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happy-1 - Wednesday Jun 30, 2021
Weight: 216.0


  1.  BP1, no, woke up late, spaced. Today is a perfect example of making a critical change (not using total calorie count in Nutrisense, calculating it outside the app, limiting calories based on a correct total) and then suddenly feeling SO MUCH BETTER... that I get a shock to my system and fall apart. Having tracked it enough times now, I know that day 1 of feeling better, I just need to let whatever happens happens and go to bed on time. Focus on just getting one more good day added to the chain.
  2. 10cr, yes. I did another yoga class. Ompractice records all classes. I almost hope they make a bloopers reel of me struggling. I did happy baby, rolled, got stuck on one side, my gut was too fat and I couldn't roll back onto my back. I just got stuck there like a turtle.
  3. 4ns, yes. I walked to the park and did most of the pt routine. I rescheduled pt tomorrow. They gave me a whole bunch of stuff to work on and it's too much to absorb twice in one week.
  4. 30pln, no. Planning went out the window today. I just followed my alexa prompts and went on auto pilot.
  5. 14fs, no but it didn't matter. It was messed up by having a pbj after yoga yesterday and I had to get my calories in again today, so I did it again today. Strangely I had all green sugar again last night.
  6. 2do, no. I just couldn't pull my brain together. I will try again tomorrow.
  7. 2.5k@5, no. Calorie totals are just too much to manage with the Nutrisense bug.  I need to make a better meal plan so I can get my 2500 by 5 and fast. I do think I was right in there with my calorie count though.
  8. 7w, no more like 4
  9. 10Kstp, no. I went for a walk to the park though. 7:15 is too late for that alexa prompt. I moved it earlier to get more steps. 
  10. 9bed, yes. A little proud of this... I cooked turkey chili in the afternoon even though I didn't feel like cooking. I had good fuel for yoga. It had time to cool while I went for a walk. When I came home, I did dishes and put it away. I restocked my cooler for tomorrow. I went to bed when Alexa told me to and did not turn on Netflix. 

Here is my overnight sugar and my body battery. Glorious what one small change can do. Domino by domino I will flip all of this around. I can do this. One foot in front of the other. One step at a time. Inch by inch. Habit by habit. Pebble by pebble. I can do this. I am doing this. I am above ground and kicking. I am getting back up. I can. I am. You will see.


Also, today the cat went into the bathroom all on her own and flopped there when I was getting ready for yoga. Good kitty. I appreciate your support and cooperation in achieving my goals. I appreciate that you did not bite or scratch me, and that you sought to be near me multiple times. I feel we may become partners. I will support you in your goals.  Tomorrow afternoon before yoga I will make progress on the cat tree.

Progress as of today: 101 lbs lost so far, only 56 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 07/01/2021:
Aaargh 1k calories short today. Can’t sleep. If I eat… I spike my sugar.

Donkey on 07/01/2021:
Great job on your blood sugar!!! And recharging your battery!!!

How do I ask Alexa to set up reminders for me? Do I just ask her "Alexa, set a reminder to take meds at 3pm" -- like that?

happy-1 on 07/01/2021:
Alexa remind me at 3pm everyday > what is the reminder for? Take meds > Ok I will remind you everyday at 3pm.

horn_of_plenty on 07/01/2021:
yep, no point relying on the app's calorie count if it's not right!

happy-1 on 07/01/2021:

happy-1 - Tuesday Jun 29, 2021
Weight: 216.0


UGH! Inch by inch. One foot in front of the other. One pebble at a time. 

  1. BP1, yes.
  2. 10cr, yes. I went to PT, and I also did a yoga flow class
  3. 4ns, let's say yes since they were part of PT
  4. 30pln, yes. I did my dad checkin and looked at the calendar with him... and said no or next week to everything he asked for. Still counts.
  5. 14fs, no, but weirdly I still had green sugar overnight.
  6. 2do, yes. There wasn't much on it, but I did what was on it.
  7. 2.5k@5, yes to the calories but not by 5. I ate a keto pbj after yoga at 7.
  8. 7w, no, like 3?
  9. 10Kstp, no. I got sidetracked and went for my walk too late. Just did a small one. Better to go to bed on time.
  10. 9bed, yes, with my bitey scratchy kitty kat curled up by my imperiled feet.

Today I found a bug in the Nutrisense app that caused me to gain 12 lbs. The nutritionist said it was very close and not significant. If you paid $289/mo for an app that undercalculated your daily calories by about 700 and you gained 12 lbs... would you be PO'd? I told them they should comp me 6 months of nutritionist support since that's how long it will take to lose the weight I gained in the 7 weeks that feature was affected. (They charge separately for the nutritionist... who never noticed how totally off the calories are in data that she looks at every day).

Progress as of today: 101 lbs lost so far, only 56 lbs to go!

Donkey on 06/30/2021:
Oh yes, I think I'd be p-i-s-s-e-d in a major way, especially since you now have those extra pounds to deal with. I mean, it's not just that you received bad information (that's bad enough) BUT you also now have to suffer with consequences of that bad information. Here's hoping that they come off quickly... Makes me wonder if the nutritionist was really looking at your data at all, too. I do think some kind of rebate would be appropriate.

Quite a few "yes" in your list, and good blood sugar levels (green), so I think that should count twice, right?

Jacky82020 on 06/30/2021:
Thought you meant $289 per year, not month, but I’m seeing this is a continuous glucose monitoring system. They are pricey! Last one I looked at cost ~$300 per month for the sensors. Wow! I’d love to try it, but I’m way too frugal. They definitely should comp you!!

happy-1 on 06/30/2021:
It's expensive but has yielded radical, life-changing benefits. I'm desperate to get my health and life together and get back to work. You could try Steady. They use the US Freestyle Libre 2 sensors, have a free version of the app that works with those, and can bill your insurance company. https://blog.steady.health/what-is-your-cgm-strategy-9b796b55646

Jacky82020 on 06/30/2021:
Glad it’s working for you! Are you able to bill ykur insurance?

Horn_of_plenty on 06/30/2021:
yoga is wonderful! maybe when i have a day off this summer, i'll take a VERY slow and easy yoga class. maybe even a chair yoga. maybe there's something easy on youtube for free that i can find..

i gotta say, i agree. A shorter walk and bed on time can def be very helpful for the following day :)

very interesting that you spotted a bug in the app. if that is so, they should be thankful you did and they should soooo comp you!

happy-1 - Tuesday Jun 29, 2021
Weight: 216.0

For Mon 6/28/21:

  1. BP1, yes, and it was weirdly in range again the third day in a row.
  2. 10cr, yes, I did a yoga class, for which I gave myself a lotto ticket. i won another ticket.
  3. 4ns, yes, but forgot to do pt
  4. 30pln, yes... I even setup my day planner again, and got alexa reminders on... she now plays yoga music 30 minutes before class starts to kick me in the ass to clear the chair and desk and roll out the mat.
  5. 14fs, no. Blowing chunks on this and paying the price with my sugar
  6. 2do, no... there was a 2pm dad checkin I missed
  7. 2.5k@5, no... shockingly I had only eated 956 calories when I should have had 2500. It messed up my fast for tomorrow. Ugh.
  8. 7w, no... 5
  9. 10Kstp, no was sedentary today
  10. 9bed, no... got hooked on fixing stats when I was on my way to bed. I am craving progress because my weight is up to 226 :(

Cat has not bitten me since this morning but I am also not getting loved on.... I believe she resents her time in the bathroom last nihght so I could sleep, after biting me  this morning, after swatting me this afternoon, and during yoga. Everytime I did down dog, I saw her staring at me through the gate.

I know kitty, I would bite me too.

Progress as of today: 101 lbs lost so far, only 56 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 06/29/2021:
When Sampson is mad at me...he turns his back to me when he lays down...they are spiteful little things...basically..they are narcissists.....I can almost guarantee that she is always mad when shut up in the bathroom......

happy-1 on 06/29/2021:
I need to get this cat a cat tree. Maybe she will chill a little more... Wait... Why am I getting something that bites me a cat tree?

Jacky82020 on 06/29/2021:
My cats are the sweetest things in the world! Cute & cuddly. A little less cuddling yesterday because it was so warm.

happy-1 on 06/29/2021:
Aaaaaw… so floofy

Donkey on 06/29/2021:
My tortie loves to sit in my lap in the morning and sometimes at night, but she will fight me to get into my lap. She's such a tease.

My Boy Cat has physically attacked my arm when I trim his nails. He really doesn't like that, but it's a necessary evil, I'm afraid. I can usually save my arm from trauma if I wear a fleece jacket while trimming nails. He'll tolerate 3 paws, but I usually have to wait to do the 4th paw after a short break, where he can regroup.

happy-1 on 06/29/2021:
Why do we have cats again????

bearcountrygg on 06/29/2021:
Sampson follows me around all day and talks a lot.....sleeps next to my head at night...but not touching.....his main aim in life is to get me to scratch his head...even in the middle of the night...if he spots my hand in the dark...he will be bumping it with his wet nose.....if I don't respond...he touches my face with his wet nose.........he only sits on my lap if I'm scratching his head...otherwise he just moves a few feet away and turns his back...when he is over it...he turns around and watches me.....ready to follow again.....but no snuggling ever...he does not like restriction at all.....other cats in the past were snugglers....they do have individual personalities...but ...they are the boss...

happy-1 on 06/29/2021:
Aaaaaw. He sounds like the boss!

horn_of_plenty on 06/29/2021:
hopefully her time in the bathroom will decrease. she's doing wayyy better than my young guinea pig....it will not settle down and i've had it for like 5 months

happy-1 on 06/29/2021:
He’ll get there. Maybe prozac????

happy-1 - Monday Jun 28, 2021
Weight: 216.0

Fell asleep in the middle of posting last night. Oos. The gaba/melatonin combo must be starting to work... plus as soon as I hit my bed, the cat decided to love on me like... I don't know what... but a lot. Who wants to post when a stray cat is declaring their undying love?

(I will admit I was a little nervous about getting bit... she didn't last night but did today during the good morning cuddle... wtf kitty? Last night you were a lap cat for two minutes and didn't take my arm off. This AM you came to say good morning and two strokes in sank your fangs into my arm?)


For yesterday, 6/27/21:

  1. BP1, yes... and in zone.
  2. 10cr, no... I planned a yoga class, but was spacey due to high sugar and forgot to do it. Today I set up alexa reminders and routines to remind me then play music.
  3. 4ns, no and I didn't do pt.
    30pln, no. Was too spacey due to heat and high sugar.
    14fs, no
  4. 2do, no
  5. 2.5k@5, no and it jacked up my fast for the next day... i way underestimated my calories and then couldn't stick out the fast before bed.
  6. 7w, no. This probably impacted my ability to stick out fast before bed
  7. 10Kstp, no, and the walk at 5 helps turn off hunger.
  8. 9bed, no. More like 11.


Progress as of today: 101 lbs lost so far, only 56 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 06/28/2021:
i also got distracted posting the other day, you aren't alone! ha

awww so sorry you were bit. hopefully she will learn not to do that!

i hope you get in some yoga if that's your goal for today!

bearcountrygg on 06/28/2021:
cats are very opinionated...and will bite when you aren't doing what they want you to do.....ours doesn't like new people coming into the house...once bit a friend when she went to pet him...today...repairman was here and he didn't want to stay in the bedroom...hissed at me.....fought me to get into the garage...i said know...he fought me and hissed again.....they are the boss or at least they think so...our resident boss wants to be scratched on the forehead....any other place ticks him off......

happy-1 on 06/29/2021:
Ugh. The last cat never bit or scratched me once… but peed and pooped everywhere. Tradeoffs?

Donkey on 06/29/2021:

happy-1 on 06/29/2021:

happy-1 - Sunday Jun 27, 2021
Weight: 216.0

 For yesterday... saturday 6/26/21:

  1. BP1, yes
  2. 10cr, better than yes... I signed back up for ompractice and did a 1 hour class! I think I get to scratch off one lotto ticket today just for this milestone. It helped that I used a coworking session to prep my room and I for yoga. It took the full 2 hours.
  3. 4ns, no, and I only did one pt set
  4. 30pln, no. I was brain dead yesterday. Sugar was too high overnight. I ate sunflower seeds (the ones in the shell) emotionally (upset I couldn't pull off the rugby game) thinking they were low calorie and wouldn't count. I was asleep by 11:17 and slept a full 8 hours, but sugar was high so I was just in a fog.
  5. 14fs, no, apparently sunflower seeds count
  6. 2do, no. Didn't even look at it.
  7. 2500cal, no... haven't been to the grocery store in a few days and wasn't organized about it last week, plus I need to clean out the fridge... and also dad is getting restless without his snacks and treats while we try to get the excess fluid off his heart. I'm not supposed to start cooking after 5, but that's what time yoga ended... so I started making dinner. My sugar was still too high, I had cramps, I was tired... the kitchen was a trainwreck... so I just started cooking chicken which triggered dad to try and control the outcome of the chicken cooking and me bailing halfway through, feeding him the first batch,  taking a break and going back to finish it a couple of hours later... but that meant I didn't get to eat dinner till 9pm and that triggered a lot of snacking after dinner from being too hungry, off schedule and emotional.
  8. 7w, no. I just spaced on this. Also, I think I ate a bite of raw chicken on accident so I drank a lot of seltzer.
  9. 10Kstp, no, had to wait at home all day for fedex to deliver replacement air conditioner.
  10. 9bed, no, 2am. I just got too stressed with the dad food thing and stayed up late to watch amazon video and snack.

Ugh. 2 out of 10. But better than 0.

Locked the cat in the bathroom last night because I caught her scratching my yoga bolsters. Cat figured out how to get out of the bathroom with the door shut, woke me up, and I am short on sleep this AM. 


Progress as of today: 101 lbs lost so far, only 56 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 06/27/2021:
I'm sorry i've fallen behind on your entries!

Mama cat is a beautiful name! :)

In one of your entries, you talk about how inch by inch you will find the right behaviors/habits. I suggest don't beat yourself up because even with all the tricks and many things i've learned, i sometimes do not have a 10/10 day everyday. things come up, things cause me to derail. so if you can say you did as well as you could even with derailments, i'd give you a pat on the back :)

about the dialysis, so true. boy does that sound HORRIBLE. i know a couple people on it, one of them works (with a really long commute), i feel so bad that his time is spent that way. the other is unemployed as he didn't want to work and do diallysis at the same time - not everyone can balance that.

you are doing really well these few days....keep on ...love to hear all of it.

don't be upset you couldn't get to the game - it was last minute :)

have a nice day!

Donkey on 06/28/2021:
Just an FYI - many cats like to scratch yoga mats too. Just sayin'...

happy-1 on 06/28/2021:
And pee on them. Rubber has the scent that makes cats pee. Last cat killed old mats… I have all new fancy ones. She’s definitely not going anywhere near my cats while they are out. That bathroom screen door was the smartest thing I did so far.

legcramps on 06/28/2021:
You are right, 2 is better than 0. And you did the best you could, which is all you should be asking of yourself each day. Just do your best!

happy-1 on 06/29/2021:
But 10 out of 10 means I get to scratch one of my $1 lotto tickets ;)

happy-1 - Saturday Jun 26, 2021
Weight: 216.0

All I can say about today is that I am still here and kicking. Was supposed to see a friend tomorrow but she forgot and invited me to her nephews rugby game. I said thank you but let me get pt and yoga in first. I look like roadkill right now.

  1. BP1, yes
  2. 10cr, no
  3. 4ns, yes
  4. 30pln,no
  5. 14fs, yes
  6. 2do, no, cramps
  7. 2500cal, no
  8. 7w, no, 6
  9. 10Kstp, no but I walked to the store
  10. 9bed no

Progress as of today: 101 lbs lost so far, only 56 lbs to go!

Donkey on 06/26/2021:
Cramps are a game-changer, not for the better. But you did very well with your neck stretches and fasting - especially the fasting -- WOOT WOOT! And you got a nice walk to the store, which is great.

happy-1 on 06/29/2021:

bearcountrygg on 06/26/2021:
Progress not perfection....you are getting there.

happy-1 on 06/27/2021:
Hugs. Ty.

happy-1 - Friday Jun 25, 2021
Weight: 216.0

Extra post today to announce the stray cat is using her scratch pads and out of the bathroom a third day in a row. Also, I put out extra kibble before I went to bed last night and did not get a 4am cat wakeup, stuck to my fast, and had all green sugar last night. Inch by inch, kitty. Inch by inch.

Progress as of today: 101 lbs lost so far, only 56 lbs to go!

Jacky82020 on 06/25/2021:
Hey, great news on the cat. I give mine 1/2 C kibble a day (each) in the AM and 2/3 can each wet food in the evening. Usually some kibble is left over the following day. I no longer allow unlimited kibble because one is getting fat. They should all weigh ~11 pds and one is over 15. But he did lose two ounces and has been more active since I added the former feral to the Cat Room.

Donkey on 06/26/2021:
That's wonderful! We tend to have overnight cat fights if one of the 2 supper dishes gets depleted, which is what happened at 2:36am this morning... Food is the Universal Motivator, it seems... not limited to cats only, either.

happy-1 - Thursday Jun 24, 2021
Weight: 216.0

Oh what a day...

Inch by inch, one foot in front of the other. I will build myself back up again. I will get stronger and build endurance. I will find the right combination of habits, hacks, and tricks. I will get back up again one more time. I have one more time in me. I do. I really, really do. One pebble at a time, I will move a mountain.

  1. BP1, yes
  2. 10cr, no
  3. 4ns, yes, plus PT
  4. 30pln, no
  5. 14fs, no... almost. 13 hours. the cat woke me up at 4am and I just couldn't stick it out till 7 am... I just caved at 6AM.
  6. 2do, no. It took everything i had to do the 10,000 steps and stop eating at 4:30pm. If the cat is going to wake me up at 4am everyday... ok... I'd like to be a 4am-er again... but I can't last much past 6AM and still be functional first thing without at least some hard boiled eggs and a cracker.
  7. 2500cal, probably not. I don't think I ate enough today.
  8. 7w, close... 6
  9. 10Kstp, yes
  10. 9bed, yes... on my way there shortly.

4 out of 10.

I got dad to his eye appointment and all his nightmare health issue follow ups. He breaks my heart. All the foods he just has to binge on for "quality of life" knocked out his kidney function about 20%. It's back up 5% so... 15% to go to stay off dialysis. He tried to get me to take him to McDonalds and the grocery store on the way home. I very ****ily said "If you want quality of life, try to stay off dialysis. The pain of passing up a breakfast sandwich is nothing compared to dialysis 3 times a week."

I got so worn out today, I caved and hit up a box of frozen eggrolls that was in the freezer. It's the splurge to go with the low sodium chinese food I make at home. I am struggling so hard to get my blood sugar back under control, I slapped myself in the face, took them out of the toaster oven and tossed them. A waste of food and money... but a worthwhile sacrifice if I get decent blood sugar tonight.


Progress as of today: 101 lbs lost so far, only 56 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 06/24/2021:
Also, cat was out of bathroom all day today, except when I had to go in and out for chores... and I did not get bit or scratched.

Donkey on 06/25/2021:
"One pebble at a time..." = LOVE THIS. Going to use it as my mantra.

I'm sorry about the struggles with dad.

happy-1 on 06/26/2021:
My therapist says I have to look at it like family members of addicts. Love the addict, hate the addiction

happy-1 - Wednesday Jun 23, 2021
Weight: 216.0

I swear mom worked her cat lady magic from betond the grave. Today the cat figured out that the weird cardboard rectangles are for scratching on, and if she uses them she gets treats. Revelation! She did it like 10 times, is very full, and hasn't bit or scratched all day. Without the stress of carpet scratching I let her loose in my room except when I had to go in and out for chores. She has been my silent shadow all day and is consistently 6" away at all times. Currently she is lounging on my bed by my feet. I don't have the heart to put her in the bathroom.

I did my PT homework today. I have visions of being able to get through a yoga class without flopping over after 10 minutes. 

Taking dad for labs was scary. He is 300lbs, can't breathe due to fluid in his lungs, has to manage his sugar to keep his eyesight... and still he wanted to get fast food and go to the grocery store on the way home. No!!!!!!!! Augh.

Inch by inch. One foot in front of the other. I just have to get back up one more time.

  1. BP1, yes
  2. 10cr, no
  3. 4ns, yes
  4. 30pln, yes
  5. 14fs, almost... 13h. I was really spacey and foggy and had to eat to drive.
  6. 2do, ha ha ha no
  7. 2500cal, possibly. Didn't count yet
  8. 7w, no... about 4
  9. 10Kstp, no but I did go for a walk
  10. 9bed, yes. The cat says it is time for me to go to bed if I am tired enough to lay down and log here.


Progress as of today: 101 lbs lost so far, only 56 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 06/24/2021:
She wants to be near you...on her terms of course...she is a cat after all......she is figuring out how to manipulate you....food is a great behavior modifier.....win win for both of you. i find that Sampson loves a soft slow gentle voice...he can be a pain and when I speak slow and softly to him he just melts...and turns into a little orange marshmallow.......I think he was owned by a lady...likely elderly....who spent a lot of time teaching him things.....but he turns his attitude on a dime when hearing a soft voice.

happy-1 on 06/24/2021:
Aaaaaaw. She started coming when called on Sunday.

horn_of_plenty on 06/24/2021:
hope your dad improves. LOVE the changes in Cat's behavior. have you named her?

happy-1 on 06/24/2021:
Mama Cat :-)

happy-1 on 06/24/2021:
Mama Cat :-)

happy-1 - Wednesday Jun 23, 2021
Weight: 216.0

Inch by inch. One foot in front of the other. I can do this.

Kitty frustrations... She got out of the bathroom and was loose in my room overnight without me here, established her territory, and now she is biting me and swatting my ankles at random. Dad is on blood thinners so I can't let her out of my room or she might swat him. There's no warning twitch or tail flip. It's just purr purr purr ow! I just pick her up and put her in the bathroom because I get irritated, but I don't smack her.

I've made a bunch of space for a cat condo... it was a lot of work... and because she bites me I dont want to cough up the $60 to see if the cat condo would mellow her out and get her to stop biting me. 

Why did I want a stray cat?

Trying Gaba tonight to see if it works.

Progress as of today: 101 lbs lost so far, only 56 lbs to go!

Jacky82020 on 06/23/2021:
That’s a shame about the cat, I’ve taken in several strays over the years and the one feral who can no longer be considered feral after the two years spent working with him outside. Never thought he’d let me pet him, but he did, after a year plus. Never has one ever been aggressive. Maybe yours was abused? Poor thing.

happy-1 on 06/23/2021:
I think she is cranky and bored. Needs exercise. There's not much stimulation here. She doesn't get into the laser pointer. A window perch would help. Still looking for one without sissel. She says no to sissel. She ran over and bit my toe (random) last night.

horn_of_plenty on 06/23/2021:
glad you aren't striking your cat back :)

yes, kitty must learn. i think she will. maybe give her treats at times that will remind her to be good...train her with treats i mean!

it's still early in the game with a new cat...see how it goes...

happy-1 on 06/23/2021:
I definitely yelled when she ran over and bit my toe last night. She flinched. I figure putting her in the bathroom communicates "You do not get what you want when you bite me."

happy-1 on 06/23/2021:
Yeah, I figure this is boundary testing. Also the environment needs to be right for her... she doesn't have any hiding spots in my bedroom yet... I haven't made space under my bed for her to hide because my neck hurts too much to get under there. She's probably stressed.

bearcountrygg on 06/23/2021:
We had a cat for a long time that was testy like that...never did become a sweetheart....except when she chose to be...was a terrible mother....just a bad natured animal ( My Mom got her at a garage sale for us...and delivered her unexpectedly)...she was indoor outdoor...and one day just never came back home but D saw her in a tree a tear or 2 later...

happy-1 on 06/23/2021:
Ugh. Too soon to tell if it's her personality or the environment... There's no good scratching spots or places to look out the window or hide, there's nothing to chase, she can't climb or get "high up" in my room, she's shut up in the bathroom most of the time and the door is closed at night sir that must suck, she can't get a sunbeam or grass, she hasn't been allowed to explore outside my room and she hasn't met my dad (he'd be fine with the cat but I haven't mentioned it because I don't want him getting attached in case this doesn't work out and she becomes a patio cat) so that's probably a stressor too. And I'm sure she worries about her kittens and misses her friends. That's enough to make a cat bite here and there. Still pisses me off though. Hey cat, I'm working on it! Chill!

happy-1 on 06/23/2021:
Ugh. Too soon to tell if it's her personality or the environment... There's no good scratching spots or places to look out the window or hide, there's nothing to chase, she can't climb or get "high up" in my room, she's shut up in the bathroom most of the time and the door is closed at night sir that must suck, she can't get a sunbeam or grass, she hasn't been allowed to explore outside my room and she hasn't met my dad (he'd be fine with the cat but I haven't mentioned it because I don't want him getting attached in case this doesn't work out and she becomes a patio cat) so that's probably a stressor too. And I'm sure she worries about her kittens and misses her friends. That's enough to make a cat bite here and there. Still pisses me off though. Hey cat, I'm working on it! Chill!

Jacky82020 on 06/23/2021:
Do you have room in there for a small step ladder? Or maybe an extension ladder positioned so she can climb on it?

happy-1 on 06/23/2021:
Oh.... that's an idea... There's a wooden ladder in the garage I could seal and cover in a carpet remnant.

happy-1 on 06/23/2021:
Or even cover the sissel window perch I have in a carpet remnant... Ooooh...

happy-1 on 06/23/2021:
Or even cover the sissel window perch I have in a carpet remnant... Ooooh...

Jacky82020 on 06/23/2021:
I gets lots of pics from Pinterest everyday re cat habitats. Many ppl use ladders instead of pricey cat poles. I have one next to the big cat pole. One cat loves to play with plastic bags that I sometimes put on the area. I’ll post a pic from my Cat Cam. I got it to spy on the feral when he first started coming aroun,

happy-1 on 06/23/2021:
Yeah... just found this... I really like it and I bet I can find all the pieces used on craigslist. I'd just need some MDF to add to one side and make a climbing wall. https://www.floppycats.com/ikea-furniture-hack-reader-makes-a-custom-diy-cat-tree.html

happy-1 on 06/23/2021:
Everything ready-made is the wrong fabric, not high enough, doesn't have a hiding spot, etc.

happy-1 on 06/23/2021:
But if I make it myself, I can use replaceable carpeting and upholstery velcro so I can pull it off and wash it.

Jacky82020 on 06/23/2021:
Sounds like a plan!

bearcountrygg on 06/23/2021:
Even our sweetheart still will nip a little when he wants me to scratch is head ( his obsession)...and I'm instead off the mark by a couple of inches.....they are the boss and they will let you know when things aren't quite what they want. When mine is mad at me he turns his back to me......cats aren't like dogs..in fact they are the total opposite.

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