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graindart - Wednesday Jan 23, 2019
(Trying to figure it out.)
Weight: 175.7

Back on-plan yesterday.  

Changing things up in a few areas.  Started with a small bowl of cereal this morning.  Don't usually eat breakfast.  When I do, it usually makes me hungry for eating more stuff earlier in the day.  But wanted to change things up a little.


Progress as of today: 107.3 lbs lost so far, only 16.7 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 01/23/2019:
YES....cereal i don't do either. it's too high carb (unless i went for a protein one) but either way, i'm starving in 1-2 hours.

cereal doesn't work for me at all. and i struggle all day after it. you are NOT the only one in this regard - cereal problems!

graindart on 01/23/2019:
The cereal I chose to buy is Fiber One original. No sugar, good amount of fiber, low calories per serving coupled with some unsweetened almond milk. Less than 100 calories to start the day off with a decent amount of fiber to give my tummy a content feeling.

horn_of_plenty on 01/23/2019:
I wrote you back on all your entries :)

horn_of_plenty on 01/23/2019:
I LOVE that fiber one cereal. it actually has a sugar free sweetener in it! it's sooo tasty...i have some at home, but haven't eaten it in awhile... on weekends i do enjoy cereals / oatmeal.

horn_of_plenty on 01/23/2019:
yes, i eat the same thing as you. and i sweeten with stevia. so good!

Donkey on 01/23/2019:
OH I LOVE Fiber One cereal -- to a fault! Seriously, dry or with milk, it's SOOOO good. Of course, if you eat the whole box in one sitting, then it's not so good. BTDT.

innerpeace on 01/24/2019:
A serving? That serving potion is my downfall...I always eat too much of everything. Good luck.

horn_of_plenty on 01/25/2019:
i used to really eat the same fiber one cereal as you are mentioning. i'd have a HUGE bowl. 2 full cups of the cereal and one cup unsweetened almond milk then i'd also add cinnamon and now i'd add stevia.

very sweet like a dessert :)

happy-1 on 01/26/2019:
I miss cereal. I love Cheerios.

Horn_of_plenty on 01/26/2019:
we are missing you!

innerpeace on 01/28/2019:
missing your continuity.

graindart - Tuesday Jan 22, 2019
(Trying to figure it out.)
Weight: 176.5

Struggled throughout yesterday with eating.  Ended the night by going out and driving around completing shopping errands.  While doing it, I ate anything and everything I had been craving recently.  Got that out of my system and the wife / girls are back at school today, so am back in control and on-plan again today.  Still feeling overly stuffed from last night while typing this at 8:30am this morning.

Low 170's might end up being where I just end up bouncing around for a little while.  Just don't care too much right now.....and 170's are totally comfortable as long as I don't need to take off my shirt in public.  Depends on the day.  One day I want to lose bodyfat %, the next I want pizza.

Progress as of today: 106.5 lbs lost so far, only 17.5 lbs to go!

Donkey on 01/22/2019:
^^ Bear has a good point - something to think about anyway...

I went off-track today as well. It must have something to do with the blood moon or eclipse or something, I think...

graindart on 01/23/2019:
Yeah, I'll blame it on the moon....... and not on my poor self control. :)

happy-1 on 01/23/2019:
Someone needs to make you a pizza casserole... all the pizza toppings in a casserole dish... covered in cheese... no bread. Surprisingly good over spaghetti squash.

horn_of_plenty on 01/23/2019:
hopefully as you are doing this maintenance, eating and being at where you are at now i mean, you will begin to see how some of the foods you crave can be eaten in your daily allowance. it's possible if you watch overall and balance it out. balance the high cal with the low cal.

graindart - Monday Jan 21, 2019
(Trying to figure it out.)
Weight: 172.2

Reigned myself back in yesterday.  Ate way too much for lunch / early afternoon.  Knew it was either going to turn into a full binge day or I had to just stop eating for the rest of the day.  Wavered back and forth a few times, but chose to stop eating instead of going fully off-plan.

Today is a day off for everyone in the family.  Nothing planned.  It's cold, snowy, icy and I just felt like hibernating.  Will probably watch some TV with the family again.  Might go out later to get some grocery shopping done.  Also need to look for a new large mirror replacement for the bathroom.

Haven't decided what to do about food right now.  With the slip-up yesterday, I'm reconsidering getting rid of the popcorn right now.  I was in a normal daily groove and knew that my popcorn was my go-to snack when I was feeling like I could be going out of control.  Without the popcorn, I just started eating various other stuff from the fridge.  Yogurt took about a minute to eat, then a pudding snack pack took another minute, then a couple sugar-free mini candy bar pieces, then a piece of cheese.  So the snack was 300 calories, not very satisfying, and gone in less than 5 minutes.  Where my old friend popcorn would've mostly satisfied my snack craving, cost 100 calories, and lasted around 5 minutes.  Or my other old friend grapefruit would've done a similar thing for 80 calories.

The wife isn't on a super strict low-carb plan, just a lower carb approach where she's cutting out her main go-tos like pasta, bread, and other highly processed / simple sugar carbs.  She doesn't care too much about popcorn and doesn't like grapefruit.  She also says she doesn't care if they're in the house since they don't really interest her all that much.  Originally I thought I'd get rid of them to switch to a much lower-carb approach for myself, but am now kind of second-thinking that.  I think right now I need simple control and predictability more than a super-low carb plan. 

I regret yesterday's eating because I overate during lunch / afternoon and didn't even get to eat anything I was craving.  I just overate stuff I really didn't want anyways, which was a dumb move.  So now I just had an overeating episode yesterday, but still have the same cravings I've been holding onto for the past week.....

Spend the last couple hours researching fiber......  

For the past quite awhile I've been winging my daily calorie intake.  I've been intermittent fasting most days and then eating until I run out of calories.  This has worked fine for losing weight, but now I'm considering making up a daily menu plan for at least a portion of my daily intake.  Maybe a nice balance would be 50% of calories planned and 50% winged.....  Just another random thought as I continue to throw stuff at the wall to see what sticks.....

Progress as of today: 110.8 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

Donkey on 01/21/2019:
I agree that if popcorn and grapefruit work as your "go to" foods, that you should have them in the house, low-carb or otherwise. Tools of the trade, so to speak.

happy-1 on 01/23/2019:
Mmmmm popcorn. I bought a whole bag of kernels to pop in my instant pot instead of buying processed microwave popcorn. Control the salt and fat.

horn_of_plenty on 01/23/2019:
reigning in: i'm so reigned in that yesterday my dad reheated this pasta dish for me - while it was good and i did indulge...i also am not eager to eat it again - a pasta dish - again any time soon. such a waste of higher cals.

after doing this so long, it's a no brainer for me how to choose foods to fill up on for less.

i'm glad you are researching and learning! it's so much more fun and creative when you can find new ways to stay satisfied and not be bored! spice it up! live it up!

graindart - Sunday Jan 20, 2019
(Trying to figure it out.)
Weight: 170.5

Enjoyed my popcorn bags 3x yesterday.  Only 1 pack left in the house now and my oldest daughter will probably beat me to it today.  So today will be a lower-carb day than the past quite awhile.

Two weeks until Super Bowl.  Would like to see the scale say 165 by then.  If it did, I might have a harder time going off-plan knowing that I was getting so close to my latest goal number.  If it's sitting 168-172, it'll be a pretty easy decision to take the day off.....

Not much planned for today. 

5pm edit:

Struggling with food here today.  Started eating around lunch time and kept eating.  Stopped recording what I ate, but know I've eaten my entire day's worth of calories by early afternoon while watching TV with the family.  It wasn't anything overly bad, because we don't have much junk food in the house.  Just large quantities of stuff that really doesn't taste all that great. 

Kind of sitting here now trying to figure out where today ends.......  Stop eating and mostly salvage the day....... or go buy some chocolate chip cookies that I've been craving and totally blow this day out.....

Weekends with the family are always so much more difficult than weekdays when I'm in a regular schedule mostly by myself.

Progress as of today: 112.5 lbs lost so far, only 11.5 lbs to go!

Donkey on 01/20/2019:
I wanted to mention that your idea about pulling diet plans and/or exercise plans from a hat -- I had always presumed that would be a daily plan, and not a weekly thing. Just so you can learn from my stupidity - or enjoy the story at least - I was so disgusted with myself struggling not to eat that I decided, I want to eat donuts so badly, we're going to have a day where all I eat are donuts! >>> Stayed within calorie range, but by the end of the last donut at dinner, I was ready for a change.

I file this story under "Dumb Diets I've Done".

graindart on 01/20/2019:
I love donuts. But at 200 calories per donut, my daily calorie count would disappear with only 7-8 donuts. And it would probably only take me about 30 minutes to eat that many......

At least with my 100 cal bags of popcorn, I'd get to eat 14-15 bags during the day. Or I could eat 18 grapefruit during the day.

But what I've really been craving is chocolate chip cookies. I just looked up a package of Chips Ahoy. And the smaller 10oz pack size (not family or party size) still has more calories in it than my daily allowance.....

happy-1 on 01/20/2019:
Sounds like the last popcorn bag needs a "share me" postit

graindart on 01/20/2019:
I walked past the last pack a few times and finally decided it was mine..... Now the house is popcorn-free.

horn_of_plenty on 01/23/2019:
The reason i stay on plan often is simply i would never want to do the entire dieting thing again to have to lose liekk 10-15lbs is too much work to ever do again...

you make me crave popcorn! yum!

graindart - Saturday Jan 19, 2019
(Trying to figure it out.)
Weight: 170.5

Still mulling over options for the future concerning food / possible exercise.

Leaning towards having 2 random "hats".  Fill one with pieces of paper for various types of food plans.  Fill the other with pieces of paper with various exercise plans.  Randomly pick a piece of paper from each hat and work both randomly picked plans for a week.  Then switch up the next week with new random picks.  The idea of doing something new each week sounds semi-enticing, but I'm still not feeling overly motivated.

Right now the random food plans probably wouldn't be a good idea since the wife has decided to try a lower-carb way of eating right now.  So I'm kind of stuck on the lower-carb path too right now (other than I'm still finishing off the bags of popcorn).

So until I make a decision otherwise, just continuing on with counting calories and staying under a set number for the day.  Still planning on going off-plan at our Super Bowl party. 

Brainstorming lists of food plans / exercise plans:



steps per hour / day

body-weight exercises

intermittent fasting cardio
water fast or very low cal 1 mile per day
vegetarian / vegan heavy weight lifting
high-protein wear weighted vest
eat every hour stairs

fruit diet

walking daily 
liquid diet - juice / smoothies  
2000 calorie per day  

raw diet


one food diet
- popcorn
- grapefruit
- yogurt
- jello / pudding



Progress as of today: 112.5 lbs lost so far, only 11.5 lbs to go!

Donkey on 01/19/2019:
I would encourage you, as a spouse, to stick with the low-carb thing for one more week, to support your wife. I'm sure she's her own person and able to attain her goals on her own, but speaking as a wife of 23 years, it's very nice when your spouse goes along with what you're doing.

(Personal observation: her cooking dinner last night probably saved you a lot of calories had you all gone out to eat.)

I too like the hat idea -- maybe more so for the exercise/activity part, but that may just be my personal bias (not sure). Two of the things I would eliminate from the food part is the "one food diet" and the "eat every hour" diet. The "one food" thing -- done that, it's not pretty. The "eat every hour" thing -- I can see that being a slippery slop to a binge-filled day. Just my 2 cents.

graindart on 01/19/2019:
Just brainstorming options. Also considering doing it on a daily basis instead of weekly. Lots of the options I feel are pretty stupid / counter-productive as extended plans, but might just alleviate some of the boredom if done for one day. While I couldn't see living on bananas for the rest of my life, just eating 20 bananas in a day would at least be a change of pace.

Completely agree with you about sticking low-carb for now in support of my wife's own trial period thing.

This brainstorming is just an attempt to find anything that might give me some type of motivation to continue forward right now. Just throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks. I'm out of the danger zone and on-plan right now, so am not in a panic to make any decisions. Just wouldn't mind finding a less boring plan of attack.....

horn_of_plenty on 01/23/2019:
LOL...superbowl party.

i wonder if i'll go to one at all!?

i like this hats idea. the more creative you can be, the better and less dull and boring your maintenance process is!

graindart - Friday Jan 18, 2019
(Trying to figure it out.)
Weight: 172.0

Still undecided about plans / direction.

Not much going through my mind right now, will update later......


5pm add:  

So feeling like going off-plan and taking the family out for dinner.  Feel like I've been back on-plan with this restrictive low calorie limit forever.  Of course I've only been back on-plan since last Thursday (8 days ago).  Don't know why a week off-plan flies by, but a week on-plan seems like "forever". 

Wife has started dinner prep, so I'll make it through another dinner with plan intact.  Have to watch tonight after dinner.  Getting closer to the 160's again and don't want another setback right now.

Progress as of today: 111 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

Donkey on 01/18/2019:
Just an observation, but maybe just stay with what you're doing now until you feel inspired to take the next step, whatever that may be. You yourself made a comment about this a couple of weeks ago, about just "magically" stepping into maintenance (calorie ranges - versus "weight loss" ranges).

There ought to be more promotion/research/guidance about how to slide gracefully into maintenance.

graindart on 01/18/2019:
I'm just tired with the current plan that I've essentially been following for the past 2 years, except for a brief off-plan Summer 2018. Essentially tracking daily food intake and staying under a calorie number since April 2017.....

I don't really want to do this for the rest of my life.......but just can't think of anything to get really excited about.

horn_of_plenty on 01/23/2019:
each day your will feel the urge to go off plan and stop the progress...keep on...keep telling yourself that you are worth it...that you can have some stability and keep making progress. and that you can overcome the choice to binge and eat till you are miserable. that your body and family - wife and daughters - will be happier that you are feeling more comfortable...seeing you happier in your skin.

graindart - Thursday Jan 17, 2019
(Trying to figure it out.)
Weight: 172.6

Stupid scale.....  Had a bit lower calorie day yesterday and the number goes up?  

Other than that, things are like normal for today mostly.  

Tossing around a new strategy plan that I have personally titled "New Week, New Plan".  I'm good at committing to a goal and sticking with it.  I've done longer (100 days), but seem to be able to mostly commit to any type of change for a month / 30 days at a time.  However this does get a little boring, especially if I'm not seeing results in that month. 

So now I'm tossing around the idea of changing my plan up every single week.  This is somewhat based on reading Bear's posts.  It's also fits into my being able to usually commit to shorter goals pretty easily.  I also prefer new things rather than the same old same old when dealing with food / exercise.  The downside to switching things up on a weekly basis is that you never really have time to figure out if the results from one way of eating / exercising works best for you.  I also haven't figured out how to integrate special occasions / cheat days into this type of plan.

Think I'll just start making a list of different eating plans / exercise plans I could have and see how many weeks worth of stuff I come up with.  Haven't made up my mind to do this yet, but just in the planning stages right now.  (might totally change my mind by tomorrow)


Progress as of today: 110.4 lbs lost so far, only 13.6 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 01/17/2019:
Your weight is probably just leveling off based o. All the previous days ;)

Seems you are eager to change things up to find an improved system for yourself - yes think about it no rush :)

graindart on 01/18/2019:
I know the scale fluctuates, just would prefer to see it all in one direction at this point.

Still considering options to get to goal. Still considering plans once to goal. I work so much better when I have a clear plan of attack and a clear goal. But I'm back on-plan and just in the groove, so even if I don't figure out a new plan, I'll get there eventually.

Donkey on 01/18/2019:
My scale is evil like that too. Hate it.

Your new plan sounds interesting - would like to know more about it, once you get the details figured out. Maybe have a "pool" of weekly plans, and pick one at random - like tokens in a jar - to see which plan you'll be following that week, leaving it completely up to chance???

graindart on 01/18/2019:
I like the idea of the next week's plan being a random pick. That would add some type of "excitement" to it. Maybe have 2 separate pools. One a food plan and one an exercise plan. Pick one from each of the hats. Might end up with some good / bad combinations...... Would love the "eat 2000 calories per day" and "just relax" combination, but would hate the "eat 1500 calories per day" and "daily heavy aerobic exercise" combination.

Donkey on 01/18/2019:
PS Where you're at right now - low 170s - ain't bad!

graindart on 01/18/2019:
I totally agree. Just wish I could figure out what I really want...... Can't really figure out a plan if I don't know what my goal is. If my goal is to maintain around 169, the plan of attack is much different than if I choose a different number.......

graindart - Wednesday Jan 16, 2019
(Trying to figure it out.)
Weight: 171.1

Still just plugging along.

No big directional changes and no increase in motivation, but just kind of "in the groove" and moving slowly in the right direction.

Have no real desire to do my regular work today.  Been messing around on the internet quite a bit.......stalling.

Progress as of today: 111.9 lbs lost so far, only 12.1 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 01/16/2019:
In the groove and moving slowly in the right direction is a good thing!!!!

horn_of_plenty on 01/17/2019:
In the groove = excellent !

graindart - Tuesday Jan 15, 2019
(Trying to figure it out.)
Weight: 171.7

Yesterday went ok.  No big swings either way.  

The family has used up the majority of the simple / refined carb stuff in the house and have switched to a lower carb approach now. 

Personally I've cut out the grapefruit about a week ago and just ate my last oatmeal packet yesterday.  Still have about 12 more packets of my microwave popcorn left.  The wife and girls occasionally eat it, so I'm guessing it will be gone by the end of the week.  Not enjoying the lower carb push right now, but will continue as long as the wife wants to experiment.  While I don't enjoy it as much, low-carb eating is usually pretty good at helping me lower the scale number.  It's not due to the "magic" of low-carb eating, but rather due to my losing interest in the foods I tend to eat while on that type of plan.  The only exception to that might be cheese.  I can over-eat cheese as long as there are some interesting choices in the house.  Because of that, haven't been buying the types of cheeses that I tend to enjoy the most (blue cheese, 18 month aged gouda).

So today is just more of the same.  

Wish I could get interested in weight lifting / muscle building again.  But "wishing" is as far as I'm motivated to go right now.  I'm watching my youngest daughter slowly get better at her walk-overs and walking on her hands.  She keeps practicing almost nightly and is seeing slow progress.  I'm reminded that if I would just start something small now, it would reap tangible benefits by summer-time.  But then I go back to deciding that it's just not something I feel like doing right now......


Progress as of today: 111.3 lbs lost so far, only 11.8 lbs to go!

Donkey on 01/15/2019:
I was worried about grapefruit not being approved by keto. Someone on a low-carb list that I belong to mentioned, "you didn't get fat on grapefruit" -- I was so grateful for her comment. Just sharing a story - I don't mean to imply any similarities here.

I had to laugh at work, when I read your entry -- you feel the same way about weight training that I feel about yoga. I mean, I really want to be into it, love it, dig it, do it --- sounds good as a goal, never goes anywhere - LOL!

graindart on 01/15/2019:
I agree about the grapefruit. I'm not cutting it out because I think it'll help with weightloss or because I have a problem with controlling portions of it. (It's probably my favorite 80 calories of the day.) Just trying to get rid of as many sugar options as possible from the house while the wife is interested in trying a low-carb approach. Highly doubt that it'll last more than a week or two from now. I can pretty much guarantee that we'll be stuffing our faces with candy / carbs during the Super Bowl party on Feb 3rd.

The first bit of advice I read most places for successful fat-loss is to build muscle (including from HOP). I've read it so many times, but still don't want to commit the time to it. I've seen it transform my best friend's whole body image, but still don't want to do it.

horn_of_plenty on 01/16/2019:
Nice job doing well getting back on track :-)

Also, being that it's winter when the weather improves I know you'll want to be outside again and moving around more.

Nice to hear your daughter is happy and practicing her moves at home :-)

graindart on 01/16/2019:
Will enjoy getting out on the dirtbike again this Spring, especially if the Winter remains as mild as it's been lately.

But even though I say that, there are a couple places I could go ride right now......and just don't feel like it.

horn_of_plenty on 01/16/2019:
You sure you don't wanna do minimal 15-20 minutes weights routine at home 3x per week ?! Lol at least you know it helps !!

graindart on 01/16/2019:
On paper I'd like to.....but that's as far as my motivation goes.

graindart - Monday Jan 14, 2019
(Trying to figure it out.)
Weight: 171.4

Tummy was uneasy all yesterday, so didn't eat a lot.  Also didn't drink as much as usual.  Couldn't decide if I was going to be sick or not.  Took a couple tylenol at bedtime and woke up today feeling marginally better.  Tummy appears to feel a bit better, but have a small headache.

So yesterday with an uneasy tummy.......  I didn't want to eat because I wasn't feeling well.  But I did want to eat because I like food.  But I didn't want to eat because I felt "full" or I guess bloated.  But I did want to eat because I felt weak.  So even when eating something probably isn't the best course of action, I still want to.....

Still haven't figured out a concrete plan of attack for the near future.  Right now I'm back on my <1500 daily calorie limit.  Figured I needed to just get back into control the past week and returning to something I was familiar with was the easiest way.  Leaning towards a <2000 daily limit as soon as I get into the 160's, with higher allowance on our weekly date night.


My goal number for the scale has changed several times over the past couple years.  When I weighed 283, I thought the magic number was 199.  Remembered being in the high 190's and thought it would be a good comfortable number.  Got there and was happy with the accomplishment, but realized that it was a little chunkier than I would prefer.  So thought dropping down to 189 would be the end number.  Did that and it put me in a place kind of in-between normal everyday shirt sizes, so I wasn't exactly happy there.  Didn't know if it was possible, but figured 179 would drop me into the size shirts I wanted and get rid of some of the still present chunk.  Spent several months in the 170's last Spring and it was a good weight for running around, but really didn't want to take my shirt off to go swimming due to some belly fat.  Finally dropped to 169 at the start of this month and looked down to see that my tummy pooch was still there.  So trying to figure out what magic number I will be happy with.  

Each time I dropped another 10 lbs, I thought that was going to be the end of my downward journey.  So when I saw my tummy was still there each time, I had mixed emotions each time.  Happy to meet another goal, but unhappy to realize that the goal number didn't bring me to a place that I totally liked what I saw in the mirror.

Since 169 didn't seem to drop my bodyfat % as much as I'd like, maybe 159 is the magic number?  I don't know.  I also don't know how committed I am to dropping more weight right now.  Just concentrating on getting back into the high 160's for right now.  Maybe get into the high 160's, have a major cheat day at the Super Bowl party, gain 5-7 lbs on the scale, and wake up the next day to start a new push to lower body fat % during the month of February?

Progress as of today: 111.6 lbs lost so far, only 11.5 lbs to go!

Donkey on 01/14/2019:
^What you just said above, in response to Bear = 100% yes.

horn_of_plenty on 01/14/2019:
I like the approach into <2000 limit ...

Maybe work on fitness which will reshape your tummy more - the weights will give you a different toned look.

After years of weights I love the changes ! I look NOTHING like I used to.

OhioRaven on 01/15/2019:
Just wanted to say, hey. I have to find some time to log in more often. Have a good ol' day.

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