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h82bfat - Monday Jan 18, 2016
(Just trying to do something beneficial DAILY)
Weight: 246.2

 Hello Peeps!  Hope everyone is well & keeping on, keeping on!  I've been doing pretty good the past 2 days, as far as my exercise goes.  

Saturday afternoon I scheduled a group walk and unsurprisingly, the only 2 people who showed up were me and my husband.  No worries though, we walked 3.3 miles in an hour and 10 minutes.  Not a marathon, but it was literally a "step in the right direction"!  Sunday (yesterday) I did two 20 minutes session on the elliptical & my shake weight routine.  

My teenage daughter likes to bake.... I indulged in 2 homemade chocolate chip cookies and some sponge cake that she made over the weekend.  Not the best choices, I know... However, 4 weeks ago I would have left 2 cookies each for my hubby & daughter and ate the rest myself AND, my daughter divided the sponge cake evenly between us & I did NOT eat all of my allotment.  Told her to finish it up, being as she's the one who made it & my size 0 (Yes - I said size ZERO) 16 year old was more than happy to oblige me!  

I'm hoping to get out with the hubbers this afternoon for another walk.  I bought myself a knit cap Saturday specifically to keep my ears warm on this winter walks, though... if it's snowing, you can count me out!  If he doesn't want to head out soon, I will ride the rails again!

Progress as of today: 2.5 lbs lost so far, only 71.2 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/18/2016:
I use to be a cookie monster and believe I could still be but do not put myself in the environment of any cookies. Good job on that.

grannyannie on 01/19/2016:
Well done on the walk! I have trouble resisting cookies - especially homemade chocolate chip!!!

cybermom4 on 01/19/2016:
What an impressive walk!! I can relate to the cookie temptations. Good work keeping with 2.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/19/2016:
lol I used to be a skinny-Minnie like your daughter! oh, the days when food wasn't even a thought in my head!

nice walking! that's wonderful. for the first time in awhile, I also did some walking on the weekend. felt so good to move.

Maria7 on 01/21/2016:
Congrats on the 3 mile walk...that is a real good workout.

h82bfat - Friday Jan 15, 2016
(Just trying to do something beneficial DAILY)
Weight: 248.2

Had a pretty good day today.  Did two 16 minute elliptical walks & my 6 minute shake weight routine.  Last night for my nighttime snack I sliced up a cucumber, drizzled it with a little vinegar & hit it with some pepper.  Yesterday I began rallying what remains of my walking troops and I schedule a group walk for tomorrow (just depends on the weather).

I had to quit my job over a year ago because I just couldn't be on my feet for more than 3 hours at a time.  The last day I worked I could barely get up after sitting down to rest.  Ever since then, I'd been lying around feeling sorry for myself & getting fatter by the day.  Poor me.  All I can do is walk.  No bending, squatting, lifting weights, swimming, etc... just boring old walking.  Then one day I was like: Gues I better start walking before I'm too big (AKA: heavy on my knees & feet) to even do that!!  I looked for walking groups & every one that I found was inactive, so... I started my own.

It started off pretty strong with 20 members all raring to go.  My initial intent was to have one (Wednesday) SChEDULED group walk each week & then throughout the rest of the week, whoever wanted to go walk, could find a walking buddy via the group and go walk whenever & wherever they wanted to.  Or, at least that's what I'd hoped the group would do.....

Like I said, everyone was gung-ho in the beginning, so after our first walk everyone wanted to have a 2nd SCHEDULED weekly walk & I obliged and scheduled a walk for the following Monday AND Wednesday.  Then after we finished our third walk, a few people pushed for another SCHEDULED weekly (Friday) walk.  I was hesitant because weekends in a tourist town, during the summer... well, there are so many activities & events taking place and people are so busy taking advantage of it all, but... they kept insisting, so I caved & agreed to schedule a Friday walk.  Friday came & only 2 people showed up, neither of which were peeps that had INSISTED on having a scheduled friday night walk.  And all those "We need to do this more often" NEVER showed up again!!  I even lost a friendship over it & not because of her not walking, but from all the lies that followed.  

I kept the group going, 3 days a week, for almost 5 months. Then the season changed, my hubby lost his job & I got depressed.  And if I didn't schedule a walk, no one else would either.  In other words, I had no one "pushing ME" when I needed it the most and it all just died off.

However, this is a new year & I have come to realize that if I want a "new me" then I have to change more than my physical appearance.  I have to get it into my head that I am in charge of my destiny.  That I have to be grateful for the 2 or 3 people that HAVE stuck by me, even if I have to lead 'em there by the nose!  I know that I must stop focussing on the ones that quit  andor make up excuses because I can't change them. I can not allow them to become MY excuse... Their issues are not MY issues!  And -  If I go & no one shows up, I should still be content because without the group I probably wouldn't have gone out to walk in the first place & THE WALK is what it's all about! So, with or without a walking companion, if I'm out there, then the group is STILL serving it's purpose!  I MUST STAY POSITIVE, period - end of story!!  

Wish me luck!!  

Progress as of today: 0.5 lbs lost so far, only 73.2 lbs to go!

Awesome50 on 01/16/2016:
You go girl! Walk because you matter! Alone or with company the same results are achieved and you'll benefit either way.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/18/2016:
Walking...it's the best! I don't even do it right now since my legs / ankles are still on & off not strong enough to walk each day. but, little by little i'm getting there just like you did. I had a bad injury 2 years ago from overuse when I was running too much, everyday.

Some people like to plan & schedule. So that's you. Not everyone is good at getting a group together & planning the walk. Some are better than others. You must be a good one!

h82bfat - Thursday Jan 14, 2016
(Just trying to do something beneficial DAILY)
Weight: 248.2

 Yesterday (Wednesday) I almost talked myself out of riding the rails, but I managed to get 30 minutes done.   Yay me!  And today (Thursday)  I did two 16 minute (eliptical) walks with my hand weights and I FINALLY pulled the shake weight out.  I only did the 6 minute DVD workout that came with it, but.... it's a start!

That's it for tonight... it's late & I've got to get up early.  I hope to have time to blog a little bit tomorrow about the walking group that I started last June.  Let's just say that it has been like a rollercoaster!!  So many ups & downs in such a short period of time!!  Oh well - all a girl can do is keep on, keeping on!! 

Progress as of today: 0.5 lbs lost so far, only 73.2 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/15/2016:
Good job! The thing is to never give up - start slowly, it doesn't happen overnight.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/15/2016:
Hi lady! I also experience a lot of ups & downs in general in my life. Lately, the downs are really, really upsetting but luckily I am able to get rid of those feelings faster than I used to. Lately, I’m able to maintain a more positive outlook – and feel like I can actually reach my dreams and wants. It’s cool. We have to have confidence & faith in ourselves that we can do it. I’d love to hear about the walking group you started. Way to go for being proactive!

h82bfat - Wednesday Jan 13, 2016
(Just trying to do something beneficial DAILY)
Weight: 248.2

I did manage to get another 15 minute elliptical session under my belt yesterday, bringing yesterdays total elliptical time to 45 minutes.  Yeah me!  It kicked my butt though.  And by that I mean that I slept until 1pm today!!  Granted I got up at 5am for bus duty & didn't actually go back to bed again until 9am, but normally I don't go back to sleep during the day. 

I may do a little Wii Fit later to compensate for not riding the rails today.  I might even throw in the quick Shake Weight workout (I don't care what anyone says, I can feel the burn!!).  It just depends on if I can get the familia to clear out of the living room... You just can't be sure that no one will SnapChat your a$$ out to the world these days - not even your own kin (said from experience)!!  

I've been doing really well with my food choices & intake for the past couple of days.  Got some more apples & bananas today.  I found a healthy cereal - Special K Red Berries -  I like that I can eat for breakfast (which I tend to skip if I don't have any of this cereal, which I know is a no-no, but I don't like to eat in the morning) and I can also have a bowl when I'm "craving" & it satisfies me.  Apparently though, everyone else here likes it too ,so I only got one bowl out of the last box!!  
And.... The struggles continue!!   

Progress as of today: 0.5 lbs lost so far, only 73.2 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/14/2016:
Good job on the elliptical! At home my main cardio machine is the spin bike, but they don't have one here at the tiny gym I go to, so I do the elliptical with intervals. Great workout!

cybermom4 on 01/14/2016:
You did great !! What is a Shake Weigh Wrokout?

H82BFat on 01/14/2016:
It's hard to explain... a Shake weight is a hand held weight that you actually shake & it came with a quick (6 minute) workout DVD. It's not very difficult, yet I can't get through the DVD once.... yet! Soon though.... SOON!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/14/2016:
I like the shake weight too...I know it must work a little bit for sure!!! - it gets your arms up, you're holding weights, etc. I don't own them. But, I DO own the ab belt - the one that uses electrical stimulation to help you tone your abs. I was using it a bit around 3-4 years ago - but stopped. It did work. I should start again...maybe I will use it during February. and if I feel true results - i'll continue into March till the wedding I am preparing for. maybe...lol. too much already to think about! lol.

Bus duty? are you a crossing guard? or you work at a school? cool. or you are on the bus?

Wishing you a wonderful day.

H82BFat on 01/14/2016:
The local school system here offers several different types of academy programs. The kids have to apply to which every program they are interested in (I even had to write an essay!!). The academy my daughter applied for (& got accepted to) is out of our actual school zone. School buses are provided, however they only guarantee the bus stop will be no further than 1.5 miles from your home, so we get up at 5am so that I can drive her to the closest bus stop at 6am & then I wait with her just in case the bus doesn't show up, like today (substitute bus driver issues). It can get really confusing some mornings because one late bus messes up the entire system. One group of parents should be leaving as another group is arriving & when a bus is late there are to many cars for the corner & then the arriving academy buses don't know what kids are waiting for what bus... Most days though it's smooth sailing.

h82bfat - Tuesday Jan 12, 2016
(Just trying to do something beneficial DAILY)
Weight: 248.2

Well, it didn't take me long to fall off the rails - the eliptical rails, that is!!  But, I am NOT defeated!!

Since I was sore & thought it was best to not ride the rails for a day and I was already what I considered past due on the "demantleing" of my Christmas decor, I figured I'd take care of that.  Several times my hubby tried to assist me & I chased him out.  Yeah, I may have some issues, but I'm not helpless!!  It was like:  "Mister, do NOT put that snowman in the Santa box.  I know where everything goes, it's like a delicate puzzle that only I know where & how the pieces go together, so just get out of here before you make me blow a gasket!!"  It took me 3 days to get it all done because (A) I have too much stuff (but don't tell my husband I said that because I will deny it) (B) I had to keep sitting down to give my aches & pains a reprieve and (C) You might as well clean while you're at it and by clean I also mean rearrange not only all your chachkies but your furniture too. 

I am proud to say that my efforts would qualify as CLEANercise (that's a play on EXercise).  In fact, one day I got a little to close to my daughter & she informed me that I stank!  My simple response was: Yes my dear, I do!!

Today I (finally) rode the rails again.  So far, I've done two 16 minute sessions (Incline = 0 Resistance = 0 Average Strides 79 per minute) while holding my 1lb hand weights (vs holding onto the side supports).  I may do at least one more 16 minute session before the day is done... not sure yet, depends on how long I wind up messing around on the computer.  

Hope everyone is doing well!!

Progress as of today: 0.5 lbs lost so far, only 73.2 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/12/2016:
It all sound good. You go girl.

Awesome50 on 01/12/2016:
Loved reading about your CLEANercise efforts! Good job on your elliptical work out too!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/13/2016:
in my honest opinion, cleaning is HARDER than exercising. you rock to mention it that way. I agree with Awesome50.

Cleaning is hard work :) good job! and yes, i'm doing well too!

cybermom4 on 01/13/2016:
You are very entertaining :) Honestly I enjoyed your post and humor. I agree with HP - cleaning is very hard work and when I clean especially the bathroom - I'm a mess (bending and scrubbing ugg). I bought a tool from qvc.com that allows me to stand and scrub and that is much better. Anyway - off topic here// have a great day today (wed)

h82bfat - Thursday Jan 07, 2016
(Just trying to do something beneficial DAILY)
Weight: 248.0


I was able to do my elliptical for three 15 minute sessions yesteray, incorporating my 1lb hand weights into each session.  I'm on the lowest incline with no resistance, but at least I'm being active & that makes me feel more determined - versus sitting around feeling sorry for myself & dwelling on what I used to be able to do (& "snacking" to self medicate), instead of focussing on what I CAN do.   I'm currently averaging about 78 strides per minute, which isn't gonna win me ANY race, but it's a start.  Before all my aches & pains I averaged about 140 strides per minute while utilizing multiple inclines & resistances, but.... that was then & all that truly matters NOW is what I can accomplish today, am I right?!?!

My eating wasn't bad for the day.  I'm not tracking anything specific yet.  I'm just trying to cut down on snacking, serving sizes & making "bad" choices.  

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 73 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/07/2016:
Good job. You have to do it at your own pace. No use going crazy because sometimes that leads to discouragement. Keep it up. Have a great day.

Awesome50 on 01/07/2016:
Staying focused on what you CAN do is a great perspective. I totally get that as I too tend to dwell on what I used to be able to do. I too have to make this mind shift. We need to move forward and not look back. Those are steps in the right direction. Keep up the good work!

grannyannie on 01/07/2016:
Work your way up slowly and carefully. Overdoing at first can make you frustrated and can lead to burning out. It feels so good to work your way up to doing more, lifting heavier weights.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/09/2016:
Yes you are right! What matters is what you are doing now. Not the past, not the future!

Glad you are using the greek yogurt as topping instead of higher cal things like sour cream on your tacos! Good idea! Never tried it myself, but sounds tasty.

And being active up to 45 minutes a day on the elliptical is a ton! Good for you. That's way more than I do usually. Just keep going for yourself. Do what you can each day. That's what matters. Don't compare yourself to anyone else or what you used to do. Do what you are capable of right now. :)

Nice entry!

Donkey on 01/10/2016:
Good job!

h82bfat - Wednesday Jan 06, 2016
(Just trying to do something beneficial DAILY)
Weight: 248.0

Did good for 2 days with my new "plan".  Used my eliptical twice on Sunday (30 minutes total) & 3 times on Monday (45 minutes total).  Monday, on my third 15 minute session, I even incorporated swinging my arms whilst holding 1lb weights.  I know... not too big of a deal, but it's a step in the right direction.

Then yesterday... I woke up & it was snowing.  I wasn't expecting that, so when I opened the door to head out at 6am(to my daughters bus stop - I have to drive her to it as it's over a mile away), it kinda put me in a funk.  Did I ever mention that I do NOT like snow or the cold weather that comes along with it? Maybe it wouldn't have been so depressing to me if we hadn't just been running the air conditioning for the entire previous week!  Anywho, when I returned home, all I wanted to do was curl up underneath some blankets and...... that's exactly what I did.  

However, I did manage to cut out my late night snacking routine yesterday, which was a good thing.  Hopefully I will do better today.

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 73 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/06/2016:
another good "dip" for your cucumbers & any other veggie you wanna use to dip is....GREEK yogurt. Hummus is high in calories, you can't use too much without doing damage to your "calorie budget." I highly recommend the Greek yogurt - it's low calorie. You can use the Fage brand, 2% fat. It's more satisfying than fat free. You can even use FULL FAT if you need, still way less calories than hummus.

great job on your exercise. don't put yourself down - It IS a BIG deal that you are making these wonderful, positive changes!

Next, most of us HATE the cold. I do, too. So, you are gonna have to try to forget about it :) and concentrate on more important matters. Bc the cold is here to stay for a bit...so try to keep doing the right thing and not letting the cold get to you...

H82BFat on 01/07/2016:
My hubby has recently lost 35 lbs from biking & watching his calories & since he is the better cook, we've been having healthier meals (I HATE to cook). He's been making fish tacos & I've been using greek yogurt instead of sour cream... it's deee-lish!!

grannyannie on 01/06/2016:
Welcome back! Small steps. Just keep it up. Snacking at night is definitely a challenge for many of us.

H82BFat on 01/07/2016:
Thanks granny!! My hubby picked me up some popcorn & apples last night, so I should be okay for awhile!!

h82bfat - Monday Jan 04, 2016
(Just trying to do something beneficial DAILY)
Weight: 248.0

Here I am again.  Bigger than ever & now I've got arthritis & bone spurs added into the mix....  I don't know why, but even though I know that I am overweight, when I see a photo of myself I just can't believe that THAT is me!  My friends are constantly telling me that I'm not fat, but..... I have eyes (and a scale).

Anywho -  I was doing pretty good a few years back.  Went from a size 20 down to a loose size 14.  Was feeling good about myself, could buy clothes in "regular" stores.  Then one day  my knee started to hurt & I was finding it more & more difficult to exercise, which for me at that time was simply walking & using my elliptical.  I've been pretty much struggling ever since.  ....The bone spurs came about 2 years later.  I let my aches & pains define me and with that mindset, I have become (almost) as big as I've ever been.  

So, I'm gonna have to take it REAL slow, being as I can only walk on my elliptical for about 15 mintues at a time, on the lowest incline, with zero resistance. And no, I can't do stuff in the pool (yet).  Just walking in water makes my knees flex just enough to be painful, so walking is what I've got to work with right now.

My goal is to do AT LEAST 30 minutes on the elliptical every day, except maybe Sunday.  If I can push myself to do an hour a day, that will be wonderful.  I mean, four 15 minute intervals SHOULD be attainable, right?  However, as long as I do 30 mintues (two 15 minute session), I am not gonna "beat myself up".   Hopefully there will be a few "nice" winter days that I can throw in an actual outdoor walk from time to time, too.

Gonna also try to make some dietary changes.  Not going on a "diet", just gonna start tweaking things here & there.  With the first tweak being:  Just say no to potato chips - my nemesis!!  Gonna replace them with pickle slices.  Not much in the overall scheme of things, but... considering the fact that I can & do eat an ENTIRE family size bag by myself in one sitting... yeah - it's gonna help!!

Alrighty then.... here I go!!!  

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 73 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/04/2016:
Welcome back and good luck on your journey.

h82bfat on 01/06/2016:

innerpeace on 01/04/2016:
Welcome back! I asked a friend, why didn't you tell me I was getting so fat? Her reply was "I thought you knew"! Yes, I did know but I wanted someone else to call me out...I don't know why! Have a good walk on your elliptical.

h82bfat on 01/06/2016:
At least we know our friends mean well!

Donkey on 01/04/2016:
I can relate, except substitute plantar fasciitis to your bone spurs. I look forward to reading more of your journey!

h82bfat on 01/06/2016:
So frustrating, right?! It's like -Why oh why have you desserted me "easy mobility"!?!?

OhioRaven on 01/05/2016:
Morning, H8. I eat A lot of popcorn. It might be a Good Healthy substatute. Chick-a-Boom is a Good brand. I also eat a lot of pickles and sauerkraut...every day. Good Luck.

h82bfat on 01/06/2016:
Yeah... I need to get some more popcorn, ran out last week & back to substituting pickles for chips. I LOVE sauerkraut and pickled red beets, too.

biscottibody59 on 01/05/2016:
I remember you--wishing you well in your renewed journey!

You can do this!

h82bfat on 01/06/2016:
Thanks biscottibody59 - hope all is going well with you!! My hubby & I were talking, trying to figure out what specifically helped me stay on track back when I was "doing good"... And utilizing THIS site was one of my primary tools!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/06/2016:
Hey lady.

Pickle slices sound good instead of chips. Another good one is celery slices - they are supposedly a little bit higher salt too so maybe they'll help you with the crunch and salt cravings...

remember, you do NOT have to exercise everyday at first. Actually, if you are just starting cardio again (and especially if you have had any injuries) i'd recommend you do the cardio EVERY OTHER DAY to start.

I have had many injuries from doing too much cardio. It's better to do less than more.

h82bfat on 01/06/2016:
Thanks for the advice HOP!! I've actually recently found an apple that I like (Pink lady) - instead of just tolerating, so I've been snacking on more of those. I also found a humus that I like & I used sliced cucumbers as my "cracker". My hubby said he never thought he'd see the day I was eating humus, but it satisfies my "chip & dip" craving, 'cus every now & then a hard core chip eater NEEDS some dip!!

Awesome50 on 01/06/2016:
I too am a chip and dip lover! I need to find a replacement for that as well.

h82bfat - Sunday Feb 12, 2012
(Just trying to do something beneficial DAILY)
Weight: 219.6

Had a hectic week.  My work schedule was off.  Had issues with one of my stores & had to get my boss involved TWICE - to the point she had to go meet with that stores mangement..... Keep in mind that with my particular job, I rarely (maybe once every other month) have any direct contact with my boss.  We celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary (Yay!! ), & thru it all, TOM was a heavy nuisance.  I'm hoping that things will be "normal" all 'round this week, so I that can get back to posting here regularly.  

I am happy to report though, that amidst all that,  I DID manage to get to the gym 5 times this week!!  Believe me, there were days I wanted to just skip it, but I went.  Who knew I had it in me!!

Have a great week everyone!

Progress as of today: 5.4 lbs lost so far, only 34.6 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 02/12/2012:
Wow! Wonderful job on the gym thorough a very hectic week. Happy anniversary!

Umpqua on 02/12/2012:
Congrats on your loss and happy anniversary!

grannyannie on 02/12/2012:
Good job on the gym! Happy anniversary!

V on 02/12/2012:
Yeah girl!! Comgrats :)

WII on 02/15/2012:
Great job! Happy Anniversary!

biscottibody59 on 02/17/2012:
Happy belated Anniversary! Hope you've had a good week!

biscottibody59 on 03/10/2012:
How's it going!

h82bfat - Wednesday Feb 08, 2012
(Just trying to do something beneficial DAILY)
Weight: 220.8

Wow - it's Wednesday already!!!

Monday was a scheduled workout free day.  Ran into a snag on my last store visit of the day.  They didn't recieve any product so I had to reschedule for Tuesday.  Since I didn't have any plans, it was no biggie.

Tuesday I went to the gym as scheduled but didn't get a very good workout - thanks TOM!!  I opted to skip the ab portion of my workout, as I'd already had to "take care of business" twice
& I was out of supplies.  I figured if I did all that bending & crunching, I was gonna be in trouble.  So I basically just did the weight machines & cardio, which, when all was said & done, is still an okay workout, but my heart just wasn't into it (meaning I wasn't even sweating that much) becus I was worried that.... well, that TOM was gonna embarrass me in the way only TOM can.

Today I made up for it though.  TOM co-operated with me & was much more managable.  I was soooo relieved that I even tried out a new ab thing-a-ma-jig.   Did 2 sets of 15.... think it was on an easier setting, but I got up the nerve & tried it, so it's all good!!

Progress as of today: 4.2 lbs lost so far, only 35.8 lbs to go!

V on 02/08/2012:
Hope you have a good evening :)

hollybelle on 02/08/2012:
Biking bibs are just the spandex type biking shorts that have kind of a very low cut tank top that is built on the waist band. I really like them because the waistband does not roll down or produce a muffin top under those skin tight biking shirts! Check this out: http://bicycleapparel.com/bib.html Good for you working through TOM going with the situation as it was.....I don't miss those days at all. Good job on the new ab thingy! woo-hoo!

supercheese on 02/09/2012:
Sounds like you are having a good day!!

Umpqua on 02/09/2012:
Good work at the gym! RYC, I do love cooking and baking. I just have to be careful not to bake too many tasty treats!

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