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curlsncuffs - Friday Nov 05, 2004
Weight: 134.0

Thanks everyone!

One thing I know from my experience it takes awhile for your mind to catch up! I still think I am fat when I look in the mirror! Today my Guess jeans are a size 4 and I feel fat! Crazy!

I bounce between a size 2 (some stuff) and a 4.....never thought I'd be there! I'm loving life!

Keep to your plan - what? Don't have a plan? Shame on you....make or get a plan and stick to it! Stick to your plan.

If you don't plan - you plan to fail.

Come on - the holidays are coming!

Becca27 on 11/05/2004:
Thanks for the encouragement. You must be very muscular. I don't weigh much more than you, and I haven't worn a size 2 ever! Even when I was 115lb. I fit into all of my 8's well, but I'm praying for the day I can wear all 6's. J Crew is a nasty culprit of labeling clothes much smaller than they actually are. I do have a pair of 6 J Crew pants that fit but I don't like them. (Im rambling now - so sorry) Have a great weekend.

lard-ass on 11/15/2004:
I've wore my self out reading,your whole diery, I love,a great book and I consider you a sucess story.I have been crash dieting for 9 days and the results are great,I really don't care how I feel.I crave results.not food,ENJOY your new you. buy all the pretty clothes you want. By Michelle

curlsncuffs - Thursday Nov 04, 2004
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning:

Thank you all for the nice comments!

My goal is 125 - I am 9 lbs from goal - have never been 9 lbs from goal....I'm shocked and thrilled! Remember I've been doing this life style change now for 19 months - I lost most of my weight in 14 months - the last months have been really, really slow.

I do work out - some cardio - but, my concentration is weight training - alternating upper and lower body - tonight is upper body.

I am also scheduled for a Tummy Tuck - in December! My insurance is paying.

feeleebubs on 11/04/2004:
Hey, first off, it's great to see you back! You are inspiration to all of us! About your tummy tuck and your insurance, is it normal for an insurance company to pay for something like that? Also, is there a certain amout of weight you have to loose before you are eligable? I know you've lost over 100 lbs. I'm having trouble with loose skin and by the time I'm 120, I will have lost 100 lbs, but there's no proof at the Dr.'s office that I ever got up to 220, so I'm not sure.

legcramps on 11/04/2004:
How exciting! Congrats on the great loss so far! The last 10 lbs are always the hardest to lose, but be true to yourself and you will get there! We need to see a pic soon! Take care and have a great day!

monet0329 on 11/04/2004:
106 pounds... YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!! what a motivation you are.. and a size 2.. I was a size 2 at birth..lol.. ok maybe a size 6..lol.. I dont know ya hun.. but I am so proud of you.. everyone says the last pounds are the hardest.. so stick with it.. I can tell you will !!!.. hugs and thanks for the inspiration :O)

curlsncuffs - Wednesday Nov 03, 2004
Weight: 134.0

Hey Runner - here I am!

Sorry - been away so long! Still losing! Life is good!

One Hundred Six Pounds GONE - all time low 134 lbs! Woo,hoo! Been doing this 19 months yesterday! Life, is GOOD! I'm having a great time.

When shopping on Saturday bought me a great new suit - SIZE 2P - dang! Never wore a SIZE 2 - still working out - I love weight training! Its so great!

I have not read up on everyone - I'm so behind!!!!!! Hope all is well.

My grandson turn 1 14 days from today! Cannot believe he's gonna be one! He's so cute! I'm having a ball!

Hugs to all!

MommaJ on 11/03/2004:
106 lbs!!!! That is awesome!! Must have felt great to buy a size 2 dress!! Good job. Have a super day :)

Becca27 on 11/03/2004:
Wow! What an accomplishment! That's amazing! Weight training is so important in boosting that metabolism and increasing bone density. You go girl! Happy Birthday to your grandson

Runner on 11/04/2004:
Curls! Yea! You're still around and still losing! I admire you so much...I am so thrilled that you're down to 134! You'll soon break 130!

What is your goal weight? I'm so glad you're doing well! You're an inspiration to us!

curlsncuffs - Tuesday Sep 07, 2004
Weight: 140.0


I did it - I have hit the 100 lb lost mark - today! I started 17 months and 5 days ago - 240 lb start - today 140 lbs! Woo,hoo - I have arrived - in my size 4 jeans! I bought a skirt this weekend - Size 2 - the sales lady talked me into it - said it looked so good!

She said "as tiny as you are" ....I could have kissed her - wanted to ask her to repeat that - but, of course, I didn't.

I'm loving my workouts - weight training and cardio!

Also, my all time new favorite food - Popeye's Naked Chicken Breast - to die for!

Take care - I'll stop in and keep ya updated every so often!

geevee on 09/07/2004:
All right! You did it! Hey! What happened to the photos? You asked for emails for those interested, and I sent you mine but never got the photos. Are they posted somewhere? (motherearth83@hotmail.com)

legcramps on 09/08/2004:
It would be awesome to see pics of you at the weight you are now! Congrats on all your weightloss efforts paying off! Hope you're happy with your life, good luck in the future and have a great day today! Update soon!

curlsncuffs - Monday Aug 09, 2004
Weight: 143.0

Still holding at 143 - but, TOM is here! Go Figure!

Cleaned and shopped this weekend - upcoming weekend hubby is off - we are going to work in our yard! Woo,hoo!

My workout at Gold's is going well. Tomorrow I meet for the first time with a Personal Trainer! Let's just see how much she likes my low-carb diet! Roll eyeballs here....I can hear it now -but, you need to eat carbs...if you don't, your brain won't function, you'll go blind...you'll get sick, if you stop-you'll gain it all back, you'll lose muscles....your muscles will start eating themselves...you'll go into a depression......your kidneys will stop working......gosh those are just some of the plain old dumb things I've heard said about low carb.....

Trying to find a polite way to say - Lady, I've lost 97 lbs (she looks like she weighs 100) don't tell me how to eat. Think once I find out how she feels about it - if she is against - I'm gonna ask her if we can just agree to disagree and skip the nutrition speach part and go to the next topic.......what kind of creditials do they have, I wonder?????

How was your weekend?

chickie_maui on 08/09/2004:
Have fun ;)

legcramps on 08/09/2004:
Have a great day today!

MichelleP on 08/09/2004:

I got a good laugh at your post today! I have also wondered what type of creditials they have to have. Hope all goes well! Hold tight to what you know works, your body will tell you what it needs and if it needs more of something you will know. Your creditials speak for themself..... LIFE EXPERIENCE!

bobik on 08/09/2004:
Wow, what a humorous post. Good luck with your personal training session. Enjoy the good pain! I am so impressed by your progress.

Runner on 08/09/2004:
hee hee thanks for the chuckles! I enjoyed your entry today. You go, girl! Let that lady know that YOU are just as qualified to speak about nutrition! Although I know that my body needs healthy carbs to run well, I know that every body is different. So do what works for you! You've had obvious success so far!!!

curlsncuffs - Tuesday Aug 03, 2004
Weight: 143.0

70.25 - Seventy and a quarter - I have lost 70.25 inches since I've been working out at Curves - one year! I was weighed and measured last night - Been a member of Curves for 1 year today - but, I'm leaving them. I have been dieting for 16 months today - 97 lbs gone.

I wish I would have measured from day one. I had lost 32 lbs before my first measurement was taken!

I have lost -

10 inches off my bust

12.25 off my waist

14.50 off my abdomen

8.00 off my hips

15.50 off my thighs

10.00 of my arms

I cannot believe it! My suit today is a very comfortable size 10 - I probably could have bought an 8!

I worked out for over an hour last night - I'm joing Golds Gym. Tried Lady America didn't like it...and I need more than Curves now.

Well, I wish you all a very healthy happy diet day!

3azem on 08/03/2004:
I was feeling quite lazy today but after reading your journal entry, I am motivated to get on my elliptical and exercise. Thanks for the inspiration!!! Congratulations on your success.

chickie_maui on 08/03/2004:
Youre weight loss is so amazing!

Runner on 08/03/2004:
Wow! You're going to be in the 130's soon! Yea!! I REALLY think you ought to write your story and submit it to an exercise magazine...like FITNESS or SHAPE. They publish those "real-life" accounts of people who are successful at weight loss...and you, my dear, have been very successful! I think you would inspire many more people...what do you think?

Soon2BThin on 08/03/2004:
You are one amazing lady and certainly an inspiration to us all!! Congratulations! I know you worked hard the whole way! I can't wait to feel what it's like to actually wear a size 10. I can't imagine! I will surely keep your success in my mind as I struggle along. Keep up the good work!

curlsncuffs - Friday Jul 30, 2004
Weight: 144.0

One more pound! OH, my gosh - happy Friday! 96 lbs gone in 15 months! I am in shock here!

The scale is so moving now! I'm floored!

What's on your agenda for this weekend???? I'm going SHOPPING! Lots of good sales happening - and I also love to drop in the consignment shops! I get some good deals there! I have two closets at home I use for my clothes - and I need to purge some!

Here's what I ate yesterday: (remember, its boring - but, works)

B - 20 oz coffee, 1 pckt equal, 1 oz half/half, 2 hard boiled eggs w/can't believe its not butter spray and salt & pepper, water

L - 4 oz grilled chicken breast, .5 cp sf Jello - 20 oz water

D - 3 oz grilled chicken breast, bottle of Crystal Light

S - 2 hard boiled eggs

I drank about 140 oz water yesterday! I only have my coffe in the AM and no caffeine the rest of the day - and I gave up diet drinks.

I even turned down hubby's offer to go out to dinner last night because, I wanted to stick to my plan!!!! He grilled us some chicken on the grill - we always have chicken marinating in the fridge! And, cooked chicken in the fridge - great snack!

I'm going to keep my grandson overnight tomorrow night - give his mommy a break - I stopped by her apartment last night to visit him - and he squealed when he saw me! He's beginning to recognize - he's 8 months now - he's up on all 4's rocking - I told oh, lord in 2 weeks he'll be moving - LOOK OUT! Baby Travis will be on the move!!!!

Well, my diet friends - enjoy your Friday - and stay true to your PLAN! Come on, you can do it!!!!! Hugs

MichelleP on 07/30/2004:
Good Morning,

AWESOME 1 more pound lost and gone forever! It sounds to me like both grandson and grandma are ROCKING.

It is very kind of you to give your daughter a break. I say it many times on here and in my "real life" parents need "me time". My kids are both teenagers, and I swear I need more me time now than ever.

Have a wonderful time shopping, I agree great deals at consignment and 2nd hand stores. Do yourself a favor if you have not already done so, get rid of any clothes that are to big for you. I kept most of mine out of fear, and it really was a bad choice.

Have a wonderful day!

Runner on 07/30/2004:
Way to stick to your plan!!! Yea!!! Thanks for your encouragement...and I am ALWAYS inspired by your entries!!! I still can't believe you're a grandma! I hope I am as active, healthy, and young-looking as you are when I have grandkids! Shoot, I don't even have kids yet!!

I know that I would have lost self-control around the PayDay type bars...I made something similar once and ate half the pan. So I haven't made them since!!

geevee on 07/30/2004:
Load up on all those pretty new clothes. You deserve them!

chickie_maui on 07/30/2004:
Congrats on your weight loss! Have fun with your grandbaby :) and shopping!

curlsncuffs - Thursday Jul 29, 2004
Weight: 145.0

It's Thursday - holding here at 145 - same as yesterday!

I get measured on Monday - I will update my stats then. My bra seems a little lose today - wonder if I'm gonna change from 38 to 36? hmmmmmm

Hope my waist changes!!!!! :)

Come on - don't miss this opportunity - that's "today" - its never to late to start! Fall is coming..........the new clothes are coming out! Halloween stuff is in the stores! Don't you see yoursel in a beautiful new fall dress or suit - a size smaller?????? Picture it - now go get it - how, follow your plan! Whatever your plan is! It may be different then mine! What?! Don't have a plan? You need a plan! You know.... - if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

If you are just starting 30 minutes of exercise a day will help you!!!! I promise! Just go for a nice power walk! Get that heart a jumping! You will feel the endorphins - you can take on the world after a good work out! Ya just plain feel better!

When I was 240 lbs - I didn't want to move! Unless you call shifting my weight on the couch moving! I began walking after I had lost about 32 lbs - I haven't stopped since! I found I could go longer and farther each time! And, I felt fabulous afterwards! Hot, sweaty and tired but, still fabulous!

Come on...you can do it!

As far as exercise - I do walk - run some - and walk/run on the treadmill - I also do the weight machines at the gym. I also do crunches - I lay on the floor - but my hands behind my head - Put my left foot on the floor - knee up in the air - I cross my right over it - and then touch my right elbow to my left knee - then switch - I do at least 30 each side - everyday! See - I don't do 100 of them - just a few, 30 is a few to me, but, I do them consistenly - every day!

Come on....move a little!

chickie_maui on 07/29/2004:
I hate to exercise, in a nearer perfect world we would all lose weight without exercise. Anyways, when you started doing Atkins, is that when you lost weight? Or did you start losing weight first and then somewhere at one point start? Also if that is so have you lost more weight since starting Atkins? or is it about the same as what you were doing before. I am asking because I am cutting high carb foods out of my diet slowly and I am wondering if maybe instead of that I should just do Atkins, and also I am not sure about foods and how expensive it is and all of that.

MichelleP on 07/29/2004:
Hi Cuffs,

I remember when you first started here, and I must say you are doing AWESOME!!!! Take a minute and look at your "track progress". You have really made it. I am sure that you are and will be an inspiration to so many!

Your very right about getting moving, I can't wait till I can start to move some. That is when I lost the most weight.

Congrats! YOU GO GIRL!

curlsncuffs - Wednesday Jul 28, 2004
Weight: 145.0

All time LOW - 145! Woo, hoo!

I get measured next week!

Thanks for your comments. I do eat the whole egg!

Here's yesterdays menu: (not exciting)

B - 20 oz coffee, 1 pckt of equal, 1 tbsp half/half, 2 hard boiled eggs with 1 teaspoon on Hidden Valley Bacon Ranch dressing drizzled over

L - 4 oz grilled chicken breast, .5 cp sf Jello, water

D - 4 oz grilled chicken breast, 2 tbsp cream cheese w/1 tsp simple syrup and .5 tsp cocoa powder, water

S - .5 cp sf jello, water

I drank about 140 oz water yesterday! Worked out for 45 min on the treadmill...tonight is work out with weights.

95 lbs gone! Ain't looking for them either!

My goal is 125 - I am 20 lbs from goal - I have NEVER been 20 lbs from goal! For the first time in my life - I know what that feels like!

Hubby asked me again - what are we going to do to celebrate when you hit 100 lbs? I don't know!

Is there anything that you have been putting off doing "until you lose weight"? Is their a long lost dream down inside? Sky diving? Water skiing? Biking across country? I cannot think of anything for myself. I've been racking my brain thinking - what is it that you said you would do if you were thin enough or, lost the weight! hmmmmmm?????

After going through a two month stall - I'm thrilled to have moved down 5 lbs this month! I hope this continues for awhile til I hit the next stall - they are so tough! I few times I've been close to tears!

Low-Fat lie!

"Fat phobia is so widespread in our society that food manufacturers can sell just about anything, as long as it claims to be low in fat. From low-fat cheese and skim milk to low-fat cookies and low-fat salad dressing, there are reduced-fat versions of most popular foods. There's even low-fat peanut butter�although the calories per tablespoon are almost identical to those in the full-fat version. These low-fat foods aren't any healthier�in fact, they're just the opposite. To make up for the missing flavor fat provides, manufacturers simply add more sugar, with the result that these foods contain more carbs, not less, than their full-fat counterparts."

If sugar is a problem for you then avoid low-fat products - they simply add more sugar to make them taste better. And, the sugar causes your cravings to increase!

Happy Dieting my friends.....fall is coming - can you see yourself in beautiful new fall clothing? Just picture yourself looking great at the holiday parties...not to late to begin!


chickie_maui on 07/28/2004:
You certainly know hwo to make a person want to lose weight :)

geevee on 07/28/2004:
FIVE pounds so far this month. INCREDIBLE! You deserve every single ounce you lose. You are sticking to your diet and not wavering. And then all the time you put into exercise. This loss didn't come easy! You had to work for it, but was it worth it! I commend you for your prisoner of war diet. Ahhh.

Tell me, what is your secret for getting your waist so trim? We're the same height, but my waist is stuck at 30.5. What particular exercises do you do or which machines do you work out on? Any pointers would really be appreciated.

curlsncuffs - Tuesday Jul 27, 2004
Weight: 146.0

Holding steady here!

Thanks for the comments.

Chickie_Maui: I don't really have any recipies that I use....really, I just eat natural food - pretty boring. Gilled chicken breast, or pork. Steamed brocolli on occassion. Salads. Ranch or blue cheese dressing. When I'm out - I order Buffalo wings sometimes (no breading) and be sure the sauce is legal.

Sometimes I do - cut up chicken, fry up some bacon - throw those in a pan - add some brocolli floretts - and some Low carb Alfredo sauce - I do this once in a blue moon. And, sometimes I make Chicken Divine (usually in the winter) minus the RICE of course ;)

I eat a lot of eggs! Sometimes I do an egg fast - and eat just eggs - breakfast, lunch and dinner! Sure takes the guess work out of "What's for dinner?"! Ha!

Last night I worked out for 1 hour and 50 minutes! Woo,hoo - did weight training and ran on the treadmill! I drank tons of water yesterday too! I kind of expected the scale to be 145 today - but, it wasn't! OH, well tomorrow is another day! I just keep plugging at it!

What is your biggest sabatoge? Where is it that you lose it along the way? Your on plan, this all of a sudden you lose it? What does it for you?

Happy Day!

feeleebubs on 07/27/2004:
Wow, you are a perfect example that if you stick to the plan, it will work. You tatally stick to the plan :) Congrats on getting all that exercise. You're doing so well. You're an inspiration to everyone here.

inmorning on 07/27/2004:
You were probably just wearing heavy clothes when you weighed ;~)

Runner on 07/27/2004:
I eat a lot of eggs, too...but only the egg whites. I haven't eaten egg yolks in two years. Do you eat the yolks, too? I've been reading lately that they're healthier than most people think.

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