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biscottibody59 - Tuesday Sep 13, 2011
(For The Month :: Lose 7-8# and 5% Body Fat)
Weight: 159.0

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8 . . . 35.2%::9.3
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.5 (24.9 = 140.5#)

For my activity: Walk 25 min

I'm down 2# on my weigh-in today. Activity-wise yesterday I didn't get anything done except the walk.

I have to say my eye is getting less irritated especially in the morning. These drops are designed to cause healing (technically it is called reepithelialization). So maybe the tide has turned. I'm getting plenty of sleep (consistently as of the last week or so) and I'm sure that is helping the healing process.

As always, THANKS for your kind words--I so appreciate them!

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::7.27::7.30::8.4::8.7::8.12::******::9.1::****::9.14::

Plan for today: Walk, Jog/Walk, Bike Ride

90 oz Water * 7.5 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1303 * Calorie Goal = 1442 * Fat Goal = 32

V on 09/13/2011:
Hey the scales have moved in your favor!! Congrats!! More important is the eye improving ;) Have a good evening!!

V on 09/13/2011:
Hey and BTW did you happen to watch the debate on CNN?? It has been quite the stir here and lots of hot air..LOL I should stop now..hahaha

moogy on 09/13/2011:
Good news on two front then biscotti, down two pounds and your eye is getting better. That must be a relief to you.) (I meant the eye but I guess the poundage is as well!!) I am glad that you have been getting some good night's sleep for a while now, I agree, sleep is a restorer and healer:)

Maria7 on 09/13/2011:
You go, Girl! I SENSE the beginning of a roll! Congrats!!! Back into the 150's...yayyy! Really sounds SO MUCH BETTER THAN the 160's, doesn't it! 159 today, 158 tomorrow! Wooohooo! Glad your eye is healing well. :-D

thinkpositive on 09/14/2011:
Congratulations on your wt loss! Maybe you have turned the corner with you eye- that would be great! Sleep helps also- nice.

grannyannie on 09/14/2011:
Congrats on the less and glad your eye is feeling better. Have a good day!

biscottibody59 - Monday Sep 12, 2011
(For The Month :: Lose 7-8# and 5% Body Fat)
Weight: 161.0

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8 . . . 35.2%::9.3
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.5 (24.9 = 140.5#)

For my activity: Walk 25 min

I have a follow-up for my eye later in the week--I'll catch you all up later. It's not worse, but it's not really better. But I'm doing something about it come what may. I've decided to get acupuncture. They poke the needles right in your eye . . . who knew?

Just kidding--I have no idea what body part would be poked with needles to relieve poking in the eye pain. I shall remain patient and optimistic. What's that saying, "It's a little better than a poke in the eye!" In my case--like Moe Howard (of Three Stooges fame) generously poking my eye every 2 seconds. He must be missing one finger because only one eye is affected;-)

I hope this is the last entry I'll ever use the words poke, poked or poking--haha!

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::7.27::7.30::8.4::8.7::8.12::******::9.1::***::9.12::

Plan for today: Walk, Bike Ride, Circuit Workout

60 oz Water * 6.5 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1303 * Calorie Goal = 1442 * Fat Goal = 32

grannyannie on 09/12/2011:
Just rewatched Local Hero last week. I've been on that beach. Gorgeous!

moogy on 09/12/2011:
Ha! at least you still have your sense of humour. It seems to be more and more necessary as I get older. Yes, re the keeping your training conservative. You will do more harm than good if you push yourself rather than work within what your body is capable of. I am proud of you biscotti:)

Umpqua on 09/12/2011:
LOL biscotti, I'm glad you have a sense of humor about the whole ordeal!

V on 09/12/2011:
Gotta love Moe but poor Curly was my favorite stooge..Yuck Yuck Yuck ;) LOL Man I am so in awe of your humorous approach, a hell of alot better than the alternative IMO :) Have a good one

Maria7 on 09/12/2011:
Hope your eye is soon well. :-)

mcwoo40 on 09/13/2011:
Happy tuesday :-)

thinkpositive on 09/13/2011:
Yow!! Just the thought of poking something in my eye makes me cringe. Maybe a second opinion on the treatment for your eye?? I'm not always convinced that all Drs know what they are doing.Hope you can figure out what is going on with your eye. Take care.

~WI~ on 09/13/2011:
LOL! Great entry! I thought you were serious at first (i know NOTHING about acupuncture as I hate needles) and was like "BB has gone MAD!" lol

biscottibody59 - Sunday Sep 11, 2011
(For The Month :: Lose 7-8# and 5% Body Fat)
Weight: 161.0

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8 . . . 35.2%::9.3
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.5 (24.9 = 140.5#)

For my activity: Walk 20 min; Jog 2 min/Walk 3 min x 7 

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::7.27::7.30::8.4::8.7::8.12::******::9.1::***::9.11::

Plan for today: Walk, Bike Ride, Circuit Workout

90 oz Water * 7 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1303 * Calorie Goal = 1442 * Fat Goal = 32

Maria7 on 09/11/2011:
Looks like you are on track real well with the exercise and 7 hrs sleep. Yep, you are right about the stress. And I'm stil mad but I may as well try to let it go...there is only so much I can do to try to improve others' lives when they are determined to go by what someone advises them to do at whatever the risk. I can pray, tho, and that is what I do. I know that you were a caregiver in your past from what I've read in your prior entries and I think you probably had others working against your hard work to take care of someone, as well, so I believe you do surely understand. Thank you for your encouraging comment. Hope you have a good day. :-)

V on 09/11/2011:
Hey Biscotti :) How is your eye??I am hoping it has improved since the last post..Anyways I hope your weekend was stellar!!

V on 09/11/2011:
Dubya was at the death star :) I am sure you already know this ;)

thinkpositive on 09/11/2011:
Flat white coffee is a New Zealand /Australia type coffee- not sure exactly how it's made but it's a strong coffee with a steamy/creamy milk on the top. So good... With you For my activity- Do you walk/jog/walk for 25 min -7 times?? I'm totally impresses!

moogy on 09/11/2011:
Good to read that you are still on track with your jog/walking!! Good for you biscotti. You have been really consistent at this level for a good while now!! Wonderful:)

selina on 09/12/2011:
Ahhh the rain: actually we had too much of it and had major flooding in the area :(. I wish mother-nature would spread the rain more evenly.... Stay well!

Umpqua on 09/12/2011:
Looking good biscotti!

KayBee on 09/12/2011:
and Thomas Edison knew it well also :)))

V on 09/12/2011:
Hahaha!!!! Love it <3

biscottibody59 - Saturday Sep 10, 2011
(For The Month :: Lose 7-8# and 5% Body Fat)
Weight: 161.0

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8 . . . 35.2%::9.3
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.5 (24.9 = 140.5#)

For my activity: Walk 35 min

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::7.27::7.30::8.4::8.7::8.12::******::9.1::***::9.11::

Plan for today: Walk, Jog/Walk

45 oz Water * 6.5 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1303 * Calorie Goal = 1442 * Fat Goal = 32

biscottibody59 - Friday Sep 09, 2011
(For The Month :: Lose 7-8# and 5% Body Fat)
Weight: 161.0

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8 . . . 35.2%::9.3
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.5 (24.9 = 140.5#)

For my activity:
Tues: Walk 15 min; Jog 2 min/Walk 3 min x 7
Wed: Walk 10 min
Thur: Walk 35 min; Jog 2 min/Walk 3 min x 8

Doin' all right mostly--it turns out my cornea has some junk on it, so I've started some new eyedrops for it. My eye is irritated but not swollen. I'm optimistic these drops will work as intended. My vision is fine. Just to clarify I have no rash or significant pain left from the shingles. Again, if this is the worst and it runs its course, then I'm grateful for not having any other lingering effects.

I had a difficult time getting my eyedrop prescription filled. Then I got it, opened it and the stuff came gushing out of the bottle--looked to be half a teaspoon perhaps, but the bottle is only 7.5 ml (abt .25 oz ). Developing cust svc story . . .

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::7.27::7.30::8.4::8.7::8.12::******::9.1::**::9.9::

Plan for today: Walk, Circuit Workout, Bike Ride

120 oz Water * 7.5 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1303 * Calorie Goal = 1442 * Fat Goal = 32

grannyannie on 09/09/2011:
Hope your eye gets back to normal soon. I think I might just get the shingles vaccination. My case wasn't too bad but I'd rather not have it again, especially don't want it in my eyes.

moogy on 09/09/2011:
I always think that things wrong with the eye are particularly invasive. I hope your drops( or whats left of them!!) work and work quickly. I hope that you have an enjoyable weekend biscotti.:)

V on 09/09/2011:
I just hoe that this will finally come to an end for you!! This does not sound pleasurable to say the least...

V on 09/09/2011:
I will post pics of my new toys :)

thinkpositive on 09/10/2011:
Answer to your question about the golf cart- no , I just use a pul cart because I'm just playing on 9 hope courses. Here if you play 18 holes you have to use an electric driving cart. Although I do love driving those carts around! Hope you eye drops work for you & that things clear up.

Umpqua on 09/10/2011:
Take care, and I hope your eye issue clears up!

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Sep 06, 2011
(For The Month :: Lose 7-8# and 5% Body Fat)
Weight: 161.0

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8 . . . 35.2%::9.3
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.5 (24.9 = 140.5#)

For my activity:
Sun: Walk 25 min
Mon: Walk 30 min

Only got in the walk yesterday and the day before.

I think it snowed last night--haha--actually it was in the 50s for the first time in forever and it hasn't been 100*F for two straight days--woo-hoo!

I got a "hitch in my gitalong" (low back issues) from whatever--I just get it from time to time. It doesn't hinder me for jogging (for instance), but it still sucks. The other thing is that for the last week I'm having "issues" with the Shingles eye. So I have yet another appt with the ophthalmologist this week--I'm nearly 3 months away from the beginning of the infection, so I'm hoping this is the worst of it.

This must be my 6th visit--I must be doing something really wrong or really right--I expected much worse grief from this from everything I've read. I don't have any very interesting post-shingles pain (other than what I get around my eye from time to time--and that's pretty minor). FYI: the pain is also known as "post-herpetic neuralgia," and it can go on for a very long time. The older you are the more susceptible to it you may be.

Just so you know (in case I haven't emphasized it enough in previous entries), if you get Shingles anywhere on your face and especially if you get a lesion on your nose, get to an eye dr ASAP. I didn't have shingles in my eye or cornea, but it's not something you want to mess with and wait to get treated.

My little opinion about exercise and pain: since greengirl mentioned, "no pain, no gain." I don't do pain. I don't jog with pain especially. That's kinda why I'm doing this very conservative program I'm doing. It's similar to one I did when I began jogging in '02, in that time I worked up to jogging 3-5 days in a row. I was doing my wt trng as well. For now I'm trying to skip 2-3 full days between jog sessions and I feel good. Time will tell how well I do or if I'll progress to say 20 min straight jogging. Also, for the umpteenth time, superior quality (my opinion), fresh, well-fitted running shoes are absolutely essential. This is especially important as I age. I want to squeeze out as much enjoyment/accomplishment of my activity as possible--pain would completely kill that!

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::7.27::7.30::8.4::8.7::8.12::******::9.1::9.6::

Plan for today: Walk, Jog/Walk, Circuit Workout

60 oz Water * 6.5 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1303 * Calorie Goal = 1442 * Fat Goal = 32

moogy on 09/06/2011:
I think that 'no pain, no gain' saying is crap as well. Pain is your body signal to cut it out!!!! I am so sorry that you are still having trouble with your eye, I must have had a really light bout of them. I think you are doing a great job of managing your exercise and body needs. Good for you biscotti:)

V on 09/06/2011:
OMG!!! I am learning alot about shingles and I am sorry you are going through this :( I hope your eye issues resolve!! You and I have the same views on shoes,comfort,flexibility...I stumbled upon my last pair at Marshall's and this shoe is so comfortable...I am sure that i won't be able to find the same pair..I should have just purchased another pair right away but that moment is gone...Oh well.... As far as the mask goes, well it is pretty hardcore but I am looking to step up my game as strange as this all may seem..LOl Anyways I hope your day went well and congrats on the "cold spell" ;) I hope it lasts for a while..As well as some rain for you!!!

thinkpositive on 09/07/2011:
OK I don't think we have to be in pain , but I do think ( for me) that in order to lose weight I have to push myself a bit beyond my comfort level. Agree in the shoes- whether running, jogging or walking- so important. So glad that you got medical help early with the shingles but it must be concerning ( to say the least) to have to still be dealing with it. Take care.

grannyannie on 09/07/2011:
I had shingles a few years ago. Fortunately it was only on my thigh. I knew what it was so got meds right away and it was gone in a week. But it did hurt to have anything touch the lesions.

Hang in there!

grannyannie on 09/07/2011:
I don't see any discussions going on sweeteners, I'll start one.

selina on 09/07/2011:
Thanks Biscotti for the comment, I really appreciate it! It was shocking to see my friend in her state, although I had an idea what to expect because I spoke with "them" on the phone several times. Her husband always put the phone on conference call, so I could hear her responding to our talk, but I had never actually experienced talking to her, one on one. This must be so hard on her, she was an unusually beautiful woman, fit and smart...

I'm so sorry to hear that those shingles are still giving you grieve, darn it! I thought they lasted long, but not that long... I'm learning so much about it from you - thank you. I was reading your entry and thinking that I need new shoes... they are so important for our health! Have a great day, Biscotti! Stay well!

Umpqua on 09/07/2011:
I hope you can get some relief for your eye issue. I agree about the pain, it's a deterrent for me. Now, exercise is hard work for sure but it shouldn't hurt!

liza36 on 09/07/2011:
I deal with back pain every day, just varying degrees of it. Movement does seem to help, although painful at times. I think listening to your body and knowing your abilities is important. Good comment on shoes. I'm due for a new pair. I bet that would help my back too.

I'm sorry you are still dealing with shingles. I hope it's on the mend.

~WI~ on 09/07/2011:
My mom had a bout with shingles and I remember how painful it was for her :( Sorry you have them off and on and their little minions. I am so glad it was cooler for you! I've been keeping a very close eye on Texas the past several months and praying you all get rain really, really soon. Thank you for the encouragement and I love reading your entries!

legcramps on 09/08/2011:
gosh you have a lot going on! I hope you're feeling much better very soon.

Maria7 on 09/08/2011:
Wow...in the 50's, you say? NICE WEATHER! ENJOY! It's been very warm here...in the 90's but we are gradually cooling down into the high-80's for the highs and our nites are now down in the 60's...big YAYYYYY! Love it! Hope your eye is soon better. Take care. :-)

liza36 on 09/09/2011:
Thanks for the suggestion of the book. I do remember you suggesting it before, and I think I've read excerpts of it, but have not sat down to read the whole thing. Perhaps it's time I did that. Thanks!!

biscottibody59 - Sunday Sep 04, 2011
(For The Month :: Lose 7-8# and 5% Body Fat)
Weight: 161.0

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8 . . . 35.2%::9.3
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.5 (24.9 = 140.5#)

For my activity:
Thur: Walk 25 min; Circ Aer Wkt using Airdyne (5 min)
Fri: Walk 20 min
Sat: Walk 35 min; Jog 2 min/Walk 3 min x 6

So after not weighing in for about a month, I'm up by a few and BF is not so hot either (didn't expect it to have improved in the slightest). So I have my work cut out for me.

I did 17 non-stop mountain climbers during my wt trng Thursday after quite the break (19 days::6 workouts) from it. Same reps as the last workout on 8.12, which is NEVER the case if I've missed a few workouts. The plodding (aka jogging) I've been doing is making a difference in a few ways. Everything during the workout was better. Very life-affirming!

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::7.27::7.30::8.4::8.7::8.12::******::9.1::9.4::

Plan for today: Walk, Circuit Workout, Bike Ride

90 oz Water * 6.5 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1303 * Calorie Goal = 1442 * Fat Goal = 32

moogy on 09/04/2011:
I am so glad that your progress is encouraging you to keep going and that you are feeling good. Excellent news:)

Umpqua on 09/05/2011:
Considering you haven't been weighing in, I don't think that's bad at all. Good luck with the food logging, I know it's tedious but it does pay off in the long run.

thinkpositive on 09/05/2011:
I agree logging food is critical- for me anyway. Nice goals to work for.

greengirl on 09/05/2011:
Well done Biscotti. It's good to know that the jogging is paying off. They do say No pain No gain!!!

V on 09/05/2011:
Your goals are reasonable and I am sure you will go forth and succeed!!!

selina on 09/06/2011:
Hey Biscotti, good for you for facing that bathroom scale straight on! And you did fare much better than most of us! Stay well and keep up with that wonderful workout!

liza36 on 09/06/2011:
Nice to see some impact from the jogging. That's very encouraging.

biscottibody59 - Thursday Sep 01, 2011
(For The Month :: Lose 7-8# and 5% Body Fat)
Weight: 158.5

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8 . . . 35.2%::7.2 . . . 35.1%::8.23
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.1 (24.9 = 140.5#)

For my activity lately: 
Sat 8.27: Walk 25 min; Jog 2 min/Walk 3 min x 6
Sun 8.28: Walk 20 min; Bike Ride 40 min/6.8 mi

Mon 8.29: Walk 20 min; Jog 2 min/Walk 3 min x 6
Tues 8.30: Walk 50 min; Airdyne 10 min
Wed 8.31: Walk 20 min; Jog 2 min/Walk 3 min x 7

My confidence is holding steady right now. I can jog a little and that will only get better--the plan I'm using is in the book Running for Mortals. I stumbled on the book at Borders the week before the going-out-of-business announcement. I didn't really have high hopes, but I guess hope does spring eternal (as long as we draw breath). And Mother Nature is apparently going to allow a break in our 100*F high temps--they couldn't last forever.

It has been good to know that I can jog/walk/ride when the temp is still in the mid-90s, just like before--before whatever had gotten to me last year. Whether it was perimenopause, people (a very broad subject) and my reaction to it all, I can say now that I changed how I react, and I'm in charge of my body physically (for the most part). There's no protest (like last year). It was never about pain. I'm definitely in a new phase.

I'll weigh in on Saturday. I'll start writing down my food in my little notebook today and begin counting, etc next week. I'm pretty sure I can post fairly regularly. I still have a few time constraints, but if I don't get somewhat serious about my goals, my hard work for the last few months will have been for nothing. I just don't want to make excuses for stuff anymore--a significant challenge for me:-)

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::7.27::7.30::8.4::8.7::8.12::* a few missed*::9.1::

Plan for today: Walk, Bike Ride, Circuit Workout

60 oz Water * 6.5 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1303 * Calorie Goal = 1442 * Fat Goal = 32

getmebackto150 on 09/01/2011:
glad to hear you are in a good place!! Good job on the jog/walk combo!

V on 09/01/2011:
You know after you threw out that Alexander Pope all nonchalantly,i really didn't absorb the rest, :) LOVE IT!! never know what to expect from you which is why I love reading your posts! :)

V on 09/01/2011:
RYC on my diary??? LOL...See that is what I am talking about :) Oh and Bruce's son Brody??? MuY Caliente <3

Umpqua on 09/01/2011:
Good plan biscotti, it sounds like this is going to be a very positive time for you!

h82bfat on 09/01/2011:
Sounds like you're focussed & ready to go!! I hear ya about the making excuses thing... I'm trying to get into the mindset on making excuses for doing things properly. Funny - after typing that I realize that I AM doing that!! when I tell my friends that I'm doing my eliptical again, they all act shocked & amazed & I literally AM "making excuses" to them as to why I'm doing it!! Strange indeed..... ;c)

moogy on 09/01/2011:
You sound like you have a second breath biscotti. I love the title of the book, sounds possible if it's for mortals. I am glad the weather is cooling a little for you, ours is warming up a little. We are now in the second day of Spring and I have ice cream in the freezer for the children already!!! I am just hoping the warm weather lasts a long time before the heat arrives. A fairly useless hope but as you say hope does spring eternal!!! Have a great day biscotti:)

selina on 09/02/2011:
Thank you so much for your kind comment. I appreciate it! I should be here (and at the yoga studio) more frequently once my daughtr starts school again. I wasted 2 months of gym subscription this summer, oh well. Your book sounds very good - I find that some books are really great source of energy and inspiration, good for you for the find! I, also, am very happy that the weather has become much more bearable this week. Fall is here and I like it! Stay well!

legcramps on 09/02/2011:
Great job!

Thanks for your comment about my TSH test. I will have to think about having some more testing done, as i've been feeling a lot of the symptoms of hypothyroidism and it's a real drag, pun intended.

grannyannie on 09/03/2011:
Thanks for you welcome to DD. Yea, good to have other 50's here. Looks like you're doing great.

V on 09/03/2011:

greengirl on 09/03/2011:
Well done on the exercise Biscotti. I'm glad you have sorted it all out in your mind. That's half the battle won !

biscottibody59 - Saturday Aug 27, 2011
(Keep My Wt Trng On Track :: Eat Reasonably Well)
Weight: 158.5

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8 . . . 35.2%::7.2
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.1 (24.9 = 140.5#)

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. --Jimmy Dean

For my activity lately:
Tues 8.16: Walk 20 min; Jog 1 min/Walk 3 min x 7
Wed 8.17: Walk 15 min
Thur 8.18: Walk 15 min
Fri 8.19: Walk 20 min; Jog 1 min/Walk 3 min x 7
Sat 8.20: Walk 25 min
Sun 8.21: Walk 35 min; Jog 1 min/Walk 3 min x 7
Mon 8.22: Walk 15 min; Bike Ride 43 min/7.3 mi
Tues 8.23: Walk 20 min; Bike Ride 39 min/6.1 mi
Wed 8.24: Walk 20 min
Thur 8.25: Walk 25 min; Jog 2 min/Walk 3 min x 6
Fri 8.26: Walk 20 min

Just a quick update. I'm still "breaking" actually . . .

If you're in the path of Hurricane Irene I wish you well--it doesn't sound good. To be fair, I'm quite envious of the rain--but only the rain. Seriously, be prepared as well as possible, and be patient if your power goes out. Take good care of yourselves!

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::7.27::7.30::8.4::8.7::8.12::8.2?::

Plan for today: Walk, Jog/Walk, Bike Ride

90 oz Water * 7.5 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1303 * Calorie Goal = 1442 * Fat Goal = 32

KayBee on 08/27/2011:
Breaking?... Well, it's me, KathyBlue, my teenager friend :-) I am going to get back to work (and to my life) officially on Monday. I feel like a phoenix, I really need a rebirth because I'm in an emotional and physical ditch right now... But, I'm on a good way. From Monday on I'm on my diet again, active life. September will go by with mainly walking and careful stretching. Then, 3rd October, sports complex reopens and I already paid the subscription + 2 months membership, so I'll be there banging on their door at 7 AM ... :D

KayBee on 08/27/2011:
Ahh, and talking about rebirth, I opened this new account to start over. White card. White soul. On Monday - I weigh in. FEAR... I really scr*wed up this month, but I had crucial pains and no mental conditions to keep up the diet. I mean, the diet I did well but calories!... too much food, too many calories. Wanna hear the funny part? TOM didn't appear anyway! :( I haven't seen it since February. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.... I really need to get a life. A new one?! :)

greengirl on 08/27/2011:
I hope you're well Biscotti. I see you are increasing the jogging to 2 mins. Go for it! I'm glad you like my blue plates. I've has the set for many years, they used to be the ones I saved for Christmas but I use them all the time now. I recently broke one though and I was gutted!

V on 08/27/2011:
Nice workouts Biscotti!!! Yeah!!! I can't believe you guys are still rainless :( Sorry! it has thankfully been dry here but alot cooler than Tx... Oh thanks for your comment about the pix ;) Have a good one :)

missdetermined on 08/27/2011:
Very envious of your fitness schedule! I need to get moving on that! Great job!

Maria7 on 08/27/2011:
Good to read your entry...glad you are doing well. Take care. :-)

mcwoo40 on 08/28/2011:
Helloo i have'nt fallen off the face of the earth if u where just wondering,just having a good time eating the wrong foods :/

Em17 on 08/28/2011:
Have a geat week coming up =)!

moogy on 08/28/2011:
Thank you for dropping by and checking in on me. My entry for today will give the update. So lovely to see you here. Yeah! that made my day:)

Umpqua on 08/29/2011:
I hope you're enjoying your break. Exercise looks great!

geevee on 08/29/2011:
The good news this week after the second CBCwas that the platelets had risen from 88 - critically low to 212 - normal! It was the methotrexate, thank God!

Almost 3 wks.have passed since I stopped taking the drug and I haven't had any increased swelling in my right knee or increase in heat coming from it. I'm very happy about that. My doc is taking a wait and see attitude which I agree with. I'd like my poor system to fully recupereate. My next appt. is in 2 months. Maybe I'll broach the shingles vaccine idea at that time.

It's a relief to know my immune system is breaking down!

liza36 on 08/29/2011:
Nice job on the workouts, and jogging. I fared the hurricane with no power outage and no downed trees - success! I can't say that for others I know, so I feel blessed to have fared so well.

Maria7 on 08/29/2011:
Looking at your list, what a lot of good workouts you have gotten in. Yes, thank the Lord, we were spared from Hurricane Irene. Hope you are doing well. :-)

getmebackto150 on 08/31/2011:
I definitely appreciate your feedback re: sleeping... I honestly never thought that sleep apnea could even be an issue, but now you have me thinking... The thing is my husband usually gets mad at me b/c I'm "the best sleeper he has ever known" meaning I fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly... He says that I seem very peaceful while I am sleeping and I only snore about once every 2 or 3 months... (He just about always comes to bed after me so he observes me sleeping almost every night)... I do wake up about 2 times per night and have to go to the bathroom, but that is a longstanding issue and as long as my husband isnt' snoring I fall back to sleep very quickly...

On the weekends, when I don't have to get up at a certain time, I normally wake up after about 9 or MAYBE 10 hours of sleep and feel rested and great...

It just seems to me whenI wake up to an alarm clock, man its over and I'm just a zombie... I have tried MANY MANY times to exercise in the AM before work and I just CANT! On a weekend though if I wake up at 9AM, I am good to go for a run by about 9:30... Strange???

I will definitely look into sleep apnea though, because like I said, I never even considered the possibility that I had an issue with sleep... I definitley appreciate your feedback as I'm totally clueless!

~WI~ on 08/31/2011:
Hey BB!! It is good to see you are still here! Thank you for the encouragement :) yes it has been rough but like you, I REFUSE to give up.

V on 08/31/2011:
I have to respond to something you left on Kaybee's post in re of cats...I felt like such a loser when i had to give my cat to a friend because cleaning that darn litter box made me Sick to my stomach :( Not too many things bother me as far as levels of grossness, and trust I have seen and smelled alot of foul things before but i think litter boxes are repulsive :( LOL That was probably TMI but i thought i would share that little fact about me with you...hahah ;)

KayBee on 09/01/2011:
LOL one of the conditions of letting him (my man) adopt cats was him cleaning the litter box 100%, and he does it religiously so I cannot complain on that. I don't know if my recovery has to do or not with the diet but I am struggling big time and it affects me so badly. I may book a phsycologist for the near future.

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Aug 16, 2011
(Keep My Wt Trng On Track :: Eat Reasonably Well)
Weight: 158.5

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8 . . . 35.2%::7.2
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.1 (24.9 = 140.5#)

For my activity: Walk 20 min

I'm taking a break from here--see ya' in a few weeks. I wish you good food choices and lots of exercise--Enjoy!

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::7.27::7.30::8.4::8.7::8.12::8.17::

Plan for today: Walk, Jog/Walk, Bike Ride

90 oz Water * 6 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1303 * Calorie Goal = 1442 * Fat Goal = 32

Umpqua on 08/16/2011:
Enjoy your break and best of luck in meeting your food and exercise goals!

liza36 on 08/16/2011:
Good luck on your hiatus. See you back soon.

moogy on 08/16/2011:
I am sorry that you are taking a hiatus. I hope you come back soon, I shall miss you:)

thinkpositive on 08/17/2011:
Hope all is well with you and that you come back soon.

greengirl on 08/17/2011:
Good choices to you too Biscotti. I will miss your common sense while you are gone !! Keep fit and well :-)

geevee on 08/20/2011:
Hi Biscotti,

I've been on break too. I get bored talking about the same stuff all the time. I'm waiting until I have something new to report or get any different ideas, etc.

As for the methotrexate, because it suppresses the immune system, it might cauase a big problem if I had a live virus vaccine in my system. It's a strong drug and I never liked the idea of taking it,but since all other drugs taken so far over the years had become ineffective, it was my last choice exce0ppt for those extremely expensive ones that are infused at a Dr's office. That, I definitely don't want to get into. I surely don't want to go back to the metho. when my platelet level returns to normal. Last week it had risen 15pts. but was still about 35 pts. below the bottom of the bell curve where it usually is. I go back for another CBC in a few days and expect it to have risen some more.

I find it very scarey that the drug affected me as it did. I'll let you know what happens.

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