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graindart - Saturday Dec 29, 2018
(Slow and Steady --OR-- Aggressive New Plan ????)
Weight: 175.3

Day 96 completed successfully.

Super long day of driving today, but that makes tomorrow's last leg only around 7-8 hours with stops.

Like most days on this vacation, I went back and forth on whether to stay on-plan today or break the streak.  Ended up staying on-plan.  Doesn't matter in the greater scheme of things, but just trying to do everything within my power to make it to goal as soon as possible.  

Tired.  Tired of driving.  Tired of dieting.  Tired of the trip.  Tired of vacation.  And know I'll be tired of work after having to play catchup for the first couple of days back from the trip. 

Just have to soldier on through until I get an actual chance to rest near the end of next week.

On to conquer day 97.....

Progress as of today: 107.7 lbs lost so far, only 5.4 lbs to go!

Donkey on 12/30/2018:
You have been truly inspirational during the holidays this year. I have to say, for me, it was harder to resist than I thought it would be. You have shown us that it can be done successfully.

I do not envy you having to come home to a rush of work. Not saying it's a lot to do, but I really dislike that "deadline" feeling - and most of my job is deadline-related. (Yikes!)

This entry, and Bear's comments, really woke me up this morning to something I've been denying to myself - didn't even realize I was in denial - but once I read what you(s) wrote, I realized that this is what I was dealing with. While not always easy to face, I always appreciate the truth. I plan to blog about this myself.

graindart on 12/31/2018:
We're in different stages of weight control right now.

I'm still trying to lose fat to get down to a comfortable goal weight. Because of that, it was important for me to stay fully on-track during the holidays.

You're in maintenance. Staying 100% on a rigid plan isn't want I plan to do when I'm maintaining. With maintenance I'd like to track less of my food intake, eat moderately 90% of the time, and enjoy eating whatever I feel like with reasonable portion sizes the other 10%. And from what I've read on your posts over the past month, that's what you've successfully done yourself over the holidays.

So for future holidays, I hope to handle them like you did. Successfully maintain my weight while enjoying myself and my love of food sporadically.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/30/2018:
YOU CAN DO IT, GAINS! stay positive though...looks like goal is very close!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/30/2018:
i wonder what donkey means..

Horn_of_plenty on 12/31/2018:
so close to 100 days...wouldn't it be nice to RING IN 2019 on high!? like continue your streak OVER THE NEW YEAR! gotta say, you took the most challenging of times, holidays to new years, and you were most successful at the most challenging time. Kudos, man!

graindart on 12/31/2018:
Yes, 100 day streak is approaching quickly. It's just a number, but it's helped keep me on-track at some of the times I've considered going off-plan recently. Since I've been working towards it so much, kind of doubt the streak will see 101. Breaking the streak has more to do with changing goals / plans than giving up and taking a cheat day. The streak has helped me lose the weight I gained over Summer, but isn't sustainable long-term due to the very low daily calorie allowance.

graindart - Friday Dec 28, 2018
(Slow and Steady --OR-- Aggressive New Plan ????)
Weight: 175.3

Day 95 completed successfully.

Today was our last day here in the Midwest. This is just a quick entry, as I have to get up in about six hours to start the long journey home. No real plans on the way home yet, although I would like to stop at a store or two in the Denver area to look for a new leather jacket.

Will update more when I have sometime again.

On to conquer day 96........


Progress as of today: 107.7 lbs lost so far, only 5.4 lbs to go!

Donkey on 12/29/2018:
I haven't commented much this week, but wanted to give you a shout-out for a successful holiday vacation adventure. You seemed to do much better than I did - and that's great!

graindart on 12/29/2018:
Touch and go daily. Could've stumbled at any point. Wasn't overly committed to staying on-plan, so just kind of decided last minute to stop eating a few of the days when I was about to go over. Would've preferred if I was already at goal and would've enjoyed a few extra treats. But that's the price I pay for my past food choices..... If I hadn't gone off-plan for 2-1/2 months straight this past Summer, I wouldn't have had to be so on-plan this holiday season. HAVE TO REMEMBER THAT THE NEXT TIME I THINK I CAN OVERINDULGE FOR WEEKS ON END!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/29/2018:
Good luck getting a new jacket!!! :) i hope you do find one!

Denver....nice! One day i'll make my way out West to see some of the United States wonders out that way! :)

We are all very proud of you! I didn't think you'd stay "on plan" on your trip, but, YOU DID and you rocked it out immensely. proud moment on your end for sticking to your plan, being motivated, realizing that if you want something enough, you'll stick through it till you get it! great trip on your part.

i'm getting back on track too. was starting to gain a little. little by little it can add up. Last winter that's what happened, gained around 5lbs. not fun to take off no matter how little as you know.

i'm happy doing better this year :) and so much more relaxed about it.

ok, safe travels !!!

graindart on 12/29/2018:
Did find a new jacket after looking at online and through several physical stores this trip. Found it on a quick stop in Denver. Had one I really enjoyed for years, but somehow must've left it somewhere a few years ago. Have looked into getting a new one for awhile, but am kind of picky. Most that I've found in the past looked cheap or tacky or too many zippers or too tight wrist holes or "fill in the blank". Glad to finally find one I think I'll enjoy again. Just have to make sure to not misplace this one.....

graindart - Thursday Dec 27, 2018
(Slow and Steady --OR-- Aggressive New Plan ????)
Weight: 175.3

Day 94 completed successfully.

Underground caves / caverns tour started off the day.

Dave & Busters mid-day.  All of our first times going there.  Better than Chuck-E-Cheese, but way too loud for my liking.

Dinner at Cheesecake Factory, which is a special treat to the girls.  Did some walking around the shopping district for the wife.

Went to my first vegan shop today to get non-dairy and non-gluten desserts for my sister-in-laws family.  Ate a chocolate chip cookie from there and it was ok.  Quite dry, but ok.  Saw what I consider to be the stereo-typical vegan poster-child while I was there.  He was a well groomed 20-something hipster dufus with a huge beard, man hair bun, and tight skinny jeans.  I wanted to snap a photo of this wild animal in his natural habitat, but decided it might be frowned upon....... 

On to conquer day 95.....

Progress as of today: 107.7 lbs lost so far, only 5.4 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/28/2018:
dang, would have loved to see the photo of the dufus!

your day sounds so fun and tasty. yeah, "vegan," so NOT worth it sometimes! but so cool you were at a vegan place since it's rare and i don't even venture much to places like that either. they are rare!

sounds like so much fun. there's a Chuck E Cheese like 30 mi from where i live now, and where i lived before maybe just 10-15 miles....never stepped in! seemed very kiddie right? and since i don't have kids....it was also in a cruddy part of the town..

Cheesecake factory....yum. you can do well by getting everything deleted our of a salad right!? but darn the food is GREAT. did you taste a cheesecake?

ummm, congrats on successful day 94! 6 days and you've had 100 successful days...awesome!

graindart on 12/28/2018:
Had a pear & blue cheese flat bread, along with a side of edamame for a total of 640 calories. Would've preferred the chicken scallopini that my oldest daughter ordered, but that one dish was over 2000 calories. The flat bread was good though.

horn_of_plenty on 12/28/2018:
WOW nice calories still on your meal! !!!! and it sounds satisfying. did you get any sugar free drinks like a diet coke to fill you?

nice job Gains, very nice!!!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/28/2018:
in fort lauderdale,florida where i'm going, there's indoor skydiving...hoping to do it...thanks to your introducing me to it!

graindart - Wednesday Dec 26, 2018
(Slow and Steady --OR-- Aggressive New Plan ????)
Weight: 175.3

Day 93 completed successfully.  Another end of night entry because we'll be on the road tomorrow early.

6 hours on the road this morning.  Took the family to a show in Branson, MO.  It was a chinese acrobatic show with acrobatics, juggling, acts of strength, flying feats, balancing, etc.  Both daughters enjoyed.  The youngest has been into some gymastic / contortionist stuff lately, so she really loved the contortionist sections of the show.  It was well done and had a story with 10+ chapters that lasted a couple hours.  The rest of the family enjoyed the whole thing.  I lost interest after 45 minutes, but that's the way I am with movies too.

Dinner was Lambert's Cafe - home of the throwed roll.  And yes, they come out of the kitchen with trays of fresh buns and start throwing them to anyone that raises their hand.  The girls enjoyed that part.  The rest of the food was good too. 

After dinner, we headed for the hotel with waterpark and hit the water slides.  I lost interest pretty quickly and took a shower and got dressed again to sit and watch my girls enjoy themselves for around an hour and a half.

Tomorrow we're hitting some caverns with stalagtites / stalagmites, then heading for Kansas City.  Have a few sight-seeing type things planned in KC and dinner at Cheesecake Factory.  Girls will enjoy dinner and I'll just deal with something low in calories.  Looked over the nutritional ratings for the menu items and I don't have much in the way of choices.  Cheesecake Factory has to be one of the highest average calorie per entree restaurants that I've seen.  After dinner, we'll do some walking around looking at Christmas lights / decorations in a certain area that is known for them.  Then we'll get back on the road for around 4 hours back to the in-laws.  It'll be a late night, but should be do-able.

On to conquer day 94 tomorrow....

Progress as of today: 107.7 lbs lost so far, only 5.4 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/27/2018:
Well, well, well!!!!

Seems you are the DD winner as you have basically done better than all of us here over the past few weeks!!!!!!!!!!! Well look at that!

haha, i would have soooo loved that acrobatic show! right up my ally! it's funny to me how you don't enjoy it / lose interest even if you are with your family. lol, the only way i can watch tv / movies is with people. otherwise, i don't even get around to it because they are long and i have trouble settling down to watch...

that is so fun with Lambert's!!! i want to go too! that sounds fun! i'msure the rolls are tasty too???

NICE water slides! i'm loving this portion of your trip! sounds like a really great day!!! i'd be very happy on this portion of the trip woohoo! no water slides? were you not wanting to wear a bathing suit???

with cheesecake factory, yeah, their menu SUCKS. you can ask for dressing on the side, and a salad instead of fries are ideas. yeah, i get annoyed with the calories there too. so sad!

I LOVE YOUR PLANS !!! so much fun! I am sure your girls are just having a ball. is your wife having fun !?

graindart on 12/27/2018:
I went down the water slides a few times, just didn't want to continue going down them over and over like the kids.

The wife is enjoying herself.

Lambert's food was all good. I could've eaten 10 of those rolls, but limited myself to only 1 large one. It's down-home cooking style and they've kept the quality high and the prices still affordable. It has a large seating area and typical wait times to get in for dinner are around 45 minutes to an hour (no reservations taken). I'm not usually one to wait in line at a restaurant, but wanted my kids to experience the rolls being chucked around (both caught one or two).

legcramps on 12/27/2018:
Lambert's Cafe sounds like a fun time :)

graindart - Tuesday Dec 25, 2018
(Slow and Steady --OR-- Aggressive New Plan ????)
Weight: 175.3

Day 92 completed successfully.  Posting this Tuesday night since we have to hit the road early tomorrow morning for the 2nd stage of our vacation roadtrip.

Switched my mind back and forth several times on whether or not I was going to stay on-plan today.  Even a few minutes before bed I was contemplating going on a wild eat-fest that was going to start with a bag of chocolate covered pecans that one of my daughters was nibbling on.  I'm glad they have a lot less food desires than I do.  They ate a few of the chocolates and then just stopped for no reason that I understand.  I definitely would've finished the bag if I were them. 

Then we drove to the hotel and my mind went immediately to the fresh baked cookies that they have set out at the front desk nightly.  I mentioned them before we even hit the lobby and they seemed somewhat interested.  They glanced at the platter of cookies under glass, but just walked by without even stopping.  I wasn't going to eat them because I was still under my calorie count for the day, but I still stopped to stare at them and dream about eating them.  On the elevator ride I asked why they didn't grab a cookie and they all said they just weren't hungry.  Someday I might grow to understand this mentality, but not right now.  I don't need to be "hungry" to eat a cookie.  I want to eat a cookie even when I'm already mostly stuffed. 

Even though it doesn't compute to me, I hope they're able to hold onto that way of eating for the rest of their lives.

Tomorrow is a day on the road for around 6 hours, which should be pretty easy to stay on-plan.  The rest of the day is a surprise to the kids / wife.  We're going to show in Branson with acrobats / contortionists / feats of strength.  The youngest has been on a contortionist / gymnastic kick as of late, so she'll really enjoy it.  Then it's Lambert's Cafe for dinner (home of the throwed roll).  Followed by a waterpark at the hotel we're staying at.  

Not sure what Thursday holds.  Pretty sure the government shutdown will still have the Gateway Arch ride closed in St Louis.  I asked the girls if they wanted to walk around the outside of it and see it or if they'd rather do something else.  They said they'd rather do something else.  I'm not sure exactly what will end up happening.  Part of me is still leaning towards going to St Louis to see the Arch, since I doubt we'll be in that area again.

On to conquer day 93....

Progress as of today: 107.7 lbs lost so far, only 5.4 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 12/26/2018:
When i was up to my junior year of high school, up to that point i had no issues with food and it was pretty mechanical type of thing for me where i had NO food desires, cravings, or anything. food was meant for fuel and i stopped when i was satisfied!

Summer before senior year of high school that changed. i started to reach for sweets for a different reason, for the sugar high, for the emotional reasons. it's been that way for me since. but i have learned how to work with it...to write more soon...

horn_of_plenty on 12/26/2018:
i'm in and out working with my coworker this morning which is why i stopped my comment abruptly just before! lol....ok she went to the bathroom woohoo...i'm glad to take a moment to come on DD right now!

You should be MORE than just proud of yourself for not going nutty on Christmas. I'm so proud of you as is i'm sure all of DD!

IT's never easy on holidays and with emotions and everything else on high to always stick to a plan or want to stick with a plan. Congrats on your success. Let this be a turning point for you. I'm sure part of your reason for sticking with it this year is that you don't want what happened last year to replay itself all over again in the same way. Your experiences have made it so that you have changed your story for December '18 compared with last years December '17 book of your life! your journey is different this time around. it was not a repeat...and therefore, you can be joyous and see how even though this year had so many darn obstacles of losing the weight you lost a year ago, this year you learned more about what it exactly takes to maintain and keep it off! it takes decisions, planning, and everything else you are doing so well.

i also wish to return to the time when i didn't want food or think of it. unfortunately, life for me cannot go back that way. too many experiences and life situations to do that....!

graindart on 12/26/2018:
Holidays are difficult for controlling food. Being on the road is difficult for it too. I've mentally checked out of my plan several times over the past few days. Thankfully I've quickly reconsidered each time and gotten right back on-plan each time so far. May or may not keep the streak alive until the new year.

graindart - Tuesday Dec 25, 2018
(Slow and Steady --OR-- Aggressive New Plan ????)
Weight: 175.3

Merry Christmas.  Day 91 completed successfully.

Yesterday was a little touch and go at times, but a little easier than Sunday for staying on-plan.  Don't know how today will end.  Won't matter all that much as long as I'm back on track tomorrow.

Looks like we might have to skip the St Louis Arch due to the government shutdown.  Never had a government shutdown affect me before in any real way that I can remember, but the Arch is closed due to it right now.  Haven't decided on what we'll do in it's place yet.  Will look at options later tonight after everything slows down.

On ton conquer day 92.... 

Progress as of today: 107.7 lbs lost so far, only 5.4 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/25/2018:
Wow Gains! You did well on your vacation! congrats to you!!!! :) It's always a good thing when the next day is easier than the previous.

that's interesting how the government shutdown is actually affecting your vacation plans. so crazy! I wonder what you will do instead?

Merry Christmas Gains!

What / Where will you go today? Are you now with MORE family tonight?

graindart on 12/25/2018:
Christmas Day was a whirlwind. Started low-key, kicked into stressful couple hours, lower stress lunch time, followed by a much calmer afternoon / evening.

Have some backup plans in Branson, MO scheduled since the Arch might be a no-go. Still haven't made any final decisions on Thursday / Friday. Might go walk around the outside of the Arch, might head off driving in a different direction in search of some other memory to be made......

Donkey on 12/25/2018:
So proud of you! I wish I had done better for myself... But like you say, it won't matter that much as long as we're back on track the next day!

graindart on 12/25/2018:
I think that will be the key to me being successful in maintenance. Making sure that my days of excess are limited to small windows of time and spaced out far enough apart so as not to add any real fat / weight gains. An occasional indulgent meal or large snack every week or two should be totally workable without any ill effects. As long as I don't allow the indulgent times to span several days.....

graindart - Monday Dec 24, 2018
(Slow and Steady --OR-- Aggressive New Plan ????)
Weight: 175.3

Day 90 completed successfully.......barely.

If yesterday was any indication, I highly doubt this streak will remain intact over the next day or two.........and I can live with that right now.  (Would regret it on Jan 1st, but that's life.)

Yesterday started off in full control until I started snacking on some candied nuts and muddy-buddy chex mix stuff.  Then didn't want to stop.  Went to a bbq place that we go to every year when visiting the in-laws.  It's great.  I decided that I was going off-plan and that I didn't care and wasn't going to enter the food into my log.  I was just going to eat moderately and enjoy myself.  Then while waiting for the food, I decided to enter the food into the log to see how far over I would be for the day.  Found out that I would still be under my allotment if I skipped the bread, potato salad, and coleslaw.  I was there for the meat and didn't really care about the bread / salad, so quickly got my mind back on-plan.  I knew that it might be a struggle to not eat anything after supper since we were heading back to the land of candied nuts / muddy-buddy.  Asked my girls to move the snack items when we got back to the in-laws after dinner so that I'd have less temptation.  Made it back to the hotel around midnight for one more day on-plan.

Today or tomorrow might be the end of the current streak.  The streak itself shouldn't be important.  It's just a mental tool that helps give me a push in the right direction when tempted.  Subconsciously breaking it does give me a feeling of failing, but it will be broken sometime / someday because it's not a permanent / sustainable level of eating that I could continue forever.  If I had my scale with me it would be easier to decide when to break it.  If I stepped on the scale this morning and weighed 172, I wouldn't even think of breaking the streak since I was within a couple lbs of goal.  If I stepped on it and weighed 178, I'd probably just decide to break the streak since I was still aways from goal.  I don't have the scale, so it's all just a guessing game.  To be honest, playing it by ear today probably means I'm going to have to start over again with a new streak count, but we'll see how many temptations I get today........

Limited me-time lately, so I'll catchup with everyone's entries over the next few days when things slow down again.

On to conquery day 91....

Progress as of today: 107.7 lbs lost so far, only 5.4 lbs to go!

Donkey on 12/24/2018:
^Agreeing with Bear AND would like to add that it's not so much about failing or falling off plan, but how quickly you get back up and start moving forward again!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/24/2018:
Well, now you have THREE of us in agreement bc i def agree with both Bear and Donkey's comments. They are really good!

Your streak. I totally understand exactly how you feel with the feeling of falling and how you are wanting the scale to make it easier to break the streak. One thing i just realized about this, is that you really do not need the scale to know a thing as you know how your weight is affected just on calories. the scale would only "prove it" and for me the scale usually starts to prove it a week after indulgences...but i get you...

Be confident though that you have done really well! Especially this night you had the meat. This is def how I think of going out when i do. How everything adds up. Sometimes, it's just pick and choose what you want because you can't always have it all - sorta like life, right!?

We are all very happy for you. I'm sorta happy you don't have a scale because it's good to do things a little differently on vacation, isn't it? With or without the scale, you remain in charge of you!

I think you are better at moderating these days. even if you decide to be "off plan," you decide how much. you've learned a lot over the time you've lost weight and you are better at it now than you were last year this time.

Whatever you do, we are all supporting you. Keep on enjoying your vaca with the family. I bet it's limited in "me time."!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/24/2018:
Despite your gaining weight this year back, you were determined and you got back to your goals. That's a great job. Some people never do.

graindart - Sunday Dec 23, 2018
(Slow and Steady --OR-- Aggressive New Plan ????)
Weight: 175.3

Day 89 completed successfully.

Had a very low calorie day going, but ended up eating close to limit of calories right before bed. 

My resolve / committment has been questionable the last few days.  I'm in vacation mode and my mind keeps telling me: "It's vacation time!  Eat!  Try all of the new foods you see.  You only live once.  Any weight gain is only temporary.  Enjoy yourself and deal with the consequences in January."

So far the temptations have mainly been grocery store food.  Being in different states means seeing different regional brands and products.  Saw some various different potato chip brands and flavors that were tempting.  I really wanted to buy about 5 different bags and try each one.  If I thought I would've controlled myself and only eaten 2 or 3 chips out of each bag, it would've been ok.  But I knew that wouldn't happen. 

Today starts the local restaurant temptations.  And tomorrow starts the family / home cooking stage of food temptations.  Should be able to make it through today and tomorrow since the temptations will be around dinner time.  Lately I've been putting off starting eating until later afternoon or dinner time.  And that's been working well.  Christmas Day we'll be eating around noon, which means it's going to be more difficult.  Eat the main meal using most of my daily calories and then have to go the next 8 or 9 hours without eating too much, but while watching others snack continually.  I know it's possible.  I also know that breaking my streak on Christmas also wouldn't really matter in the greater scheme of things......as long as I get right back on plan the very next day.  The thing that concerns me about that is what happened last year when I ended up off-plan for a week straight due to going off-plan on Christmas.  The day after Christmas we're going to a restaurant that I've been looking forward to for several months.  If I were to stay on-plan during Christmas Day, I think I could stay on-plan at the restaurant.  If I go off-plan on Christmas, there's a pretty good chance of me staying off-plan the next day too.  And that's how a string of off-plan days begins to snowball.

Don't know how the next few days will shake out, but will try to post here even if I decide to go off-plan.  It's easy to post my daily victories on here, but don't enjoy posting my less than perfect days.....

On ton conquery day 90.....

Progress as of today: 107.7 lbs lost so far, only 5.4 lbs to go!

Donkey on 12/23/2018:
I was quite worried that perhaps things weren't going so well, when I hadn't seen an update yet. Look at how close you are to 100 days - WOW.

I find that accountability has helped me make better decisions, helped me with limits. Like Bear said in her post today, no good or bad foods, just bad portions. However, I too know how real the struggle is.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/23/2018:
I total understand that the "struggle is real" and i also agree with both Bear and Donkey that there are NO bad foods, just bad portions :)

It IS fun to try new foods and have fun on vacation. you can do it and just not eat to oblivion. remember this: the first bite is usually far better than the last bite. my cure-all for having less of desserts and food is having loww cal drink nearby. so i can quickly stop eating a dessert or treat or even savory thing, and quickly keep my stomach and mouth full on liquids, low cal liquids. this includes also tea and coffee and it's it what i do for when i eat my treats for breakfast of course. i eat and follow it up with taking along sip of my coffee, usually half the cup in a few slurps..!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/23/2018:
Have some faith in the fact of all you have learned from last year until now. You have worked hard this year to get back to where you were last year. You have learned more about what commitment entails. and also how a few up days will not sabotage the whole year.

we like to hear you and your journey both the ups and downs.

you have a lot more tools on your belt compared to last year this time. last year, you got sidetracked a long time at this time of Christmas holiday. this year even going off plan half as long is victorious, don't you think?

and also maybe "off plan" doesn't have to mean ENTIRELY off plan indulging to make yourself feel sick...it's up to you.

i know in the past it certainly was for me to feel in a coma when i hadn't learned as much as i do now or have all the special food and drinks available to enjoy and keep me "on plan"....i have so much to help me, it'd be a loss for ME to just end it all.

so, after awhile of you making the good choices, the bad ones will be soooo less worthwhile to you as you'd rather just be happy all the time with the choices, if that makes sense.

tasting new foods, that's part of the spice of life. i hope you try something nice on your vaca :)

graindart - Friday Dec 21, 2018
(Slow and Steady --OR-- Aggressive New Plan ????)
Weight: 175.3

Day 88 completed successfully.

Usually post first thing in the morning.  Will be on the road again bright and early tomorrow, so posting at the end of the day today.

First part of trip went fairly easy.  I was dreading the long hours on the road, especially the first day where I like to get as much as possible completed.  Went bed last night at the regular time and set alarm for 3:45am.  Took a quick shower and everyone piled in the car.  Wife and girls instantly fell back asleep and I listened to podcasts on my headphones for 3-1/2 hours before waking them up for a gas station stop.  They hopped back in the truck and kind of faded in / out of sleep mode for the next few hours.  Normally I don't let them sleep in the vehicle during a road trip, but did this time since it was my plan to leave so early in the morning.  Since we got out of town early and were making good time, I called the iFly indoor skydiving place to see if they had any openings tonight instead of our reservations for tomorrow morning.  They did, so we scheduled for 7:30pm.  Then later we were still making good time, so was able to bump it up to 5pm.  Arrived at 4:15pm and they were able to get us in the 4:30pm slot.  After the iFly session we drove another 90 minutes toward our destination before stopping for dinner and hotel.  

I'm now sitting in the pool room typing this while the girls are swimming and goofing around.  Usually I go mess around in the pool with them, but it's been 17 hours since we hit the road this morning and I'm worn out.

The indoor skydiving thing was kind of what I expected.  The girls enjoyed it.  The wife was really nervous about it, but did it anyway (not her type thing).  And it was "ok" to me.  No adrenaline rush at all.  Interesting floating in mid-air, but not something I'd want to pay to do again.  On a fun / wow factor scale I'd rate it somewhere between a county fair carnival ride and parasailing behind a boat.  Probably closer to the carnival ride.  But the girls enjoyed it and that was my main goal in booking it.

Dinner was at IHOP, which the girls chose.  We don't have an IHOP near where we live, so it's kind of a treat / good memory for them.  When they were little, before entering Kindergarten, I'd take them occasionally with me on a day roadtrip that I had to make at the time.  And we'd normally stop at the IHOP in that city for a daddy/daughter special breakfast.  So I think they associate it with being a special treat still.  I didn't eat much all day during the trip, so had a decent amount of calories leftover for dinner.  But there's not a lot on the IHOP menu that is fairly low calorie.  Anything I was really interested in would've put me at my max for the day.  I wanted to have a bag of popcorn before bed and thought maybe a cookie too.  So I pieced together a meal that left me with a few hundred calories for my popcorn / cookies later.  Told my order to the waitress and she asked if I wanted it with the soup or salad?  I hadn't read that it came with either, so I wasn't prepared.  Quickly decided a side salad should be super low calorie.  She listed off the dressing options and figured I'd go with the balsamic vinagrette.......because the vinagrette option is almost always pretty low in calories.  Ate the side salad and decided to enter the food into my calorie calculator thing to log it.  The side salad was 90 calories, which wasn't much of a suprise.  But boy was I surprised when I found out the dressing was 260 calories.  It wasn't just a balsamic vinegar and oil vinagrette like I guessed.  No, it was some honey something something vinagrette thing.  There went my chance at having a couple of cookies tonight.  Can still eat 1 bag of my 100 calorie popcorn tonight, but that's it.

Tomorrow is a much shorter day with only 6 hours of driving (today was around 14 hours of driving).  It's an extremely boring 6 hour stretch though........flat, straight, no real scenery.  Will be nice to be at the destination by just after lunch tomorrow.

On to conquer day 89 tomorrow......

Progress as of today: 107.7 lbs lost so far, only 5.4 lbs to go!

Donkey on 12/22/2018:
You did a good job by passing on the cookies to adjust to the calories in the salad dressing. Who would have thought???? Just like, who would think that they put pancake batter in their scrambled eggs (so that they are no longer low carb)?

I also like how you made choices so that you could have your popcorn (& cookie) snack later on.

Well done, Gains! Bravo!!!!

graindart on 12/23/2018:
Lesson learned on the salad dressing and just assuming that something "should" be pretty low in calories. In retrospect, I should've just passed the side salad off to a family member.

But then again, it only really matters right now since I'm on a strict daily calorie allotment right now. When in maintenance mode, an extra 250 calories at a restaurant meal every week or two really shouldn't matter at all.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/23/2018:
wowww....great timing on the driving and being able to get more done on the first day with the indoor skydiving and everything! you get the extra credit, Gains!

i totally understand being tired after a drive like you were doing, best to just relax it out when you can.

I cannot believe it wasn't an adrenaline rush, but you are a huge adrenaline junky so yeah. for me, i'd still be scared but knowing that you are actually not skydiving i can understand why the rush isn't there.

nice job at ihop. i best the calories of the salad were still BETTER than of the soup! or similiar. next time get the dressing on the side or a different dressing. either way, ordering a salad at IHOP is probably a first for you and a pat on the back from us here on DD!

graindart - Friday Dec 21, 2018
(Slow and Steady --OR-- Aggressive New Plan ????)
Weight: 175.3

 Day 87 completed successfully.

On the road, will update later.

Currently conquering day 88.....

Progress as of today: 107.7 lbs lost so far, only 5.4 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 12/21/2018:
Drive safe!

graindart on 12/21/2018:
End of a very long day 1. Short day 2 tomorrow. Weather was good, except for very strong crosswinds for a few hundred miles. Saw 2 or 3 semi-trucks flipped on their sides from the wind, along with a couple of other trailers. It's in a section of a barren state that actually closes the interstate at times due to high winds.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/21/2018:
Have a wonderful trip!!!...i am eager to hear about it.

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