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drewgrl - Friday Aug 15, 2003
(Writing it down)
Weight: 171.8

I have ran out of groceries and don't want to buy anymore...so I am eating out a lot. I did buy a box of cereal to tide me over in the mornings, but now it's into the goodbye mode at work - an overwheming round of lunches, parties and calorie laden foods! I'm not complaining, I know this is for this time only - once I get settled in my new place and new town, I will get back to a regular routine, and get back to fixing my plan towards weight loss. Funny thing - I was walking with my mum yesterday, she has also lost a great deal of weight (a whole person between us!) and a kid driving by yelled 'go on a diet!' at us. Part of me was really sad about it, both of us are feeling really good about ourselves, and thinking we look slim and fit (as compared to before) and then someone can so easily ruin all that with a mean spirited comment. But part of me found it really funny - why 'go on a diet'? Why not yell 'fat asses' or 'fatsos'? Was the kid trying to give us advice? does he subconsioucly want everyone to be thin? Did he use to be fat and is trying to bolster our eating habits? I spent time alternating between being sad at being overweight and laughing at the absurity of the situation. Both of us were really quiet last night.

cac30202 on 08/18/2003:
What a jerk! I've had that sort of thing happen too, and it hurts, big time! It amazes me how hurtful people can be sometimes, especially young people, and especially when they won't have to be confronted about their actions or deal with any consequences. He/She is probably the type that needs to put others down to feel good about themself...its sad if you think about it. Don't stop feeling good about yourself, you've worked hard and accomplished a lot! I'm also a firm believer that people like that do nothing but generate some bad karma for themselves and that they'll get theirs in the end. Keep your head up and don't give up! Connie

drewgrl - Thursday Aug 07, 2003
(Writing it down)
Weight: 170.4

Hrm, Does anyone know why when I type in 170.4 for my weight, it keeps changing it to 170.39999? Does the diet diary try to give you incentive by changing it to a smaller number? :)

drewgrl - Thursday Aug 07, 2003
(Writing it down)
Weight: 170.4

Well, I forgot to write in here last week...after all that not eating healthy foods, I went down 2 and 1/2 pounds. That was very wierd - I was happy about it, but very surprised! This week, I was OK with the food intake - I had friends over from England, and well, it's hard to eat 'diet' foods when you're entertaining. I wasn't surprised that I gained weight this week, espeically after the amazing loss last week. I am determined to do better this week, to pay attention to portion sizes and to actually cook my own meals. I don't particularly enjoy cooking, so I end up eating out a lot. A lot of fast food meals to be precise! I don't feel particualary focussed on weight loss right now - I quit my job, my last day is coming up soon, I'm in the midst of moving, I'm going to back to school and a family member is terminally ill. I don't want to say 'Oh heck with the weight loss, I've got enough going on in my life', b/c there will ALWAYS be something going on in my life. There will always be somethign to stress me out, and if I make an excuse for it now, i will always have an excuse. Weight loss is a priority, and it takes no more time or effort than worrying about moving and school and my family.

drewgrl - Wednesday Jul 30, 2003
(Writing it down)
Weight: 169.2

drewgrl - Monday Jul 28, 2003
(Writing it down)
Weight: 171.8

Blurg. I had a totally horrendous weekend - I ate totally inappropriate foods! I had nachos with cheesy salsa for dinner last night, and then ate chocolate for dessert! On Friday I went out for lunch and had a burger (with a salad) and THEN had fast food for dinner. Saturday, I hiked around a park in the area - spent two and a half hours sweating all the fast food out of my system (yay for exercise) and then ate a container of Ben and Jerrys! I had tacos for dinner, which wasn't bad, and fit into my points range, but the ice cream totally was unncessary! I know what I have to do though - no more grocery shopping when I'm hungry and I have to plan what I'm going to eat on the weekends. So far, i only plan what to eat during the week, and leave the weekends up to free choice. But I know that weekends are my downfall - as seen by the above - so I have to start planning what to eat on the weekends and no longer see them as my 'time off from weight loss'. Right now I feel like I'm playing catchup - trying to compensate for the damage I did on the weekend by eating properly the rest of the week. While that might work to MAINTAIN my weight, I want to lose some! Grrrr. At least I have my plan though - here's to my plan!

drewgrl - Wednesday Jul 23, 2003
(Writing it down)
Weight: 171.0

Tonight I'm getting my goal at WW....and am ready to start losing weight again. I lost 60 lbs in my first year of losing weight, and then I plateaued within 10 lbs of my goal....I just couldn't lose those 5 or 10 lbs. I have been there for a year and a half now, and it's been a struggle to not want to give up and quit WW and start my old eating habits again. I changed my goal at WW, basically so I wouldn't have to fork over my money to them anymore, and now that I'm past the maintenance stage, I feel like it's time to keep losing weight. I really want to lose another 40 lbs and can only think that I have to change my habits, etc, to be able to do this. And that includes TALKING about losing weight - I never talked about it in the past - my mum is the only one who knew I was going to WW - I never shared anything with my friends or the rest of my family. And I figure this time, I should share things, and lean on others for support! So lucky you guys, you're my first 'support bunch'. :) Now to just remember that I have started to lose weight again and not let myself have a few slack days that turn into a slack week and next thing you know my pants are too tight!

Soon2BThin on 07/23/2003:
Welcome to the DD. I did Weight Watchers too and did reach my goal but gained back about 15 pounds so I haven't been going to meetings because I would have to pay. Like you, I paid quite enough. Good luck at losing the weight.

drewgrl - Friday Jun 28, 2002
(Diet? What diet?)
Weight: 160.0

Hehe, back from vacation and EXACTLY the same weight!! Yay! I guess having no exercise and eating terribly for a week had no effect on me! Course, now I have to get it together and realize that I can't eat terribly all the time...back to my good habits! I am starting to work out more now too, so that's excellent, I still swim, and am going to do that twice a week now. I also joined a pilates class and have signed up for a belly dancing class. I'm goign to the gym on the weekend as well, so hopefully that will cover all my bases! It's been a rough week here at work, so haven't had any time to check out other ppl's comments or diaries, good luck to you all over the weekend and next week!

Tip of the day: Stretch. It elongates your muscles which makes you look slimmer as well as helps in digesting your food!

Reba on 06/28/2002:
Way to go Chicky on staying the same weight while on holidays!!!!! That is very impressive! Great tip of the day too. Cheers, Reba

drewgrl - Friday Jun 14, 2002
(Diet? What diet?)
Weight: 160.0

Pooh, I'm the same this week. Darnit, didn't make my goal! Oh well, who cares? I'm on vacation and I'm going to take a break from eating properly!!....man, when you're camping, who can eat healthy? Hotdogs all the way!!! :) Plus the way I see it, even if I don't make a point of eating healthier this week, I still won't be anywhere near as bad as before I decided to lose weight. My stomach has shrunk, I know more about nutrition and I have had a year and a half of good eating habits, and you can go off the track a little ways, but there's no way I'll end up in the tulies like before!!

Tip of the day: Don't be embarassed to eat in front of others. Go to another town or some place that you've never eaten at before and order whatever the heck you want - a big greasy double burger with extra fries (mmm) or something and eat it! Then look around and realize that NOBODY is paying any attention to you! They are all enjoying their burgers! One thing I've noticed about ppl who are at a healthy weight - they do not have food issues. By food issues, I mean, they don't anaylze what they eat, they eat to enjoy food and stop when they are full. They don't look around to see what others think of their eating habits, they smack their lips and lick their fingers with relish!!

Crittermama on 06/14/2002:
So right about eating in public. It really doesn't matter to anyone else.

drewgrl - Friday Jun 07, 2002
(Diet? What diet?)
Weight: 160.0

Down another 3 yippee! Only one more pound to go and then I'll be in the 150's!!! Woohoo! Slow and steady, like a turtle, but not one of those turtles that lays around in the sun all day, growing fat! :) Going hiking this weekend, now just to motivate myself to work out during the week. Lately I haven't felt like I've been getting enough sleep and then I don't want to work out in the mornings. Working out after work just is never going to happen, unless it's a class, b/c I'm always so tired. I think I just need to restructure the time that I go to bed at!

Tip of the day: Don't eat in the car. No matter how much it's calling to you, don't do it. Eating in the car is worse than eating in front of the TV, you don't realize how much you've eaten b/c you're distracted by driving! Then you get home, and you think 'Hey, what happened to all my fries??'

Iti2 on 06/07/2002:
Hi! I love your tip of the day! It made me laugh because it's exactly what I do all the time! Congrats on the loss...those are now gone forever so kiss them good-bye! Have a great weekend! =)

Crittermama on 06/07/2002:
Congratulations on your loss!! Great job!

sacfatcity on 06/07/2002:
D'oh I'm so jealous but happy for you, I'm almost down there I did an unofficial weigh in and was down a pound, hopefully I can take another one off this weekend. Great job though, way to go!! That's one of my rules, no eating in front of the t.v. or in the car. You're absolutely right, these are places where mindless-zombie eating occurs. Have a great hike!! Cross your fingers for me, I'll be doing an official weigh in on Monday. See you next week!

inmorning on 06/08/2002:
Hey thanks for the thought for the day. That makes sense and it is such an easy thing to forget at times. Usually I tend to eat in the car because I am too embarrassed to eat in front of people. I guess by not eating in the car either, that reduces my caloric intake.

drewgrl - Friday May 31, 2002
(Diet? What diet?)
Weight: 163.0

So a bad food choice week. I got some crappy news on Friday and then that set me off to eat bad all weekend. Then I didn't feel like doing dishes or cleaning the house which encouraged me to eat bad all week long. But eating terribly all week and making my body feel icky just sets me up to have a great week this coming one! I absolutely can't eat worse than I just did, so now I'm pumped to have a great week! Plus the wedding is tommorrow and I already know that's going to be a good day :) Mmmmm, maragrita's for lunch!

Tip of the day: Have a few days off every now and then if you're too stressed about losing weight or eating properly. Your body will thank you, it might just be looking for a little bit more of whatever you're denying it and that will kick start you into losing weight again.

sacfatcity on 05/31/2002:
I just went through a bad spell of eating also, although I'm slowing coming out of it, I do feel motivated again to be good and hope back on that wagon. Let's see if we can get down into the 150s by June 15!! That's only 3lbs away for you and only 4.2 for me!! WE CAN DO IT :) Have a great weekend. See you next week.

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