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graindart - Monday Oct 01, 2018
(30 days - weigh & post daily)
Weight: 195.4

Day 6 completed successfully.

Beginning of a new month, so my October monthly average is equal to today's morning weigh-in.  No real change from yesterday, but a psychological boost seeing the difference in monthly average.

Today I have some regular work to get done and some other stuff I've been putting off for awhile.

On to conquer day 7...

Progress as of today: 87.6 lbs lost so far, only 20.4 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 10/01/2018:
Only 20 more pounds to go.…..!!!! You are racking up those successful days really well!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 10/01/2018:
I commented on yesterday too :)

I would say you are starting off this month on a good note! All things are looking towards a positive on your end!

I am also happy to start October.

Although i took time off work in September, it seemed to move MUCH TOO FAST due to so many events and plans i felt it was too fast paced, despite all the days off. Not sure why that is!?

Either way, like you, i'm positively looking towards this current new month!

happy-1 on 10/01/2018:
Good job!

Donkey on 10/01/2018:
Yuck, so now every first weigh-in of the month has to be good. It's discouraging to know that a month of work is down the tubes if the first weigh-in is bad.

graindart on 10/01/2018:
It all equals out by the end of the month. If you haven't weighed since your last entry and made a post today, your average October would be sitting at 126 until your next weigh-in.

They're just scale numbers anyways. It's just an easy metric that helps people see a sense of progress. It's easy to see the amount of progress you've completed and even if your monthly average jumped up a couple lbs at the beginning of a month, it wouldn't detract from all of your progress.

graindart - Sunday Sep 30, 2018
(30 days - weigh & post daily)
Weight: 195.2

Day 5 completed successfully.

Trip to / from volleyball was long, but mostly uneventful.  Today is just some miscellaneous errand type stuff after church.

Still need to clean office.  Have been putting it off for a long time.  Still don't feel like doing it at all.  Might chip away at it a little today, but may just decide to take the day off and worry about it later.

Looking forward to the start of a new month.  I'm tired of seeing my monthly average chart in the 200's.  Tomorrow will see the chart monthly average back in the 100's again.

On to conquer day 6.....

Progress as of today: 87.8 lbs lost so far, only 20.2 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 09/30/2018:
Day of rest...I agree.....……...I'm looking forward to a new month too.

Donkey on 09/30/2018:
I've been curious about the monthly chart as well. Does it register only your first weigh-in of the month? Is it an average of weigh-ins over the month?

For example: So if I weigh in on October 1st at 126 and then put on 10 pounds every week, will it show 126 for October? Or will it show the increased average with every time I weigh in in October?

One thing I'd like to change about the chart is to have my chart show a maintenance range, but then I would lose the "Progress as of today" down at the bottom of each entry. I don't want to lose that "60 lbs lost so far".

In case you're wondering, I've been thinking about this for quite some time. I just never got around to asking DD Webmaster about it. Oh well, now about you: YES, tomorrow your chart will be in the 100s! :)

graindart on 10/01/2018:
The monthly chart just averages any weight numbers you've input during that month. If you have entries for the month with recorded weights, it adds them altogether and divides by the number of entries to come up with the average monthly figure.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/01/2018:
That's a good thing that the overeating is not a problem for your family members. I totally get it, same thing with my family! I'm the only one who gets haunted by impulse and indulgence when it comes to eating and food choices. i totally get you in your comments to me from your last entry.

That's usually what helps you move forward, the boredom and a desire to move forward and past a "plateau" of remaining at the same point / fitness level / weight for a period of time. after a long time of the same, it's easy to get inspired. nice thoughts on your part.

happy-1 on 10/01/2018:
I’m having flashbacks to cleaning my dad’s office for him as a kid.

graindart - Saturday Sep 29, 2018
(30 days - weigh & post daily)
Weight: 196.6

Day 4 completed successfully.

Daughter had volleyball last night and we hit the road in another couple hours for an out-of-town volleyball game in a city 3 hours away.  Not looking forward to the drive back/forth, but since we're not staying at a hotel, at least there's no "free" breakfast temptations.  Packing drinks in a cooler and some sunflower seeds to snack on during the drive.

On to conquer day 5...

Progress as of today: 86.4 lbs lost so far, only 21.6 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 09/29/2018:
Have a nice weekend!

Donkey on 09/29/2018:
Being prepared is half the battle! You can do this! And I hope you enjoy the day. Driving sucks but you're spending time with your family, which is nice -- the daughters will be out of the house soon enough. Cherish these little moments when they are still with you.

PS Nice weigh-in!

Horn_of_plenty on 09/29/2018:
Yes, look at your nice weigh-in!

I have a similar long drive on Sunday which i am not particularly dreading, but also it's at such an early time...!6am the bus leaves!

anyways, you are prepared...sunflower seeds - do you eat the shells? i have but the cause tons of gas! lol...good thing tho if you don't eat them, they do take a long time to eat if you plan to spit shells out? good snack for a long trip! glad you have some drinks...i hope you have also packed some snacks for the rest of the crew traveling with you!?

i think 3hrs is so far, but then again, where you live, perhaps it's considered a close town!

graindart on 09/30/2018:
I don't eat the shells. Love the spicy jalapeno flavored seeds in the shell while driving. They give my something to do, taste good (mainly the spices), and have very little calories compared to what I'd normally eat during a drive. They're one of the foods that I enjoy eating, but only want a certain amount of at any one time. Yesterday I only ate 1/4 of the bag, which was approximately 95 calories. Normally I'd eat 1/2 of the bag before quitting, but I was trying to be mindful of being in control vs mindlessly eating all the time. The extra 95 calories from eating 1/2 the bag wouldn't have mattered, but it was just a mental game for me.

Distances / hours of travel are so different depending on what state you live in. For here, 3 hours covers approximately 200 miles. Where I live, most other cities of 30k people of more are all positioned around 200 miles apart. So a 3 hour drive one-way is pretty common when going out of town, although we only probably do it 5-10 times per year.

I didn't pack any snacks for the rest of the family. They got to do the regular routine, which is eat junk on the road from gas stations. They eat pretty healthy during the normal week, so trips are always a treat for them. Thankfully they don't go out of control with the junk and just eat quantities that they feel like. Like my youngest just finishing 1/3 of her slushy. Or my wife eating 1/2 of a bbq pork sandwich. I'm glad that they don't overeat, but it doesn't compute to me. If I buy a slushy or sandwich, I'm going to finish the entire slushy and sandwich even if it makes me uncomfortably full. Again, glad that the my wife and kids don't have my mindset when it comes to food.

graindart - Friday Sep 28, 2018
(30 days - weigh & post daily)
Weight: 198.3

Day 3 completed successfully.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful.  Today is fairly slow for the first part.  Have some work just before end of day, followed by youngest daughter's volleyball game.  Tomorrow we'll be on the road early for a game 3 hours away and will come back later the same day.  Not looking forward to the 6 hours of driving round trip, but only another 3 or so weeks of volleyball left.

On to conquer day 4...

Progress as of today: 84.7 lbs lost so far, only 23.3 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 09/28/2018:
YES, I AM NOT A FAN OF ROAD TRIPS! i am going on a similar one on Sunday...leaving at 5:30am..on road bus by 6am...from NYC to Philly.

home around 9pm..then driving coworker home which is half hour from me, round trip another hour, so, taking monday off....to exercise, catch up, prep for the week.

then, no extra days of my own off until January :) should be ok.

graindart - Thursday Sep 27, 2018
(30 days - weigh & post daily)
Weight: 198.8

Day 2 completed successfully.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful.  No real work scheduled today unless something comes in over the next few hours.  Really need to get my office cleaned, but really don't enjoy doing it.  I guess no one really enjoys doing it......

Daughters have some after school practices tonight, but other than that it should be a pretty easy day.

The weather is turning today.  Yesterday was the last nice day for awhile and we're supposed to have our first freeze tonight or tomorrow.  I went by my parents house and ate the last of the ripe raspberries / strawberries from their garden yesterday.  Amazing how much better fresh picked berries taste than those you can get in the store.  Today's temperatures peaked at midnight when it was 58 F.  Now at 6am it's dropped to 49 F and it's supposed to continue dropping throughout the day until getting into the 30's by midnight tonight.

On to conquer day 3....

Progress as of today: 84.2 lbs lost so far, only 23.8 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 09/27/2018:

horn_of_plenty on 09/27/2018:
...OOPS, SENT THAT ONE YES! BY ACCIDENT..my boss / coworker also spent a couple hours cleaning the other day and didn't want to clean instead of doing "real work."...

but, cleaning is necessary too :)

Our weather was quite chilly this AM crazy how we are into Fall now, for sure! And that October is right around the corner. I KNEW this month would pass quickly and i was sooo right about that!

I realize that my cardio goals are not advancing as fast as i'd like, and i have reminded myself right now how important it is to continue to either plan a cardio session or take part in a cardio activity...the plan is to "keep moving" all Fall and thru Winter. it's going well...just i still have to remind myself to plan for it during the week, also :)

that's great they have the ripe and tasty berries at their home! yum!

you are doing great, i love berries mixed with whipped cream...maybe that is my plan for this evening :) i have sooo many berries, i hope they haven't spoiled / gotten moldy...sometimes if berries are too wet, and i don't dry them, they become really moldy...lol....i totally plan to eat a lot of berries tonight :) and bed early!

have a good day...

BearCountryGG on 09/27/2018:
We have had some ice here already....as long as it stays off the roads...LOL

Donkey on 09/28/2018:
You're doing great! Keep up the good work! Does watching your daughters (and the other athletes) inspire you to be more active?

graindart on 09/28/2018:
Nope, not at all. Nothing inspires me to be more active lately. Reading people's entries on DD reminds me that I should be more active, but I quickly shove those reminders to the back of my mind and forget them.....

happy-1 on 10/01/2018:
Good job!

graindart - Wednesday Sep 26, 2018
(30 days - weigh & post daily)
Weight: 199.0

Day 1 completed successfully.

Not much to write about today.

On to conquer day 2....

Progress as of today: 84 lbs lost so far, only 24 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 09/26/2018:
Day 1 cheers! that is the best thing...to go back to the beginning after an indulgence! nice! get on with it!

horn_of_plenty on 09/26/2018:
that's a quick recovery!

BearCountryGG on 09/26/2018:
Way to get back on track!

happy-1 on 10/01/2018:
wow! willpower!

graindart - Tuesday Sep 25, 2018
(30 days - weigh & post daily)
Weight: 199.2

Yesterday was NOT on plan.

It was offically my birthday yesterday.  I stayed on plan most of the day.  Started slipping a little around 4pm when I decided to eat a cold piece of pizza from the fridge.  Ate a good amount of shrimp and crab legs for dinner with controlled portions of potato / macaroni salad.  Was feeling like I had stayed in control fairly well at that time.  Then I decided to do something I haven't done in many years.  I decided to eat a habanero pepper by itself for the amusement of my daughters......  It was crazy hot and I did good for a couple minutes of trying to fight through the pain.  But at about the 3 minute mark I decided to start drinking milk to try to get it to calm down.  It wasn't helping much, so I decided to eat another cold piece of pizza from the fridge with some salt on top to try to counteract the pepper.  Then I decided to head to DQ in the hopes that the ice cream would soothe my mouth.  By the time we got to DQ, my mouth was back to feeling normal, but I ate there anyway.  After that I had slipped into the mindset that I had already screwed up and I might as well eat whatever I was craving and get back on the wagon the next day.  So I had a couple large cookies on the way home.  Once I was home, ate a couple pieces of cheese and a 100 calorie bag of popcorn.  Then went to bed feeling full, but no where near as stuffed as I would normally have been after falling off the wagon.  

Ideally things would've been better if I would've skipped DQ and the cookies afterward.  I'm not feeling bad about it, just analyzing it.  It was my birthday and I confined the overeating to only a few hour window of time.  Today I'm 100% back on the wagon and ready to start a new streak of successfully completed days.

Edit...Oops, guess I wasn't quite as good as I initially remembered.  Add in a small cheese quesadilla and couple pieces of bread with butter and blackberry jam.

On to conquer day 1....

Progress as of today: 83.8 lbs lost so far, only 24.2 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 09/25/2018:
After 20 great days...that was just 1 day......at least you didn't eat that way for all 21...win!!!

graindart on 09/25/2018:
Yeah, I'm fine with it. It wasn't a big deal. Am sitting here feeling completely in control today. Gave me a "taste" of what my life can be like when I get down to goal. Controlled moderate eating 90% of the time, with an occasional treat day thrown in.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/25/2018:
I agree 100% with BCGG's comment...it's totally not the end of the world and i think you are more consistent at this point than not...keep on !

And I also agree 100% with your comment...you are getting there and getting better at what you do!

happy-1 on 10/01/2018:
LoL!!! This is a page out of my book... except I’d have followed the habanero with hot sauce and salsa, then gorged on nachos. I must be part iZombie.

graindart - Monday Sep 24, 2018
(30 days - weigh & post daily)
Weight: 197.2

Day 20 completed successfully.

Family dinner went well yesterday.  Only ate 100 calorie bag of popcorn during the day since I knew I wanted to eat dinner.  Came dinner time and I decided not to weigh everything or even log the food as I ate it.  Placed a normal sized portion of spaghetti with sauce on my plate.  Took one piece of cheese pizza, normal portion of mac salad, normal portion of potato salad, and one piece of garlic bread.  After dinner I passed on the cake, but my mom brought me a 4-pack of dark chocolate sugar-free jello pudding  that I like (60 cal each).  I ate one of those for dessert.  Later in the evening I had 1 small slice of cheese and a 100 calorie bag of popcorn while relaxing on the couch in front of the tv.  I ended up logging everything later and was very close to my calorie allotment for the day.

At the time I felt restricted.  But this morning I feel that it was a victory.  I got to have a normal moderate sampling of most of the different foods and still remained in control.

Today my parents are coming back over for dinner tonight and we will be eating crab, shrimp, and maybe cod.  There will be some leftover sides from last night, but don't currently think they'll be a temptation since I had some of them yesterday already.  So the plan is to not each much during the day, that way I'll be able to eat a good amount of the crab and shrimp without overeating for the day.

On to conquer day 21....

Progress as of today: 85.8 lbs lost so far, only 22.2 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 09/24/2018:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Good job yesterday....So thoughtful of your Mom to bring you a sugar free treat………..Moms are like that...they want the best for their kids and yours want you to be healthy and happy. You are doing great!

Donkey on 09/24/2018:
Well done!!! You did really great! Happy belated birthday :)

legcramps on 09/24/2018:
Happy Belated Birthday!

Horn_of_plenty on 09/24/2018:
Happy bday to you!!!! I'm so proud of you, you did it 100% right on! great job!

also, cake to me is just a waste too...it tastes good in your mouth and that's it...it's good for a bite and then you can fill yourself up with decaf coffee...if you like it.

happy-1 on 10/01/2018:
I’d plan for shrimp and crab too... YUM! Forget the cake. Unless it’s 80% dark chocolate.

graindart - Sunday Sep 23, 2018
(30 days - weigh & post daily)
Weight: 197.0

Day 19 completed successfully.

Yesterday was relatively straight forward.  No real hiccups or temptations. 

Don't know exactly what I'm going to do tonight as far as my eating.

Up until last night, the plan for tonight was to eat snow crab, baked cod, and some shrimp.  Tonight is having family over to our house to celebrate my birthday.  I invited the family about a week ago.  My one sister said her and her 3 kids would be coming.  I knew my mom and dad were coming.  My other sister said on Thursday that they would'nt be coming due to having 2 or 3 sick kids.  After I received that text message on Thursday, I let everyone else know that they wouldn't be coming.  Yesterday afternoon I went to the store and bought seafood and sides for 5 adults and 5 kids.  

Then last night around 7pm I get a message from the sister that was coming saying that her husband was now coming.  Then received another message from my other sister saying that they were feeling better.  She didn't come right out and ask if they could now attend, but I knew that that's why she sent the text saying that they were feeling better now.  Begrudgingly I sent a group text message saying that dinner was at 5pm and asking exactly who was going to show up.  Received return messages within a couple minutes and now have a total of 9 adults and 11 kids.  

The reason it doubled in numbers is because my sick sister has 6 regular kids (age 1-15), one adult kid (20), and I just found out her husband was back visiting and is coming (they're married, but he works out of state for months at a time).

So lots of emotions over the past 16 hours.  Mostly irritated at my sick sister and life in general.  But also irritated with myself that I'm irritated by the flip-flopping.  I know that I can feel justified in being unhappy about the change in plans.  I know I could've handled it differently and not re-opened the invitation process if that's what I really wanted.  I also know that I shouldn't be hung-up on last minute changes to plans.  People and family are more important to me than my own sense of fairness.  It's not like this is a common reoccurring pattern.  (If it were, I wouldn't have essentially reopened the invites.)

When it was going to be a total of 5 adults and 5 kids, I let them know that we were going to be having seafood.  As soon as it doubled to 20 people, I let everyone know that it changed and was now going to be spaghetti, pizza, and some sides.  (Privately I invited my mom & dad to come back again tomorrow night for the seafood.)

Writing it down has made me feel a bit better about it.  I had the final say and I chose to be gracious.  

While I chose the gracious route this time, I am not going to be a complete "saint" in regards to one thing.  My oldest daughter is 15 and got her real driver's license last month so she can now drive wherever without having an adult in the car.  We have only allowed it a few times for running quick errands and also to drive over to her grandparents house to show them the license (5 minutes away).  We haven't let anyone else in the family know due in part to my sick sister's oldest son (20 yrs old) still not having his full driver's license.  He doesn't have much ambition and is more than happy to have his mom drive him to / from his deadend job.  Other than that I think he just sits in the parent's basement either watching Netflix or playing Xbox.  While his laziness is an irritation to me, I haven't really wanted to rub salt in the wound by bringing up comparisons to my daughter's progress. 

Anyways....... When my sick sister's family wasn't coming, I had told my daughter that she would be going to pick up a pizza for the kids who didn't enjoy seafood from a place a few minutes away.  It's nothing major, but it does make her feel a sense of pride / freedom in being able to drive to the restaurant, order, pay, and bring it back. 

So now that my sick sister's family (including adult child) is coming...... if I was going to be a complete "saint", I'd have my wife pickup pizzas instead.  But I'm not.  My daughter will still be doing it without any other adults in the car.  I'll consider myself 95% gracious today, but with 5% passive-agressiveness thrown in.


Progress as of today: 86 lbs lost so far, only 22 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 09/23/2018:
I don't blame you a bit for being miffed at all of the flip flops......when you are providing the foo...you need to know those things...…..and I was glad to see that you are letting your daughter go get the pizzas...she deserves to be commended for her accomplishments......it's not her fault her cousin is a dud...I wouldn't rub his failures in...but I sure wouldn't make her suffer for his deficiencies. Maybe he will wake up and grow up!!! Anyway....I hope you have a nice day visiting and celebrating..….you have a lot to be thankful for......Happy Birthday!

graindart on 09/23/2018:
Have kept waiting for him to wake up and grow up. I think it's going to take an outside major change to shock him into changing. Pretty sure it won't happen until his parents give him a deadline date for moving out of their house.

I do feel somewhat sorry for him and the way his parents have raised him. He was always home schooled and has never really been forced to socialize with others. His closest cousin and sister are both 5 years younger than him, so the vast majority of his interaction has been with a tv / computer screen. But he has to realize that this doesn't need to affect the rest of his life. He can decide to change. And "yes", I and his other uncle have mentioned some of this to him over the past couple years in as nice a way as possible.

BearCountryGG on 09/23/2018:

Donkey on 09/23/2018:
Whoa, I completely get where you're coming from. I mean, a part for 9/11 is a completely different thing than a party for 5/5. I'm actually quite impressed that you're handling it as nicely as you are. I think I'd be more like 45% gracious and 45% passive aggressive and 10% straight-out pissed.

I would like to think that your family will remember you as being very gracious. I hope some good memories are made from this get-together.

The oldest son sounds a lot like my son... and quite a few other sons I know. Is it laziness? Is it Asperger's? Is it being an introvert? Why does this seem to be happening more and more with our young men?

Horn_of_plenty on 09/24/2018:
Good idea to save the seafood for a select few. Yes, i'd be annoyed to have to replan the dinner too and with the food and everything...i would also get annoyed as making plans isn't fun for me either. i understand you...

I do agree to with your judgement to let your daughter do the driving...enough is enough and they changed their mind...your sister changed her mind but you do not have to now go and change yours...good job!

and try not to let your sister continue flip flopping for the next time... :) good job overall to you! order some veggies with the pizza if you want to....

happy-1 on 10/01/2018:
You’re a class act all the way and did a great job on all of this. Happy Birthday! (belatedly)

graindart - Saturday Sep 22, 2018
(30 days - weigh & post daily)
Weight: 196.8

 Day 18 completed successfully.

Little sleep yesterday made me cranky all day.  Got a decent night's sleep last night, so today should be better for the whole family.

Youngest has volleyball this morning and oldest has a church thing.  So wife and myself are splitting up and running different directions today.  Followed by schoolmates coming over in the afternoon to work on a science project.  Don't know what my plans are for later today.

Yesterday I started eating earlier in the day and didn't want to stop.  I've usually only been eating 200-400 calories before dinner and then eating a large dinner.  Since I had around 800 calories during the day yesterday, I didn't have as large of a dinner as usual and was still able to stay within my calorie limit.

I actually thought about jumping off this wagon yesterday.  My birthday is Monday and we're having family over to celebrate on Sunday.  If I would've gone off-plan yesterday, I would've probably remained off-plan until at least Tuesday.  So it's a good thing I decided not to do it yesterday.

On to conquer day 19.

Progress as of today: 86.2 lbs lost so far, only 21.8 lbs to go!

Donkey on 09/22/2018:
An observation: Seems to me that regardless of how often you contemplate going "off the wagon" (and I hear you on that), you never regret staying on plan, in retrospect. This is a GOOD thing, and perhaps something to consider in your contemplation (or should I say, temptation)...

BearCountryGG on 09/22/2018:
You are resisting a lot more...apparently it is getting easier and easier.…..the more you do something the easier it gets...….good going!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 09/23/2018:
Yes, it's much better indeed in your case to stay on the wagon!

when i was really really into not skipping exercise, i wouldn't let anything stop me. whether it was meetings or get togethers, i'd always just fit it in...especialyl with sleep, i wouldn't sleep as much if i was working out late at night and needing to get up in the morning....

now i do not sacrifice sleep as much, no!....but....staying on the wagon like you are doing with diet and myself when it came to exercise....it's the only way to reach your goal!

happy-1 on 10/01/2018:
Slow and steady (and on plan) wins the race. You are building good habits and keeping it off this time.

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