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biscottibody59 - Tuesday Oct 26, 2010
(Something Challenging And New)
Weight: 156.0

Body Fat: 33.7% (was 32.5% on 8.10; 34.1% on 9.28)
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.6 (25.8 @145.5#) My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. --Jerry Garcia

For my activity lately:
Wed 10.13: Walk 20 min
Thur 10.14: Walk 40 min
Fri 10.15: Nothing
Sat 10.16: Walk 5 min
Sun 10.17: Walk 45 min
Mon 10.18: Walk 40 min
Tues 10.19: Nothing
Wed 10.20: Walk 25 min
Thur 10.21: Walk 30 min
Fri 10.22: Walk 30 min
Sat 10.23: Walk 30 min
Sun 10.24: Walk 30 min
Mon 10.25: Walk 35 min

I'm up a pound since my last weigh-in a couple weeks ago. I also checked my BF today and it's the same as it was on 9.28.

I'm trying a drastically new WOE (way of eating). It is entirely possible that I may experience a bit of crow-eating soon (within a month or so) if things go as planned--haha!

Really though, I guess I can say I changed my lifestyle once about 10 years ago with the help of DDs--it took many fits and starts. In retrospect, the exercise was the easiest part. Implementing some of Overcoming Overeating by Munter & Hirschmann furthered my cause.

I've been looking for something to excite and sustain my attention (for more than a few days) for about the last year, when my health began to go to hell in a handbasket. I think I may have found it, but we shall see. As time goes on I'll elaborate, but for now I'll just have to get after it!

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::9.30(partial)::********::10.26::

Plan for today: Walk, Bike Ride, Circuit Workout

Be Good To Yourself--First!

2486 cal * 122g Fat * 37g Fiber * 56 oz Water * 6 hrs Sleep
310 cal Deficit * 15% Activities

Umpqua on 10/26/2010:
All sounds good. I look forward to hearing more about your mysterious new way of eating ;) Have a good one!

moogy on 10/26/2010:
I am so glad that we don't celebrate Halloween here, the occasional street or neighbourhood seem to, but in general it hasn't caught on I am glad to say. I am intrigued by your challenging and new way of eating and can't wait to here more about it.

Maria7 on 10/26/2010:
You are doing real well in holding on to where you are. :-D Hope you're having a nice day. :-D

V on 10/26/2010:
Hi Biscotti! i am also looking forward to hearing the mysterious new way too!!! Enlighten us please :) have a great evening ;)

V on 10/26/2010:
I also see that you quoted the grateful Jerry Garcia...Are you a deadhead??? I am :)

KathyBlue on 10/27/2010:
6 hours sleep, is it enough???!

KathyBlue on 10/27/2010:
You're right about being grateful for the site we have! :-) I know how hard is it to keep a hobby like this, because it's a hobby as I don't believe it brings too much profit for the wm...

selina on 10/27/2010:
Hi Biscotti! I must check out the Overcoming... book from our local library. Holding on to the weight is great, can't wait to hear more about this mysterious thing you mentioned.... have a great day!

legcramps on 10/27/2010:
Good for you! Can't wait to hear about your new WOE. Have an awesome day today :-)

selina on 10/27/2010:
Who would have thought of pencils? Great idea! My husband said that when he was little he used to get apples from health concious folks and he hated them, ha! (The apples, not the people who gave them to him.)

hollybelle on 10/27/2010:
Bike riding has gotten me excited again. Of course winter is coming - but maybe the ET in the winter will be more exciting if I realize I can do that to keep me fit for the bike in the spring! We'll see.

V on 10/27/2010:
lOL I have to say you are very witty and wise :)

V on 10/28/2010:
Well the genius part is a given!!!! LOL

Maria7 on 10/28/2010:
Still waiting on your elaboration....

selina on 10/29/2010:
I always liked Dear Abby and read her columns in the paper... is he still around?

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Oct 13, 2010
(Something Challenging And New)
Weight: 155.0

Body Fat: 33.7% (was 32.5% on 8.10; 34.1% on 9.28)
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.5 (25.8 @145.5#) My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

The calmer thought is not always the right thought, just as the distant view is not always the truest view. --Nathaniel Hawthorne

For my activity: Walk 30 min; Bike Ride 11 min/1.5 mi

So it's back to a few basics for me. I got in a very short bike ride yesterday--hadn't been on the bike since June--WoW! As for sleep, I only got 5 hrs, but it was uninterrupted and completely restful--woo-hoo!

I've gotten into some Halloween candy of late--such a dead end (appropriate H'Ween spookiness). I looooove Mary Janes--I should be able to talk myself out of them from now on just by knowing one single ingredient: hydrogenated vegetable oil--get out the big, fat marks-a-lot and X out my eyes already!

I'm pretty diligent about label-reading, and I only see MJs for Halloween, but I've never paid any attention to the ingredients. I guess now I can think of it as eating a mixture of corn syrup, shortening/Crisco and peanut butter--that's pretty much what it amounts to. Pretty sad waste of calories, and I can't eat just one I'm afraid.

I did enjoy them, for what it's worth. I'd seriously like to get on the bandwagon--Sorry MJ, no room for you!

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::8.29::**********::9.30(partial)::***::10.14::

Plan for today: Walk

Be Good To Yourself--First!

2486 cal * 122g Fat * 37g Fiber * 84 oz Water * 5 hrs Sleep
310 cal Deficit * 15% Activities

moogy on 10/13/2010:
Good for you for getting back on your bike. I am sure you will build up your endurance as you increase your efforts. Sounds like Halloween is going to be a bit tricky, I am glad we don't have it here!! Have a great day.

chidogs on 10/13/2010:
I understand how you feel about the halloween treats. My personal downfall is $100,000 bars. Caramel, krispy bits and chocolate. Probably not a healthy thing in them. But what candy does? Be strong!

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Oct 12, 2010
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 155.0

Body Fat: 33.7% (was 32.5% on 8.10; 34.1% on 9.28)
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.5 (25.8 @145.5#) My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

No matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up. --Lily Tomlin

For my activity:
Sat: Walk 30 min
Sun: Walk 35 min
Mon: Walk 15 min; Dog bathing 20 min

So I'm the same (ho-hum . . . *yawn*) on my weigh-in today. Must get on the ball--shift the mindset (and bodyset--if you will) toward fitness instead of sluggishness. Sa far today looks good--for the wt trng!

I haven't been writing down my food in my little notebook, which is a sure sign that I'm going to start to go off the rails. It's not that difficult, but it's just one of the biggest things that's kept me in line, for the most part, over the years.

I've been hesitant to mention it, because I might jinx myself, but I have not had a stiff neck/shoulder in months (though I don't remember the last one). I may have documented it in here. So I used to get one every so often and it would last from a week to a couple of weeks depending on the severity.

And I haven't had one since. I can only chalk it up to the CPAP use and the fact that I mostly use a more stiff pillow than I normally like simply to ensure my nasal mask stays on. It's a little thing, but I can get the "stiff neck from Hell" and usually do if I get one at all. Just an observation:-) In other words no stiff necks seems to be tied to the CPAP therapy.

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::8.29::**********::9.30(partial)::***::10.12::

Plan for today: Walk, Circuit Workout, Bike Ride

Be Good To Yourself--First!

2486 cal * 122g Fat * 37g Fiber * 84 oz Water * 6 hrs Sleep
310 cal Deficit * 15% Activities

KathyBlue on 10/12/2010:
ahhh, I'm so glad you don't have the stiff neck/shoulder anymore! A little care brings its vantages. :) I also changed my pillow and have more attention when turning in bed during the night, and finally I don't have the blackouts anymore!

Maria7 on 10/12/2010:
Glad you are feeling much better and maintaining (better than gaining!). Hope you have a nice day. :-)

legcramps on 10/12/2010:
It might be boring, but sometimes I like days that have no drama in them ;-)

V on 10/12/2010:
I know you will get back on track! yes although tedious at times keeping a journal has been really helpful to me as well...Have a good day and I hope your neck doesn't hinder you! :)

liza36 on 10/12/2010:
Tracking my food has been a huge help for me to stay on track, and at super busy times like now, when I'm not as diligent with tracking, I do find that I tend to eat more than I should. So you've reminded me to get back on track with writing down my food.

Yay for no stiff necks! That would be horrible. Hope you have a great day.

Umpqua on 10/12/2010:
Our hot air popper is on the loud side, but it's so quick that I don't mind it. We have a Presto PopLite and it has served us well over the years.

That's great news on no neck/should problems. I hope you have a great day!

moogy on 10/12/2010:
You are going to have to get your little book out again, so that you keep yourself on track. I have mine next to me at all times. I hope you figure out what is causing your next problems this time. That's so yuccky!!

V on 10/12/2010:
Thank you :)

KathyBlue on 10/13/2010:
background is Lisbon, right! :))) I will post more photos tomorrow night, photos of Portugal ;)

biscottibody59 - Saturday Oct 09, 2010
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 155.0

Body Fat: 33.7% (was 32.5% on 8.10; 34.1% on 9.28)
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.5 (25.8 @145.5#) My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

Change has a considerable psychological impact on the human mind. To the fearful it is threatening because it means that things may get worse. To the hopeful it is encouraging because things may get better. To the confident it is inspiring because the challenge exists to make things better. --King Whitney Jr

For my activity:
Wed: Walk 15 min
Thur: Walk 10 min
Fri: Walk 30 min

I am going to try try try to get my wt trng in tomorrow. Once again I'd like to get on a roll with it, but sometimes getting that first one in to get the ball rolling can be a monumental task.

Oh--hey, it's 10.10.10 tomorrow--unless it's already tomorrow where you happen to be--haha!

A man went into a bar after work and ordered a beer. As he started drinking his beer, he heard a female voice saying seductively, "You've got nice hair."

The man looked all around him but couldn't see where the voice came from. A minute later he heard the same voice saying, "You are a handsome man." The man was really puzzled by this so he asked the bartender what was going on.

The barman replied, "It's the nuts--they're complimentary."

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::8.29::**********::9.30(partial)::**::10.10::

Plan for today: Walk

Be Good To Yourself--First!

2486 cal * 122g Fat * 37g Fiber * 56 oz Water * 6.5 hrs Sleep
310 cal Deficit * 15% Activities

Maria7 on 10/09/2010:
Yep it's 101010 tomorrow...it's also my Daddy's (passed on when I was a child) birthday! You're very close to your goal! :-)

moogy on 10/09/2010:
I am already on 101010, doesn't feel any different!!LOL I liked the joke. It is true that it is hard to get started with exercise, but once you have got going again, I am sure that you will enjoy yourself.:)

V on 10/09/2010:
Ha Ha!!!!! That's a good one :) :) :)

hollybelle on 10/10/2010:
LOL! Good joke. I'm with you on the weight training. I'm doing some as soon as I get off the PC! I like it because I can watch TV and do it at the same time!

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Oct 06, 2010
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 155.0

Body Fat: 33.7% (was 32.5% on 8.10; 34.1% on 9.28)
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.5 (25.8 @145.5#) My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

Pursue, keep up with, circle round and round your life, as a dog does his master's chaise. Do what you love. Know your own bone; gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it, and gnaw it still. --Henry David Thoreau

For my activity: Walk 30 min

Didn't get in my wt trng yesterday, so the rundown's the same for today.

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::8.29::**********::9.30(partial)::*::10.6::

Plan for today: Walk, Bike Ride, Circuit Workout

Be Good To Yourself--First!

2486 cal * 122g Fat * 37g Fiber * 56 oz Water * 5 hrs Sleep
310 cal Deficit * 15% Activities

moogy on 10/06/2010:
I hope you have a great day of good food and sweaty exercise. It is so lovely to have you back posting!!:)

just42day on 10/06/2010:
thanks for the kind words of support. Really appreciate them. Thanks, too, for always posting such interesting quotes. I always look forward to reading them. :)

Maria7 on 10/06/2010:
Looks like you are doing really well. You're not far to 145! :-)

V on 10/06/2010:
Have a good one :)

moogy on 10/07/2010:
Thanks biscotti, in order to work out how many points is in my food (because I make most stuff from scratch) I have to know the calories and fat content. I am going to have a look at the website though. Thanks for the help!:)

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Oct 05, 2010
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 155.0

Body Fat: 33.7% (was 32.5% on 8.10; 34.1% on 9.28)
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.5 (25.8 @145.5#) My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

A caterpillar who seeks to know himself would never become a butterfly. --Andre Gide

For my activity:
Thur: 4 of 16 Circuit Aer Wkt moves using Airdyne (2 min)
Fri: Walk 20 min
Sat & Sun: Nothing
Mon: Walk 30 min

I'm down a pound on my weigh-in today. My BF is down as well. I'd like to see how I feel at about 28% BF. The low end for my age group is 24%. (I'm measuring my BF with a hand-held Omron gadget I got last year.)

In an effort to capitalize on my brief momentum, I'm going to try to start posting every day. It's the old accountability thing--I'm less likely to leave my wt trng behind. That's my story--at least for today--haha!

Onward and upward--weeeeeeee!

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::8.29::**********::9.30(partial)::*::10.5::

Plan for today: Walk, Bike Ride, Circuit Workout

Be Good To Yourself--First!

2486 cal * 122g Fat * 37g Fiber * 56 oz Water * 6.5 hrs Sleep
310 cal Deficit * 15% Activities

selina on 10/05/2010:
One pound down, that's awesome, Biscotti! Glad to hear you're coming back to posting, yes, it does make a difference for me, too!

legcramps on 10/05/2010:
You're doing great - and it'll be nice to see you back here posting more often. Have a great day today!

loveray on 10/05/2010:
thanks, Biscotti. I didnt, in any way, mean any judgement about water or soy choices for anyone, just wanted to share some interesting info. There are many good forms of soy, so you are very right to consider the source of info. I hope you have a wonderfully healthy day! xo

V on 10/05/2010:
WOw Wow Wow!!!! truly inspirational! I am glad that you are back and i did take your suggestions with the research and I am devising a plan so I might be picking your brain in a few days....Oh that web site is very informative :) I am slightly curious as to what foods you eat :) I am posting in a few so I will talk to you later :)

geevee on 10/05/2010:
Your "brief momentum". I LOVE it!

You are so right about daily posting to keep yourself accountable. I'll know what the damage is on Sat. after not posting or writing down what I eat and being off my successful diet. I know it's not going to be good news. This is how I regained most of the weight I had lost the first time here. I go off track so easily.

Umpqua on 10/05/2010:
Great job on the weight and body fat. Looking forward to seeing more of you around here!

hollybelle on 10/05/2010:
Woo-Hoo girl - look at you! I'd love to see 155 by November 15 - that would be 10 lbs lost by then - that's almost doable....Hmmmmmm.

V on 10/05/2010:
getfitamerica....I have been reading up on different ways I could go about introducing good carbs like brown rice...I am a little frightened about it not meaning I will go overboard,I guess it is more of a mental thing for me....SOunds silly but i have to reprogram in my thick skull that all carbs are not bad! LOL

just42day on 10/05/2010:
All sounds well in your world. I'm glad. :)

moogy on 10/05/2010:
Well done for another pound biscotti, that goal is looking really close now!!

Maria7 on 10/05/2010:
Congratulations to you! :-)

breakaway on 10/05/2010:
Congrats on your pound down! I hope my scale tells me the same this week! Have a great week :D

liza36 on 10/06/2010:
Glad to see you back, and congrats on the loss, especially the BF.

biscottibody59 - Thursday Sep 30, 2010
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 156.0

Body Fat: 34.1% (was 32.5% on 8.10)
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.6 (25.8 @145.5#) My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

I believe our longing for an innate harmony runs deeper than our longing for righteousness. --Evelyn Rodriguez

For my activity:
Sun 9.12: Walk 10 min; Mowing 40 min
Mon 9.13: Walk 15 min
Tues 9.14: Walk 15 min; Mowing 20 min
Wed 9.15: Mowing 65 min; Weedeating 35 min; Cleanup 20 min; Pick up tree limbs 15 min
Thur 9.16: Nothing
Fri 9.17: Walk 25 min
Sat 9.18: Walk 40 min
Sun 9.19: Walk 20 min
Mon 9.20: Walk 20 min
Tues 9.21: Walk 10 min
Wed 9.22: Walk 25 min
Thur 9.23: Walk 25 min
Fri 9.24: Walk 30 min
Sat 9.25: Shopping 60 min
Sun 9.26: Walk 35 min
Mon 9.27: Walk 20 min
Tues 9.28: Walk 30 min
Wed 9.29: Nothing

I'm up a half-pound on my weigh-in Tuesday. Unfortunately I've completely slacked on the wt trng (10 workouts in a row missed), thus my BF is waaay up--from 32.5% to 34.1% today. I'm committing to wt trng. Again.

I've only weighed in one other time lately and I was up, so it's good to be down again--during this break from DDs it hasn't really been my priority. However, I have wanted to go dairy-free for some time now. In that process I have managed to drastically decrease my caffeine intake as well.

I was a big ol' sucker and bought a container of one of the overly sweetened almond milks (practically like syrup), which got me over the hump to quit putting milk in my coffee--I'm not lactose intolerant, just wanted to try going without for once. Then I used a container of unsweetened almond milk and put a scant teaspoon of cane syrup (100%) in my one cup of coffee/day (might have a decaf too).

I have managed to cut back on coffee. Couldn't get the unsweetened almond milk on my last grocery run, so I got the organic unsweetened soy milk and ya' know what--it's fine. It's pure soy milk from soybeans--not a bunch of sweetener and salt and other junk. The important thing is I know what's in it. BTW it has 4g of fiber per cup--not added fiber, it's there naturally because it's made from the whole soybean.

I'm really planning to work diligently on getting the the body fat down to the 20%-something range. I seriously would like to get to a point where I don't even weigh myself. My health priorities have begun to shift like no other time in my life. I recently discovered that I, we, humans, don't need as much protein as we seem to have been led to believe. In fact it can be very hard on our kidneys for instance.

Speaking of health, I'm a little over the 7-month mark for my CPAP therapy. I don't wake up in the middle of my night's sleep anymore (this is as of about 6 weeks ago). And I don't use a chinstrap anymore--I realized it was doing nothing for me. It didn't take long from the beginning to get used to the nasal mask, but I've had to do a little tweaking with the humidity setting on my machine and it's all working just great for me right now! Good sleep is vital to me, though some nights I might get at the very least only 5 full hours. We spend a third of our life sleeping or should--I'm grateful every day that I got diagnosed and treated for sleep apnea.

Cutting back my coffee (and thus caffeine) has made a drastic drastic improvement in my overall sleep. And I previously was vigilant about not drinking it after about 2 p.m. or so. I've also changed the type of coffee to instant (not decaf) as of the last week or so. It's a little easier to see how much I'm getting. These are very small changes. I honestly can tell when I haven't had that little jolt to my overall mood. Of course the jolt is smaller with the amount I'm now consuming, but if I don't have it--I miss it. Not so much the coffee, but the mood boost. I never thought I could live without coffee, but when health priorities change, I can do nothing but try to change as well.

And I've been a 2-3 pot/day plus occasional nighttime coffee drinker with no effect on my sleep (quita a few years ago). Those days are probably gone forever! As with many things in a sometimes crazy life, I guess time will tell:-)

Not sure when I'll be back on a daily basis--soon I hope! Take good care of yourselves!

Circ Wkts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::8.20::8.23::8.26::8.29::**********::9.30::

Plan for today: Walk, NTrack, Circuit Workout

Be Good To Yourself--First!

2486 cal * 122g Fat * 37g Fiber * 84 oz Water * 7 hrs Sleep
310 cal Deficit * 15% Activities

lose4sure on 09/30/2010:
amazing how caffeine can mess with your sleep! I don't drink coffee but I had an Exedrin one night and wondered why I was wide awake!

V on 09/30/2010:
Biscotti I am impressed that you are weaning yourself off the caffeine, I am super impressed with your dicipline.....I learn alot from you, and to that I say thank you :) Have a good day!

moogy on 09/30/2010:
It bought a smile to my face when I saw your name up on the diary entries list. Good news on the sleeping front that is really great. It is amazing what people can really do when faced with the option of possible death. I am glad you are sticking around with us. Keep up the good work - I shall look forward to your permenant return.XXX

Maria7 on 09/30/2010:
2 to 3 pots a day...big WOW!!! That's a lot of coffee! At one time I used to drink about 9 cups a day (years ago)...and it finally did not agree with me and I had to stop that. Now I usually have a small to large mug of coffee in the mornings (weak) and I'm happy with that. Hope you're having a nice evening! :-D

Umpqua on 09/30/2010:
It's great to see a post from you and another awesome quote that I can get on board with. Wonderful job with the coffee! That is the one thing I can't give up - I need my 2 cups in the morning to function. I cut back during my pregnancies but I was nauseous part of the time so it wasn't a big deal. I've heard Kava Kava is good for that little boost in the morning without caffeine. I've tried it a few times, but can't say I noticed a difference - but I was still drinking coffee. I think it's wonderful that you're analyzing your overall health and making changes based on that and not just numbers and plans. It's so important to take into account lifestyle needs and what we need to do to make ourselves healthy and happy overall. I hope you have an excellent upcoming week.

breakaway on 10/02/2010:
Good goals on the body fat. I have been wanting to get my body fat tested for a while now. Always been scared to! I know I have to be up around 45% or so. Looks like you got tons of walking in! Great job :D Have a great weekend!

Maria7 on 10/04/2010:
Hope you're doing well and having a nice evening. :-)

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Sep 28, 2010
(Short Challenges :: Wt Trng :: Pre-Bkfst Cardio)
Weight: 156.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.6 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

This is a placeholder for my weekly weigh-in.


biscottibody59 - Sunday Sep 12, 2010
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 155.5

Body Fat: 32.5%
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.5 (25.8 @145.5#) My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues. --Duke Ellington

For my activity:
Wed 9.1: Walk 20 min; Mowing 55 min
Thur 9.2: Nothing
Fri 9.3: Nothing
Sat 9.4: Walk 30 min
Sun 9.5: Walk 10 min
Mon 9.6: Walk 15 min; Jog 3 min (in place); NordicTrack 15 min/1.1 mi
Tues 9.7: Jog 3 min (in place); NordicTrack 15 min/1.1 mi
Wed 9.8: NordicTrack 21 min/1.8 mi; Walk 30 min
Thur 9.9: Walk 25 min
Fri 9.10: NordicTrack 21 min/1.8 mi; Jog 3 min (in place); Walk 25 min
Sat 9.11: Walk 15 min

Still mostly on hiatus, but wanted to update my weight (down a half-pound) as of yesterday and what activity I've been doing.

See ya' all later--take good care of yourselves!

Circ Wkts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::8.17::8.20::8.23::8.26::8.29::***::9.12::

Plan for today: Walk, NTrack, Yard Work

Be Good To Yourself--First!

2486 cal * 122g Fat * 37g Fiber * 84 oz Water * 7 hrs Sleep
310 cal Deficit * 15% Activities

V on 09/12/2010:
Go Biscotti!!!! You have been missed!!!!!

teensybikini on 09/12/2010:
Wow your are doing awesome! You weight goals are similar to mine. Sending lots of props your way hun!!! keep it up! congrats on the weight loss!

panda22 on 09/12/2010:
Congrats on your loss...keep it up! You are only 10 away!

moogy on 09/12/2010:
So lovely to see your post and receive your comments. I miss you very much. Congrats on the half a pound, it all adds up. Hope life is treating you well. I look forward to when make your big return. Love to you.

Maria7 on 09/12/2010:
Congratulations to you! :-)

I see you are being VERY CONSISTANT (every day! :-)) with your exercise. That is REAL GOOD. Hope you're having a wonderful day! :-)

Umpqua on 09/13/2010:
Good to see you and great job with the exercise and half pound. I like the Duke Ellington quote!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/14/2010:
thanks for the belated BD wishes, you are doing very nicely too!

nita51 on 09/15/2010:
I just loved the little reed, bending in the wind. Awesome! Your comment meant so much to me, I will keep that thought embedded in my heart. Now about you lady,,,, You're doing a great job, only 10 lbs to go, until goal:) :) :) So happy for you. Take Care & Hugs

nita51 on 09/16/2010:

nita51 on 09/16/2010:
You know what they say......A woman's work is NEVER done. Take Care1

V on 09/16/2010:
Thank you for your comments :) It means alot coming from you :) i will have to watch Network now! And Steve McQueen was very dreamy ;)

moogy on 09/16/2010:
Lovely to hear from you biscotti. I hope everything is good in your world. I look forward to your return.

Maria7 on 09/16/2010:
Glad it's working for you on the decaf followed by regular. It's so easy nowadays to take in too much caffeine each day. Then be awake most of the nite! :-D

panda22 on 09/16/2010:
Yeah it's so good to have a walking buddy! I have 2 really close friends here now that have kids and I'm so blessed to have met them =) It's nice to have people who can relate to you and who are in the same boat being away from their family and military. Thanks for the comment! Hope you are doing well =D

Maria7 on 09/20/2010:
Thanks. Hoping you're having a real nice day! :-D

V on 09/20/2010:
See how many of us miss you! You have a great week as well :)

nita51 on 09/21/2010:
Yes, I will take it easy. Thank you. These old bones can't handle too much too soon. This old gal ain't what she use to be! ( LOL ) xoxo

KathyBlue on 09/24/2010:
Miss u.... :(

selina on 09/26/2010:
I miss you, Biscotti. Hope all is well :)

Maria7 on 09/27/2010:
Thank you for your comment. Hope you are doing well. :-)

V on 09/29/2010:
Thank you :) And yes you are missed

biscottibody59 - Saturday Sep 11, 2010
(Short Challenges :: Wt Trng :: Pre-Bkfst Cardio)
Weight: 155.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=27.5 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

This is a placeholder for my weekly weigh-in.

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