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graindart - Monday Mar 03, 2014
(fasting food, water intake only)
Weight: 242.2

Yesterday was day 12 of the fast.

Nothing much new to report.  Hunger still gone physically.  Smells still trigger cravings.

Took the family to a local museum for a presentation.  Afterwards they had refreshments.  I didn't want to stick around afterwards, so my wife and kids each grabbed a cookie for the road.  The smell of sugar cookies inside the car was intoxicating.  Thankfully the cookies were gone pretty quickly and so was the smell.

Onto day 13.

Progress as of today: 24.3 lbs lost so far, only 67.2 lbs to go!

graindart - Sunday Mar 02, 2014
(fasting food, water intake only)
Weight: 243.2

Yesterday was day 11 of the fast.

I've really got to stop researching food recipes on the internet.  I keep finding the most delicious looking foods that I'd like to try.

Day 14 is coming soon and I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet.  Part of me is contemplating breaking the fast with a liquid diet for a week just to ease back into digestion.  Another part of me is thinking that a liquid low calorie diet is a real struggle and I don't know if I want that struggle right now.  Since fasting has become fairly easy (physically), I'm thinking of going on a few more days and get things timed out optimally based on my calendar planned commitments.  I'll just go with what feels right over the next bit.  

Whenever I do break the fast, I'll go liquid with easily digestible foods for a little while.  That will probably be the biggest challenge.  I can eat or not eat, but restricting myself to a set way of eating / set number of calories is my real challenge.  When I get closer to the end of the fast, I'll need to write up a daily eating plan for a week or so to make sure that I have a fighting chance of staying on it.

Onto day 12.

Progress as of today: 23.3 lbs lost so far, only 68.2 lbs to go!

graindart - Saturday Mar 01, 2014
(fasting food, water intake only)
Weight: 244.0

Yesterday was day 10.

95% of the physical hunger does go away, but the mental desire / craving for food definitely doesn't go away.  

I had a couple different dreams of breaking my fast last night.  One I was just eating like normal and then I remembered that I was on a fast and just accidentally broke it.  The other I was gorging myself with mini Milky Way bars.  Don't know why they were mini.......

I searched for a big-boy word to mention this.  More for my records when looking back on this, but my "libido" is definitely way down while fasting.  My greatest desires are definitely centered on food right now.

Most of the fogginess has left my head.  I'm not feeling dizzy, faint, or light-headed.  I've got a good amount of initial energy, almost a "normal" amount.  The key to the previous sentence is "initial".  My initial amount of energy for doing things is comparable to my everyday life, but if I need to do something for an extended period I get tired much more quickly.

Onto day 11.

Progress as of today: 22.5 lbs lost so far, only 69 lbs to go!

graindart - Friday Feb 28, 2014
(fasting food, water intake only)
Weight: 245.2

Yesterday was day 9 of the fast.

Not physically hungry, but had major cravings for about an hour.  My wife cooked a bunch of bacon and the smell filled the house.  I love bacon and the smelled just lingered forever.

Ski trip got cancelled due to very low temperatures.  We would've been leaving about now and the ski hill is about an hour away.  Right now the the temp is -6F, with a forecasted high of 3 and a low of -22.  And "no", those aren't wind chill factors, that's actual temps before any wind chill voodoo is worked.  The high for our area tomorrow is supposed to be -9 with a low of -26.  Thankfully it's only supposed to last for 3 or 4 days.  We have a few things that we have to go to over the weekend, but other than that we'll try to just stay indoors.

Onto day 10.

Progress as of today: 21.3 lbs lost so far, only 70.2 lbs to go!

allieoop on 02/28/2014:
-26 we need spring!!!

graindart - Thursday Feb 27, 2014
(fasting food, water intake only)
Weight: 246.2

Yesterday was day 8 of the fast.

Nothing much to mention, the day was pretty uneventful.  Head is feeling less foggy.  Finished up work in the morning and just sat around bored for the next few hours until the wife and kids came home.  Work is slow right now and I have nothing scheduled for today.  Have to get some stuff ready to go skiing with my oldest daughter tomorrow (5th grade ski trip).

Getting through the day was pretty easy.  Physical hunger really isn't an issue now.  However I do think my nose has become more sensitive to food smells now.  My home office is on a lower level, far away from the kitchen, but I can smell what foods are being cooked up there.  Yesterday morning the smell of baked muffins / buttered biscuits lingered in my office for about an hour.  I was ok physically, but I was definitely craving buttered biscuits for awhile.

I watched some TV to pass the time and kept seeing food commercials.  Jack-in-the-box, Red Lobster, and McDonald's.  It made me feel more deprived.  Every commercial stressed that their new offerings were only "for a limited time".  It got me worried.  What if that new delicious looking concoction is gone before I break my fast?  I know it's nonsense and the advertising is designed to instill a sense of urgency, but in my weakened state it seems to work.

Onto day 9.

Progress as of today: 20.3 lbs lost so far, only 71.2 lbs to go!

liza36 on 02/27/2014:
I hear you about the commercials. I have to change the channel when pizza commercials come on. One of my weaknesses. You are doing great with your plan. Keep it up!

graindart - Wednesday Feb 26, 2014
(fasting food, water intake only)
Weight: 247.4

Yesterday was day 7 of the fast.

Forgot to mention.....  My tongue had a white coating and my mouth tasted really bad for a few days, but that is gone now.

The morning started off like day 6.  Hardly any hunger pangs (small rumblings that lasted less than 30 seconds) and my head felt a bit foggy.  By the end of the day my head had cleared up some and actually felt like I had a bit more energy than I've had over the past several days.

Last night was the car club meeting that I was dreading due to the pizza and wonderful salad.  I was sitting within inches of other people's plates and the food smelled good, but I wasn't physically hungry at all.  No watering mouth, no rumbling tummy.  I would have loved to eat some, but physically my body didn't seem to care.  What I thought might be an hour of suffering turned into a non-event.

My wife and I were talking and she asked how long I planned on continuing the fast.  I told her I didn't really have any plans, but if everything continues feeling good I might do 14 days this time.  I also mentioned to her that I really don't have any set number of days and that this is new to me, so I might choose to end the fast any day depending on how I'm feeling.

Onto day 8.

Progress as of today: 19.1 lbs lost so far, only 72.4 lbs to go!

graindart - Tuesday Feb 25, 2014
(fasting food, water intake only)
Weight: 248.4

Yesterday was day 6 of the fast.

Physically things went smoother yesterday.  I'm still feeling a bit light headed, but nothing like a few days ago.  Still feeling weak, but not to a point that it keeps me from doing everyday tasks.  

Mentally, I crave food.  Physically, hunger appears to be mostly gone.  There are these weird little tummy rumblings that come a couple times per hour.  They don't hurt (slight discomfort) and usually go away within 30 seconds on their own.  If I take a drink right away they usually go away within 5 seconds.  If I didn't have them, I'd say that the hunger was gone.

The smell of food has become intoxicating.  I definitely notice it more now that I'm not eating.  My wife cooked meatloaf and mashed potatoes for her and the girls last night and just walking by it smelled like the most wonderful meal ever.  I've eaten the meatloaf many times and enjoy it, but I don't remember it smelling so good.  When picking up my oldest daughter from school today, someone had a little tupperware container that they had just microwaved.  It smelled like lasagna or something, and again it was the most wonderful smell ever!  While the smells have been wonderful, physically they don't make me feel hungry.  Mentally, I'd love to go to a buffet and eat non-stop for 2 hours.

Tonight I have a car club meeting and there will be pizza and one of my favorite type salads.  Hopefully this non-hunger will continue and I'll be able to make it through ok.  Last month I was on day 2 of a small fast when the car club meeting occured and it nearly killed me not being able to eat the food.

Dieting and / or fasting is weird.  I walk around feeling deprived, even though I know that at any moment I can eat whatever I want.  My problem is definitely self control when it comes to doing things in moderation.  I always tend to be at extremes.  I'm either fully committed to something or not.  At the seafood dinner at my mom's house on Sunday I was thinking that everything would be fine if I had a couple crab legs, a couple mussels, a couple shrimp, and some salad.  And it would have been.  The problem is that once I started eating, it would've been a couple POUNDS of crab, a POUND of shrimp, and a couple mussels (not super fond of mussels).

Oh well, on to day 7.

Progress as of today: 18.1 lbs lost so far, only 73.4 lbs to go!

graindart - Monday Feb 24, 2014
(fasting food, water intake only)
Weight: 250.2

Yesterday was day 5 of the fast.

It had some ups and downs, but went smoother than day 4.  My head was clearer and didn't feel light-headed as much.  Feeling weak, which is to be expected.  Not "fall or faint" weak, just know I couldn't walk as far or lift as much.  

Hunger was weird yesterday.  I'd have little hunger pangs that I'd feel in my stomach, but a drink of water would cause them to subside usually within seconds.  My big test of the day was going over with the family for my mom's birthday dinner (took her flowers).  Seafood is just about my favorite.  They had tons of crab legs, mussels, shrimp, etc.  The smell was wonderful.  I tried not to look at the food and sat in the living room away from everyone else in the dining room.  It's adjacent so I could still be part of the conversations, but I didn't have to stare at the food.  To my amazement, I didn't feel hungry.  Don't get me wrong, I was craving it, but my stomach wasn't reacting and my body didn't make it hard to abstain from eating.  I was actually feeling pretty good.  Then the dessert came out.  A couple different choices, but there was a cream / custard type dessert that looked great.  Made it through, again without feeling hungry.  Finished up, went home to put the kids to bed.  Kind of went over things in my head and was feeling pretty good about not feeling hungry.  I started to think that maybe I had progressed to that state where hunger just leaves, then I reverted to getting those small hunger pangs again that required me to drink water each time.

Don't know how day 6 will go, but I don't have any parties or meetings with food to go to today, so in theory it should be easier.

Progress as of today: 16.3 lbs lost so far, only 75.2 lbs to go!

fiamma on 02/24/2014:
congratulations on your willpower. i never managed more than two days without food. i think i could deal with hunger but the headaches are too much and i get angry and depressed.

graindart on 02/25/2014:
Yeah, I was quite irritable the first few days. Thankfully I work alone and my family only had to deal with me for a few hours each evening. I had some headaches the first couple days, but they seemed pretty typical of other times when I've given up caffeine. I've attempted small fasts before and have almost always quit on day 2.

graindart - Sunday Feb 23, 2014
(fasting food, water intake only)
Weight: 251.4

Yesterday was day 4 of the fast.

Yesterday started off a little light-headed, but better than day 3.  I stayed inside most of the day and didn't really get anything accomplished.  Had a supercross party to go to from 5:30 - 8pm.  Lots of food including a bunch of different types of pizza, brownies, veggie tray, etc.  It smelled wonderful.  I had my bottle of water, but it didn't help much.  I was having a hard time figuring out if I was just craving the foods or if I was actually feeling hunger.  In the end I made it through, but it wasn't a fun experience.

Tonight I've got a dinner party for my mom's birthday.  Tuesday I've got a car club meeting that has pizza and a salad that I love.  Planning on continuing the fast through, but we'll see.

Overall I think I felt less hungry and my head felt less cloudy yesterday.

Kind of surprised me this morning when I woke up and my tummy was feeling hungry.  Most things that I've read about fasting says that the hunger goes away on day 3.  While I think its deminished, it's definitely not gone.  Onto day 5.

Progress as of today: 15.1 lbs lost so far, only 76.4 lbs to go!

graindart - Saturday Feb 22, 2014
(fasting food, water intake only)
Weight: 254.8

Yesterday was day 3 of the fast.  I was really light-headed and my concentration was lacking.

I haven't been doing much at all.  I don't feel like leaving the house and I don't have much reason to, except for work on the weekdays.  I'm not going out to eat and don't feel like going to any stores, so have kept mainly to the house the past few days.  I've got a few things over the next few days that will get me out of the house once a day.

Progress as of today: 11.7 lbs lost so far, only 79.8 lbs to go!

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