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graindart - Thursday Feb 14, 2008
(130oz water,no snacks,no reg.pop,no food after 7pm)
Weight: 249.0

Yesterday could've been better, but it also could've been worse. I was on the road all day, which is usually when I stuff my face all day. I didn't have anything for breakfast, had a sandwich and 1/2 small bag of chips for lunch. I would've ate the whole bag of chips, but I tried a new flavor (spicy thai) and it was pretty nasty. Even though it was nasty, I still ate 1/2 of it. Supper was where I went wrong. I was in a different city which has several restaurants that I like going to. I grabbed a 2 meat BBQ dinner to go. I finished it before getting out of the city. Then I was craving some chinese style food, so I picked up some from one of my favorites on the way out of town. I was pretty stuffed and feeling a little guilty. When I tally the total amount of food eaten, it's still a lot better than the typical "on the road" day. A couple hours on the road later I stopped and grabbed a snack pack size of cheddar cheese pieces and a 5 calorie no sugar energy drink for a snack. I wasn't hungry, but just wanted to eat to stay awake. I got on back on the road and opened the cheese baggie only to find out that it had started to mold inside there, so I didn't end up having any cheese for a snack.

When I got home, my wife and kids had made cupcakes during the day and my wife brought me a chocolate cupcake with whipped cream and a sliced / fanned strawberry on top. It looked and smelled great. I told myself that I'd already had a less than stellar day and that one more thing wouldn't kill me. But, I decided not to eat it afterall, I didn't want it to turn into another week or two of falling of the wagon only to come back a few pounds heavier.

This morning I'm about to start a full day of work and I've got my water bottle next to me. Lunch will probably be a large salad or maybe some leftover chinese food. The wife's cooking dinner, so I'll have to wait and see what that will be. BTW - I already took my wife out for Valentines Day to a fancy restaurant earlier. I didn't want people thinking I was making my wife slave over the stove on Valentine's Day, although technically she is.

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 49 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/16/2008:
ewww, mold!? yuck! Have a good day today and try to forget about what has already happened! :)

ddwebmaster on 06/22/2008:

graindart - Tuesday Feb 12, 2008
(130oz water,no snacks,no reg.pop,no food after 7pm)
Weight: 249.0

I will not give up my fried chicken. :) Afterall, I have to have something to look forward to. I finished my water yesterday. Dinner was fried chicken, twice-baked potatoes, macaroni salad, and a roll. I had 1 can of Diet Dew at the end of the day. I was also craving snacks at the end of the day, so I settled for a piece of cheese.

I'm sitting here at the computer starting a full day of work. I had a Slimfast for breakfast and am working on a bottle of water. I'll probably make up a large salad for lunch, including some of the leftover chicken pieces scattered on top. The wife is taking care of dinner tonight, so I'm not sure what that will entail.

** PM update ** Lunch was a large salad with everything but the sink thrown on top of it. Dinner was chicken pot pie. I also had a couple of tacos from some leftover taco meat. I just finished my 130oz of water. I'll probably have a can or two of Diet Dew over the next bit. Hopefully won't cave to any snack cravings later tonight.

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 49 lbs to go!

rae_regenbogen on 02/12/2008:
Oh, that diet mt. dew! I sometimes joke that I need to go to rehab because I'm HOOKED!

Thanks for your comment on my journal. I really hadn't even considered that the watcher was probably just interested in how the machine worked. Today I wrote that I feel silly for being so suspicious! :)

mmuraro on 02/12/2008:
Hahaha, you're totally right. If it's something you really like, you shouldn't give it up, but rather manage to fit it into your diet. Otherwise it's too hard to keep doing it for good, like we need to do! Good for you! As for the diet sodas, my sister is a marathon runner and a nutricionist, in really good shape and knows her stuff. She has diet coke all day, starting at breakfast. I think it's all about balance. Everyone has a drug of choice. :)

kkaahh11 on 02/12/2008:
i havent had fried chicken in a long time and ever since you wrote that i could go for some =) i think ill pass tonight though haha good luck!

graindart - Monday Feb 11, 2008
(130oz water,no snacks,no reg.pop,no food after 7pm)
Weight: 249.0

Yesterday went alright. I ended up finishing my 130 ounces of water. We went out for dinner and had chinese food. No snacks, no candy, no food after 7pm. I bought a fountain Diet Mtn Dew later, but only drank probably 5-10ounces. I craved the Diet Dew, but just wasn't all that thirsty after finishing all that water.

I had to get up early this morning and hit the road. Days that I have to do a lot of driving are usually my worst days eating wise. I usually eat and drink just to stay awake. So far today I had a Slimfast for breakfast and for lunch I had a sandwich with a small bag of chips. I've been working away at the water. Tonight will be fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and some type of salad.

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 49 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/11/2008:
perhaps you can keep fruit/veggies in your car. I'd wash one or two apples and have carrots for nibbling throughout the day! perfect for driving...perhaps. lol.

greengirl on 02/11/2008:
Sounds like you are doing really well. Horn of Plenty is right - its always good to be prepared !!

mmuraro on 02/11/2008:
Yea, that's a good idea. You can also keep a cereal or protein bar. But watch for those, too many can add up to lots of calories. You can always get baked chips, in case you're getting the fried one, and also try to get used to replacing the fried chicken with baked chicken, even if you're family is having the friend you can have the baked or some tuna. That will save you lots of calories and cholesterol.

CritterMom on 02/12/2008:
How about trying grilled chicken, instead of fried? That'll cut lots of calories and fat.

graindart - Sunday Feb 10, 2008
(130oz water,no snacks,no reg.pop,no food after 7pm)
Weight: 249.0

Yesterday was a start. Slimfast for breakfast, large loaded salad for lunch. Shepherd's pie for dinner with a few pieces of buttered bread. I finished my 130oz of water and had a can of Diet Mtn. Dew. No snacks / candy / etc.

Today nothing for breakfast. Cornbeef, cabbage, and mashed potatoes for lunch. I'm part way through my water and had a can of Diet Mtn. Dew.

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 49 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/10/2008:
sounds like a good weekend! Keep up the GREAT work!

mmuraro on 02/10/2008:
Hey! I was reading your entry from yesterday. I am sorry you feel that way, I was there too before I started dieting. I think we reach a point when we say enough, and looks to me that you're there now. A couple of suggestions: the diet soda, as far as I heard, has no calories, but the same way the artificial sweetner fools your taste, it also fools your body which recieves it as sugar, so the insulin will peak and you'll feel like snacking and crave more sweets. Sounds about right, no? So i would strongly suggest you cut down on the mountain dew. limit yourself to maybe 2 cans a day, then 1. I drink diet coke, but now i try to have it less often, which I am able to do. I don't like drinking water, either. Especially in the winter, but just force yourself to have 2 glasses 4x a day and you'll be fine. I have a friend who puts a splash of cranberry juice in her water, that can work for you too, but make sure you count those splashes, because they may add up to a glass a day. Also, stay away from fried food. Isn't there an option to the fried chicken dinner? I am sure that if you and your wife sit together and plan, you will do great. Maybe you can just buy 1 chicken breast filet for yourself and bake it. Or fish, even better. Cooks really fast in the oven and if you just squeeze fresh lime and pepper on it it tastes great! Good luch and congrats on the loss so far!

thinnsidenotout on 02/10/2008:
Cornbeef is loaded with the sodium.....H2o H2O H2O to flush the sodium will be so important...Sorry to be negative, but I am a firm believer in the less sodium, Your B.P. will be where it should be... I had to bypass the C.B. at the store (THANK YOU ST.PATTY)...yesterday...I LOVE C.B. & cabbage, but have to weigh my options and how quickly I want to be to my goal...I have to help my body out ,before my body will help me get to where I want to be... You can do it, just will take some time to get into the habits that will eventually be routine.... I wish you all the luck in the world!

mylifechanges on 02/11/2008:
just stopping by to say hello! You're doing wonderful so far! Keep up all of your hard work! :)

graindart - Saturday Feb 09, 2008
(130 oz water,no snacks,no reg.pop,)
Weight: 249.0

My eating has been out of control since the beginning of the year. I've gained about 10-15 lbs since Christmas. I've been eating tons of candy, cupcakes, etc. I keep saying I'll change my eating habits next week.

I feel lethargic. My brain feels cloudy / fuzzy. I feel sort of disconnected and find it hard to concentrate. I'd like to just curl up in a ball and sleep, but even sleeping doesn't sound good.

I haven't been stepping on the scales because I can feel that I've gained weight. I feel extra fat around my jaw / neck.

Even though I know things are going in the wrong direction, I just don't feel motivated to change. I don't feel like doing much of anything. I'm tired most of the time. I'm constantly stuffing my face even though the food / candy really doesn't taste all that good.

I know what to do to turn things around, but I just don't "feel" like doing it.

I need to start drinking more water again. I've been living on Diet Mountain Dew for the past 6+ months. While there's no calories involved, I'm sure that drinking so much diet soda isn't helping me.

I started off today with a low carb Slimfast. I just filled up my water bottles. I just took a drink of water - I'm not real fond of it. I know that in the past I've gotten used to drinking it and tend to feel quite a bit better when I'm drinking quite a bit of water each and every day. I just need to suck it up and deal with it until I get used to drinking water again.

One of the major hurdles for my eating has been our going out to eat daily. My wife and I have sat down and split up the week a bit so that we're trying to cook something for dinner every night, except Mondays when we'll just pickup fried chicken at the grocery store. Thats good for dinner, but that means that we've been going out for lunch more often now. I'm thinking about trying to get into a routine of something small and quick for breakfast (Slimfast, granola bar, etc), salad or something light for lunch, and whatever we're cooking for dinner. I just need to cut out the snacks (especially late night), cookies, candy, chips, etc.

Oh well, I've got my water bottles sitting here with me. I need to try to get something accomplished today. I'm leaning towards cleaning my office and / or bedroom. I'll update more later, hopefully having drank some water and completed something.

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 49 lbs to go!

borntocry on 02/09/2008:
Oh gosh, I feel like copying your entry and pasting it into my diary, 'cause that's exactly how I feel. I have gotten into the habit of eating everything my heart desires, to the point where it isn't even special any more. And I can't stand drinking water. Ditto also on the lethargy, lack of motivation, etc.

Do you think you could be anaemic? Lethargy, difficulty concentrating, and hunger can be symptoms of iron deficiency. It's rare in guys, but still, you could try taking a daily multi-vitamin just in case.

Could also just be a diet heavy in sugar/carbohydrates. My energy levels seem a lot lower when I eat a lot of bread, cereal, etc.

I think we've just got to be prepared to suffer a little, and make some small sacrifices, for our health. Well, I'm going to be trying to drink more water from now on, and I've also got to do some cleaning this weekend, so maybe we can send each other some good vibes...

thinnsidenotout on 02/09/2008:
The last 3 weeks, I have been without ANY diet soda pop, drink 120 or more ounces of water throughout the day, eat flourless bread (sprouted grains), swap Skinny Cow S/F fudge bars or S/F Jell-O for Ice cream/Cookies/cupcakes/etc... I DO NOT now crave any of those things I gave up...Not to say it was easy and I haven't been tempted, but my me diarying EVERYTHING (EVERY BITE THAT GOES INTO MY MOUTH) here publicly EVERY DAY and knowing that I have chosen to do so, helps me in so many ways to "BE GOOD"..

Exercise is a big key too...If you exercise, you tend to not want to ruin the effort by eating the wrong things... THROW AWAY "ALL" junk food in the house and buy healthy choices, cause if you don't have it, you can't eat it! Take healthy snacks with you wherever you go...I somteimtes put a slice of lemon in between layer of ice in a glass and pour the water over that.. A little more appealing than plain H2O when you are drinking so much..

It also helps to daily tell yourself WHY you want/need to lose weight....It has to be for the right reasons to give you the drive that you need to succeed... I finally found mine and have been here since that day....THANK YOU FELLOW DIARISTS!!!

I wish you good luck and much success...Just remember that this is a good place to be and you have the support to get through every day, if you continue to diary daily/weekly/monthly, you will be supported by people in the same place that you are at the moment...We are all in different stages of this never ending journey of weight issues....

shadetree on 02/09/2008:
I don't think I can really add anything to what thinnside has said...

Perhaps in addition to the obvious, you suffer from SAD? I know here we suffer with NO sunlight this time of year - so far in February we have had NO sun. In January, we only had 16% of available sun. This definitely has an affect on people who DON'T suffer from it, I can't imagine what it does to people who do have it!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/09/2008:
Can you go cold turkey on the Diet Mountain Dew? I know for a fact that when i drink diet drinks, they make me jittery and don't make my system run near as smoothly as clear, clean water does. I am far better at drinking water while at work than when i'm at home...but we all have to start somewhere!

i know that some people, whenever they start to loose their good eating habits, will go back to an all natural or even low carb diet. I will be doing a somewhat lower carb diet. more yogurt. I think that having milk/yogurt with your meals may help you feel full!

workingit2 on 02/10/2008:
Welcome back!

graindart - Tuesday Jan 01, 2008
(120oz water,no snacks,no reg.pop,)
Weight: 240.0

Just entering my starting stats for 2008.

Progress as of today: 23 lbs lost so far, only 40 lbs to go!

dearerdiarist on 01/01/2008:
Well Happy New Year, Lurker Guy! So nice to see you. You read like great inspiration. Good job!!!

Donkey on 01/02/2008:
So good to see you posting again on the DD! I understand the appeal of the carbonated drink. Uniquely refreshing :-)

workingit2 on 01/02/2008:
And your body thanks you for being 23lbs less! Way to go! Happy New Year!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/02/2008:
yay...can't wait for more entries!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/05/2008:
over a year, it looks like you've lost about 10 lbs! congrats!

graindart - Thursday Dec 27, 2007
(120oz water,no snacks,no reg.pop,)
Weight: 236.0

I've been lurking for months, but haven't felt motivated to actually leave a note in my own diary for quite awhile. Actually it's been 6 months since my last entry and it appears that I've lost another 10lbs since then. Another year's almost over and the annual try at starting a new weight loss plan is fast approaching.....January 1st. The only thing I've done right this past year is cutting out the regular pop. Thankfully that means that I'm starting off the new year 22lbs lighter than last year. An initial 36lbs to lose sounds a whole lot easier than the 58lbs of last year. I've been going through the candy, cookies, pies, cakes, etc like crazy the past month and I'm pretty much sick of it. I of course say this only minutes after eating my most recent piece of chocolate. I think I'm ready to start being a little more choosy on my foods, but I'm really dreading trying to get back to drinking water for the majority of my liquid intake. This past year I've traded my life-long addiction to regular Mtn.Dew for my new addiction to Diet Mtn.Dew. I know I should drink less of the Diet Dew and replace it with water, but water just doesn't "comfort" me like a nice cold freshly carbonated Diet Dew. My wife's been talking about starting to exercise, so I might think about joining her......maybe. Just a few more days of indulgence, then it's time to make a change or two.

Progress as of today: 27 lbs lost so far, only 36 lbs to go!

fritters on 12/27/2007:
Until you said your wife, I thought you were a very good friend of mine that has the same Mt. dew addiction as you!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/29/2007:
yeah, there's nothing like some carbonation...it does wonders for me, too! :) You can try flavored seltzer, too. Congrats on your 10 lb loss! You've done well this year! :)

graindart - Sunday Jun 17, 2007
(120oz water,no snacks,no reg.pop, 3 meals per day)
Weight: 248.6

Well, the diet's been on hold for awhile now. The only thing that I've stuck to is not drinking any regular pop.

Progress as of today: 14.4 lbs lost so far, only 48.6 lbs to go!

SeaBreeze on 06/18/2007:
Thanks for your note. When I lost weight the last time, I drank Diet Dr Pepper. I liked that it did not taste diet. But I believe that the chemicals in diet sodas are worse than being fat. So, I am trying to lose this time by cutting out sodas or reducing it down to one a day. In Jan and part of Feb, I gave up Pepsi and I was shocked that I was able to do it. Unfortunately I started back on it and now I need to cut it out!!!

Have you thought about your eating as just a lifestyle change...like not drinking soda? I have found that when I think of diet, I think of deprivation. When I think of lifestyle changes, i think of me being in control CHOOSING what to eat and when to eat. So, I don't get in that diet/failure loop. I wish you the best in your journey!

graindart - Monday Apr 30, 2007
(120oz water,no snacks,no reg.pop, 3 meals per day)
Weight: 245.6

62 days til July......

I'm going to try to hop back on the wagon today. (120oz of water, no snacks, 3 meals per day)

I'm sitting at my computer about to start work. I have a bottle of water and a Slimfast (breakfast). Will update again later.

Progress as of today: 17.4 lbs lost so far, only 45.6 lbs to go!

greengirl on 04/30/2007:
Good luck with the fresh start !!

graindart - Saturday Apr 28, 2007
(120oz water,no snacks,no reg.pop, 3 meals per day)
Weight: 246.6

64 days to go until July.....

Well things have been kind of at a standstill. I haven't been getting my water intake and I haven't really been sticking to my 3 meals per day. I'm still sticking in there with not having any regular pop.

Tomorrow is a bbq party, so I'll probably eat a little more than usual. Sunday is also the day that I have the most trouble getting water in, so I think I'll just wait until Monday to take another stab at getting onboard with my 3 meals per day and water intake.

Did quite a bit of yard work today and I'm feeling sore.

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 46.6 lbs to go!

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