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greengirl - Sunday Mar 25, 2007
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 179.5

Hey folks, just a quick update tonight. I have to do the ironing tonight (my least favourite occupation) so I wont be online for too long otherwise I will get nothing done. I went to my sisters today and saw her baby granddaughter for the first time in five weeks or so. I can't believe how much she has grown, and she is chuckling and gurgling away. So sweet. I bought her a little outfit yesterday instead of an egg, for easter!

This morning I only did thirty minutes on the treadmill, but I turned the incline right up so I was really puffing and panting. It is much more difficult than on the flat. I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for your very supportive comments on yesterdays post. I really appreciate the feedback. Here in England, we turned the clocks forward an hour during the night for British Summer Time. It always takes me a while to adjust to this so I will have an early night tonight, after watching the Jane Austen season on TV. I think it might be Northanger Abbey tonight. I love the Jane Austen books, although they do remind me of Englich Lit lessons at school (so lond ago!!!!). It will be strange not to update my weight tomorrow but I am determined to do it on April 1st. After that, I might do it every two weeks or so, as seems to be favoured by one or two of you good people. Must go now and get the ironing board out. Enjoy your night :0)

Challenge points for today = 2

Progress as of today: 47.5 lbs lost so far, only 29.5 lbs to go!

mcwoo40 on 03/25/2007:
Hi hope you got all your ironing done by the time you read this,I hate it too,i like the crushed look !!I saw my neice on thursday.She is nearly 2months old now and she has grown loads.Although sis seems to be alway's feeding her, mind you she was 9lbs born.She is so cute smiling away,i was broody for a mini second then it disappeared quickly!!good on you for putting up the incline,at first my ankles used to hurt, but soon got used to it. Here's to a good week.p.s don't you think there is'nt alot of people doing entries these day's or is it me??

Donkey on 03/25/2007:
Good for you for getting on that treadmill! And in the morning too! I couldn't get myself to the gym until 2p in the afternoon, and I think a lot of that had to do with wanting to get away from Husband. He's just driving me nuts; it'll be alright, but just sometimes, the man drives me nuts.

I've got laundry to fold tonight, so you with your ironing and me with my folding. Hope there's something good on TV over here too.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/25/2007:
hey, at least you did get the exercise in!

WorkingIt2 on 03/26/2007:
Great job with the incline! It really does make a difference!

Sandra aka Soul on 03/26/2007:
I have finally caught up with your diary entries...what a fantastic journey. I loved all the photos and especially loved the entry where your husband yelled to you "dont forget to take in your water" while at the doctors office. I am sure I would have turned three shades of red as well as being very cross but it was good for a laugh, still chuckling about it even now. Thank you so much for the mention in one of your entries, it makes me feel sad that I did not keep up with my journey but it would not have been the same or maybe it would have been too depressing.

You are giving me inspiration to continue with the treadmill (which is now at my office) Keep up the excellent work.


greengirl - Saturday Mar 24, 2007
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 179.5

Had a good day today and resisted the urge to jump on the scales when I woke up. I will have to put them out of sight if I'm not going to weigh myself regularly. Thanks for your input on this. I think I will have to be like biscottibody and put them somewhere, under a cupboard or something!!

2 challenge points for today

I did 60 minutes on the treadmill today and recorded my personal best times so far. I did 2 miles (3.22km) in 30mins 38secs, 3 miles (4.83km) in 45mins 20secs and 5km in 47mins 20secs. When I first got the treadmill it was taking me half an hour to do one mile, and at first I couldnt even keep going for that long. I could have kept going for longer today but didnt really have the time. I spent the remaining 12 minutes of my hour in slowing down and chilling out. Ended up doing 6km altogether. I have to admit I got pretty sweaty doing it but I expect if I keep doing it at these speeds my body will adjust to it. I can remember when I first started on dietdiaries and workingit was doing 14 minute miles on the treadmill. I thought I would never be able to do that but now I'm not so far from that. I think I will make that my exercise target. To be able to do 14 min miles!!!! Next Sunday I am doing a virtual 5km race at home for Sparkpeople. I will aim for a similar time as today. Thats good enough for me at my age, I think LOL!!

I'm planning on getting some crunches done tonight. I really need to work on strengthening other muscles beside my leg muscles so I will get my dumbells out too. Talk to you all tomorrow hopefully. Bye for now :0)

Progress as of today: 47.5 lbs lost so far, only 29.5 lbs to go!

borntocry on 03/24/2007:
Well, 15 minutes per mile is a pretty fast clip. I was just telling Umpqua that the reason I didn't try walking to the train station in London is because I wasn't sure I could walk 4 miles in an hour. But next time I might give it a try!

WorkingIt2 on 03/24/2007:
You are a diet cinderella story! Seriously! So full of life and energy and all this strength! I am so happy for you! I was thinking about you today when I was out with my little group of walking buddies and how when you started you were struggling with the exercise because you reminded me of when I started..and I told the folks at the walk about you and how here you are, a short 7 months later and almost 50lbs lighter and working out just about every day! You are doing so wonderful and it inspires me to keep going. Have a great evening!

sharklover on 03/24/2007:
wow! what great progress you have made over time! That's so awesome that you can compare then and now and see the great difference. You're doing such a great job! Thanks for the inspiration!

mcwoo40 on 03/25/2007:
Good work on the treadmill,try and put your speed a couple of notches up and you won't feel it.I've just tried this morning with the speed was at 6.2 I've been having it at 5.8 but i kept the incline at 12%.Then when it got too much i knocked it back down to 5.8.Considering 3 months ago i was a couch potato that had no energy to walk around the block i am not doing to bad.Where doing fine,catch up with you again,Julie

smiley2 on 03/25/2007:
Great job on the exercise! That Virtual 5k race sounds really exciting!

greengirl - Friday Mar 23, 2007
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 179.5

Hi everyone

I've had a lovely day today as I only had to work for two and a half hours!! I had some odd holiday hours owing to me and decided to start the weekend early. Hubby and I went for a trip around the local market. Sometimes it's just nice to spend a few hours together, without the kids butting in!!When we got back I put my feet up for an hour before I spent half an hour on the treadmill. After that Sarah was home from school so we ate early, and I got on here early while Pete is watching TV.

This week I seem to have struggled. Not with calories or exercise, they have been ok. I havent drank enough water I know. My problem has been that I cant stop weighing myself every morning, and this week I have changed every day. Pound down, pound up, pound down, pound up ..... you get my drift. I dont know if I am stuck at this weight for a while but its annoying me so I've decided that I will move the damn scales and weigh myself just once a month!!!!!!!!! I think that I will make April the first my next weigh in day (some might say appropriately) and thereafter I will weigh myself only on the first of the month. I could do with some input on this folks. Ive been losing weight regularly for seven months. How much do you think is an average weight I would lose in a month at this stage in my program?? All input welcome.

All that remains now is for me to wish you all have a lovely weekend. take care of yourselves :0)

I forgot to add 2 challenge points for exercise!!

Progress as of today: 47.5 lbs lost so far, only 29.5 lbs to go!

mcwoo40 on 03/23/2007:
Hi,go and tell hubby to go and hide those scales.That is one of my downfalls,and if the scale has'nt gone down enough i think to myself what the hell.When i first started this eating plan the first time round in january, that is what happened to me and then i gave up.They say do'nt weigh yourself and that it is the way you feel that is more important,And that use your clothes as a guide to your inchloss, which i could'nt do.Anyway keep at it and stay off those scales!!Julie

jon'smom on 03/23/2007:
Hi! Once or twice a month(every 2 weeks) is enough to weigh yourself. Your clothes can tell you alot about your progress also. Have a good weekend and don't give up.

Umpqua on 03/23/2007:
I think that's great if you can only weigh once per month. I weigh almost every day and it's definitely habitual. I fluctuate throughout the week but I just can't help myself! Anyway, if you have the restraint I would say go for it, and it will be a good reflection of your true loss. Thanks too for your support on my sleep situation and the walking - things are looking up now that the warm weather has arrived!

borntocry on 03/23/2007:
I would say 2 lb a month, because that's how much I tend to lose (when I'm doing extremely well), but looking at your progress bar, you have been losing at a much faster rate than that. So maybe you should expect to lose 4 lb a month?

But what if the day you weigh yourself is a "high" day? I used to weigh myself once every two weeks and one time, after two particularly virtuous weeks, I got on the scale and it showed a gain of 2 lb! I was so upset and frustrated, I went on a two-week eating spree, so of course by the next time I weighed myself, that number was there to stay.

biscottibody59 on 03/24/2007:
I was going to say that maybe the guy was giving you a backhanded compliment, but sounds like it's a little more complicated than that. I wonder if he'll go and tell someone else you may not see too often and then you can find out from their demeanor something else. At any rate, I thought when certain people said NOTHING about my dramatic change in the beginning that they were just jealous. Now I'm not so sure. I've sort of gotten used to any notice anyone makes. Except for my elderly, but very active neighbor who tends to be a bit of a wolf--haha! He makes my day because he never notices if I've put on pounds, he's diplomatic enough to only notice the good things!

It took me awhile, but I got in the habit of only weighing once or twice a week. I have to drag out my scale from under a small table to use it, so I'm not likely to do that every day.

Have a good one!

greengirl - Thursday Mar 22, 2007
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 179.5

Hi everyone. As usual thankyou for your supportive comments. I saw Philip (the guy from yesterday) again today. I hope he will just get used to me again and it will all blow over but I definately don't think he was trying to compliment me LOL!!! No exercise points for today, I was really tired when I got home from work. It is one of our busy times at work. The students finish for the easter vacation period at the end of this week so a lot of them bring their library books back before they go home for the hols!! They usually have assignments to hand in this week and then bring back the books they have used for that. It's either mad busy, or boringly quiet here. There very rarely seems to be a happy medium. Will catch up with you all again tomorrow. Fight the fight!!!

Progress as of today: 47.5 lbs lost so far, only 29.5 lbs to go!

borntocry on 03/22/2007:
Haha, I guess I cannot imagine any negative comment involving weight loss! My Dad sometimes complains that I'm too thin, and I know he doesn't like it, but I always take it as a compliment! After all, he's my Dad, so he isn't thinking in terms of how attractive I look - he just wants me hale and hearty!

sharklover on 03/22/2007:
I agree with btc... how crazy is that to hear a negative comment about weightloss. I mean if its on those crazy celebrities who are taking it to extremes then I understand but normal people doing normal/healthy things... that's just crazy to hear something negative.

I couldn't find the 5km thing on sparkpeople anywhere. Can you post the link?

Do you get the week off too? that would be pretty sweet. :-)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/22/2007:
yeah, it's a busy time of year for students and teachers of all ages! haha. everyone's trying to pack it up for the holiday without leaving looming papers and assignments attached! good job sticking with it...you're allowed a day off! I'm simply going for a relaxing stroll now!

sharklover on 03/22/2007:
The link worked. Thanks! I'm all signed up now. :-)

slinny on 03/22/2007:
Sounds like this guy has issues of his own..Maybe he just wants someone else to be as sick as he is..misery loves company. Hopefully you can avoid him!

borntocry on 03/23/2007:
You're welcome!! :D

greengirl - Wednesday Mar 21, 2007
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 179.5

Hi everyone, I'm still on a bit of a high at getting in the 170s so ignore me if I babble.

I had my first real adverse comment today. I dont know if the guy meant to insult me but he certainly managed to p*** me off!!! This man used to be a member of the team I work in, but last year (at the time I started to lose weight) he was off work with depression for quite a while. When he came back to work in the autumn he took on another job , based in the basement storeroom, and so I've barely set eyes on him in months and because it has been winter I have constantly been wearing a fleecey jacket which pretty much covers me up. Today, because it has been a lovely day, i just had a fitted sweater on, with jeans. A lot of people have commented lately about how much I've lost but in a good way!! Anyway today I walked right into this bloke and he nearly walked past me. I stopped him and asked him how he was and he was staring at me and then he said "How are you?" and was sort of looking at me meaningfully. I said I was fine and he said "No. I mean , how are you reallY?" Then he said "Have you been ill? You have lost a lot of weight very quickly. That cant be right!" QUICKLY!!! It's been nearly seven months!!!

I smiled at him (through gritted teeth) and reassured him that I am feeling better than I have done in years, then ran off before I was tempted to kick him in the b***s!!!!

To give him his due, I was at the end of my shift, when I am flagging a bit, and I do get up at 5am!! Perhaps I looked ready for the knackers yard!!I hope not. I'm afraid that people will just have to accept that I will be looking different. Hopefully I will be looking a lot slimmer soon!! I wouldnt mind but I've still got a BMI in the obese category!! God knows what he will say when my weight is nearer to my target!

Right, I think I have ranted on long enough. Hope you all have a good day :)

OOPS! Forgot to add 2 challenge points for 40 minutes on the treadmill !

**update** If anyone is interested there is a virtual 5km race on Sparkpeople on April Fool's Day. You run the race wherever you are, either indoors at home or outdoors and post your time and age on the forum that day.

Progress as of today: 47.5 lbs lost so far, only 29.5 lbs to go!

Sandra aka Soul on 03/21/2007:
Thanks for the welcome back, you are sweet to say what you did. I will have plenty to write soon, I am just collecting my emotions and thoughts but for the most part I am doing well.

See you later


Sandra aka Soul on 03/21/2007:
I will get this all the time, when I am 150 I look anorexic (sp?) most people think I am 115 or lower. Don't let it get to you, these comments will pop up from time to time but just smile and say "thank you for your concern, but I'm fine" I used to get people saying "you looked really good before" and then add "almost too skinney" so it was a backhanded compliment, I think.

I cannot believe how well you are doing, I would love to see a recent photo, I will scan through your entries to see if any are there.


WorkingIt2 on 03/21/2007:
Doesn't it feel great to wear FITTED clothes? YAY for you!! As far as that guy...men aren't quick on their feet about how much time elapses between seeing people anyway..so he might think it has only been a couple months vs. several. And if he was out for major depressive issues, he might not be expressing things how he really means to express them..most folks who come out of a major depressive episode sometimes have social reconnect problems and pretty much have to re-learn how to socialize from the ground up. I wouldn't sweat it..he doesn't matter in the big scheme of things anyway! Your hubby and kids think you look fabulous, WE all think you look fabulous...and that guy probably thinks you look fabulous as well, but when people haven't seen you since you've lost 50lbs, it can be quite a shock and they could just be playing it safe to 'make sure' nothing is wrong before they start handing out congrats only to find out that you have some horrible ailment. =)

You are doing great and don't let anything anyone says derail what you have done! You've lost an entire 2nd grader! LOL

sharklover on 03/21/2007:
haha, that man is just crazy. that's all. :-P

You've been doing so well, and as far as I can tell you've lost all that weight the right way. He's got his own issues, you said he was gone for depression... maybe he just has really strange reactions to things.

You shouls totally stay on that high for being in the 70s!! I'm on a high for you! Really, I am so excited for you!

That virtual 5km race sounds awesome. I think I'm gonna do it. Thanks for letting me know about it!

mcwoo40 on 03/22/2007:
HI,perhaps he is still in a depressive state and want's to bring everyone else around him to his level, by pi**ing them off.Anyway it depends how badly you want to loose weight, whether it comes off quick or not.The weight i have lost could of taken me 4months or 5months to loose, but it would take me forever and i would have given up that is why i am putting the effort in, and i know i am eating properly aswell.You are doing fine,and a belated well done for getting into the'170's'.I'm looking forward to getting in the 250's.That virtual race sounds fun,i wonder if they have a virtual ambulance at the end of the race,no i think everyone would have gone home by the time i had finished!!Bye 4 now,julie

borntocry on 03/22/2007:
I guess I don't know exactly how the comment was made, but I think it could still have been a compliment, you know. Generally when one tells a woman she's lost weight, that's how it's meant (and taken)!

leggs on 03/22/2007:
Hi, I don't know how I'd reply too...I guess its a good thing that he has noticed...Remember he's been in his little hole and doesn't get out much...Maybe he lacks social norms and doesn't understand how to comment on things that are sensitive in nature. Thanks for your reply...I have been picking my way through the forum and so far so good... I've noticed people using 'points' what is this all about? Thanks for the support Leggs

sweetpea1977 on 03/22/2007:
LOL, that man was SO shocked when he saw you! His first mistake was assuming you were sick. His second mistake was not assuming you were strong (and determined!) enough to change your lifestyle (which has a wonderful side effect of weightloss!). Plus, most men, outside of some significant others like my husband, tend to be slow in noticing gradual changes in females.

I too, have had some negative comments made to me in the last year or two. Most of them are from the same women who used to compliment me on my weightloss efforts! Instead of "wow, you look great!" and "have you lost weight?", Im now hearing things like "you're getting too thin", "dont disappear on us!", "you look like a beanpole/flagpole!". HARSH (especially the last one - I have too many curves to look like any kind of pole!)!

I honestly think that some people make these negative comments because they now feel insecure or threatened by us. It takes a lot of guts (sometimes literally, LOL) to make these life-altering changes and stick with them for the rest of our lives. In other words, what we are doing is a lifelong commitment, which is scary for a lot of people. So, just enjoy the good comments (you deserve them!) and realize that the folks who make the bad ones are jealous! :o)

greengirl - Tuesday Mar 20, 2007
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 179.5

Just a quick update tonight as I've got a few things to do. I will read diaries and comment tomorrow night. Challenge points for today are 2. Went on the treadmill when I got home from work. Talk to you all tomorrow. Take care :)

Progress as of today: 47.5 lbs lost so far, only 29.5 lbs to go!

sandrella on 03/20/2007:
Way to go on being in the 70's category! I know you are excited about it! Good work on the exercise! Have a great evening! :)

mcwoo40 on 03/21/2007:
Hi, no worries,glad to help a worthy cause.You can do the run in the rememberance of my mum Pauline, and all the other people i know who have lost their lives through cancer.catch you later ,Julie

sweetpea1977 on 03/21/2007:
A belated welcome to the 170's! You are now less than 30 pounds away from your goal!! How amazing does that feel?

Anyway, thanks for providing the link to your race sponsorship. I'll take a look at it tonight when I get home from work. :o)

biscottibody59 on 03/21/2007:
Hey Greengirl,

Thanks for the birthday wishes--I don't hear that sentiment, "Many happy returns!" much any more--Thank you!

Woo-hoo! That has to be a hugely wonderful feeling being in the 170s--you're doing great!

greengirl - Monday Mar 19, 2007
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 179.5

Well I did it at last. I'm into the 170s and hopefully have said goodbye to the 180s forever. I cant believe it!!! It is many years since I have weighed this!! I was so off my game earlier in the week, when my back was bad that I didnt think I would manage it but i got a grip of myself on Friday and had a good enough weekend to drop a pound. My next target is a 50lb overall loss. Thats just 2 1/2 pounds away. I will try to do it in two weeks, but I wont mind too much if it takes three. No exercise points for me today. I always find the first day back at work a bit of a grueller. I will get back down to it tomorrow. Good luck to us all ladies and gents.

Progress as of today: 47.5 lbs lost so far, only 29.5 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 03/19/2007:
Congratulations on the 170s. Whoo hoo to you!!

WorkingIt2 on 03/19/2007:
Congratulations!! That is such happy news!!!

sharklover on 03/19/2007:
Congradualtions!! That's so exciting! YAY!

harleygirl79 on 03/20/2007:
Way to go on reaching the 170's. I remember how great that felt when I hit that. Pretty soon, you will be hitting the 150's and be equally excited.

LilyV on 03/20/2007:
Many congratulations - all your hard work is paying off!

geevee on 03/20/2007:
Hi Greengirl,

Let me put in perspective just how very far away I am from my goal. For a year, until Thanksgiving, I was within only 5 pounds of my goal which I barely maintained for all of one little month. I was happy that I was only 5 lbs. away.

Now,I'm 12.5! This is NOT good! I am NOT close at all. I'm getting farther and farther away from it, but thanks for your kind comment anyway. You should be giving me Hell!

greengirl - Sunday Mar 18, 2007
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 180.5

I Know this is very early for me (2.30pm here) but I have the opportunity so I thought I'd use it. It Mothering Sunday here in the Uk and I have been spoiled by my family!! My hubby bought me a rather spectacular present. A pair of NikeAir Trainers!!!! What do you think of that???????? I am thrilled to bits!! I also received some perfume (Anais Anais) a DVD, and some flowers. I'm relaxing now with my feet up after doing 45 mins on the treadmill. The only blot on my horizon is that I still have to do some ironing tonight but I'm in such a good mood now that I dont care! The thing with Mothers Day is, i would be happy with a card, and a hug but the kids wouldnt be happy with that. So I will make the most of it and come back down to earth tomorrow. Have a great day everyone :0)

By the way 2 challenge points for today

Progress as of today: 46.5 lbs lost so far, only 30.5 lbs to go!

mcwoo40 on 03/18/2007:
Hi i had just finished writing your comment and realised that i was writing it to myself dumb nut!!Glad you are having a good mother's day,mine has been ok .Hubby is off and younger daughter and hubby are alway's at logger heads with each other.Jodie has a strong personality and a bad attitude lately i don't know if it is her age, or bad upbringing hopefully not??Yes i do want to sponsor you so don't feel bad about it,it is for a good cause anyway.It cost me �24 rednose day and i never even watched it on friday, i was watching american idol!!Anyway,have a good week,Julie

WorkingIt2 on 03/18/2007:
Happy Mother's Day! That is so sweet of your family and YAY on the new shoes! That is so nice that everyone is so supportive of you..have a great day!

Soon2BThin on 03/18/2007:
Happy Mother's Day! It sounds like things are going well for you. Have a good week!

Soon2BThin on 03/18/2007:
Happy Mother's Day! It sounds like things are going well for you. Have a good week!

Justine6Robert3 on 03/18/2007:
Happy Mother's Day! It sounds like you have had a great day with your family! I love Nike runners, I have treated myself to a pair lately but they are my favourite. It is nice that your family is so supportive of you.

Enjoy all that pampering, your deserve it!!

Donkey on 03/18/2007:
What an awesome present!!! Nothing motivates me more than a new pair of shoes for exercising.

greengirl - Saturday Mar 17, 2007
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 180.5

*update* Hi everyone. Had a much better day today. managed to control my impulses, and I did 45 minutes on the treadmill with no problems. I will make it an hour tomorrow. My challenge points for today are 2. Thanks for all the comments yesterday. I really find them supportive. I think it was sweetpea who asked about my race sponsorship. I believe you can sponsor me online from overseas but I dont know how it works. I will post the link so you can see my page if you want. It is


I think if you go there, and click on help, it will explain how to do it. Every penny (or cent) goes direct to the charity. *end of update*

Hey have you seen this cool tool on Sparkpeople!!! Never noticed it before. You can put a great quote or inspirational sentiment on your blog!!! This isnt my proper update. Have got my sister round. Will update later!!

Progress as of today: 46.5 lbs lost so far, only 30.5 lbs to go!

WorkingIt2 on 03/17/2007:
Great job! How very nice that friends you haven't seen for a while, noticed your weight loss! What a great boost for you! You really do look very, very different and fantastic!

mcwoo40 on 03/18/2007:
Hi, glad you have got back on track .I have been to the website and I WILL sponsor you.I have to hunt down my purse to get the plastic out,It's a bummer when you have to hide your purse, as there are too many little fingers around our house!!The other problem is that i forget where i have put it.In the next couple of day's i will sort that out for you.Bye 4 now,Julie

greengirl - Friday Mar 16, 2007
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 180.5

Hello everyone, hope you are having a great day. Thanks for all the supportive advice about my back. luckily it seems to be muscular rather than in the bones, and has eased considerably. I did 30 minutes of slightly gentler walking than usual yesterday (at about just over 3 miles an hour) and it was absolutely fine. My husband has an infra-red (?) heat lamp that I bought to ease shoulder pain he suffers with, so I have been using that and found it very effective.

I want to put up my challenge points for yesterday and today

Thursday 2 points

Friday 2 points

Having said all that, I have been naughty this week, and eaten all sorts of stuff that I wouldnt normally. I dont even think that I am hungry when I do it. This is the first time since I started cutting back that I have done this (I dont count Christmas , when I gave myself permission, well in advance, to eat everything). I need to get a grip before I start to undo all my good work. I did get some motivation last night tho'.

i went out last night to see the girls that i used to play darts with, my old team. They wanted me to take a sponsor form for my charity race to the pub so they could all sponsor me. I am running in memory of the husband of one of them who died of cancer two years ago. They all know I have been losing weight as I have seen them a few times (but not since Christmas) and it has become more obvious recently. They were all very complimentary about it. However, it was the team they were playing against, who I havent seen since last July who were absolutely gobsmacked when they saw me. One girl didnt even recognise me at first, and I have known her for ten years!!!! It was all very flattering, and my husband was pleased too (I think!) when some of his friends made comments too. I didnt drink any alcohol, just low-cal tonic water, so I suppose my cheating could have been much worse than it actually was!!!! (Clutching at straws here, I think!!!). At least I got more sponsorship ,another �41 (about$80). Not only that, it was great to get out and see the girls again. I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

Well I'm off to read diaries now. Have a great weekend ladies :0)

Progress as of today: 46.5 lbs lost so far, only 30.5 lbs to go!

Soon2BThin on 03/16/2007:
Thanks for all your comments to me. I haven't been here to read for awhile but you are doing fantastic!! And I think that when alcohol gets into the picture, you not only let down your inhibitions but tend to eat more too. So, good that you didn't imbibe. As for the hot flashes, I don't know how long they last but I started almost 10 years ago! I was on HRT for several years and they were completely gone, but had to discontinue it because of clotting problems, so the hot flashes are back. I've found that herbal supplements meant for that problem only cut the number of them in a day to about half, but with the acupuncture and the Chinese herbs I'm getting now, he said maybe after a year they will be gone for good. I get so red in the face when I have them that sometimes someone will ask if I'm okay. I guess they think I'm having a heart attack or something, lol. So embarrassing! Well, good luck with them. And keep up the great work you're doing! Glad your back is doing better.

sweetpea1977 on 03/16/2007:
Im so relieved that your back seems to be on the mend. I was getting worried about ya!

Thats great news about your new sponsors!! You are such a wonderful person for participating in this charity race. Is there any way that us DD folks can contribute, like an electronic money contribution over the internet? I'd love to help, if possible! :o)

Congratulations on all the wonderful compliments too. All that hard work and dedication you stick to is paying off big time! :o)

Have a good St. Patty's Day weekend!!

sharklover on 03/16/2007:
what a great night! That's awesome that you got to enjoy some much deserved attention and positive remarks!

keep up the great work!

mcwoo40 on 03/17/2007:
Hi, glad the back is better. Try and get back on track,although it is so easy for a minor slip up to turn into a major one.I think to myself hey i've cheated so what the hell, i may aswell cheat a little more.Not a good attitude is it!! after last weeks binge though, i have been really strict with myself a punishment i suppose.I saw my sister on Wednesday i she commented that i had lost weight,and the checkout girl said that i had lost weight in my face,I've not noticed myself, but i try to avoid mirrors!!catch you again ,julie

borntocry on 03/17/2007:
Wow! I can't believe people didn't recognise you! Actually, I've seen the pictures, so yes, I can believe it, but still, what a great feeling!

Hope the back continues to improve!

biscottibody59 on 03/17/2007:
Glad to hear your back is much better! And seeing your old team and the others with your new look has to be a great boost.

Have a good one!

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