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grannyannie - Tuesday Oct 25, 2011
(Low cal - low fat - cardio - weights)
Weight: 137.0

Good morning, ladies!  

Got my new super-scale figured out.   Good results but that's just one day.  I'll be checking every day to get a week's average.  Still weighing myself first thing in the morning, but the best time to measure the fat, muscle, water, bone, etc is late afternoon.  Apparently that's the time when everything should be most in balance and accurate.  The new machine gives about a 1 pound lighter weight than my old one.  So I'll start using the new machine weights after about a week of daily weigh-ins.  

My workout today will be super-cleaning the living room - moving furniture to vacuum under them, windows, corners, tops of bookshelves.  

Booking Morocco today and I've got extra incentive now to get more firm and toned - a beach holiday wearing a bathing suit!  Will my saddle bags ever disappear?!  They are much smaller than they were anyway.  


B:  porridge/raisins/almonds, skimmed milk, tea 

L:  1 slice bread, 2 veggie sausages, mustard, yogurt

S:  2 clementines

D:  veggie curry & rice, salad, drink

S:  can of non-alcohol beer, packet of baked crisps

Herbal teas, water

TOTAL:  1305

Have a great day everybody!!


Progress as of today: 30 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

liza36 on 10/25/2011:
House cleaning is a workout all in its own.

I'll be very interested to find out how you like your new scale with all the feedback it gives you. I had a friend a few years ago who used one of those scales, and she'd drink more water, for instance, if it said she was low.

Have a great day.

KayBee on 10/25/2011:
Morocco? You should come to Portugal! :) We'd have great & healthy times :D

getmebackto150 on 10/25/2011:
Morocco??? AWESOME!!! I have always wanted to go there!! Have a great day!!

sweetpea1977 on 10/25/2011:
Nice gift!! Glad you figured out how to use it, haha.

Your upcoming trip sounds absolutely amazing. I cant wait to see your pictures! :)

grannyannie - Monday Oct 24, 2011
(Low cal - low fat - cardio - weights)
Weight: 138.0

Got an early christmas gift from hubby today!  A package was delivered today and it had this:  


Looks like we're probably going to Morocco for my 60th birthday the end of Feb. with a couple of friends of ours.

Workout:  did my tae bo/jump rope routine for 30 minutes with my ankle weights again.  Intense!!  Then did my weights and floor routine. 


B:  porridge & strawberries, skimmed milk, tea

L:  1 bread with 2 veggie sausages and mustard, yogurt, 2 clementines

D:  veggie curry and brown rice, salad, drink 

S:  apple

Herbal teas, black tea/lemon, lots of water

Had an extra snack yesterday putting me 60 cals over, so having less today.

TOTAL:  1226

Now to figure out my new machine.    


Progress as of today: 29 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 10/24/2011:
What a wonderful gift and Morocco! Very exciting! You and thinkpositive are doing exactly what I hope to be doing in my retirement with all your travel. We traveled a good bit around the US before children and hope to do a lot more beyond that with and post children :)

V on 10/24/2011:
Sweet gift :) Morocco for your birthday sounds like a good deal to me :)Hey congrats on taking your workouts to the next level,say bye bye to that last 3 lbs you will be there soon!! Have a wonderful day

V on 10/24/2011:
January it will be a year..Maintaining is not as hard if you take the same approach with eating and exercise with as much thought, passion and care as you do now.. Yes you can and will do this too :)

biscottibody59 on 10/24/2011:
Wow--looks like the "Benz" or maybe Maserati of scales! Hope it does what you expect!

Enjoy your week!

liza36 on 10/24/2011:
What a wonderful gift! And Morocco sounds fantastic.

glycrina on 10/24/2011:
Jealous of your trip to Morocco. I hear it is life changing!

AnonGirl on 10/24/2011:
Thanks and wow, what an amazing surprise! What a wonderful husband you have :) i'd give anything for a holiday abroad!

hollybelle on 10/26/2011:
Morocco, I want to hear and see what that is like. I had a dance instructor from there once - a belly dancing instructor. She was fun, but she never talked about her home country.

grannyannie - Sunday Oct 23, 2011
(Low cal - low fat - cardio - weights)
Weight: 138.0

Good morning!  Just finished 30 minutes of tae bo/jump rope wearing my ankle weights!  Whew!  Still sweating! The weights are 2.5 lbs each but felt like 10!  Maybe I could add wrist weights and do this?  Can't find mine, so will have to buy some.

Will do exercise bike after the Rugby World Cup is finished and hopefully New Zealand has won!

Update:  Well done New Zealand All Blacks!


  • B:  porridge & strawberries, skimmed milk, tea
  • L:  1 slice bread, 2 veggie sausages, mustard, yogurt
  • S:  1 clementine, grapes
  • D:  leftover beans, leftover veggie chili, brown rice, salad, drink
  • S:  apricots or melba toast, hot chocolate

TOTAL:  1285


Progress as of today: 29 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

biscottibody59 on 10/23/2011:
Sounds like a really great workout!

They're actually showing that match this afternoon on NBC here in the US today. I guess I could check it out for a couple seconds just to see. I assume they wear all black? There used to be a couple of diarists here who played rugby.

grannyannie - Saturday Oct 22, 2011
(Low cal - low fat - cardio - weights)
Weight: 138.0

Good day, ladies!  

Down another pound!  Going to make my goal and probably an additional 2 pounds just before my trip to the US mid Dec!  No way am I going into the usual 'I'm-on-holiday-and-can-be-a-total-pig' mode!  

Shopped this morning so afternoon workout.  Rainy, windy, dark day and when I got back home I thought the perfect thing would be a cuppa tea with milk and a few chocolate covered biscuits.  But I don't buy biscuits anymore and already had my alloted cuppa with milk, so I had fennel tea.  

Changing my routine a bit today.  Instead of 45 mins of tae/bo & rope I'm going to try to do 30 mins with ankle weights on.  Then my weights routine.
Update:  felt lazy this afternoon so only did my weights, but did an extra set.  I'm at just the right weights right now.  Will try out routine with ankle weights tomorrow morning. 


B:  porridge & tea

L:  1 slice homemade bread, pbj, yogurt

S:  grapes

D:  beans and rice, salad, drink

S:  packet of baked crisps or dried apricots or melba toast

TOTAL:  1295

Progress as of today: 29 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

biscottibody59 on 10/22/2011:
You are tearing it up WoMaN--woo-hoo! Very inspirational to me I must say:-)

I'll take our weather for now, but I also like the sound of yours today. It makes everything kinda slower, though to be honest a day or three is enough.

grannyannie - Friday Oct 21, 2011
(Low cal - low fat - cardio - weights)
Weight: 139.0

Good day ladies!  Hope your weather is better than mine!

I'm so anxious to get to the maintenance phase!  I've done some calculations and it looks like I can eat the same as I do now, with the addition of a banana, a latte, and a bigger serving at dinnertime.  Of course, occasional 'forbidden' foods as well.   I was thinking I could deal with 1700 cals on most days which would allow for guilt-free treats or eating out occasionally.  Of course, all this planning is pointless right now as I expect to reach my goal not long before we leave for the US for 3 weeks of holiday food.  Then I'll be relying totally on my own judgement and super-restraint and a daily weigh in.  

When I look up calories online I see that US sites have many measurements in terms of cups, but on packets there are always fat, sugar, carbs, etc in terms of grams.  So why not use 100g measurements for calories?  A cup of chopped food can hardly be accurate!  Well, I know the answer, resistance to using metric.   Been there myself.  When I measure out my raisins/crushed almonds/sugar to put on my porridge I use a gram scale.  10 g raisins, 3  almonds, 5 g sugar. 


  • 45 mins cardio
  • 20 mins bike (moderate to high intensity)


B:  porridge/raisins/almonds/sugar, skimmed milk, tea - 142

L:  veg/rice/lentil soup, 1 slice toast with pb - 376

D:  red beans/veg with roasted plantain, salad, drink - 466

S:  2 clementines, yogurt - 116

TOTAL:  1252

Progress as of today: 28 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

Hackersdiet on 10/21/2011:
you are right. Measuring in cups is not accurate. I prefer grams too. When I go on vacation now, my plan is to allow myself an additional 500 calories per day (gain 1 lbs. while on vacation). But if I don't do that, I just stop counting all together and eat way too much. So, this is controlled over eating, with a limited time frame.

Hackersdiet on 10/21/2011:
Based on what you wrote me, I think just try to control portion sizes. Focus on eating when you are hungry. If you aren't hungry, just take very small portions, but still enjoy the food with friends and family!

biscottibody59 on 10/21/2011:
Having great weather here--still need rain. But for so many months I couldn't have said the weather was anything but overly hot, so I'll take it!

Enjoy your weekend nevertheless!

grannyannie - Thursday Oct 20, 2011
(Low cal - low fat - cardio - weights)
Weight: 139.0

Good day ladies!  

Worked for hours in the kitchen yesterday and even cleaned out and reorganised the cupboards that needed it.  Climbed up and down a stepladder and on the counters.  Have a shiny stainless steel cooker and fan now.  Very glad we bought ivory coloured cupboards when the kitchen was redone last year - so easy to see if they are dirty.  

Hub got carried away with the curry powder and chilis in the curried chicken breast last night.  !!!!  I had hiccups after my second bite!


  • 45  mins cardio
  • weights
  • leg lifts/ankle weights
  • abs


B:  porridge/raisins/almonds/sugar skimmed milk, tea - 294

L:  Quorn patty with mayo and lettuce on 1 slice bread, yogurt - 307

S:  2 clementines - 60

D:  leftover broccoli rice with reduced fat smoked sausage, salad, drink - 476??

S:  melba toast, latte - 153

Lots of herbal tea, black tea with lemon, water

TOTAL:  1290

Progress as of today: 28 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

glycrina on 10/20/2011:
great job on the workouts! I cleaned my cabinets recently too and it feels refreshing to know where everything is!

~WI~ on 10/20/2011:
Bummer on losing the before photos! Great job on all that cleaning, I always feel like a refreshed and new woman after a good organizational clean out LOL. Have a lovely day!

V on 10/20/2011:
Yep I was indeed watching history in the making :) Great job on re organizing!! Have a wonderful day my friend :)

grannyannie - Wednesday Oct 19, 2011
(Low cal - low fat - cardio - weights)
Weight: 139.0

Good morning ladies!  We have sunshine  although it's cold.

My hub changed the menu last night so we had broccoli rice with a small amount of reduced fat smoked sausage.  I have no idea how to calculate the calories for this so just used my own judgement.  Think I cheated myself because by 9.30 I was starving!  Didn't eat though, just my allotted yummy melba toast.  

Workout:  overdue for some 'super-cleaning' so I'm starting with the kitchen.  I get every corner, tops of cupboards, glass on cupboard doors, windows, extra cleaning of applicances, etc etc etc.   So that's today's workout.  Don't know if I'll get to start on another room.  


B:  porridge/raisins/almonds/sugar, skimmed milk, tea - 294

L:  Quorn patty, mayo and lettuce on one slice of bread, yogurt - 307

S:  1 clementine, grapes - 91

D:  curried chicken and rice, salad, drink - 476

S:  melba toast, hot chocolate - 123

Herbal teas, black tea with lemon, lots of water

TOTAL:  1291

I like to play around with video and windows movie maker so I think when I get to my goal I'm going to make some video clips of my workouts - just for fun!  


Progress as of today: 28 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

Supercheese on 10/19/2011:
Haha i love the cleaning workout. Realllly puts sweat into things. Good luck with the workout videos. Loved to see some!

getmebackto150 on 10/19/2011:
good job not eating even though you were hungry last night... That is always really hard for me! have a great day!!

legcramps on 10/19/2011:
I need to do some cleaning too. I started with the bathroom last weekend, but the other areas of the house are starting to look abandoned!

V on 10/19/2011:
Have fun cleaning and making videos!! They are superfun to see yourself in action ;) Have a good day!!

grannyannie - Tuesday Oct 18, 2011
(Low cal - low fat - cardio - weights)
Weight: 139.0

Good morning, ladies!  Nearly noon and so far we'd have heavy clouds, sun, rain, hail, then sun again and lots of dark clouds.  On the higher mountains I could see snow earlier, but now has melted.

I'm annoyed with myself as I had taken some photos to use as 'before' when I was at or near my peak weight back in Feb.  I was wearing jeans that I could barely get on and couldn't even come close to zipping.  I'm now wearing the pair that are smaller than those now!  But I think when I got a new computer and was transferring files and photos I looked at that set and just went 'ugh' and deleted them.  Doh!

Less than 2 months before we leave for the US and my granddaughters!  


  • 45 mins tae bo & jump rope (mod/high intensity)
  • weights
  • leg lifts w/ankle weights
  • ab crunches


B:  porridge/raisins/almonds/sugar, skimmed milk, tea - 294

L:  Quorn patty/mayo/veggies in wrap, yogurt - 283

S:  grapes, satsuma - 96

D:  veggie curry, rice, salad, drink - 476

S:  melba toast, packet dried apricots - 75

Herbal tea, tea with lemon, water

TOTAL:  1309



Progress as of today: 28 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 10/18/2011:
I've deleted plenty of "before" pictures and for the most part there just aren't many of me since I avoided the camera! Your weather there sounds a lot like where my parents live in Oregon. The snow stays on top of the highest mountains year round! The only problem is in the summer there's a complete lack of rain and extreme fire danger, which hopefully you don't get there. Have a good one!

V on 10/18/2011:
Have a wonderful day!!

getmebackto150 on 10/18/2011:
that stinks about deleting the pics( Good for you for fitting into even SMALLER pants though!!! Have a great day!!

getmebackto150 on 10/18/2011:
I always take a MVI with B12 and calcium and I'm switching to a vegan specific one even though I won't be 100% vegan. This MVI has additional B12 so it should be good:)

sweetpea1977 on 10/18/2011:
wow, look at you sitting on 139. Thats awesome!!

Sorry about the photos, but at least you have smaller jeans to prove that you have made great choices. :)

glycrina on 10/18/2011:
so jealous of the smaller jeans!

hollybelle on 10/18/2011:
Just post the pictures of you NOW! Great Exercise, Granny!

mysterywoman100 on 10/18/2011:
congrats on your great weight loss

thinkpositive on 10/19/2011:
Great job on your loss. The jeans tell the whole story! About 2 months for me for my Christmas visit home. Counting the days!

grannyannie - Monday Oct 17, 2011
(Low cal - low fat - cardio - weights)
Weight: 139.0

Good morning, ladies!    A very dreary, windy, rainy day.  Good for curling up with a good book and a cuppa tea.

Did fairly well at dinner last night.  Our hosts are wonderful cooks and bakers! Starters were hot rolls and oat cakes with homemade mackerel pate and mushroom pate, and homemade banana nut & fruit bread.  Delish! Main course - roast chicken & potatoes and gravy and veggies.  Dessert - apple pie and a bit of whipped cream. The dreaded cheese tray did not come out as we were all asked if we wanted some, but said no.  Lots of wine.  


  • 45 mins tae bo/jump rope (a mix of moderate and high intensity)
  • exercise bike - intermittent low, mod, high intensity - 45 minutes


B:  porridge/raisins/almonds/skimmed milk, tea and milk - 294

L:  turkey bacon/mustard/veggie wrap, yogurt - 253

S:  2 oranges - 94

D:  leftover curry, rice, salad, drink - 476

S:  dried apricots, melba toast - 148

We were sent home very late last night with 2 thick pieces of that luscious banana bread.  Will try to make my hub eat them both.  

Hmmm...the banana bread was calling my name.  So I ate the very small piece and I tried to force my skinny husband to eat the big one.  He ate a little and gave the rest to the birds.  

Lots of herbal tea, lemon tea, water

TOTAL:  1265


Progress as of today: 28 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

thinkpositive on 10/17/2011:
You go girl!! Such willpower. And that number is just amazing. You have a plan & stay with it!

KayBee on 10/17/2011:
you're doing great! Uhhh, you said no to cheese? :) That's what I call a strong Willpower!

V on 10/17/2011:
Hahaha well at least you tried.. Annie you are doing so well with the workouts and mindful eating so that bread won't bring you grief.. Have a good day ;)

KayBee on 10/17/2011:
Is your hubs allergic to diary products? (because of the cheese)

Umpqua on 10/17/2011:
That dinner sounds SO GOOD. I think the cheese tray would have been overkill with all that other food! I'm glad the banana bread is gone now, I'm sure it was delicious :)

legcramps on 10/17/2011:
Have a wonderful week!

getmebackto150 on 10/17/2011:
sounds like you did quite well at dinner... Skipping the cheese tray is a major victory in my opinion... I can almost never say no to cheese!

glycrina on 10/17/2011:
Good job with the banana bread. Good job with the cheese and great job with the workouts.

biscottibody59 on 10/17/2011:
Excellent progress--keep up the good work!

Supercheese on 10/17/2011:
good job on the menu!!

grannyannie - Sunday Oct 16, 2011
(Low cal - low fat - cardio - weights)
Weight: 139.0

Good Sunday, ladies!

Got on the scale and it finally says less than 10 stone!  I'm at 139.  

Got lazy yesterday and didn't work out.  I don't skip very often so I guess I don't feel too guilty.

  • 45 mins cardio
  • weights (still a bit sore from Friday's heavier weights)
  • leg lifts/ankle weights
  • abs

B:  porridge/raisins/almonds, tea - 294

L:  turkey bacon wrap w/mustard and veggies, yogurt - 258

S:  2 satsuma - 70

D:  going to someone's house for dinner.  WILL be good.  Well, I'll try really really hard!  Will confess tomorrow!

TOTAL:  too many

Progress as of today: 28 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 10/16/2011:
Congrats on the scale, awesome news!

AnonGirl on 10/16/2011:
wow, well done, :) keep up the good work, you're nearly there!!!!!

greengirl on 10/16/2011:
Well done !! Isn't it great when you pass a milestone like that :-)

V on 10/16/2011:
Congrats Annie!! Splendid!! 4 more to go baby!! You have this :)

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