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biscottibody59 - Saturday Dec 22, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 164.0

Newsflash . . . My NordicTrack is back in working order--bravo!

I got the part on Monday (thanks USPS and Icon Fitness--woop woop!) and fixed it on Tuesday, did 42 min on Wednesday (nothing since then). I had stayed up the entire day/night on Sunday or I would have fixed it almost immediately . . . boy did I need that sleep.

So, I realized this part has been noisy for a reallllly long time, because now when I watch TV while on it, I don't have to turn the volume up to the max. I just thought it was normal noise (until the horrible squealing!). Anyway I'm back on track--haha! By the way, I'm NOT a mechanical marvel--it was just the easiest damn thing to fix (a true no-brainer)! Thanks to Icon Fitness for being around!

The big push for my stressful existence is over for awhile and can only get better. Thanks to everyone for your fine comments and all the good vibes you sent!

My plan is to ease my way back to NordicTrack "nirvana" and count calories, etc. Next Year--haha! Meanwhile, I've got to get up off of this thing and do some baking. (Still haven't forgotten you CharlieAngel--and the Strudel recipe!)

Dare I say, my weight is up to 165 today, haven't been drinking much water--but I'm not depriving myself foodwise (I want a Sonic Foot Long Coney sooooo bad!) Gotta go . . . Until tomorrow!

biscottibody59 - Monday Dec 17, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 164.0

Hope you are all doing well!

I haven't made an entry in a few days . . . not much to report. I'm giving up the regular reporting of my detailed food probably 'til the end of the year (not too many days away). I have been extremely harried the last few days and it's gonna continue for the next week or so. So, to make a long story short I got in one good workout on Friday 12.14--Airdyne for 61 min. Foodwise I've been on a Taco Bell binge the last few days--it's undermining my so-called lifestyle change, but I'm gonna give it up by Wednesday, if all goes the way I'm hoping. I really want to share, but now is not the time--suffice it to say, I'm going through something that people shouldn't have to go through, but like alot of YOUR trials and tribulations, circumstances present themselves and we have to deal. Unless you're like some of MY family and you can go off and create your own reality;-)

On Friday, I drank only a cup of coffee all day, no lunch or any other food, until about 8 p.m. I wasn't hungry--but that's about all I can say good--I mean I didn't lose 5 pounds by Saturday morning or anything, in fact I gained 2 pounds.

I will try to post something every day, but if you don't see me in a couple days, I'll be back on a regular basis soon. Maybe by then I'll have my beloved NordicTrack back in working order. This time of the year (broken record!!!) really sucks for my meager willpower.

Until . . . whenever!

traya on 12/17/2001:
Sorry things are so harried for you right now! I hope your personal "trial" turns out well for you! I will pray for the quick recovery of your NordicTrack! :-) Have a good day! tammy :-)

pinkuspettuty on 12/17/2001:
Sorry to heara about your tough times. Hope they get better soon. Here's to hoping old Nord E. Track is up and runniong soon. Take good care of you. Pink

halley on 12/17/2001:
I'm sure that you will come out the other side of this just fine!!! Get that Nordic Track back to work!

ChristyG on 12/17/2001:
Hi Biscotti!

I sure do understand that harried feeling! ...and i'm not pout and about as much as a lot of our diarists seem to be. Whew!

I gave up posting my menus (I think the day after I started doing it)...at least until after Christmas and my birthday. After that, things should settle down somewhat. I'm just aiming to stay even. If I can accomplish that during the holidays, I think that I'll be satisfied.

My only goal between now and then is to create a pocket of peace and comfort in our home for my fellas. They are both out and about and working stressful jobs...so anything I can do to help them enjoy the season, will make me feel better too. ...Having it smell like Christmas goes a long way to creating a comforting atmosphere, so I've been baking a bit each day. (Guess you can tell a lot about our background from that info, huh?) ...This morning, I made a spicy banana bread that freezes really well, so when it cools, I'll pop a small amount in the freezer for tea time later and then send the rest of the cake to work with my guys. ...Gotta get that stuff out of the house, don't ya know!?! LOL

Enjoy the holidays. We can get caught up again and make a renewed push when the post-holiday sales and dieting begin.



mommathree33 on 12/17/2001:
Hi Biscotti, I hope everything turns out okay. It's a tough time of the year to have to handle other stresses. And to top it off you can't even release your stress with your Nordic Track. Hang in there, I know you can. Ciao Mommathree33

noshie on 12/17/2001:
Don't ya just love the holidays and dislike the holidays all in the same breath??!! I do at times, we watched Malcome in the middle last night and I thought Lord if thats not our life, minus the ornament throwing...lol. Try and take it easy, and look forward to seeing us all back and refreshed after the new year. Take care Love ya!

biscottibody59 - Thursday Dec 13, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 164.0

Hidy Ho Ho Ho:-)

Calories for yesterday were 2316, 35% carb (13g fiber), 45% fat, 21% protein (9% of calories burned as activities--Airdyne). I drank >60 oz water, 1 veg and 0 fruit. I did 42 min on the Airdyne.

I was exhausted when I did my exercise, but I broke it up in 2 sets and got it out of the way--I'm glad TODAY that I did it!

Until tomorrow!

traya on 12/13/2001:
Hey chicky! You kicked butt! tammy :-)

Cyan on 12/14/2001:
Way to go with the exercise! BTW, Airdyne is an exercise bike, right? Is it upright or recumbent?


pezzy34 on 12/16/2001:
Okay, I have some questions, because your weight now is what I'm dying to get to, soooo how tall are you if you don't mind me asking and what size clothing do you wear? I'm just wanting a mind goal for myself to visualize, ya know? Thanks! -pezzy34

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Dec 12, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 164.0

Hi to you all and THANK YOU for all your fine comments!

I did 36 min on my (very noisy) NordicTrack (10% of calories burned as activities) and drank >80 oz water. My calories were 2846, 50% carb (23g fiber), 34% fat, 16% protein; 1 veg and 1 fruit. I hate to tell you, but I ate half of a large pizza, it had little cheese on it, but still . . . on the other hand, I had a bit more control over my soda intake, only 12 oz.

I did my last NordicTrack workout for awhile until I get it repaired. Isn't it funny how we get attached to something (Traya and her video) and when it doesn't work or something, we get a little panicky (at least I do). I started obsessing about getting totally out of control and gaining back 20 pounds just because I couldn't use that darned NordicTrack--stupid--but I do it with other things.

Here's a link to a site with a reviews of the Gazelle Freestyle. Apparently it doesn't have a resistance control, so you either go fast or slow and it has to be assembled. Also, the WalMart site had it for around $180. I think I'd have to use it and really like it before shelling out any more money for (like CharlieAngel said) an expensive clothing rack. My NordicTrack was one of those off and on for the last few years.

I want to get some sustained control over my food--I'm not really ready this time of year, though. I'll probably go a few days and lose a few pounds, but it looks like I'll have to wait until the first of the New Year to find my resolve. Exercise-wise I'm going to try to stay committed. We'll see!

Until tomorrow!

noshie on 12/12/2001:
I hope your part comes in quickly so you can hit the nordic track again. Take care and have a good day today Love ya

Cyan on 12/12/2001:
Hi biscotti,

I know what you mean about this time of year being hard on willpower - this year my big temptations seem to be Coke and chocolate candies. One taste of chocolate or one sip of Coke and suddenly I feel like bingeing on them. But the rest of my diet is pretty good, so I'm not beating myself up over it.

You've been doing really well, you should be proud of yourself. Keep up the good work!


mommathree33 on 12/12/2001:
Hi Biscotti, don't worry you'll be on your Nordic Track in no time. Yes this time of the year is hard but just think its almost over!! Ciao Mommathree33

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Dec 11, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 164.0

Hi there!

I did 12 min NordicTrack (4% of calories burned as activities) and drank >40 oz water. My calories were 2589, 53% carb (15g fiber), 31% fat, 16% protein; 2 veg and 2 fruit.

I only got a few min on my NordicTrack. It started to whine about 3 min into my workout and so I stopped at 1 mile. I proceeded to take it apart in anticipation of a quick fix. It has a different problem than I originally thought. I had a chat with the website and got a number, called, ordered a part, and I should be back in business very soon. This is a revelation because the original company went bankrupt and sold out--but they still sell the same machine and also keep parts on hand. Also, apparently you can arrange to have an outside repair outfit come to your house for $60 an hour. I hope I won't have to do that.

Does someone on here use that Tony Little Gazelle thingy? How do you like it? Give us details!

Until tomorrow!

halley on 12/11/2001:
I'm quite impressed with your skills! I've never heard of the Tony Little thing - what is it?

traya on 12/11/2001:
Hey lady! Doing good with the exercise, water, and diet! My daughter accidently broke my walk aerobic tape this morning so I have to go do something else. I told hubby I have to go get another one because I really like it. Hope your machine is fixed soon. I don't know any Tony Little stuff? Tammy :-)

Jelly Belly on 12/11/2001:
Let me know if you find anything out about the Gazelle. It looks good, but he scares me. Any guy with hair longer than mine-ugh!

CharlieAngel on 12/12/2001:
You are so focused and motivated to do whatever it takes. I am totally impressed with your can-do attitude. I have never used the Tony Little Gazelle thingy, actually have watched him tout the wonders on TV though. It looks like fun, and like it would have very little impact on your joints. Do you think that any gyms might carry one? I always like to try something high priced before I buy, so it doesn't turn into an expensive clothes hangar....like my exercise bike.... Have a great day and stay strong!!! Charlotte

biscottibody59 - Monday Dec 10, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 164.0

Hello to you all!

A box of macaroni and cheese, a few items from Taco Bell, not much water. Too much Pepsi. No exercise. Toooooooo many calories. On the other hand I used fat-free milk and for the day, I got a good amount of fiber in--thanks to the Chex! I should get compensated for plugging all these brand names. Still have that "catch" in my back--I think it's a muscle spasm gone berserk--I'm going to go ahead with my usual exercise anyway. It's a little like a stiff neck, but it's in the middle of my back. Enough!

I did no exercise and drank 18 oz water. My calories were 3232, 57% carb (32g fiber), 28% fat, 15% protein; 1 veg and 3 fruit.

I've already had a couple of large glasses of water, so I'm starting UP! Hope you all have a great food choice/exercise day!

Jelly Belly on 12/10/2001:
*sigh* If we could only do away with all the fast food restaurants! We'd be supermodels!!!

horseychick on 12/10/2001:
Beware of the devil soda...my weakness is MT Dew...love it...Sounds like you are doing well with your water...hopefully you will get it all in

biscottibody59 - Sunday Dec 09, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 164.0

Hello Everyone!

The good news is that I burned more calories the past week than I consumed (on average), this is according to Fitday and is to the best of my knowledge. My weight hasn't changed, a good thing:-)

Here is my food, etc. diary for the past few days:

Tuesday 12.4 I did 36 min on my NordicTrack (10% of calories burned as activities) and drank >80 oz water. My calories were 2107, 52% carb (20g fiber), 33% fat, 15% protein; 2 veg and no fruit.

Wednesday 12.5 For my exercise I raked leaves for about an hour (6% of cal burned). I drank >110 oz water and my calories were 2517, 34% carb (13g fiber), 47% fat, 19% protein; 1 veg and no fruit.

Thursday 12.6 Did heavy HEAVY housecleaning for my exercise (24% of cal burned) and drank >80 oz water. My calories were 2983, 59% carb (15g fiber), 30% fat, 11% protein; 3 veg and 3 fruit.

Friday 12.7 Calories were 2512, 61% carb (9g fiber), 25% fat, 14% protein. I did no exercise per se, thus no activity percentage. I had 1 veg and 1 fruit. I drank 30 oz water.

Saturday 12.8 Calories were 2209, 57% carb (17g fiber), 28% fat, 15% protein. I did no exercise, so no activity percentage. I had 1 veg and 1 fruit. I drank >20 oz water.

I didn't deprive myself, but I DID work my ass off to burn alot of those calories. I spent the last 4 days with this "catch" in the middle of my back--not sure what it was from, possibly Tuesday's NordicTrack excursion (it included 15 min at 1st incline). One of the bearings started screeching and I haven't been back on it since because I'm sure I'm gonna have to take it apart. The bearings start slipping inside their compartments and I--not knowing what else to do--wrap the bearing/bearings in as much masking tape as necessary to assuage the slippage. I had to do this about a year ago--it's not difficult with a cordless drill and screwdriver bits--it just takes time and patience. So much for the care and feeding of one's NordicTrack.

I tried MultiBran Chex, tasty, high-fiber, but I have to beware of the big blood sugar drop a few hours after eating. Very much like Grape-Nuts for me. I bought them to make a snack I found on dwlz.com (Dottis Weightloss Zone). (Haven't made it yet!)

Oh, I decided that I KNOW why I'm fat! It is fear of hunger--not true hunger. I am rarely hungry. That's it in a nutshell. It's completely irrational--but I've found that if I can hold off eating something for awhile the fear/craving passes and I can exercise some control over portions.

For myself, I'm going to try to keep a better food diary.

I'm done--until tomorrow!

halley on 12/09/2001:
Well it looks like you've gone a long way toward getting things under control! You are sure on the right track - just not the NordicTrack!

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Dec 04, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 164.0

Hello to You!

My calories for yesterday: 2654 consisting of 44% carb, 40% fat, and 15% protein. I did 36 min on NordicTrack with 25 min circuit training interspersed. I had no fruit and 1 veg. I drank >60 oz water. My exercise was 16% of calories burned.

As promised, I HAD to change my weight because of a 2# gain. It's not sooooo bad; I want to be down to 159 by next Tuesday. I don't like the 160s anymore--they're crappy, in a lingering sort of way--I've been in them sooooo long. Like a bug that was just doing his own thing when the cow came along and made a patty RIGHT on top of him. I can imagine how tired he was when he finally got himself out of the mire. (Of course it was a "him," cows wouldn't poop on their own kind--especially if they were NOW cows--hahaha!)

On a very serious subject now. Let's talk about fat, more specifically "fat acceptance." Check out the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance. Click on "Bariatric Surgery Memorial" under "News," but only if you want to have your heart broken. It's a listing of individuals who were extremely obese (the few I read through listed their BMIs) and some not so obese--Glenda Klapper was 5'2.5" and weighed 240 lbs--who opted for "Weight Loss Surgery" a la Carnie Wilson and others. Except these people didn't ultimately make it for one reason or another. It's a very sobering, heartwrenching site.

Until tomorrow!

Cyan on 12/04/2001:
Hi biscotti,

Thanks for posting that link - helps to put things into perspective. In the past, when I was really desperate, I thought about weight loss surgery. Thank goodness I decided against it. The dieting and exercise may take longer, but being skinny isn't worth dying for.


SoccerMom on 12/05/2001:
I know what you mean about the 160's...I was there for <i>months</i>, and now have been stuck in the high 150's (although I haven't gotten on the scale in about a month now). I'm just going to do what I need to, to get through daughter's wedding and the holidays, then see if I'm pleasantly surprised when I get on the scale for New Year's.

You have a great day!

DVDMon on 12/05/2001:
Hey there, here is a link to the site. Let me know if it works for you:

<a target="_blank" href="http://www20.brinkster.com/dietdiaries">Diet Diaries Pictures</a>

biscottibody59 - Monday Dec 03, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 162.0

Hi everyone!

Yesterday was a complete washout food-choice wise, but tasted reeeal good! I got a 10-minute walk. But was so carbed out, I didn't feel like a workout, so to kinda make up for it, got up and did a pre-breakfast workout extravaganza this morning, woop woop!

My calories for yesterday: 2802 consisting of 48% carb, 41% fat, and 11% protein. That paltry exercise accounted for 1% of calories burned. I had no fruit and 2 veg. I drank about 32 oz water.

Until tomorrow!

Cyan on 12/03/2001:
Hey biscotti,

Yeah, this weekend was somewhat of a free-for-all for me, but I'm back on track today. Good going on the workout this morning (when I feel better I'll follow your example)!


traya on 12/03/2001:
Hey lady! Great job with the workouts!!! My weekend of food was kinda sucky too but it could have been worse I guess. Keep burning those calories! tammy :-)

biscottibody59 - Sunday Dec 02, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 162.0

Hi to everyone!

Calories were 2163; 35% carb, 39% fat, 26% protein. I had no fruit, 1 veg and about 40 oz water. I did 40 min on my NordicTrack and some floor exercises.

My food choices were poor (except that I got plenty of protein in), but I did my ever-necessary exercise. I can imagine throwing the towel in diet wise, but my exercise is simply golden the last two times.

I took a good luck at myself in the mirror and paid special attention to my profile--still double chinned--hahaha! Then I just said to myself, "What the f*ck!" In other words, why am I sweating how I look, I'm 42 and nothing's gonna change that. I'm gonna keep doing my own thing until I reach my goal.

I'm not putting stock in that double chin or lack thereof or belly or crow's foot. I'll put my stock in my "flexible" thigh muscles (they didn't do that until about 6 weeks ago), my visible blood vessels in my biceps (couldn't see them until a couple months ago), my good health, etcetera! Until tomorrow!

UPDATE: Calories burned as exercise was at 11%.

ChristyG on 12/02/2001:
Hey! two days in a row! <i>Wonderful!</i> The calories are looking pretty good too. Yeah, yeah, I know that you were light on the fruit and veggies, but some days things just workout like that. Exercise is the thing. ...Even SoccerMom (my sis) was out there exercising today. She called me on her cell phone from the track where she was walking. She was passing the 2 3/4 mile marker as we started talking. Within a few minutes, she was coming up on her goal of 3 miles. ...and you know, she kept right on walking as we talked!

Wooo-Hoo for all of us exercisers!



halley on 12/02/2001:
The physical changes are awesome, but the good health is really the most important. Don't worry about the double chin, it will go away.

stellastarr on 12/03/2001:
A change in how you do your bust measurement????? That is from your yesterday's entry, but gosh, I'm thinking.... what is this all about?! Tell it! And about being forty-two? How wonderful! Many tried but didn't make it that far. Many others don't know it yet, but they won't make it that far either. For the younger ones you are pioneering new ground.... for we older ones, you get a congratulatory nod and LEGITIMATE praise and congrats because WE really KNOW what you are about there when you are alone and trying to do this great thing for yourself. Women; you just gotta LOVE 'em, right? Keep it going, Sweetie. This one's for you. Love, Stella

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