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getmebackto150 - Saturday Jul 17, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 178.6

Well Thursday and yesterday were NOT good... uuuggghhh!!!   Today so far has been great though so I'm just going with that... I will weigh in tomorrow and update even if its bad news...

B:  Dunkin donuts egg white and cheese wake up wrap 150

L:  2 servings of quinoa w/ spinach, walnuts, and apples 400

S:  4oz lf frozen yogurt mixed w/ berries at the movies... SO yummy   120

D:  Fajitas... 1 shell (90) 3oz fake chikn strips (150) lettuce/tomato/salsa (20) cheese (100) lf sour cream (60)  420

S:  raspberries 60

Total: 1150

Goal: 1600

It feels higher than 1150 so maybe I estimated low on somthing?  Either way I'm under 1600 which is the important thing...  I did a 20 minute run at a quick pace... It was suppose to be a slower 25 minute run but it started thundering and lightening like crazy, so we high tailed it home quickly... Also yesterday I did a 1 mile "pace run" I am happy to report I ran a sub-10 minute mile... It was 9:55 so that is a good thing... I'm feeling like I got my groove back but I will see how tomorrow goes...


Total: 550

Goal: 1600

Progress as of today: 15.2 lbs lost so far, only 28.6 lbs to go!

moogy on 07/17/2010:
One day at a time. The important thing is that you picked yourself up and got on with it. Good luck for your weight- in.

getmebackto150 - Thursday Jul 15, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 178.6

ugghhh I'm DISGUSTED with myself... Yesterday AFTER everything I recorded I also had a serving of baked chips (120) JUST because they were there...  I'm SO reverting back to old habits and SO pissed at myself!!!!!  Today's weight was up yet again... ALMOST out of the 170s after I worked SO hard literally for months to get here...  What is wrong with me?????  I have tomorrow off from work and we have my stepdaughter this weekend so I'm happy to report that it won't be a party weekend.  I'm also happy about tomorrow off b/c I won't be STARVING at work all week as I have been lately...   Tonight I am probably going out to dinner with my husband and inlaws so that will be tough... No idea where we are going... Ladies please send me suggestions and positive thoughts for WILLPOWER as I seem to have lost all of mine somewhere along the way :(

B:  2 eggwhite and cheese wake up wraps from DD   300

S:  100 calorie kettle corn 100

L:  Mayan Harvest Bake (340) greek yogurt (120)  460

S:  special k fruit crisps 100

s:  100 calorie cheese pack 100

 Total: 1060

Goal: 1600

I did get a small lifting workout in yesterday... and I do plan for a quick run today...

Progress as of today: 15.2 lbs lost so far, only 28.6 lbs to go!

just42day on 07/15/2010:
So sorry you're going through the same thing I am. I, too, feel like I'm reverting to my old, bad, unhealthy ways. I'm really going to try to focus today, reminding myself how good I feel (emotionally anyway) when I lose a pound and frickin' hard it is to lose 1 lb. I'm hoping that I'll be a bit distracted away from food today as I have a lot to do. I know I eat out of boredom as well. Am going to try to force myself to have a salad for lunch - I've been avoiding salads but surprisingly I find they are quite satisfying when I do have them. Hang in there. We CAN do this. I don't want to do further damage as I have worked so hard to lose what weight I have. Best of luck to you today and tonight. I'll be thinking of you. We gotta do this and we CAN!!! darn it! :)

skinnygrlwithin on 07/15/2010:
You can do this... you know you can... you truly have worked so hard and you know how much it bothers you... how much happier you'll be when you reach your goal...plus the sooner the better so we can go on our VACATION!!!! and you know how much you love vacations!!! =)

As for tonight...you're right I doubt it'll be any place healthy... but just pick the healthiest options and portion control... don't listen to you know how and however much she pressures you to get dessert... just ignore it.. you can do this..this is what you want... and is the taste of unhealthy food really worth a shorter life?? or the extra weight?? YOU CAN DO THIS!! I HAVE FAITH IN YOU!!!

legcramps on 07/15/2010:
It's just hard sometimes, isn't it? Pick yourself up and keep plugging along - the good thing is that eventually the effort will pay off!

I will post the lentil casserole in the forum area of the website - it's super easy to make!

tangalyn on 07/15/2010:
alot of my old habits have been coming back too, i had 2 total binge out days this week alone... i dont know what to do... just remember u r definately not alone with this right now, hopefully we will both start being good again. good luck! have a great day :)_

Moody3 on 07/15/2010:
So many of us seem to be struggling~So trust me you are not alone. I had to take time on Monday and seriously refocus...I mean SERIOUSLY. I think what you're going thru is natural in this journey, and something we ALL relate to because we have ALL experienced it. The key thing is tho, is to nip it in the bud before too much damage is done~Catch it NOW..You can do this, I know you can.

getmebackto150 - Wednesday Jul 14, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 178.6

Well yesterday was AWFUL... I was starving ALL day and just GAVE in to my cravings... after my stated total of 1930 I also had airpopped popcorn (HUGE bowl) mini ice cream bar (120) lean cuisine mac and cheese (300) so I probably ended my day at 2500 OUCH... I'm SO mad at myself... My weight is of course up a pound...  I'm not sure what caused my intense cravings... Was it unprocessed day, was it just random, was it somthing else????  Not sure...  I did get in a sprint workout and we decided that our next 5k race will be September 18th, so there was a TINY bright spot amongst the grossness of all the food... BLAH... I will have to rethink unprocessed day next week and do somthing different or at least don't have it on Monday...  But today is a new  day and there is nothing that I can do about yesterday, so I just need to make today a good one....

B:  2 slices lite toast (80) 1T peanut/almond butter (100) 180

S:  granola bar (110) 100 calorie cheese pack (100) 210

S:  baked tostitos (120) guacamole (100) 220

L:  lean cuisine (250) yogurt (130) 380

S:  granola bar 110

S:  apple 50

S:  Baked tostidos (120) and guacamole (100) 220

I want to remind myself that after eating ALL this food I'm feeling SUPER full... I don't need to feel this full EVER... Grrrrr!!

D:  mini boboli pizza  Crust (360) 1 serving 2% mozzarella (80) sauce (20) veggies (20) 480  I will probably have a salad of just veggies and balsalmic vinagrette with this to make it more filling and use up my last 80 calories...

S: only 8s ice cream 150

Total: 2000 yikes!

Goal: 1600

uugghhh somehow I miscalculated earlier and my calories planned are WAY too high... Grrr... I've already eaten some snacks and I'm starving, so I think I'm going to stick with whats planned... Its better to eat a little higher but have it planned out rather than planning 1600 ending up starving, and binging like I did yesterday... GGGRRRR!

Now I just need to STICK WITH THE PLAN... I will be SO mad at myself if I mess up again today, so I had better not...

Later I'm going to post my training plan for my next 5k so you guys can help me hold myself accountable!!

Progress as of today: 15.2 lbs lost so far, only 28.6 lbs to go!

just42day on 07/14/2010:
That's great that you've got a 5k in the horizon! yes, yesterday is behind us. My bad day was the day before so I understand your frustration and disappointment. It happens. Don't beat yourself up; just do as well as you can today. You did get a sprint in yesterday so you should feel good about that. Hang tough; you can do it!

just42day on 07/14/2010:
Orvile Reddenbacher Kettle corn. I haven't tried any other brand as I love this one. Is there another brand you'd recommend? Am always looking to save a few pennies if I can. Or do you have another favorite not-so-unhealthy snack?

don'tstoptrying on 07/14/2010:
Sorry about your bad day yesterday, but your right today is a new day and is nothing you can do about it but maybe what you are and that's trying to figure out why it happend to prevent it in the future. Good luck today and it's terrific that you are planning a 5k.in Sept.

just42day on 07/14/2010:
I think having small amounts of satisfying snacks is important. I really don't live to eat but do enjoy food immensely and I think an occasional treat can ward off binges (as long as it's not a trigger food!)

just42day on 07/14/2010:
I didn't say I didn't think about food all day - I just try NOT to eat all day - that's the challenge!

Moody3 on 07/14/2010:
I had a pretty big calorie day on Monday and was upset with myself~sad thing is, I tend to have those days quite often, but didn't know until I logged everything onto Fitday that I was consuming so many calories!! Scary!!

Tomorrow is a new day~you have a good plan and I know you can stick to it~I know it!!

getmebackto150 - Tuesday Jul 13, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 177.6

SO I'm thinking unprocessed day had a bad effect on me this week... today I am a cravy mess... I just ate 4 fun sized candy bars...I NEVER eat chocolate... I don't even like it that much...  Grrr... Today is NOT looking good.....

As you can see from yesterday's entree I did stick with unprocessed food day, but was severely craving!!!  AND my weight didn't budge today... I was really hoping for a loss... I'm remembering now though that my body usually does not lose weight two weeks in a row... Normally I have a good week of weight loss followed by a week of being stuck so I'm trying not to worry TOO much...

I tried to go running last night but it was too soon after eating a HUGE salad, so my stomach was upset, so I did a 25 minute power walk instead... Not great, but better than nothing...   Today I may do a sprint workout, not sure yet...

I can tell already that today is DEFINITELY a hungry day... ggggrrrrr!!!

B:  veggie burger on bagel thin 230

S:  baked chips 120

S:  UUUGGGHHH I just broke down and has some crackers w/ cream cheese GGGRRRRR!!! 200

S:  ugghhh now popcorn  200?

L:  morning star farms sesame chick'n (310) apple (50) 360

S:  greek yogurt (120) w/ mueslix (100) 220

D:  Tofu burrito   600

Total: 1930

I did end up going for a good sprint workout... so at least all was not lost today....


Goal: 1600

Progress as of today: 16.2 lbs lost so far, only 27.6 lbs to go!

just42day on 07/13/2010:
Thanks for the positive thoughts. That's great that you still managed to get in a power walk yesterday! Good for you. Hope the rest of your day is a good one! :)

tangalyn on 07/13/2010:
i think im noticing i am the same way with not losing weight 2 weeks in a row, at my best i tend to have a good week, then a very low losing week, then another decent one... that frustrates me a lil bit, but i guess it adds up eventually. good job taking that power walk even tho ur tummy didnt feel so good, best of luck sticking with everything today, have a good one :)

geevee on 07/13/2010:
It's as if the body needs a week to reorganize and get used to the new weight.

fruitbat on 07/13/2010:
It's great that you stil managed the power walking! Im either in an exercise mood or not so I never really succeed at exercising when I don't want to (which shows on the scales) Keep going through the 'not-so-good' weeks, you will get there!

legcramps on 07/13/2010:
You stuck with the exercise, power walking when you couldn't run. That's awesome! Good for you, keep it up today!

loveray on 07/13/2010:
processed stuff is so hard for me as well- i hope that you find a balance somewhere in between. i find it becomes a habit for me when i start, so i really try not to have it as much as possible. during times of intense stress, however- i feel the need to have some. that was sunday night for me...ugh.

Moody3 on 07/13/2010:
1600 calories and a sprint workout sounds like a very successful day to me! And I wouldn't worry about not losing this week if you had a good loss last week~your body is probably adjusting to the loss~You should be very proud of yourself!!

getmebackto150 - Monday Jul 12, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 177.4

I KNOW I shouldn't have but I just weighed myself and I'm up ALOT... I'm hoping that its just b/c the salad was so huge and by tomorow my system will flush out, but I will be SO mad if my weight is up tomorrow... GGGRRRR... We will see...

Ok I MUST be a processed food junkie... but maybe just at night... I just finished a salad that was HUGE... I'm so full its painful but all I keep thinking is  hmmm... only 8's ice cream would be SO good right now, or maybe a chocolate granola bar, or ice cream sandwich... GRRR... Its wierd, I don't miss the processed food all day but as soon as dinner is over ITS on... Interesting though b/c after dinner is when I would normally binge on junk food before too... There seems to be SOME sort of correlation there...

well by staying on point yesterday, I really managed to avoid any weight gain from my weekend... Sheesh, if I was good I maybe could have LOST weight, what I'm trying to do as I sometimes seem to forget... LOL... Yesterday was a GREAT day in terms of eating and exercise so I'm happy about that!  Today is unprocessed day, I figured I needed it early this week to counteract my processed-ness over the weekend...  Husband is very on board with unprocessed day today!!  He is finally getting back to normal as he is on week 3 of a 3 week vacation before he starts his new (much better!!) job and finally trying to get sharp for his start (yay no more drinking till 4AM in my house with his brother lol!!)  So this week will be good to have him back on board again!!

B:  plain greek yogurt (100) musliex (100) berries (30) 230

S:  pepper slices 25

L:  barley pilaf (recipe in yesterday's entree if interested) (300) I accidently brought the portion I had set aside for my husband... it was bigger but I still ate it all :(  (375)apple (50) 425

S:  cheese cubes (100) raspberries (40) 140

D:  Plan is for giant salads Veggies (50) berries (40) chick peas (100) balsalmic vinagrette (100) sliced almonds (50) goat cheese (60)  1/2 avocado (100) 500

S: 1/3 of smoothie made w/ raspberry greek yogurt (130) berries (60) 2 cups unsweetened almond milk (80) ice (0) 270/3= 90

Total:  1410

Goal: 1600

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 27.4 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 07/12/2010:
good job maintaining weight! keep up the good work and ty for ur comment today... have a good one! :)

just42day on 07/12/2010:
Thanks for your kind comments. Really appreciate them. Super maintenance job on your part. Fabulous!

KathyBlue on 07/12/2010:
I just uploaded a photo of the broa! It's bread :)

legcramps on 07/12/2010:
Great job! So funny about hubby getting back on board! I know what holidays are like, and good for him for getting back to the daily routine!

SkinnyGrlWithin on 07/12/2010:
Yay for unprocessed day!!! I'm also super glad that you didn't gain any weight because you've worked really hard for a really long time!! You wanna know what we should do?? We should set up a mini celebration for when we both have reached our goal weight... like a weekend girls vaca some place close and pretty inexpensive but just to get away lay out ad reward ourselves for all our hard work! What do you think? more motivation to get it done right??

getmebackto150 - Sunday Jul 11, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 177.6

So after my last recorded food yesterday (3 small pieces broccoli pizza) I had about 5 light beers and some cheese and crackers... :(  Probably an extra 800 calories... I did have fun, but I HATE how I sabatoge my efforts SO often on the weekend... Not just one night but both friday and saturday this week... GRRRRR... Weight was back up to 179.somthing today, but I refuse to record... I will weigh in again tomorrow morning and record the damage.. I've been pretty good today so hopefully it won't be TOO bad...

I went running today for a total of 14 minutes running and about 15 minutes walking in between... Husband has been on vacation all week and SUPER lazy so he wasn't up for a long run, plus it was still HOT...  Plan is to run 3 more times this week and lift once...

B:  Raspberry bagel (300) w/ honey walnut cream cheese (100) 400   I ALWAYS crave bagels with TOM and slight hangovers... seeing as how I had both this AM I couldn't resist...

L:  Was out running errands and had a $10 panera gift card, so I went for it..   1/2 mediterrean veggie sandwich (290)  1/2 tomato mozzarella salad (390) baguette (180) butter (90)  950... OUCH!!!!!   was super yummy though...

D:  Made "Barley Pilaf" for a planned unprocessed day tomorrow... I had a very small serving probably about 200 calories...  Its SUPER yummy!!!

Total: 1550

Goal: 1600

Very easy to make if anyone is interested...   Its

1/2 cup chopped onion sauteed until soft in 2T olive oil

Add 3/4 cup pearl barley w/ 1.5 cups veggie broth or water and salt and pepper to taste to skillet bring to a boil and cover and cook 5 minutes

Add 2 cups small broccoli florets recover and cook until broccoli is cooked

add 1 can great northern beans and stir until warm.

I also added one fresh chopped tomato and 2T fresh dill when I added the beans, a little other spices and a little lemon juice and balsalmic vinegar... Super yummy, makes a TON and I estimate the whole thing at 800 calories...

Progress as of today: 16.2 lbs lost so far, only 27.6 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 07/11/2010:
hopefully the scales will be nice tomorrow... ty for ur comment today.. enjoy the rest of ur night :)

getmebackto150 - Saturday Jul 10, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 177.6

Well my weight is not NEARLY as bad as I thought from last night's fun and indulgences...  I had such a great time, it was definitely worth it... I don't even feel the usual remorse that comes with indulgence... Today will also be tricky as we are having friends over for dinner and drinks tonight... I am feeling quite motivated today however, so all should be well...

Have a great saturday everyone:)

B:  Ritz crackerful 130

S:  handfull almonds 100

L:  salad creations... I will forgo the nuts and cheese to keep the calories down a bit 400

D:  3 small slices broccoli pizza 900

Total: 1530

Goal: 1600

Progress as of today: 16.2 lbs lost so far, only 27.6 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 07/10/2010:
glad there was no harm done last night, hope u have another great night :)

SkinnyGrlWithin on 07/10/2010:
Yay for fun nights out!!!! I'm sure you'll do fine tonight...you've worked really hard and one meal is never worth the damage it can do

just42day on 07/10/2010:
Good for your for bypassing the nuts and cheese on the salad. Every little bit does help! Yes, cats ARE children w/fur. Enjoy your evening!

getmebackto150 - Friday Jul 09, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 176.6

Well husband and I had an unexpected SUPER fun night that lead to a lot of calories... Went out for dinner to a tex mex margarita joint... had a bbq tofu taco salad with just a few tortilla chips... 2 margaritas, THEN went to a street festival that happened to be outside and split fried dough (MY FAVORITE) and had a beer... came home and went swimming in my awseome small pool and split a bottle of wine while blaring our favorite of all time songs on you tube... Definitely too many calories... but priceless and SO much fun with my husband... I'll take what weight I get tomorrow... tonight was worth it!

Ugghhhh I may have to make today my "cheat" high calorie day for the week... I'm still doing one day per week at about 2200 and today just may be the day... We shall see...

I'm not sure if its TOM, if I'm subconsciously trying to sabatage my self or what, but I am STARVING today... Its only 11:30 and I've already eaten yogurt, granola bar, veggieburger on arnold thin and now I'm eating my 100 calorie popcorn... GRRR this hunger shows no sign of slowing!!!!!  

Wow weight down again today...  I finally feel like I'm "really" out of the 180s... Although, you ladies have to be my sanity if I see a gain over the next few days... Today TOM is coming and normally I see a 1-3# jump  out of  Nowhere, somewhere during the first few days of TOM, so if it happens, kindly remind me its only temporary before I FREAK OUT!!  LOL

Yesterday ended good... Couldn't eat as much sushi as I thought I would, so I got a grande caramle light frappucino after the gym YUM!!!!!   No plans for the weekend as of yet, really hoping I'm able to keep it relatively healthy as I usually have trouble on the weekends!!!  I'm thinking today will be a day off from working out but not sure yet... I will update as the day goes on...

B:  yogurt 120

S:  veggie burger on arnold thin 220

L:  more lentils w/ spaghetti squash (250) blueberries (40) cheese stick (60) 350

S:  granola bar (110) popcorn (100) peach (60) 270 peach was spoiled:(  had a granola bar instead (100) 310

Total so far: 1000

Goal: 1600

Progress as of today: 17.2 lbs lost so far, only 26.6 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 07/09/2010:
wow ur really getting there :) congrats on ur loss, great work!! have a wonderful day!!

nosetwitch on 07/09/2010:
Great job. I think you're out of the 180s for good!!

SkinnyGrlWithin on 07/09/2010:
YAY!!! See the sushi you didn't finish paid off lol... I'm having the left overs (5 pieces) for a snack today =)

SkinnyGrlWithin on 07/09/2010:
Just try and remind yourself that if you want to truly keep losing the weight it requires some serious self control... drink more... drink a TON and try and keep yourself busy at work...just walk away from the food!

geevee on 07/09/2010:
I HATE what I call "an eating day" like you are experiencing. I seem to get them whener I've done well and lost and am about to lose more. The appetite sure does sabotage me. I couldn't stop eating yesterday either. Trying to find a filling, lo-cal food that's satisfying gets difficult when the hunger is constant. You're doing well to control yours!

Trophster on 07/09/2010:
Oh the hunger can be horrible. Yesterday, all day, all I did was feel hungry and eat. I almost ate the furniture I was so hungry. It was hard to keep eating small bites. But don't worry, it will all be fine!!! Good luck. And maybe filling yourself up with water will work. It usually does for me.

sweetpea1977 on 07/09/2010:
This was me yesterday,so I feel your pain! It will pass, I promise!

Maria7 on 07/09/2010:
Calories are lookin' good!

just42day on 07/10/2010:
Sounds like you had a fabulous evening with your husband. How fun! Fight the hunger the best you can. We all struggle with it but you CAN do it!

hollybelle on 07/10/2010:
Well, those street fesitval foods like fried dough are HARD to resist. That and funnel cakes happen to be one of my favorite foods, too. And we should endulge in some special treats from time to time - it's only realistic! Good plan to just make yesterday your day to eat the 2200, etc. You can do that and come through unscathed. Flexibility is hard for me, sometimes. If I'm not rigid about it I don't stick to it, but I am learning flexibility.

getmebackto150 - Thursday Jul 08, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 178.2

Well.... unprocessed food day was better and harder than I thought it would be... I literally felt different if that makes sense... Lighter and cleaner... BUT... by night time I was seriously craving some sugar or salt or SOMTHING... but the scale obviously loved it b/c I'm down 1.6# overnight... I stepped on the scale like a million times b/c I didn't believe it!   I wish I had the dedication to eat like that every day... I think the pounds would just FALL off but alas... It was a TON of work  and I don't think my husband liked it too much... he was a trooper, but I could tell he wasn't a fan of the quinoa...  

I did go to the gym and I did a 30 minute sprint interval workout on the treadmill... It felt great!!!  Today should be good... I'm going out for sushi-my one seafood for july... YAY!!  Then I plan on going to lift at the gym after work...

B:  veggie burger on arnold thin 220

S:  Greek yogurt (120) w/ blueberries (50) 170

L:  leftover spaghetti squash w/ lentil sauce 250

S:  cheese stick (60) and granola bar (110) 170

S:  apple 60

D:  SUSHI!!!  I've left myself 800 calories because I am SO craving sushi... I may just may get  2 spicy tuna rolls (300) 1 california roll (150) 1 spicy bangkok roll (300) for a total of 750...  It sounds like a TON of food, but I fugure if I can fit it into my calories I might as well indulge as its my only seafood this month!!!

well...my eyes and zest for sushi were bigger than my stomach!!  I had 1/2 california roll (75) 1/2 spicy bangkok roll (150) 1.5 spicy tuna rolls (200) 1/2 order edemame (50)  475

S:  There is a starbucks right across from the gym and normally I can resist, but after unprocessed day yesterday and significantly less sushi than planned, I couldn't resist...  Grande caramel lite frappacino... SO YUMMY! ... The starbucks frappucino website said 130 but that didn't have the caramel drizzle... I found another site that said 167 so I'm going with 170 to be safe...

I've made it a point to go to sushi BEFORE my workout, that (I'm hoping) will keep me from getting tempted by the AMAZING cheap drinks they have there!!!  B/c I really want to work out tonight!   I did end up working out... I did a 30 minute weight lifting session.. and when I came home, I couldn't resist going in my 92 degree pool LOL... I did 30 "laps" basically walking on my hands and kicking my feet 30 times around the12 foot pool... It wasn't TOO much but it took like 15 minutes and my heart rate was elevated at the end... 

Total so far: 1515

Goal: 1600

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 28.2 lbs to go!

just42day on 07/08/2010:
Congrats on the loss and exercise! That's wonderful (but I'm sorry it was challenging). Maybe the cravings are due to withdrawl? I'm wondering if a good, sweet piece of fruit would satisfy your craving for sugar? Just a thought. I've tried to eliminate salt from my diet and I've noticed that I really don't miss it at all now. Initially I had to nail my arm to the table to stop reaching from the salt shaker but now I'm really fine without. Best of continued success to you! Hope it gets easier for you every day!

just42day on 07/08/2010:
I do understand the satisfy but not satisfy challenge. Nasty, ain't it. I think that's great that you're going to try to gradually incorporate changes. A cold turkey approach is too restrictive for me, too. Baby steps makes more sense to me. You can do it!

SkinnyGrlWithin on 07/08/2010:
Yay on the loss!!! Now lets keep it to no alcohol tonight so hopefully we are both down again tomorrow

Umpqua on 07/08/2010:
That's wonderful that you did a no processed food day. I try to avoid them, but avoiding them completely isn't easy. Your foods today sound great!

SkinnyGrlWithin on 07/08/2010:
Just42day I had/have the same problem with salt... I add it to EVERYTHING!!! I've been also trying to cut it out and it's crazy how while I still kind of miss it I think a lot of things are really salty now when I thought before that they weren't... I've been noticing that about diet soda... I tried to give up fake sugar so I haven't been drinking diet soda or anything and I had one for the first time the other day... and BOY WAS IT SWEET!!!

tangalyn on 07/08/2010:
i think ur shushi plan sounds great, hope u enjoy it, have a great day :)

SkinnyGrlWithin on 07/08/2010:
I plan on going with three rolls and some club soda... maybe split edamame?

don'tstoptrying on 07/08/2010:
Congradulations on your loss! You stayed dedicated and it payed off. Enjoy your sushi.

SkinnyGrlWithin on 07/08/2010:
The breakfast...look a bit higher on the post... for 295 calories... think the double work out is a good idea after the bar???

sweetpea1977 on 07/08/2010:
I am so proud of you sticking to your plan yesterday. You rock! Yea, the cravings you were dealing with were withdrawal issues. I remember those days. I used to be processed food junkie. I still crave it every now and then, but it usually bites me back anytime I go a little overboard with them. Anyway, your dedication was rewarded with a loss so use that as motivation to slowly add whole foods to the rest of the days of the week. Every meal doesnt have to be 100% whole, but every little bit helps. And if my hubby doesn't like something, I will either make him something he does like or tell him to take care of himself (depends on my mood, lol).

V on 07/08/2010:
Sushi yummy! Enjoy ladies!

Moody3 on 07/08/2010:
What a successful day you had!!! You should be very proud of yourself~So dedicated!!!

getmebackto150 - Wednesday Jul 07, 2010
(counting calories)
Weight: 179.8

UPDATE...  I can definitely tell I normally eat processed food... After dinner I'm COMPLETELY cravy!!!  Ice cream, popcorn, pudding, granola bar... EVERYTHING sounds good... Luckily I had a little bit of quinoa salad left and had it over some mixed greens... Hopefully it will hold me...

Yesterday was good... The first very good day I've had in FOREVER!!  I went to the gym and did 5 minutes walking and 20 minutes jogging on the treadmill... Last night I made Quinoa salad in prep for today's no processed food day...  I ate some late last night and was afraid it would up my weight eating so late last night, but I was down today so I'm happy...  Today is no processed food day... or at least my version of it... I realize that yogurt, cheese, and the diced tomatoes I plan on using in my dinner tonight are technically processed, but if I can stick to my plan today I'll be thrilled!

exercise plan for today is the gym... some form of running on treadmill... Either sprints or a 25 minute jog... not sure yet...

B:  plain nonfat greek yogurt (100) blueberries (30) natural almonds (100) 230

S:  grape tomatoes (30) blueberries (80) 110

S:  nectarine 60

L:  mesculin greens and mushrooms (15) w/ balsalmic vinnegrette (50) topped w/ quinoa salad (200) 265

S:  cheese stick (60) pepper slices (20) 80

S: 1.5T all natural 50/50 almond/peanut butter 155

S: Banana 100

D:  spaghetti squash with lentil spaghetti sauce 400?

S: quinoa salad 200

Total: 1600

Goal: 1600

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 29.8 lbs to go!

SkinnyGrlWithin on 07/07/2010:
I just noticed that you're in the 170's!!! YAY!!!! Good luck with the non processed day =)

liza36 on 07/07/2010:
I have some quinoa just waiting to be used. What do you put in your quinoa salad?

Awesome job on a good day - today will be even better!

sweetpea1977 on 07/07/2010:
Great job yesterday! I like your new plan too. I can't wait to see how it works for you!

As for getting rid of the kitty box smell, you will also need to wash the litter box with the ammonia-hot water mix. I let it soak for about 15 minutes, then rinse and dry thoroughly before adding fresh litter. Its a pain to do, but it is so worth it when you are all done. :)

liza36 on 07/07/2010:
Thanks for the recipe for your quinoa salad. Sounds amazing! I'll have to try it out. I've got everything on hand except the asparagus, so I may improvise. Thanks again!

SkinnyGrlWithin on 07/07/2010:
I agree...the outcome of today after my binge could not have been better (unless of course the number went down) .... I really can't wait til this is all over because I swear all I want to do is go running... like my body is craving a run where I'm soaked with sweat and want to throw up I've pushed myself so hard... maybe my body feels left out compared to the amount of work my brain is doing haha cause that kind of run just can't be healthy lol

don'tstoptrying on 07/07/2010:
Thank-you for your comments I'll be sure to ask if I need help with especially the points. Oh, did you buy a point calculator and do you remember how much it costs?

tangalyn on 07/07/2010:
im glad to hear u had such a good day yesterday, thats fantastic, keep it up..... that is exactly what i say, if i eat one thing i shouldnt, a little voice in my head tells me i might as well keep eating and start fresh tomorrow.. i hate that!!!! good luck today, i bet ull have another good one :)

legcramps on 07/07/2010:
Glad you had a good day! Have another one today!

loveray on 07/07/2010:
thanks for your sweet thoughts today. hope you had a great day

just42day on 07/07/2010:
Glad you had a good day yesterday! What's Quinoa? Never heard of that.

just42day on 07/08/2010:
Thanks for the Quinoa info. I'll have to try it. :)

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