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biscottibody59 - Tuesday Sep 11, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 172.0

My second day of refraining from the "cereal habit," and I have a loss of 1 pound to report today--yessss!

I consumed >90 oz water and did my Circuit Aerobic Workout--no extra NordicTrack--the workout alone tuckered me out enough for today--thank you very much! I am increasing the weights as necessary and that's probably why. I stayed within my diet.

Also, I tried the (Silk by White Wave) Vanilla Soy Milk--flavor is not much different from the Regular. The reg has more protein and fat (by abt 1g/svg). I rate the day a 7 (out of 7).

I wish you all good food choices tomorrow!

SAS on 09/11/2001:
Well done on the pound and the 7 out of 7 day - I guess you lost the pound getting exercise going to the bathroom after drinking the 90 OUNCES of water!!! Brilliant!

Water must be boring without any flavourings in it. Yes, we have alcoholic cordials as well but the usual run-of-the-mill squashes and cordials that we have are just concentrated flavourings to add to plain water.

When I do the cleaning - or want to get motivated to do anything at a quick speed - I either play Queen or Robbie Williams - or anything that has got a fast tempo and that I know all the words to - then I get moving and sing along at the top of my voice.... the neighbours must hate it when I start cleaning.

Peanut butter and .... cheese????


breakaway on 09/11/2001:
<FONT SIZE="+2"><FONT COLOR="#FF0000">W</FONT><FONT COLOR="#E90E24">O</FONT><FONT COLOR="#D31D49">O</FONT><FONT COLOR="#BD2B6D">O</FONT><FONT COLOR="#A63992">H</FONT><FONT COLOR="#9047B6">O</FONT><FONT COLOR="#7A56DB">O</FONT><FONT COLOR="#6464FF">O</FONT><FONT COLOR="#6464FF"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#567AFF"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#4790FF">O</FONT><FONT COLOR="#39A6FF">N</FONT><FONT COLOR="#2BBDFF">E</FONT><FONT COLOR="#1DD3FF"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#0EE9FF">M</FONT><FONT COLOR="#00FFFF">O</FONT><FONT COLOR="#00FFFF">R</FONT><FONT COLOR="#00FFDB">E</FONT><FONT COLOR="#00FFB6"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#00FF92">L</FONT><FONT COLOR="#00FF6D">B</FONT><FONT COLOR="#00FF49"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#00FF24">G</FONT><FONT COLOR="#00FF00">O</FONT><FONT COLOR="#00FF00">N</FONT><FONT COLOR="#00DB24">E</FONT><FONT COLOR="#00B649">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#00926D"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#006D92"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#0049B6">W</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0024DB">O</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0000FF">N</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0000FF">D</FONT><FONT COLOR="#1200FF">E</FONT><FONT COLOR="#2500FF">R</FONT><FONT COLOR="#3700FF">F</FONT><FONT COLOR="#4900FF">U</FONT><FONT COLOR="#5B00FF">L</FONT><FONT COLOR="#6E00FF"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#8000FF">J</FONT><FONT COLOR="#8000FF">O</FONT><FONT COLOR="#9200FF">B</FONT><FONT COLOR="#A400FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#B600FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#C900FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#DB00FF">!</FONT><BR><FONT COLOR="#ED00FF"></FONT><FONT COLOR="#FF00FF"></FONT></FONT> I am so happy for you! YOur doing wonderful and a great inspiration to all of us here. I look forward to more losses and excitement...I love it! Have a wonderful day today!

biscottibody59 - Monday Sep 10, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 173.0

I have gone 1 day sans cereal--yippeeeee! No, really--big hairy deal--it's JUST ONE DAY. Well Folks--that's all that matters--1 day! I will handle tomorrow . . . TOMORROW! And good news--yesterday is over--all those mistakes are gone--outta here!

I may screw up my anti-cereal resolution (7 days without). I may not--I may build on my success from today--I'll never know until TOMORROW. Success is only a day away (to paraphrase ANNIE!).

I drank about 90 oz water, ate completely "on diet" despite making a small lasagna. Here's something ya'll should NEVER eat--steamed broccoli with spaghetti (meat) sauce. It was perfectly neutral, could taste neither the broccoli nor the meat sauce. But it WAS satisfying, in a way. I was thisclose to NOT eating supper, so it was alright. Didn't do any exercise, except housework. The day rates a 6 (out of 7).

Diet Diary Buddies, have a good food choice day. If you find you MUST eat something because you will feel deprived if you don't, enjoy every bite of your food of choice. Don't go overboard!

halley on 09/10/2001:
The first day is the hardest! Now that is behind you so now you can't eat it because it would stop your streak and you would have to start over! You can do it!

stellastarr on 09/10/2001:
Six out of seven is just SO great!!! :) Wonderful :) I am just a cereal addict! I eat is always for breakfast and for a snack and sometimes for dinner and dessert! In my case, I have always thought of it as key in my weight loss. I have given up many favorites, but I have a gigantic sweettooth and use that cereal as a reward! Thank you for the tip on the soy milk. I haven't actually gotten a carton yet, but I absolutely plan on it. I would love to get off of all the dairy I eat. I am really behind times with my dairy consumption :( Thanks also for the tip on how NOT to prepare broccoli! :) Cute. Good luck to you today and thank you for that "ya'll". I just love that manner of speech! Love, Stella

carrie on 09/10/2001:
Well......ok...........I've never tried broccoli with Spag/sce. but I have made it with cauliflower. Its not too bad. I love cereal too. I find I just can't deal with it. I use to eat it plain in a small bowl with my coffee but it seemed to sabotage my dieting efforts so NO MORE!


biscottibody59 - Sunday Sep 09, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 173.0

I had about the same day as yesterday dietwise, I'm making a terrible habit out of the "cereal killing." I got a bunch of food that was leftover and there was alot of breakfast cereal included. It's not a pound of chocolate, but it's "bunches of carbs" and such that I don't need.

Tomorrow's a new week: I resolve to stop this new habit for the next week.

I consumed >110 oz water. I did my Circuit Aerobic Workout X1 on the Airdyne. Then I did about 35 min on the NordicTrack. It's amazing how a one week's break from weightlifting cranks my "I wanna" ass back down to "I don't wanna do a thing." I cannot imagine going back to doing very little to nothing for my health. I would rationalize that I was doing okay--all the time seeing pictures of myself and telling myself it wasn't as bad as all that. Well now that I'm starting to look like ME again--the me that I can look in the mirror and recognize as healthy--I realize just what horrible shape I was in. I don't ever want to go back. I haven't found the magic solution--because there isn't one. What there is is knowing what you want and doing what you need to do to get it. I wasn't ready to do that for a long time. (Witness my 3 times coming to DDs.) Perhaps I wasn't "hungry" enough to change. Now I know I'm worth the trouble of going through those fits and starts. I know I'll stumble--but I don't see me stumbling back to 190. Nevertheless, I have to keep that in mind just to make sure.

Take care with your weekend--don't go too overboard with your food choices!

halley on 09/09/2001:
I didn't realize that you had been here 3 times! I'm glad your sticking with it this time! I know how you feel about recognizing yourself, I was at 197 when I decised that enough was enough. Now I do recognize the girl in the mirror as the athletic me from highschool!

biscottibody59 - Saturday Sep 08, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 173.0

Hey, I'm backtiming this MF--all my s#it was lost on the other one. Ron's comment is intact. I don't like to fool with Father Time--but there's nothing right about making a diet entry at 4:28 a.m.

So, my day was about a 5 (out of 7). Drank only about 80 oz water, no exercise and 3 diet flaws. I made Chicken Saltimbocca (had prosciutto and full fat mozzarella and was sauteed in butter) and had 2 bowls of Raisin Bran--needless to say, it's all gone. I only had one serving of the chicken and a ton of broccoli, so it wasn't all lost. It never is anymore, I am SO mindful of my eating now. I'm hoping all this control really is a habit.

Again, I couldn't do it without ya'll--if this place dried up and blew away tomorrow, I'd be soooo lost! Thanks for all your encouragement/comments. I'm trying to get to alot of you. There are many new people and to all of you, please stay!

Later that day . . . I just noticed "Canadian" is gone--no diary. I know she reached her goal . . . things change . . . Good Luck Canadian!

biscottibody59 on 09/08/2001:
Ron left this on the entry I had to delete . . .

Name: Ron

Comment: DID u c MY comment on your 9-5- entry

Ron on 09/08/2001:
I guess I was confusing. You are right we have to find a way to convince Herb that the answer for boredom and loneliness is not stopping at each food facility to find someone to talk to while making all the wrong choices on what to eat.When he says he is out of control he isnt just kidding. <p><B>see ur e-mail for cont. good luck regards god bless Ron

halley on 09/08/2001:
I think the control is a habit, but it can go away - believe me!

biscottibody59 - Friday Sep 07, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 173.0

Back on track, pleased to say, at least for today--hurry hurry, my workout for tomorrow awaits. Hark! I see it just over the horizon! hahahaha

I got my Circuit Aerobic Workout in today (X1) and about 30 min on the NordicTrack. Consumed >132 oz water. Diet was on track except for a late snack of raisin bran with soy milk. Yuk! Soy milk SOUNDS awful--but mmmmmm--it's oh so scrumptious hahahaha--REALLY it is--just don't know how to make it sound appealing on here. All I know is if you can ONLY stand to DRINK milk in coffee, like me--I wouldn't be caught dead in one of those inane milk mustache ads, YOU'LL probably like soy milk.

I give the day a 6 (out of 7). What "7" means is no diet flaws + at least 80 oz water + some useful exercise (could actually be major house/yard work--not just my usual). Still preliminary criteria, but "7" is pretty much perfect (according to my goals).

The workout was too easy--maybe it was good to take those three days off--I'm rarin' and ready to go to the next level! YI-ha doody!!!

Well, ya'll have a good'n!

SAS on 09/07/2001:
Well done on the 6! 132 ounces - That is a LOT of water! I doubt very much that you will ever be able to persuade me round to even trying soy milk! Mind you if they did the vanilla low fat one over here I might give it a try.

I can't really see why your day wasn't a 7 - it seems to fit the criteria you set yourself.

carrie on 09/07/2001:
Thanks for your comments. Oh yeah, the "hunk technique". I'd forgotten that I wrote about that earlier! Hey, I don't share that with just anyone! I do the water thing too! I have a special spray bottle I spray bottle I keep in my bedroom and when clothes just get out of the dryer they sometimes (most times) need a bit of a stretch so I dampen them with the water and squat around just like you! I probably look like an idiot but it works! Like you, I am not a milk drinker. But I love milk products, ie, ice cream. sigh.


SoccerMom on 09/07/2001:
Good for you, with the workouts and the water! You're doing great. Maybe you're reading to add more intensity to the workouts, if they're getting too easy?

Have a great weekend!

halley on 09/07/2001:
You are making progress in your fitness level! Yea! Have you ever read the book Body for Life? It's great motivation for working out. It tells you how to get the most aout of every workout.

pastagal on 09/07/2001:
Sounds like your doing good,,,keep it up;}} have agreat weekend:}

stellastarr on 09/07/2001:
Oh, I just like your recording the "points" that you give yourself so much! It's a wonderful idea because you take the time to evaluate as you go and in all cases, you are forced to give yourself credit for that which you did. That is sometimes the thing that gets us.... that whole business of being somehow down on ourselves for not being perfect, when in fact we are most probably doing all that we can on any given day. There is so much to life. Sometimes we have to give ourselves credit for just refraining from felonious acts! :) AND< Almost ten inches missing from you now, huh, Slim? Great work! What a gal !!!!!!!!!! About the soy milk? I just wonder if you have experimented with different brands at all? Do you have a "least" or "most" favorite, by any chance? I just want to jump in there with the soy, but never quite seem to be able to actually reach for it at the market. :( Have a good afternoon and evening now! Your friend, Stella

biscottibody59 - Thursday Sep 06, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 173.0

Thanks for all the great comments--it really helps me stay mindful and motivated. I let it (the exercise) slip today, again. Gotta put up or shut up, right! This is MY plan after all. If I just said, "oh, I can do this with diet alone," I'd be okay. As it stands, I am not pleased with my performance--gotta redeem myself.

I rate my day today as 4 (out of 7). Got a decent bit of water in (>80 oz), ate fairly well--one slip was a peanut butter & jelly sandwich--used the "all fruit" jelly. The reason was it stays with me and I didn't want to take the time to prepare anything else. The other slip was the no exercise--didja hafta remind me! Anyway tomorrow is another day--back on the wagon, so to speak!

Ya'll have a very successful food choice day--I think it gets easier--hope you're finding that for yourselves too!

pastagal on 09/06/2001:
Your attitude is great,,,keep that up and you will make it to your goal:}}

SAS on 09/06/2001:
Hi - you are doing just fine! I guess my husband's right - the key to successful dieting is moderation in everything. Life would be boring if we were perfect ALL the time.

OK - these peanut butter and jelly sandwiches... yeah, I now understand that your jelly is our (UK) jam - but what flavour do you use? I must admit the idea of eating peanut butter AND jam together seems a bit weird to me.

Now, peanut butter and banana - that is an AMAZING combination! LOL

halley on 09/06/2001:
Do the exercise - I promise you will feel better after you do!!!! I PROMISE!

carrie on 09/06/2001:
I know what ya mean about preparing. Sometimes that is the most exhausting thing about dieting. Nothing really nutrional and filling seems to be convenient, except fruit. Sometimes I just open the fridge and STARE! Well, hope tomorrow is a 10 out of 10 for you!


biscottibody59 - Wednesday Sep 05, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 173.0

I'm gonna start doing my workout in the morning. We'll just see how successful I am and how long it lasts, kay;-) I am finding too many excuses during the day. I didn't do my workout again today--I feel too good when I work out to give it up two days in a row!

I drank a paltry 25 oz water. Hard to believe. I give the day a 4 or 5 (out of 7). On the other hand I was "on diet" until a can of soda--coulda had a glass of water--didn't want a glass of water. I wanted a BIG RED, dammit--so I had one. I was tempted twice and finally gave in. So there!!!

My measurements reflect a total 9.5-inch loss since mid-June (abd, hip, waist, bust, R leg, R arm). Onward and downward!

SAS on 09/05/2001:

v in vff stands for 'virtually'! Over here we have got lots and lots of laws concerning the way products are described. Very few are described as 'fat free' they mostly have the word 'virtually' in front of it - just to cover themselves legally!

Yes we have Dr Pepper over here and they do a diet version but it has still got loads of caffeine in. I don't often have drinks with caffeine in nowadays but when I do have some my nose and finger tips start tingling.

We have a large range of drinks over here called squash or cordial. They are concentrates which you dilute in the glass with water. They come in lots and lots of different flavours and there is a huge range of diet varieties. They are great because you can flavour your water - I am using two different types at the moment - a peach one and a cherry one.

Scones can be just about any shape you want but are usually cut out with circular cookie cutters, but I have never heard of iced scones. Scones are usually cut in half sideways through the middle so you have two half inch deep disks which you then either butter or put jam (jelly) on or both - but my absolute favourite is sultana scones spread with a layer of strawberry jam and then whipped heavy cream heaped up on top....... Definitely not diet food!

What is a Big Red?

Ron on 09/05/2001:
<center><img src=http://www.bestanimations.com/Signs&Shapes/Smileys/Smiley-10.gif><b>

fantastic. Congrats I would love to see 173 agn<p><font color=red> pls rd my comment to our buddy Herb. Hey man we got to work on this guy and get him back in control. This SUCKS...

Jelly Belly on 09/05/2001:
I'm with you! If I wait to exercise, I always find an excuse not to and that's a shame because you feel so great when you do! Keep up the good work!

halley on 09/05/2001:
YEA!!!!!! A morning workout convert!!! I am so happy! Welcome to the "no excuses" workout club. There is no reason not to workout because you don't have anything else scheduled during your workout time - it's too darn early!

SoccerMom on 09/05/2001:
Tah-dah!!! Congrats on the loss! Now, go drink more water....I'll wait.......hmm, hmm, hmm...Ya back yet? OK...

When you want a Big Red, you should get to have some...but maybe cut back to 1/2 bottle or can. You get to enjoy it, but don't need to have it all at once. Save some for another time. Drink water in between.

Remember that this is a <i>lifestyle</i> change, not a diet. It has to be something that you will be able to sustain for life, not just do until you've lost a certain amount. Therefore, you need to be able to have certain things occasionally, to keep from feeling deprived, so that you will actually stick with the plan.

Have a great day!

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Sep 04, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 173.0

One more pound down today! Had another very good diet day except for one questionable item--soy milk--it has 4g fat/8 oz and I probably had about 20 oz. Other than that the day was "on diet." I could get addicted to this milk--I am NOT NOT NOT a milk drinker. So if I drink it in moderation and plateau weightwise in a week or so, I guess I'll know why--not really sure! I drank my >100 oz water and did no organized exercise. I feel like I'm still on track, but my history shows the other shoe could drop any day now and I'll be back off track. I should just "hush my mouth" with this negative indulgence, I suppose.

Okay I'll stop . . . I think I can . . . I KNOW I can (lose, lose, lose)!!!

Ya'll have a good day now!

SAS on 09/04/2001:
Hi - congratulations for losing the pound! I know what you mean about weight loss slowing down as you get in to a diet, but milk is so good for women in any shape or form - it helps us avoid getting osteoporosis which is a really problem as we get older.

Soy milk is even better - it is good for boosting up your hormone levels as well as the osteoporosis thing. Couldn't you try a low fat soy milk? I read somewhere that you can get a really nice vff vanilla soy milk in the US. You have such nice diet products over there... we are about 10 years behind you over here!

ron on 09/04/2001:
<center><img src=http://www.bestanimations.com/Flags/Europe/Western/Luxembourg-02.gif><p><font color=blue>knowing that U stopped by to say "Howdy" <u>will</u> make it a better day. <p> Going back a long long time,(back in the late 40"s) when I was Studying at the RCA Inst of Tech was living at the 23rd St. Y M C A and even though I am jewish used to go with a group to a thursday evening young peoples group at N. V Peale's Marble collegiate church on 5th ave. Met my x wife there and was a great admirer of Norman and his philosophy of combining theology with psychology. This man was a powerful orateur and he and the Rev. Dr Robert Schuller were very close friends. I'm still hoping to some day be able to afford a trip to California to visit The Crystal Cathedral and attend the Hour of Power perhaps at Thxgvg when they put on such an incredible show or the Easter festival. Needless to say would love to try to play that incredible organ there. Do you get that TV program where U are?? Keep up the good work ! God loves U & so do I........and so it goes

Kyrin on 09/04/2001:
Good for you...one more pound gone! ...I have a friend that drinks Soy Milk like crazy. I never have tried it, and never thought to question the fat content. Hmmmmmmm. Maybe that's why she isn't losing weight. It's less than the fat content for 2% milk, but it adds up doesn't it.

Let's keep those shoes on, Biscotti. Get 'em laced up and I'll exercise with you. Come on. One, two, three. Let's GO!



firebabe on 09/04/2001:
WOW Biscotti, looks like you're rockin right along WTG!!!!

pastagal on 09/04/2001:
I am with ya on the milk,,,i am not a dairy person at all,,,i don't drink milk at all,or cheese,,i do drink choc milk now and then,but not enough to even say i drink it;} You asked me about my spareribs & saurkraut,,,i boil my spareribs for about 40 mins or so,,that way there tender,and less grease,,,then drain the water off and add sauerkraut to them,,sooooooo good,,,that is if you like sauerkraut,which i dearly love;} I love spareribs bbq to,,well have a great day:}

carrie on 09/04/2001:
I hear so many good things about the soy milk but I keep putting off trying it. I don't care for milk alone but I love milk products, ie, icecream, yogurt, shakes, etc. etc. Well you get the picture! Hey, no negative talk! I will cyberspank you! I have a tendency to do that too and it aint gonna happen no more!


Letkemen on 09/04/2001:
Congrats on the one more pound today!

biscottibody59 - Monday Sep 03, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 174.0

Well, coupled with the 1 pound weight loss is my BMI (Body Mass Index): 29.9. This puts me in the "overweight" category (as opposed to "obese"). Since I heard about BMI about 3 years ago, this is my first time below 30; it was 32.4 when I started on here (for the third time) in mid-June. So I have 9 pounds to lose to reach my mini-goal of 165. Here's a link to calculate your BMI, if you haven't so far: Body Mass Index Calculator.

I had an exceptional diet/exercise/water day. All good dietwise. I tried some Kashi Good Friends--8g fiber/svg (my kind of cereal)--I like it. Did about 45 min on NordicTrack and drank >128 oz water. I rate "the day" as 7 (out of 7).

Have a very good food choice day Holiday or not!

SAS on 09/03/2001:
Hi - thank you for the BMI calculator... I think!

It has just told me I am obese.... and I was feeling so pleased with myself! How to be brought back down to earth with a thump. LOL

Really excellent on your 7 out of 7 and of course on reducing your BMI.

halley on 09/03/2001:
YEA!!!!!! I'm so happy for you to be below that threshold. I remember going from that hated obese to the much more comfortable - overweight! I used your link and came up with a 25.4. 25 and above is overweight - so I'm I'm 3 pounds from being in the healthy range!

biscottibody59 - Sunday Sep 02, 2001
(Circuit Aerobic Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 175.0

Thanks for all your fine comments! I will get to reading ya'll's a little later.

I had a pretty good diet day. I didn't get as much fiber in as usual. I also didn't really get three meals. To me that's a very important part of my continued success. Skipping meals doesn't work in the long run. I drank >80 oz water and did not get a workout in. I give the day a 5 (out of 7). It's because I was not completely vigilant in my food choices and no exercise--OBE (overcome by events). However I was exhausted most of the day and slept about 11 hours overnight. I will get my criteria for the scale on here later. I am now completely convinced that I cannot "do" any caffeine after 6 or 7 at night.

I have purchased a book that I had (overdue) out of the library. It's got all casseroles and eventually I want to try every one. I'm a casserole nutcase I'm afraid. I made one of the many zucchini (courgette?) recipes, but I needed to let the stuff drain after it had been shredded, so it was a little watery.

I hope you all have a good Labor Day!

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