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biscottibody59 - Tuesday Apr 30, 2002
(Activities At Least 10%; Eat 1400-1800 Calories)
Weight: 162.0

Day 107
Calories: 1530; Burned: 3202; 17% Activities; Deficit: 1672

A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep. --Saul Bellow

Hope your day's going well!

I screwed up my numbers for yesterday. I had 6 cups of shredded wheat 'n' bran plugged into FitDay instead of just 6--so I ACTUALLY had quite a calorie deficit (as with today). So yahoo!--belatedly!

I drank >80 oz water and did 56 min on NordicTrack with a few leg lifts and pushups (easier type).

I have a Krups toaster and it must have some kind of sensor thingy in it. I couldn't get it to work; it was sort of like it was broken. So I looked further and there was a gallinipper corpse--a large mosqito-type insect. I've never been stung by one they just fly around and look menacing. So once I got it out, the toaster worked fine--good thing, cause I was gonna trash it. I'm very impatient sometimes;-)

Ya'll have a good one and I'll see ya' later!

MichelleP on 04/30/2002:

Way 2 go yesterday! And today! Take care and have a wonderful day!

kyrin on 04/30/2002:
<font color=#009900> Whew! I <i>know</i> that you felt better after you corrected your input error. {grins} It's nice to see you gathering in those nice deficits! You get attagirls for the exercising effort. All Right!


Kyrin </font>

momof4 on 04/30/2002:
Hey - great job -- keep it up!! Have a good day!

biscottibody59 - Monday Apr 29, 2002
(Activities At Least 10%; Eat 1400-1800 Calories)
Weight: 162.0

Day 106
Calories: 1570; Burned: 3218; 18% Activities; Deficit: 1648

One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries. --A.A. Milne

Hi all! I drank >80 oz water and did about 50 min on the NordicTrack with about 20 min of weights interspersed. My calories were a little high, but for once I got my exercise out of the way early and I plan to make this my priority. If I wait too late--I blow it off or just get in a short walk. I am much more sane when I get it in early--it's a no-brainer really.

I'm gonna eat well in moderation (smaller portions) unless I just get a wild hair to stay completely on track--haha--that'll be the day--but it COULD happen!

Gotta go now . . . see you all later!

dingbatprincess on 04/29/2002:
u go grl! i'm feeling a little crappy cause i cheated a bit today....but i've resolved to get right back on track! *this* week i'm gonna lose!

MichelleP on 04/29/2002:

Way to go on your water and exercise! Here is to wild hairs!! Take care and have a wonderful day!

garlic on 04/29/2002:
I hear you about blowing off exercise if not done first thing in the morning. It needs to be my priority too - work out first, everything else comes after (if there is time). Always have to make time for exercise - sometimes I just don't though.

shellybelly on 04/29/2002:
Hey! Great job with the water and the exercise! Keep it up! :-)

livinglean on 04/30/2002:
I totally agree! If I don't get my workout in in the morning, it doesn't get done!

You did great - 50 minutes on the NordicTrack! I can't wait to get back in the gym. I have osteoarthritis in my knees and I'm on meds and feel better, so I can get back at it now!

Hey! you CAN stay completely on track. Just decide you will and stick with it! (easier said than done, I know!)

Keep up the good work!


biscottibody59 - Sunday Apr 28, 2002
(Activities At Least 10%; Eat 1400-1800 Calories)
Weight: 162.0

Day 105
I am back on my "band wagon." I'm starting today to count on FitDay once again.

If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room. --Anita Koddick

Hi all! I drank about 40 oz water and did housework for activity. Food was sporadic--snacking really! That's coming to an end and I've eaten breakfast today;-) So I'm back. Have some "kinfolk" comin' in later in the week, and I'll cook as necessary for them, but I'm stickin' to MY plan as much as possible. I don't mind alienating anyone with my food choices. It used to bug the hell out of me and I'd give in, but once I've made my choices and they're NOTHING like yours (or theirs), it gets easier every time and no one really pays much attention.

So . . . I'll see you later!

pastagal on 04/28/2002:
I guess this is one of the things i love about weight watchers so much,i don't have to fix different foods for family or friends,i can eat anything they can ,i just can't eat the whole thing,and its working for me,i wish i would of understood this yrs ago,i wish you the best with your company coming and you will do just fine,you wait and see;} Have a great day!

dingbatprincess on 04/28/2002:
sometimes alienating people with my food choices gets to me...but generally if it's mom cooking i can get her to cook healthy stuff or ask if i can make soups or salads, and she'll b happy i want to exercise, help w/ cooking, and eat stuff that's good for me cause my sister eats anything and everything, not that she's fat really but she is about 20 lbs over where i was @ her age.

kyrin on 04/28/2002:
<font color=#cc33cc> Hey, Biscotti Gal!

You stick to those guns. It's really easy to be swayed by relatives. I'm bad for that--giving up my plan for someone else's. In a way, I wish I weren't so accomodating. Sure makes it tough sometimes. Hmmmmm. Like when I go home for a visit. Did I mention that my parents are having their 50th wedding anniversary in May? I expect to be very accomodating with my dad (like usual), but overall, I guess that I'll be fine. LOL

Have a terrific week!


Kyrin </font>

biscottibody59 - Saturday Apr 27, 2002
(Activities At Least 10%; Eat 1400-1800 Calories)
Weight: 162.0

Days 102-104
I paid little to no attention to my intake the last few days. No purposeful exercise.

If we take care of the inches we will not have to worry about the miles.
--Hartley Coleridge

Hope ya'll are doing well this day! I had a very crappy time the last few days and something I was dreading is finally over--at least about 2/3 of it. The other third will, I hope, be resolved by mid-June. Other than that, life goes on.

I think I learned a lesson:-) (although I've probably "learned" it before). All this stuff is gonna come at me--life and sh*t that I would rather ignore--and it doesn't help me to give up good food and exercise habits. I still have to work on those issues when all the crises and non-crises are over. So why not persevere and keep my chin up? Ya'll care (thank goodness!!!) and I care, but some others in my life think I'm fine as I am. I know I've heard this complaint echoed countless times in other diaries and bios, so you all know where I'm coming from--I'm very grateful for that.

I have not been eating in the manner that makes me feel the best. Eating alot of beef like I have this past week (strangely enough--moo;-) seems to sap my strength all the way around. It only takes a little while before it drags me down and then I stay that way. Exercise when I feel that way is like toting a cinder block around on my back. Futile!

I'll be back on plan beginning today--I expect more from myself with a little bit of effort and I know you will help keep me on my toes (and off my ass--hahaha!) See ya' later and have a wonderful weekend!

garlic on 04/27/2002:
Smart dogs are just ok. The most convincing veggie dogs are made by Morningstar Farms. You don't seem them everywhere but when I do find them, they are in the freezer section where all the veggie burgers are. Give them a try. The veggie chicken strips you will find in the produce section where the tofu is. They are made by Smart Menu. They come in chicken and beef. The beef I do not like. The chicken ones are amazing. Try them, you'll like them!!!

Esperanza on 04/27/2002:
Im sorry you have some crappy days. I think alot of us are trying to learn that lesson that you are. Its a hard one. Its a hell of alot easier to just sit on the couch with some bon bons when life sucks,.lol. Anyway,.hang in there and take care!

:-) Esperanza

Ruffiana on 04/27/2002:
I love your quotes!!!! Sorry to hear you had some bad days, but I guess we were in the same mindset becasue so did I. It is sometimes nice to know that you're not the only one who goes astray. If you can get back on track so can I, right? Have a great day......

dingbatprincess on 04/27/2002:
maybe the energy loss was b/c it was protein in the beef not carbs? just a thought

MichelleP on 04/27/2002:

Sorry to hear the last few days have been "crappy" good to know those here keep us on our toes!!!! YOU CAN DO THIS .... YOU WILL DO THIS... YOU ARE SO WORTH THE EFFORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Take care and have a wonderful Saturday!

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Apr 24, 2002
(Activities At Least 10%; Eat 1400-1800 Calories)
Weight: 162.0

Days 100 & 101
I ate 1 out of 3 meals on-diet the last 2 days--am doing better today!

The day I worry about cleaning my house is the day Sears comes out with a riding vacuum cleaner. --Roseanne

So I went down to the local doctor--let's call him Dr. Magoo--haha (you have to be "young" enough to remember the cartoon I think). This guy advertises on the local cable access and I asked for Botox injections. He told me I had to pre-pay and I asked how much. "We're running a special--$75 per injection." So I did so--prepaid for 6 injections. Then I said I want them in my tongue. Why? So I said, "I figure it will temporarily get rid of my sense of taste and I can lose some more weight." Then this light bulb went off over his head--actually it was a light bulb with dollar signs on it. So we're in the testing phase right now. This guy is such a quack--quack quack quack!!! (hahahahaha--yeah, just kidding!)

Just an aside, I heard the reason the FDA approved the use of Botox for wrinkles finally was so the manufacturer could start spending $50 million on advertising. (TRUE!) Haven't seen any ads yet. But if they're as entertaining as the one for the made-up disease, premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)--the company repackaged Prozac and named it Sarafem--it'll be worth the wait. That woman is truly pissed--they could have put her in a "road rage" situation instead--but I guess the company figures her significant other will speak to her about getting some Sarafem, baybeeee! In the road rage situation, the other party probably would have beaten the crap out of her and we'd have yet another issue to deal with! Next thing you know they'll be outright selling it to prevent domestic abuse or something . . . Speaking of commercials, every time I see the one for some hair product where the woman is going through the bushy maze and her hair is all dried out, I imagine the same commercial for an afflicted man searching for his Viagra. Maybe I do watch waaaay too much TV;-)

I only drank about 10 oz of water and cooking was my exercise--you know standing in the kitchen for at least 2 hours! I'm going to take a long walk later this afternoon to ponder my existence, moderate my mood, and tire the dog out! Gotta go!

CharlieAngel on 04/24/2002:
Here's some trivia for you! What is the name of Mr. Magoo's dog? I am still chuckling over your entry today! Hope you have a fabulous day and that you totally tire out the dog!! Don't forget to remember to drink your water! Go, now! Drink some right now!!! OK??? Love ya, Charlotte

Esperanza on 04/24/2002:
LOL!! Enjoy your walk!!

:-) Esperanza

BellaK on 04/24/2002:
I'm laughing out loud here! Hope your day's going great - drink that water lady! :o) Bella

biscottibody59 - Monday Apr 22, 2002
(Activities At Least 10%; Eat 1400-2200 Calories)
Weight: 162.0

Day 99
Today is about keeping on keeping on!

Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there. --Josh Billings

Happy Monday!

I drank only 40 oz water and did housework and a 10-min walk. Today is a renewal day. I want to lose at least 10 more pounds. I don't want to look any farther than that right now.

Hope you have a good food choice day!

BellaK on 04/22/2002:
I love your daily inspiration! I like your short-term goal: If I think of how much more/total amount I still need to lose, I�ll be way too overwhelmed�10 pounds is as far as I can look ahead myself! :o) Bella

Esperanza on 04/22/2002:
Good idea just focusing on 10lbs!! I was getting depressed looking at the total amount I had to lose, but I got some advice from the gals and now I am doing exactly what you are!! I know it will really help encourage me. Probably will for you too!!

Take Care Esperanza

shellybelly on 04/22/2002:
Hee hee. Keeping on keeping on. My friend back at home says that all the time. Take care and have a great day! :)

garlic on 04/22/2002:
Yeah, it's hard when you only want to lose 10. The 10 is really important but at the same time, it's easy to say to yourself that you don't look that bad and it's no big deal to make exceptions. Unfortunately, it the exceptions that slow us down and never get those last 10 stubborn pounds off. Well, I'm determined - today is my renewal day. I actually put my renewal in writing - gave a copy to my husband (to wave in my face if I'm starting fooling around with my food plan) and one for me to carry with me. It's my commitment to myself. Good luck to you!! We can do it.

MichelleP on 04/22/2002:

As usual love your quote! The best of luck with your 10 pounds! You will get there! Take care and have a great night!

momof4 on 04/23/2002:
Keep on Keeping on -- love it -- it reminds me of the Brady Bunch kids - remember when they had a time that they sang as a group? That was like one of their songs -- sorry - showing my nostalgia side -- have a great day!

SoccerMom on 04/23/2002:
You have a great day! Love the postage stamp analogy.

biscottibody59 - Sunday Apr 21, 2002
(Activities At Least 10%; Eat 1400-2200 Calories)
Weight: 162.0

Day 98

Carbofest! Not a lot of guilt over it!
Delay is the deadliest form of denial. --C. Northcote Parkinson

Hello ya'll! As in control as I was the other day, that's how out of control I was for this day! I owe it all to some croissants (from WalMart, no less!) and some Russell Stover candies that weren't meant for me. I was baaaaad--so bad! I had one croissant with chocolate sauce in the middle and one with raspberry jelly and one with hot sauce--REALLY! I kept going back to them. I haven't gone this far off in awhile. I don't have a real disincentive, I don't get sick from eating this way.

It's the long-term disincentive I need to focus on--HELLLO! Poor health, more difficulty getting fit, and losing those next few pounds. I don't get heartburn, headaches, deep regret/depression from eating this way. I enjoy every bite. I just have to face up to the fact that long-term change is good for me (and so is the discipline). Just the changes I've made in the last few months have been holding me in good stead. I'm not likely to go off the deep end and eat like this every day, but I have to resist the temptation a little better.

One more thing about the food, these things were not bought for me. Because when I buy crap for me, I usually get stuff like ham 'n' cheese hot pockets or those frozen WhiteCastle CBs. (We don't have white castle places in Texas.) I wouldn't even buy those, but I had them from a vending machine once and they really hit the spot when I was hungry.

If I weren't the one writing this, I'd be grossing out by all these food fancy admissions! Of course I have others, but when I fall--I fall hard!

I did a 10 min walk and drank 60 oz water.

As soon as I get off of here, I'm going to clean my kitchen and then do my workout before I start telling myself, "I'll get to it later!" (I'll never get to it later!)

Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon and have fun, play with your pets or your children--read a book or mag you've been wanting to get into!

See ya later! (With a much better effort to report!)

pastagal on 04/21/2002:
Well i have to say,,,WE ALL have done that before:} just chalk it up to a bad day and start fresh,,,you have been doing great and i know you won't let eating those set you back,,,so,,,hope you have a wonderful day:}}

momof4 on 04/21/2002:
I know how you feel. I had a few Krispy Kreme donuts today! I know that I will do better tomorrow and I am sure you will too. One day at a time. That is the best motto. Have a good Monday!

MichelleP on 04/21/2002:

Well today is over and tommorow is a new chance. I took your advice and played a game tonight with the kids! LOL we had a blast! Take care and have a wonderful Monday!

Ruffiana on 04/21/2002:
Hello, I'm new today. I'm from Texas, too. I was wondering how you got a color font. I'm glad to know that other people get off the wagon from time to time.

dingbatprincess on 04/27/2002:
is it harder 4u when u enjoy binges? i binge, but it's mostly an emotional thing. it's weird, my mindset is like i want to be bad even if i don't even like the bad food i am eating i eat it anyway becuase i want to be self destructive and i won't stop till im done my binge. but i feel sick and guilty and depressed afterwards, usually make myself puke some of it up. when i am doing well i feel sick just from not being hungry, when i am doing well i love feeling hungry.

what usually leads to my binges is not hunger but anger and depression. so what i am doing to end all emotion-based eating is if i feel i have to chew on something tasty i chew mint or cinnamon gum. seems to be working right now.

biscottibody59 - Saturday Apr 20, 2002
(Activities At Least 10%; Eat 1400-2200 Calories)
Weight: 162.0

Day 97

Calories: 1702; Burned: 3121; 16% Activities
The only thing that ever sat its way to success was a hen.
--Sarah Brown

Thanks for your fine comments!

My exercise consisted of 45 min of NordicTrack and a 10-min walk. I drank >110 oz water. So it was a good day. Usually if I start out with a good breakfast, then I'm pretty good for the day.

Hope you all have a good food choice day!

Crittermama on 04/20/2002:
In that case it was molting!! They stink when they die. Alive they have almost no smell. I'm sure I've thrown out live ones too. But now I don't unless they smell bad. By the way, I came home from shopping and my naked crab died. He was laying on his back and didn't move when I touched him. Oh, well.

MichelleP on 04/20/2002:

Way to go I knew you would be back on track in no time! Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

biscottibody59 - Friday Apr 19, 2002
(Activities At Least 10%; Eat 1400-2200 Calories)
Weight: 162.0

Day 96

Calories, etc still on hiatus!
Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
--Albert Einstein

Hey, did anyone see "Frontline" (about ground meat, e. coli, the cattle in the nasty nasty feedlots, etc) where the woman said "Irradiated poop may not make you sick, but it's still poop!" A great moment in television, I must say. I didn't enjoy the hamburger I was eating at the time quite as much as I otherwise would have.

Hamburgers are out for the next few DAYS, etc. I declare war on my out of control eating habits. No more rationalizing a la "Hey, I burned a zillion calories on that there NordicTrack, so . . . MUNCH! + CRUNCH! = fat cell explosion!"

I know I can do this! Hope you all have a good food/exercise day!

pastagal on 04/19/2002:
I know what you mean about HB,,actually all meat has bad points about it,but we all still eat it,huh,,,i have just come to realize that pretty much any meat we eat is yucky if you think about it much,,but guess not enough to get me to Not eat it,,tho i have cut the amount i consume way down in the past few yrs,guess that is a start huh} Have a great weekend!

kyrin on 04/19/2002:
<font color=#cc33cc> Hi, Biscotti!

Glad to see that you got some qualtiy sleep. Not sure why, but eating a huge meal (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter...) puts me into snooze mode too. MAybe if you try my Grandmother's trick of having some buttered toast and warm drink right before bed, you'll get the fatty benefit without the stuffed feeling. Don't know why that seems to work, but Gran was never overweight. So, I don't see that a bedtime snack could hurt, and it might help with your getting those nice Zzzzzzs.

Have some fun this weekend.

Kyrin </font>

Esperanza on 04/19/2002:
I wish I could have seen that show!! I am gonna think twice now before I bite into a hamburger,.ick ick.

Have a great day!! :-) Esperanza

CharlieAngel on 04/19/2002:
Well, thanks for sharing....LOL! Today when we went to lunch one of the attorneys ordered TONGUE!!! YUCK! She was sitting right next to me too! Sure put a damper on my appetite. I really wish that I had what it takes to be a vegetarian...but I have cut way back on red meat...it just makes me feel so sluggish and bloated! Have a great weekend! Love ya, Charlotte

MichelleP on 04/19/2002:

LOL nope sorry missed that t.v. show. I gave up all red meat months ago, and cant stand to even smell it now. Good luck with getting back into control, you are so right YOU CAN DO THIS! Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

momof4 on 04/19/2002:
Go for the war-- and good luck!! Have a great successful weekend!

biscottibody59 - Thursday Apr 18, 2002
(Activities At Least 10%; Eat 1400-2200 Calories)
Weight: 162.0

Day 94 & 95

Calories, etc on hiatus for these 2 days!
Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor. --Truman Capote

Had 2 sucky diet days. I want to know why I sleep better after eating a big Wendy's CB, fries, coke, and ice cream. It's not s'posed to be that way. I was tired, but I was sitting watching TV and the remote dropped out of my hand. I guess I was exhausted, 'cause I slept a good 8.5 hours--which never happens. It's not that I ate all THAT much (just bad/fatty) the last 2 days, I just didn't drink my water and didn't exercise.

Nevertheless, I'm seriously planning to recommit starting on Friday. I may even try the MichelleP weekend challenge, too.

Gotta go . . . see ya later!

momof4 on 04/18/2002:
I know you'll get back on track -- I had McDonald's on Tues. myself -- It is easy to slip - and hopefully we'll get on track! I need a push this weekend!

MichelleP on 04/18/2002:

Okay the last 2 days are done. You will get back on track. Go ahead take the challenge ( I dare you ) LOL! It seems to be helping me and a few others. Good luck and have a great day!

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