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greengirl - Thursday Nov 16, 2006
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 203.0

Hey fellow DDers

Just a quick update on my weigh-in day. I have lost 2lb this week so I am very pleased as I am now certain that I will get under 200 in time for Christmas. I cant wait. The last time I weighed that was in 1996 so I feel like I have turned the clock back 10 yrs. If only it was as easy to get rid of the additional wrinkles I have acquired since then!!!! LOL!!

Just one or two obstacles on the horizon. This weekend I am going away with two friends, to Scarborough, which is on the east coast of England. It's just a little pre-Christmas get together but we will definately be celebrating :). Also we will be going out from work for several (!!!) Christmas celebrations. I will be as good as I can, and try to average calories out with a couple of low-cal days. At Christmas however I will be enjoying all the festive delights, and if a put a couple of pound on, I will just have to lose it in the new year.

I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving celebrations. I will take photos of Scarborough and post any interesting ones. There is a Norman castle there (ruins) so if the weather isnt too awful i will take pics of it.

Keep the faith ladies (and gents!!)

Progress as of today: 24 lbs lost so far, only 53 lbs to go!

Trying_Again_41 on 11/16/2006:
Great job!!!!! Keep turning the clock back too! Just think ---- only four pounds away from changing your weigh in from two - something to one --something! Can't wait to see your progress. Good for you!

WorkingIt on 11/16/2006:
Congratulations! What great news! Isn't it amazing when we stop and think back to the last time we were a particular weight or size? Amazing how all those years went by! Happy for you!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/16/2006:
yeah, it's all about the averaging of calories. one day or even a few does not ruin weight loss. a continuation of multiple bad days over a good period of time is the only thing that can be devastating!

sweetpea1977 on 11/17/2006:
Congratulations on the 2 pounds!!

Your weekend trip sounds like fun. I cant wait to see the pictures! And your plan to handle the holidays sounds great to me. :o) Cant wait to hear how it goes for ya!!

Moody on 11/17/2006:
You are doing awesome!! Keep it up and you will definitely meet your Christmas goal!!

maria777 on 11/17/2006:
Yayyyy for you! Congratulations on your progress...I see that you have come a lllloooonnnngggg wayyyy!!!! I think your plan sounds fantastic! After all, it IS Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching! BALANCE is KEY!!!! BIG SMILE!!!!!

Scruffy on 11/20/2006:
Braggin...yep that's what it is...shameful I tell ya!!!!



greengirl - Sunday Nov 12, 2006
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 205.0

Hello everyone, I'd just like to thank you for all the comments and wonderful support that you give. I've had a busy weekend, trying to get some Christmas shopping in and also to catch up with some exercise, and reading all your diaries. Is it my imagination or are there a lot more of us these days. I'm struggling to keep up. I will have to try an get online every day to keep up to date. Talk to you all soon :)

Progress as of today: 22 lbs lost so far, only 55 lbs to go!

WorkingIt on 11/13/2006:
There are more folks here these day! Some of them I think are advertisements for various weight loss gimicks and seem to go by the wayside after a while LOL. Don't worry about getting caught up every day, we know you still care!

Scruffy on 11/13/2006:
There are more...makes for fun reading but eats the time :)


tourguidebarbie on 11/14/2006:
i know there do seem to be more than when i joined... which wasn't all that long ago... haha.

maria777 on 11/15/2006:
Good for you on the early Christmas shopping, Greengirl! Yes, it does look like there are more people here, the more the merrier! Hope you have a wonderful evening (as I know your time is ahead of ours)! Big Smile!

maria777 on 11/15/2006:
Thank you for your comment! BIG SMILE!!!!!

Moody on 11/15/2006:
There are definitely more of us!!! Wow Christmas shopping already!! I haven't even begun thinking of it yet!!!

sweetpea1977 on 11/16/2006:
Congratulations on the weightloss, on your beautiful grand-niece, and your amazing transformation!! You look great!!

greengirl - Thursday Nov 09, 2006
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 205.0

hi Guys

Its thursday again and time for my weekly update. Ive lost another 1.5 lbs so I'm thrilled again. I have had a very busy and exciting week. Anyone who saw my last entry will know that we have had an addition to the family. My nephew and his partner have just had the most beautiful baby girl. She is adorable and I just had to post a picture. By the way thanks Workingit for noticing the difference in that and the picture I posted in September. I have indeed lost a least two chins since then LOL :). This last week all my spare time has been taken up in visiting sixth form colleges for my daughter so I have had very little time to read diaries but I am determined to catch up on reading and commenting on them over the weekend. Here's wishing success to us all. Good luck in the coming week!!!

Progress as of today: 22 lbs lost so far, only 55 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 11/09/2006:
Baby girl is adorable! Way to Go on the 1.5 lb lost! You are doing it!! Very soon you will be into the 100's!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/09/2006:
wow! there is definitely a difference in this picture compared to other past pictures, now that you mention it! Family comes first, so I think its great you are assissting your daughter. However, we miss you here and can't wait till you are able to again post more often! enjoy your night!

borntocry on 11/10/2006:
I honestly did not even recognise you when I saw this last picture. I thought that it must be some other member of your family. You look like a different person. Very elegant!

Moody on 11/10/2006:
Hey! I just compared your other pictures and Yes you DO look different!! Wow!! That is SO inspiring!

Again I must say what a beautiful baby! Simply adorable!

WorkingIt on 11/10/2006:
**HUGS** I do care! Yes Ma'am! =)

maria777 on 11/10/2006:
Congratulations to you! Keep up the good work! Yes, I saw the pic of the Baby...she is beautiful!!!!!

maria777 on 11/12/2006:
Just want to say again to you....on your progress and new Baby in family:

<font color=red><b>CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

greengirl - Wednesday Nov 08, 2006
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 206.5

Just a quick entry to introduce the newest member of our family. This is me and Sarah with baby Amelia Grace, born yesterday morning. She is my great-niece, the daughter of my nephew Gareth!! She is adorable :)

Progress as of today: 20.5 lbs lost so far, only 56.5 lbs to go!

maria777 on 11/08/2006:
Oh, she is very beautiful! Congratulations! What a doll!

Scruffy on 11/08/2006:
Yeah!!!!Woohooo!!!!! :)


WorkingIt on 11/09/2006:
What a beautiful baby! And check you out! See what that 20.5lb loss has done for you! Scroll back to your first picture you posted! YAY!

greengirl - Thursday Nov 02, 2006
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 206.5

Hi everyone. I have tried to catch up on your diaries and it sounds like you mainly had a great halloween. Ive put up a photo of my grandaughter Kara. She actually my stepdaughter's little girl. Her mum brought her round trick or treating. I think halloween is a bit crazy in parts of the UK. I live in a big urban area and it seems like an it's just excuse for a lot of teenagers to indulge in antisocial behaviour. I loved it when I was a teenager but we didnt used to go round menacing people like a lot of kids seem to do these days.

Anyway, its my weigh-in day again today. Thursday seems to come round quicker and quicker. I have lost 1.5lbs this week which I am really pleased with. I told you last week that I was suffering with a virus but it just got worse and worse and eventually I had some pretty nasty secondary infections affecting my ears and chest etc. I had to see a doctor for antibiotics and Im feeling much better but I am off work until next Monday. Consequently I have done very little in the form of exercise until yesterday so the weightloss was very welcome under the circumstances.

Of course just when you are feeling at your worst there are a load of things that you have to do. My daughter (age 15) and I have started to visit sixth form colleges. I know you call them something else in the US. Its for the age group 16-18 yr olds and where they take the qualifications to get them into university. This time of year they have open evenings so you can check them out and put in applications for next year. Just what you need when you are feeling poorly, but it has to be done, and my husband is hopeless with stuff like that (and Sarah says he is embarrassing too!!!LOL). We have another two to visit next week before she makes her choices!!

I better go now. I have a lot of diaries to catch up with!!!!

Progress as of today: 20.5 lbs lost so far, only 56.5 lbs to go!

mattscat3295 on 11/02/2006:
You are doing such a wonderful job. Keep up the good work. I hope you feel better soon, a few days rest will do wonders. I hope you have a wonderful day and love the pics. Take care.

WorkingIt on 11/02/2006:
Congrats on the weight loss!! YAY!!! And your grandaughter is a cutie! Love the costume LOL **HUGS**

Scruffy on 11/02/2006:
Scruff was here :)

greengirl - Thursday Oct 26, 2006
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 208.0

Hi friends at DD

I can't believe another week has passed by so quickly. It's weigh in day again and amazingly I have lost another 2lbs. I say amazingly as I have been feeling ill again this week with a horrible virus (sore, raw throat, headache, earache , the works!!!) and although I stayed more or less within my calorie budget (1550) all week I didnt do any exercise!!!!! I miss it and cant wait until I feel well enough to start again.

Thanks for all the lovely comments about the party pics!!! I have another party this weekend but it will be a little less rowdy, a friends 60th birthday celebration. I just hope I feel better than I have all week. I'm going to read diaries. I hope you have some inspiring stories this week, I'm in need of support.

Keep the faith, ladies!!!! :)

Progress as of today: 19 lbs lost so far, only 58 lbs to go!

WorkingIt on 10/26/2006:
FANTASTIC NEWS!!! Congratulations! YAY!!! That is awesome that you have been staying in your calorie limits, which will really help offset the inability to exercise. Something that you can do until you are well enough to get some serious exercise is to sit in your chair or couch and wiggle your legs. You know, hop them up and down lol. Sounds silly but fidgeting can burn 300 calories a day! YAY! **HUGS** have a great night and thanks for sharing your wonderful news!

mattscat3295 on 10/26/2006:
CONGRATULATIONS ON THE WEIGHTLOSS!!!!!!!! You are doing such a great job. I hope you feel better soon, I am in the same boat and cannot wait to get back to working out. I hope you have a great evening and please show us some more pics. Take care and have a good evening.

hippygal on 10/27/2006:
Well done on the weight loss! I'm sorry you've been feeling ill - I hope you feel better for your weekend and that 'rowdy' 60th birthday party ;)

sweetpea1977 on 10/27/2006:
Wow, congratulations on the weightloss! You're doing great!! I hope you get to feeling better..I hate for you to miss out on your friends birthday party!

greengirl - Saturday Oct 21, 2006
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 210.0

Hey fellow DDers, Thanks for all the wonderful comments and Good wishes for the party this weekend. I cant resist putting up a few photos to give you a taste of the night. It was a great night enjoyed by all.This one is me in the middle of my huband (the oldest hippy in town), my son the birthday boy (the biggest wolverine in town) and his wife Marilyn Monroe, and my other son as Pete Doherty (he's supermodel Kate Moss's popsinger boyfriend). More photos below

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 60 lbs to go!

WorkingIt on 10/21/2006:
What fantastic pictures! You look so happy with your family! Love the smile! Thank you for sharing! **HUGS**

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/21/2006:
Looks like everyone had a great time!!!

Moody on 10/22/2006:
Absolutely WONDERFUL pictures!! You all look like you are having the best time! Thats great that you are all so close!! Thanks for sharing!

weightlossyoyo on 10/22/2006:
Y'all look like your having so much fun!

hippygal on 10/23/2006:
That looks like a great party - the costumes are fantastic!

borntocry on 10/23/2006:
You look great, and I love the Pete Doherty costume!

smiley2 on 10/23/2006:
What wonderful pictures! Looks like a great, funfilled evening! And i love the costumes hehehe! Glad you had fun!

mattscat3295 on 10/23/2006:
You all look wonderful. What a great family picture. You look great and have a wonderful smile. Looks like you all had a great time. Have a great day.

Brian's girl on 10/23/2006:
What a lovely thing to come back to, all the fantastic photos of you and your family and friends...thanks for sharing. Looks like you all had a good time there, I am looking forward to sharing photos of things such as this with my kids and Brian.


GG on 10/24/2006:
Yee_Haw Cowgirl! haha!

katelouise on 10/26/2006:
Hi thanks for your advice!! The photo was taken on a day out at monkey world in Dorset which is in the uk, Its a monkey sanctuary for mistreated monkeys, Its an awful pic of me i was awfully hungover haha !

greengirl - Saturday Oct 21, 2006
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 210.0

This picture is (from left to right) My niece JO, son John, Niece Helen and daughter Sarah. We are all very close as a family

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 60 lbs to go!

greengirl - Saturday Oct 21, 2006
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 210.0

This is me and two friends of my son's. They are John and James.

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 60 lbs to go!

greengirl - Thursday Oct 19, 2006
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 210.0

Hi ladies,

Here I am on update day and I'm pleased to say I have lost another 2lbs. I'm really beginning to believe that I can get under 200 in time for Christmas. Just over 9 weeks to go and 10lbs to lose. I will try my best!!!

Thanks for the comments on the photo I posted of the rooftops of the University where I work. Unfortunately I didnt quite catch the misty, ethereal atmosphere of the day itself.

I had to have a checkup at the doctors earlier this week for blood tests etc. It's because I have underactive thyroid, and high blood pressure so it is monitored on a regular basis. Well my blood pressure, which is normally still slightly on the high side, even with mediation, was absolutely spot on!!!! Both the doctor and the practice nurse, who took my blood, commented on it. I allowed myself to feel a bit smug, knowing it's either the weight loss, or the exercise, that is responsible (or a combination of the two). I will only find out the results of the blood tests if there is a problem with them. Thats the way they do it at my docs. I will ask what my cholesterol level is next time I go tho' , as I have been eating so healthily I want to know if it has made a difference!!

I must just tell you what my husband did to embarrass me at the docs. He decided to come with me to the doctors as we were going to town to shop afterwards, but he doesnt like my docs waiting room so he brought his MP3 player to listen to while he was waiting. On our way there I asked him to remind me to take a urine sample into the nurses room for testing. So we are sat in the waiting room, amongst about 20 very respectable looking old ladies, and hes listening to rock music. Suddenly he turns to me an absolutely bawls out loud, "DONT FORGET TO TAKE YOUR WATER SAMPLE IN WITH YOU!!!!!!" He didnt realise how loud he was, because of the damn music blaring down his ears!!! You could have heard a pin drop in the waiting room, all the old ladies were having a good look at me and I was mortified. If looks could kill he would have been dead!!! I got over it eventually but the air was blue when I got him outside!!!

Anyway I must go. I have a big party this weekend. My eldest son is 30 and he's booked a local function room for a fancy dress party. About 200 guests expected!!! I will try and not overindulge, but you have to let your hair down sometimes. I will take my camera and update if I get any decent shots. Keep up the good work ladies. As usual, you are my inspiration!!! :)

Oh I just noticed Hippygals comment. I live in Manchester (yes its always raining) and work at University of Manchester in The John Rylands Library). If anyone wants to check it out just type jrulm in a search engine and you will probably find it. If you do that and like to look at nice old buildings, click on the link 'Unlocking the Rylands' and then the link 'The planned new entrance wing' and follow thro' each section. It's a lovely old building, but unfortunately I work in a much more modern one on campus.

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 60 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 10/19/2006:
Congratulations on your two pounds lost. Thats great! I totally believe you will be under 200 by Christmas. So exciting!!

I cant believe your husband did that to you. Thats so funny, but boy, so embarassing too, lol!! I hope he apologizes profusely! :o)

mattscat3295 on 10/19/2006:
I love the hubby story, reminds me a bit of my own quite honestly. Men do have a certain way about them that makes you wonder about their way of thinking sometimes, don't they? It sounds as though you are doing wonderful my best wishes to you to get those 10 pounds gone by Christmas, I know you can do it. Have fun at your sons party this weekend. Have fun and have a great evening.

weightlossyoyo on 10/19/2006:
Congrats on the 2 lbs!

maria777 on 10/19/2006:
Congratulations on your progress!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/19/2006:
what a nice place to live! right in the middle of a lot of action. i look foward to hearing about the party!

smiley2 on 10/20/2006:
What a funny story about your hubby lol! It has happened to us a lot too! I would have turned bright red hehehe!

Enjoy the party this weekend!!

Umpqua on 10/20/2006:
Congratulations on your loss and your low blood pressure, that's wonderful news! That's so funny about your husband, that's definitely something my guy would do too. They mean well though, don't they? ;) Thanks also for your encouragement on my weight right now. It's depressing to see the scale keep going up but I know now that I'm in the home stretch and it's for a good cause. I hope you have a great weekend!

moody on 10/20/2006:
LOL at your husband!! Embarrassing but funny, you have to admit!

Great job on getting the blood pressure down! That's absolutely fantastic!! Your hard work is paying off; not just in weight loss but your health is improving and that is THE most important thing of all! I am so happy for you; keep it up!!!!

WorkingIt on 10/20/2006:
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! YAY!!! Men are so bizarre LOL

biscottibody59 on 10/20/2006:
Hey thanks for the comment--I can get a little obsessed with the numbers--haha! It's all been a process for me and ya' just gotta find a way to keep on going forward (I've found)! Also, I'm a native Texan--yiiiiha!

Good news on your BP--and congrats on the pounds lost!!!

ps I'm in the middle of watching a couple of "BritComs" that first appeared here in the US in the 80s and I'm enjoying them again--Good Neighbors (I think it was called The Good Life there) and To the Manor Born. They've repeated them on our PBS station recently, though they're on DVD as well.

Well have a good one and keep up the good (awesome!) work yourself!

maria777 on 10/20/2006:
Hope you've had a wonderful day today! Big Smile!

becca27 on 10/20/2006:
Congrats on the weight loss! Keep up the great work!!!!

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