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getmebackto150 - Wednesday Nov 03, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 174.8

if you see my entree from yesterday you will se its updated to a total of 2185 calories... uuugghhh I completely failed last night... I had 2 glasses of wine, airpopped popcorn and a granola bar... uuugghhh   SO mad at myself!!!  I WILL be successful in staying within my calories today... I MUST...  I don't know WHAT my problem is!!!!!

B:  2 slices rye bread (160) 1 egg (75) 1 slice cheese (100) hot sauce (0) 335

S:  apple 50

L:  lean cuisine ravioli (250) apple sauce (50) pear (50) 350

S:  cashews (120) cheese stick (60) 180

S:  special K bar (90)

D:  BBQ tofu taco salad:  3 taco shells (150) 2 servings tofu (120) bbq sauce (40) carmelized onions (20) 1oz cheese (80) lf sour cream (50) salsa, lettuce, tomatoes (20)  480

S:  2 weight watchers sorbet pops 80

Total:  1565

Goal: 1400-1800

planned workout is a 15 minute run outside if its not TOO cold!

Progress as of today: 19 lbs lost so far, only 24.8 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 11/03/2010:
hope today is a better one!!

KathyBlue on 11/03/2010:
one day won't do you any harm, now concentrate on the following days :) Try to distract yourself from food issues! :)

loveray on 11/03/2010:
this colder weather always throws me off track it seems - just try to stick to plan as best as you can and be easy on yourself :) xo

sweetpea1977 on 11/03/2010:
Today's plan sounds good. Now stick to it missy. :)

LOL, yes, a girl can dream. I was joking with hubby telling him I wanted the refrigerator that has a built in tv so I could watch tv while I cooked with my double ovens and my range that can bring water to a boil in under 60 seconds. Im super-excited that my new fridge has a water and ice dispenser. I am also excited that my new stove top range wont have the vent in the middle of the burners and will have the burner knobs on the part against the wall...out of curious little boys' reach! Im really excited to have a full size and mounted microwave. The little dinky one we bought to get by didnt even cook bacon properly and it takes up precious counterspace! And my dishwasher is so noisy and it does a horrible job of cleaning due to its horrible design, so Im excited that a new one will be taking its place. Yes, Im quite happy about my new appliances. :)

lifestylechange on 11/03/2010:
YUMMMM YUMMM that tofu taco salad sounds so yummy!!! Hope you have a great day!!!

just42day on 11/03/2010:
Sorry you've been struggling like me w/unnecessarily high caloric days. It's the nights that kill me (I know I do it to myself but it's still maddening). Hope today's better for both of us! :)

Umpqua on 11/03/2010:
Your plan for today sounds good, especially dinner. Yummo! Hope you have a great evening.

moogy on 11/03/2010:
There is probably something dancing away in your subconscious trying to get out. Probably something you don't want out. I hope you are able to stick with your plan today. You are in charge of you!! Have a good one.

V on 11/03/2010:
i just looked at yesterday's menu and it is quite apparent that you are a snacker, which is not bad but you must pick and choose your battles...All you really have to do is cut back on them and save the treats for something special, like the glasses of wine or even allow snacks every other day or once a week if you feel that you can do this, I know you can

getmebackto150 - Tuesday Nov 02, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 174.8

Had a great day yesterday, really feel back on track... I did eat about 200 calories more than planned, but I intentionally planned low, so I could still stay within my 1400-1800 calories... Got a nice lifting workout in at the gym!   Today husband and I plan for 30 minutes of Wii fit....  Happy to report my food  opps FOOT is almost back to pain free!

B:  Bagel thin (110) w/ ff american cheese (45) egg (70) 225

S:  cashews (MUFA:))  120

L:  giant salad w/ arugula, tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms (30) kalamata olives (40) spicy cabbage (30) goat cheese (40) sliced almonds (40) balsalmic vinegrette (100)  270

S:  greek yogurt (150) apple (50) 200

S:  granola bar (140) brancrisps w/ laughing cow (60) 200

S:  Popcorn ball 100

D:  Came home DESPERATELY craving ethnic food... like an unimaginable craving!  So we got thai take out... I had green curry (200) w/ tofu (100) and veggies  (20) 2/3 cup rice (160) 480

ugghhh I was a total FAILURE last night...

S:  2 glasses wine (240) airpopped popcorn (200) granola bar (150) 590

Total:  2185...   YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goal: 1400-1800

Progress as of today: 19 lbs lost so far, only 24.8 lbs to go!

V on 11/02/2010:
LOL @ pains free foods...you are back at it so i am sure those extra 200 cal won't effect you, as far as the weigh in goes I only have myself to blame if i haven't lost any lbs for acting like a frat boy on Sunday, LOL talk to you later :)

V on 11/02/2010:
hey where has skinnygirl been?? She hasn't posted in a while, tell her I said hello

sweetpea1977 on 11/02/2010:
haha, I think you mean your foot is almost pain free. :)

Glad you had a good day yesterday!

I like your mufa choice for today as well as the rest of your menu!

legcramps on 11/02/2010:
Glad you're feeling better :-)

just42day on 11/02/2010:
Glad foot is better! You're doing great w/your calories. Good for you! :)

loveray on 11/02/2010:
yay! glad you are better. i love cashews....mmm.

tangalyn on 11/02/2010:
great job yesterday, im glad ur feeling back on track.. have a great day!

hollybelle on 11/02/2010:
Your menus are fabulous!

sweetpea1977 on 11/02/2010:
I just noticed that you have two mufas on today's menu - cashews and olives!! WTG!!

sweetpea1977 on 11/02/2010:
hahaha, you're welcome! :)

KathyBlue on 11/02/2010:
awwwwwww goat cheese... and french fries... ayayay...

V on 11/02/2010:
Lol Freudian slip!!!

moogy on 11/02/2010:
Thanks for the support getmeback. Hopefully I will be back in full force soon.

getmebackto150 - Monday Nov 01, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 174.8

We made it back from Washington Alive!!!  The Rally was AMAZING... We couldn't really see or hear (a little of each, neither very well, lol) but just being there a part of it was really intense and amazing:)   I walked somewhere between 7 and 9 miles in flip flops that day and severely sprained my foot.... I'm getting old!!!   I couldn't walk at all Saturday night, so I was lame and didn't go out drinking for halloween in DC....  Skinnygrl was a champ though and she went out...   I saved some money and calories at least I guess:)  

I was not at all healthy over the weekend, but I planned on it so I am ok with the consequences... I made husband sit down last night and we made a workout/dinner plan for the week to keep us on task...   Today we are going to our favorite Salad creations after we lift weights at the gym...   I am feeling refreshed and motivated!  Only 19 days to be completely on point until we leave for our cruise!!!

B:  Greek yogurt (130) w/ meuslix (100) 230

S:  popcorn ball 100

L:  butternut squash ravioli healthy choice w/ added cauliflower (300) pear (50) vitamuffin (100)  450

S:  Mandarin oranges (40) bran crisps and laughing cow (60) 100

S:  special k bar 90

D:  Giant salad w/ MANY VEGGIES (50) swiss cheese (100) chick peas/edamame (100) wontons (50) sliced almonds (50) spicy asian sesame dressing (150) 500

S:  Baked lays (130) mashed cauliflower (150) 280

Total so far: 1750

Goal: 1400-1800

Workout was lifting triceps, chest, and shoulders...

Progress as of today: 19 lbs lost so far, only 24.8 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 11/01/2010:
I saw your question about how to count the challenge points and answered them there. Yes, you count the points on a daily basis. So, for example, if you do 6 meatless days in one week, you earn 12 points for meeting that goal. If you do a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise every day this week, you earn 14 points for reaching that goal. Im asking everyone to copy and paste the goals in an email and put the total of points they earned for each challenge next to them as well as provide a grand total at the bottom. The individual who has the most points will be announced the winner, but I will also be doing announcements for the most points earned on particular goals. :)

just42day on 11/01/2010:
Good for you w/all your plans for food and vacation. Glad you had good time at the rally but sorry about your foot. :)

V on 11/01/2010:
Wow sorry about the sprain :( I hope it doesn't hurt too much!

legcramps on 11/01/2010:
You can do it! Hope that ankle is feeling better soon.

sweetpea1977 on 11/01/2010:
Glad you had a good time at the rally. I hope your foot recovers quickly!!

Food plan sounds great! Enjoy!

tangalyn on 11/01/2010:
im so glad u enjoyed urself while u was away, hope ur foot is feeling better, have a great day

loveray on 11/01/2010:
awesome - have a great workout!! xo

hollybelle on 11/01/2010:
Glad you hear you had fun! Like I said - I wish I could have gone. Watch Stewart and Colbert almost every night! Tomorrow can't come fast enough - holding my breath on the outcome, but I don't think it will do anygood - the handwriting is on the wall.

V on 11/01/2010:
happy you were able to get your workout in today! Well done :) Menu looks yummo!

getmebackto150 - Thursday Oct 28, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 174.8

So... its 9:47 and I've eaten 2 breakfasts and I'm STUFFED... I'm hoping this will curb my snacking... we shall see how it works...

B:  dunkin donuts egg white flatbread (300) weight watchers eggs and potatoes (220)  520

S:  popcorn ball 100

L:  healthy choice meal (250) pear (50) 300

S:  vitatop (100) raspberries (40) 140

D:  1.5 servings whole wheat pasta (300) veggies (30) arriabiata sauce (40) 370

S:  greek yogurt 150

Total: 1580

Goal: 1400-1800

No workout tonight as I'll be packing for my trip to washington DC.   We leave tomorrow at 2:30PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Progress as of today: 19 lbs lost so far, only 24.8 lbs to go!

selina on 10/28/2010:
Have a safe trip! Just heard that you are going to the same big party I'm attending at The Mall! Have a great day!

loveray on 10/28/2010:
awesome have a wonderful trip!!! sounds like a great time and should be good weather!

hollybelle on 10/28/2010:
Wish I could go with you. We watch Jon and Steven every night. Restore Sanaity/Keep Fear Alive for me, will you?

legcramps on 10/28/2010:
Have a great trip!

just42day on 10/28/2010:
Have a great trip! :)

moogy on 10/28/2010:
You sound just a little excited!! I hope that you have a wonderful time.

V on 10/28/2010:
Have a great trip girly!!!!

getmebackto150 - Wednesday Oct 27, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 174.8

Ugghhh today is DEFINITELY a hungry day!

*I've just gotten a burst of motivation so I'm hoping to do some weights (I have 10# dumbbells) and maybe sme wii fit that doesn't pound on my knees... Maybe some hula hoop and boxing... No running or jumping there:)*  I will let you girls know what I end up doing!

Well I finally stepped on the scale today after weeks of not looking and it was 177...  ugghhh... but totally my fault...  Yesterday ended good... about 1700 calories and I did go for a run, unfortunately I seem to have mildly hyperpextended my knee... not sure if it was running or Monday's wii fit but either way, it kept giving out on me in the grocery store last night, then when I was cleaning up my living room last night, I bent down to pick somthing up (bent with the knees of course) and it had shooting pains... So I will probably take today off from working out...

Here is today's plan:

B:  Homemade sandwich w/ bagel thin (110) egg (75) lite cheese (40) 225

S:  1 twizzler... oops   40

S:  Cashews 120

S:  popcorn 100

S:  kashi granola bar 120

L:  healthy choice meal (300) raspberries (30) 330

S:  bran crisps and laughing cow (60) pear (50) 110

S:  special k bar 90

D:  Spicy Thai burrito 500

Total: 1635

Goal: 1400-1800

Progress as of today: 19 lbs lost so far, only 24.8 lbs to go!

just42day on 10/27/2010:
Can't believe I didn't think of adding sugar to de-spice! Will definitely give that a try. Thanks!

sweetpea1977 on 10/27/2010:
Ouch! Very smart to take a day off from exercise. I hope your knee feels better soon!

tangalyn on 10/27/2010:
ouch :( i hope ur knee feels better soon... dont worry much bout those extra pounds i am sure u will have no trouble getting them off again.. thank u for ur challenge today, that is definately something i should be doing everyday, as i know i eat until stuffed usually and that is never acceptable... not even with healthy foods, hope u have a great day!

Umpqua on 10/27/2010:
Spicy Thai burrito sounds wonderful!

loveray on 10/27/2010:
sounds like a great day!! enjoy:) xo

legcramps on 10/27/2010:
I love the hula hoop on Wii Fit! Take care of that knee.

moogy on 10/27/2010:
Please please, video the hula hoop session, I could do with some humour in my life.I find little girls humourous doing that, I think a grown woman would crack me up. Sounds like you may need to take it easy with your knee, but there was another video moment, your knee giving out on you in the supermarket. I am sorry to make fun of you but I seem to be in a bit of a silly mood. I hope you take it in the way it is meant, just the funny stuff we do to ourselves. I opened a bottle of what I thought was still water in the car yesterday, it wasn't and it sprayed everywhere. That would have made a good video as well, my daughter and I were both screaming, then I got the usual I am getting old talk and didn't I check on the label (I didn't have my glasses on, so no, I hadn't checked). See funny stuff everywhere!!! Have a good day.

V on 10/27/2010:
Oh my!!!! I hope your issues with your knee is resolved...I so envy you and skinnygirl because although running is my alltime fav form or exercise, because of my bum knee from years of gymnastics and a car accident I only run every once in a while :( Nuprin has a great cream for the aches

getmebackto150 - Tuesday Oct 26, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 174.8

Hello Everyone!

SO Glad the site is up and running again!  I know many of you did well while the site was down... I did not do well...  Completely my own fault, but I really did poorly... I haven't weighed myself since the site has gone down and I'm afraid!  Luckily, in anticipation of the site coming back up, I did quite well yesterday I even did about 30 minutes of intense Wii fit...  and today should be good as well... Onward!

Its scary how much I've come to depend on this site for accountability and support... I know I should be accountable to myself, but this site REALLY helps me!

B:  Egg (75) cheese (80) hot sauce (0) on rye toast (140) 295 *CHECK*

S:  popcorn 100

L:  Giant salad w/ veggies (50) blue cheese (60) wontons (50) veggie burger (150) balsalmic vinegrette (90) 400 *CHECK*

S:  granola bar (140) apple (50) 190

S:  CRAVING toast w/ peanut butter... 1 slice whole grain toast (70) w/ 1/2T PB (50) 120 *CHECK*  Not sure why but this was AMAZING today!

ANOTER toast and peanutbutter 120

D: Veggie burger (140) on bagel thin (110) broccoli (25) 2 servings baked fries (220)  495 

S:  Popcorn Ball 100

S:  pomeganate 50

Total so far: 1765

Goal: 1400-1800

Workout plan... not sure... its unseasonably warm so I may go running or I may do willpower and grace at the gym... I will update!

Progress as of today: 19 lbs lost so far, only 24.8 lbs to go!

just42day on 10/26/2010:
Glad you had a good day yesterday and I'm sure you'll have another today! I think many of us struggled a bit while the site was down but now neither of us has an excuse so let's both move forward! I know you can do it!

sweetpea1977 on 10/26/2010:
I've missed you!!

Im sure having the site back will get you back on track in no time. Keep posting!!

tangalyn on 10/26/2010:
i did not do well either, lets committ to getting back on track, hope u have a great day

Umpqua on 10/26/2010:
I've been kind of off track myself but I've been good the past few days in anticipation of the site getting back up. So good to see you here again!

KathyBlue on 10/26/2010:
Tell meee more about wiiFit!!!! :)

V on 10/26/2010:
I know that you can do this! Keep it going...How was DC btw? i bet it was FUN!

V on 10/26/2010:
Ohh goody! I can't wait to hear every detail :)

loveray on 10/26/2010:
sounds like a great plan - glad to see you are back and we should keep tabs on each other with the kettlebells!!

legcramps on 10/26/2010:
Sorry you didn't do well while the site was down, but it sounds like you're getting back on track! Have a great day today!

moogy on 10/26/2010:
Yes, I am in your camp, I am afraid I fell to bits without my team. I kept trying to get on my own two feet but just fell over every time. I did enjoy your last minute bit of frantic excercise, as if that would really make a difference!!! Hey, it's more than I did. As you say onward!!!

Maria7 on 10/26/2010:
I am craving peanut butter, too! :-)

Sofia on 10/26/2010:
I'm sure you'll get back on track with the site up and running again! Good job on the food and exercise, I love me some wii fit as well. Hope you have a lovely day!

elymania on 10/27/2010:
HI! I'm a new member!I love your thinking positively!forget the pass, keep your chin up and go on!!!

have a nice day! =)

getmebackto150 - Wednesday Oct 13, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 174.8

Good morning everyone!  I was super excited to step on the scale and see...... 175.8... all vacation damage GONE... not sure if I mentioned this but I also had TOM  while in Texas so a bit of the gain was almost definitely attributible to that...  Yesterday went really well food wise, didn't exercise, but I WILL TODAY! 

Dinner last night was actually this dinner kit from Target... It was one of their balanced choices or somthing like that... but anyway it was tex mex beans with spicy corn bread topping...  I also added a can of red beans just for more fiber and fillingness... it was surprisingly delicious!  I was quite skeptical...  It also only had 500 mg sodium per serving, which for somthing processed like that was pretty darn low!!  It is 370 calories per serving and 1.5 servings is PLENTY to fill you up...   Just thought I'd mention it as it is a nice, quick meal... Cheap and surprisingly YUMMY!

Still didn't go grocery shopping, but I will suck it up and go either today or tomorrow...  I'm trying to really cut down on spending and its amazing what you can find in your house to eat even when you think you have "no food" lol

B:  Green tea (0) weight watchers bagel  (150) weight watchers cream cheese (60) 210 *CHECK*

S:  Raw Nori "Power Wrap" 80 *CHECK*

S:  bran crisps (25) laughing cow wedge (35) 60 *CHECK*

L:  Leftover tex-mex beans and corn bread (470) apple (50) 520 *CHECK*

S:  mini popcorn bag  100 *CHECK*

S:  Very small spoonful peanut butter:)  70

D:  I'm thinking either vegetarian goulash or red lentil spaghetti squash...  I have everything for both of these dishes!!   Vegetarian Goulash 400

S:  Only 8s ice cream 200  the ice cream shop is only open through Halloween so I need to get it while I can!

Total so far: 1640

Goal: 1400-1800

Progress as of today: 19 lbs lost so far, only 24.8 lbs to go!

KathyBlue on 10/13/2010:

sweetpea1977 on 10/13/2010:
hahaha, I laughed so hard when you wrote "its amazing what you can find in your house to eat even when you think you have 'no food'" as I have been there and done that! I also have the same issue with clothes. I always say "I have nothing to wear!" but I have a full closet of clothes, lol.

Anyway, that Target dinner sounds great!! Every now and then, it is nice to have an easy meal on hand on really difficult days. Sodium is my biggest issues with pre-made meals, but 500 mg isnt bad at all. Thanks for letting us know about it!

legcramps on 10/13/2010:
I totally agree with you about thinking you have no food in the house when really there's a lot of possibilities. I'm trying to save some money too, so haven't been buying all the groceries I usually do. In going through all my cupboards, i've found pumpkin filling, lots of soup mixes, brown rice, oats - gosh, lots of stuff! With a garden full of potatoes and carrots - just add meat!

just42day on 10/13/2010:
Fabulous job ridding yourself of vacation lbs! You go girl! :)

chidogs on 10/13/2010:
Congrats on your success. I know I always have stuff in the house, problem is it is usually the WRONG kind of stuff! You meals sound great, and that is good to have something quick you can fix in a pinch.

hollybelle on 10/13/2010:

Umpqua on 10/13/2010:
Awesome news on the scale - woo hoo!!

moogy on 10/13/2010:
Well done on the weight loss front, you are back were you started, that's great. Now onwards and downwards:)

V on 10/13/2010:
yes!!!!!! We knew you could do it!!! Congrats :) Great job

Maria7 on 10/13/2010:
I think I am CRAVING beans and cornbread for real! :-D Congrats to you!

getmebackto150 - Tuesday Oct 12, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 174.8

Hello everyone!  I am back from San Antonio and I did pretty well overall... I went running twice and ate quite well until Saturday-yesterday... Oops:)   I did check the scale quickly before I came to work this AM and it was 178.... Considering it was reading 177 before I left, I'll take it... Now to get back to 174.8 and lower!!!  Its on!!  Especially because I only have 5 and 1/2 weeks until VACATION!!!!!

Today I am back in business... it was tricky packing because I have literally NO food in my house but I'm doing well so far!

B:  morningstar farms turk'y burger (90) on arnold thin (100) 190 *CHECK*

S:  Few Grape Tomatoes (15) *CHECK*

L:  Amy's pot pie (160) apple (50) cheese stick (60) 270 *CHECK*

S:  tomato soup (100) 2 bran crisps w/ 1 wedge laughing cow (60) 160 *CHECK*

S:  granola bar (100) mini bag of popcorn (100)  200 *CHECK*

D:  Tex-mex beans with corn bread topping (600) roasted asparagus (50) 650 *CHECK*

S:  Roasted Cauliflower (25) banana (80) 105 *CHECK*

Total so far: 1590

Goal: 1400-1700

Progress as of today: 19 lbs lost so far, only 24.8 lbs to go!

KathyBlue on 10/12/2010:
weekends are dangerous everywhere! :) This Sunday I want to avoid being at home...

sweetpea1977 on 10/12/2010:
Welcome home. I think you did very well while in TX. Now its time to prepare for that wonderful cruise!! :)

V on 10/12/2010:
Welcome back and i am sure you had a good time but a the same time refreshed and ready to lose those lbs!!!! :) Great job on your menu so far :) I am sure you will get a chance to go for groceries soon :)

legcramps on 10/12/2010:
Have a great day today!

liza36 on 10/12/2010:
Not bad for having been gone. The countdown to vacation begins! Have a good day.

skinnygrlwithin on 10/12/2010:
I think you did amazing the entire time you were gone and I'm VERY proud of you!!! How did the hubby survive without food?? Pizza lol =) When your life calms down we must hang out!

just42day on 10/12/2010:
Welcome back! I think you did extremely well while on vaca! Less than 2 lbs gain is fabulous and I'm sure it's very temporary. Great job AND you got some running in. Impressive! :)

KathyBlue on 10/12/2010:
ahh how rude am I???!! I think you did a GREAT JOB and 2 lbs loss is nothing, it can be from anything... I remember that st...d scale showed me a 2,2 lb gain when I arrived home... then a day later I got a sudden 3 lbs loss... because the plane trip also messed me up...

V on 10/12/2010:
Good job today!!! :)

moogy on 10/12/2010:
Definitely time to get really tough with so little time before you go on holidays. You can do it!!

Maria7 on 10/12/2010:
Wow! Looks like you did real good! :-)

loveray on 10/12/2010:
awesome, glad you had a fun trip!!

justine on 10/12/2010:
so glad you had a fun trip and great job getting back into the swing of things! you have such a great additude about your lifestyle it is really nice to see!

getmebackto150 - Friday Oct 08, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 174.8

*UPDATE*  Just booked a 9 night cruise from New Jersey to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Labadee Haiti (Cruise line private island) and St Thomas for thanksgiving week!!!  for Myself, husband and stepdaughter... Cannot Wait!

Good Morning Everyone!  Last night I definitely over indulged...  I had... Cheese and crackers... chips and salsa/guacamole... and 1.5 glass of sangria...   then for dinner I had a piece of salmon, lots of salad and a few baked french fries... Everything was delicious on a positive note...

I'm sitting here right now trying to resist these AMAZING looking muffins that my hosts bought for breakfast... I think its a losing battle!!!  Not sure about today's plan but I will try to report back!

B:  Oatmeal w/ sliced almonds, flaxseed and 1/2 banana

S:  Few toasted almond slivers

L: Tofu veggie stir fry...

S:  Chips salsa/guacamole

D:  Pizza... I will try to limit myself to 2 pieces!  salad

Progress as of today: 19 lbs lost so far, only 24.8 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 10/08/2010:
i dont think u did too bad last night, if those things were available to me, im sure i would have done FAR worse, so dont let it get ya down.. ur also on vacation, so u sorta do have a good excuse if ur not 100% on track :) but i still think u r doing awesome!!!! hope u have a great day!!

skinnygrlwithin on 10/08/2010:
I agree with tangalyn... you're doing an amazing job. Nothing you ate was crazy out of control unhealthy... and as long as you controlled portions of the not soo good stuff I think you're doing just fine!

sweetpea1977 on 10/08/2010:
I would have gone crazy with the Sangria. I love, love, love sangria!! Good job for having less than 2 glasses! Foods weren't that bad either, so dont stress!

hollybelle on 10/08/2010:
Enjoy your vacation and some "treats" but fast-forward to that moment when your trip is over, you are back home and you are thinking back on your food choices.......now rewind - you are here and making those choices now. :o)

chidogs on 10/08/2010:
That sounds so yummy good! But you are strong so now it is out of your system and you can get back on target! Still, keep enjoying your vacation, that's what they are for.

loveray on 10/08/2010:
sounds like you did pretty well!! i know how you feel after an event though. i did really well at mine last night, but only because i was networking and chatting with people like crazy. i am going to a wedding tonight, so i hope there will be somewhat sane choices:) hope you have a great weekend! xo

moogy on 10/08/2010:
Oh Oh, I wish I had been in time to whisk away those muffins. Sounds like you have been enjoying yourself. I hope you stay on the wagon most of the time, you know how long it takes to undo a few minutes of impulse eating.:)

moogy on 10/08/2010:
Well done getmeback, a tough woman making tough decisions!!!!!:)

just42day on 10/08/2010:
Good food and great friends. What could be better? Sounds like you're really enjoying yourself - as well you should. :)

moogy on 10/08/2010:
Well, the cruise sounds lovely - plus, you don't have to wait too long to go on it, bonus!!!

skinnygrlwithin on 10/08/2010:
Hahaha I would love to go... but even if I could swing the money which I don't think I can I don't think I coud request that kind of time off... I will just have to live vicariously through yoU!! hahahaha! I miss you as well!! Sunday is going to be awful without you!!! hahaha

tangalyn on 10/08/2010:
happy for u about the cruise, very exciting!!!

V on 10/08/2010:
Thanksgiving is far enough away for you to get closer to your goal so enjoy your trip now and continue to get good workouts and you will be fine!!!

just42day on 10/09/2010:
Congrats on the upcoming cruise! What a great holiday adventure! :)

hollybelle on 10/09/2010:
OK I'm officially jealous of your cruise. Happy Thanksgiving!

getmebackto150 - Thursday Oct 07, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 174.8

Just getting ready to get up and face my day!!!  Going to the river walk and the Alamo...  We are going for Mexican at lunch... my plan is veggie fajitas... I will update after lunch!!

B:  Special k bar 70

S:  Nonfat Black tea latte  150

L:  Vegetarian Fajitas... only ate 2 tortillas, veggies, a little rice, a little beans, salsa, a tiny bit sour cream and a tiny bit cheese

S:  Small Amaretto gelato:)




Exercise:  1.3 mile run before we got going for the day!!

Progress as of today: 19 lbs lost so far, only 24.8 lbs to go!

skinnygrlwithin on 10/07/2010:
Hey! No I'm not working tonight so we can definitely catch up. I'm sorry I didn't call you last night when I said I would...I went from work to Tori's to shopping to dinner to the Randy thing. And yes, the 1000-1100 calorie plan is just for the next three days until Sunday... I plan on running Sunday morning as well, but going back to my 1400 calories a day. As for the Randy situation...last night was one of those days, when emotions and hormones and feelings combines to one big thing that I never have mastered when it comes to him. I do love him, but I KNOW...I still KNOW that unless and until he changes there can be no "us." And my feelings for him won't stop me from looking for an amazing guy with all his good qualities and none of his hang ups. Right now though I'm still not ready for any man...Randy or otherwise. But when I do feel ready I'm jumping back on the band wagon and starting my search again. And if the time seems appropriate I will say to him what I've said to you a million times, I will explain my thoughts on the matter and once again walk away if nothing changes. On a less drama filled note... I wanted to tell you how amazing I think you're doing with your diet out there!! KEEP IT UP!!!

Umpqua on 10/07/2010:
Umm, fajitas. Enjoy!

legcramps on 10/07/2010:
Great job! Enjoy lunch, sounds yummy.

sweetpea1977 on 10/07/2010:
Good job on the run. I hope you enjoy those fajitas!

chidogs on 10/07/2010:
Just read on the forum topic of where everyone is from that you plan on moving to San Diego in 4 or 5 years. Haha! Me too, just bought a condo there. My daughter has 2 - 3 (maybe 4) years of university to finish, and once she's done we will move! See you there. :)

sweetpea1977 on 10/07/2010:
Wow, you did excellent at lunch. Good going! BTW, amaretto gelato sounds interesting!

V on 10/07/2010:
You are doing great girl!!!! See you have NADA to worry about! Have a good one :)

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