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biscottibody59 - Monday Apr 11, 2011
(Woman Doctor's Diet for Women (WDDFW) ::Modified::)
Weight: 157.5

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.9

For my activity: NordicTrack 22 min/2.3 mi; Walk 25 min

Day 12: As far as activity the last couple days, I feel like a total slug. My food choices sucked for the most part. I need to get on the ball--counting days has NOT been much motivation for change. I just have to make my mind up to do it. Period.

Though after writing the next portion and upon reflection I'm having a bit of an epiphany, which is, if I can be sooo disciplined about using my CPAP therapy in an absolutely religious way, why can't I do the same with food? Hmm, maybe this realization will be a catalyst for real change.

I slept really well--I simply collapsed with my CPAP mask on as usual--I don't sleep without it attached to the machine (of course:-) It's absolutely non-negotiable after about a year of it, and for all I know I died--haha! No, really--the sleep I get with CPAP therapy is not like any sleep I've ever experienced in my life--perhaps when I was a baby;-)

We had some storms and that woke me up for a bit, but other than that I slept like a log. I sort of feel like I can joke about sleep and death now, because I'm so far away from the person who was waking herself up every two hours to make sure she hadn't died. That was truly miserable madness!

We got a little cold front, so maybe I can finally get myself in the mindset to get in a decent bike ride.

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::2.21-4.2 (13 in a row)::**::4.11::

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk, Bike Ride, Circuit Workout

>70 oz Water * 7.5 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1290 * Calorie Goal = 1435 * Fat Goal = 31g

Umpqua on 04/11/2011:
It's good to hear you're getting some quality sleep in. That would be great if you can apply that same principle to eating. I hope you get a nice bike ride in!

moogy on 04/11/2011:
It is strange that we find that we can be so disciplined in some areas but not in other's. I think that with food, we use it for so much more than hunger and that is where the problem lies. Food becomes something we use for a whole different range of uses, fuel, celebration, solace, anxiety. So although the idea that discipline in that area seems feasible, I think that the reality is far from straight forward. I hope you get a good night sleep tonight. I did have a smile about waking up every two hours to make sure you are not dead. Then again, my daughter yells up twice a day to make sure I am not dead at the moment!!!!! You have got to laugh otherwise life would be just too miserable. Have a good day biscotti. Love you:)

V on 04/11/2011:
Summer seemed to have come this way really fast :( We are already experiencing record breaking temps :( I hope this isn't a preview of what summer is bringing us! Have a good day Biscptti, I know you will get your mojo back ;)

legcramps on 04/12/2011:
Hope you got that bike ride in :)

hollybelle on 04/12/2011:
Oh Biscotti! Thank you so much for the suggestion. I think I will do that. Since they went on their own once, I want to go once. To see the counselor and to tell my side of things privately. Wonderful idea! I need some perspective about this situation.

I didn't know about your sleep issues. Glad the CPAP is helping. Modern medicine!

legcramps on 04/12/2011:
LOL, yeah, I shouldn't sign it until I understand it. We already have an attorney, but he's a family friend... and, well, I hate asking people for help - most especially people I know who may think I should understand it without help. More to the case, I feel I should understand it, which is most frustrating to me.

I will ask for help, I just have to get to that point ;)

Maria7 on 04/12/2011:
Glad you are feeling better. :-)

biscottibody59 - Sunday Apr 10, 2011
(Woman Doctor's Diet for Women (WDDFW) ::Modified::)
Weight: 157.5

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.9

The sorrow which has no vent in tears may make other organs weep. --Henry Maudsley

For my activity: NordicTrack 13 min/1.3 mi; Walk 32 min

Day 11: I didn't get in my bike ride or wt trng--and it's just as well. Downtime is just as necessary as running 90 to nothing:-) Not that I've been running quite that hot--but I have pushed myself a little.

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::2.21-4.2 (13 in a row)::*::4.10::

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk, Bike Ride, Circuit Workout

56 oz Water * 7 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1290 * Calorie Goal = 1435 * Fat Goal = 31g

~Moody~ on 04/10/2011:
Hope you have a great day!

greengirl on 04/10/2011:
Yeah put your feet up for a change :-)

Umpqua on 04/10/2011:
A day of rest is essential. I hope you're having a nice one!

nemogirl on 04/10/2011:
Out of curiosity, what method have you decided on for calculating your body fat? I'm never very happy with calculating it since I have the accurite calipers and they really need to be pinched on me by someone else - but I really don't want anyone to do it for me!

mcwoo40 on 04/11/2011:
It was too hot to walk yesterday,gosh what am i going to be like to july/august.Stick at it,Jules

biscottibody59 - Saturday Apr 09, 2011
(Woman Doctor's Diet for Women (WDDFW) ::Modified::)
Weight: 157.5

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.9

There is something beautiful about all scars of whatever nature. A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed, done with. --Harry Crews

For my activity:
Thur: NordicTrack 15 min/1.5 mi; Short Walk
Fri: NordicTrack 28 min/3.1 mi; Walk 40 min; Mowing 90 min

Days 9 & 10: I decided to mow the yard yesterday. Not much grass--it's there, but it's not substantial just yet. So it was a weed-cutting fest:-) I thought I'd better get to it. Again the core strength improvement was my good friend--the little I've managed to maintain really came in handy. Sometimes you can't tell about these things 'til the day after. Well, I feel pretty good.

I didn't get my wt trng in, so that breaks my streak. Not a big deal if I can get it in today or tomorrow. I'm going to start focusing on core strength a little more. One of the best exercises is pushups--I'm up to two sets of 25 sissy pushups with one set of 19 military ones between. I'm glad to be able to do that much at this point. I had worked up to about 50 each a few years ago.

So I did a little light reading on the subject (core strength training) and there are a few new (to me) exercises I want to incorporate into my regular circuit workout. We'll see how it goes. I gotta strike while the iron is hot:-)

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done:  ::2.21-4.2 (thirteen in a row)::4.9::

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk, Bike Ride, Circuit Workout

>100 oz Water * 6.5 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1290 * Calorie Goal = 1435 * Fat Goal = 31g

moogy on 04/09/2011:
I would say that pushing a lawnmower round is pretty good core strength and leg training! Now 50 push ups is a really big goal to go for. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could get back to that, you know, I think you could do it. You have the determination and you know that 'where there is a will, there is a way'. Have a great Sunday biscotti.:)

biscottibody59 - Thursday Apr 07, 2011
(Woman Doctor's Diet for Women (WDDFW) ::Modified::)
Weight: 157.5

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.9

A pair of substantial mammary glands have the advantage over the two hemispheres of the most learned professor's brain in the art of compounding a nutritive fluid for infants. --Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes

For my activity:
Tues: NordicTrack 22 min/2.4 mi; Yard Work abt 2  hrs; Walk 50 min
Wed: NordicTrack 24 min/2.6 mi; Walk 55 min

Days 7 & 8: Tuesday I did a buttload of yard work that pretty much amounted to a wt trng session. (My improved core strength really came in handy:-) In addition to picking up tree limbs, then trimming some briars and saplings, I decided to move a pile of firewood and stack it neatly in a rack. I had intended to trash the rack, but it was still usable. I wasn't sore--so I must be doing something right with my actual wt trng. I thought it was a good workout!

So jump to today and NOT the greatest day ever, but these kinds of days are good reminders to get closer to/stay in the groove. (I can hope:-)

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done:  ::2.21-4.2 (thirteen in a row)::4.8::

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk

??? oz Water * 7 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1290 * Calorie Goal = 1435 * Fat Goal = 31g

V on 04/08/2011:
You will stay in the groove, you have this!! ;) have a good weekend!!!

Umpqua on 04/08/2011:
Stacking firewood is an awesome workout. I have yard work to do today as well, have a good one!

Maria7 on 04/08/2011:
That's exactly what I NEED to be doing but keep putting off...getting out in the yard and getting some work done (gardening...need to set out flowers bought a while back as well as the task of putting out a lot of red mulch in the flower beds)...Hope you have a good day. :-)

Supercheese on 04/08/2011:
Thanks for the comment. I went on the website and it said I ned 2020 calories if I dont want to lose weight. I figure I burn around 500-600, so thats around 1400 - way more than I usually. Ill work on adjusting it lol I hope youhave a wonderful weekend!

moogy on 04/08/2011:
That is great, being able to work so hard outside and still feeling stong. Well done biscotti. Your hard work really is paying off in real life!! Oh, and Moogy is pronounced with a hard g :)

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Apr 05, 2011
(Woman Doctor's Diet for Women (WDDFW) ::Modified::)
Weight: 157.5

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.9

For my activity: Walk 70 min

My weight's the same for today's weigh-in. No measurements today.

Day 6--took a really long walk. A long, non-stop walk (always with my dog:-) used to be a routine thing for me. I think the last time I was able to do this without wigging out over some chest flutter or upper GI pressure was waaay over a year ago. I'd have to check. I have been building up to it to be fair--I haven't had those symptoms (AT ALL--thank goodness) while walking for a few months.

I changed shoes again--needed fresh ones. Unfortunately I was feeling like the last pair (Mizuno's) had lost a lot of cushioning, judging from my rt knee feeling a little funny from time to time--they're still good for indoor workouts. So I switched to my new pair of Glycerin's (Brooks model I've worn for years--last year's 8--9's should come out soon). I swear I could've walked forever:-)

I'm going to try to make the diet work. And not make it look like it's BS--haha!

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done:  ::2.21-4.2 (thirteen in a row)::4.6::

Plan for today: Walk, Bike Ride, Yard Work

62 oz Water * 6.5 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1290 * Calorie Goal = 1435 * Fat Goal = 31g

~Moody~ on 04/05/2011:
That has to feel very good, being able to walk without any previous Sx. Shows your hard work is paying off!

I've never heard of the shoes you mentioned. I have such a hard time finding good shoes..I finally found some Nikes that are comfortable and supportive..

Wishing you a wonderful evening!

V on 04/05/2011:
I hear ya! This is the first time I have used my shoes for workouts only I am looking into getting an alternate pair just in case so it is very helpful to hear that you are not satisfied with the support that the Mizunos has...So far the Saucony's are doing great but it is always good to have a backup handy :) Have a good one!!!

moogy on 04/05/2011:
I think that it took some courage to go out walking in the outside when you where concerned about fluttery things inside. Yes, you have been working up to it but YAY for you I am really pleased that you can enjoy walking your dog again. The weather will soon lend itself to really enjoying being outside, plus the dog will love you for it!!:) I am getting frustrated with the hanging around waiting for the tests, let alone the result and hopefully medication. Grrrrrr. SERENITY NOW!!!!!

Maria7 on 04/05/2011:
Congrats on holding on to where you are. :-)

Umpqua on 04/06/2011:
Great job on the walk, I can't wait to have decent walking weather again. And good luck with the new diet!

selina on 04/06/2011:
That's fantastic - the walk with the dog! Have a great day!

Maria7 on 04/07/2011:
Good on the long walk, too. Thanks for the advice...I will look into the Overcoming Eating online. Hope you have a good day. :-D

loveray on 04/07/2011:
wow, awesome on the walk! so glad you are able to enjoy that again. there are few things i enjoy more than taking a leisurely walk with the dog:) thank you for your sweet comment - i do appreciate that we are such a tight knit community and walk with each other through various stages in life and in our relationship with food. thank you for your endless support and wisdom. xo

liza36 on 04/07/2011:
Nice to have a long walk without disruption from the unwanted GI or chest flutters. I'm glad that has subsided.

biscottibody59 - Monday Apr 04, 2011
(Woman Doctor's Diet for Women (WDDFW) ::Modified::)
Weight: 157.5

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.9

For my activity: Walk 30 min; NordicTrack 12 min/1.3 mi; Bike Ride 15 min/2.5 mi

Day 5--the best was that I got in my planned activity.

At the risk of repeating myself again and again, the wt trng (coming up again tomorrow) is the best thing I can do for my health and at this stage of my life. I had to take an extra day of rest three or four times during this latest streak, but now I'm a little more confident in my endurance and ability to bounce back. It's a little bonus, because I didn't know that was going to happen. All things considered I'm farther along in my fitness level at this point than I would have imagined.

I'm switching days for progress pics to Tuesdays.

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done:  ::2.21-4.2 (thirteen in a row)::4.5::

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk, Bike Ride

62 oz Water * 7 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1290 * Calorie Goal = 1435 * Fat Goal = 31g

Umpqua on 04/04/2011:
You are kicking butt with the weight training! I do have some major challenges heading my way. There are certain things I can resist but The Cake(TM) as we are calling it, is not one of them!

~Moody~ on 04/04/2011:
Weight training is awesome! I just read where you used 15lb dumbbells..Wow! I have 10lb ones and those kick my hiney in certain lifts! Good for you!! Keep it up!

moogy on 04/04/2011:
You are absolutely right weight training at our age is a great way to ensure strong bones, strength and general good health. Another good nights sleep for my return to the land of the living. You are doing brilliantly:)

V on 04/04/2011:
I am so proud of your accomplishments!!! Outstanding Biscotti!!!

nemogirl on 04/05/2011:
You have prompted me to edit my post. I went to get my bone density tested, and it was really interesting to me.

liza36 on 04/05/2011:
Those nice little perks of exercise and strength training are well worth it. Nice job.

selina on 04/05/2011:
Hi Biscotti - have a great week!

greengirl on 04/05/2011:
Well done on getting in your activity. I take my hat off to you Biscotti. That is where I'm falling down. I must try harder. Keep up the good work :-)

mcwoo40 on 04/05/2011:
I'm back :)

biscottibody59 - Sunday Apr 03, 2011
(Woman Doctor's Diet for Women (WDDFW) ::Modified::)
Weight: 157.5

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.9

For my activity: Walk 42 min; Circ Aer Wkt using NordicTrack (3 min)

Day 4--the high point was my wt trng. I went up to 15 pounds each on my dumbbells, which I use for 10 out of the 16 exercises. The rest was nothing to write home about--business as usual:-)

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done:  ::2.21-4.2 (thirteen in a row)::4.5::

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk, Bike Ride

45 oz Water * 6 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1290 * Calorie Goal = 1435 * Fat Goal = 31g

lifestylechange on 04/03/2011:
Sorry I took so long to get back to you... :) Yes, I agree... I do think it's important for me to incorporate a more consistent pre/post-workout snack. And if not before, definitely at least always after... :) I did that yesterday and it went well. Hope you have a great day:)

Maria7 on 04/03/2011:
Good afternoon to you! :-)

legcramps on 04/04/2011:
Good job, strong grasshopper!

biscottibody59 - Saturday Apr 02, 2011
(Woman Doctor's Diet for Women (WDDFW) ::Modified::)
Weight: 157.5

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.9

For my activity:
Thur: NordicTrack 23 min/2.3 mi; Walk 40 min
Fri: NordicTrack 22 min/2.3 mi; Walk 35 min

Day 2--whatever. Yesterday really sucked (Day 3 as I recall). I'll continue on with the count up to 14 days. Essentially I wrote my food down, a small accomplishment. So I didn't count calories for two days. I'm calling it "growing pains," for the time being.

There's nothing to see here at this juncture. While I'm whining--I'm not completely throwing in the towel just yet. Really that's too easy, and though I'm really into taking the easy way out, not this time.

The one thing I know is that I can't lose the momentum I've built with my wt trng--I'm going up in dumbbell wt with today's workout. So the little core strength I've built will continue to build little by little. At least I have that to bank on:-)

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done:  ::2.21-3.30 (twelve in a row)::4.2::

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk, Circuit Workout

Thur: 56 oz Water * 7 hrs Sleep
Fri: 62 oz Water * 8 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1290 * Calorie Goal = 1435 * Fat Goal = 31g

biscottibody59 - Thursday Mar 31, 2011
(Woman Doctor's Diet for Women (WDDFW) ::Modified::)
Weight: 157.5

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.9

For my activity:
Tues: Short Walk
Wed: NordicTrack 23 min/2.3 mi; Walk 40 min; Circ Aer Wkt using Airdyne (12 min)

*** I just updated cals/fat below. I think I'll be okay. It's like following a path I really don't want to go down, but one that I must try to follow. ***

Day 1 of 14 was a little rocky. I definitely think for me there's something about not sleeping enough and then not wanting to eat properly the next day. It's something that I suppose I should be aware of by now, but I hadn't thought of it until Umpqua mentioned it a little while back. Yesterday seemed to be a good example of it. So I stumbled at lunch (didn't eat enough) and into the afternoon, so by evening after wt trng I was at least as "head hungry" as I was stomach hungry.

I got the calorie goal (below) from shapeup.org (http://www.shapeup.org/atmstd/kitchen/page0.php) in case you're interested. We'll see how it goes. The site needs an update, but I think this part of it is still plenty useful. So I'm loosely combining the original diet principles with calorie counting. The WDDFW doesn't require calorie counting per se.

I borrowed a scale, which weighs about 1.5 pounds higher than mine--so I'll adjust my weight accordingly when I weigh in again. Fun fun fun:-)

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done:  ::2.21-3.30 (twelve in a row)::4.2::

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk, Bike Ride

Tues: 45 oz Water * 5 hrs Sleep
Wed: 72 oz Water * 7 hrs Sleep * 2171 Cal (+736) * 59g Fat (+28)
RMR = 1290 * Calorie Goal = 1435 * Fat Goal = 31g

Umpqua on 03/31/2011:
I hope today is better for you since you got a decent night's sleep. I've been very lucky the past few weeks and have had awesome sleep, but I know in the past that being tired can really mess with my calories and metabolism in general.

liza36 on 03/31/2011:
The sleep connection is pretty important. I also find that when I'm super tired, my food choices are not the best. I need to go to bed earlier! Hope today is a better day.

V on 03/31/2011:
I hope you get a good night's sleep!!!

lifestylechange on 03/31/2011:
I hope you get some good sleep soon!! :)

Thanks a ton for your very sweet and supportive comments, very much appreciated <3

legcramps on 04/01/2011:
I checked out that site and just want to thank you for posting it in your entry... I got a lot of great ideas for menu options, and since i'm heading out for groceries after work today I can start putting them in place almost immediately! I also checked out my calorie goal for slow loss at moderate exercise levels, and it gave me a 1600 range.

Hope you have a great weekend!

greengirl on 04/01/2011:
Good luck with your new regime. I always hate it when I weigh more on a different scale !!

KathyBlue on 04/02/2011:
now you made me nervous, http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/perimenopause/DS00554 I was thinking, while reading your comment: "Menopause, that can't happen as I only have 29.." and this article states it can appear in the early 30s - let's face it, I'm not far from that. This year I'm completing the 30th. Let's see how this develops for the next few weeks... The hot flashes are over, I feel OK... I'm going to look after how to evaluate my metabolism rate after a year of intensive exercising. I did the evaluation at the university in November, rated 1400 kcals per day - very low. I wonder if it changed... I like the site you shared! :)

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Mar 29, 2011
(Something Challenging And New)
Weight: 157.5

Body Fat: 34.2%::1.1; 34.0%::2.22; 33.8%::3.8
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.5 (25.8 @145.5#) My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (129#)

For my activity:
Sun: NordicTrack 33 min/3.5 mi; Walk 30 min; Circ Aer Wkt using Airdyne (10 min)
Mon: NordicTrack 13 min/1.3 mi; Walk 40 min

First things first: My weight's up--my food behavior of the last week helped on that note. On my measurements I'm down a tad shy of 1 inch. I checked my body fat and it was way up--like around 35% for crying out loud--I'm not sure what's going on. I'll try it again later in the next month. I have no reason to believe the monitor is defective. 

I wrote a long, drawn out entry with much of the same BS I've always put up to soothe my dissatisfaction, fear and wish to move on as it all relates to my weight. I saved it and will perhaps share it another time. To be honest you could click to any random page of mine over the years here, and you'd likely see the same sort of entry. Blah, Blah, Blah--but it's my blah, blah, blah--haha!

I've just about made up my mind to do the original diet (mentioned last entry)--back to basics for now. It will begin tomorrow if I do it. I'll reluctantly count calories until I feel I don't need to. I may complain about that. I hated it before, but I accepted it.

Some good news--on my Sunday walk I was faster than usual. We had a cold snap--it was in the low 50sF as opposed to 85F the day before. I don't know if that had anything to do with it. I prefer to think that I felt good and my body responded:-)

Gotta go!

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done:  ::2.21-3.27 (eleven in a row)::3.30::

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk, Bike Ride

56 oz Water * 7 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1290

Umpqua on 03/29/2011:
Cold snap haha ;) The new/old diet sounds good, even cutting back carbs for a short time makes such a difference for me.

KathyBlue on 03/29/2011:
body fat is something hard to measure because it so depends on other behaviours... I think a bit of exercising is enough (in 24 hours) to change the %... and then you mustn't drink water before measuring (in 2 hr period), you have to go to the bathroom right before measuring... At least I had these criteria when I did this in the scientific lab.

liza36 on 03/29/2011:
Your long drawn out blah blah entry - I bet it could have been mine! I feel like the same old broken record half the time. But I'm still believing that the weight will come off...some day, hopefully sooner rather than later.

I'm encouraged and inspired by your continuous efforts!

lifestylechange on 03/29/2011:
Hang in there, you are doing great :) Hope you have an excellent day!

loveray on 03/29/2011:
sounds like a really good plan to go back to basics. sometimes it's just as easy as listening to what the body wants:) many blessings on your continued journey.

V on 03/29/2011:
Complain away!! Whatever it takes to get the job done well girl go for it!!!! Have a good evening!!

Maria7 on 03/29/2011:
Yep, you're right about counting calories...so not fun but so worth it! :-D

moogy on 03/29/2011:
I like reading your blah blah blah, my entries seem to be always about the same stuff from different angles!!!! We can only keep trying to figure all this stuff out. I share your frustration and sure that like me you feel like throwing my hands in the air and staying STOP all this maddness!! Good walking though biscotti!! Hang in there! Another good sleep I noticed! yay!

greengirl on 03/30/2011:
I hated calorie counting but there comes a point where it's the only thing that helps. The only reason I'm losing weight at the moment without strictly counting is because I've got plenty to lose !!! I know that eventually I will be doing both, sticking to the cholesterol lowering diet and simultaneously counting calories. I'm not looking forward to when that time comes. keep up the good work biscotti. You can do it :-)

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