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graindart - Sunday Apr 20, 2003
(no regular pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 201.4

201.4 / 250.8 / 199

No pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm. Slimfast for breakfast. Easter lunch at parents, which included: ham w/pineapple, mashed potatoes w/butter & gravy, pickled beets, green bean casserole, asparagus w/butter, fruit salad, and some sparkling grape juice. I passed on the dessert, key-lime pie. It wasn't that big of a deal though, because key-lime was never my favorite. If it would've been a chocolate cream pie, I may have decided to indulge. Dinner was a granola bar.

Put up a couple of gates on my newly erected fence today, started on 2 others, but didn't have enough of the cedar to finish them, so will try to finish them tomorrow when some hardware / lumber stores are open. Between Monday and Tuesday, I need to stain the whole fence. Wednesday's full with work and other things. Thursday I need to finish up my work, get some laundry done, and get packed. Friday morning I leave for mini-vacation in Kansas. It's been 3 weeks since I've seen my wife and baby girl. My daughter is now 2-1/2 months old. She's now sort of squeeling and / or laughing according to my wife, or at least she's done it a few times while they've been gone. Friday night we're doing Olive Garden, I sure do miss that place. Late Saturday night I know we're going out with some friends for dinner. As for the rest of the time, I hope to just eat moderately. I know that I'll be eating more than usual and just hope that I don't gain that much weight over the 5 days. It's a vacation and I'm just not willing to stick to a strict eating regimen throughout it. I will still restrict myself to only eating during a meal time, no snacking, no pop, and no deserts. Even doing that, I'm sure I'll gain a few pounds, but will consider it to have been worth it.

graindart - Saturday Apr 19, 2003
(no regular pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 203.6

203.6 / 250.8 / 199

Granola bar for breakfast. Quiznos small sub sandwich and cup of clam chowder for lunch. Granola bar for dinner.

graindart - Friday Apr 18, 2003
(no regular pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 204.6

204.6 / 250.8 / 199

No pop and nothing after 7pm. Granola bar for breakfast. Healthy Choice frozen meal for lunch. Small buttered popcorn at the movies early afternoon. Granola bar for dinner.

graindart - Thursday Apr 17, 2003
(no regular pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 203.8

203.8 / 250.8 / 199

No pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm. Granola bar for breakfast. Sandwich for lunch. Granola bar for supper.

Sometimes it amazes me how little food it actually takes to sustain me. I'm not hungry at all, but after writing down my day, it doesn't seem like I ate that much. I was busy all day putting up a nice new cedar fence, I'm on day 3 of it now. All that's left is to build the gates and stain the whole thing. I have one week to get it completely finished. My wife, who's down in Kansas visiting her parents, has no idea that my dad and I have been doing it so it'll be a big surprise. We bought a "fixer-upper" a little over a year ago and the fence really needed to be replaced. There's still a boat load of stuff that needs to be done, enough to keep me busy for another year or so in my spare time. I guess that's how I get some exercise, by doing all my own home / yard / garage remodeling.

Gael the Whale on 04/18/2003:
that can be good exercise. and keeps your mind off food. and gives you a feeling of accomplishment. keep on keepin on

graindart - Wednesday Apr 16, 2003
(no regular pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 206.0

206.0 / 250.8 / 199

No pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm. I don't know why my weight jumped back up so much. The day after I weighed 203, it went back up to 209 for no reason that I could figure out. It's back to 206 today and I'm back to thinking that I won't see 199 by vacation time, next Friday.

The one good thing is that my body-fat scale registered 28.7% today, which is the first time I've seen it drop below 30%. When I started the diet it was at 43% or 44%, so there's been some progress there, although I don't know how accurate it actually is.

Gael the Whale on 04/17/2003:
that can be frustrating I know . I have jumped back up two or three pounds. I am going to have to do something more or different but dont know what .

Chrysalis on 04/17/2003:
Kyrin will tell you to get a good tape measure. Measuring inches lost is much more accurate than just following the scale. If you have gained pounds but lost inches, then you've replaced fat with muscle, which weighs more. You're doing great!

paullopez on 04/17/2003:
It's probably just fluctioations in the amount of water your body is retaining. I believe that salt is a cause of this. So if you eat a dinner that is high in sodium, you'll appear to have gained wait. But don't worry, it's just water weight. It will return to normal.

graindart - Saturday Apr 12, 2003
(no regular pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 203.4

203.4 / 250.8 / 199

No pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm. Slimfast for breakfast. Ate out for lunch.....hamburger, salad with blue cheese, onion rings, baked beans, iced tea. Nothing for dinner.

I guess I might as well add a new part to my diet plan. For the past while I've been pretty much skipping dinner or eating something small. Right now I'm able to do it without getting hungry, so I'll continue it for awhile longer. It started with just changing my big meal from dinner to lunch, but now skipping dinner a few times a week isn't that big of a deal.

graindart - Friday Apr 11, 2003
(no regular pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 204.2

204.2 / 250.8 / 199

No pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm. Slimfast for breakfast. I ate at Arby's for lunch, had the chicken sandwich, curly fries, and an iced tea. Nothing for dinner.

Yesterday and today I helped my dad remove some fencing and re-install some chainlink fencing he wanted put in it's place. This afternoon we started on my yard and removed my old wood fencing. Tomorrow we start with replacing it with new wood fencing. It's pretty tiring and hard work, but it'll sure look nice when it's done. We're just getting started tomorrow, hopefully we'll get it finished by next weekend, and then I'll have to paint or stain it. At least it'll be done before my wife and baby get back, so it'll be a surprise.

graindart - Thursday Apr 10, 2003
(no regular pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 205.4

205.4 / 250.8 / 199

No pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm. A couple of soft boiled eggs for breakfast. I was planning on having a couple of slices of toast with them, but found out that the bread was going moldy, so it was just the eggs. Lunch was Taco Bell - 2 tacos, 1 bean burrito, and a Diet Pepsi. Nothing for dinner.

Only 6 lbs to go for my first goal. If I had it to start all over again, I wouldn't have made my first goal such a large one. Looking back at my starting weight of 250.8, I should've chosen a couple of inbetween goals to have accomplished. Fifty pounds is way to large of a 1st goal, although thankfully I'm almost to my first goal. The only good thing about such a hefty 1st goal is that you don't keep "celebrating" every time you hit a small goal. While "celebrating" for each small goal might work for many others, "celebrating" equals "food" to me. So if I would've had many small goals, I probably would've put on a couple of pounds after each little goal which would've got real depressing having to re-lose the same weight.

I'm planning on "celebrating" (read eat the forbidden foods) once I hit 199, which I'm starting to think might be when I get to go visit my in-laws and see my wife and baby, after they've already been down there for 3 weeks. A little vacation, some different restaurants, seeing friends and family, having my wife and daughter by my side, and not belonging to CLUB 200.....at least at the beginning of the trip :-) .....These are a few of my favorite things..... Now if I get back from the trip and weigh 210 again, I'd freak out. But I'm only going to be there for 3 or 4 days so it shouldn't be too bad. I'm not going to go wild and drink Mt. Dew, eat snacks, and eat after 7pm. I will probably eat 2 or 3 meals out each day, so I'm pretty sure I'll put on 2 or 3 pounds over those few days, but I'm willing to accept that rather then being miserable while I'm on my little vacation.

Today I bought some mens 34 waist jean shorts today, they're pretty much my end goal, I wore them in high school. At 250 I was wearing size 44 jeans and some of them were starting to get a little snug in the thighs. I'm still wearing the same 42 or 44 jeans, but they're getting pretty loose. I just tried on the 34 jean shorts, well kind of. I actually got them on, buttoned, and zipped. Then I passed out....not really....but they definitely took a lot of sucking in my gut, just to get them buttoned. I'm hoping that I'll be able to actually wear those 34's by mid summer.

This is the most successful diet I've ever been on, probably due to the following couple of things:

1. Diet Diaries - I've never written down what I've eaten during the day. In the previous weight loss attempts it was just too easy to cheat, because I'd just try to put it out of my mind. However with keeping a diary like this, I can go back and see when I've messed up and with what. I've gotten lots of encouragement by reading everyone else's journals almost every night. Sorry I don't comment, but rest assured I appeciate most everyones entrys on here. It's encouraging to see others with similar trials, and even more encouraging to see others facing those trials and coming through them triumphantly.

2. K.I.S.S - Keep It Simple Stupid. Every other time I've tried to tackle everything at once....changing eating habits drastically, exercising like crazy, etc. This time I decided to just cut out the pop, snacks, and eating after 7pm. I still eat the same foods (except pop), but I only eat them at a meal, not all day long. I've flirted with the idea of exercising over the past month or two, but I really haven't started anything yet, and I'm not planning to anytime soon. Since I've only changed a few things, it's been a whole lot easier and I haven't been miserable.

Gael the Whale on 04/11/2003:
Way to go. Yes I am easing into it this time too. Hoping I can lose something by June when we go out to ORegon. You need a new way to celebrate though. But it is normal to think of celebration and food in the same sentence. I am glad it is workng for you.

Chrysalis on 04/11/2003:
I understand about the celebration = food thing. All of humankind celebrates around food and somehow celebrating by jogging just doesn't do it for me. My goals have been buying (cheap) necklaces for myself or getting my bellybutton pierced but I would imagine that your wife would freak if you came to see her with yours pierced. You've been doing great! And all with no exercise. Sigh. Oh, to be a man!

graindart - Wednesday Apr 09, 2003
(no regular pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 206.0

206.0 / 250.8 / 199

No pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm. Slimfast for breakfast. Fish sandwich combo meal at Burger King. I love the fish fillets at McDonalds, but noone else seems to make a decent one. Nothing for dinner. Yet another day I've been craving buffalo chicken wings. I would've gone tonight, but didn't want to go alone. My wife and our baby daughter are out of state visiting her parents, so I decided to see if my sister wanted to go to Applebee's for a late night cravefest. She wasn't at home and didn't have her cellphone with her. By the time I got ahold of her, I'd regained some self control and didn't even bring up Applebee's. What I really want is Applebee's boneless buffalo tenders. They're soooooo good! Unfortunately the local one has stopped carrying them until the next special at the end of this month. I really want to wait for the boneless ones, but right about now I'd kill for some of the regular bone-in ones. I'd get them for lunch, but they always seem to taste so much better late at night dipped in a bunch of blue cheese dressing.

I do have to admit that when I stepped on the scale tonight and saw the drop in the number I was happy that I hadn't cheated today. I doubt it'll keep me from giving in to a late night Applebee's run in the near future, but it's still encouraging.

Golightly on 04/10/2003:
Hi Graindart! I've been reading your diary entries for a while, but I'm not sure I've ever left a note. I just click on your "track progress" button, and gosh! You are doing so well! Kudo's for skipping Applebee's!

Our girly talk on this website must drive you crazy...

Keep up the good work!

Gael the Whale on 04/10/2003:
I have never been to an Applebes. Kinda glad we dont have one around here. Sounds like something I might want to try if the temptation existed here.

Chrysalis on 04/10/2003:
Great! You resisted wings! That's an accomplishment!

dolyda on 04/10/2003:
you are doing such a fantastic job...keep up the great work...you'll reach your goal in no time flat!

willloose on 04/10/2003:
great job on controling those cravings!

graindart - Sunday Apr 06, 2003
(no regular pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 209.0

209.0 / 250.8 / 199

No pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm. Slimfast for breakfast. Ate at Applebee's for lunch. I had the riblet platter: ribs, fries, coleslaw, and a side salad with lots of blue cheese dressing. Nothing for dinner.

Gael the Whale on 04/07/2003:
wow you are doing great.. keep up the good work.

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