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biscottibody59 - Tuesday Feb 26, 2002
(Circuit Aerobic Wkt/The Woman Dr's Diet for Women)
Weight: 167.0

Days 41-44

Hope you're having a good diet and exercise day. Me, I'm gonna try to catch up:-)

I simply haven't been focused on my plan, but I haven't been overeating either, so that's a plus. On the minus side, not much in the way of exercise in the last few days.

I walked around a really huge mall on Saturday. I shopped, ate, caught up with a good friend I hadn't seen in awhile. Despite all the exercise I've been doing, I was exhausted by Saturday night and was really sore on Sunday--actually my hamstring was sore.

I try to measure on Tuesdays, so I changed my weight. Isn't it funny how when you decide to do something regularly it sometimes undermines you;-) At any rate, since the weight is up, I'm not going to measure because it's just gonna be up overall instead of down--why should I torture myself?

I got some new shoes that are much better for walking than the others I have--so I should be able to do extensive walking when I feel like it. I gotta start drinking water again and get in a workout before midnight haha!

Gotta go now . . . see you all later!

garlic on 02/26/2002:
Good luck getting back into the swing. I'm trying like crazy to get the exercise bug. Can't seem to make it a priority. Some day.

Soon2BThin on 02/26/2002:
Don't worry about that couple of pounds, I'm sure you will get busy and get them back off quickly. You're right about the shoes, it's important to have good shoes for walking, in fact, that was a subject our WW leader talked about this week. So now, get out there, girl, walk, walk, walk, okay? IT'S FUN!! And while doing it, keep thinking of how thin you will be soon!

firebabe on 02/27/2002:
Hugs hunny, just wanted to say a quick hello since I actually logged on here for once in ummm, humm, what year is this again??? ~lol~ Have a great one!!!

biscottibody59 - Friday Feb 22, 2002
(Circuit Aerobic Wkt/The Woman Dr's Diet for Women)
Weight: 165.0

Days 39 & 40

Overcome by events, wheels off, screwed up, sidetracked, unprepared--yeah that's it--I was totally unprepared for the day yesterday so, "I screwed up!"

Yesterday, I didn't eat anything (only drank coffee) until a trip to an Italian hole in the wall last night--had a really good Calzone! And a salad and a little bit of other carbohydrates and then I ate some Reese's Cups. That was about it--too bad--I'm picking myself up and going to work out today and try to eat better.

Going to eat (I mean) meet a friend for lunch tomorrow, so this food carnage was supposed to happen tomorrow if at all. I feel like crap--food probably was chock full of monosodium glutamate (MSG) also known as "Accent" which I'm EXTREMELY sensitive to. It sorta fries my brain for several hours and that's one way I know it's been added to my food.

Needless to say the day before (Day 39) I ate well, but didn't exercise. I'm pretty sure on fitday my calories consumed went OVER my calories burned. Sucks!

Anyway, gotta go . . . see you later!

traya on 02/22/2002:
Hey, don't get down on yourself too much! Today is a new day! Tammy :-)

CharlieAngel on 02/22/2002:
HEY, GIRLFRIEND...You know that Mama said there'd be days like that. It's over, gone, history... just forgive yourself....and move on from here. I really believe that is the secret. Not throwing in the towel when the going gets a bit rough. I am currently in plateau hell and normally this is the time I would just say forget it... it's too hard to do this....my body was meant to be this way...you name it and I have used it as an excuse. Come on and let's just keep on trying everyday....this time next year we will be absolutely fabulous darling!!! Take care of you! Love ya, Charlotte

Soon2BThin on 02/22/2002:
Hey, we all have those days when we "screw up". Heck, I've had a lot lately, haha. But we just have to forget it and keep going on. Just think of the alternative---fat city, right? You probably didn't do too bad, after all, not eating all day. BTW, why did you do that? Anyways, pick yourself up & get going, okay? We're all going to be successful at losing our weight, right? Have a great day tomorrow!

pktwatch on 02/22/2002:
You know, you know you did wrong yesterday and now you are back with the program. That is the what is good about the DD, you can get it off of your chest!

Keep with the program and you will WIN! Butch

Soon2BThin on 02/26/2002:
Tuesday---Biscotti, where are you? I miss you. I hope you will come back. So many are leaving lately, I hate that! Anyway, I hope you're doing okay, let us know.

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Feb 20, 2002
(Circuit Aerobic Wkt/The Woman Dr's Diet for Women)
Weight: 165.0

Day 38

I had a very good exercise day--hope you did as well!

I measured and just about everything went up except for leg, calf, upper arm, and wrist. I did a before breakfast aerobic fest (bbaf haha) of 32 min on the NordicTrack. I drank >70 oz water and my food was very good. I did a Circuit Aerobic Workout, which totally kicked my ass! It consisted of 20 min on the Airdyne with 30 min of weights. I weigh 166 pounds today--but I know I'm doing the right thing despite the scale.

Onward and Upward . . . see ya' later!

traya on 02/20/2002:
Wow! You had a GREAT exercise day! I don't know how you do that much. I got on the NordicTrack at the mall the other night and after about 2 minutes I thought I was going to have a heart attack! :-) Tammy

smiling sal on 02/20/2002:
Did you manage to stay awake all day after working out that hard ? Only kidding I like to work out in the morning - usually aerobics or stationery bike.

Well done on the measuring, even if you weren't hapy with the results - it could be muscle. I'm not brave enough to get out the tape measure.


Crittermama on 02/20/2002:
I wouldn't worry too much. Muscle is heavier than fat. I hope to be down to your weight soon! God bless.

SOU812? on 02/20/2002:
Thank you so much for your comment!!! I have really fallen hard and I just recorded my real known weight which is not good! I am almost to where I started. I am happy to come here where people understand how I feel! Thanks for being there for me! Take Care, Kelly

MichelleP on 02/20/2002:
I have heard people say they hate the scale but as we know we are drawn to it! You are doing awesome keep up the great work! Take care

shellybelly on 02/21/2002:
Hey! Great job with the exercise. Keep it up! That scale will be down again in no time. Shelly

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Feb 19, 2002
(Circuit Aerobic Wkt/The Woman Dr's Diet for Women)
Weight: 165.0

Day 37

Hope your day's going well!

I was right on with my diet yesterday. By the end of the day I felt kind of weird though, so I took a hot bath and read a little and went to bed by 11:30p, which I never do! I wasn't sick or anything, I just felt strange. Anyway, I did a 15-min walk and about 5 min on the Airdyne and drank >70 oz water. Doing my measurements today--for the first time in about a month.

Gotta go . . . see ya' later!

pktwatch on 02/19/2002:
You have THE POWER! My DD started working again so at least for now, I am using it again as: pktwatch

I posted a very good Daily Motivator today so if you have the time, go check it out! Butch

traya on 02/19/2002:
Must have been something in the air, I was in bed by 9:30 but I woke up at 2:30am and couldn't go back to sleep for hours! You're doing great!!! Tammy :-)

biscottibody59 - Monday Feb 18, 2002
(Circuit Aerobic Wkt/The Woman Dr's Diet for Women)
Weight: 167.0

Day 36

Hello All!

I did 46 min on my NordicTrack before breakfast and drank >60 oz water for the day. I did a Circuit Aerobic Workout, which was 15 min on NordicTrack and 25 min of weights and leg lifts.

I feel great that I have a new week and I can "start over" dietwise. I'm really looking forward to my diet and some reasonable success.

Here's to success for your diet and exercise! See you all tomorrow!

traya on 02/18/2002:
Yeah for you!!! I have just been walking so far. I'm gonna try doing aerobic tape this morning. Keep up the good work!!! Tammy :-)

halley on 02/18/2002:
I'm always happy to get back to regular eating on monday. The weekends just throw me off!

Jelly Belly on 02/18/2002:
I feel like that too--that I'm boring everyone. Yes, I'm starting over today. Today, I messed up. No, really, this time I'm going to do it. On and on.......just like a treadmill, never ending.

RareDiamond on 02/18/2002:
Looks like you are back on track and ready to roll. Great job with your exercise and water.

shellybelly on 02/18/2002:
Hey! It sounds like you're doing great! Keep it up! Shelly

biscottibody59 - Sunday Feb 17, 2002
(Circuit Aerobic Wkt/The Woman Dr's Diet for Women)
Weight: 167.0

Days 33-35

Hi All!

I'll give the good news first--I got on my NordicTrack today (Day 36). The last 3 days were not good at all--I ate badly on purpose and I missed my exercise on Valentine's Day and just continued to miss it (no walks, no nothing) until today.

I'm going back on my diet tomorrow and I'm not leaving room for cheating. I'm not going to have excuses. I may go off of it for a bit on Saturday, but farther into the future, my plan is to stay on it and continue exercising. Of course if I deviate I'll report here!

The diet worked for me before and I want to see it continue to work for me. If this time fails, I'll rethink my plan--I feel like enough is enough. I'm really ready to move on from here. I sometimes think I'll feel guilty if I lose more weight, but that's just a silly way to think.

Moving forward . . . see ya' tomorrow!

shellybelly on 02/17/2002:
Yeah...it's pretty easy to cheat on V-day, I did a little myself. Sounds like your really determined though. Keep it up! :)

biscottibody59 - Thursday Feb 14, 2002
(Circuit Aerobic Wkt/The Woman Dr's Diet for Women)
Weight: 167.0

Day 32

Happy Valentine's Day!

I got in 43 min on the NordicTrack before breakfast and a 15 min walk. I drank about 80 oz water. I'm changing my weight because it's going up and at this point, it's 5 pounds ABOVE my low. Why pretend--I gotta get on the ball, ya'll!

Take it easy on the goodies and have a fine day!

SOU812? on 02/14/2002:
Happy Valentines Day!

I fell of the ball, HARD! So, I need to get back to it myself!

Good luck to both of us! :0)


traya on 02/16/2002:
Hi! I know what you mean - I REALLY have to get on the ball!!!! Hang in there! tammy :-)

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Feb 13, 2002
(Circuit Aerobic Wkt/The Woman Dr's Diet for Women)
Weight: 162.0

Day 31

Thanks for all your fine comments!

Still not addicted to exercise, but I'm pushing forward. Yesterday was rather disappointing. I always seem to do this when I start some exercise program with regularity.

Having overdone it the day before exercise-wise (I just couldn't help myself) and possibly having some bad chicken, I was kind of sick yesterday. My thighs were sore and I was probably a little dehydrated. So I only got a couple short walks in. Drank >50 oz water. Eating was for comfort (when I finally felt like it--after some ginger ale). Then I felt fine by evening to eat 3 slices of "not-too-cheesy" pizza.

So I'm feeling fine today, I've weighed in at 166 the last few days, but I'm not going to change it on my entry unless it stays there for 3 more days. I think it's due to the activity. I'll be measuring on Tuesday, but I'm just really trying to make exercise my priority and to make it a habit. It's harder than it seems--but I think I can do it.

Have a good day and I'll see ya' later!

Jelly Belly on 02/13/2002:
I'm sure you can do it. Geesh! 35 has hit me hard. Instead of Jelly Belly, I'm going to be flabby fatty! Gotta keep on keeping on. Glad you're feeling better!

BountifulBren on 02/13/2002:
I'm with you on the exercise thing, so don't feel bad! But the more we do it, (hopefully) the more we'll like it. Just keep at it and you're sure to see results at your official measuring on Tuesday.

Smiling Sal on 02/13/2002:
Glad you're feeling a bit brighter than you were. Exercise Addiction - now there is a scary thought, must watch what I do don't want ot end up at EA (exerciser anonuymous) sorry couldn't resist it.

Well done over there in Texas, 'chuffed' does mean really pleased - will need to watch my slang in future.


shellybelly on 02/13/2002:
Hey! I hope you feel better. Keep up the good work!

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Feb 12, 2002
(Circuit Aerobic Wkt/The Woman Dr's Diet for Women)
Weight: 162.0

Day 30

Still doing well with my exercise!

I got 6.5 hours sleep. I did 30 min before breakfast on the NordicTrack. I drank >60 oz water. My diet today was so-so, I'm trying NOT to get too wrapped around the axle on the diet front. I did a Circuit Aerobic Workout, 21 min NordicTrack plus 25 min weights.

Ya'll have a great food choice day, see you all tomorrow!

Iti on 02/12/2002:
Hey, You're doing great! Focus on the exercise and you're body will naturally crave healthy food. You'll see! Hugs, Iti.

halley on 02/12/2002:
Exercise shall set you free.

crazyluckie on 02/12/2002:
Yea exercise! Your body is loving you! and transforming from the inside out!


BountifulBren on 02/12/2002:
Wow, you are doing so well with the exercise, keep it up! Most of my *naturally* thin friends eat whatever they want and LOVE to exercise...must be something to it! ;)

MichelleP on 02/12/2002:
Keep up the great work your doing wonderful!

biscottibody59 - Monday Feb 11, 2002
(Circuit Aerobic Wkt/The Woman Dr's Diet for Women)
Weight: 162.0

Day 29

One more good day down--so far so good!

I did 35 min on the NordicTrack before breakfast. It went like this: about a 4 min warmup legs only, then 2 min using arms and legs alternating with legs only for 2 more minutes. I took a break every 10 min to drink water. It was a good workout--and it goes really fast this way. I've experimented with 2 min legs only then 8 min arms and legs and so forth and I like the new way. I drank >60 oz water and, last but not least, my diet was about 75% "good." I get much less hungry doing the early morning workout--but I still have to feed myself well throughout the day. I got about 6.5 hours sleep.

I've tried to catch up reading a few more diaries and commenting. I feel fortunate to be here and to be able to support you all and to receive YOUR support--I know every day won't be sweetness and light for all of us--but we can pick ourselves up and try each day to work out and eat right so the good days outweigh the bad.

Have a good one and thanks for sticking with me this past week when it seemed I was never gonna find that groove again. Here's hoping I've found it;-) See ya'll tomorrow!

MichelleP on 02/11/2002:

Great news about your exercise! Heres to you finding your "groove" LOL!!!! that's awesome! Thank you for all your support it has ment the world to me! Take care and have a wonderful Monday!

halley on 02/11/2002:
I'm glad to hear that you're feeling good about things again. You were doing really well there for a while. I find that the more I write about my feelings in my journal the more helpful it is when I go back to re-read them.

Jelly Belly on 02/11/2002:
Hey Stella! Get it? How Stella Got Her Groove Back! Glad you're feeling more up. I look forward to reading you!

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