices than it does after you have already devoured the bad one! Have a great day. Cheers, Reba

inmorning on 06/17/2002:
Commenting on the nordictrack, that is fast becoming my favorite form. I hate that it takes longer to get to 1 mile than it does just regular walking. But that is okay because I like challenges. Right now, I can just do 1 minute of arms with every 10 minutes of walking. I will up that to every 9 minutes next week and so on. Yikes that is a challenge.

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