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getmebackto150 - Wednesday Jul 28, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 179.2

I had a good night last night... I ate slightly more calories than I wanted to at Panera but still stayed safely within my calorie range.  I came home and did sprints/walk up and down my street for 5 reps-20 minutes.  Then did a 5 minute power walk, followed by 7 minutes of wi-fit hula hooping and 13 minutes of wi fit boxing... On a positive note, I have no idea when the last time was I did my wi fit, but I was down 10.5# from that time... lol...  I've realized with all my running I'm literally ONLY losing weight in my legs, so I'm hoping some core work and boxing will help the rest of the body!!  I then made a quinoa, spinach, walnut, apple dish for today... However, my boss just called and said that our chef made roasted veggies and cucumber salad if we want to come over for lunch, so I may save my quinoa here for tomorrow lunch and have some at home for dinner tonight...

I'm holding steady at 179.6 but that is ok... Not recording until Saturday and REALLY hoping for a loss... We shall see...  Its funny, by myself in the house, I literally didn't watch a moment of TV last night... Although I didn't sleep too well by myself in the house!!  Today I plan lifting at the gym...

B:  Kashi Go lean oatmeal: 150

S:  Freeze Dried Pineapple 110

S:  Veggie chips 140

L:  Roasted veggies (100) cucumber Salad (100)  1/2 c pasta (80) 2 slices breaded eggplant (150) 430

S:  Freeze dried pineapple (110) strawberries (50) 160

D:  Quinoa, walnuts, apple, and spinach 300   Roasted asparagus (100) 400 Decided to treat myself to a rental movie and sushi... spicy tuna roll (150) calamari roll (200) tuna/avacado wrapped in cucumber instead of rice (100) 450

S: Only 8s ice cream 200

Total so far:  1530

Goal: 1400-1600

Progress as of today: 14.6 lbs lost so far, only 29.2 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 07/28/2010:
You are a good planner. Keep it up, my dear!

moogy on 07/28/2010:
Only losing weight on your legs - not a good look is it? LOL Some upper body work needed for def. Have a good day.

sweetpea1977 on 07/28/2010:
Wow, great day of exercise you had last night. You did great with your foods yesterday and seem to be doing well with them today. You go girl!

Hope you sleep better tonight!

Moody3 on 07/28/2010:
Wow, great work out!!! I'm curious, even if you are holding steady at your weight, are you noticing any changes in the way your clothes are fitting~with all the working out you're doing???

Hope you get a good nights rest!!

V on 07/28/2010:
OOOh sushi!!!! Yumm :P

Maria7 on 07/28/2010:
Looks like you did REAL well today! :-)

getmebackto150 - Tuesday Jul 27, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 179.2

**Update** I had a good night... I ate slightly more calories than I wanted to at Panera but still stayed safely within my calorie range.  I came home and did sprints/walk up and down my street for 5 reps-20 minutes.  Then did a 5 minute power walk, followed by 7 minutes of wi-fit hula hooping and 13 minutes of wi fit boxing... On a positive note, I have no idea when the last time was I did my wi fit, but I was down 10.5# from that time... lol...  I've realized with all my running I'm literally ONLY losing weight in my legs, so I'm hoping some core work and boxing will help the rest of the body!!  Now I'm making a healthy quinoa, spinach, walnut, apple dish for tomorrow!!!

Well I couldn't stay off the scale... LOL I just do better mentally when I'm accountable to the scale... LOL... I bravely stepped on this morning truly expecting a few pound gain from my "weekend off" and.... 179.6   Not too bad at all...  I'm going to try not to record my weight till the end of the week and hopefully maybe I will get back down to my low of 176.6 soon... I will be ecstatic... This morning I got to sleep in a bit as I'm bringing my husband into the airport in a few minutes and then going to work...  Tonight I'm going to Panera with my 2 best friends and my 8 week old goddaughter-her first restaurant experience:)  I will look at the menu and choose wisely...  I did a nice quick paced 15 minute run yesterday and today I am scheduled for track sprints, but I may have to change that to treadmill or road sprints as it may be dark by the time I am done with dinner... I will update...

My goal is to be PERFECT Tuesday through Thursday... A lot of times my splurges are romantic or silly fun things with my husband or a glass of wine with him, or a random street festival or burrito... I'm ok with these splurges (as long as they are not often) because I love my husband and we have so much fun, and really is a diet sustainable if you can't enjoy life and the one you love???  But... He's AWAY... I really want to work on my discipline and be PERFECT for these three days when I am accountable to only myself..  The one time I was GREAT at dieting was the only year of my life that I lived completely on my own... so I'm kinda looking forward to these days to enjoy me and really get into the healthy lifestyle...  He will be going away 2 more times over night in the next 2 months so I'm hoping to use each time as a mini health and refocusing "retreat" I know it sounds wierd, but I'm kinda excited to just focus on me and my health for a few days...

B:  veggie burger (120) w/ FF cheese (20) on bagel thin (110) 250 *CHECK*

S:  veggie chips 120 *CHECK*

L:  Amy's bowl (290) greek yogurt (120) berries (30) 440   *CHECK*

S:  Cottage Cheese (90) almonds (100) 190 *CHECK*

D:  Panera:  Cup black bean soup (110) 1/2 greek salad (190) french baguette portion (180) 1 pat margarine (50) 530

OR at dinner if I'm really hungry I may get:  Bowl black bean soup (170) Full cafe classic salad (170) French baguette portion (180) 1 pat margarine (50) apple (50)  1/2 whole grain baguette (80) with 1 pat margarine (50)  700

The apples were HORRIBLE with brown spots and grossness... I actually returned mine for another but they were ALL bad...  I shouldn't have got the wheat baguette, BUT... my regular baguette was SUPER small so I figured another 1/2 baguette would be a good treat...

OR  Cup black bean soup (110) 1/2 cafe classic salad (90) apple (50) 250

the second option will cost a little more, but it is a bigger salad and bigger soup plus an extra side (I'll get the apple) and its only 90 calories more... so if I go into dinner STARVING I think this is what I will get... We shall see....

The 3rd option is if I want a small dinner so I can work out afterwords and still have a substantial snack when I get home...

I realize this is a bit ridiculous, but this way I have all my options laid out for me and I can really decide what is best for me at that moment in time...  Now if they don't have the black bean soup today I'm screwed... LOL...  I guess I better prepare for that too...

If no black bean soup:  1/2 med veggie sandwich (300) 1/2 cafe salad (90) baked lays (130) 520... Ok now I should REALLY be all set... I will update:)

Total so far: 1700

Goal: 1400-1800

Progress as of today: 14.6 lbs lost so far, only 29.2 lbs to go!

just42day on 07/27/2010:
I had a nice salad at Panera's a few weeks ago. Their website does list nutritional values so you can peak at that before you go. I trust your goddaughter won't be ordering from the menu... Enjoy your day!

liza36 on 07/27/2010:
I here Panera's vegetable soup is pretty good and low in calories too. Your choice sounds delicions. Have a fun time getting together with friends!

KathyBlue on 07/27/2010:
it's always more difficult with someone else, because of time and money issues. I live with my man and we don't prepare 2 types of food, and I'm dieting, he's not, etc... it's difficult!

don'tstoptrying on 07/27/2010:
Our loved ones can totally influence us can't they? I think it's awesome you get to focus on only your needs for a bit, there's nothing wrong with that.

Moody3 on 07/27/2010:
Nothing wrong at all with enjoying those moments with your husband~I truly believe it's all about balance~Also, there's nothing weird about enjoying these few days flying solo to focus fully on yourself!! Enjoy!!

Looks like you've done your research for tonight~Hope you have a wonderful evening!!

sweetpea1977 on 07/27/2010:
I agree with Moody. Its all about enjoying life in moderation. :)

I would love the opportunity to focus on JUST ME for a few days. What a wonderful challenge you get to put yourself through. I cant wait to see how its goes for you!

tangalyn on 07/27/2010:
u make a great point... why bother dieting if u cant really live and have fun with the one u love, ur so right... hope u have a great day!

moogy on 07/27/2010:
I am with you. I have said before - normal weight people eat healthy most of the time and have treats for special occasions. Fat people feel the need to treat ourselves everyday - won't go into the reasons why. They are good reasons - just the wrong responses. Enjoy your 'me' time.

V on 07/27/2010:
good to see that you have already mapped out a plan for Panera! It's a great stategy :) I will keep my fingers crossed that black bean soup is available!

getmebackto150 - Monday Jul 26, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 179.2

update... I went for my run that was supposed to be yesterday today (today was planned rest day) so I'm all caught up with exercise!

Ok... Here I go, hopefully newly refreshed... Trying really hard not to step on that scale until Saturday!!!

B:  Go Lean oatmeal 150

S:  veggie chips 130

L:  Amy's enchiladas (320) greek yogurt (130) w/ strawberries (30) 350

S:  kashi granola bar (120) Freeze dried pineapple (110) 230

S:  cherry tomatoes 30

D:  Salad with Lettuce, tomato, carrots, cucumbers portobellas (50) chick peas (40) croutons (50) nuts (50) orange dijon vinagrette (60) goat cheese (100) 450

Slice fresh baked bread w/ lite margarine 200

S:  airpopped popcorn w/ ICBINB spray 150

S:  Homemade quesadila with low carb tortilla (90) and LF mexican cheese (90) and taco sauce (0) 180

Total: 1870

Goal: 1400-1800

Progress as of today: 14.6 lbs lost so far, only 29.2 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 07/26/2010:
good plan!! the scale is stressing me out a lil right now, i just might ask my bf to hide it somewhere until next week, or maybe keep it in his car. have a great day!

2luvself on 07/26/2010:
I too am having a inner tugga war not trying to check the scales for a week. Go WILL POWER!

Moody3 on 07/26/2010:
I'm with you~not stepping on the scale until Saturday!!

Looks like a great menu today!! Yummy!

moogy on 07/26/2010:
It is really worth not getting on the scale. Our bodies change so much from day to day and the fluctuations can make you feel up or down with no real basis. By weighing once a week you get a much better idea about what is happening with you. Stick with your determination and keep going. You are doing well.

loveray on 07/27/2010:
they are very filling, but as a warning, they are quite dry- very branny!! i get them at whole foods and at another small organic market near my house. good luck!

just42day on 07/27/2010:
Great job w/exercise. Orange dijion vinagerette sounds wonderful! Do you make it yourself?

getmebackto150 - Sunday Jul 25, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 179.2

Hello Everyone!!   After a weekend off from tracking I'm ready to be back tomorow.  I am feeling motivated to hit the ground running, and I think, as much as I will miss him dearly, having my husband out of town for a few days will allow me to really focus and buckle down...  As for my plan...  I have been counting calories and aiming for 1600 calories per day with 1 allowed cheat day per week...  I think I'm going to tweak that plan slightly... I think I am going to aim for 1400-1800 calories each day and consider the day a success as long as I stay at 1800 per day or less...  I will try to have a couple lower calorie (1400-1500) days per week, but as long as I'm under 1800 I will be happy with myself... Instead of having an all out cheat day, I think I will just be ok if there is one day per week I go as high as 2200 but I'm going to not make this a weekly thing... If I don't have an occasion I won't do it.  I will see how this works and adjust from there...

My other goal is not to weigh myself until this saturday... I KNOW that I gained a couple pounds of bloat and possibly a pound or two from all the beer and some french fries... lol... But I also know that if I weigh in and see a higher number I will be frustrated... So I'm waiting till saturday to even step on that scale...  I'm hoping this will keep me wanting to be accountable all week...   I will use this entry and start tracking again tomorrow morning...

Progress as of today: 14.6 lbs lost so far, only 29.2 lbs to go!

moogy on 07/25/2010:
I think your plan sounds pretty good, it follows my own purely scientific idea that changing it up and down confuses the body and it never thinks it is on a diet. You can only give it a go and see how it turns out. Good luck.

just42day on 07/25/2010:
Beer and fries actually sound quite lovely. Sounds like you have a great plan in place for the week! Wishing much success (and not frustration!) Here's to a good week for both of us!

V on 07/25/2010:
Girl you are doing good so far and whatever it takes I know you will do it!

WI3 on 07/25/2010:
Motivation is a wonderful thing!

getmebackto150 - Saturday Jul 24, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 179.2

hi everyone... Just thought I would check in quickly...   As you can probably see from my last few entries I haven't been doing the best this week... I'm just so frustrated and not in a good place in my mind regarding dieting right now... I made a deal with myself that I would take the weekend off from calorie counting... I have a lot going on this weekend too... I'm going to try to make healthy choices, but not obsess over calories... I'm also taking a few days off from the scale... Monday I am back onto accountability with you ladies... Not sure if I will go back to calorie counting, or maybe weight watchers points or maybe somthing else, but you will see me back with accountability on Monday... I am however keeping up with my running, so all is not lost... Have a great weekend everyone and I will talk to you on Monday...  Even though I probably won't comment much for the next 2 days I am reading your diaries and my thoughts are with each one of you!

Progress as of today: 14.6 lbs lost so far, only 29.2 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 07/24/2010:
have a great weekend.. :)

sweetpea1977 on 07/24/2010:
Enjoy your vacation from the scale. Personally, I think its good for the mind not to weigh in every single day as folks tend to get obsessive over the constant change in numbers. As long as I know Im doing good with my food and exercise choices, that is good enough for me. I always recommend once a week weigh ins, but if that seems to be too big of a time span you could always commit to twice a week weigh-ins (like Wednesdays and Saturdays). Taking measurements once a month is another thing you may want to consider.

Sending healthy and happy thoughts your way!

hollybelle on 07/24/2010:
Yeah, but make it a quick break and don't go "crazy" get back on the horse.

moogy on 07/24/2010:
The fact that you keep checking in is wonderful, especially if you feel you are not doing so well. We are all here sending you good vibes and waiting for you to get yourself in the right place. I will be looking for you on Monday!!!!

getmebackto150 - Thursday Jul 22, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 179.2

Well I finished the night last night with 3 glasses of wine and 4 rice cakes... Grrrrr... My husband is super stressed from his new job so he bought 2 big bottles of wine this week and I have felt the need to have at least a glass every night!!  At least its gone now and next week he is going away on business tues-thurs so I won't have anyone to blame anything on lol...  I guess this week is/was all about maintenance... I'm ok with that... as long as I'm not gaining...  BUT... I really need to pump it upif  I want to lose weight!!!!!

B:  bagel w/ small amount cream cheese 350

L:  left over sauteed veggies (75) and lo mein (300) 375

S:  greek yogurt and strawberries 150

S:  popcorn (100) and kashi bar (120) 220

D:  Sushi:  california roll (150) spicy tuna roll (150) 1/2 edemame (50) 350

Total: 1445

Goal: 1600

May have one more sushi roll depending on how hungry I am...   probably another spicy tuna for 150...

Today's exercise is a 1 mile pace run... Last week I did 9:55  which is WAY faster than my normal... I'm just hoping to break 10 minutes again...

Progress as of today: 14.6 lbs lost so far, only 29.2 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 07/22/2010:
if i have wine (or any alcohol) around i feel like i should drink it everyday too... so ur not alone there... i hope u r able to do well while ur husband is away.. ill be thinking of u :) have a great day!

sweetpea1977 on 07/22/2010:
I love having wine after a long trying day....but it tends to become a habit if I have it in the house! Anyway, your food plan sounds yummy, epseically dinner. Enjoy!

Good luck with your run. I am so proud of all the different types of running you are now able to do - you should be too!!

geevee on 07/22/2010:
If I have a bottle of wine that's been opened, it's hard for me to resist. One glass leads to another and soon I've had 3!

I've been successful in stockpiling 2 for 1 bottles of wine tho.I have had 4 unopened bottles in the closet for a month or two.

just42day on 07/22/2010:
Maintenance is good! I'm sure you'll see another drop soon. :0)

moogy on 07/22/2010:
Well it was kinda supportive wine drinking wasn't it - doesn't really count towards the calorie count if you had to drink it to help someone out!!!!!LOL

V on 07/22/2010:
I like that moogy,lol....Maybe someone will come over with a bottle or two and I will have to supportively drink, what a concept!

Moody3 on 07/22/2010:
Maintenance is success!!! Letting you know the weight you lost is true weight loss~WTG!

just42day on 07/23/2010:
Thanks for your comments and suggestions! Hope you have a great weekend!

getmebackto150 - Wednesday Jul 21, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 179.2

Thanks everyone for your kind words yesterday... I really needed it.  I know its probably not the BEST idea in the world, but I ended up taking yesterday off from calorie counting...  I was STARVING all day and feeling resentful of dieting and mad at myself and the calorie counting was just making it worse... I ended up having BBQ tofu  taco salad for dinner.  Only 8s ice cream and rice cakes for a snack and a very small (probably 3oz) glass of wine...  Did I stay within my calories, definitely not, but I didn't binge or feel resentful either...  Low and behold, this morning the scale was down from yesterday morning so I'm quite ok with that...   These past few weeks have been VERY hard for me food wise... Not sure what triggered this, but frustrating for sure!!!  I'm going to try to count calories for the rest of this week and see how I do and really pay attention to how I feel...  If the week goes horribly I'm going to rethink my strategy over the weekend...

As much as calorie counting DOES work for me when I do it, if I can't stick with it for now, I may need a new temporary plan to get me out of this funk... Either way, I've made the decision I'm not giving up on me...  I deserve to lose this weight and I'm working very hard even if I'm not successful (completely) every single day... So I will keep you posted...

B:  Dunkin Donuts Egg white flatbread 300

S:  Freeze dried bananas 110

L:  amy's meal (300) greek yogurt w/ blueberries (150) 450

S:  almonds (100) popcorn (100) 200

D:  Chinese take out... YUM!!!  Tried to keep it as healthy as possible! 1 cup white rice (160) 1 cup sesame tofu (300) 1/2 cup veggie lo mein (150) 1 cup mixed veggies (100) 710


Total: 1770

Goal: 1600

For exercise I did a hill sprint workout... I did a 5 minute warm up jog and then 6- 150 yard hill springs down the hill and up the hill....

Progress as of today: 14.6 lbs lost so far, only 29.2 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 07/21/2010:
Hope you have a good day today. We may not be successful every day with our calories we want to stay at but maybe those are just days we need to eat a little more. :-)

tangalyn on 07/21/2010:
i think i need to find a good temporary plan that i will actually stick to too, it seems im just not getting good results anymore, not even on the days i do alright :( its frustrating, but im trying to be patient, maybe ill see something soon.... good to know ur not giving up on urself, that would just be silly since none of us will ever give up on u.. hope u have a great day :-)

sweetpea1977 on 07/21/2010:
I totally know what you are going through. What really seemed to help me get back on track was following a written food plan from a book. That book for me was the Flat Belly Diet Pocket Guide. It was so nice not having to think about what I was going to have for every meal. At the same time, I assigned a specific form of exercise to each day - jillian michael dvds, elliptical, running, weight training, walking - and stuck to it no matter what. It was nice having a book or dvd telling me exactly what I needed to do. Perhaps, you need something like that to help you get into a groove. Just a thought. :)

skinnygrlwithin on 07/21/2010:
You can do this.. I know you can... if you feel like you need additional support as soon as my test if over with we can run outside together ...or I'll do anything I can food wise to keep you on track.. I'll even go grocery shopping with you =) Do not give up...you've worked so hard for so long...

Umpqua on 07/21/2010:
My husband has the DD egg white flatbreads almost every day and he's been losing weight. We all need a day off every once in a while and you're doing well overall. I hope you have an excellent day!

moogy on 07/21/2010:
Sometimes we can fool our bodies by changing it up a little, it confuses it - I think it says yeah we are not starving anymore and relaxes. A day off now and again keeps us sane. You are doing great.

V on 07/21/2010:
Yes you do deserve this! Keep at it

Moody3 on 07/21/2010:
Congrats on being down on the scale today~I wouldn't worry too much, sometimes it almost seems like the body needs a shake up in calories~kind of a zig zag thing, and it responds by losing...as long as you don't over indulge too much consistently~Did that make any sense?? LOL

Great workout today!!!! You definitely deserve this, and you WILL do it~=)

2luvself on 07/22/2010:
checked out your monthly averages, nice steady decline. Good for you. Take care today and keep it up whatever your doing is working.

getmebackto150 - Tuesday Jul 20, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 179.2

Well I have decided I just suck...  We planned on going to cici's last night... its the first one around here and it just opened and I really wanted to see what all the hype was about... I looked online and was excited to see that each piece pf pizza is between 110 and 150 calories... I made a plan for 3 pieces of pizza and a big serving of pasta and to keep it between 500 and 600 calories... WELL... There was a line around the entire plaza where the cici's is and my husband was like absolutely NO way we are waiting...   Then he was like, well you got me in the mood for pizza (its his favorite food on earth) so somehow we ended up at pizza hut  (its literally his favorite restaurant on earth... I know classy right? LOL)... 

Ugghhh I had a giant plate of salad, 2 pieces garlic bread with cheese and 2 pieces STUFFED CRUST PIZZA... THEN I had 1.5 glasses of wine last night... I'm SO pissed at myself... I SHOULD not have let this happen... and I just did... its like I was watching from the outside just letting it happen...

If I keep this up I will NEVER lose weight...   Oh here is the kicker I had a piece of leftover pizza for BREAKFAST this morning... Only 300 calories is how I justified it, but seriously... What is my problem???

B:  slice of pizza 300

S:  dried pineapple w/ lime juice (somthing new I got at the store we will see) 110

L:  amy's asian stirfry (300) greek yogurt (120) berries (20) 440 PBJ with sugar free jelly (300) tomato soup (100) 540

S:  granola bar (120) rice cakes (80) 200

Total: 1150

Goal: 1600

Progress as of today: 14.6 lbs lost so far, only 29.2 lbs to go!

just42day on 07/20/2010:
I truly understand your disappointment but don't beat yourself up more than you have already. We all have slips. It's ok. Can't change the past - only today. You CAN do this. You've already lost nearly 15 lbs and that's fabulous. I had several days of bingeing recently and am just getting out of it so I really do understand. I feel like a force outside of me completely takes over but if I'm really honest, I know it's just me. It happens. You'll be ok. You are supported here. Hope your day improves. :)

V on 07/20/2010:
You don't have a problem, you are human you don't suck.If I had leftover pizza in my fridge you better believe that would be my breakfast and if I had a bottle of wine sitting in front of me I would drink it all (good job on only drinking 1.5 glasses you showed restraint) It's okay really you have the rest of the day to make amends. So get out there and burn some calories :)

skinnygrlwithin on 07/20/2010:
Hey don't worry about it... remember it's a marathon and not a sprint...don't let a couple slip ups mess you up completely. If it makes you feel any better I got on the scale just now and my weight is almost back up to 130... you can do this, I know you can.

tangalyn on 07/20/2010:
i think pizza is a hard one for anyone to resist... just like V said, if i had pizza available for breakfast, (especially stuffed crust) heck ya id be eatin it too... so u dont suck, ur just normal :) i believe that u will find a way to start doing better and be happy with ur choices, hang in there.. have a great day! :)

don'tstoptrying on 07/20/2010:
Ok, get a grip girl, the only way you NEVER will lose weight is if you stop trying which is clearly not what you want to do or you would not be active on ths site. So stop it, you've already lost almost 15 lbs, that is not someone you doesn't plan to just give up. It's a new day, get on with it and start fresh, yesterday is gone, today is what matters!

hollybelle on 07/20/2010:
Don't beat yourself up. Think - right now - when you made those choices at the Pizza Hut - how were you feeling - what were you thinking? This question may be harder to answer than you would think -so many times we are not actually in touch with our thoughts OR feelings when we make food choices. Try to figure this out (get quiet and meditate if you have to) and remember it next time you are on the edge of taking that giant leap into somewhere you don't really want to go......

*Hoss's_Mom* on 07/20/2010:
Oh yummy pizza! I love pizza cici's it is my favorite place ever I love the pineapple and ham pizza its on some kinda white suace oh my!!! But let me tell you something you doing wonderful on your journey! I lost a bunch a weight before I got prego and every time We went to cici's I would eat until I got sick... I mean Like a whole pizza! Just keep your head up!!!!

Moody3 on 07/20/2010:
We have Cici's near here and they are yummy! Only been there twice, but thoroughly enjoyed it both times!

Don't be so hard on yourself~Pizza is a tough one, I think it's a weakness for most of us. Best adivce I can give, is to simply not have it around...LOL..I would've and have done the same thing as you did, having it for breakfast the next morning..it's too hard to resist if it's in the house...But I don't feel good about myself when I start my day like that..So I understand~trust me!!

getmebackto150 - Monday Jul 19, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 179.2

back into the 170s... phew... see if I stick with the plan, I lose weight... why is that SO much harder than it sounds???  Today is a rest day from exercise... Plan is to eat my 1600 calories and get a ton done at the office as I'm pretty behind from all the days off I have taken this summer so far...

B:  bagel thin w/ spray butter 110

S: granola bar 120

L: Amy's: light in sodium enchiladas (320) pita chips (110) 430

S:  greek yogurt (100) nuts (100) berries (30) 230

S:  cheese stick 60

S:  apple 50

S:  special K 70

Total so far: 1070

Goal: 1600

Progress as of today: 14.6 lbs lost so far, only 29.2 lbs to go!

V on 07/19/2010:
Awesome job!

skinnygrlwithin on 07/19/2010:
If it was easy no one would ever struggle with their weight right??? You are doing great, you just need to keep focusing ...by the way I spoke to your brother in law... haha I caved and texted him... he didn't seem angry and just called to talk... nothing crazy just a hi how have you been... end of story...

tangalyn on 07/19/2010:
yeah its ridiculous how much harder that is to do than u would think it would be.. its just crazy.... big congrats on getting back into the 170s i knew u would! have a good day :)

Maria7 on 07/19/2010:
Back in the 170's again...you're doing good! :-)

getmebackto150 - Sunday Jul 18, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 180.2

Well this morning's weight wsa NOT good... back out of the 170s for a minute... I'm hoping if I'm good today I'll be back there tomorrow... 

B:  giant salad... couldn't come close to finishing it...   400

S:  cheese (200) and crackers (150) 350

D:  2 slices cheese pizza (500) 1 ice cream sandwich (140) 640

S:  Berries 60

S:  air popped popcorn with spray butter 150


Total: 1600

Goal: 1600

Did go for an easy run/walk.... was out there for about 25 minutes all together

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 30.2 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 07/18/2010:
aww.. i hope it decides to go back into the 170s very soon, hope ur having a great day :)

just42day on 07/18/2010:
Yes, I hate it when the numbers don't last as long as we'd like. I'm sure they'll be favorable for you again soon!

Maria7 on 07/18/2010:
Your calories number looks REAL GOOD.

KathyBlue on 07/19/2010:
ahhh the popcorn lady!!! :)

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