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graindart - Monday Dec 03, 2018
(Slow and Steady --OR-- Aggressive New Plan ????)
Weight: 181.5

Day 69 completed successfully.  24 of 30 walks completed. 

Starting off in a better mood today because the scale was down a notch.  Of course it could swing the other way tomorrow causing the day to start off not so great.  Not a fan of the roller-coaster of initial emotions caused by weighing daily, but it's a necessary evil to keep me on track right now.  (I don't dwell on the number throughout the day, so it really doesn't affect me positive / negative other than that initial 5 or 10 minutes in the morning after stepping on the scale.)


Starting off the day with some regular work stuff.  Not too much planned for the day after I get that done.  Might work on my pinball project later, but it's kind of kicking my butt right now so it's not all that enjoyable.

On to conquer day 70....

Progress as of today: 101.5 lbs lost so far, only 12.5 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 12/03/2018:
I'm really glad to see that the scale made for a happier morning........You have this.......!!!

horn_of_plenty on 12/03/2018:
i'm glad you do not think of the # on the scale all day...it would be an unnecessary distraction :)

what's your pinball project?

graindart on 12/03/2018:
Just messing around with building a "virtual pinball" cabinet. It basically looks like a pinball cabinet, but uses a video screen to simulate the actual pinball stuff instead of having physical moving parts. Not quite as cool as real pinball machines, but a whole lot cheaper and can have hundreds of different tables on just one cabinet.

Donkey on 12/03/2018:
Glad to see a lower number -- gotta have some motivation to keep trying, right? And I hear you on the fluctuations, but I see it as kind of a pendulum, going back and forth, while the actual string is getting longer as you progress, so the "back and forth" takes longer between intervals.

The pinball project sounds like a lot of fun! I love to play pinball. I'm kind of old school like that.

graindart - Sunday Dec 02, 2018
(Slow and Steady --OR-- Aggressive New Plan ????)
Weight: 183.3

Day 68 completed 24 of 30 walks completed.

Like I thought.  Started the day thinking I was going to try a new agressive change in an attempt to jumpstart the weightloss.  And as the day progressed I lost interest and just wanted my low calorie diet "comfort" foods (popcorn, grapefruit).  Still going to see progress continuing like this, but will just take longer to get to goal if I don't do something to shake things up.

Today is a down day, just working on setting up a virtual pinball thing for part of the day.

On to conquer day 69....

Progress as of today: 99.7 lbs lost so far, only 14.3 lbs to go!

Donkey on 12/02/2018:
Has walking helped any (yet)? It may be that if you are approaching weight-loss from mainly a nutritional way, that slow and steady will get you to your goal.

When I think of a (productive, successful) "jump start", I tend to think of exercise, rather than nutrition. After all, there has to be some level of food to sustain you throughout a regular day. I don't subscribe to things like liquid fasts, detoxes/juicing, etc.

My male co-worker is doing keto to lose weight and manage his sugar levels (pre-diabetic or diabetic) with diet alone. My husband has to take this approach too, because of his limitations, unfortunately. It's harder to do, but I think that the habits become more sustainable through maintenance.

graindart on 12/02/2018:
Don't know that taking walks changes much of anything for me. It's at a brisk pace, but isn't exactly "challenging". Been doing it mainly to just kind of stay "loose" and stretched out.

BearCountryGG on 12/02/2018:
You know yourself best...the fact that you are resisting changing says you know what might get out of hand.......you worked out a successful plan, you will get there.

graindart on 12/02/2018:
Or I'm lazy and not willing to put in the extra effort right now.

Extra effort for a month versus the current plan for 3 months. Every other part of my life I'd pick the shorter time frame with additional hard work. Don't know why the food part of my life is so hard to make that same choice with.

BearCountryGG on 12/02/2018:
Unfortunately food can be an addiction...but unlike other addictions...we still have to eat....smoking and drinking never have to happen again...but food.....is sooo different. If as you say....you are just being lazy.....then so be it......you are motivated to continue...so you should continue.

Donkey on 12/02/2018:
100% agree with what Bear said!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/02/2018:
Popcorn, as you are making it so it's healthier than the cancer causing ingredient in the lining of microwavable bags, is a great benefit of fiber and low cal. i love that you add the seasonings. you can even find low salt seasonings or no salt and just plain herbs. you can add a little butter for taste and to feel more satisfied too! or olive oil or any other oil, just a little of course.

also, grapefuit is one of the lowest cal fruits. and Citrus is very important in the diet. the other fruit you should continue to consider is berries. i finally bought cranberries....! Of course i thought of YOU! finally, i found them at a store by me! i'm going to make my "stevia cranberry preserves!" how i love it mixed into yogurt!

berries are basically similar low cal to grapefruit and have so much benefits to your nutrition and energy. eat them!

remember, it's not about deprivation. nobody can stick to a "strict diet" of deprivation for life.

there's nothing wrong with your diet now.

this last time i lost the weight, and longest ever of keeping it so well maintained, was the longest it ever took to lose.

i have gained muscle in the 2.5 years of full maintenance which has helped and my cardio is a bit better.

i had a few periods where weight went up a hair (under 5 pounds) but when it does, i know to try to do cardio (last year i gained because i stopped the cardio completely in Winter) ...and to also just watch what i'm eating, a hair better.

also what helps me is cooking at home lately...and even switching up my meals. i do not like boredom either - as you can see from what i eat...it can vary. soon i'll be off my pumpkin brownies for breakfast!

enjoy your day!

OH, i wanted to tell you of a tasty drink you might like, CAFFEINE FREE, with the taste of those tasty energy drinks: BANG - caffeine free - they have two great flavors that i like: cotton candy caffeine free and also sour heads caffeine free. They are calorie free too. only have one a day, as they have healthy ingredients but can cause problems if consuming more than 1-2 a day (i get itchy from too many amino acid products). they also have some kinda cherry flavor, i don't like it. i think BANG offers 3 no caffeine flavors and the other flavors with caffeine are VERY high caffeine. 300mg per bottle which is like 3 cups coffee all at once. ouch. that's why i don't buy it ever to drink for a pre-workout - it's wayyy too much caffeine for me, i prefer monster that has more like 150mg per bottle. or coffee or more natural drinks. lately, i'm off the Monster drinks in general :)

Horn_of_plenty on 12/02/2018:
you are up to day 69...wouldn't it be nice to finish the year off with a continuation of your days...?

graindart on 12/02/2018:
Optimally, "yes" it would be great to finish the year by continuing the streak. But I'm getting "antsy". Feeling like something needs to "give". I keep hoping it's the number on the scale and it drops. Otherwise it may end up being a cheat day.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/02/2018:
69 + 30 = 99.

99/365 = success almost 30% of the year...but that's just this period...perhaps there's more days to add from previously this year.

just saying ;) you see, it all adds up!

graindart on 12/02/2018:
I know I've been complaining of late about the scale moving downward to slowly, but the vast majority of the year I've been successfully on-plan, which I'm guessing is why I feel so burnt out. Since starting this diet April 2017, I've only had a one-week detour last Christmas, 4 or 5 off-plan weekends this Spring, and 2-1/2 months off-plan this Summer. So the vast majority of days over the past 20 months time period have been spent on this lower calorie plan.

My guess of on-plan vs off-plan days over the past 20 months would be around 95 off-plan days out of the total 600 days. Unfortunately 75 of those off-plan days were all in a row (Summer).

Horn_of_plenty on 12/02/2018:
One cheat day is wayyyy better and will do no injustice compared to 2.5 months of cheat days. it's like maintenance to allow for indulgent days. just for you i guess to see how to work it in then :)

graindart - Saturday Dec 01, 2018
(Slow and Steady --OR-- Aggressive New Plan ????)
Weight: 183.3

Day 67 completed.  24 of 30 walks completed.

Conflicting emotions concerning current weightloss goals / progress.  I'm in a groove with my eating and don't really feel like changing.  It's not that I'm enjoying the food or that I'm eating something that would be sustainable during maintenance, but rather that I've found a way to eat at a caloric deficit that is workable right now.  

I'm not seeing results as quickly as I'd like, so I'm also getting frustrated.  It's hard to justify staying on-track when the results are so little and at such a slow pace.  Back in August, I thought I'd be back down near goal by Thanksgiving.  As Thanksgiving inched closer, I realized that wasn't going to happen and then thought by Christmas.  Now that it's December, I realize that's not going to happen and it's now maybe January or February?  I wasn't expecting it to take so long this time.  I was near goal for most of this past Spring, but gained 40+ lbs over 2-1/2 months this Summer.  Since it took 2-1/2 months to gain, I figured it would only take 2-1/2 months to lose again.  But if I don't make it to goal until February, it'll have been 6 months on-plan to lose what it took 2-1/2 months to gain.  If only I'd thought about this while shoveling crap in my mouth at the beginning of Summer.  Yeah, eating tons of cookies, chips, candy, burgers, pizza, pasta, etc was enjoyable at the time.  But do I really want to pay for it with half a year of miserable existing / work?????

All the talking about the past doesn't really matter right now.  Regrets won't get me any closer to my current goal.  They might help me to remember the next time not to make the same stupid mis-steps, but that's little help right now.  I either need to continue on the current plan and just accept that it'll take until February to reach goal........or I need to change something up.  Even as I type this, I don't know which way I'm going to go.  But with it being the 1st day of a new month, it would be a good day to start something new.  Slow and steady works, but am I really going to be committed to it for another 3 months?  And what if I have a cheat day or two over those 3 months?  Then the time period probably gets extended by another couple weeks.  Changing things up will be a little more miserable, but will get me headed towards goal at a quicker pace.  So I just have to make a decision. 

**** SLOW AND STEADY****  
POSITIVES:  I get to continue to eat my daily 3 bags of 100 calorie popcorn with lots of salt / seasoning.  I get to continue eating my daily grapefruit.  I get to feel full nightly.
NEGATIVES:  Realistically I have to continue this for probably another 3 months / 12 weeks.  And if I cheat or fall off the wagon, that time gets extended even more.

POSITIVES: I will probably cut the length of time to reach goal in half.  I'll be much more focused and motivated to stay on-track because I can see the end goal is within reach.  It'll be somewhat more exciting than the current mundane path I'm on.
NEGATIVES:  On a daily basis I will be hungrier, more irritable, more stressed.  And any day that the scale swings in the wrong direction will just magnify the negative feelings.

I still haven't decided which direction I'm going to go for the month of December, but will probably have a decision by lunch time.  Leaning towards shaking things up.  In theory, I'm willing to trade current pain for quicker gain.  I always feel that way in the morning.  As the day progresses, I tend to gravitate towards the food.  So as the day progresses, I might also just decide to stay in the current groove........ 

Either way, I'm on to conquer day 68 of the streak.....

Progress as of today: 99.7 lbs lost so far, only 14.3 lbs to go!

Donkey on 12/01/2018:
I get crabby (ok, crabbier) when I'm in a calorie deficit. I can really tell when I haven't had enough to eat. I'm not sure that's the best way to go into a "happy" holiday season...

If it helps, I think it took me about a year to lose most of my weight, and then another 6 months to lose the last 10 pounds to where it seems I've settled at.

Looking back, I don't know if I've actually established new eating habits/preferences or if it's just sheer determination never to have to go through the process or losing weight again.

graindart on 12/02/2018:
Have to keep reminding myself that the last bit of weight takes the longest to lose. Not as easy to stay motivated when the progress is so slow.....

BearCountryGG on 12/01/2018:
Have you looked at the mens height/weight charts for your healthy weight range? Are you trying to reach a goal that may be unreachable? We do know that it comes back on faster than it goes off.......unforunately our bodies think we are starving and suddenly slow our metabolism down.....shaking things up is the only real way I know of getting things moving again.........another thing is the salt......if you are drinking pop...it is full of sodium....I do believe that DIET RITE brand...is sodium free...at least it used to be....of course water weight isn't fat.........I'm hearing some good things about raw celery...hot sauce and apple cider vinegar......not together...but just as things to add to a diet.

graindart on 12/01/2018:
I've looked at the height / weight charts and also talked with several friends with similar builds to see what a decent weight goal should be.

"Ideal Weight" charts vary a lot for my height (5'10").

One calculator says 149-183lb range. Another says ideal is 129-174 based on BMI. For my life insurance exam earlier this year, I had to weigh less than 174lbs as that was their cutoff number between normal / overweight (175 was overweight). Several sites list "ideal" weight at 156-161.

Most of my similar build / height friends that look fit (but aren't exercise freaks) are in the 180's. They mentioned that they could see losing 10 lbs to get to a better place for taking off shirts when going swimming. They look normal / average and probably just have a bit of a tummy that's mostly hidden behind normal clothing.

I was in the 170's for much of this Spring and still had some extra chub that I wanted to get rid of. So that's why I decided the magic number was 169 for now. 169 is at the upper end of most of the weight ranges labeled as normal and also results in a higher bodyfat % than I'd ideally like to attain, but I'm not interested in putting in the constant work to live at a lower bodyfat % than that right now.

So all of that to say, I think 169 is completely attainable and realistic for my build / height / age. I don't think it's too low of a number to live at on a daily basis and won't take a lot of effort to maintain once I'm there maintaining for several months. I'll of course reassess once I'm there and can tweak "my" ideal number up or down once I see what I feel like for an extended period of maintaining.

Donkey on 12/01/2018:
(Glad to see you're still walking. You can definitely get in 6 more walks before the end of 2018.)

BearCountryGG on 12/01/2018:
So you are the same height my husband was in his younger years...he is now 5 ft 8 in, at 70 years of age....When he was in High school ( baseball and football)...he weighed 155....years later when he was working...up until around age 48....working with his tools on job sites...he weighted 172....I'm positive tht the activity allowed him to maintain those weights......since retirement...he has been as high as 210...and now hovers between 197 and 204.......He would like to be around 180 to 190......but it's a struggle.

BearCountryGG on 12/01/2018:
I should have said he's been as high as 240.......then got down to 210....and now has to really work to stay at 204.....below that is difficult to stay at...and he keeps returning to 204 - 210...when he does get below 200.....he can't break through beyond 197

graindart on 12/02/2018:
Beginning of my adult life I hovered around 190-205, but then just started adding a few pounds each year. Sat in the 220's for awhile before moving into the 240's for awhile. Then sat in the 250's / 260's for quite awhile. Thought that I was around 265-ish when I stepped on the scale in April 2017, but was greeted with a new high number of 283. That was when I realized I either needed to change things or I was going to weigh over 300 lbs.

Dropping below 200 was a major hurdle for me. Hitting 199 was one of my major goals and after making it there, I lost a bit of my drive. Getting down into the 170's earlier this year took a lot of commitment. Staying there meant effectively giving up certain foods that I enjoy the most (pizza, pasta, bread, and many other carbs). Is it worth it? I don't know. Depends on the day. And right now I'd be willing to throw it all away for a nice fresh piping hot cheesy pepperoni pizza. Good thing no pizza places are open at 7am around here......

Horn_of_plenty on 12/02/2018:
In my experience, it ALWAYS has taken longer to lose than to gain. As gaining was always easy for me, i like to eat to being full and i like to overeat. My overeating days were just like yours in the past when you wrote about them - i had no problem to continue eating into oblivion. I could do it for one day up to a few days and i had a couple periods in my life, two periods of time, where this phase of eating into oblivion caused me to seriously gain weight as each of those periods lasted over a year of not being in control or knowlegable of how to go about losing again and the emotional drain of the overeating, negative self talk and too many life changes caused me to stay in the overeating rut. I'd sometimes try to dramatically fix things overnight, just leading to another binge. I even tried something that sorta lead to "fasting..binge"...i would keep cals too low and then binge...there was no even ground at these times...

Horn_of_plenty on 12/02/2018:
I support the slow and steady because that's the only way to have progress as a way of learning from your past.

I think it's great you talk of the past. You HAVE learned a lot on this journey. right now you are learning, seeing and making choices to figure out the future of your maintenance.

the reason you have done so well is that you have been finding ways to sustain yourself without total deprivation.

and in terms of a maintenance lifestyle, which is possible to everyone, it's only done by learning what works for you!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/02/2018:
try to see the positive as how well you've done these past many days of your current countdown! this is proof of your ability to go the long run. Your current countdown is even a large percentage of a calendar year! ...

67/365 = almost 20% of a year. so, consider it like this, you've shown you can be successful all year, 1 our of every 5 days...? sounds crappy...but it's not...

and the past 67 days have been 100% successful.

Imagine this 20% this period and this calendar year becoming 40-50% next year.

if you look and learn from the past and present, you will see how what you are doing now is setting you up for SUCCESS and MORE SUCCESS in the future.

If you are getting bored with the now, definitely i'd suggest to try one thing different. but i wouldn't throw out all your amazing progress and ways of maintaining as you have now!

one more thing, upping exercise might help wonders.

when i add in cardio, immediately my weight will shift a hair down.

graindart - Friday Nov 30, 2018
(30 days - weigh & post daily)
Weight: 183.0

Day 66 completed successfully.  22 of 30 walks completed.

Dog enjoyed the walks again yesterday.  Again I tolerated them. 

Today has been mostly spent working on new computer and new phone setups.  Still tweaking things.

Last day of the month.  Today I feel like Christmas is still a fair way off.  Tomorrow I'll wake up to December 1st and suddenly my thought process will change.  A new urgency will suddenly take hold and I'll start eyeing all of the upcoming dates, especially all of the daughter's scheduled stuff.  Hopefully some of that urgency will also transfer to my weightloss goals / progress.  

Off to take a walk in below freezing weather.  Probably the last outside one for awhile if the weather forecast for snow is correct.

On to conquer day 67....

Progress as of today: 100 lbs lost so far, only 14 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 11/30/2018:
Doing great!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/02/2018:
I'm glad your dog is enjoying the walks...who knows, maybe your dog will loose a pound or two this season!

Yeah, walking in the snow i can do without!

enjoy your walk, stay warm.

last friday, it was getting so cold in the office that i put those toe warmers in my shoes and wore them all day. they helped me so i didn't have to wear a bazillion layers for once!

graindart - Thursday Nov 29, 2018
(30 days - weigh & post daily)
Weight: 183.0

Day 65 completed successfully 20 of 30 walks completed.

Dog enjoyed our walk yesterday.  I tolerated it.  Not much else went on.  Just getting some regular work completed today.

On to conquer day 66...

Progress as of today: 100 lbs lost so far, only 14 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 11/29/2018:
Good Job!!! And a happy dog is a bonus!!!

horn_of_plenty on 11/29/2018:
grrr my feet and legs are tired. no walking for me till i am "unsore"..but, will keep on with my workout tonight so that i stay on schedule (LOCAL Schedule) !!!

nice job walking. keep on with it!

Donkey on 11/30/2018:
Keep up the good work! Walking outside helps me clear my mind...

graindart - Wednesday Nov 28, 2018
(30 days - weigh & post daily)
Weight: 184.2

Day 64 completed successfully.  17 of 30 walks completed.

Things have slowed a lot on the weightloss efforts / results lately.  Keep staying under my daily self-imposed calorie limit and keep hoping I'll see a drop in the scale each morning.  Some days it's up a little and some days it's down a little, but at least the overall trend is downward.  I know that the closer to goal I get, the slower things get, but I'm impatient.

Each morning I think about doing something different to try to jumpstart the loss of these last 15 lbs.  Each afternoon I start waivering on the jumpstart plans.  Each night I completely scrap those plans and find comfort in my 100 calorie bags of popcorn and fresh grapefruit.  I think that keeping my popcorn / grapefruit around when I get to maintenance-land will be a major help.  Right now I think the popcorn might be slowing things down.  But I enjoy it, it's low in calories, takes awhile to eat, and tends to satisfy with it's bulk / salt.  Those are all traits that will come in handy when maintaining.  

Not really looking for advice on the above.  I know how to get where I'm headed and know that it takes time.  Just writing my thoughts down for when I look back at things.

On to conquer day 65....

10am addition =
I need to stop talking about it and start doing it.  There are 22 days until we leave for Christmas vacation.  I want to weigh in the 170's and it would be great to at least see 179.9 before vacation.  I need to make a change to my current plan in order to head in that direction.  I need to start taking my own advice and choose something to accomplish during these next 3 weeks.  One of those things will be to complete the 30 walks (30 min each) that I started earlier (quit after logging 17 of them).  I got bored with it and really dislike walking around in the cold, but need to accomplish something.  So that's back on, only 13 half-hour increments left to cap that prior goal.

Progress as of today: 98.8 lbs lost so far, only 15.2 lbs to go!

innerpeace on 11/28/2018:
Thank you for your comments yesterday, I was really down and was upset and emotional most of the night. I am grateful someone understands.

graindart on 11/28/2018:
It's a feeling that most of us get from time to time even when we're mostly on the right track. The rest of my life has gone pretty well and I feel mostly in control of the general direction of everything, except food. Don't know why over-eating has always been the one thing I've never been able to curb.

If you're like me, you need a "win" to give you some additional motivation. For me, constantly failing at something just makes me feel like crap.....and it boils over into other areas of my life too. Picking a small goal to accomplish each month in the food / health department has been the small "win" I've needed to be able to move in the right direction. Maybe 95% of everything in the food / health department still sucks at the end of that first month, but at least I did one small thing right for the entire month.

happy-1 on 11/28/2018:
Food is just complicated and overeating is just part of how our ancestors got ready for famine, war, etc. It’s an artificial world we live in where “overeating”is a problem.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/28/2018:
ohhh nice you are walking! i walked too today! i stopped early tho and didn't finish the walk bc yesterday i wore boots with a heal and today my legs were pretty tired from it. so i rode the bus a little back home too. ...after sitting all day in the office, it's very important to try to move around a little bit most days! :)

your body thanks you for the walk!!!!

Donkey on 11/29/2018:
So glad to hear you are taking up waking again. I think it will help. Helps me curb hunger sometimes. Plus, I always appreciate my warm home when I come in afterwards :)

BearCountryGG on 11/29/2018:
Glad to see you will be walking again...I'll bet the dog is too......!!!

graindart - Tuesday Nov 27, 2018
(30 days - weigh & post daily)
Weight: 183.9

Day 63 completed successfully.

Got caught up on my regular work yesterday, so don't have too much normal work for today unless something comes in over the next few hours.  Probably for the best as I woke up around 2am today and decided to mess around with setting up a new phone I got. 

On to conquer day 64...

Progress as of today: 99.1 lbs lost so far, only 14.9 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 11/27/2018:
so now you have a new phone set up! nice job being proactive....you have been out there with your sleep, i guess you have things on your mind :)

great job staying on track!

graindart on 11/27/2018:
Probably just the effects of the zero-calorie energy drink I had right before bed. Probably a stupid move, but they usually don't affect me.

BearCountryGG on 11/27/2018:
Being awake half the night is miserable.......I've found that a dose of tylenol seems to put me back to sleep.

graindart on 11/27/2018:
The thought crossed my mind, but I try to keep away from any pills as much as possible. I definitely won't have any problem falling asleep tonight!

Donkey on 11/28/2018:
On Monday, I woke up early to shovel. I was exhausted by 10am, but the thing that kept me going at work was knowing that I'd sleep really well that night!

I really enjoyed your comment to InnerPeace. That would have made an excellent entry in your own DD. :)

graindart - Monday Nov 26, 2018
(30 days - weigh & post daily)
Weight: 182.6

Day 62 completed successfully.

Had a dream that I went off-plan and had to start over with a new day 1.  Thankfully it was just a dream, although I did end up right at my limit yesterday and there is a big pan of rice krispie treats sitting in the kitchen.  (Actually made with different cereals and chocolate drizzled on top, but same basic thing as rice krispie treats.)

Today is some regular work and some errand running.

I keep thinking that I should do a real low calorie day and skip popcorn / salt for one day, just to see a movement in the scale hopefully into the 170's.  But then I get to mid-day and realize I really like eating food.......

On to conquer day 63....

Progress as of today: 100.4 lbs lost so far, only 13.6 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 11/26/2018:
I completely messed up the diet last night......it did point something out to me though....I've been eating breakfast rather I was hungry or not.......now I will wait longer to start my meals so that I'm not so hungry in the evening......so in an odd sort of way...it did remind me of something to do better. Dr Phil says we can't stop a habit...but that we can replace it with something else.....He used to come home from playing tennis and go into the house through the kitchen door...where he grabbbed a few cookies......so he changed his habit and went in through the front door...bypassed the kitchen altogether...and was able to skip the cookies with no problem...but his wife did say...that because he is diabetic...she now makes sure he has sugar free jello to snack on...so maybe you could substitute the jello that you have already liked for the popcorn for a day.

horn_of_plenty on 11/26/2018:
rice krispie treats are not too high cal a snack...lots of air in there :) sorta like popcorn ...

remember it's not about the scale and one day...it's about the lifestyle...

skipping popcorn for one day is just to deny yourself, but will NOT make any major change in the long run.

remember, DIETS SUCK...and do not work...

what works is a lifestyle change in that you learn how to SATISFY YOURSELF and without your calorie range! ...i was reading a great book, highly recommend...i'll write about it soon in my own diary.

it gives some great advice regarding food choices, depression and anxiety, happy feelings...and the interconnect between these things. it has enlightened my thinking.

for instance, regarding the book, i realize that staying away from red meat was stupid (for me), especially as a woman, and to include it now. and also stupid of me - to not eat enough fish. by eating salmon, specifically, i can change my levels of feel good hormones drastically.

something else, sorta expensive but worth adding the small serving size amounts (a pinch - small pinch is the serving size) - SAFRON...this herb is so potent and powerful that 2 servings a day in one study proved better than PROZAC for depression. i ordered some Safron and plan to have it semi-regularly.

also with Safron, it combats inflammation / high blood pressure. it's a VERY special herb.

so the book is great.

just by adding some things to your diet, you can change a lot of your health. it's written by a dietician practicing around 20-30 years now. great read. tho it's a pink cover lol...but it's for men and women with info for both.

"Eat your Way to Sexy," By Elizabeth Somer. this book has so much info, i'll be highlighted sections as reminders of things to add into my diet and why.

graindart - Sunday Nov 25, 2018
(30 days - weigh & post daily)
Weight: 181.8

Day 61 completed successfully.

Ate up to my calorie limit yesterday, which included 3 of the 100 calorie bags of popcorn.  Kind of getting bored with eating the same food over and over, but it does make it easier to stay on-track right now. 

Mixed it up yesterday because I wanted some sugar-free jello cups and also raspberries.  I buy the generic SF premade jello cups and they're only 5 calories each.  So even when I eat the entire 12-pack, it was only 60 calories.  Then I finally saw the can of fat free Reddi Wip which only has 5 calories per 2 Tbsp serving.  The can had 37 servings, so 185 calories for the entire spray can.  And I did something I've never done before.......I ended up eating the entire can in just one day.  I had some of the ReddiWip on the jello, some on the raspberries, and some went straight in my mouth.  Not normal, but it was a nice change of snacks.  12 of the jello cups = 60 cal, 9oz raspberries = 135 cal, one can of the ReddiWip = 185 cal.  So total for all of the jello, raspberries, and whipped topping was 380 calories.  Ideally I would've eaten it over 2 days, but once I started I didn't want to stop.  And a 380 calorie snack is right inline (or less) than a lot of the single serving dessert options at a restaurant. 

Was surprised at the dessert calorie counts when I went to the Applebees site.  1520 for blue ribbon brownie with ice cream.  1070 for triple chocolate meltdown with ice cream.  1520 for pecan blondie with ice cream.  410 for the hot fudge sundae shooter (small and made in a shooter glass).

Guess that's why I used to be a lot fatter.  Typical Applebees dinner date was 1/2 appetizer (500-1000 cal), entree (1200-1800), and dessert (1000).  So typical dinner date used to be around 2700 - 3800 calories.  No wonder I always left feeling stuffed......

Having the 5 day "weekend" off has been nice and relaxing.  Didn't get much accomplished, but it's been nice.  Which probably means that it'll be hard to get back into the swing of things tomorrow morning.

On to conquer day 62....


Progress as of today: 101.2 lbs lost so far, only 12.8 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 11/25/2018:
Looks like you figured out a way to have all of the dessert you want and still stay wihin cals........Win Win

Donkey on 11/25/2018:
I agree with Bear. You made it work! I confess I don't think I've ever looked up the calories in Reddi-Whip... that could really work!

graindart on 11/25/2018:
Only works for that one fat free version. 185 calories for that can would be 600-800 for some of the other versions.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/25/2018:
WOW...i had no idea the whole can is only 185 cal! very nice!

also i want to mention i use sugar free cool whip and divide it into (usually) only 4 servings. i slice it and it's easy to stick with it that way, even in the fridge i see the slice marks easily. that container has 500 i think cals, so half the container is 250 and a 1/4 is only 120 cal and i bring it often to work for breakfast over a treat lately. it works! i like the sugar free bc the fat is satisfying (and less sugar for any spikes in blood which i get and do not like).

the 185 cal is amazing. that is something i would do, to eat a lot of something because i can.

this is good to do for you - if you get too bored, that can really strike a binge for me...so it's good you are experimenting with alternatives and ways to feel full on less! PLUS, the rasperries are HEALHTY. and so is the gelatin in the jello. so it's not all bad!

graindart - Saturday Nov 24, 2018
(30 days - weigh & post daily)
Weight: 184.0

Day 60 completed successfully.

Not much to report.  Ate up to my max calories for the day and had several bags of 100 cal popcorn.

Messing around with computer stuff today.

On to conquer day 61...

Progress as of today: 99 lbs lost so far, only 15 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 11/24/2018:
nice job...try to break it up if you get bored of the popcorn, try to find another lighter treat. also, you can flavor the popcorn with seasonings and spices to even make it sweet with cinnamon...or other ways :)

great job to you!

graindart on 11/24/2018:
It's the exact opposite problem..... I love the popcorn and have to try to limit myself. Have about 5 or 6 different seasoning bottles to sprinkle on it. Love it, but intake a lot of salt with it. I know if I just temporarily gave up the popcorn and went low-carb, I'd probably see the weight drop faster and I'd get to maintenance-land quicker. But I just don't want to give up my popcorn right now.....

Donkey on 11/24/2018:
We all have our vices. I say go with what works.

BearCountryGG on 11/24/2018:
Yup....lots of sodium in the pop too.....I'll bet you are holding on to water......wouldn't that be interesting if you are already at goal?????? I hold onto water too....so I drink more...and that really gets things settled. Yesterday D wore some new sox and showed me his legs in the evening...he had perfectly patterned legs...exactly where every fiber of those socks were......and especially around the top....but from almost to his knees to his ankles....it was quite a design....he googled it...and it said...if it stays for more than an hour...its water retention...if it leaves quickly...you socks are too tight...he decided his new socks were too tight..

Horn_of_plenty on 11/24/2018:
and i wouldn't give up the popcorn if i were you, you have to have some things to eat that you love / enjoy to help you get to maintenance land so this is a good one!!!!!!!!!!!! :) i am in full support of the popcorn...just be careful if you have high blood pressure or something, otherwise, eat on!

graindart on 11/25/2018:
I think the popcorn will come in handy during maintenance. It's semi-bulky and would be hard to eat enough to seriously derail anything (unless adding a lot of butter).

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