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grannyannie - Friday Jul 10, 2020
(Healthy eating, exercise)
Weight: 166.8

Stuck to menu plan yesterday EXCEPT I went totally overboard with the sweet popcorn. So addictive!  Not going to admit how many packs I had!  But I have 3 bags left and they are going into the rubbish.  I don't binge on the salted popcorn - and they have less calories (87).  

Housework today.  I did 20 minutes with the step aerobics yesterday.  Heart rate after 10 minutes was 150 (max for my age should be 152) but after the 20 minutes it was 167.  I'll have to slow down a bit I guess and tomorrow I'll go for 30 mins. 

Hoping for a garden 'party' this weekend.  No alcohol yesterday and today - same for hubby. 

I've ordered some Lipton lemon iced tea mix unsweetened on Amazon - can't buy it here.  And I will add Stevia to it.  Getting a bit tired of pop.


  • B:  toast, strawberries, tea
  • S: quinoa and coffee
  • L:  egg salad sandwich
  • D: whatever curry and Thai dish hubby is making tonight
  • S:  one packet of salted popcorn

Total:  about 1300

Photo for today:  Isle of Mull - in my county of Argyll


Progress as of today: 2.8 lbs lost so far, only 21.8 lbs to go!

Donkey on 07/10/2020:
I imagine that the sweet popcorn hits all the pleasure sensors in the brain: sweet yet salty, carbs, and crunch.

I don't think my heart rate gets that high when I exercise. I'm quite impressed!

When you wrote about your weekend plans, I realized I hadn't made any for myself. Need to do that!

Grannyannie on 07/10/2020:
Being in a wet climate the weather dictates our parties. 2 couples retired but one couple works during the week.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/10/2020:
your photos are really beautiful ! thank you for sharing the beauty with us. i don't see such neat designs and fresh paint in my neck of the woods ever!

i also have to limit buying certain products that cause bingeing and i also have thrown out things (more in the past) that i couldn't stop eating.

i've done better now...i keep some cookies around but not a lot of choices and i eat a serving and i'm happy...as long as i'm not starving!

grannyannie on 07/10/2020:
Not that common here to have bright colours on buildings, but it is in Ireland. No way could I keep cookies or anything like that around. Can't resist.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/10/2020:
my eating choices have changed 100% especially the last few years. much more junk but also an ability to stop quicker...

grannyannie on 07/11/2020:
That's good you can stop more easily.

grannyannie - Thursday Jul 09, 2020
(Healthy eating, exercise)
Weight: 166.8

Biked to the pub about 4:30 last night and met up with a friend.  It wasn't supposed to rain but we had showers off and on for the 2 hours we were there.  Had 3 pints of beer (couldn't quite finish the 3rd one so gave it to hubby). No regrets.  Had a good time.  Outside only and they had plenty of tables for us to stay apart.  Everybody knew each other already and we hadn't been in a couple of years so didn't know everybody. The pub owners remembered us though.

Going to do my own version of step aerobics and thought about using weights while doing it, but instead I'm going to wear some 0.5kg (1.1 lb) wrist weights.  I will set a timer for 10 minutes at a time to check pulse and sip some water.  So I'll start with 30 mins and work my way up.  


  • B:  toast, soy yogurt with raspberries and blueberries, tea
  • S:  quinoa bar and coffee
  • L:  salad, hummus, pork pate
  • D:  leftover veg curry
  • S:  popcorn or baked crisps

Total:  about 1200


I know it's not good to have so many carbs like toast and sandwiches.  So, since I feel deprived when I don't get toast or sandwiches I will rotate toast/yogurt and porridge.  Porridge is good carbs so I don't feel bad about eating it. And have a sandwich - love egg salad! - twice a week.  I can easily freeze the bread and take out a couple of slices at a time. 

Love Kathy's photos of Portugal.  This is one I took in France a few years ago: I love the colours of the shutters and doors.


Progress as of today: 2.8 lbs lost so far, only 21.8 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 07/09/2020:
I LOVE France.......growing up with a French grandma.....who spoke french fluently made me appreciate the beauty of the language.......Love these pics. Interesting hand weights.....so much easier on the fingers and it allows you to do other things at the same time........I'm interested in hearing how you like those and where you got them.

grannyannie on 07/09/2020:
I've only been to France twice but I love it and I love the language and that accent. I've got the Rosetta Stone French programme but never stick with it. I bought the weights years ago - just google Reebok wrist weights. I bought them with the idea to do housework while wearing them and ankle weights. The step aerobics video I was watching had you doing certain moves with your arms as well that wouldn't work with dumbbells but would work with this without hurting myself.

bearcountrygg on 07/09/2020:
Thanks...I will look into those...I've never seen them before.

grannyannie on 07/09/2020:
You can still do housework wearing them unless it's something wet. And ankle weights you can wear for everything. Extra calorie burning and muscle work.

legcramps on 07/09/2020:
I'm glad you had fun at the pub with your friends :)

grannyannie on 07/09/2020:
It was nice! Missing out on garden parties because of weather and desperately need social contact.

Donkey on 07/09/2020:
Those are some NICE hand weights! Much easier on the hand joints.

That's a good plan to alternate carb choices so that you don't have "too many" on any given day.

grannyannie on 07/10/2020:
The hand weights are light so I can do aerobics and not hurt myself - or my shoulder.

grannyannie - Wednesday Jul 08, 2020
(Healthy eating, exercise)
Weight: 166.8

Found a Youtube 25 min step aerobics video, so did it this morning. Couldn't figure out all the moves of course but mostly kept up.  Checked heart rate after and it was too high.  I'm going to do my own step aerobic routine with some of the moves I learned.  Will also keep checking my heart rate (we have an oxygen/pulse meter).  I remember at the gym I often went higher than max heart rate for my age. 

Friends wants to meet up at a local pub - outdoors only - after dinner tonight.  I think it might be too cloudy which means biting midges.  If we go we'll stay away from everybody and wear a mask when we go order drinks. 


  • B:  soy yogurt and raspberries, toast, tea
  • S:  quinoa bar, coffee, sesame snack (only one packet left and won't buy more)
  • L:  didn't feel like salad so had a cheese sandwich and baked crisps
  • D:  coconut, chicken, potato, veg soup
  • S:  popcorn

Edit:  stepdaughter sent me a gift of premium gin.  So I will be having a gin and tonic tonight even if we go to the pub.  

Progress as of today: 2.8 lbs lost so far, only 21.8 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 07/08/2020:
I have heart rate issues too....so I have to watch it. Best not to mess with that if you can avoid it. Better to plan your own routine.

grannyannie on 07/08/2020:
Yes, I will do a slower but longer routine and I can easily check my heart rate while doing it (we have a monitor for your finger).

Horn_of_plenty on 07/08/2020:
do you think that even though you went higher than most max heart rate, that it's a standard deviation and for you it's just higher?

yes, def wear and mask when you order drinks! :) enjoy!!!!

grannyannie on 07/08/2020:
I think 160 is normal for me - was always around that at the gym. This time it felt like too much but then I'm really not fit right now so need to work my way back up.

Our friend went to the pub on Mon and she said they have a table set up outside to place your order and use contactless to pay. However if you need the bathroom you to go inside so I'll definitely wear my mask for that. Husband doesn't want to go after dinner - wants to go at 4 but our friends work from home and may not be finished yet. So we'll see.

legcramps on 07/08/2020:
Enjoy your day today :)

Grannyannie on 07/08/2020:
Thanks. Same to you!

grannyannie - Tuesday Jul 07, 2020
(Healthy eating, exercise)
Weight: 166.8

Regarding the conversation about being on very low calories....I remember years ago I kept hitting plateaus on weight loss. I did some research in several places and they said if you go on very low calores (under 1000) for a long time your body thinks that's all it needs to survive.  And your metabolism slows down to compensate.  So it's much better to vary calories.  You should at least do one high calorie day per week - but not junk food. 

I didn't count calories today, but I will start counting again.  I should work out today, but don't know if I'll be able to force myself to.  Nice sunny days coming up so that might inspire me to walk.   

Made a mistake ordering a box of 24 single service packs of sweet and salt popcorn.  They are addictive!  So when they are gone I'll stick to the lightly salted which I don't binge on.  Also had bought some sesame/honey snacks which are topped with a swirl of sweet yogurt.  Also addictive.  Mistake buying those!  So it's sugar that's most addictive to me, followed by salty snacks. 

Grocery shopping this morning at 7:20am for the few things I couldn't get online.  Also a few things for our friends like I've been doing for more than 3 months. 


  • B:  toast, soy yogurt with strawberries, tea
  • S:  quinoa bar, coffee, sesame snacks
  • L:  salad, hummus, pork pate, popcorn
  • D:  coconut, chicken, potato, veg Thai soup
  • S:  popcorn

We get lots of boats past our house:

Progress as of today: 2.8 lbs lost so far, only 21.8 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 07/07/2020:
I think it's a good idea...for our own safety and health to count...at least for a while every now and then....I got caught in the low cal trap back when I really didn't even need to lose...at a place called WEIGHT LOSS CLINIC...where they put me on a 400 calorie a day diet......that messed me up...my boss told me it would...and he was right....now 1,500 cals make me gain.....the fact is...I weighed under 130 when I did that...and they were more than happy to take me on as a customer.....the place eventually disappeared.....I had never heard of Keto back then...but they were testing for ketosis...and that was back in the 80's......the thing was..I wasn't fat...I wore size 8-10.....but because I had been wearing size 4 for so many years...i believed I was fat......UGH

grannyannie on 07/07/2020:
I know so many who say it's too much trouble to count calories. But they rarely lose weight. For me to lose about 1100-1200 is good, with at least one day at 1500.

grannyannie on 07/07/2020:
Way back when I was just a girl of 40 I lost 30 lbs and weighed about 120-122. I was thin. Worked out 6 days a week. I started at 1200 cals a day but with my intense workouts found myself getting dizzy so upped it to 1500. Worked! On maintenace I would count cals during the week but eat what I wanted on Saturdays - went out to dinner on a date on Saturday nights. I found on Monday mornings that I has lost weight!

Maria7 on 07/07/2020:
I sure do enjoy your scenery photos...how beautiful they are! Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful Scotland. Hope you have a blessed day. Love, Maria

grannyannie on 07/07/2020:
Thanks! Glad you like them.

bearcountrygg on 07/07/2020:
I love your scenery pics...so calm and relaxing!!!

grannyannie on 07/07/2020:
Definitely a peaceful and pretty area.

legcramps on 07/07/2020:
I completely agree with your theory on restricting calories, that's exactly what happens and it can be very harmful to our health if we choose to live this way.

Your pictures are beautiful; I would love to live near water and watch boats sail by. Is it relatively quiet there?

grannyannie on 07/07/2020:
It is very quiet here. We are ten miles from town - not so peaceful there. In our immediate area there are a lot of retirees. Often in the daytime all you can hear is birds with the occasional car. At night it's so quiet you can hear a dog bark on the other side of the water which is about 1 mile away.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/07/2020:
agree with you 100% with calories.

the first time i ever lost weight, i was eating very low calories for a long time. my muscle mass was low. my calories were low.

when i started to eat more, i immediately saw i couldn't eat so many calories like i do now because my metabolism wasn't where it is right now. also with my muscles in upper body, i burn a little more now than i did then.

i agree 100% with your statements.

grannyannie on 07/07/2020:
And the more muscle mass you have the more efficiently you burn calories.

Donkey on 07/07/2020:
I think my sweet tooth is my demise, sad to say.

grannyannie on 07/08/2020:
Yea, I try to not have anything sweet in the house. Bad choices.

grannyannie - Monday Jul 06, 2020
(Healthy eating, exercise)
Weight: 166.8

Not doing great, but I'll get back on track. My weight is stable but I really need to get rid of 20 lbs. I don't have the pressure of a goal for a trip.  Might go to Thailand in January, hoping for the US in April.  Had beer again yesterday - it was 3 months since son. 

I'm about to finish my 5th jigsaw puzzle.  The first two were 1,000 pieces and the rest are 500. It's a good distraction.

It's very windy today so I'll either power walk or do my exercise bike.  Did Click and Collect at supermarket this morning.  Wasn't cold, just windy.


  • B:  toast, yogurt, tea
  • S: quinoa bar, coffee, sesame snacks
  • L:  salad hummus cheddar
  • D:  some type of curry that hubby will make
  • S: popcorn 

I enjoy sharing photos here.  This one is near my house. 

Progress as of today: 2.8 lbs lost so far, only 21.8 lbs to go!

KathyBlue on 07/06/2020:
oh wow that view is amazing!! I would love to take a walk there. I don't have patience for jigsaw puzzles, hehe... I used to like them when I was a kid. Nowadays I'm more into drawing again. I love to draw, and I used to be good in it but then life (and mom) derived my focus and I didn't end up as a full time artist.

grannyannie on 07/06/2020:
Yes, I face a sea loch. Love it! I used to do adult colouring books and still have lots and really nice coloured pencils, but I find that jigsaw puzzles are a very good distraction and I really enjoy it.

bearcountrygg on 07/06/2020:
I'm doing grocery pick up myself this week.......it's easy....but I miss walking through the store. What a beautiful view!

grannyannie on 07/06/2020:
Our store only started click and collect about 2 months ago and I can't get everything I want online. So I still shop only it's much less than before. I'll go tomorrow morning about 7:30am. And I also pick up a few things for a couple, one of whom is vulnerable. Yes, I love this view! This is why we stay in bed after we wake up. We have our tea in bed and can look out over the water.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/06/2020:
beautiful photo....is it me or the tree looks like it is fall? is it fall?

Grannyannie on 07/06/2020:
This was taken in autumn.

grannyannie - Sunday Jul 05, 2020
(Healthy eating, exercise)
Weight: 166.8

Beer last night.  None today and none until a garden party or next weekend.

Getting on exercise bike today.  Rainy and windy. But I'm getting anxious to power walk and listen to an audiobook.  Thought I might be sore from muscle work yesterday but I'm not. I did some stretches afterward so maybe that's why.


  • B: toast, soy yogurt and blueberries, tea
  • S: quinoa bar and coffee
  • L:  salad with hummus and cheddar, apple
  • D: curry, tonic with lime
  • S:  popcorn

A church just down the road from us:

Progress as of today: 2.8 lbs lost so far, only 21.8 lbs to go!

KathyBlue on 07/05/2020:
what a lovely church! It's beautiful looks like a doll house :)

Grannyannie on 07/05/2020:
It does!

Horn_of_plenty on 07/05/2020:
that is a beautiful church with like nothing else in the photo!? is it a small church?

grannyannie on 07/05/2020:
It is on the coastal road I live on, and has a forest behind it. Parking is on the street for this one. It is a small church, never been inside though. It's Church of Scotland (Presbyterian).

Donkey on 07/05/2020:
I hope the weather will allow for a walk soon!

grannyannie on 07/06/2020:
Windy today but won't be rainy.

grannyannie - Saturday Jul 04, 2020
(Healthy eating, exercise)
Weight: 166.8

Actually did a workout this morning. 

Beer day even though I had wine on Thursday.

Dreary and damp here, again.  We were getting so spoiled by gorgeous weather in May and early June. 

Lockdown is easing here, but at the same time Scotland has finally made masks mandatory in shops.  We don't plan to change anything.  My brother is shipping the extra ashes of my son for me to sprinkle in Glencoe (gorgeous mountain area which my son loved) and by the time they arrive we'll be able to drive the 90 miles to get there and maybe have lunch outdoors.  So we'll pick a warm, sunny day.  Saving half of them to sprinkle on the D Day beaches of Normandy because he always wanted to go there, so his brother and I will sprinkle them next summer.

Menu:  still not counting calories though I should

  • B:  toast, soy yogurt with fresh blueberries, tea
  • S: quinoa bar and coffee
  • L: salad with hummus, cheddar and boiled egg
  • S: popcorn, beer
  • D:  curry, tonic with lime
  • S: popcorn


No upper body with dumbbells

  • 2 sets x 10 lower body with dumbbells (squats, lunges, calf lifts)
  • 2 sets x 10 bum and thighs with ankle weights
  • 2 sets abs, planks, push ups
  • step aerobics
  • jump rope 3 x 20
  • 3 sets of a Tae Bo routine


 I take a lot of photos of our garden so here's one:

Progress as of today: 2.8 lbs lost so far, only 21.8 lbs to go!

Donkey on 07/04/2020:
(((hugs))) Those are some lovely plans for your son's ashes... Both spots sound so beautiful.

Good job on the exercise! The popcorn sounds interesting. Kind of like the kettlecorn we have here - a little sweeter than plain.

grannyannie on 07/04/2020:
The popcorn is great but hard to stop eating. It's sweet and salty but not as sweet as caramel corn.

I like to think my son sees what we are doing for him that we know he'd love.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/04/2020:
I agree with Donkey, those are very nice plans for your son's ashes. so sorry again. i know this is so tough.

you sound really good, lovely photo too! keep making yourself and your health a priority!!

grannyannie on 07/05/2020:
I know exercise is only a tiny part of losing weight, but I'm doing far too much sitting on my bum! Rain needs to stop so I can power walk!

bearcountrygg on 07/04/2020:
I'm sure your son would appreciate the places you chose for his ashes...((HUGS))......beautiful pic.

grannyannie on 07/05/2020:
Glencoe is a gorgeous spot, but Normandy is a WWII spot. Both my sons WWII buffs.

grannyannie - Friday Jul 03, 2020
(Healthy eating, exercise)
Weight: 166.8

A couple of our friends wanted to try out their bikes last night just after dinner so came down to our house and we sat outside.  Of course that meant we both broke our no alcohol day.  Wine for me, beer for hubby and our friends had both.  Unfortunately I didn't have any cold rose' which is lower alcohol so had red wine.  I drank it like I normally drink the other wine not thinking about how high the alcohol content was.  Serious hangover today!! 

Received a box of popcorn today but a different kind - sweet and salty - almost like caramel corn.  Higher cals than the one I've been having, but not much more.


  • B: toast, tea
  • S: quinoa bar, coffee
  • L: cheese sandwich, packet of crisps
  • S: popcorn
  • D: veg and chicken curry
  • S: popcorn 

Not exactly a healthy food day.  But too tired to bother.

In front of my house:

Progress as of today: 2.8 lbs lost so far, only 21.8 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 07/03/2020:
Thank you for this very beautiful photo you have shared w us all today. Where is it? Are you in Scotland? It sure is pretty!

grannyannie on 07/04/2020:
Yes, I'm in west Scotland. This is the sea loch in front of my house.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/03/2020:
omg so pretty! what i love most about this photo is that there's not so many boats or people! seems it's a nice spot and not crowded with people or traffic!

grannyannie on 07/04/2020:
The road I live on is very quiet. A 13 mile long coastal road and behind us is a forest. We get all kinds of boats out there but it's never crowded with them. Royal Navy, submarines, fishing boats, sailboats, freighters.

bearcountrygg on 07/04/2020:

Grannyannie on 07/04/2020:
Can't complain about the view!

Donkey on 07/04/2020:
Beautiful picture!

I commented on the popcorn on a later entry. A nice change, perhaps.

grannyannie - Thursday Jul 02, 2020
(Healthy eating, exercise)
Weight: 166.8

Did some housework today - dusting, hoovering, sweeping.  Did 30 minutes on the exercise bike but have yet to do muscle work.  My shoulder is a bit sore again and no idea why.

Weather is still yucky.  I don't want to power walk as there's a good chance of rain.  But I'm going to start listening to audiobooks when I do walk.

Since my son is gone I have no rights to see my granddaughters (nasty divorce).  So I have to try to get along with their mother (it's hard!).  She's grateful that I'm buying the girls laptops and that I'll pay for drivers ed next school year for the oldest one.  I'm hoping she'll let me take the girls next summer for a week at Lake Michigan like we did for a couple of years with my son and the girls. 

Also hope she doesn't give us any problem in 3 years when the oldest graduates. I told gd I'd give her a trip over here and take her to London and maybe Belgium or somewhere else she'd like to go.  She's only been to Scotland where we are. 


  • B:  toast, soy yogurt with fresh raspberries, tea
  • S:  quinoa bar (2 - oops), coffee
  • L:  egg salad sandwich and crisps
  • D:  some kind of curry that husband is now cooking
  • S:  popcorn

I'd love to have a beer but this is hubby's second no beer day.  I'll have a beer with him tomorrow. 

Progress as of today: 2.8 lbs lost so far, only 21.8 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 07/02/2020:
i hope also that you'll get to spend time with the girls! :)

good job not having the beer and waiting to have it with hubby tomorrow! i like the teamwork attitude to this health approach of both of you!

grannyannie on 07/03/2020:
Actually friends came over unexpectedly and we both drank outside.

Donkey on 07/03/2020:
I understand having to balance things with your former daughter-in-law and with your granddaughters. I guess the best you can do is reach out and let them know that you love them, whether it's cool gifts or a call or email, whatever. They will remember that when they become adults.

grannyannie on 07/03/2020:
ExDIL is very difficult, always has been. The oldest one and I are close and we message each other several times a week. The youngest one is hard to have a conversation with - seriously ADHD.

grannyannie - Wednesday Jul 01, 2020
(Healthy eating, exercise)
Weight: 166.8

Planned on doing some muscle work and aerobics, but didn't.  Did do lots of laundry and some hoovering.


  • B: toast, yogurt, tea
  • S: quinoa bar, coffee, last sesame snack
  • L: salad, hummus, cheddar
  • S: popcorn
  • D: Massaman curry
  • S: popcorn 

Husband has decided he needs to lose some weight - he weighs less than me!  But he just has a bit of beer belly.  So he's going 2 days a week with no beer.  Today and tomorrow.

Progress as of today: 2.8 lbs lost so far, only 21.8 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 07/01/2020:
D has a bit if a belly too...and the dr told him it was an abdominal hernia...but they don't seem interested in fixing it........they did say it had a fat layer so maybe that's why.....if he lost a few pounds maybe they would fix it....but he isn't wanting surgery...can't blame him.

grannyannie on 07/02/2020:
Is the hernia painful?

Maria7 on 07/01/2020:
That is a good plan and men usually lose easier than women do. I know you are relieved you got your laundry done as I always am, too. Smile.

grannyannie on 07/02/2020:
He's not a snacker or doesn't like junk food. Beer is the only reason he's not a toothpick. He wants to lose about 8-10lbs.

horn_of_plenty on 07/01/2020:
Glad to hear you did the laundry ! I find when it do it that it takes always longer than I expect it to!

grannyannie on 07/02/2020:
I'm surprised how fast it piles up.

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