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getmebackto150 - Sunday Jan 18, 2015
(counting calories and working out!)
Weight: 208.4

Just popping in to update my weight, finally heading back in the right direction!  And also to say I'm having a nice, HEALTHY weekend!!!  Hope you all are too!!!

Progress as of today: 9.6 lbs lost so far, only 28.4 lbs to go!

museumgirl on 01/18/2015:
Hooray for health and weight loss. Have a great weekend!

thinnside40 on 01/18/2015:

puddles on 01/18/2015:
Congrats and healthy weekend is great.

Umpqua on 01/19/2015:
Yeah for a loss, woo hop!

getmebackto150 - Friday Jan 16, 2015
(counting calories and working out!)
Weight: 210.2

 Had my minor surgical procedure on Wednesday and it went great...  I was able to work out yesterday- 1.5 mile run and lifted shoulders.  I can feel my stomach bloat going down a bit and my weight is heading back in the right direction already...  Today's plan is a zumba class after work and more healthy eating!  Will update my food later...

Progress as of today: 7.8 lbs lost so far, only 30.2 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 01/16/2015:
I'm glad your procedure went well and that's awesome that the scale is moving for you again. I hope you enjoy your day!

thinnside40 on 01/16/2015:
Happy your procedure went as you wanted. When you started Zumba, did you take a beginner class or jus jump in and start? Curious as I tried it and wasn't a good experience.

puddles on 01/16/2015:
Glad to hear all went well wishing you a great day.

thinkpositive on 01/16/2015:
Great that you're going in the right direction.

getmebackto150 - Tuesday Jan 13, 2015
(counting calories and working out!)
Weight: 211.4

So frustrating to be eating right, exercising, and seeing the scale stable or trending up... I know its the medicine, but still demoralizing... Keep telling myself that in a week or two if I keep this up and don't get frustrated, when I come off my meds, I will see a big drop!  Today I am doing a spinning class followed by a plyometrics class... My goal is to go all out so I'm grateful for my day off tomorrow and possibly Thursday... I will update later with my food for the day.  Have a good one everyone :) 

Progress as of today: 6.6 lbs lost so far, only 31.4 lbs to go!

museumgirl on 01/13/2015:
I know it is frustrating, but loss will come eventually. I kept myself going through those times by reminding myself that, even if I wasn't losing, i was probably getting healthier with the better eating. Have good day :)

Umpqua on 01/13/2015:
Plyometrics and spinning are serious business so try not to get frustrated. You're doing everything right and I'm sure you will see a serious drop when you're off the meds. Keep up the great work!

skinnygrlwithin on 01/13/2015:
I definitely know how frustrating it is... maybe you should stop looking at the scale and just keep doing what you're doing. That way you won't get so frustrated and you can just try and focus on all the positive changes you're making. Remember, it's not about the weight, it's about getting healthy and that just takes time. You can do this... plus... do you really want to have to pay for dinner in 3 months? Cause if I'm not paying Nate and I are going all out!! :)

getmebackto150 on 01/13/2015:
I'm not giving up or changing my habits because of the scale, don't you worry :) Its just frustrating and demoralizing!! Here is hoping my body cooperates once I stop my meds!

puddles on 01/13/2015:
Don't put too much emphasis on the scale. I had a almost 5 week stand still and the in one week I dropped 5 pounds. Just keep doing the right thing and it will all work out in the end. Have a great day.

thinkpositive on 01/13/2015:
Understand why you would be frustrated. Good job sticking with it.

getmebackto150 - Monday Jan 12, 2015
(counting calories and working out!)
Weight: 211.4

 My weight is up 2# from my low last week, but... I am on some heavy duty medicines that are causing lots of internal swelling, bloating, and water retention, so I'm trying hard to remember that and remember that once I go off of these meds, I will likely lose about 2-5 pounds quickly.  I had a good weekend with workouts Friday and Saturday-yesterday was my day off, it was glorious!  It was my first full day off from the gym since New Years Eve!  I plan to get good workouts in today and tomorrow as I'm having minor surgery Wednesday and definitley won't be able to workout Wednesday and Thursday is iffy...  My goal through these medicines and medical issues this week is to maintain.  If I stay below 212 I will consider it a win.  Keeping my nutritionals in check is very key!   

I used my spiralizer yesterday and made a delicous tofu scampi with zucchini noodles... It was amazing and so very filling!

B:  Fiber one protein bar (150) 2 slices sara lee light bread (90) american cheese (70) egg (70) Coffee w/ almond milk (40) 420

Progress as of today: 6.6 lbs lost so far, only 31.4 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/12/2015:
Good luck with your surgery. Take care of yourself and have a great day.

museumgirl on 01/12/2015:
God luck, you have been very consistent so far. :) good luck with the surgery.

SkinInTheGame on 01/12/2015:
I love your name! That's awesome!!

thinnside40 on 01/12/2015:
Best wishes for the surgery and good attitude.

getmebackto150 - Thursday Jan 08, 2015
(counting calories and working out!)
Weight: 209.4

 Lots of good days in a row lately.  I'm feeling less urge to binge or have junk food than I ever remember... Not sure if I'm just more motiviated this time around, or if my focus on decreasing carbs and increasing protein is helping with my satiety.  Whatever it is I will take it!


Yesterday I ended up around 1950 calories and burned about 700 with exercise!  I did 50 laps swimming at the gym and then did a aqua zumba class... Aqua zumba is not the most intense workout ever, but it is super fun!!!

Today's plan is more healthy eating, and another workout at the gym.  Today's tentative plan is to lift chest, shoulders and abs and I want to run a mile and a half...

B:  greek yogurt (100) weight watchers cheese stick (50) coffee and almond milk (25)

L:  Vegan West African Peanut Soup 427

S:  2 slices lite toast (90) 2 hard boiled eggs (140) 1 slice american cheese (70) 300

S:  possibly a nature valley coconut almond protein bar at 190

D:  TBD-no idea at this point...

Total so far: 1103

Goal: <2000


Progress as of today: 8.6 lbs lost so far, only 29.4 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/08/2015:
Your doing good keep it up and have a great day.

Umpqua on 01/08/2015:
Excellent work! Less carbs and more protein is always a good approach for me and helps me to feel satisfied. That peanut soup sounds yummy!

thinkpositive on 01/08/2015:
Feels good to be in control. Good job!

museumgirl on 01/09/2015:
hmm I'll have to look into that soup, sounds interesting. You are very motivated, you'll do great. Have a good day.

getmebackto150 - Tuesday Jan 06, 2015
(counting calories and working out!)
Weight: 211.8

 Hello All!  Long time no site visit!  I was checking in on the site and saw some names I recognized and figured, since I'm doing well on a healthy kick, I might as well start checking in for extra accountability.  Plus looking back over my old entries really motivates me so I want that record to fall back on...

This past year has been full of ups and downs in terms of healthy living... IVF really wreaks havoc on healthy living attempts... I've had many more IVF cycles, several chemical pregnancies, and a pregnancy that ended in an 8 week miscarriage over the last year...  Its been an emotional roller coaster, and for a lot of it, I just ate and was lazy to numb my feelings :(    I still have one more fresh IVF cycle, and however many frozen transfers that yields as well, but at this point, I'm about 90% sure that unfortuntately it will not work out for me and I won't get the priviledge of being a mother :(   That said, I need to start focusing on me NOW, screw letting life pass me by while giving up my mind, body, and soul to the stupid meds and the stupid process...   Through these last cycles, I vowed to myself not to let IVF consume my life like it has for the better part of the last year and a half... Screw the don't exercise vigorously as it "MIGHT" decrease your chances of success advice... I've told my doctor that I'm no longer following that advice, and he is fine with it.... His exact words were, well I can't officially endorse it, but there is certainly something to be said for just living your life...

I really started buckling down again the Monday after Christmas when I weighed in at a startling and horrible 218#.  We are doing a biggest loser contest at work that started yesterday-unfortunately for the contest, I was already down 6# when I weighed in yesterday, but  I had to start when I was ready to start and not wait for some arbitrary day...  Also my husband and I are doing 2 seperate weight loss challenges with 2 couples we are friends with so, I have lots of external motivation to match my internal motivation... All contests end April 3rd, so I hope to have 3 months of solid amazingness...   

Of course in the middle of all of this I am doing an IVF cycle, which normally turns me into an emotional basket case and the meds seem to make me blow up like a balloon, but hopefully this time I will have other things to focus on...

I too like several of you am posting my food on Myfitnesspal, so I may not post my food diary here every day, but I will start today-like Umpqua I'm certainly open to thoughts on how to tweak my foods!!

Can't wait to catch up with everyone!!

B:  Coffee, almond/coconut milk, 2 sl whole grain bread, 2 hard boiled eggs,

1 slice american cheese-355

L:Salad with arugula, roasted beets, caramelized onions, goat cheese,

sauteed tofu, sunflower seeds, balsalmic-569


Snacks-Simply chobani, cheese stick, protein granola bar-340

Total so far:1264

Goal:  less than 2000

Exercise planned-I'm signed up for a 45 minute spinning class and

a 45 minute plyometrics class tonight so that should be plenty!


Progress as of today: 6.2 lbs lost so far, only 31.8 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/06/2015:
Welcome back and good luck on your challenge.

thinnside40 on 01/06/2015:
Best wishes in your efforts and for your "process"...

Jezebel on 01/06/2015:
I'm sorry you're struggling to conceive. I couldn't have children. It's not something I think about often, but it's a regret.

skinnygrlwithin on 01/06/2015:
:) I'm glad to see you on here... and I find strength in your courage to be so honest.

thinkpositive on 01/06/2015:
Love your foods. Healthy & a nice variety

thinkpositive on 01/06/2015:
Love your foods. Healthy & a nice variety

getmebackto150 - Friday Jan 24, 2014
(counting calories and working out!)
Weight: 207.0

I ended up going out to dinner last night and had some BBQ tofu tacos, a few french fries, and a hard cider... OOPS... Even so, my weight is back down 1.4# today-tomorrow I will update weight, I'm still a few above the current posting...  I did go to the gym yesterday, but my workout was a bit lame as my back is acting up a bit... I lifted chest and arms-all machines to  minimize the stress on my lower back.  The good news is I'm still a bit sore today!!  I'm hoping for a more strenuous workout today and hoping to keep the calories right on target.  Tomorrow I'm going out for sushi and then drinks for a friend's birthday so I'm hoping to get in an intense workout early in the day.

B:  sandwich:  potato roll (140) field roast slices (100) mayo (100) pickles and tomato (5) coffee! (40) 385
S:  banana 80
L:  barley salad (200) greek yogurt (140) 340

Total Planned: 805
Goal: 1600ish


Progress as of today: 2.6 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 01/24/2014:
You still got a decent workout in, good going! Hope you have fun tomorrow and enjoy the sushi!

dana_johnson426 on 01/27/2014:
I love sushi! You're doing great!

getmebackto150 - Thursday Jan 23, 2014
(counting calories and working out!)
Weight: 207.0

I probably ended around 1700 calories, a little high, but it was all healthy and I got in a great workout... I checked the scale this morning and it was still SCARY!  Its amazing how much weight someone can gain in 1 long weekend... YIKES!  I will give my body 1 or two more days and then update...  

B:  sunshine breakfast veggie burger (200) organic potato roll (140) coffee (60) 400
S:  tofu quinoa 200
L:  beet and tofu crimson salad (300) thai tofu (200) 500
S:  banana 80 and orange (60) 140

Total Planned:1160
Goal: 1600


Progress as of today: 2.6 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

getmebackto150 - Wednesday Jan 22, 2014
(counting calories and working out!)
Weight: 207.0

I had an amazing weekend!  SO much fun and great to catch up with old friends... My diet and drinking habits were less than stellar...   I'm going to try to have two super healthy days before stepping on the scale to survey the damage as I'm sure that I would be up SEVERAL pounds right now from indulgences and from salt bloating...   Back to health today!!

B:  egg (70) cheese (60) 2 sl lite wheat toast (90) 2 cups coffee (60) 280
L:  Trader Joe's black bean enchiladas (260) orange pepper slices (25) greek yogurt (140) 425
S:  high protein granola bar (190) strawberries (50) 240
S:  2 sl lite toast (90) with peanut butter (100) 190
D:  Steamed summer rolls (200) korean chap chea (200) 

Total Planned:  1535
Goal:  1400-1600

Exercise-45 minute body combat class (kick boxing)

Progress as of today: 2.6 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 01/22/2014:
I'm glad to here you had fun with your friends! And good job getting back to business now, I hope it's a wonderful day for you!

allieoop on 01/22/2014:
Great weekend & back on the horse!! Fantastic!

getmebackto150 - Friday Jan 17, 2014
(counting calories and working out!)
Weight: 207.0

 Thank goodness I tried so hard not to get frustrated with my weight yesterday as it was down to a new low today... I was starting to worry that I just couldn't lose weight while eating!!!  This just shows me that if you stick to your calories you WILL be rewarded...   Incredible challenge coming up these next 5 days with my girls weekend...  The ENTIRE weekend will be about wine, food, and more wine... While its a challenge, I am SO in need of a weekend like this to just destress from everything going on in my life, I literally cannot wait!  And... I just found out that the girl's apartment that we are staying at has a small fitness room in the complex!!!  So... I may be able to get in a workout afterall!  Super pumped about this!!!!!

B:  coffee w/ the usuals (50) egg white wake up wrap (180) 230
L:  Trader Joe's vegan enchiladas (260) orange (60) 320
S:  protein powder (100) banana w/ peanut butter (180) 280
D:  maybe amy's no chicken noodle soup?? 200
S:  Probably a fair amount of wine and hopefully a SMALL amound of cheese and crackers...   800ish...

E:  Hoping to squeeze in SOME sort of workout before the girls plane gets in at 8PM-we shall see lots to do between work ant 8PM

Total Planned:  1830

Goal- I'm really going to try my hardest to keep calories around 1800-2000 each day... My goal is maintenance this weekend so I can pick right up with weight loss on Wednesday!!

Progress as of today: 2.6 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 01/17/2014:
Congrats on the loss! And I sure hope you are right about the scale moving for me soon. RYC, I use the regular Quorn "chick'n" patties and add hot sauce to them while heating. Super yummy! I hope you have a fantastic and relaxing weekend with the girls!

allieoop on 01/17/2014:
Sounds like you have a great weekend planed ENJOY!!

thinkpositive on 01/18/2014:
Have a wonderful time!

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