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grannyannie - Friday Oct 07, 2011
(High fibre - low fat - low calories)
Weight: 142.0

Good day ladies!  We actually have some sunshine today after a rainy, windy day yesterday.  

Well, my good intentions for last night went out the window.  We went to a friend's house so the couple and my husband could talk about the agenda for a meeting (political).  I came along so I could retake some photos of the guest bedrooms for their website (B & B).  On our arrival there was a bottle of chilled wine and 4 glasses sitting out as well as a bottle of red.  And as they'd just been to a wedding there was leftover wedding cake set out for us - a fruity cake with marzipan icing (not my fave all but still good).  It took me about 15 minutes to take the photos so for a couple of hours I was fairly bored.  Damage done:  4 or 5 (small) glasses of red wine, 1 small piece of cake.   


Think I'll try something new today.  15 minutes bike, then 25 jump rope, and repeat 3 more times.  


B:  porridge and tea, etc - 294

L:  the rest of the leftover veggie chili, Quorn southern style patty, yogurt - 288

S:  clementine, grapes - 101

D:  leek soup, melba toast, salad, drink - 389

S:  dark chocolate, hot chocolate, small banana - 196

TOTAL:  1268

Progress as of today: 25 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

KayBee on 10/07/2011:
At least they were small! :) And it's good you didn't get a 2nd round of the cake. Funny, I really dislike wine and co.

Umpqua on 10/07/2011:
Cake and wine would be hard for me to resist. I hope you had fun - have a good one!

getmebackto150 on 10/07/2011:
cake and wine are IMPOSSIBLE to resist... YUM!! Have a great day:)

sweetpea1977 on 10/07/2011:
Oh no, cake AND wine? That is pure torture man!

Today's food and exercise plan looks great!

grannyannie - Thursday Oct 06, 2011
(High fibre - low fat - low calories)
Weight: 142.0

Good day ladies!  Looks like winter has arrived in Scotland.  Wind, rain, a bit of hail.  Even had thunder and lightning which is not common.   And of course the sun peeked out in the middle of this just to tease, and then went away.  

I expect to lower my goal weight to 135 but I'm not going to do that until I reach my goal of 138.  I am really anxious to hit my goal so I can go buy some really nice fitting and comfortable bras.  What I wouldn't give to be the size I was at 18 before gravity and babies!  I might just buy one of those 'cleavage' bras to wear with a dress for a wedding next June instead of wearing a camisole underneath it!  


  • 45 mins tae bo & jump rope (this is a high intensity aerobic workout)
  • weights, abs, leg lifts with ankle weights
  • 15 mins exercise bike (a bit less resistance than normal, much higher speed, but much shorter time than usual)


B:  porridge and tea, etc - 294

L:  tuna sandwich, yogurt - 315

S:  1 clementine, grapes - 101

D:  more leftover veggie chili (why does my hub make enough to feed an army?!), rice, salad, drink - 476

S:  10g dark chocolate, hot chocolate - 113

TOTAL:  1299

Dropping by someone's house after dinner and I'm taking photos whlle my husband talks politics.  I will be offered wine, but I will try very hard to say NO thanks!  They have a habit of topping up your glass when you're not looking!


Progress as of today: 25 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

KayBee on 10/06/2011:
I wouldn't quit! :) Quitting was never an option for me. I got too far to perform such action. :) BTW I added you on FB! :) Glad you joined! :)

Umpqua on 10/06/2011:
I have a few good pushup bras that I can't live without! Foundation garments really do make all the difference haha. Have a good one and have fun with your photography this evening!

legcramps on 10/06/2011:
I think skipping rope is the best form of cardio exercise out there! When I was in kickboxing, we had to skip rope for the first ten minutes of class. Normally, it wiped me out but Oh Boy did it do its job!

hackersdiet on 10/06/2011:
You have a lot of energy! I can just feel it in your writing. Good for you, and yes, buy the bra!

sweetpea1977 on 10/06/2011:
I cant wait to lower my goal weight more. Im doing mini goals since seeing a big goal overwhelmed me in the past. Anyway, you're not too far from your initial goal so keep up the good work!

lol, I was a perfect 36C when I was in high school..and I thought I was big then. After two kids, Im currently 38DD (I was a 40DD at one point!). I'd be happy to be a C cup again. I wonder how low I'd have to go on the scale to do that? haha Anyway, lots of chest exercises and a good push up bra should help you feel more confident for that June wedding!

Good luck tonight!

V on 10/06/2011:
Girl i wish you were around to mourn the death of my tits...It was heartbreaking...my melons are now raisins so pushup bras are my best friend ;)

grannyannie - Wednesday Oct 05, 2011
(Simply healthy eating - low fat - high fibre)
Weight: 142.0

Good day ladies!

Day off from workout today as I've done really well.  Got a haircut this morning.  Haven't been for about 3 months and as soon as I took off my raincoat the two ladies who own the shop both said 'YOU'VE LOST WEIGHT!!!'.    Picked up some dark chocolate - 85% and I've had 3 squares (10g - 63 cals).  Not melt in your mouth stuff, but it's chocolate!  


B:  porridge and tea etc - 294

L:  pbj, yogurt - 324

S:  10 g dark chocolate, 2 clementines - 143

D:  veggie chili, rice, salad, drink -  476

S:  grapes 150g - 91

TOTAL:  1328


Progress as of today: 25 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 10/05/2011:
I love reactions like that. :)

Dark chocolate is good for you ( contains antioxidants and MUFA), as long as you keep portions under control. Good thing is that a small portion of dark chocolate seems to satisfy a sweet tooth much quicker than milk chocolate!

Umpqua on 10/05/2011:
Great compliments at the salon! I never cared for dark chocolate when I was younger but I've gotten a taste for it now. I have some 70 percent and it does the trick when I'm craving. And because it's so much stronger in taste than the milk chocolate I find I can't go overboard with it. Enjoy!

Hantty on 10/05/2011:
Well done with your calorie total! And I was just wondering, I have a really sweet tooth and find it hard to stay off the sweets and chocolate; is dark chocolate a good substitute??

Hantty on 10/05/2011:
Okay then thanks so much for the advice; I'm going to try and get rid of all the sweets and chocolate left in my house. I'll probally give them to my friends. Thanks again!

glycrina on 10/05/2011:
YAY!! I can't wait for those reactions. Congratulations.

legcramps on 10/05/2011:
Have a great day :)

V on 10/05/2011:
Positive feedback is always inspiration to go for it :) You are and I am so happy you are a part of our FB group :)

thinkpositive on 10/05/2011:
Very nice to hear the genuine reaction from people who haven't seen you in awhile. Dark Chocolate- yum.

grannyannie - Tuesday Oct 04, 2011
(Simply healthy eating - low fat - high fibre)
Weight: 142.0

Good morning ladies!    

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." Winston Churchill

I'm looking forward to going to the US (Michigan) in just over 2 months to see my granddaughters.  Skype is great but you can't get a hug or a kiss on Skype!  

This is such a lovely group of ladies!  


  • 45 mins tae bo
  • 60 mins exercise bike


B:  porridge, and tea etc - 294

L:  pbj sandwich, 2 clementines - 383

D:  veggie chili, rice, salad - 460

S:  bran flakes and skimmed milk - 157

TOTAL:  1294

Progress as of today: 25 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 10/04/2011:
I'm sure you can't wait for your trip! Where in the States are you heading? I hope you're having a great day!

KayBee on 10/04/2011:
I love Skype, too. Actually I have more conversation with my mother on Skype than personally... and the best thing is, when I want to end a boring conversation I'm having w/ someone, I excuse and hang up :-)))

KayBee on 10/04/2011:
Gosh, 60 min bike, that's in a gym? 60 mins, that's something I wouldn't be able to accomplish. Too much time... but I normally do high-intensity so 10-15 minutes on medium level is a lot to me. Force & time...

V on 10/04/2011:
Michigan :) You will def get the traditional snowy Christmas :) I am hoping it snows like crazy when i visit the fam in Chicago! have a wonderful day :)

getmebackto150 on 10/04/2011:
Menu looks great!!! I agree, skype is awesome, but nothing beats the real thing!!

legcramps on 10/04/2011:
Yeah! Great exercise!

sweetpea1977 on 10/04/2011:
Great menu and exercise!

moogy on 10/04/2011:
Good old Winston!! Yep! the 85% stuff really does the trick, not all that pleasant to eat, little bits and let it melt. That way you don't get the bitterness so much. You must be counting down the days until you can hug those babies!!

grannyannie - Monday Oct 03, 2011
(Simply healthy eating - low fat - high fibre)
Weight: 142.0

Good day ladies!  

It's a good thing there is no junk food in the house - I'm feeling very hungry and deprived!  

I've decided that buying those diet yogurt covered strawberry bar thingies was a bad idea (actually knew it as I was putting the box in my trolley at the shop)    They are, of course, filled with artificial sweeteners etc, and when I eat one it makes me crave MORE MORE MORE.  It doesn't satisfy.  If I eat a very unexciting packet of whole wheat melba toast (same calories) I don't get a buzz but at least I don't crave more!  No more buying that kind of diet crap!!!  There's a wee bit of articial sweetener in my yogurt and in the hot chocolate but otherwise I don't get any.  Real sugar on my porridge and in a latte or cappuccino, but not a lot.  


  • 45 mins tae bo & jump rope
  • weights
  • ab crunches
  • leg lifts with ankle weights


B:  porridge, raisins & almonds & sugar, skimmed milk, tea and milk - 294

L:  turkey sandwich, yogurt, yogurt bar - 351

S:  2 clementines - 80

D:  veggie chili & rice, salad - 460

S:  the last 2 of the diet yogurt bars which I will never buy again! - 144

TOTAL:  1329

I've figured out what to do when I'm tempted to go on an eating frenzy.....try on clothes!  I've just pulled out all the clothes that had been too small for me.  Most fit, some were actually too big and just a few of them need me to lose a few pounds.  The jeans I'd bought last xmas are huge.  Some of these clothes that now fit me will be too big when I'm finished losing.  Hmm....guess that means I'll just have to buy new ones! 

Progress as of today: 25 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

V on 10/03/2011:
Wonderful idea to curb the eating frenzy...You should totally go to the Forum page,there are alot of healthy treat options that won't cause ya harm..I know you say your hubby does the majority of cooking but most of the recipes are very easy to make :) Anyways have a good day, continue to rock on!

Umpqua on 10/03/2011:
Trying on clothes is such a great motivator! My MIL lives on artificially sweetened packaged foods and she has struggled with her weight for most of her adult life. They really don't satisfy, as you said, and I just prefer to eat a smaller portion of something with real sugar if I get a sweet attack! Your hubby gardens too? Wonderful! Mine will offer creative input on plants he likes but that's as far as it goes, he is basically clueless about the rest of it.

Umpqua on 10/03/2011:
You're a gifted photographer, what amazing pictures!! That's my weakness in trying to catalog my gardens, I'm not very good. I also don't have time to wait for the correct light and often go out there with my camera phone and run through and snap everything. I hope to get better at it. Your husband is an amazing gardener, your grounds are absolutely magnificent. I love the gunnera, I've never seen anything like it!

sweetpea1977 on 10/03/2011:
I try to avoid artificial sweeteners as much as possible. I either use stevia or real sugar. Its better to use those than the fake stuff!

Trying on clothes is a wonderful distraction from thoughts of food. Congrats on needing new clothes. :)

moogy on 10/03/2011:
Yep! low fat stuff is loaded with sugar, better off eating a little of the real thing, unless it is chocolate - no such thing as a little of that, unless it is the 85% Lindt, I find just a square of the bitter stuff cuts my craving and feeds the addict inside!! Distraction is a great way of fending of the urge, good for you! Yes, as you hit a goal buy a new peice of slghtly too small clothing! I hope you have a good day grannyannie:)

V on 10/03/2011:
Okay first i is nice to put a beautiful face to your words :) Second you have been holding out on me my friend! I did not know you had the greenest thumb out there :) I love your pics :) You are very talented and i don't have to say how awesome you are!! YOU Are Awesome :)

grannyannie - Sunday Oct 02, 2011
(Simply healthy eating - low fat - high fibre)
Weight: 142.0

Good morning ladies!  Hope everyone is having a good weekend.  

Chuffed with my loss in September and have looked back at my calendar where I listed my weight.  Wasn't doing calorie counting but was fairly good about workouts.  By the end of August I was feeling desperate so started to count calories and a few days later found DD.  

  • Feb 4 - 167
  • March 20 - 161
  • April 10 - 156
  • May 13 - 152
  • June 1 - 151
  • July 1- 151
  • August 1 - 150
  • Sept 1 - 148
  • Oct 1 - 142  

Obviously summer was a total washout although at least I didn't gain!  


  • 45 mins tae bo/jump rope
  • 60 mins exercise bike


B:  porridge, etc - 294

L:  turkey sandwich, 2 clementines, fat free yogurt - 291

D:  veggie chili, rice, salad, melba toast - 533

S:  2 yogurt bars, hot choc - 194

TOTAL:  1312



Progress as of today: 25 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

moogy on 10/02/2011:
How lovely to see that steady progress for all your hard work. Well done granny annie. You get this weeks's gold star:)

biscottibody59 on 10/02/2011:
You've really been putting it all together--all credit to you! Enjoy your day/night!

V on 10/02/2011:
Great numbers Annie!! I am so happy you found us :) You are such a nice addition to the family!! Happy Sunday to you as well :)

moogy on 10/02/2011:
Noticed your post on V's diary. I love rugby union, a real man's game, no padding and getting stuck in!! Plus not hard on the eyes! LOL

thinkpositive on 10/03/2011:
Yes September was stunning! Great job.

grannyannie - Saturday Oct 01, 2011
(Simply healthy eating - low fat - high fibre)
Weight: 142.0

Good morning, ladies!  It's the first of October and I stepped on the scale this morning.  Down another pound!    So that's 6 pounds in September, average 1.5 pounds per week.  I should have started counting calories months and months ago!!  My intentions have been to set 10 stone (140 pounds) as my 'danger' weight and the weight I wanted to stay below.  That stays the same but I may change my goal weight to 135.  I'll decide that when I get to my goal in 4 more pounds.  Woohoo!  

I've been telling my sister in the US about my dieting and she asked what she could do to help me maintain when I come visit for 3 weeks at xmas.  I asked for her scale to be kept downstairs where we'll sleep so I can get on everyday.  Keep some oatmeal in the house.  Otherwise, it's up to me.  This is going to be a huge challenge!  I normally gain 8 pounds over a 3 week period due to pizza, beer, baked goods, snacks, etc etc.....  NOT this time!


  • 45 mins tae bo
  • weights
  • leg lifts with ankle weights
  • ab crunches

Menu for today:

B:  porridge, raisins & almonds & 5g sugar, skimmed milk, tea with milk - 294

L:  Quorn cottage pie (mince, potatoes, veg in gravy), fat free yogurt, 2 clementines - 324

D:  veggie chili, rice, salad - 460

S:  2 yogurt bars, hot chocolate - 194

Lots of tea!!

TOTAL:  1272

Progress as of today: 25 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

V on 10/01/2011:
Well congrats!!! That is so awesome(your loss of course) and your sister offering her support as well :) It def does make life easier!!Have a good day!!!

biscottibody59 on 10/01/2011:
Congrats on your loss--good to see! Hope it keeps going at the pace you like:-)

moogy on 10/01/2011:
Oh! Well done, that is excellent!! I am loving that determination to keep things within reason over Christmas. I am starting to think that way myself. I is so hard to take off and sooo easy to put on:)

grannyannie - Friday Sep 30, 2011
(Simply healthy eating - low fat - high fibre)
Weight: 143.0

Good morning ladies!  

Yes, I'm really grateful my husband is a great cook.  He enjoys it and likes to be creative.  He likes food spicy and likes to experiment with lots of different spices and herbs.  So he cooks, I clean up.  I see cooking pretty much as something you have to do to eat, not especially enjoyable.  A good thing for me is he doesn't like high fat or processed or junk food very much and he uses lots of veggies.  

My 'chef' is gone until early evening so I'm doing a 45 minute tae bo/jump rope workout and then a serious house cleaning and closet sorting while he's not underfoot.  

Menu for today:  

B:  porridge, raisins & almonds and 5 g sugar, skimmed milk, tea with milk - 294

L:  Quorn cottage pie, fat free yoghurt, apple - 324

D:  Veggie curry, rice, salad, drink - 476

S:  Since I had that single serve bottle of wine last night    I'm having 2 yogurt bars and lite hot chocolate - 194

TOTAL:  1303
I always forget to add all my no calorie teas to my menus.  During the day I drink English breakfast tea (first cup has milk, the rest have lemon), sometimes Earl Grey or Roobois.  At night I drink Fennel and Nettle tea after dinner (good for digestion), then maybe a green tea, and before bed a camomile.   I've cut down on the size of the mugs I use in the evening because I've been getting up at night way too often!

Progress as of today: 24 lbs lost so far, only 5 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 09/30/2011:
Yes, you are very lucky. Mine is a decent cook but it's rarely possible since we had our boys. When they get a bit older I hope he will start cooking more often because he has a different style than I do and the boys seem to love whatever he makes. Have a wonderful day!

getmebackto150 on 09/30/2011:
You are TOTALLY lucky... My hubby DOES NOT COOK AT ALL... One time when I first got a new job he tried to cook for me... He cooked a pound of pasta and one crown of broccoli... He mixed the little bit of broccoli and about a cup of olive oil... It was the most disgusting pasta ever... LOL... But it was totally the thought that counts... Now, there is never even talk of him cooking... LOL... He does, however, do almost all of the laundry, so I'm not complaining:) Plus I think I'm like your husband, most of the time I LOVE to cook... Have a great day!!

sweetpea1977 on 09/30/2011:
Wow, you're a serious tea drinker. :) I've never had the fennel & nettle tea but it sounds like something I should try.

Thats great about hubby being a healthy cook. I had to learn how to prepare healthier meals when I started my journey. Im a girl raised in the south, so most of my foods were battered and deep-fried.

Great exercise plan for tonight! Enjoy your weekend!

moogy on 09/30/2011:
Yet another curse of the older lady, I get up around 3 or 4 every morning. I think I must do it in a somnombulant stage as sometimes I can even remember and it doesn't disturb my sleep too much. I love cooking, always have, reading cooking books, planning possible meals, alternative options, especially if I am dieting. If I can't eat I want to look at it!! I think you are one tough granny, I don't think I could manage without my grandchilren, probably because I have lived with them for seven years and the youngest three can't remember me not being with them and think it strange that other childrens nana's don't live with them as well!! Funny! Anyway, I hope that you have a lovely weekend and get to skype with your grandchildren:)

grannyannie - Thursday Sep 29, 2011
(Simply healthy eating - low fat - high fibre)
Weight: 143.0

Good day ladies!  

A bit of a backache from all that raking of moss yesterday but not bad.  

My hub does almost all the cooking and never uses a recipe or measures anything.  He uses his own judgement and is a great cook! We eat a lot of curry but not all are the same.  He uses different vegetables, beans or Quorn, etc.  The chili is made with Quorn mince (a veggie ground beef substitute).  It's very hard to determine the number of calories in these dishes and I know I'm overestimating, but better than underestimating!  I've looked at the ingredients with the highest number of calories per 100g and in all these dishes it's very close to 100 calories per 100g.  Easy.  So I weigh out 300g of the curry or chili as one serving-300 calories.  Rice is separate.  (He stopped using curry paste many months ago when I started complaining about how much fat is in it)

Wish we had England's weather today!  We've got fog and mist and no sun, although it is about 20C.  

Love the support here!  Fantastic group of ladies!  


  • 45 mins tae bo and jump rope
  • weights
  • ab crunches
  • leg lifts with ankle weights

Menu for today:

B:  porridge, raisins & almonds & 5g sugar, skimmed milk, tea with milk - 294

L:  turkey, lite mayo, lettuce on 2 slices bread; fat free yogurt, 1 diet yogurt cereal bar - 283

S:  apple - 95

D:  veggie curry, rice, salad, drink - 476

S:  glass of wine - 130 (might change my mind and have a couple of those yogurt bars at 144 cals instead)

TOTAL:  1278


Progress as of today: 24 lbs lost so far, only 5 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 09/29/2011:
I saw the Quorn mince at the store the other day and was debating getting some. I think I will try it next time, I could easily sub it out to cut back on our meat intake. I hope you have a great day!

getmebackto150 on 09/29/2011:
I think your estimating is a good plan, and I agree better to over estimate than under, just make sure you aren't overestimating by more than a little as you should never go below 1200 calories!!!

glycrina on 09/29/2011:
you seem like such a lovely person. You are always so positive and I can read the smile through your entries. I lived in London for almost two years and I lived on curries, indian food, halal kababeries, chips with vinegar (which were just really big french fries) pints of cider and tea with milk (or course I smoked like chimney too) but I was walking everywhere so I don't remember gaining weight. I used to love Nandos (the chicken place) because they gave free refills on soda. I don't know if they have Nando's in Scotland. I saw a concert in Aberdeen which I thought was in Ireland. Anyway, I am just reminiscing. Have a great day.

sweetpea1977 on 09/29/2011:
How nice to have a husband who knows how to cook. My hubby is pretty limited on what he can cook adequately. One time, I asked him to help me make the breading for fried chicken and he says "mostly flour, right?" :-) Thats ok though, I love to cook. It is a passion of mine. I just wish hubby was more adventurous in trying new foods. He doesnt like vegetarian "meats", he doesnt like most ethnic dishes (except some Mexican, a couple Asian dishes, and most Italian dishes, ha). He is missing out!

Estimations are good. I think as long as you're getting a full range of nutrients (whole grains, produce, lean proteins, healthy fats), eating slowly, and stop when you are satisfied, you will be ok. :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/29/2011:
lol, bananas have a lot of calories compared to all other fruits. this one was not small!

V on 09/29/2011:
You know I would pick vino ANYDAY:)LOL Enjoy which everone you decide :)

grannyannie - Wednesday Sep 28, 2011
(Simply healthy eating - low fat - high fibre)
Weight: 143.0

Good day ladies!  The sun is trying to come out now and at 12.30pm it's 18C.  I've finished my workout and am eating lunch (bad girl - not very mindful eating!).  My hub is outside using a moss puller kind of lawn mower and needs it all raked up.  I volunteered so it'll be an extra workout.  Need some fresh air anyway.

I thank this group for helping me stay motivated and for my progress!  I see the light at the end of the tunnel and it's brilliant!  I mentioned to my hub this morning that every decade birthday I get motivated and have a successful weight loss, but within a year I usually start heading back where I started.  At age 40 I went from 150+ to 120.  At age 50 I went from about 155 to 132.  Had other losses in between but never quite reached the goal weight.  Now I'm about to turn 60.  My hub asked if I'd repeat the usual cycle and I've decided NO WAY! I'm keeping it off this time!  


  • 45 mins tae bo and jump rope
  • 45 mins exercise bike
  • raking - how long is TBD

Menu for today:

B:  porridge, strawberries, skimmed milk, tea with milk - 253

L:  soup, fat free yogurt, clementine, grapes - 345

D:  veggie curry, rice, salad, drink - 476

S:  light ice cream with low fat whipped cream - 190  (might add something else since I'm getting an extra workout and still have some calories to spare anyway)  :-)

TOTAL:  1266 (+ ?)

Did more than 3 hours of raking moss so I had an extra treat - a 72 calorie yogurt covered diet bar.  So that brings the total for the day to 1338.  Not bad.

Progress as of today: 24 lbs lost so far, only 5 lbs to go!

V on 09/28/2011:
That's right! No repeating the cycle, the weight gain is history :) have a wonderful day!!

Umpqua on 09/28/2011:
The moss raking sounds like major hard work! RE repeating the cycle, I think if you give yourself more flexibility this time around that will be helpful too. I find that maintaining within a goal range of 5 or so pounds works best for me, and it keeps me from freaking out and getting disappointed if the scale moves around a little. And I know if I've gone over the high end of my range then I need to do damage control and get things in check. I have also adjusted the maintenance range upward as I've gotten older - maintaining a weight below 120 pounds just isn't realistic for me anymore. I'm sure I will need to keep adjusting it too. Have a good one!

sweetpea1977 on 09/28/2011:
Wow, excellent exercise for today! Menu looks great too!

You're giving yourself an amazing birthday present. There is no better gift than the gift of good health!!

getmebackto150 on 09/28/2011:
great attitude and good job volunteering for extra exercise!!! Have a great day!!

biscottibody59 on 09/28/2011:
You're doing great--and raking all that time does deserve a treat--woo-hoo!

moogy on 09/28/2011:
Good for you grannyannie, at our age we need to get to a weight that is healthy for us. Otherwise we end up with walkers and all that paraphernalia that they give old people. We may be getting on a little but we still want to look and feel good. I am loving your resolve and commitment to the group. Thank you for stopping by and supporting me:)

moogy on 09/28/2011:
Good for you grannyannie, at our age we need to get to a weight that is healthy for us. Otherwise we end up with walkers and all that paraphernalia that they give old people. We may be getting on a little but we still want to look and feel good. I am loving your resolve and commitment to the group. Thank you for stopping by and supporting me:)

V on 09/28/2011:
Thank YOU!! You are such a wonderful addition to this group, you know I graciously accept your lovely compliment but you are an inspiration/role model to alot of the women here :) I am not even sure where your travels in the States will bring you, but if you are in the St. Pete area, I would love to meet you and give you a big hug :) I am so happy you found this site :)

thinkpositive on 09/28/2011:
You are smart to get the weight off & decide that it won't return. That has been my downfall. And I agree that DD has been so helpful.

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