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greengirl - Thursday Sep 14, 2006
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 218.0

Hi everyone It's that time of week again when I update my stats and I'm thrilled to say that I have lost another 3lbs. I realise that I can't keep this up so I'm prepared to lose a lot less per week in future but if I could average a lb a week til Christmas I would be well chuffed. This week has been exhausting. During the summer months I only work 4 hours a day as my contract is term time only (I work at the local university) and any work I do in summer is overtime. This week is the first week back on 6 hours a day and the extra 2 hours have took it out of me. In fact i have been going to bed for a couple of hours when I get in from work, before I cook the evening meal. Having said that it's been lovely to see the members of our team who have been off all summer. The weather here in my part of the uk is dreadful at the moment. I live in Manchester and it is infamous for the amount of rainfall it gets, and today it has lived up to it's reputation.

As regards my diet, I was very restrained on Monday (my hubby's birthday). He had bought a huge chocolate gateau in celebration and I have to admit it looked absolutely scrumptious. I had to cut a piece for him and my daughter and son, so I cut largish pieces for them thinking I might have a thin slice . My son asked if there was more as it was so good, so I cut them all another large piece each and all I had was a taste of the cream from the edge. I was soooooo pleased with myself. Tomorrow I go out with the girls in my family for my birthday celebration. That will be harder to avoid but I promise I will be restrained!! If I take any photos and I work out how to upload them I will post one here

Thank you all for your wonderful support and encouragement, have a good week, and keep your fingers crossed that I don't ruin my last three weeks of good work over the weekend :)

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 68 lbs to go!

greengirl - Thursday Sep 07, 2006
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 221.0

Hi everyone. I have weighed myself this morning for my weekly weigh in and I have lost 3lbs which I am over the moon with. I have to say that I have been really good this week but (touch wood) so far I have not had to handle any desperate cravings. At night when I feel peckish I log on to the internet and lose myself in reading about things that interest me, just to distract me from thinking about food. I have a couple of celebrations coming up which might derail me slightly. My husband's birthday is on the 11th and I've promised to go out for a drink with him to a local pub. I am determined to stick with low calorie, non-alcoholic drinks tho' otherwise my will power goes flying out of the window. My own birthday is on the 17th. This will be more of a problem as my two older sisters and I always go out for a meal together to celebrate our birthdays. Oh well!!!! I will pick the lowest calorie option I can and if I overindulge I will have to make up for it in other ways. This time my daughter wants to come with us for the first time. She is only 15 and although my nieces have come with us odd times in the past (they are much older than she is) this will be her first time out with the girls. It's nice to do things with family like that, don't you think?? Good to see all your successes and support for each other. I love the feelings of support it gives me. Keep up the good work girls X

Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 71 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 09/07/2006:
Congratulations on your weightloss. Thats great!!!

Your plans for the upcoming birthday celebrations sound good to me. Your daughter is going to love hanging out with her mom, aunts, and cousins on your birthday.It will make a great tradition even more special! :o)

rjf on 09/07/2006:
The good thing is that you are planning ahead for these special days and not just trying to "wing it". I know that most every place has a lower calorie option. Just keep telling yourself.."Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels" Not that I can remember, but hey, it's a work in progress!! Keep up the good work!! *smiles*

WorkingIt on 09/07/2006:
Hooray! That is such great news! You are doing fantastic!

greengirl - Monday Sep 04, 2006
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 224.0

Today is my first day back at work since I started to try and lose weight again. By the way I will not be weighing myself until Thursday. Thought I'd do it once a week. Unfortunately I overlay. I usually get up at 5.20am but today i put the alarm on for 5.10 so I could do ten minutes stepping to give my metabolism a bit of a pre-breakfast boost. As it happens I turned the alarm off and went back to sleep. My body must have known tho' and woke me back up twenty minutes later and i ended up running round like a lunatic. All my good intentions flew out the window!!! Crap!! Also, for the last 10 days i have been eating meals regularly and now my mealtimes are upset by work and travel so I need to get into a new routine. The biggest danger is on my way home. I start work early (about 7 if I can manage it) and at the moment I am coming home at lunch time. This will change when the university students come back and I work more hours. Our semester times are slightly different in the Uk, fresher week isn't for another two weeks or so. When I was on the way home i used to grab a pie or something from the shop, but today I took a container full of pieces of carrot and celery, and a few grapes so I could avoid that temptation. i have enjoyed reading some of your diaries today. My life seems terribly boring in comparison. I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend. Of course we dont celebrate it in the uk. I hope you all do well with your weight watching this week x

Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 74 lbs to go!

Moody on 09/04/2006:
Don't you just hate mornings like that?? Sounds like you did a good job staying on track with eating today. Great idea to take veggies and grapes with you to snack on...planning ahead can make or break us! You did great!! Keep it up!

WorkingIt on 09/04/2006:
UGH I can't stand it when I 'snooze' past time to get up LOL Good job with your eating today! And my life is boring, really...just once in a while it sparks up LOL

WorkingIt on 09/04/2006:
I am glad your sister helps you the way my brother helps me! That is great! He is a very sensitive guy, always has been. He's been overweight since being a little guy and has had his fair share of teasing, ridicule, torment and bullying from kids in school. Of course, his brothers and sisters did the best we could to shield him, he is a remarkable human being. After going through all of that, he still doesn't hide his heart. He is a very giving soul. A darned good man and little brother!

mattscat3295 on 09/04/2006:
I hate it when things happen that way first thing in the morning, I feel rushed the rest of the day. You are doing good with keeping track of your eating even though the rush around this morning, good job.

Soon2BThin on 09/05/2006:
No one's life is boring! And we're all different here so it's fun to read about each other. Good luck with your eating plan! And have a good week!

sweetpea1977 on 09/07/2006:
LOL. Your life isnt boring. I love reading about other peoples daily lives on here. It helps me understand their lifestyle and allows me to relate to them on a deeper level. :o)

Anyway, way to go on packing yourself a healthy snack to help curb your hunger and cravings. Doing something as simple as that every day will definitely help you see results in the long run. Keep it up!

greengirl - Friday Sep 01, 2006
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 224.0

You are all so good and cheered me up yesterday after my anniversary present debacle!! Now I have come to terms with it, I'm ok. The scales are digital but fairly basic. At least they measure half pounds, which is more than the old ones did. my husband is from a more practical era and I'm sure his motives were good but he didn't have to think it was so funny. He is 61 on the 11th September so I will find him a nice useful present for then ( a zimmerframe perhaps, or an eyebrow brush or something!!!!). Thanks to you all and keep up the good work girls. I know that I feel tremendously supported by you all *hugs all round*

Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 74 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 09/01/2006:
LOL. How about an eyebrow brush AND personal hair trimmer (for mustaches, eyebrows, nose hairs, and ear hairs)? That would be a very useful birthday gift. :o)

Have a great Friday!!

WorkingIt on 09/01/2006:
LOL!!! what a classic entry! Thank you for the laugh and smiles =)Have a great day!

Soon2BThin on 09/01/2006:
Mine will be 61 on Nov. 1 this year. So we have something in common. I like sweetpea's suggestion of the hair trimmer, so needed by them, lol. Have a good weekend!

greengirl - Thursday Aug 31, 2006
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 224.0

Hey ladies, greetings and best wishes to you all as usual. I wasn't planning on leaving a message today but to tell you the truth I have been upset today over something very silly, and also I needed to update my stats. Today is my 22nd wedding anniversary, and I was going to have a relaxing day as I am on holiday from work this week. Thought I'd spend a bit of quality time with the old man. He is retired (on the ground of ill-health) so he is home most of the time. Anyway everything is very pleasant, we both recieved nice cards from each other and after I had the dog out I decided to just have a laid back day. Pete decides he will meander round the local shops and he asked me if there was anything he could buy me as an anniversary present. I said it was ok ( as I am watching our finances) but I thought he might bring me some flowers back or something. Eventually he returned, with a new set of bathroom scales!!! The thing is when I weighed in on the new scales I weighed 224lbs which is 5lbs more than my starting amount over a week ago, and I've lost 3 lbs since then. This means I weigh in 8lbs heavier on the new scales than I did on the old. Now I know that all scales are different and as long as you use the same scales your weight loss is accurate but I feel as though I have put half a stone on since yesterday and I found this upsetting. My husband, on the other hand was absolutely smirking about it. Believe me, he is skating on very thin ice, if only he realised it!!

The upshot of this is that I have revised my stats to coincide with the new scales. My current weight is now up to 224 and my starting weight changed to 227. This was six hours ago and I AM STILL ANNOYED WITH THE SMIRKING OLD GIT!!!

Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 74 lbs to go!

rjf on 08/31/2006:
*hugs* All I can say is that I just had my 23rd anninversary on the 6th of August and I know there are times when you just want to kill them, but also, think of how wonderful it is in a time of so many divorces to have made it that far. I look at younger ones, searching for what I already have, a husband and a family. But indeed scales were not a good choice to buy on your anniversary. I hope that your day goes better today! *smiles*

sweetpea1977 on 08/31/2006:
Wow, what a horrible anniversary gift! Men!!

At least you know it will be an useful item for a long time to come. Most gifts end up collecting dust or being sold at garage sales! :o)

cornucopia982 on 08/31/2006:
UGH! I would be soooo frustrated as well! I hate it when one scale says one thing and another scale says something different. Maybe your husband will be able to focus more on his health now that he is retired? Good luck to you in your continued weight loss, don't be disappointed!

mattscat3295 on 08/31/2006:
Well I do understand the frustration in getting scales for your birthday. I know it, my first husband bought me gifts like that for every occasion, our first Christmas, scales for my bathroom and the kitchen, and measuring spoons and cups. Well, I was pregnant at our first Christmas and almost wanted to smack him around, of course I wasn't going to lose weight at that time, I cried for days. For our anniversary he bought me dinner, I thought at first it was cute until I realized that his plate was overflowing and he grinned and said, "see I measured out how much you should have", my plate had 3 spoonsful of veggies and a piece of chicken the size of a french fry. I was 8 months pregnant. I guess that is why he is my ex. I hope the rest of your anniversary goes well. Thank God I found someone who loves me for being me the second time around. Scales are never a good choice for a gift and I don't think men understand that. Keep up the good work, you are doing great. Maybe you should buy him some duct tape to hide his smirk, LOL. Happy Anniversary, and Have a great day.

Soon2BThin on 08/31/2006:
These "old" husbands are just from a different generation than the new "hip" guys. They just don't have a clue, lol. Mine is 60, almost 61, and he would do the same thing as yours, if he even remembered our anniversary!! We've been married almost 38 years but I wouldn't trade him for anyone! After all, we're not perfect either, right? Things could be worse! Happy anniversary anyway! And now you have a brand new set of scales so look on the bright side, lol.

girlryan on 08/31/2006:
I know how you feel. I have my old scale, and then a nice new one that calculates body fat. I weigh like five pounds more on the nice one. Figures!

GoldenGirl on 08/31/2006:
One year for my birthday, my husband bought me a pillow. Just a plain 'ol pillow from Target. LOL! I still tease him about it.

WorkingIt on 08/31/2006:
What kind of scale is it? Is it the kind that you can step on and then set the scale to measure what you did before? Kind of calibrate it to the other scale? Or is it a digital? I tell you what..I would LOVE for someone to buy me a new digital scale that calculates body fat and hydration! Those things are expensive! lol

I think your hubby probably did it because he was trying to help you and be supportive...they think in terms of 'needs' and 'practical' instead of 'pretty and unnecessary' LOL..I know this because my dad does it to my mom all the time! And the times that he does remember to get her flowers (he is getting better at it LOL) he is reminded that it was a very smart thing to do LOL

**hug** Don't let the new scale get you down..if you want, ask your hubby if he can exchange it for something else that you might like for your new lifestyle and keep using the old scale =)

greengirl - Tuesday Aug 29, 2006
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 216.0

hi fellow dieters i wasn't going to update my diary until tomorrow as it will be a full week then from starting my new regime but just in case I don't have time I thought I would do it tonight. This week I have only cut out eating between meals, except the odd apple, and cut out eating anything with pastry and I have already lost 3lb. i'm thrilled with that. If i only lost 1lb a week I would be satisfied if the loss was steady. I have upped the amount of exercise I have taken this week too but maintaining that may be more difficult. I have been on holiday but next week I will be back at work and have much less spare time. At least I will still do plenty of walking. I don't drive so getting to work involves probably a half mile walk at either end of a bus journey. Also, I walk at work a lot. I am a library assistant in a university library in the uk, and I work on the humanities floor, reshelving books and helping students to find them. Believe me, it's not like working in a public library. It is HUGE, so plenty of walking is involved. having said that it has not helped me lose weight so far!!!

I will tell you a little about myself healthwise. I am 52, and have a few health problems associated with being this age and overweight. For a start I have high blood pressure, which is managed by medication. I also have an underactive thyroid, also managed by medication. Now this has been my excuse for avoiding loosing weight in recent years, but I know damn well that it is an excuse. It is possible to diet with thyroid problems but you definately need motivation to do it. Earlier this year I had an operation to remove my gall bladder as i had gallstones. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. The pain with gallstones is horrendous. Now, having said all that I want to get myself healthier again. When I was younger I used to be fit and active, and I want to be like that again. I've found your diaries incredibly inspirational and i try to read a little of them every night. A lot of you lead such busy and interesting lives but I'm just a busy working mum. My youngest is back to school next week (thank the lord, she's 15 and can be a complete ****, hopefully down to hormones) and that will be the most exciting thing that's happened to me in weeks!!

I will update again in a week, and hopefully continue to eat well and lose weight. I have always been a comfort eater, so menopausal problems can sent me looking for sweet stuff. I'll try and be good. I want to finish this before i watch LOST on tv. It's Season 2 on tuesdays here in the uk. Don't you just adore Naveen Andrews. I do!!!

Have a good week x

Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 66 lbs to go!

mattscat3295 on 08/29/2006:
GREAT JOB on the 3 lbs!!!!!!!!!!! I also don't drive do to my epileptic seizures. I walk alot at work but it seems like my meds are the culprit in making me gain my weight and I know it is hard losing weight with health problems. I also understand being a parent of a teenager, I have 3 teenage daughters they are 17, 18 and 19 and I know how cranky they can be. Believe me you are doing great, 66 pounds is a great accomplishment. I don't lead a great exciting life, my husband works 4 jobs and between him and my girls I sometimes get discouraged but don't let it get you down, just keep doing what you are doing and you will be fine. Keep up the good work, I believe in you!!!!!!!!

cornucopia982 on 08/29/2006:
Its good to hear you are working and raising your daughter! I knew someone who had gallstones and she said it was one of the worst experiences ever! I'm sure your weightloss is easing your health problems and helping you feel better!

WorkingIt on 08/29/2006:
That is completely FANTASTIC! Congratulations to you on the weight loss! And most importantly, of taking control of your life and your health! What an inspiration!

Soon2BThin on 08/30/2006:
It's nice to know there is someone here near my age. I'm 57 so we're experiencing some of the same health problems. I also have high blood pressure and underactive thyroid but also have diabetes. And the menopause! What a ride! Keep up the good work. You will make it!

mattscat3295 on 08/30/2006:
A fig newton is a cookie, it has a fig type of filling and a cookie around the filling. They have fat free ones here and I love them but when I get them I buy the little snack size that has 2 cookies in it and I give one to the pharmacist, he is also from the UK. He loves them. Keep going, your 3 pounds are a wonderful start to the journey.

sweetpea1977 on 08/31/2006:
Congratulations on your loss!

Thanks for telling us a little about yourself and your weightloss plan. Since your body is accustomed to walking (getting to and from your job and the job itself), you may have to find an additional physical activity to do before/after work. I highly recommend Tony Little's Gazelle (I use this on rainy days or when I want to do something productive while catching up on tv shows), The Firm, and The Biggest Loser DVD collection.

Anyway, I wouldnt mind hearing from you more than once a week, so please dont hestitate to post an entry more often! ;o)Plus, I find that the more I post, the better I stay on track!

Best wishes!

greengirl - Wednesday Aug 23, 2006
(portion control)
Weight: 219.0

Hi fellow dieters. I have been thinking about joining this site for some time, having read some of the public diaries. It's inspired me to start dieting again after 10 years of not bothering. In the past I have dieted for months at a time, lost weight (sometimes over 50lbs) and then reverted to overeating and put it all back on again. I don't get the support from my husband that I used to, as he has seen it all before and doesn't believe I can lose it and keep it off. With your support I hope I can do it this time!!

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 69 lbs to go!

WorkingIt on 08/23/2006:
Welcome! I was at 213.4 when I started and had a goal of getting to 150lbs by the end of this year. You and I are pretty much in the same boat! And if I can do it, believe me, ANYONE can =) I wish you the very best, Welcome!

Brian's girl on 08/23/2006:
This is such a coincidence, I was at my highest this year 212 and my goal is 150...we three are in the same boat but just different positions, lol. It is hard when you don't have that support, main reason why I am here and also to chronicle the whole thing.

Happy that you have joined us here and I look forward to reading your entries.


cornucopia982 on 08/23/2006:
Sometimes portion control is the most difficult part! Whenever I feel the need to really eat till a feel very satisfied, I will have a lot of veggies before my main meal and with it. For example, i like a lot food from the "lean cuisine" brand. I will have a a couple medium sized tomatoes while the food is cooking. Then, I will have a large salad with the meal when I take it out of the microwave. This large volume of food is filling. the Portion of the actual lean cuisine stays the same, but I bulked up on low-cal veggies! You have a lot of motivation to lose weight, and that much, a couple times over! If you've done it before, I know you can be successful again!

princess20 on 08/23/2006:
Welcome :-)

We're all here for the same reason - There's nothing like support from people who understand ! Friends and family can be great, but they dont know what we're going through. You've done amazingly well loosing that much weight in the past, so you know how to do it and can do it again!

Enjoy the journey to success =)

greengirl on 08/24/2006:
Thanks for the support. I will log in to update on my progress at least once a week but I will be reading other diaries on a regular basis, looking for good tips and inspiration from you all, and to offer my support where I can.

sweetpea1977 on 08/28/2006:
A belated welcome to DD's! I was only 4 pounds lighter than you when I first joined DD's and my goal was to be at 150 as well. With the help of this wonderful website, I successfully reached my goal (and surpassed it) last May! So, if I can do it, you can too!

Best wishes!

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