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biscottibody59 - Monday Feb 16, 2009
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 165.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.4 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

A minute's success pays for the failure of years. --Robert Browning

For my activity: Walk 10 min

Plan for today: Walk, NTrack, Airdyne

Eat! Exercise! Focus! Enjoy!

3113 cal * 113g Fat * 33g Fiber * 28 oz Water
-968 cal Deficit * 2% Activities

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/16/2009:
re your comment before....thank you for telling me or i wouldn't have known that info. it's good to be able to have an idea of who we're writing to on here!

legcramps on 02/17/2009:
Hey, good job! Keep up that walking! And thanks for the birthday greetings!

biscottibody59 - Sunday Feb 15, 2009
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 165.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.4 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

Real life isn't always going to be perfect or go our way, but the recurring acknowledgement of what is working in our lives can help us not only to survive but surmount our difficulties. --Sarah Ban Breathnach

For my activity:
Thur: Walk 20 min
Fri: Walk 15 min
Sat: Walk 15 min

::green tea, walk first thing, breakfast early and maybe one coffee::

God, but I've been here a long time. I'm not losing weight the way I was when I started. I'm a little too content with where I am. I do believe I can step up for my health and my life and reach a reasonable and non-overweight BMI weight. I hesitate to make this declaration, but I do know myself pretty well. I know that if I behave properly (exercise moderately and step up to eat a little more "in the moment") that I can get there.

On another subject. Yeah I was 13 years old once. In fact, I was in the 7th grade when I turned 13. I probably weighed 120# if I weighed a pound. The one girl in class who was what any of us, her classmates, would consider "fat" probably weighed 140 or 150, though I'd be guessing. That was it for fat classmates. Of course I was 13 for crying out loud, and my memory could just be a little shady at this point.

I must focus myself now: I wish myself well for the next few pounds of weight loss. Spring is around the corner, and though I generally don't have an excuse to exercise because of weather, I plan to step it up here. I'm fighting Father Time & Mother Nature as well as the "battle of the bulge," for that matter;-)

I mean I'm not exactly saying "Screw you!" to you all, but first and foremost this is about me and my journey! I wish you all well as usual, but I simply must focus myself on me or I'm sunk! Time's a wastin'--haha!

Eternal vigilance. That old college try. Say it with me--let's get it on--one more time!

Plan for today: Walk, NTrack, Circuit Workout

Eat! Exercise! Focus! Enjoy!

3113 cal * 113g Fat * 33g Fiber * 28 oz Water
-968 cal Deficit * 2% Activities

thinnside40 on 02/15/2009:
ONWARD!!!!!!!!!!! Hup Hup Hup...... Best of wishes for you!

Donkey on 02/15/2009:
I weighed 120 in the 7th grade too!

selina on 02/16/2009:
You are doing well by focusing on yourself, go grl!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/16/2009:
yeah....we were all young and thin. i know i was too. seems like a memory right now but if you were lighter then, you can be lighter now. no giving up ever.

Maria* on 02/16/2009:
Thank you for your advice. You are such a sweet person! I hope you have a wonderful day today!

thinnside40 on 02/16/2009:
Being 23.5#'s from you highest & 15.5#'s from your lowest..... Your track record is so much better than mine my friend... I have been looking at my numbers throught the years and know this time I am doing so much better as far as "catching" myself before having to start ALL over again and most of the time even @ a higher weight...

Just wanted to stop by today & say "THANK YOU" for being here and being that constant encouragement & inspiration in the NEVER GIVE UP! I need that reminder!

biscottibody59 - Thursday Feb 12, 2009
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 165.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.4 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

For my activity lately:
Wed-Wed: Nothing

I'm down 3# on my Tuesday weigh-in. On my measurements I'm down a bit more than 1 inch overall. Glad I took them, last measurements were back in November. Also, counting calories, no; writing my food down in my notebook, yes. I'll get back to counting soon. Oh, and I didn't get my "first thing" walk in--started again today!

Observations on my short-lived "no coffee" experiment.
For me there is something about even 2 cups of coffee a day (very strong plus quite a bit of milk, no sugar) and its effect on my feeling rested the next morning. I sleep fine, but what I noticed is that I had a little more spring in my step (while drinking just the 1-2 cups of green tea) upon waking up initially. So maybe I'm not sleeping quite as well while drinking coffee, though I'm sleeping long enough--and I don't drink coffee past about 2 p.m. I didn't miss my coffee, until I had a couple of cups one day, which turned into about a week of "must have" coffee.

I'm one who could drink coffee all day long, but I know it wrecks my sleep, so I generally don't do it!

My new plan, which I hope becomes a routine, is to have green tea with lemon first, then breakfast, then If I would like to enjoy a cup of coffee, I can. That's the key for me, enjoy! Also with coffee first thing, I don't have an appetite for breakfast. I want to WANT breakfast, not force myself to eat it. I didn't know this until I changed my routine in early January. 

Plan for today: Walk

Eat! Exercise! Focus! Enjoy!

3113 cal * 113g Fat * 33g Fiber * 28 oz Water
-968 cal Deficit * 2% Activities

Progress as of today: 23.5 lbs lost so far, only 22.5 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 02/12/2009:
AH.... I NEVER liked to eat breakfast..... A banana was about it and 2-3 cups of coffee... My troubles are late @ night eating.... Now, when I wake, I usually eat a nanner first thing with a cup of coffee, then have breakfast about a n hour later..... I look forward to eating it now....

THanks for the compliment on the "hearts"... I LOVE doilies, but never have made any... I find them for a lil' of nothin' @ the thrift store though... All kinds & colors...... Crochet is something, once I get started, I don't want to stop.. I could make an afghan in a day.... Sewing is something else that tucks everything else to the side... I have to make sure I am caught up before getting started......

Being down by 3#'s is wonderful.... I know how good that feels and will get back there again soon... I just know I will....

Sleep Well!

selina on 02/13/2009:
Good job on the 3#, WTG! I love coffee and can not do an experiment like you did... i love green tea, too.

panda22 on 02/13/2009:
Awesome job with the loss! I agree that coffee is a major filler and tends to turn people away from eating breakfast. I used to drink it too and after stopping my stomach got into the breakfast routine and now it wakes me up every morning growling for it! lol

Thanks for your comment! I guess I could say I've conquered it, but for me being an all or nothing type person I'm waiting for 2 complete years of "sobriety" to make that announcement. By sobriety I mean 2 years of absolutely no distorted thinking, active symptoms, etc, and unfortunately the thinking is the worst part to kick. I realized after re-reading even my post the other day that I still think about the scale too much, and to me I associate that as distorted thinking in reference to myself. I place my goal at 2 years because I was trapped in the ED for 6 years so I know recovery will take a long time as well.

Anyway, it's good to see even though you don't understand the subject, you are keeping an open mind and attempting to learn and understand. I can relate to people "not getting it". You'd probably be surprised to know that most people dont get it unless they've experienced it, and my own family didn't understand at first. My father and I actually had a falling out when I was first diagnosed because of the fact that he didn't think it was a disease at all and that I could just STOP anytime I wanted to. Funny thing was he was an active smoker ((he's quit in 2004 with aide of medication)), and it took me relating what I was feeling to his own addiction to really open his eyes. That and talking to a family therapist and having them confirm that I wasn't just playing a game, I really needed help stopping. Our relationship is better than ever now, and he's 3 years free of nicotine and I'm working on my 2 yrs!

Just wanted to let you know you are not alone in the crowd when it comes to not understanding! Have a great day! You are almost to your goal and that's a huge accomplishment!

mcwoo40 on 02/13/2009:
Well done on the weightloss,hope your pleased with yourself.I went a little off track,wed and thursday.I always do that,when the going get's good i always do damage then i feel a failure AGAIN crazy is'nt it.Take care of yourself,Julie

haha_love2laugh on 02/13/2009:
I am under doctor supervision, and since you arent me or my family members you wouldn't know that: My doctor told me to do whatever it took to lose weight, except for developing an eatiing disorder so maybe next time you should exclude people from any support system they can find, this is only a place for me to gather support, and track my eating so... i'm not using it for anything else

thinnside40 on 02/13/2009:
I was just coming to tell you about haha_love.. I saw your comment to her... I had asked her int he beginning her age and had great concern from the get go myself.... Her picture gave her away in age... What a cutie pie.... I wish that (if) the Dr. told her to do whatever it took that someone wiser would step in and show her, instead of coming to DD.... You know what it is like.... Me too..... She said her mom knew about her using DD....???????????

Have a good day.... I'm off to stock up on ginger-ale & such.. Hubby is real sick and I fear that I will be too by thime all said and done... I won't live without certain things if I'm sick like that.... I wanna be prepared! Ben can't drive yet (well, he can, but not legally), so best be going....

thinnside40 on 02/13/2009:
Well, to be frank with you... If MY 13 year old or even 15-16-17 year old was to come to someplace like DD and consult people who are NOT professionals, especially with something as delicate as a teenager's health.... Her reference to me was that her mom read where an online group had a 50% higher success rate at "losing weight" than those who went it alone.... Biscotti!..... When I was 8 years old, I went to TOPS meetings with a 400# g'ma.... I happen to even have the picture of when I was "weight loss queen" of the week..... But, then @ home, I was made to eat EVERYTHING on my plate in fashion of grease fried foods, etc..... 3 heavy meals a day..... Very mixed signal...

This is why I am so careful with Meg I guess... I do let her have unhelathy choices @ times, but tend to be on the leaner side if she doesn't want to eat EVERYTHING....SHe does have to try new things, but most of the time, just portiona control and I don't call it that.. We stick with "serving size"....

I'll get on with it here..... I probably would of told people what they wanted to hear and not the sole truth when asked about "parental permission", etc.... Knowing rules & regulations.... I was a great "liar" lots of times in my teenage years and if my parent's knew 1/2 of what I did/said they would be under 6' of dirt from the schock.... Being very conservative, I knew what they wanted to hear & gave it to them all the while knowing I was lying...... I never comitted crime, but I did totally go against many things I taught were wrong.... They were wrapped around my finger... Sadly to admit it, but tis the case......Communication was scarce as both of my parent's worked several hours a day... This is one of the reasons I am a SHM... I want the communication & involvement in our kids lives, cause I will never get that time back.... So, as far as "A DOCTOR" saying (with or without a parent in the room????) such to a 13 year old just does not seem right...If it is truth, I think I would be sharing a cell with you if we lived close to each other for sure.... I don't tolerate such things like that very well myself.....

I pray for the safety (health & mental both)... I really do!.. BTW, my kids AREN'T on the internet without us present and it is in the livingroom for ALL to see..... I haven't even commented anymore, I just can't in support...

K. now I wrote you a book.... HAPPY early VALENTINE'S DAY!

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Feb 04, 2009
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 168.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.7 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

For my activity lately:
Sat: Walk 10 min; Circ Aer Wkt using NordicTrack (15 min/1.2 mi)
Sun-Tues: Walk 10 min

I'm up 1.5# on my weigh-in this week. I didn't hit the 300-mile mark on my bicycle's odometer--I only rode once this month--that was a goal I made earlier last month.

Not surprised on the weigh-in--I'm coasting as of late, but the inevitable hill to climb is just above the horizon:-) I'm just not into making good choices or restricting the amount of food I eat. (And I did get into a little too much chocolate over the last few days.) I'm apathetic and unfocused on the food front. At any rate, I find myself here again--close to the 169 that I dread. I've been on this sort of "food vacation" and it's been enjoyable, but it's time now to pay the piper, clean up my act, get on the ball!

I have nowhere to go but up--but scalewise--down, down, down! Yiiiii-ha! Woop Woop and all that jazz!

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk, Circuit Workout

Eat! Exercise! Focus! Enjoy!

3393 cal * 139g Fat * 27g Fiber * 0 oz Water
-74 cal Deficit * 16% Activities

3047 cal * 153g Fat * 46g Fiber * 56 oz Water
-932 cal Deficit * 2% Activities

2445 cal * 125g Fat * 43g Fiber * 28 oz Water
-308 cal Deficit * 2% Activities

2829 cal * 126g Fat * 38g Fiber * 56 oz Water
-545 cal Deficit * 2% Activities

Maria* on 02/05/2009:
It has stayed on my mind what you wrote to me...about resisting the urge to not take care of myself. Thanks. You have a very positive entry. I hope you have a wonderful, blessed day.

thinnside40 on 02/05/2009:
Biscotti!~ I am so glad to hear that you crochet!... I love to do it myself, but don't get much time to pick up the needle & yarn..... Anyway, the hearts you made? Was that recently from the pattern link of the phto I posted or some you have made in the past?... I want to make some to use as "coasters".....

Getting off the "path of eating too much" isn't as easy as saying it, I know...Best of luck to you!

thinnside40 on 02/05/2009:
BTW ~ You should show a picture of those hearts you made...Ya/No?... I would enjoy seeing them!

YepItsMe~ on 02/05/2009:
Seems like quite a few of us have been on the path of eating too much~The good thing is realizing it tho...you'll get back on the right track before you know it!

Just curious~what does it mean when you put the line thru your exercises? Does that mean you've done it for the day and that's like crossing it off your list?? Just curious!

Have a great day!

mcwoo40 on 02/08/2009:
Thanks for your comment,I seem to be getting into the swing of things now.Have a great sunday,Julie

thinnside40 on 02/10/2009:
Ya know my friend... All the while I was typing my "rant" this morning.. All I could think about was "siscotti" and a comment that she may give to offer a bit of a "wake up call" to thinnie....... I know where I am failing miserably, as far as standing up for "me" & realizing that this journey is something I have to realize (have, but have forge=otten a bit) is going to be the remainder of my life.... ups/downs are going to come/go, it is WHAT I do with them at their point that matters.....

You are more of an inspiration to me that you will ever know & I'm so thatnkful that you remain @ DD for many reasons...

P.S. I've been looking @ that "heart" pattern... I ummmmmmmmmmm have trouble reading directions..I'm a visual learner.... Ugh......

Good Day!

thinnside40 on 02/10/2009:

thinnside40 on 02/10/2009:
Thanks for the link..... I will tell you (and probably will sound like a typical "depressed person") that I have wuit taking the Budeprion XL about 1.5 weeks ago... I had a new Rx to fill and last week when I went to pick it up, it was $145 (total bill with my Synthroind & Vit D 50,000IU)...$25 without it.... Jen was mentioning the $4 WalMart program... Anyway, I had decided to not take it anymore, even though my deductible would of been almost met had I purchased it.... I was doing so well in this journey before I began taking it, but felt evened-out in the "desire to do" and caring about other things that had went by the wayside....I have an uncle in a mental insitution (30+ years), due to nervous break-downs, a g'ma who is a nervous tick & now my mom's diagnosis.... I have always known I was "mental" and am not making light of a mental disorder... I just get tired of "chemicals" to make me feel 100% normal.... Getting back on track with eating andn ow my house is in order (99%), I feel better mentally... I will discuss this with the Dr. come April... She told me what I was going through was most likely "hormonal" fluctuation and thus with the list of other things to talke to her about this will be another to add..... Iodine, Thyroid, Cholesterol, Hormones, etc.... The Wellbutrin did nothing for my horrible mood swings (which that was my main goal)... I am a "witch" come 3-4 days of the month.. I hate that!...

Look forward to reading your next entry to see how successful you have been (hint hint..wink wink)

biscottibody59 - Saturday Jan 31, 2009
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 167.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.7 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

For my activity: Walk 15 min

Yesterday I only got in my planned walk. And my new routine (9 days in a row so far, which includes today) of getting in a short walk first thing--10-20 min--is going well! I had to navigate away from the icy street the other morning--but I did fine! I thought of just letting my dog pull me across the slick, but didn't want to end up on my bottom!

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk, Circuit Workout

Eat! Exercise! Focus! Enjoy!

3113 cal * 113g Fat * 33g Fiber * 28 oz Water
-968 cal Deficit * 2% Activities

thinnside40 on 01/31/2009:
Do you have a BIG dog?

Congrats on the "gettin' it in" for 9 days.....

Eat! Healthy..... Exercise! Faithfully.....Focus! On Positive Things..... Enjoy! Every Breath We Take.....

Thanks biscotti!!!!!!!!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/31/2009:
great job to you.

selina on 02/01/2009:
Icy streets are terrible for walking, be careful and stay well. I hope you'll get warmer weather to clear those roads...

Justine6Robert3 on 02/01/2009:
Great job sticking to your new routine Biscotti! I think even a little bit of exercise first thing starts your day off right! Good thing you didn't let your dog pull you on the ice...might have hurt your "bottom" although the dog likely would have enjoyed pulling you along :0) What type of dog do you have? My kids are begging for a dog and we're thinking about getting one in the spring but we have to stick to the hypo-allergenic kind because my son't allergic! This kind of rules out all of our favourite "large" types of dogs. I'm sure with some research I can find a dog that's right for us all!

Hope your enjoying your week-end!

Justine6Robert3 on 02/03/2009:
Your dog sounds lovely....I can't wait until we get a puppy of our own! It's not just the kids that want one, it's me too :0) I grew up with pets of all kinds! My sister and I had everything from cats and dogs to gerbals, rats, rabbits, snakes, tree crabs lol....just to name a few, nothing was really off limits as far as pets went in our house :0)

It seems that most dogs enjoy the climate here...they all seem to have a blast playing in the snow. As I'm typing this there is a lady walking her two dogs on the trail behind my house and they look so happy bouncing around in the snow :0) Thank-you for the subgestion, poodles really are the best option for anybody with allergies to dogs! I had a poodle that my parents got when I was about 11 yrs old and my hubby and I actually took him with us when we got married and bought our first home together. I loved my poodle, however my husband also grew up with a poodle and he's not a huge fan of the breed. My dog had the most amazing temperment, he was a fantastic dog...I still miss him! We were looking into mixed breeds like "Goldendoodles" (golden retriever and poodle mix) and "Labradoodles" (lab & poodle mix) Depending on their coat classification you can get these breeds with "hypo-allergenic" none shedding coats. They also come in different sizes depending on if you want a lap dog, medium size or larger dog. There's is a breeder near us that breeds these dogs so it's something we'll be looking into. I hadn't heard about these mixes before but their our several of them in our neighbourhood....they're really gorgeous and apprently have great temperments for kids. I just want to be absolutely certain that my son is not going to react to whatever dog we choose because I would hate to get a puppy and get attached to it and have to give it up....not fair to the dog or us :0(

As for the physical issues I'm having they actually are very real. Maybe the way I worded my entry made it sound differently but infact I have a very real condition that is in no way related to the "depression" thing. Although I often get physical symptoms and problems that definetly do relate directly to the depression and my being physically and mentally worn down. The antibiotics I'm on are doing fantastic to the healing process so thats great. I'm still feeling really tired out though at the moment so I think I'll take the rest of the week to just catch up on things and try to get well rested.

As for the anti-depressants I haven't taken them and I'm doubtful that I will. I really do hate feeling as you said "flat". Though I go through boughts of serious depression and it makes me feel really low and sad, they're are also the times were life is fantastic and I love it with a total passion....which includes alot of laughter and good times. I need to laugh and without that what do we really have. Going on pills that make me feel numb is simply not an inviting option for me....

Thank-you for your comments and I hope your having a terrific week :0)

Genesis on 02/03/2009:
Congratulations on sticking with the new routine!!! My dogs love the snow and ice too! Its so funny that they want to be outside more in the winter (when there is snow) than they do in the summer. Have a good day tomorrow!!

biscottibody59 - Thursday Jan 29, 2009
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 167.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.7 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

We do survive every moment, after all, except the last one. --John Updike

For my activity:
Tues: Walk 10 min; NordicTrack 23 min/2.2 mi
Wed: Walk 10 min; Circ Aer Wkt using NordicTrack (21 min/2.1 mi)
Thur: Walk 35 min; NordicTrack 42 min/4.4 mi; Bike Ride 22 min/3.5 mi

We got a modicum of  freezing rain and about an inch of sleet afterward--no power outage.

My calories are generally higher lately. I'm still not budgeting my calories. It's not that I don't care, I'm enjoying my food at the moment more than you could possibly know--haha:-) I'm not overeating/overfilling myself. I know I'll try to shore it up with a little more consistency again soon.

I still recomend the book Overcoming Overeating by Jane R Hirschmann & Carol H Munter to anyone who overeats, eats at night without control or thinks what they're doing is bingeing. It's not for everyone, but it really helped me get a handle on nighttime eating some years ago. I never had a problem with eating at night until I started paying attention to my food intake and realized it had just gotten out of hand--not to mention being miserably overfull alot of the time. I can't say there's an actual chapter on it, but the perspectives in the book did me a world of good!

There was a time when I didn't eat at night at all--and it wasn't something I thought about one way or the other!

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk, Jog, Bike Ride

Stay hungry--for fitness and weight loss!

1778 cal * 79g Fat * 54g Fiber * 84 oz Water
738 cal Deficit * 18% Activities

2787 cal * 121g Fat * 53g Fiber * 28 oz Water
-526 cal Deficit * 9% Activities

3180 cal * 138g Fat * 52g Fiber * 28 oz Water
-809 cal Deficit * 21% Activities

mcwoo40 on 01/30/2009:
Have a great weekend,Julie

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Jan 27, 2009
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 167.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.7 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

I think perfectionism is based on the obsessive belief that if you run carefully enough, hitting each stepping-stone just right, you won't have to die. The truth is that you will die anyway and that a lot of people who aren't even looking at their feet are going to do a whole lot better than you, and have a lot more fun while they're doing it. --Anne Lamott (in "Bird by Bird")

For my activity: Walk 25 min; NordicTrack 32 min/3.2 mi;
Jog 2 min/Walk 3 min x 4

Weight's the same on my weigh-in today.

My First Jog in Forever: I used the nifty interval timer on my watch. (A "repeat" amounts to an interval.) The first 2 minute repeat was like swimming through mud. The second was better, the third felt good and the fourth felt great. I knew my body didn't need to be pushed any more than that. I want to preserve my healthy limbs more than I want to jog at this point. So I'll be back out there on Friday.

And since I couldn't find my training schedule, the numbers should've been jog 2/walk 1 x 7, but I was running out of time and couldn't find it. Oh well, I'll work up. This has to be a gradual process for me at this age & poundage--haha--and after such a long break.

Didn't get in the Bike Ride. And we're under an Ice Storm Warning 'til tomorrow morning.

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk

Stay hungry--for fitness and weight loss!

2375 cal * 131g Fat * 31g Fiber * 28 oz Water
-13 cal Deficit * 17% Activities

Progress as of today: 22 lbs lost so far, only 24 lbs to go!

YepItsMe~ on 01/27/2009:
Thanks for the welcome back! I also want to work up to jogging and am going to go the same route you are~walking/jogging intervals~Good luck!!!!

thinnside40 on 01/27/2009:
Ice storm?!?!?!? Yuck!... We are "cold" here, but that's it....

Happy for you that you got in your jog/walk like you wanted to... I bet it did feel good!

Good Evening!

Maria* on 01/27/2009:
Hope you stay safe (and warm) if ice storm comes your way...

stringbean on 01/27/2009:
RYC- (RICE)- Thank you. I thought I was missing something! I did wrap it last night, and I'm keeping off of it and keeping it propped up. It *is* getting better though!

Good job on the running, and I hope the ice storm either misses you completely or is light. Those suck! When we lived in Arkansas a few years ago a big ice storm came through and we lost power for 9 days!! It was horrible!

selina on 01/28/2009:
Stay warm!

WI3 on 01/28/2009:
GREAT JOB!!!! So cool to see you are running!

thinnside40 on 01/28/2009:
Hey Hey my dear!.... Solicite me anytime!..... I can take it or leave it, but know that you have the best interest at heart (I hate that word interest most of the time, but not here).... THANK YOU! for what you contribute to my life!

ON another note, I read the other day where Maria had mentioned the "man" inuendoe (sp?).... I do plumbing,grouting,mousetrapping,wood cutting,tire changing,unclogging drains & assembling or fixing many other things and often suprise someone in need of a "man" that I CAN take care and they won't have to wait for my hubby to get home. hehehehehehehehe... Sometimes I do too much, but in the moment it's all good! BTW ~ I'm female!

Have a great Wednesday... AND again, THANK YOU!

thinnside40 on 01/29/2009:
RE: Applying again for $40 off ~ I tried to re-apply, but it gave me the "reject", due to already being registered as receiving our 2 @ this address... Figures huh.... It isn't going to kill us to not have one, but there was an ad in ShopKo today for one $50 ($10 in the end).....

Happy Friday!

biscottibody59 - Monday Jan 26, 2009
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 167.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.7 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

Learning too soon our limitations, we never learn our powers. --Mignon McLaughlin

For my activity:
Walk 10 min; NordicTrack 32 min/3.4 mi;
Circ Aer Wkt using Airdyne (11 min/2.3 mi)

I most certainly did do all my planned activity! Yeah--that's more like it!

I'm going to ease into some jogging starting today. Since it's been so long--a 12-min test in October and jogging in June--I'll have to deal with some cobwebs in the legs--haha! (Not to mention I'm now about 8# heavier than I was.) Though we could still get some nasty/icy weather that would prevent me from jogging regularly, it's usually pretty easy to work around it all, plus the days are still getting longer--woo-hoo!

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk, Jog, Bike Ride

Stay hungry--for fitness and weight loss!

1866 cal * 74g Fat * 26g Fiber * 56 oz Water
606 cal Deficit * 21% Activities

Maria* on 01/26/2009:
YAYYYYYY!!! Happy for you on your walking, nordic track, circ aerwkt using airdyne...good workout... also the beginning jogging, too! SMILE!!!

mama_nurse on 01/26/2009:
happy jogging....enjoy!

Genesis on 01/26/2009:
Congrats on the exercise!!! IT always feels good to reach the goal especially when it comes to exercise. Good luck on the jogging!! Have a good day tomorrow.

WI3 on 01/26/2009:
Congratulations!! Sweep out those cobwebs and have fun!

skinnyjeans on 01/27/2009:
Good luck jogging! You'll get right back into it...it's usually only hard in the beginning, then it gets easier every day! :)

biscottibody59 - Sunday Jan 25, 2009
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 167.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.7 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

For my activity: Walk 15 min 

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk, Circuit Workout

Stay hungry--for fitness and weight loss!

 3112 cal * 125g Fat * 28g Fiber * 28 oz Water
-923 cal Deficit * 2% Activities

Maria* on 01/25/2009:
15 min walk instead of 10...sounds good to me!

skinnyfatgirl on 01/26/2009:
Thank you for all the advice..

I talked everything over with iain.. things are good

Maria* on 01/26/2009:
Okay...someone just referred to you as a 'he' in their comment to someone else, agreeing w your comment to them...all these years, I've thought you are female....?????????? (Either way, you are a wonderful, nice person!)

Maria* on 01/26/2009:
Hehehehe!!! Glad I didn't offend you but I 'had' to ask...I always thought you are a female. (Until today when I read the typo error, hahaha!!!) Have a fantasic day!!! Love, Maria

biscottibody59 - Saturday Jan 24, 2009
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 167.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.7 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

For my activity: Walk 10 min 

Didn't get in yesterday's "planned." Oh well!

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk, Circuit Workout

Stay hungry--for fitness and weight loss!

2314 cal * 93g Fat * 35g Fiber * 28 oz Water
-332 cal Deficit * 2% Activities

mama_nurse on 01/24/2009:
have a great weekend.

Maria* on 01/24/2009:
That is 'cute' what you wrote...stay hungry--for fitness and weight loss!!! Also...walking...that is good...any amount..it ALLLLL counts! Love, Maria

thinnside40 on 01/24/2009:
Your movin'..... That's what counts the most sometimes.....Not sitting idle!

Have a great weekend!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/25/2009:
sometimes plans change.

Donkey on 01/25/2009:
Stay hungry -- I love it!

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