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ddwebmaster - Sunday Dec 11, 2005

Weight: 0.0

The site's new design was put in place a couple of months ago. Some of you who had bookmarks to some of the old pages other than the homepage may have been still using the old design layout. As of a couple of days ago the old layout has been replaced with pages that redirect you to the newly designed site.

ddwebmaster - Saturday Nov 19, 2005

Weight: 0.0

Now that the newly designed website interface has been up and running for a little while, I'd like to get any suggestions that you might have for addition site modifications, additions, etc.

I've started a new topic in the forums and will leave it open for the next couple of months. If you're interested or have some suggestions, please go over to the "forums" and read them over / leave a suggestion.

ddwebmaster - Sunday Nov 06, 2005

Weight: 0.0

Has anyone noticed a larger amount of downtime for the site over the past month or so? I try to check the site everyday and have run across 8 times in the past month that I've had problems accessing the website. I'm guessing that if I've caught 8 times in the last month, there's probably been quite a few more, unless it just starts having a problem the second I decide to check on it.

I don't know how long it was down tonight, but it took the hosting company close to an hour to get it back online, hopefully it wasn't down much more than that.

I love the hosting site's claim of 99.9% guaranteed uptime.

biscottibody59 on 11/19/2005:
I couldn't get on yesterday afternoon for some reason . . . other than that I haven't really noticed any downtime.

Thanks for fixing the "comments" thing. Also the "notify of comments" emails.

I was still using the old format and now I can't access it. The one thing I liked about the other format was the narrower reading area. But it was probably too narrow. The new one changes with the browser size--which I like. Was just wondering if you could make the left border (comments) a little wider. Not a big deal.

Then there are a three things that don't reflect the old format and I didn't know if you meant to leave them off. One is the public email link for a person. The other is the measurements that used to show up. I know you don't have all the time in the world, but I just wanted to note what I noticed. Maybe you could make it so these could be some things we could change on our own profiles?

Thanks for all your work, I don't know what would have happened to the site if you hadn't taken it over. I for one am glad it's still intact!

ddwebmaster on 11/19/2005:
In response to Biscottibody59's comments:

There is some fine tuning I'd like to do, like adjusting borders and other things like that.

I did purposely leave off some items like the user's public e-mail link and the additional measurements showing up. I'd love to have items like these user selectable from their own profile. Unfortunately there are 2 things standing in my way. #1 - lack of time. #2 - lack of knowledge. It's amazing how much time doing changes to the site takes. It took me well over 100 hours of work just to get the site look updated and to get everything working smoothly. Part of the amount of time is spent learning how different things communicate between each other. The site may look basic, but it's got a lot of things going under the hood.....HTML, Coldfusion, MySQL, MS SQL, PHP, etc. I'm not a web programmer or anything, so I just have to learn as I go with a lot of trial and error.

In all reality, I doubt that I'll get another chance to mess with things on the site until January.

ddwebmaster - Tuesday Oct 18, 2005

Weight: 0.0

Just a suggestion:

If you bookmark the site, I'd suggest only bookmarking the main page at: www.dietdiaries.com

The other pages / directories might be changing over the next while, depending on if the site switches servers or something else like that. The homepage will always be adjusted to point to the correct place.

Again, it's just a suggestion and feel free to do whatever you want.

geevee on 10/18/2005:
I like the inclusion of articles about diet/weight loss/etc. I had some extra time yesterday and spent some time checking out the new features. Much better! Thanks for your efforts!

ddwebmaster on 10/18/2005:
I thought the headlines on the homepage would be a nice addition. However they are just automatically pulled from Google News based on keywords, so sometimes you get something that really doesn't have anything to do with weightloss.

starlight on 10/19/2005:
quick question. Is the site going to stay yellow? I find it difficult on the eyes.

ddwebmaster on 10/19/2005:
The color will remain the same for now. There might be a change around Christmas.

ddwebmaster - Sunday Oct 16, 2005

Weight: 0.0

The site's new design was put in place today.

jolt on 10/17/2005:
Looking good :)

ddwebmaster - Saturday Oct 15, 2005

Weight: 0.0

One more annoyance down - I finally figured out how to make it correctly show "read comments" or "no comments" in the Public Diaries section.

stringbean on 10/15/2005:
I really like the new setup, and can't wait for you to switch it over! I haven't checked the forums yet, but I'm going there now! You did a great job with it, and I love the yellow.


ddwebmaster - Saturday Oct 15, 2005

Weight: 0.0

Alright, I've been working at getting all of the pages transformed. It's early in the morning and I'm exhausted. I think I've got all of the links and pages working on the redesigned portion of the site.

The only non-working thing that I know of is if you're using the Opera browser or an old version of Internet Explorer. If you're using Opera or an old version of Internet Explorer, the "forums" section will not show up correctly. I've tested it on the newer versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox. I don't have access to any Apple or Linux browsers, so let me know how it shows up if you have one of those.

I think that I've also corrected the e-mail notification for when someone leaves a comment on one of your entries.


If you have some spare time, please try out the new design and let me know if you find anything not working correctly. If I don't hear of too many things needing to be corrected, I may change the site over sometime this weekend.

ddwebmaster - Friday Oct 14, 2005

Weight: 0.0

I was about 75% of the way through redesigning the pages when I ran into some problems interfacing some stuff with the way I was laying out the pages. I couldn't find a workaround, so I spent most of today trying to re-do all of the pages again. The look isn't different, but the structure is. As you can see on the old site, some more of the CSS things have changed. Hopefully I won't be running into any more major roadblocks and will get this done some time soon.

The new design is viewable at www.dietdiaries.com/2005/index.cfm. It has some non-working links, but if you'd like to help test it out, please feel free.

ddwebmaster - Saturday Oct 08, 2005

Weight: 0.0

I put a little more time in today on the facelift for the site. Got the database connection working a little better. Have most of the "your diary" and "public diaries" pages working correctly as long as you already signed in on the old site. The "forums" page is up and running. Headlines on the homepage are being pulled from Google News.

I still need to work on the logging-in, bio, and account management pages. There's probably several more that I'm not remembering off the top of my head. Should be able to work on them over the next little bit.

The new design is viewable at www.dietdiaries.com/2005/index.cfm. It has some non-working links, but if you'd like to help test it out, please feel free. If you find additional non-working pages that I've missed, please post a comment to let me know.

ddwebmaster on 06/30/2006:

ddwebmaster - Sunday Oct 02, 2005

Weight: 0.0

I've been messing around with the new design / facelift for the site. Unfortunately I tied the old and new designs to the same style sheets, so you may be seeing some different colors on the old site over the next while.

The new design is viewable at www.dietdiaries.com/2005/index.cfm. It has very few things working, but if you're bored / interested, feel free to check it out.

jolt on 10/02/2005:
Yeah I see some colours on the old sight. I tried out the message board tonight. Since no one else did :) Keep up the awesome work!



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