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grannyannie - Thursday Jul 12, 2012
(Healthy food-getting super-fit-maintenance)
Weight: 134.4

Thanks for all your kind words, ladies.  

Spin bike class today. I plan on eating only what I should. No comfort eating today!! Stepping on the scale tomorrow morning and not looking forward to what it says!


  • 30 min intense spin bike class


  • B:  porridge/raisins/almonds/cinnamon/skimmed milk, tea w/milk
  • L:  1/2 pbj sandwich & skimmed milk after spin class and before grocery shopping
  • S:  2 clementines
  • D:  veggie chili & rice, salad, drink
  • S:  2 oatcakes & 1 slice low fat cheddar
  • Teas & water

TOTAL:  1381

Hope you all in the US are back to normal temps and hope those in the UK are not getting flooded!  

Progress as of today: 32.6 lbs lost so far, only 6.4 lbs to go!

thenewMLE on 07/12/2012:
Have a good Annie!! Go get that spin bike!!!

liza36 on 07/12/2012:
I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend's daughter. That is devastating for the family. I'll keep you all in my prayers.

Enjoy your spin class.

getmebackto150 on 07/12/2012:
Have a great day! Menu looks good:)

LeakingLife on 07/12/2012:
Hope you've had a good day!

V on 07/12/2012:
Just stopping by to say hello..I am sure you got in a good workout today!! Go Annie <3

sweetpea1977 on 07/13/2012:
Dont worry about the scale says this week. You've been under a lot of emotional stress, which can show up on the scale with perfect eating and exercise. As long as you get back on track with your healthy habits (and you have) thats all that really matters. Sending lots of love your way Annie. xo

grannyannie - Wednesday Jul 11, 2012
(Healthy food-getting super-fit-maintenance)
Weight: 134.4

Funeral for the wee girl is on Saturday at a large, beautiful church in the centre of Glasgow. It's my granddaughter's 7th birthday that day as well. So a mixed feelings day for sure.  This girl's leukemia/bone marow donor story has been well-publicized.  Her death was in every Scottish newspaper. If anyone is interested, here is just one of the articles:  http://www.cowalcourier.com/tragic-aillidh-is-at-peace-now/

So, I'm still not feeling energetic at all. But I did the gym today. Might do my home routine later this afternoon.  

Workout at gym:

  • 35 mins spin bike
  • 15 mins elliptical
  • 4 sets of 10 on 6 resistance machines
  • cables/pulley for triceps

Menu: which may change througout the day

  • B:  porridge/raisins/almonds/cinnamon/skimmed milk, tea w/milk
  • S: post workout:  2 oatcakes w/pb
  • L:  low fat cheddar and mayo on whole grain bread, yogurt, oat cake w/pb
  • S:  2 clementines
  • D:  veg chili & rice, salad, drink
  • S:  don't know
  • Teas & water

TOTAL:  don't know

Progress as of today: 32.6 lbs lost so far, only 6.4 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/11/2012:
nice job with your exercise :)

getmebackto150 on 07/11/2012:
thanks for the welcome back:) I'm thinking of you during this sad time... What a tragedy... Life is so very unfair at times... Great job still getting to the gym!!

LeakingLife on 07/11/2012:
I hope you continue to do as well as possible under the circumstances. You did well after your vacation and if you have a few transgressions here and there, it looks like your basic plan is firm. Take care of yourself!

supercheese on 07/11/2012:
That is very bittersweet...and a very sad story! Such sad things when young ones pass. Hope you have a better day!

supercheese on 07/11/2012:
Yeah I can understand. I lost my brother when I was 3 and didn't quite understand till i was much older, but we still like to celebrate his birthday and my mother still says she has 5 children still :)

hollybelle on 07/11/2012:
Thinking of you and friends. Good work on the exercise. Hang in.

V on 07/11/2012:
I feel for you and the family of the Angel <3 I know what it is like to lose a child..It is heart wrenching to say the least..I am thinking of you <3

thenewmle on 07/11/2012:
Thinking about you today. Glad you got to the gym. Hugs{{{}}}

thinkpositive on 07/11/2012:
So sorry about your friend's daughter. I went through hell with my sister when her daughter had leukemia . I kept a journal & wrote down all of the blood levels and tried to follow all of the procedures, the bone marrow transplants, as if by understanding the science of it, it would help. She did go into remission for about a year but then it was back & it was just devastating to watch her deteriorate. I kept her pictures, the bracelet that she made for me,the pictures of us together and try to remember all of the good stories from before she was sick & including when she was ill. One picture that stays in my mind is when she had lost much of her vision and she was seated at her easel drawing a picture of a rainbow. So for your friend it is still a celebration of her life, as short as it was that's all she had and it's important to remember and to keep those memories alive forever. Thanks for listening, my condolences to you , my friend.

grannyannie - Tuesday Jul 10, 2012
(Healthy food-getting super-fit-maintenance)
Weight: 134.4

Thank you all so very much for your kind words.  You're the best!  

No date set for the funeral but it will be in Glasgow instead of locally. Getting constant updates on Facebook mainly from the mother, the same as she had done throughout the past 8 months of the illness.  

Eating what I shouldn't didn't help at all, so today I'm eating as I should.  

Workout at home: (these are my plans, anyway)


  • dumbbells
  • planks
  • push ups
  • triceps dips
  • side dips with dumbbell
  • abs-5 types + bridge
  • thighs/glutes with ankle weights
  • squats & lunges with dumbbells
  • thigh master



  • B:  porridge/raisins/almonds/skimmed milk; tea w/milk
  • L:  salad w/Quorn nuggets, 2 oatcakes, pineapple (edit added a soya dk choc pudding - 115 cals)
  • S:  2 clementines
  • D:  hubby has put out a bowl of soaking kidney beans so I'm guessing it's veggie chili & rice tonight, drink
  • S:  yogurt
  • Teas & water
TOTAL:  1439




Progress as of today: 32.6 lbs lost so far, only 6.4 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 07/10/2012:
Yay for eating what you should. God bless.

LeakingLife on 07/10/2012:
Hope your day goes well!

sweetpea1977 on 07/10/2012:
Good job on the eating and exercise Annie.

Im keeping your friends in my thoughts and sending you lots of hugs and love! xo

moogy on 07/10/2012:
I love it that your hubby not only cooks tea but obviously plans for it as well:) What a gem:)

grannyannie - Monday Jul 09, 2012
(Healthy eating-getting fitter-maintenance)
Weight: 134.4

Feeling extremely low with very little energy of any kind. My friend's sweet 9 year old daughter died from complications of (AML) leukemia on Saturday night. She was diagnosed in November. The family is of course devastated. They've had the support of thousands of people since they started a campaign looking for bone marrow donors around the world. 

Dragged myself to the gym today and did most of my usual workout. Might do my strength training at home this afternoon, or not. Did too much comfort eating yesterday and also 2 glasses of wine. Didn't give me any comfort. Not thinking about what I'm eating today and stopped by the bakery for doughnut on my way home from the gym.  

Husband has gone across the water to visit his uncle in Glasgow all day. I might just take a hot bath and try to get lost in my book. 

Progress as of today: 32.6 lbs lost so far, only 6.4 lbs to go!

V on 07/09/2012:
I am so sorry about the loss of your friend's daughter <3 I am thinking of you today <3

LeakingLife on 07/09/2012:
Not sounding like yourself today, which is fully understandable. This isn't supposed to happen. Take care of yourself--hang in there!

selina on 07/09/2012:
I'm sorry to hear the terrible news...

hollybelle on 07/09/2012:
Sorry for the mis-type-child not grandchild. Can't imagine how the family feels. Good for you getting a workout in even when you are feeling low. Praying for peace that passes (our) understanding.

sweetpea1977 on 07/09/2012:
Hugs to you Annie. Im so sorry about your friend's loss. No parent should have to lose their child. I cant even begin to imagine the amount of pain they are feeling right now.

Be kind to yourself.

thenewMLE on 07/09/2012:
Oh, Annie, I'm so sorry. Not that it makes the situation any different, but I lost my nephew at 13 to Leukemia 3 years ago AFTER he had a successful bone marrow transplant from his sister. Sometimes there is just no explanation. Take care and just be sure to be there for your friend. You don't have to say anything, just be there....Hugs {{{}}}}}

V on 07/09/2012:
Just stopping by with some more love for you <3 <3 <3

moogy on 07/09/2012:
Getting lost in a book sounds like a good way to spend a quiet day alone Annie:) They always take be away to another world:)

nunnermack on 07/09/2012:
So sorry to hear the bad news. What a horrible thing to have to go through. Hugs to you and prays for them!!

grannyannie - Sunday Jul 08, 2012
(Healthy eating-getting fitter-maintenance)
Weight: 134.4

My rest day. 

A very sad day. An expat friend's 9 year old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia (AML) last November. This sweet, gentle soul who was more worried about the other kids in the cancer ward than herself, sadly lost her battle last night. My friend's parents arrived recently from the US and her in-laws are by their side as well. There are two younger kids ages 3 and 6. 

  • B:  porridge/blueberries/skimmed milk; tea w/milk
  • L:  grilled cheese (low fat cheddar), blueberries
  • S:  2 clementines
  • D:  curry & rice, salad, drink (diluted from juice concentrate)
  • S:  last tub of Greek yogurt I bought and don't like much - too much honey & lemon (prefer the plain and I add the fruit and sugar)
  • Teas & water
TOTAL:  1337 

I hope all of you in the sweltering heat in the US are doing okay and managing to stay cool.
Edit:  ok, so much for a low cal day. Between the sadness of the tragic loss, and watching the Wimbledon final with a Scot playing to win as the first British men's champion in 76 years, I am feeling the need for indulgence.

So far have added a cappuccino with added artificial sugar (Stevia), some chocolate chips melted in, 2 oatcakes with 1 slice of cheddar. Considering  a glass of wine while watching this tennis match. 
Had the wine and later had some soya dark choc pudding and dk choc chips. Total for the day is around 1800.  Could have been worse.  Guess I was due for indulgence. 

Progress as of today: 32.6 lbs lost so far, only 6.4 lbs to go!

Em17 on 07/08/2012:
So sorry to hear that. Rest day is needed

moogy on 07/08/2012:
Sounds like the sort of day when priorities change. It sounds like she was a wonderful child and is now out of pain and only has joy to deal with. Living with a child (albeit a 37 year old) who battles for life every day is heartbreaking, my daughter is so brave and just tries to get on with life. I hope that the little girl's family are able to grieve but also to remember the joy this little girl gave so many people. Hugs for you today annie:)

hollybelle on 07/08/2012:
So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend's grandchild. Heartbreaking. Pray the family will find comfort.

grannyannie - Saturday Jul 07, 2012
(Healthy eating-getting fitter-maintenance)
Weight: 134.4

Happy Saturday, ladies! No scale for me this morning, not until next Friday. We keep getting forecasts for heavy rain but so far nothing. Heavy downpours in England again and in some parts of Scotland. I won't ride my bike when it's heavy clouds as that means the midgies (viscious Highland midges) are out and ready to swarm around me and bite!  Argghh.

Workout (at home):

  • dumbbells
  • planks
  • push ups
  • triceps dips
  • side dips with dumbbell
  • lots of abs
  • thighs/glutes with ankle weights
  • squats & lunges with dumbbells
  • thigh master

I've eliminated almost all artificial sugar including low cal hot chocolate mix and low cal yogurt. I've replaced the yogurt with plain Greek yogurt and add fresh berries and 5g of real sugar. Not buying soda at all either. So the only artificial sugar I get is the small amount of aspartame  in my very diluted juice concentrate (called squash here). 

  • B:  porridge/strawberries/skimmed milk; tea w/milk
  • L:  2 fried eggs (pan spray) on 2 slices soya/linseed bread w/6g of Benecol spread; plain greek yogurt w/blueberries & 5 g sugar
  • S:  clementine
  • D:  curry & rice, salad, drink (diluted from juice concentrate)
  • S:  soya dark chocolate pudding w/dark chocolate chips
  • Teas & water (black w/lemon, green, fennel & nettle, chamomile)
TOTAL:  1446

Have a lovely weekend!

Progress as of today: 32.6 lbs lost so far, only 6.4 lbs to go!

V on 07/07/2012:
Happy Saturday Annie <3

hollybelle on 07/07/2012:
Midgies sound terrible. They are little bugs, I assume??? We have gnat swarms here sometimes-usually around dusk. They don't bite but you can breathe them in and they get in your eyes and mouth-yuck. Good job skipping the artificial sweetners! I only use stevia now. I have a diet coke once in awhile only outside the house as I quit buying it a while ago. Been drinking more water. But I still eat quite a bit of actual sugar.

LeakingLife on 07/07/2012:
You're doing so well--woo-hoo! Have a great afternoon/evening!

Em17 on 07/07/2012:
I hate gnats! I go walking around 8ish here in Michigan and it's terrible in the cementary(thats where I walk to and around) so I hear you on that!

grannyannie - Friday Jul 06, 2012
(Healthy eating-getting fitter-maintenance)
Weight: 134.4

Hmmm...the scale is not behaving!  Knew it was too good to be true. Oh well. I'll just keep at it, I know it's just a blip - fluid most likely. I'll try to stay off the scale for a week.

Low-70's here today. Sun peeks out but there are lots of dark clouds around. Not going out anyway. I'm watching the men's semi-final at Wimbledon. I'm not a follower of tennis, with one exception - Andy Murray who is Scottish. Go Andy!!


  • 35 mins spin bike
  • 20 mins elliptical
  • 4 sets of 10 on 6 resistance machines
  • cables/pulley for triceps
  • B:  porridge/strawberries/skimmed milk; tea w/milk
  • S:  post-workout: 2 oatcakes/organic pb no sugar 
  • L:  6 oatcakes with liver pate
  • S:  2 clementines
  • D:  pea/potato/leek soup, salad, homemade wholegrain seeded toast w/light spread (Benecol), drink (diluted from juice concentrate)
  • S:  plain, fat free greek yogurt, fresh blueberries, 5g sugar
  • Teas & water
TOTAL:  1487
Hope you all have a lovely weekend and don't get too hot!  

Progress as of today: 32.6 lbs lost so far, only 6.4 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 07/06/2012:
I'm sure the scale is just a flux, definitely try to stay off for a few days and I bet you will see a better result!

thenewMLE on 07/06/2012:
Like y'all tell me - the scale isn't the only tool for measure! Keep up the exercise and the clean eating - you're doing great! Have a great weekend!

liza36 on 07/06/2012:
That darn scale. It will resume it's proper downward direction soon, I'm sure.

supercheese on 07/06/2012:
DERN THAT SCALE lol. Maybe the weekend will help?

Umpqua on 07/06/2012:
I think staying off the scale for a while and also keeping track of measurements/muscle/fat is the way to go, that's what has kept me motivated and seeing results. Thanks for your nice comment and feedback, I appreciate it <3

Em17 on 07/06/2012:
The scale is always changing!

selina on 07/06/2012:
Sorry for that, haha! Don't pay too much attention to that darn scale, Annie, and keep up with the good work! Stay well!

sweetpea1977 on 07/06/2012:
Fluctuations are normal. Just keep up the healthy foods and exercise and you'll see another drop!

TheMother on 07/06/2012:
I hear ya about the scale not responding the way we want it to. Had it happen to me today at my WW weekly weigh-in. I've noticed that I seem to accept this disappointing news a lot better than I had in the past. I guess it's the realization that this is a life-long process and not a quick fix program. Have a nice weekend.

PI on 07/06/2012:
The scale always annoy me too! >w<

grannyannie - Thursday Jul 05, 2012
(Healthy eating-getting fitter-maintenance)
Weight: 133.8

Almost feels like a rest day after these extra workouts!!  Spin class today. Changed my goal weight to 128 as I felt better when it dipped down to that. 

I see some blue sky but it won't last.  I'm so anxious to get on my bike and ride to the botanic garden which we haven't been to in ages and ages! I think my treat when I get back to goal weight will be a lunch there. They make nice lunches. 

Hope all you American ladies enjoyed your 4th! 


30 min spin class  

Edit: just got back from spin class and it was OMG!   The room was really hot as you rarely need AC in Scotland, no fans, 70+ day and humid. Whew! And the workout was hard. She had us stand and pedal, alternating from running position to uphill for 10 solid minutes! Then more standing, then lots of jumps, etc etc. And I said this would feel like a rest day?!



  • B:  porridge/raisins/almonds/skimmed milk; tea w/milk
  • L:  pbj on multigrain after class and before grocery shopping
  • S:  2 clementines
  • D:  homemade pea/potato/leek soup, toast, salad, drink
  • S:  Greek yogurt, 2 oatcakes & 1 slice low fat cheddar
  • Teas & water
TOTAL:  1461


Progress as of today: 33.2 lbs lost so far, only 5.8 lbs to go!

Em17 on 07/05/2012:
Have a great day!

selina on 07/05/2012:
Sounds like a wonderful day, despite of the lack of sunshine!

Umpqua on 07/05/2012:
Wow, great workout on your "rest day" ;) Have a good one!

thenewMLE on 07/05/2012:
I can only imagine trying that intensity with no fans or AC!! The only spin class I ever tried really kicked my a$$ with the standing and uphill stuff. I like biking because I don't stand for exercises very well!! The only standing is when I try to get up the levee initially. For those who are not familiar with the levees to the Mississippi River, they are about 12 feet above street level and it is like a hill or a wall of grass and then it goes down sharply on the river side to contain the river when it rises over its banks. So I have basically 6 feet running room on flat ground to attack this 12 foot hill! So that is the extent of my standing in real life, but it really gets my heart pounding!! Hope you have a great day!!

hollybelle on 07/05/2012:
"Only" 99 degrees today 103 predicted for Saturday - 84 on Monday - just when my vacation is over. Have never seen it this hot for this long. Ever. Thanks for asking!

hollybelle on 07/05/2012:
"Only" 99 degrees today 103 predicted for Saturday - 84 on Monday - just when my vacation is over. Have never seen it this hot for this long. Ever. Thanks for asking!

supercheese on 07/05/2012:
You go annie go!! losing the weight super fast. Proud of you :)

thinkpositive on 07/05/2012:
The spin classes look so difficult at my fitness center so I haven't given them a try. So far just sticking to other exercise classes. Lucky you to have a botanic garden to bike to.

sweetpea1977 on 07/05/2012:
Wow, you've dropped a few pounds since I last commented on your diary. WTG Annie!

I love all the photos from your visit here. You're such a great photographer!

So much for a "rest" day. Good job on surviving the spin class! I would have passed out in that room! lol

V on 07/05/2012:
Hello there Annie! Conrgrats on your comeback :) I knew you would do it! I hope you had a wonderful day <3

moogy on 07/05/2012:
I know that it was hot for you annie and am giving you that well done for sticking with it anyway. I am not sure you would like the weather here! Seventy is when people are deciding whether or not to take of a long sleeve top!! LOL

grannyannie - Wednesday Jul 04, 2012
(Healthy eating-getting fitter-maintenance)
Weight: 133.4

Happy 4th of July!!  

No holiday here, obviously!  But lots of American expats get together and celebrate. Got my small flag flying out front.  

Workout at the gym:

  • 35 mins spin bike
  • 25 mins elliptical
  • 4 sets of 10 on 6 resistance machines
  • cables/pulley for triceps

Workout at home:  back to full sets as pre-trip.  

  • dumbbells
  • planks
  • push ups
  • triceps dips
  • side dips with dumbbell
  • lots of abs


  • B:  porridge/raisins/almonds/skimmed milk, tea w/milk
  • S:  post-workout:  2 oatcakes w/pb
  • L:  grilled cheese sandwich (low fat cheddar, Benecol spread, multigrain bread) yummy!
  • S:  2 clementines
  • D:  the rest of the chickpea curry (hubby always thinks he's cooking for an army!) & basmati rice, salad, drink (diluted juice concentrate)
  • S:  soya dark chocolate pudding with 10g dark chocolate chips (I will eat it slower tonight than last night)  Mmmmmmm!!
  • Teas & water

TOTAL:  1498

Edit:  Was going to do my lower body strength routines tomorrow, but after my upper I just kept going!

  • thighs/glutes with ankle weights
  • squats & lunges with dumbbells
  • thigh master


Progress as of today: 33.6 lbs lost so far, only 3.4 lbs to go!

Em17 on 07/04/2012:
Hope you had a great day!

thenewmle on 07/04/2012:
Enjoy your day and your flag pic makes such a statement!!!! It reflects the gloom of our economy but still the pride to show the vibrant colors and wave in the face of distress. I hope you see the sun soon!!!

nunnermack on 07/04/2012:
Good workout for you on this red-white and blue day!! Happy 4th to you as well!!

moogy on 07/04/2012:
Gotta love a cheese toastie annie:) Sounds like you were in the groove with the exercise:) Excellent!

V on 07/04/2012:
LOVE IT!! Sorry this reminds me of a song that I will share with you(I am a deadhead, can't help it ;) http://youtu.be/tbfjnUlhVc4

Have a wonderful evening Annie <3

grannyannie - Tuesday Jul 03, 2012
(Healthy eating-getting fitter-maintenance)
Weight: 133.4

I'm amazed that my weight has gone down so fast!  That's 5 pounds in a week.  I know fast weight loss is not good but I'm eating healthy and calories aren't too low.  But I'm still increasing them closer to 1500/day. At least a couple of pounds is fluid loss as I'm not eating a ton of salt like I had been. 

Good workout at the gym today!  On the spin bike I was able to do 5 mins in a row of standing and peddling, as well as 3 or 4 other times for 2.5 mins. and a minute of jumps.  The elliptical was a struggle though as I did it immediately after the bike.  So I think I'm ready for spin class on Thursday.  


  • 35 mins spin bike
  • 25 mins elliptical

Workout at home:

  • thighs/glutes with ankle weights
  • squats/lunges with dumbbells


  • B:  porridge/strawberries/skimmed milk, tea w/milk
  • S:  post workout:  2 oatcakes w/pb
  • L:  4 oatcakes, 1 slice low fat cheddar, liver pate, greek yogurt
  • S:  clementine
  • D:  chickpea curry & rice, salad, drink
  • S:  Soya dark chocolate pudding with 10g of dark chocolate chips (mmmmm)
  • Teas and water

TOTAL:  1486

While we were in MIchigan we attended my niece's fabulous wedding. My sister (her mom) had booked a block of hotel rooms very near the country club where the reception was held and a shuttle to take people back and forth (so nobody would drink & drive). My sister left a big bag of gifts for all of us who stayed in the hotel. It consisted of MIchigan-made products which included a brand of potato chips, 2 litre bottle of soda, Sanders ice cream topping, peanuts, pasta, etc.  Great idea!  However, she'd ordered too many of the potato chips so I ate a ton of those during the visit. There was also a huge quantity of cereal bars and chocolate that had been left out for the bride and bridesmaids who all had makeup and hair done at my sister's before the weddinig. Lots left.  Hard to resist. Wonder why I gained 8 pounds?!!  LOL.  

Progress as of today: 33.6 lbs lost so far, only 3.4 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 07/03/2012:
I'm not surprised you're losing so fast, especially when you mention the salty foods you ate (and soda is so high in sodium too). Since you don't usually have a high salt diet that will move the scale and bloat you quickly! I don't plan to weigh myself for nearly a week after we return from vacation for the same reason - I expect a sodium gain from the extra treats I will indulge in!

thenewMLE on 07/03/2012:
I'm glad it is coming off easy. But it also went on fast, so I don't think it became that stubborn "old" fat!! Your sister sounds so considerate of the travelers! I will have to remember about possibly shuttling the out of town guests when my daughter gets married. I still have a year and half at least, but there are so many detail!! I know you will knock that spin class out of the park!! Good Luck and I hope it doesn't rain too hard so you can fly your flag!!!

selina on 07/03/2012:
What you gain quickly, you can lose quickly, too. That's how it is with me, too! Good job with the workouts at the gym!

Em17 on 07/03/2012:
Losing quickly isn't always a bad thing though. My grandma(dads mom) had a wedding last weekend to go to too and we are in Michigan. Hmm maybe it was the same one?? =)

liza36 on 07/03/2012:
I knew that weight would come off quickly. You do a great job at getting right back into your routine. Me...it takes a few more days to get back into it.

TheMother on 07/03/2012:
WOW!!! down five pounds in a week!!!! You must be on cloud nine. Just goes to show that you can enjoy a special occasion or vacation and then get back on track when it's over. Have a happy and safe 4th!!!

hollybelle on 07/03/2012:
I always say that weight that comes on fast can come off fast. No worries. I have been working diet sodas out of my diet. I have started not to miss them. And, yes - if you could only send the rain this way! It's a shame that weather is not more equitable, isn't it?

V on 07/03/2012:
Look at you, amazing job Annie! Hard work and dedication pays off! <3

moogy on 07/04/2012:
I am sure you have lost weight because you are so determined and strict with yourself:)However, I know that when my son in law was in the Gulf the Australians had their meals prepared seperately from the US troops because they couldn't tolerate the salt and fat!! That may have had something to do with the increase and not just indulgence:) Anyhow, better off or out than on or in! LOL I am sure you will finish of the week wonderfully:)

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