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dingbatprincess - Wednesday Jun 05, 2002
(note: my email is now riva6835@yahoo.com)
Weight: 118.0

scared of the scale! haven't weighed since the 118. i'll weigh the 2nd-to-last sunday in june, and the last sunday in june. i'll be away in the middle of the month, i don't wanna weigh now, and i don't wanna weigh right after cause the travel might have thrown me off a bit. so i'm giving myself a week after traveling.


dingbatprincess - Friday May 31, 2002
(note: my email is now riva6835@yahoo.com)
Weight: 118.0

118 as of last sunday, which means i've been losing like 1 lb a week ( i always have screwups, like yesterday i ate 2 donuts which should have been 0) but i did really well today:

b--bowl of special k, milk, vitamins

l--1/2 sandwich, 1 egg, cucumber slices, lemonade

d--6 oz lowfat yogurt, muffin

cals--880, but i felt full (and i'm not one to argue with nature)

i went to the pool, swam 21 lengths and played some games, then it started storming. i was a little tempted to eat when i got home but instead i did 100 jumping jacks while envisioning myself raiding the fridge and pigging out, and how gross that would be. by the time i was done that i was hot enough that i didn't feel like eating, so food was a non-issue. i get in a real bad mood when it's hot and start hating myself and thinking i'm so fat and gross, so in the afternoons i work out in my room, which makes me hotter but when i am exercising i feel a lot better about my body, while distracting myself from food, while building muscle. it's a better way to cope with hate and stress than hurting myself, or bingeing.

my goal for next sunday is 114. i might weigh this sunday, might not.


sacfatcity on 05/31/2002:
Hey Riva! I've been wondering how you've been. Looks like you've been eating good. I miss swimming I use to swim all the time. Must have been refreshing. I know what you mean about the hot weather, it makes me feel even heavier (didn't think that was possible :) Anyway, glad to hear you're using exercise to cope with your stress. Keep up the great work! :)

dingbatprincess - Sunday May 19, 2002
(note: my email is now riva6835@yahoo.com)
Weight: 119.0

back to 119! and i went to a party last night and didn't eat anything!

MichelleP on 05/19/2002:
Way to go on your loss!

Raven Starlight on 05/20/2002:
well done on ur loss! i am eating more food but less cals. but i am counting veg as 0 cals cos its negative calories anyway. oh, and glad to hear ur dancing is going well! :) Raven

dingbatprincess - Saturday May 18, 2002
(note: my email is now riva6835@yahoo.com)
Weight: 120.0

still 120, but watching what i eat. i'm allowing myself to eat more in volume by eating as low-cal as possible and being sure to include 5+ srvgs. fruits and veggies.

my fruits and veggies "binge" (lol) today:

2 carrots

3 bananas

4 apricots

actually when i write it out it doesn't look like that much. weird. but it feels like a lot.

our contemporary dance piece, "bossa nova rondo" went really well today. i didn't know we could go from clueless to perfect and better in a week! and it seemed so hard when we started out, just now it was smooth and easy..ok...well...not that easy. the hardest thing to do is to hold a pose while someone else is dancing. you feel like you're breathing so hard and since you're not moving everyone sees you. i dunno how ballerinas do it when they're supposed to be dead onstage. i'd be suffocating.

�!va �h� *d!�gb@t* p�i�Ce$$

Crittermama on 05/18/2002:
I'd give anything to learn to dance!! I think we even have a place around here where they have dance classes but it's not in the budget and there's no one to watch my boys. Still maybe I will find a good video. What kind of dance do you do?

dingbatprincess - Friday May 17, 2002
(note: my email is now riva6835@yahoo.com)
Weight: 120.0

been getting better each day, today i ate

b--1 bowl kashi cereal, 1 cup coffee, water

l--1 bowl fresh veggies (no dressing), 2 bananas, water

d--1 yogurt, 1 bagel, cup diluted fruit juice, water, mint gum

h20--72 oz

total calories: 1070

i weighed in, 120 even.

MichelleP on 05/17/2002:

LOL yes I do try to keep up with everything on DD, for me it has been my lifeline to learning to live again... if that makes any sense at all.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

dingbatprincess - Thursday May 16, 2002
(note: my email is now riva6835@yahoo.com)
Weight: 121.0

ugh it's my 3rd day on my period and i've had the munchies 3 days and i gained weight! i'm not going to "weigh-in" anymore. i'm going to weigh every evening after school. it's the only way i'll ever motivate myself.

this has gotten way out of proportion. my ass is gross.

�!va �h� *d!�gb@t* p�i�Ce$$

MichelleP on 05/16/2002:
The comment that sat left in zoogirls entry was actually commending you on a good idea of having a list to look at, and a plan to follow. You may want to go back and reread it. Take care

dingbatprincess - Tuesday May 14, 2002
(note: my email is now riva6835@yahoo.com)
Weight: 119.0

got my period, and, of course, the munchies...nothing illegal though *yay* all healthy stuff....

i was really proud yesterday cause i went to a pizza lunch with the dean, couldn't get out of it. but i ate the 1 smallest slice of plain cheese i could find and 16 oz water instead of coke and still felt fat and gross after that! i'm making progress! andthat was the last bad food i ate, and i'm going running thursday after school cause i don't have anything else planned, dancing every day this week too cept sunday.


�!va �h� *d!�gb@t* p�i�Ce$$

i will make it! i will get there!

Raven Starlight on 05/15/2002:
i am on my period too so i knwo what u r going through! but well done with the pizza place! im so proud of u! keep u the good work! Raven

fatty2 on 05/15/2002:
Hate that time of the month! Waiting for menapause. I think I will be waiting for a long time.... I don't think your pizza would have hurt much! The water may have helped flush that out....Please come visit me!

fatty2 on 05/15/2002:
By the way, How tall are you?

dingbatprincess - Friday May 10, 2002
(note: my email is now riva6835@yahoo.com)
Weight: 119.0


�!va �h� *d!�gb@t* p�i�Ce$$

zoogirl04 on 05/11/2002:
Good Luck!...You can do it...it is only a month away...have a great day!

fatty2 on 05/13/2002:
Good luck on your next weigh in! Sounds as if you have a good plan.

dingbatprincess - Thursday May 09, 2002
(note: my email is now riva6835@yahoo.com)
Weight: 119.0

guess what! one of the class snobs, (who have about the same body as me right now and are my dieting competition) said she really liked my khakis (the ones that shrunk like shrinkie dinxx in the wash) and asked if she could see them and where they were from and was obsessing about how cute they were, and asked if she could borrow them for this evening. i thought i'd be hardly any advertising for those pants, i always look in the mirror and think eew i look so fat in them they are so unflattering why do they have to stick to my hips like that. but i've been referring to them after their shrinkage as the "thinspirational pants" cause i hate the hip-hugger feel so much that when i wear them i don't want to eat much. but at least maybe someone thinks they do my body some good.

i did a little better today. my screw up was this morning in religion class i took a gummy raspberry which i shouldn't have done. it got me into the "i ruined my whole day so what the hell" mentality and later i ended up eating 1500 cals or thereabouts, including a handful of chocolate balls about the size of standard marbles. which isn't that bad, i try not to eat much early in the day becuase then later i eat small too to try to make it a perfect day and even if i screw up later, i can't do that much damage or even pull the total as high as 2000. i had half a bagel with whitefish salad for breakfast and a banana, and a bowl of veggies for lunch, no dressing. and water both times.

on the brighter side i had a good 2 hour workout this morning, and in the gym at school 207 cals on the stairmaster, some weights, and then rocketing around the gym lying on a scooter racing some other peeps cause we didn't want to play basketball.

some new rules:

--when beginning a meal, must eat predesignated amt of fresh fruit/veggies and water before anything else. so then by the time i finish that i won't be as hungry as i thought i was before.

--no taboo foods! this means nothing! nada!

--morning workout: 5:00-5:30 1 sequence exercises. approx 1/2 hr if i keep up a good pace. 5:30-6:00 ". 6:00-6:30 ". 6:30-6:45 (or whenever my parents come in to see if i'm up) stretches/cooldown. water during this time: 32 oz bottle.

�!va �h� *d!�gb@t* p�i�Ce$$

BELLAK on 05/09/2002:
Hi! The sweet challenge is something Michelle came up with - how sweet of her :o) - and it means no sweets at all till my wedding (May 16th) Awww! I LOVE sweets so it will be especially hard for me, but I'm definitely in! How about you? Wanna join us? Kisses, Bella :o)

sacfatcity on 05/09/2002:
What a wonderful feeling that must of been to have her fawning over your pants like that! Most times, while we're looking around wishing we had something someone has, they're probably looking at us wishing they had something we have. Weird huh? Have a great day. Thanks for the kitty pic! Meow! :)

Raven Starlight on 05/10/2002:
that sounds so coll that girl gettin jealous of ur pants! dont worry, 1500 isnt that many cals! the veggie rule sounds good. when i was younger i saved my fave part of the meal till the end, but im trying to eat things like that first and have only things i dont like much left so i wont feel like i have to eat them. i was brought up to clean my plate (my mam still eats everything then picks up her plate and licks off all the sauce like a little kid!) but im trying to get into the habit of leaving at least something. when i can do that i'll leave more and more till there's only half eaten. well done for ur workout. id stay on my comp all day if i could but my sis is kicking me off soon so i will exercise then. Raven

dingbatprincess - Wednesday May 08, 2002
(note: my email is now riva6835@yahoo.com)
Weight: 119.0

y'all r 2 nice...what i *need* is a kick in the ...umm....derri�re! anyway, i'm going to weigh-in on june 9 and try to be under 110. weighing in frequently just discourages me right now and when i get depressed is when i eat. i'll weigh more often when i weigh less cause that's when weighing inspires me to do better.

so that's my resolution....and for once to stick to my fruit and veggies rule at lunch. i want to eat 1000-1299 cals a day, 5+ srvgs. fruit/veggies, 2 srvgs milk, vitamins and calcium supplements, and 100 oz water (ambitious for me) till i lose that weight. and 2 hr workouts in the morning and cardio in school and whenver else i have time. pool opens memorial day weekend but i'll stick w/ jogging till i can wear a 2- piece and my stomach is flat again.

�!va �h� *d!�gb@t* p�i�Ce$$

bikini_bound on 05/09/2002:
Hi - yes, I drank A LOT today. More than usual. Ran to the bathroom more than usual :) I didn't think my bladder could hold that much liquid (I outlasted two other people in the bathroom stalls). hehehe!! Don't worry too much about weight - looks like you're doing a GREAT job. Since you exercise a lot and are pretty active, you probably have more muscles. Muscle weighs more than fat. Looking forward to your weekly progress and giving you words of encouragement. Have a nice day :)

sacfatcity on 05/09/2002:
Good idea on weighing in less frequently. My body fluctuates a lot 2-3lbs a day!! It drives me crazy when I weigh in too much :) !! Just keep your goals in mind and don't be too hard on yourself. You're doing a great job being self-aware of youself! :) Have a healthy day!

Raven Starlight on 05/09/2002:
why dont u give urself a non-food treat if u stick to ur plan. like a manicure ir a facial. rewards r very motivational! u r doing very well, keep up the good work, love, Raven

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