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biscottibody59 - Wednesday Jul 04, 2001
(Burn Fat Faster Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 180.0

I'm at the 2-week mark of this diet and it's time for an assessment. I've lost 9 pounds, which according to the diet is supposed to be "mostly water." I think my exercise probably has contributed quite a lot to this weight loss. I feel pretty darn good--don't want to gush!

I want to maintain the loss I've accomplished so far and lose the scheduled 3-4 pounds for next 2 weeks. I feel confident at this point that I can do it. So here's to another 2 weeks: I get to add more protein for lunch and supper, 1 more egg/day (which I've done for the last 4 days or so--I also eat egg whites occasionally), and last but not least 1 oz of "hard cheese" per day. I did my NordicTrack + interval yesterday (I threw in some lunges, which I needed, but not THAT many--ouch).

I'm gonna keep on with it--I wasn't so sure when I started this. So to all, THANKS--for your feedback and encouragement on this journey. I wouldn't have come back and started AGAIN!:-) without this unique form of support. To everyone just starting, Good Luck. And if at first you don't succeed try, try again!

I have not failed 10,000 times. I have sucessfully found 10,000 ways that will not work. --Thomas A. Edison

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Jul 03, 2001
(Burn Fat Faster Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 180.0

I lost another few (hey hey!!!). I weighed 181 on Sunday. I also had a really good workout on Sunday: NordicTrack + intervals of weights with arms, shoulders, etc. I also threw in some running in place (and around) just to mix it up. It took about an hour, and for an indoor workout it was very satisfying. No workout yesterday, just a 15 min walk.

In answer to a previous comment from Rader about the fats, carbs, and protein being BALANCED, well it just so happens that the author designed it to be that way. She calls it a "balanced-deficit diet" as it creates a calorie deficit (in other words you are by design going to eat fewer calories than you need to live). Obviously this is not a new concept as was Atkins. By the way, I borrowed the Atkins book, and he comments that the Protein Power diet is "eerily similar to his." I also borrowed Protein Power--at first glance it seems much more informational, interesting, and educational than the Atkins book. The Atkins book--at first glance--is preachy (the jury is still out--I need to delve further).

The diet is still on track. Also, since I'm nearing the 2-week mark, I must confess that in the last three days I have thrown in a sweet here and there--which, in my case only makes me want more--so I haven't been perfect; the old "nobody can eat just one" syndrome. On the other hand, I have incorporated fat-free milk exclusively into my diet and I don't miss 2% or whole milk (with coffee). That's a huge change for me. I tried doing it in the past and would rationalize going back to whole milk because fat-free has too much sodium, etc etc.

It's just good to know that I am in control--new for me--I was always able to stay in shape with increased exercise, but that didn't work this time around. I am so glad I tried this diet, because now I know. As for it being a permanent change to my life, I don't think I'll know that for a few months--possibly a year. Let's just say for now--today, it's just what I needed . . .

But, the greatest thing about this change (attn: Halley) is that I can see it as a very manageable way to eat from now on. It's still in the realm of "diet" and I could easily backslide, but I feel so much better than I did before. I still don't feel deprived.

I enjoy my veggies, since I replenished my stock of good stuff--celery's for crunching, not steaming--unless you're desperate like I was for something homey and satisfying--I thought it could be salvaged--no no no! I made a yogurt-horseradish dressing (from one of the Ornish books) that goes good on a variety of things. So far my favorite (some may blanch at this one--I REALLY like horseradish) is sauteed ground beef + fresh tomato topped with a little of the sauce. Putting it on salad got old--fast.

On the subject of sweets and cooking, I made a batch of Flan (caramel custard) with all fat-free milk. I only took a taste, so far and I think it will fit the bill haha. Hey, I've gotta do something to celebrate the weight loss. I'm realistic about this, but not perfect, as the chiming of "one day at a time" from PastaGal;-) rings in my head. Nevertheless, I'm gonna try to figure out the calories, etc. using FitDay.

Update: By the way, my BMI is down to 30--next BMI goal weight is 174 (BMI-29). It started with 32. YESSSSSSSsssssss!!!

Good Afternoon one and all!

muggg on 07/03/2001:
I enjoyed being on the Atkins diet and lost 9 pounds in one month after having been on a plateau. My family yearned for me to eat with them, so I gave in thinking I could eat one day per week "normally" and then get right back on track. No can do! I could not get started again and had to alter my diet plan to Suzanne Somers which worked majically. Beware of the urge to cheat!

halley on 07/03/2001:
It sure sounds like you've got it all together! The exercise really helps keep me on track - espically on those days that I'm not perfect with my eating!

biscottibody59 - Saturday Jun 30, 2001
(Burn Fat Faster Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 183.0

One wheel came off yesterday!!! Because I had the opportunity, I decided/was tempted to cheat big time. At any rate, I'm glad I did it. I'm glad to report, I'm back on track today. Also, like alot of others I've read who've gone off their plan and then weigh the next day--my weight didn't change either. Maybe because my diet change is so new???

No exercise for the day.

On this diet, there is a cheat list that you have to work through starting with number 1. In other words if you want ice cream (17) you have to eat 1-16 before you get it. Maybe it can inspire ya'll to make your own (this book was written way before SnackWell's and WoW Chips).

Here it is: 1. Raw Vegetables 2. Cooked Vegetables 3. Eggs 4. Hard Cheese 5. Soft Cheese 6. Fish--canned, frozen, or fried 7. Meat, plain 8. Cold Cuts 9. Fruit 10. Plain Popcorn 11. High-Fiber bread 12. Rice 13. Potatoes 14. Fruit Juice 15. Crackers 16. Ice Milk or Sherbet 17. Ice Cream 18. Peanuts 19. Potato Chips, etc. 20. Foods served creamed or with gravy 21. Noodles 22. Cookies 23. Cake 24. Pie

So my stats for the day were: 1968 Cal 65g Fat and 25g Sat Fat, 257g Carbs, and 114g Protein. That boils down to Fat: 31% Carb: 46% Protein: 24% (not sure why it adds up to 101%).

halley on 07/01/2001:
All this talk of steamed celery has me wondering - are you eating things you intend to eat for the rest of your life, or are you on a diet? I personally think I'm about 1/2 and 1/2. Some things I have permanetly changed, but other things are really only temporary. I guess I'll just eat less of the high calories stuff. But back to the original question. Steamed celery?????

biscottibody59 - Friday Jun 29, 2001
(Burn Fat Faster Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 183.0

This is the link to the Burn Fat Faster Workout.

Hello All. Scraped the bottom of the barrel (in a manner. . .) and ate steamed celery (Yuk!), canned bean sprouts (Yuk Yuk!), accidentally overcooked carrots, (triple Yuk!). I mean this diet is bad enough (on paper); do I really need to set myself up for failure? I say NO! On the bright side, I did have some very lovely canned salmon--very satisfying! I will be going to the store today. I came thisclose to eating a hunk of mozzarella--but I refrained and I DO respect myself this morning--thank you very much!!!

Yesterday' exercise (nursing a bit of an overdone knee) consisted of NordicTrack for about 45 min and a few floor exercises. Also a 15 min walk. Oh, and I worked up quite a sweat vacuuming--that counts for a few calories burned. I drank over 100 oz of water all day. (I started the day with a big glass.) The important thing is that I feel very good about my diet change still. . . and I do have a 1 pound loss today!!! Yahoooooo!

Thanks to you all for your encouragement/feedback.

Rader--Fitday update later . . .

minea on 06/29/2001:
Congrats on the one pound! But don't bore yourself with the food you're eating. Try to make your diet choices fun and something that you could easily do for the rest of your life. I would never make it if I didn't have appetizing alternatives to what I used to eat. And steamed celery? Ugh. Horrible. Try some steamed broccoli with a little Butter powder (like Molly McButter) and some Mrs. Dash. Well that's just an idea. But try to make it actually taste good or you will fail!

garlic on 06/29/2001:
Hi there. Sounds like you are doing great!!! Keep up the good work. What is the Burn Fat Faster Workout/WDDFW?

biscottibody59 - Thursday Jun 28, 2001
(Burn Fat Faster Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 184.0

1205 cal Fat: 38g (31%) Carb: 131g (33%) Protein: 97g (35%)

The source is "Fitday.com" entry for yesterday, and it includes my coffee/milk and snacks. My Basal Calories burned is 1557.

So far, so good. I walked 20 minutes yesterday. I missed my apples yesterday (ran out) and so I ate some questionable (not by the date) frozen raspberries instead. I found myself really craving a sub from a local deli and a bag of barbecue potato chips.

Hope everyone has a good day!

Rader on 06/28/2001:
Hey, cool work figuring out what you ate at Fitday! If you ever want to make it a link, just let me know and I'll show the HTML code/text that I use. Looks like a perfect 33/33/33 fat/carb/protein split there! I wonder if that WDDFW diet was purposely created around that split...

I know you're just doing the food at fitday right now, but if you click on activities, you can easily add the 20 minute walk to that day, and then you'll see the total Basal Calories change, when it adds excersizes to it. Very cool. Keep it up! It'll work!

I just looked at my fitday again, and had to ask... if your basal calories is 1557, what is the lifestyle calories? What's the total total? I ask because Basal is suppose to be the calories burned if you never get out of bed or move. The lifestyle calories is just from walking, eating, going to work, etc. So I was just wondering what the total-total was, since it all counts!

Canadian on 06/28/2001:
Hi there :-)

Sounds like you are doing great! :-) Good luck with your weightloss.


biscottibody59 - Wednesday Jun 27, 2001
(Burn Fat Faster Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 184.0

Since "comments" isn't working. Congrats on your successes and best wishes for everyone's progress!!!

Tuesday was good. I did 20 minutes of "burn fat faster" (bff) and 26 minutes on NordicTrack, and for this the NordicTrack gauge shows about 400 calories burned--I only use this as a guideline--I really don't think it's accurate one way or the other. The bff consists of a 2 min warm-up (I use an Airdyne) then start off with a resistance exercise using hand barbells. The rest is alternating 90 seconds of Airdyne (could be anything aerobic) with 6 or 7 exercises. The point is to not rest between the resistance ex and the 90 sec aerobic ex. My goal is to work up to two 20 minute sessions at a time. If you hate exercise, it's amazing how fast a workout goes when you mix it up like this.

Diet is still on track. I was really craving some Knorr Spinach Dip with real mayo and anything chocolate yesterday. Maybe when I meet a small goal I will indulge myself. After the initial 14 days--I'll revisit my goals. Right now, I'm very focused and am feeling like I'm getting an acceptable amount of food. I was very much expecting to feel deprived of food at some point, and it just hasn't happened (so far) except for the odd craving here and there.

I don't EXPECT to fail, but if I do, I also EXPECT to get back on track. I am one of the most undisciplined people I know and my desire is not to sicken anyone by marvelling;) at my ability to stick with this and actually admit that I like it. Not to mention liking the way I feel for a change. Hope ya'll have a good day!

The Bug on 06/27/2001:
Last year I read an article about weight loss and it incorporated something like your bff and went something like this: warm up-anything aerobic 3:00 min-30 squats, 30 crunches, 30 pushups-anything aerobic 4 min - 30 squats, 30 crunches, 30 pushups-anything aerobic 5 min - 30 squats, 30 crunches, 30 pushups-3 min areobic-warm down. I might think about doing it.

Glad to hear your eating is still on track!

pastagal on 06/27/2001:
Sounds like your doing great,,,,,mmm haven't had that dip in long time,,,,its one of my favorites to:}

Rader on 06/27/2001:
I've been reading your diary with HUGE interest! The reason..? Because you're just starting. When I started, I always wanted to see what others were thinking, doing, etc during their first days. Mostly to get motivation for myself, because I didn't know how well I would do.

Unfortunately a lot of web sites were full of people who were already success stories. Boring! If I was that far, then I wouldn't be looking! Heheh,

Anyway, I just wanted to say that you're doing REALLY good. You've gone from, "no way" to "i hope" to "maybe" to "Hey! this seems to work!".

All I can say, is that it does work! And it gets easier! The first 2 weeks I think are always the hardest: The stomach is growling, no weight loss to report, early enough in the game to "give up" without worrying about it too much...

All I can say is that I hope you stick it out for atleast 14 days, and then 21 days. By then, I think you'll see for yourself huge improvements.

Your stomach will shrink. You'll start to feel fuller. You'll notice shrinking by then. Clothes will fit better by then. And I don't know about you, but after 7 days of my diet, I could suddenly walk a couple of miles without my back hurting. I was truly amazed, and started walking daily right then and there.

Also, once you hit 21 days, you'll have a nice solid number that you'd hate to give up. Staying on course is easier the longer you're on a diet... those numbers are racking up! When I broke my 30th day with flying colors, I was psyched because it was the longest I had ever lasted on a diet, and there's no way I'm breaking it now. No way that I'm breaking my 78 day streak today on something as silly as eating a ______ (fill in the blank)

Losing weight isn't magic. Just consume less calories than you burn. Every 3,500 calories you burn this way is a full pound.

I used www.fitday.com to keep track of my food. It also allowed me to type my weight in, and gave me my daily BMR (basic metabolic rate) and said that as a fatso 352 pounds, I was burning 4,400 calories just being alive. Add to that the excersize, and I was close to 5,000. Subtract the 1200 calories and I was at 3,800 calories burned a day. That's a pound a day (which was about my average at the time).

As you lose weight (and you weigh much less than me) your BMR will go down, but still.... it's a large number. Probably atleast 2500. Just think how easy it is to add another 200-400 calories from excersizing and then just eat fewer calories than that! Add that up day after day after day, and the pounds come off. Good luck!!

biscottibody59 - Monday Jun 25, 2001
(Burn Fat Faster Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 185.0

As far as the diet, I'm still on it. No deviations, so far. I did something I never thought I'd have the guts to do. I was cooking supper and I cooked my portion differently than everyone else's. Maybe that's what this is all about for me. Letting myself know that it's okay to deviate from what I know and to accept it.

I did about 45 min on the NordicTrack Sunday. Today I walked about 15 minutes. On the walk I was really craving a Pepsi, but then I decided I was just thirsty. I have been drinking my water (at least 60 oz).

As far as the question about the shredded wheat, I eat it plain. As for bran, I myself (when I consume bran) mix it with water and drink it. I know that sounds disgusting. I consumed bran this way for years and I will say that I had very few colds during that time. I tried it in yogurt, cereal, and even with juice, it ruins the enjoyment of certain other foods. It was extremely disgusting in the yogurt. If you can get a hold of the "Hodgson Mills" bran, there is a good recipe for bran muffins on the back.

I usually save my fruit for last. I've noticed, I'm pretty full about one-third into the meal. That is not something I thought would happen either.

"7 days on a diet" means I have more discipline than I thought I had. If I fall off the diet tomorrow, I'll know I was able to follow it for a week, and I hope I would be able to get back to my routine easily. Good Luck to you all and I'll be checking back tomorrow.

halley on 06/27/2001:
It sounds like you are doing well, but keep in mind that you sound like you expect to go back to your old eating patterns. Maybe you should examine how you are approaching this. Of course at 7 days it's kinda early to have a real good grasp on it!

biscottibody59 - Sunday Jun 24, 2001
(Burn Fat Faster Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 184.0

The diet's working, but I think equally as important is the effect of the feedback--thanks to you all!!!

I haven't been able to write in the last few days. I stuck to my guns with the diet tho' (I'm proud to say!), not much on the exercise front. It's a package deal and I need to get on the ball. Gotta remember that little word ====>consistency<==== and continue to incorporate it into this endeavor.

In other words, the weight loss is a whole new thing for me, and I need to kind of pinch myself to see if I'm dreaming. I feel good, and I'm satisfied when I eat.

Friday night, I did a big no-no when time got away from me and I didn't eat the evening meal--then something really stressful came up after 10 p.m. and I didn't make it to bed until 2 a.m. I did drink about 44 oz. of water before bed, because I was so dehydrated.

Now, what's happening is I'm losing 1 pound a day so far. I'm on day 6 of the first 14 days and I'm not really knocking myself out. I guess I'm just doing what people say works, and it's actually working. So far I don't feel deprived. That's what usually kills a diet change for me. A sample of what I've been eating is:

@@@Breakfast: 2 oz orange juice; 1 or 2 eggs or egg whites; 6 pieces of shredded wheat; 1 cup of coffee with fat-free (ff) milk @@@Lunch: 4 oz chicken breast, canned chicken, fish or 96% ff beef (one of these); 1 cup assorted vegetables OR salad with homemade ff caesar dressing; 1 piece of fruit; 6 pieces shredded wheat @@@Supper: 5 oz protein as above; 1 cup vegetables AND a salad; 6 pieces shredded wheat; 1 piece of fruit.

UPDATE: Shredded wheat is the spoon-size variety. I can just imagine eating six of those "loafettes." Thanks to Kyrin.

Daily water intake is anywhere from about 40 to 80 oz.

Kyrin on 06/24/2001:
Just curious...and congrats on the daily weight loss, by the way!!!...when you say 6 pieces of shredded wheat, are we talking about the big old shredded wheat rolls (18 to a box) or the mini wheats? I can't imagine tring to eat 6 of the big ones at a sitting.

Whatever you're doing, it seems to be just what you need right now. I need to get my exercise and water cranked up again. Mind if I tag along? LOL

nsbratt on 06/25/2001:
You are doing good, keep on thinking positive, when you eat the 6 mini wheats are they plain or with the fruit, I need to up my fiber and was just wondering, my Dad told me to sprinkle a spoonful of all bran on my cereal, jello etc. to help but I really don't care for it, but hey I'll try anything if it works.

biscottibody59 - Thursday Jun 21, 2001
(Burn Fat Faster Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 187.0

Good News: lost a pound. So far so good. I stuck to the diet yesterday. I split a banana between morning and afternoon snack (which is a cheat). I have to say I was very satisfied with what I was eating, and I took the time to sit down and to eat. Drank plenty of water and worked out--NordicTrack 45 minutes (not the "burn fat faster"). I'm glad I have been working out 2-3 days/wk for the past couple of months. I feel a little more motivated now that I know one day didn't kill me. That's one day from the next 13 I hope to complete, then I'll evaluate and see if I can go to the next level.

SoccerMom on 06/21/2001:
Whoooo-hoooo!! Good for you! Congrats on losing another pound!

pastagal on 06/21/2001:
Congrats on the 1 lb lost,thats terrific:}}}

TNYankee950 on 06/21/2001:
Congrats on the 1 lb gone forever. Seems like you're doing great with your exercising. So what's wrong with spliting a banana between two snacks - sounds smart to me. Have a great day.

The Bug on 06/21/2001:
Congrats on the 1 pound loss!

halley on 06/21/2001:
Sounds like you are doing great!

Kyrin on 06/21/2001:
Hey! Good for you. That's one pound closer to goal! Not too shabby on the Nordic Trac workout too. Whew!

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Jun 20, 2001
(Burn Fat Faster Workout/WDDFW)
Weight: 188.0

Thanks for all the comments. I guess I hit a nerve with the Atkins comments I made, and it's good to have someone who's heard of this book. It seems to have stood the test of time, for the most part. At the time the author talked to Atkins he was pushing "unlimited" calories and she found in her practice that her "chronically overweight" patients who tried the diet that way couldn't lose the weight. On the other hand she praised him up and down for having a new idea in dieting and bucking the AMA. She is very kind to him actually. Her diet allows meat, it cuts down/out refined carbohydrates. Potatoes are neither allowed nor disallowed. The only mention of them is in regard to compulsively eating carbohydrates (simple and complex ones). She's sort of specific about certain vegetables, but I think potatoes are a no-no. Obviously, the success stories on the Atkins diet speak for themselves. My opinion is that the jury is still out on the safety issue. All of these people: Atkins, Ornish, Sears, etc. want to sell books. It behooves them to make sure they all have an established brand AND the possibility of becoming a household name.

I was too wiped out to post yesterday, so here I am. I had a so-so day. Didn't get a workout in unless you count sweating while waiting for the AC to work after the car has been sitting for several hours. I didn't stress about it because I have a newfound mindset about eating. I ate the "diet" breakfast which consisted of:

33 oz of water when I got up. I was really thirsty and somewhat dehydrated. I used to think some of ya'll were a little obsessed by the water thing, but now, PEOPLE, you're preachin' to the choir!!!

Hot tea. 2 egg whites cooked sans (without) oil (the diet allows 1 full egg plus margarine to cook in), 2 oz orange juice and 6 pieces of shredded wheat 'n bran (the diet allows 1 melba toast but try as I may I can't find melba toast--I guess it's just that unpopular these days and I'm not gonna go to a health food store for damn melba toad--I mean toast). So to make this substitution I went to the "Fitday" site that DVDmon had on one of his posts. I was able to figure out how many pieces of shr wht I could have. I sort of ballparked it and I REALLY like shr wht. The thought of Melba toast--does anyone know what melba is? I remember Melba Moore . . . but I think melba toast came WAY before her hahaha.

I ate 5 oz of V8+calcium and 3T bran+10oz water before I left the house. Took vitamins.

The rest of the day I veered off. But I was conscious about what I wanted to eat. I'm afraid I have been a compulsive eater for AT LEAST 5 years now (at least since I started noticing the dreaded "midriff bulge") and if I can do something to even remotely feel like I can change the cycle, I'm grateful.

Total water consumption was about 75 ounces. The key to yesterday is I didn't spread it out over the course of the day. In fact, I didn't eat or drink for about 8 hours. This is not good when you're going in and out of 90 degree heat. All in all not a good example of consistency, but today is a new day. More about the specifics of the diet as I post.

mommyof two on 06/20/2001:
hello, just so you know, im a very over weight women and i was on atkins....i started out weighing 328, now im down to 281... it can be done... good luck with the diet that youve chosen and welcome to the d.d. lisa

Miss Piggy on 06/20/2001:
Well, I did it again. Was typing away to you and lost my entry. I was going on about potatoes and eggs being a large part of our diet because they are relatively cheap and versatile. I can fix them so many ways. Mom calls gotta go.

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