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coffee&calories - Saturday Sep 10, 2022
(Calorie Counting)
Weight: 0.0

 I had a disturbing binge yesterday/last night. 4am now and just can't sleep the last hour. I feel so out of control and like I'll never reach out of this dark hole with my eating. I really thought I was out of this behaviour. I worry my hyper-focusing on food just isn't a good thing. It's really hard because I can't just focus on myself and my needs, i have to think of feeding my family all day - having the willpower to not eat when I've consumed my calories for the day but I need to make everyone dinner. If I overeat or feel like my eating isn't perfect, I'll just eat the rest of the day without  trying to fight off the urge. It's a horrible cycle, and I feel like I've hit my ability to cope with this s$&t. I'm sorry to write so negatively and make such a big deal about this. I just feel so lost and am contemplating abandoning calorie counting all together in favour of just eating meals again. Maybe that would give me some level of normalcy? My issue with calorie counting these days is I just want to snack all.the.time and if I can write it down, then it's ok right!? Wrong but I can't convince myself to do better. I feel like I need more rules or something. everyone else seems to have it under control and doesn't struggle like I do. I don't know anyone in my life who deals with this. I might have to step back for a few days from the site, just to re-evaluate my goals, what's working and not, and how I bring my desire to lose weight healthily into my life. The last thing I want is to bring any bad habits to my children (I hide all this from them, but will I forever?). 

Thanks for letting me rant. I tried to hold back so I didn't really go off the rails lol. Feeling hopeless is a terrible feeling. 


Donkey on 09/10/2022:
(((hugs))) Absolutely step back from calorie counting. Your mental well-being is more important than some number on a scale or logbook. If you have to step back from this site, too, then do it. (although we will miss you, this I know)

I agree with you that a re-evaluation of goals, or... maybe a different approach, e.g. 4 meals a day instead of snacks.

You are NOT alone. Oh yeah, it might look like nobody else has this struggle or issues with food but let me tell you: MOST OF US are struggling.

Maybe you can take something from my story: The last time I lost 10 pounds, I did it with strict tracking using an app. Yes, I lost the 10 pounds, but it was HARD -- physically AND mentally. And I've regained the 10 pounds, which seems to happen whenever something bad happens.

I'm starting to think that I'm just meant to be a larger person. Even when extra fat cells shrink (from dieting), they are still there, and I'm sure they weigh something, along with the extra skin that covers the shrunken extra fat cells. I'm guessing it all probably weighs about 10 pounds.

IDK... I hope some of what I wrote helps. Do what you need to do for YOU. We'll be here for as long as the DD site is up and active. And give yourself the time and space you need to rest and re-set.

coffee&calories on 09/12/2022:
Thank you Donkey. I read this on the weekend and really appreciated it. I will do my best to keep trudging along...I just don't really know what my plan is anymore

Jacky82020 on 09/10/2022:
Aw… seriously doubt you’re binging, you’re probably simply over eating like everyone does sometimes. I never did well rigidly counting calories. Do better by eating the same foods, at least for breakfast & lunch. Fiber One and a big salad lately. Also do a lot of albacore. And do best by avoiding the good fatty stuff or restriction there.

You weren’t ranting & negative and so what you were. I take ranting to mean unfair criticisms of others, not personal reflections. You’re being too harsh on yourself! Hope to see you posting soon. HUGS

coffee&calories on 09/12/2022:
Thanks for reminding me that I probably was catastrophizing. In the moment I just gave up and didn't care, which bothered me enough physically and mentally to wake me up in the middle of the night! You have a good idea with the same foods most days. Do you snack at all? If not, how do you fight off that urge?

Rainbow! on 09/10/2022:
Weight control has it’s ups and downs. The long vacation may be have caused a downside, but stick with it.

coffee&calories on 09/12/2022:
Thanks Rainbow. You are right, it was the vacation that started all this...I didn't even realize that. Hopping back in the saddle sure is tough for me.

horn_of_plenty on 09/11/2022:
I just want to say I can see it being really hard when you have kids - bc you do have to look well beyond yourself.

You aren’t overweight and probably look beautiful.

Try to make meals with veggies for the whole family and make it easier with everyone eating similar things which you prob do.

If you are bingeing, you are probably not eating enough throughout the day …

coffee&calories on 09/12/2022:
Thanks for the kind words! I realize now I was whining when I wrote that. There is always a way to make it work, if one wants to. I was choosing to feel sorry for myself "its not my fault" attitude which is awful. I'm going to try harder! The thing with the binging that confounds me is that Ive really not been under-eating at all. I think it's all psychological with me. If I feel like I haven't done well, I just throw in the towel. Whereas if I eat well, I don't want to mess it up. Ah, so frustrating :(

SomeFineDay on 09/11/2022:
Don’t stay away too long. We miss you already.

coffee&calories on 09/12/2022:
You're so sweet *hugs* Thank you

Jacky82020 on 09/12/2022:
My worst food problem is waking up at night & eating. Happened last night. Ate a chocolate cookie with M&Ms and a handful of small bite size oatmeal raisin cookies. Today I defrosted a loaf of 45 cal per slice bread and hope I can do that instead of the cookies. Maybe with sugar free jam and powdered PB. These cookies are are so annoying. Package says serving size is half a cookie, 160 Cals. LOL. They were hardly giants, 3.5” diameter at best.

coffee&calories on 09/12/2022:
I’ve been doing that recently too. I just call it “breakfast” bc i never have leftover calories from the day before hah. 160 for half a cookie sounds suspicious…I would be whipping out my food scale to check for accuracy lol

happy-1 on 09/12/2022:
Hugs. My occupational therapist said to me when I was in this loop to stop calorie counting and focus on timing of things throughout the day... that the binges and insomnia were actually an issue with sleep architecture and circadian cycles... so her steps to me were...

Step 1: Pick a consistent bedtime (9pm)

Step 2: Shower and wind down for the day 2 hours before that (7)

Step 3: Turn off screens 1 hour before bed (8... I put out clothes for tomorrow and then listen to the Get Sleepy podcast on Spotify in bed)

Step 4: Drink enough water for your bodyweight (1 gallon for me I weigh 250)

Step 5: Pick 3 consistent meal times and plan those meals out so they meet nutritional needs and are really satisfying (9, 1, and 5). Don't stress about snacks so much. They will fall into line on their own.

Step 6: Exercise a little, very gently.

Counting calories would be like step 20. Calories restriction is a form of stress and there is only so much stress overall we can handle. If I binge, it's only ever within 100-200 calories over whatever my negative calories were for the week... It's like too much stress and that's where my body wants to relieve stress first.

Hope this helps!

horn_of_plenty on 09/15/2022:
believe you can...fake it till you make it...believe in yourself...that's also what i had to learn to do; and to say i do, in order to stick with better eating.

coffee&calories - Friday Sep 09, 2022
(Calorie Counting)
Weight: 121.6

To use Donkey's term, I ate my emotions last night. Defeated is an understatement to how I am feeling. Oh well, move forward right.

Breakfast: 330
peanut butter - 200
english muffin - 110
jam - 20

Snack: 125
Slice cheese - 35
apple - 90

Lunch: 460
oat bar - 130
granola bar - 100
veg w/ sauce and cheese - 100
smart sweets - 130

Snack: 120
Mini aero - 40
cookie - 80

Progress as of today: 4.4 lbs lost so far, only 11.6 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 09/09/2022:
Did your emotions at least taste good?

Jacky82020 on 09/09/2022:
Well, todays another day & you’re back in the saddle

horn_of_plenty on 09/09/2022:
i love the Smart Sweets also :)

your eating looks good.

carbs are my friend, they really help me with energy levels.

in the AM, i cannot only have like a banana and pb, i must also include grains (oats, bread, etc)

don't be afraid of carbs.

lunch looks very nice.

all meals and snacks nice.

horn_of_plenty on 09/09/2022:
we eat a LOT of the same things, i see you also have gummy vitamins. i do also - to fit my sweet tooth and get some vitamins in. double win!

i feel like i could have eaten your day yesterday.

i like snacks like goldfish crackers as well as small treats like your rice krispie treat with coffee. that's a good snack and energizing like i enjoy too.

make sure to eat a little protein at meals to keep you satisfied and/or some extra veggies in there.but i gotta say, i'm kinda picking on you bc your eats are really enjoyable for yesterday! you are doing great....and your weight is balanced. i think you do better than you think you are!

coffee&calories - Thursday Sep 08, 2022
(Calorie Counting)
Weight: 121.6

Thank you for all your encouraging comments and positivity on my food choices yesterday!  I'm trying sooo hard not to say screw it & just start EATING when i'm overwhelmed and stressed. I had a touch more food after I finished my entry, maybe a bite of cake and something else..cant exactly remember but I don't think more than 1900-2000. I was *this close* to throwing in the towel, but reminded myself it is literally moments like this, that long-term will make all the difference. Choosing to constantly binge and start over, leaves me in the same place, and a low calorie day here & there will never ever make up for it. So I'm honestly truly trying this time around to just eat normally every day and whereever I end up is where I end up. It's definitely not gonna be any higher than I'm at, hopefully somewhere in the teens. I just turned 39, so I tell myself where do I want to be when I turn 40? So I didn't worry about the scale this morning, I'm turning my attention to a year from now. Helps to take the panic feeling out of going over calories a little.

Breakfast: 450
goldfish crackers - 100
egg white french toast - 300 (bread, egg whites, spray oil, sf syrup)
1 cup cashew milk - 25 
 coffee with real cream - 25

Lunch: 360
Veggie soup my mom made (with fresh romano beans, kale, some other veg) - 220?
gummy vitamins - 50
rice crispy square and black coffee - 90

Snacks: 160
Black decaf and soft sugar cookie w/ icing - 160

Early meal before music class: 300
More soup (and a few crackers) - 100
1/2 sandwich - 150
cheese and some leftover veg from last night - 50

Progress as of today: 4.4 lbs lost so far, only 11.6 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 09/08/2022:
Feel you on saying screw it and eating anything and everything in sight. That's one of the reasons I am doing Spoonacular for meal planning right now. If I plan the meals to have the right macros, the snacks just kind of fall in line.

coffee&calories on 09/08/2022:
That sounds interesting - I'm not familiar with it! Meal planning and me just have never gone together. I really should give it a go though.

Jacky82020 on 09/08/2022:
You’re doing great! A few or even 5+ pounds higher isn’t that big of a deal. I’m gaining too & thinking it’s back to serious dieting if I hit 115. I’m short so that’s more than it seems.

coffee&calories on 09/08/2022:
You have done SO WELL with your weight loss though. I remember over the year I popped in and out of here, your weight was falling every time. You are just so disciplined, I definitely lack there, and so I have no choice but to do this so slowly. I think you'll nip it in the bud fast. I so wish I could be maintaining like you and only playing with a couple pounds, I remember those days fondly lol And I am very short too, not much more than you, somewhere in the 5'2 to 5'3 range max.

Jacky82020 on 09/08/2022:
Super model! You have .25 feet over me!

coffee&calories on 09/08/2022:
Hahaha ;)

Donkey on 09/08/2022:
Your diary is a lesson and example for all of us. You brought up a very good example of how to manage those "screw it" feelings.

coffee&calories on 09/09/2022:
You are so sweet & kind. I feel pretty awful because I kind of gave in to an overeating episode last night :(

coffee&calories - Wednesday Sep 07, 2022
(Calorie Counting)
Weight: 122.0

Early morning: 70
A nice French roast Starbucks coffee with 2 tablespoons pumpkin spice creamer

Breakfast: 250
All bran with cashew milk & frozen blueberries - 150
tbsp natural pb - 100

Snack: 60
apple - 60

Lunch: 320
Frozen meal "chicken tikka masala" - 320 (I really like this one, too lazy to cook Indian food, so this suffices-it's basmati rice/chicken/sauce. President's Choice brand, their Blue Menu, so it's reasonably healthy at 6g fibre and 22g protein)

Snacks: 500
piece of bread w lil pb - 120
freezie - 10
vitamin gummies - 50
chocolate cake! (soo hard to stop eating) - 120
Rice crispy sq & graham crackers (eating bc im tired) - 200

Dinner: 600
Romanesco broccoli & purple cauliflower with a tomato/pepper sauce and cheese on top - 150
goldfish crackers - 50
rice and chicken leg - 150
cookies - 250

Total: 1800

Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 12 lbs to go!

Donkey on 09/07/2022:
Ah it's time for pumpkin spice again! I have a few bags of flavored coffee that remind me of Autumn: pecan, cinnamon, maple sugar -- blends of this sort that are perfect as the weather cools off.

coffee&calories on 09/07/2022:
Something about all the Fall stuff gets me going :) Love it!

Jacky82020 on 09/07/2022:
Oh, Yummers. The French toast Starbucks is new to me. Are they flavoring whip cream or the coffee or both?

coffee&calories on 09/07/2022:
Actually it was just the Starbucks Keurig pod, French Roast label (I also like the Sumatra and Verona ones a lot - just love that dark smoky flavour, altho I know some ppl just think it's bitter). I bought a pumpkin spice coffee creamer, I think it was International Delight not sure, 35 cals/tbsp! Even better when I sweeten it with a lil artificial sugar :)

happy-1 on 09/07/2022:
Yummy, healthy picks!!!

Jacky82020 on 09/07/2022:
What Happy says !

Donkey on 09/07/2022:
Wow, well done!

SomeFineDay on 09/08/2022:
Excellent choices!

horn_of_plenty on 09/08/2022:
VERY NICE eats like everyone says. good variety. i also love pumpkin everything.

coffee&calories - Tuesday Sep 06, 2022
(Calorie Counting)
Weight: 122.6

Sorry for the lack of posting and such. The days have been so busy and stressful. Today was the first day of school for kids, and not gonna lie it's so nice not to be back in the classroom. Every September I used to get major anxiety as a permanent teacher with my own class. Just wasn't for me. Anyways, very grateful I get to be home with my kids instead. I'll do some supply days, and that I do enjoy. Moving onto eating, fell pretty off track on Sunday, realized my old habits were rearing their ugly head and stopped myself from fantasizing about other types of diets. It's all a way for my brain to find a way to continue binging "I'm starting a different way of eating tomorrow". I said just stop it. My goal is to eat 1800 (no more) everyday for rhe next while. Despite a horrible sleep last night, maybe 3-4 hours, and eating in the middle of the night, I did track and came to around 1600 today. Onwards to tomorrow, just one foot in front of the other. 

Progress as of today: 3.4 lbs lost so far, only 12.6 lbs to go!

coffee&calories - Sunday Sep 04, 2022
(Calorie Counting)
Weight: 122.6

 So the last day of vacation ended in quite an over eating episode. I drank a little margarita and that definitely lowered my ability to make good decisions. We packed up and left yesterday morning to head home and get ready for my nephews birthday party. I actually did pretty good there -had some appetizers, a beer which I didn't finish, some dinner and a few bites of dessert. I'm just struggling today because I weighed myself and it has bounced up which is obvious I mean I was not eating particularly well on vaca, but since I worked so hard before I left I'm definitely feeling bad that I went back up. Demotivated. If I was maintaining at a lower weight I wouldn't care, but since I'm at the top end of where I want to be and I've been stuck here for years and just can't get anywhere meaningful....the frustration is so high. Ok, I'll stop with the complaining and get going on what I should be doing!

I know the biggest issue is that I am not a good low calorie dieter, but if I stay pretty steady with my eating I do well. But I can't seem to fight off binges for any length of time and any slight alter to my schedule really throws me off. I feel like I need to deal with these situations more than anything. 


Progress as of today: 3.4 lbs lost so far, only 12.6 lbs to go!

Donkey on 09/04/2022:
Oh boy, did I write this entry? I feel like I could have. So at least know that you're not alone. And I know you're weight is back up into a new set of numbers, BUT please take some peace that at least you're not re-gaining the same 10 pounds, like I am. You seem to fluctuate within a 4-5 pound range -- which is actually maintenance, if you think about it.

DO NOT let this weigh-in de-motivate you! I'm betting a LOT of this is from a bounce-back water retention from the salt and alcohol from yesterday. So don't pitch all of your efforts to the wind and dive off the deep end - no, no, no, NO.

Instead, now that you're home, focus today on drinking water, and eating more fruits & vegetables. For today. Just get back on track and count your calories, like you have been doing before vacation. I bet you find yourself back in the "teens" in a few days.

I'm cheerin' you on - YOU GOT THIS!!!

coffee&calories on 09/04/2022:
Oh donkey, I can’t tell you how much it means to me to read this. Thank you

coffee&calories on 09/04/2022:
Oh donkey, I can’t tell you how much it means to me to read this. Thank you

coffee&calories on 09/04/2022:
Oh donkey, I can’t tell you how much it means to me to read this. Thank you

Jacky82020 on 09/05/2022:
What Donkey says, What Donkey says, What Donkey says.


horn_of_plenty on 09/05/2022:
Alcohol also lowers my inhibitions...and makes me very hungry...i feel a sugar low after i have it, and practically require carbs. that's why i do not drink heavy drinks....i hear you on all that!

i had something to drink last night and it happened to me, except my friend and i were running around so much; i forgot i was feeling the sugar low and it seemingly passed...but not today when again i was running errands and had mostly carbs all morning...i needed to eat a meal today for the sugar low and being that i was alone and my time was flexible, i decided on a healthy large salad so i wasn't just snacking on garbage all day today....

like you say yourself at the last paragraph, it's not "how low can you go" in terms of calories; but how slow and steady you remain in order to do well and lose weight. you still are only a few pounds up from 119 your previous entry. this is not a large weight gain and you can go back to where you were. stick to your guns and doing what you were before. sometimes it is nice to enjoy life and vacation and other food. i understand those frustrations of needing to watch what you eat better again...but the thing is, you get better and better at it the longer you do it.

happy-1 on 09/05/2022:
You’re home now, it will drop off.

legcramps on 09/06/2022:
Oh yes, a little alcohol and suddenly a voice in my head says "what diet?"

I agree that consistency is key to health and wellness, in every aspect. Just keep getting back on track, and eventually you will find that you will drop off less and less. Find things you love to eat that are healthy, that you'd eat on vacation too!

coffee&calories - Friday Sep 02, 2022
(Calorie Counting)
Weight: 119.2

Last day of vacation! We leave tomorrow back home. Never used the hot tub yet so hope to go in today, more boat rides (the boxer loooves it, he's such a cottage boy I've learned) and maybe a hike. Gonna try for a good calorie day. 

Breakfast: 360
I bought some free range humanely raised organic etc bacon. I couldn't believe the pkg said 45 cals for 2 pieces cooked (12g)! Well I weighed it out, and lo and behold, one piece weighed about 10g. Maybe it needed to be cooked more crisp (probably). Anyhoo, made breakfast sandwiches :)

English muffin 140, bacon 50, egg 80 (270) and wanted some sweet so had a rice krispu square (90)



Progress as of today: 6.8 lbs lost so far, only 9.2 lbs to go!

legcramps on 09/02/2022:
Have a great weekend!

happy-1 on 09/02/2022:
A boxer on a boat? It must be a BIG boat!

Jacky82020 on 09/02/2022:
Oh, I had a boxer once. A very big beautiful girl, much bigger than the average boxer. Loved her.

That’s some exotic traveling you mentioned yesterday! Is it worked related or strictly vacation? Matt has declined many work offers to meet with clients in Korea and Japan. He has always managed to foist it off on a guy who loves a little vacation time far from his wife and kids. LOL

SomeFineDay on 09/02/2022:
I think yiu had a very nice vacation. The kids and dog loved it.

Donkey on 09/03/2022:
Thank you for your kind remarks on my diary. Thank you.

I hope you had a chance to use the hot tub - so relaxing. There is one available at the gym, but I seldom use it. Maybe that would be a good idea today or this weekend.

horn_of_plenty on 09/03/2022:
WOW. great job on your steps for the previous entry. you sound very active. eats are good too; nice variety!

good idea with the small rice krispy square to satisfy a need for sweet. it's nice and light and tasty.

coffee&calories - Thursday Sep 01, 2022
(Calorie Counting)
Weight: 119.2

 Hope everyone is having a great day.  I'm enjoying our cottage vacation, but man, I always struggle to eat according to plan away from home. It really shouldn't be that hard! It's not like I'm dieting or restricting much at all. So far today it's not been too bad. We went to a place called Santa's Village - a Christmas themed park with rides etc. Fun for the kids. I got up early to exercise the dog because I felt bad leaving him! Already at about 12000 steps and it's 3:30pm, not bad. My husband wants to go out for dinner again tonight, hope I can stay within my calories. That will be hard. I'm already at 1000 at the moment. 

okay, steps around 16,400 and another sushi dinner included grilled chicken udon soup, some sashimi, various sushi rolls, ribeye steak, edamame, one tiny fried chicken ball, can't remember if anything else. I don't think more than 1000 calories so total around 2000 today. 

Progress as of today: 6.8 lbs lost so far, only 9.2 lbs to go!

Jacky82020 on 09/01/2022:
Wow! That’s a lot of steps! It’s not easy staying on track when away from home. I do have much difficulty. I can barely sleep & take a decent crap, much less control calorie intake away from home. But lucky for me, I have too many pets to much travel, always have owned many animals. They make an excellent excuse for avoiding certain family reunions.

coffee&calories on 09/01/2022:
I’m with you! Everyone seems to love travelling, but I always look forward to going home. Not that I haven’t enjoyed our travels around the Caribbean, Europe and whatnot. Just happy to be home these days mostly. My husband is the opposite of me in so many ways, much more adventurous and soo not a homebody. Loves to be out and about! Happy my pup could come along on this one.

happy-1 on 09/01/2022:
Lots of steps means you need to eat more pizza, right? ;-)

coffee&calories on 09/01/2022:
Haha you got that right ;)

Donkey on 09/02/2022:
An ideal day, sounds like it to me.

coffee&calories on 09/02/2022:
It was lovely! Thanks Donk :)

coffee&calories - Wednesday Aug 31, 2022
(Calorie Counting)
Weight: 119.2

I brought along my new, very small, portable kitchen scale - no more excuses today! Will log when I eat as accurately as possible.

Breakfast: 225
1/2 bagel w cream cheese & jam - 150
oatmeal cookie 75

Snack: 140
small peach - 60
15g peanut butter - 80

Lunch: 250
Few bites of sandwich - 150
2 sour watermelon candy -25

Afternoon snacks: 300
Went into the downtown area, kids got ice cream and I tried it - 50
1/2 banana (I felt car sick) - 50
Crackers & pretzels - 100
Cheese - 100

Dinner: 900
We made pizza bc this cottage has both a wood fire pizza oven and a bbq pizza oven. Sis left a bunch of ingredients for it from the bakery. 500
beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon 130
Linguine with a fresh tomato sauce (sooo many tomatoes so my mom made pots of the stuff to freeze) 150
Avocado 100
kiwi and peaches 20

Total: 1815
step count is not good...today only around 6000 so far! 

OK...update time! Step count was around 9000 by end of day. 
i also unfortunately went into an overeating bingey episode. Sigh. I was making food to bring along with us today, and just started eating. Pb&j sandwiches, some nibs candy, a lindt ball, a nutri grain bar- maybe more, can't remember! 

Progress as of today: 6.8 lbs lost so far, only 9.2 lbs to go!

Jacky82020 on 08/31/2022:
Still under 120! Yay! When I got there it bounced above and below for a long time.

coffee&calories on 08/31/2022:
I actually just haven’t updated my weight lol. I wanted to bring the scale along and my husband suggested not to bother, that they probably have one here. Never actually looked but I’m sure it has gone up.

Jacky82020 on 08/31/2022:
Yeah, good idea not to bring scales along on a vacation. Let them stay home alone and be miserable. LOL

horn_of_plenty on 08/31/2022:
re below diet coke caffeine prob goes good with the kids juice and wine ;) (i mean it!)

re compensating, i also had to let that idea go for myself. it caused rebound overeating for me as well. i had to in fact learn to keep eating more regular instead of those types of highs/lows.

it's ok if you can't always comment. it's nice just to see you post...i understand all too well the distraction of life off the web!

yeah, there's new administrators, teens are currently working on this site and have altered the rules a little bit...you can read their entries for info - DD webmaster Kids...to which the webmaster has given rights to administrate the site for now / this year it seems. i do not think the rules should affect your entries much, if it all.

most have stayed, but at least two have left...Maria , InnerP....maybe later they will be allowed back but i do not want to force or ask now bc that's just making drama :)

horn_of_plenty on 08/31/2022:
nice idea to take along the kitchen scale for food!

i keep forgetting i have one...they are awesome for measuring chips...many chips don't go by # chips but by grams or ounces.

i keep forgetting that i CAN buy those bc i can weigh them on my scale! oops, thanks for that reminder.

your food looks balanced and healthy :)

i find that some sweets over the course of the day keeps me sane! LOL

coffee&calories on 09/01/2022:
When I’m at home, I find it’s actually faster and easier to weigh food then Measure (and no clean up:))

SomeFineDay on 08/31/2022:
You are very disciplined to bring the scale. Good girl!

coffee&calories on 09/01/2022:
Thanks Fine! :-)

happy-1 on 09/01/2022:
Oh a wood fired pizza oven… I miss carbs!!!

coffee&calories on 09/01/2022:
Nothing like pizza in my opinion! I just find it so hard to track.

Donkey on 09/01/2022:
You are also very disciplined to track so well. I could really never get into doing that.

coffee&calories on 09/01/2022:
Thanks donkey! It’s the only thing that keeps me on track

happy-1 on 09/01/2022:
Pizza is a cheat meal… I don’t count calories on cheat meaals.

coffee&calories - Tuesday Aug 30, 2022
(Calorie Counting)
Weight: 119.2

Hi everyone!

still here, just at a cottage. It's been fun and busy, with little time to go on my phone (probably a good thing!). My sister and her family just left, so now it's my three little kids, the dog and my hubby. Eating has been.....what I feared. I did great the first day we arrived, but once my sis showed up, it was super hard to pay attention and I just ate whatever, snacked a lot Etc. Today I want to just hop back in the saddle, not worrying about compensating as that will just lead to more overeating.

I want to catch up on what's going on with everyone, sorry that it's hard to comment at the moment! I typically read and then things get chaotic so I put my phone away for the day so I don't drop it in the lake or something LOL.      Why is everyone leaving? Did something happen other than the rules changing? We can still chit chat, just needs to be a focus on diet lifestyle.  not sure if I missed something, I'm truly scanning so quickly!

Will attempt to write my food really quickly here to stay honest with myself today.  
have a lovely day friends!!!

Calories today:

pb and Nutella - 100
some toast w/ pbn 100
Some bagel w cc and jam 100
cookie 75

watermelon 50
bar and pb 250

Some monte Cristo sandwich 325
doritos 200

was overtired and started to overeat...then took a nap (hope this helps)


We went into the town to a sushi restaurant for dinner. It was busy and took awhile. I felt like I just couldn't get full even though I wasn't that hungry to start. Hard to remember what I ate bc it was a bunch of different plates and then we ordered more. 
sautéed veggies 100
edamame 25
various rolls 500?
Some kind of breaded and fried chicken balls 100
had a Diet Coke but also had some kids juice and his wine 100

approx total 2025


Progress as of today: 6.8 lbs lost so far, only 9.2 lbs to go!

Jacky82020 on 08/30/2022:
I’m glad you’re having a fun vacation! It is always difficult if not impossible to stay on track diet wise while away from home. I am so unable to post much on a phone, use tablets mostly or my laptop occasionally. Never liked texting as some people think you’re at their beck and call & expect immediate responses.

I even keep the phone ringer off. Just don’t want to be randomly bothered.

Yeah, a few people protested the new guidelines, ranted & ran. I do not see the rules affecting anyone, with a few exceptions like the one who wants to post religious stuff everyday. The two fake accounts were comical.

Most people are posting as usual and within the guidelines. They pretty much flat out told me not to turn DD into a fish forum and I have no problem with that. But I’m planning on showing you guys my new dumbbells. I will have to position them in front of a fish tank, best lighting in the house. LOL Not my fault if a few gorgeous fish hog the camera. Show offs!

coffee&calories on 08/30/2022:
I hear you on the texting. I hate being randomly bothered too, and don’t really like texting back & forth for a long time. Thanks for the update on what’s going on. I know change can really make people upset. I get it! I also understand the new kids are doing their best I believe. Post those dumbbells! Hey, you’re following the rules lol you make me laugh!

Donkey on 08/31/2022:
"Was overtired and started to overeat" --- same boat.

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