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biscottibody59 - Friday Nov 02, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 163.0

This is a belated entry for Friday. There will be no FitDay.com entry for today--I consider it to be my "free" day that I referred to earlier in the week. I went "hog wild" and I must say that I enjoyed it. I skipped lunch for what it's worth--but completely made up for it if I take in the whole day. No exercise. Not enough water--that has already changed. I kind of knew I was working up to this kind of day. I'm now debating with myself what I'm going to do as a strategy. Do I need to do a total change or just go back to the "STRICT" diet of "The Woman Doctor's Diet For Women" that has worked so well? I know now why I felt so crappy the other day--it was because in the process of craving something salty, I went overboard on Mustard of all things--before actually eating a meal--I get a headache from mustard (possibly lots of natural MSG). Anyway, gotta get back that ol' Firebabe Focus--yesssss!

biscottibody59 - Thursday Nov 01, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 163.0

Hi to everyone!

I had an interesting day--I tried to eat the way I did at the very beginning of this diet, which in a nutshell is very low complex carb. I felt awful. I finally ate some cereal before going to bed, because I felt hungry and deprived. I'm thinking after re-reading the book that with the amount of exercise I get, I need to use the "High-Calorie Weight Loss" version outlined in the book. So today I'm trying it and hoping I don't end up going overboard on the complex carbs. Nothing could be as bad as yesterday. It made me question what I was doing and why on earth would I want to keep feeling that crappy. I almost thought I was coming down with a bug, it was so bad. Not to mention the third cup of coffee--that probably didn't help. I'm a coffee head--especially when the weather starts getting chilly.

I almost didn't get my 25 min NordicTrack in because I felt so bad. I did get in >90 oz water. Okay--that's yesterday--I know today will be better. New day, new eating plan. Hope your diet & exercise day goes well for today!

FitDay (10.31): 1775 cal; 28 fat, 5 sat fat; 257 carb, 48 fiber; 155 protein.

pastagal on 11/01/2001:
Hang in there and keep trying,don't give up,,,today is a new day and i know what your feeling,,i have been going through alot of the same thing,,,but today i feel better and my motto is ,,,,just don't give up,,,just keep trying every day:}} Have a great day ok:}

windsong on 11/01/2001:
Gosh sounds like you had a really rotten day! Glad to hear you were able to get in your exersize. Good for you cause I think I would have just crawled into bed! You are doing really great though so just keep on what you are doing and you will reach that goal in no time!

Hugs! ~~Windsong~~

Letkemen on 11/01/2001:
Hi Biscotti! Keep at it~~ remember you have got me going on this fit.com thing! Put on a smile and keep going - your doing great! Today is the beginning of a new month and its All Saints Day! A great day for us to push on! :)

Jelly Belly on 11/02/2001:
What's the name of the book? Complex carbs are.........? whole grains, fruits and veggies?

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Oct 31, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 163.0

I did very well today overall. I did 32 min on NordicTrack and >90 oz water. My diet was right on track--I included regular dressing on my salad. That's about it. Hope your diet/exercise day goes well!

FitDay (10.30): 1417 cal; 29 fat, 6 sat fat; 185 carb, 44 fiber; 127 protein.

Letkemen on 10/31/2001:
Very Well Done! It gives me the push to get back on to something and just do it!

Letkemen on 10/31/2001:
Well I have now joined the fitday.com and I signed up for life! I have 247 days to get to the 77 pound loss goal. Thankx for the site. I am really excited to see how this works! Will keep in touch!

windsong on 10/31/2001:
Sounds like you are doing terrific as usual! Thats great!!


Soon2BThin on 10/31/2001:
I'm with you, let's get this done!

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Oct 30, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 163.0

Good afternoon to you all! I did about 2 hours of cleaning outside yesterday bending and stooping and I can feel it today. I also did 42 min on the NordicTrack and drank >100 oz water. Foodwise I kind of overdid it on some Mexican food, lots of cheese--probably because today was the start of my attempt to lose 1-2 lbs per week. It's pretty obvious I can't lose a dern thing (except my confidence) eating like that! So far so good today (fingers crossed!). Hope ya'll are doing well in your quest for health, fitness, and weight loss!

Kyrin on 10/30/2001:
Hi Biscotti!

WAY TO GO!!! All of that outside work and Nordictracking will give that old scale a shove! ...I had Mexican tonight, so I can empathize with your food choice. Oh-oh! {grins}

Keep up that terrific activity! 158 here you come!



biscottibody59 - Monday Oct 29, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 163.0

Just a quick entry, this quote sang to me today:

Be master of your petty annoyances and conserve your energies for the big, worthwhile things. It isn't the mountain ahead that wears you out--it's the grain of sand in your shoe. --Robert Service, writer (1874-1958)

I just ATE & ATE & ATE again yesterday. Didn't exercise--didn't drink much water--very bad! Ate (fresh homemade) mashed potatoes again--just when you think you don't really miss something in comes mashed potatoes--mmmmm they were goody good good!!!

I have decided I am going to try my damndest to lose 1-2 pounds per week starting tomorrow. I'm getting my chin UP UP UP off the floor and am going to persist, persevere, tough it out, and generally NOT give up! I figure it's just not gonna matter one way or the other if I continue on not really trying--just sort of sitting in neutral, spinning my wheels--so get ready to see me lose my ass or die trying (not really DIE), but you get the picture!

Hope your day is going good and please join me--it's not really a challenge--just trying to forge a different attitude for a while! Until tomorrow, buddies!

CharlieAngel on 10/29/2001:
I'm there! Time to get a move on and do something about this weight problem. I am ready to forge ahead. Have a great and productive day!!! Charlotte

tlcowie on 10/29/2001:
Sometimes its so hard to stay on track. Hmmmm I wish I could just snap my fingers and you would be highly motivated. I love mashed potatoes and am gonna cheat on Thanksgiving. Then I will eat tons of them. You can do it. Say to yourself over and over again. "I can do it" Hang in there. Tammy

muggs on 10/30/2001:
I'm having a hard time with eating too. Perhaps it is winter setting in.. getting cooler, getting darker... but the more good things we do for ourselves.. the better off we are. So keep trying.. we'll get it!

I liked your saying!

windsong on 10/30/2001:
Now thats determination I hear! Thats terrific!

Love your quote! It is so true!

You have a wonderful day and by the way... I make killer mash potatoes too. Hehe, I stay away from them when I can!

Hugs! ~~Windsong~~

noshie on 10/30/2001:
mmmm mashed potatoes, makes me want some. NO! NO! No! back you beastly potatoes!! lol Drink your water and have a beautiful day today!!

biscottibody59 - Sunday Oct 28, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 163.0

Good Day to you all!

I had a better day overall except that I ate and ate--nothing really bad, just alot. More importantly, I got in my exercise for the first time in 2 days. It was very difficult to start and I was just ready to blow it off and after 2 min, I was ready to stop--it was awful. I felt so much better afterward and today. It's taken me alot to realize that I have to capitalize on my momentum. I can't just start and stop and start again. It takes way too much energy.

On another subject, anyone around here who resists doing weightlifting because they read others saying they're sore afterward (and making it sound like that's a good thing), well it doesn't have to be like that. I would like anyone to sound off on this. I have taken several classes in free weightlifting and using a universal gym, etc. over the years and if I recall, it is not necessary to feel sore to get results.

In my current experience with my Circuit Aerobic Workout wherein I do several exercises with free weights, I initially was sore after not having lifted anything more than an eating utensil for months, but it was very short-lived. I have gradually increased my weights for each exercise, but I exhaust myself during this exercise and do not feel soreness the next day. Why would I want to exercise knowing I'm gonna hurt like hell the next day--I just don't think the current thinking is "no pain, no gain."

Again, anyone who is NOT lifting weights and wants to--PAIN IS NOT NECESSARY!

FitDay (10.27): 2611 cal; 97 fat, 16 sat fat; 342 carb, 23 fiber; 101 protein.

herb on 10/28/2001:
Hello Biscottibody59:

I can't remember ever journalling to you but I appreciate the letter note that you dropped on me today. As far as my interest in baseball goes it is nil, in fact my interest in all sports is nil. If my health wasn't so crummy I'd be out playing a sport. People should play sports not watch them. It could be as simple as throwing a rubber ball against the wall and trying to catch it on the rebound.

CharlieAngel on 10/29/2001:
I totally agree with you about the pain aspect of weight lifting. I, too, do free weights for my arms and chest area. I, as yet, have not had any real pain. Soreness for the first few days but after that, nada. I started off slow, and have slowly increased my reps and sets. I exercise until my arms are really tired, but that is the whole point. I always rest one day in between to let my muscles regenerate. Thanks for your insightful entry today. There is no reason to be in pain...especially for those of us that use that as an excuse to quit....start slower and build gradually and you will be BUFF!!! Charlotte

biscottibody59 - Saturday Oct 27, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 163.0

Just a quick entry to say I had a much better diet day--I gave myself another break from exercise and only had one coffee all day, which equaled to a great!!! night's sleep--boy did I need that--more than I realized. On the other hand I binged on SoyMilk--had about 30 oz. It's one of those things that I just can't control when it's around--I guess it's just not very satisfying but it's sooooo good ice cold!

FitDay (10.26): 1857 cal; 54 fat, 6 sat fat; 264 carb, 33 fiber; 91 protein.

pastagal on 10/27/2001:
Glad to hear you had a better day :} seems like alot of us are having bad days,,,but if we just don't let them BAD days control us then we got it made:} hope your have a wonderful weekend:}

biscottibody59 - Friday Oct 26, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 163.0

Thanks for all your fine comments--the motivation you provide is just wonderful!

I had an UGH! diet day and by the time I planned to get in my exercise, I was so trashed (I think I had carbohydrate poisoning--hahaha) that I took a bath instead. Not to mention a lovely stiff neck--it's pretty much gone today.

I ate at a Chinese Buffet and DID NOT go heavy on the vegetables, then I ate at BURGER KING later, for crying out loud--I think that qualifies for a 3 wheels off kind of day. Of course I can't go very far with 1 wheel off, but 3 wheels off means the momentum is definitely going in the wrong way. (4 wheels off would definitely include several shots of Jack Daniels and beer chasers!)

Today my resolve is much better. Why is it that some of us have to undermine our plans so badly to come back and redeem ourselves. I missed Firebabe's watchword "FOCUS" when she was gone for a time--I think I'll write it in permanent marker on my hand until I get to that next mini-goal, which is BTW, 151#.

Hope you are doing your best to reach your goals and have a good diet & exercise day one and all! See ya later Diet Diary buddies!

Lightning on 10/26/2001:
We have days like these...but I know you'll bounce back in no time at all!

Have a great weekend!


stellastarr on 10/27/2001:
I have just been here catching up with your last few entries. I see that you are still so wonderfully refreshing :) Thank you for that... for "telling" on yourself and sharing with us in such a natural way. I have missed you while I've been away. Your friend, Stella

biscottibody59 - Thursday Oct 25, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 163.0

Didn't find the notebook. Exercise was 51 min on the NordicTrack--taken 15 min at a time--just so you know I don't get on and not break a bit--of course if I stay away too long the timer goes back to -0-. I drank about 60 oz water.

Here's what I ate: 3 egg whites, 6 shredded wheats, 2 oz orange juice, 3 coffees with ff milk, 10 baby carrots, 2 bagels with homemade vinaigrette, 1.5 cups pasta with vinaigrette, choc pudding (1 svg), fried chicken (leg and thigh), mashed potatoes and gravy (1 svg), 20 oz Dr Pepper, 1 biscuit, Uncle Sam Cereal with SoyMilk.

As you can see the day was carbo-heavy. I did it on purpose to see if I would fly off the handle haha--well not really that--just to see how I would feel--hungry, etc. It really made no difference. I probably wouldn't eat that way habitually, but at least I'm learning that I can eat differently and get away with it--at least for a day (or even just for a meal!)--sometimes that's all I need.

I'm testing the waters--I know I'm only good to lose about 1-2 lbs/week and that's fine. At this point I can't imagine getting into a size 10 again--even though I know I will if I can stay with the "program." (I'm still not really fitting into alot of my 12s--they're tight.) Oh well, it would be so boring if it were easy--not really! Hope you all have a good diet and exercise day!

nsbratt on 10/25/2001:
you're doing good, keep it up and make it to a size 10! afa N.J.

windsong on 10/25/2001:
Thats a great idea to try different things to see how your body reacts! It keeps things interesting too and probably helps keep you on track!

Focus on the size 10! It will be here before you know it with how motivated you are!

Hugs! ~~Windsong~~

Lightning on 10/25/2001:
Yeah, that's where I'm at...size 12, but some are too tight, so I opt for some 14s with a very disgruntled look on my face. Damn, I want to see that size 10, too. We can do it! We just have to hang in there, like you said!


Jelly Belly on 10/25/2001:
OH YES YOU WILL! Ten, shmen, you'll be in size 8's before you know it! At 140, that's what I could wear and some 10's. We'll swap clothes, k?

CharlieAngel on 10/25/2001:
OK, so like, I'm pea green with envy...I can't remember the day when I fitted into a size 16...Found this really cute saying in a Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul book: My wedding dress hangs in the back of my closet, I can still zip it up...as long as I'm not in it!!! Anyway...I know you will fit comfortably into those size 10s before you know it...just stick with the program and do some positive visualization....in the mean time...take care and have a wonderful day. Charlotte

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Oct 24, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 163.0

Hello ya'll!

I have a dumb excuse for not putting my fitday stuff on--I lost (misplaced) my handwritten spiral notebook diet diary. I'll piece it together with my stupid memory tomorrow if I don't find it. Of course my stupid memory is why I can't find it. (Hint hint, I hid it somewhere--hahaha.)

I drank >80 oz water today and I did my Circuit Aerobic Workout for the first time in a couple of weeks. I used the Airdyne for it. I ate about 1.5 svgs of some kind of banana nut bread--simply because it was there and it would be all gone if I ate it. Other than that I ate on-diet except for some cereal and a bagel.

As far as my measurements go--I'm still losing. I lost another 1.5 inches since last week. My waist:hip ratio is 0.81 so I'm a little closer to the "pear" stage (0.80 or less). This is the closest I've been. Well, if all of this were easy--I wouldn't appreciate it as much--RIGHT?

Until tomorrow!

I guess I just prefer to see the dark side of things. The glass is always half-empty. And cracked. And I just cut my lip on it. And chipped a tooth. --Janeane Garofalo

pinkus on 10/24/2001:
I just checked in with your progress chart and whopee you are doing just great!!! Hope you are proud of yourself. Take care, Pam

windsong on 10/24/2001:
Well maybe your notebook hid itself! Hehe, you never know! Sounds like you are doing terrific with everything!!

Have a terrific day and I hope you find that notebook! Hugs! ~~Windsong~~

digit on 10/24/2001:
you're doing well. I am getting better with my water as well, it's just getting back into the habit isn't it.

Well done on the waist:hip ratio - although is it really a good indication ? I am much more over weight than you yet my ratio is .7. Could it just be that you are slim-hipped ??

Jelly Belly on 10/24/2001:
Don't sweat the fitday stuff, just start with a new day. My fitday has lots of blank pages! I liked the quote! You're just shrinking away! You really want to resemble a pear? How bout a banana or a cluster of grapes, or.....lol. Keep up the good work, as usual! Tonya

Lightning on 10/24/2001:
WOW! You must be feeling pretty sexy right about now!



Bloomin Mum on 10/25/2001:
You lost 1.5 inches in a week?! I'd say you are definitely doing things right. It takes me a while to "get into" water. But after a few days it feels good and I feel better. Congrats on exercising. That is one of the harder habits to form. But well worth it. Keep it up and thanks so much for the comments. I can't wait to be your weight. Bloomy

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