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happy-1 - Monday Nov 29, 2021
Weight: 243.0

Monday Nov 29, 2021 6:52 am:

Ok... to go with the suddenly well-controlled sugar and higher body battery... Drumroll... enough REM. Not enough to cover a 5 day deficit, but enough to be able to drive and go grocery shopping. No wonder I felt like I could tackle a yoga class this morning. If Garmin's 3.5 days recovery time was correct... after my workout on wednesday, it took 3.5 nights to recover, so my REM came back up a little bit yesterday, then night 5 (last night), I got normal REM.


Progress as of today: 74 lbs lost so far, only 83 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 11/29/2021:
8am... If that's true... then the 16 hour recovery time it shows after a run means I need to run as soon as my eyes pop open

happy-1 on 11/29/2021:
10am… had enough energy to not only make dad breakfast, I set up a tray table and everything he needed to make a cup of coffee the way he likes it so he didn’t have to get out of bed to do it.

happy-1 on 11/29/2021:
10:15am… it backfired terribly. Dad is mad because I made him eat a breakfast he didn’t like and before he could take his medication. Augh.

happy-1 on 11/29/2021:
3:27pm braved eating dinner with dad. Bailed to go back to writing as soon as he spun negative

happy-1 on 11/29/2021:
4pm. Sacrificed my piece of pumpkin pie to my dad. My sugar won't be low enough this week to eat it. Maybe next week. Another pie. Sigh.

happy-1 on 11/29/2021:
7pm tore myself away from a very productive day of writing to give it up and wind down before bed. Trying headspace for 20 min meditation. After logging here. Just don’t feel like watching tv tonight.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/29/2021:
Congrats happy, little by little! today was steps in the right direction. i'm glad you slept well. a good sleep is so satisfying and truly helps you in everything you do the next day :) sorry dad was a "bear" to you!

happy-1 on 11/29/2021:
Hugs, ty. Inch by inch, pebble by pebble. One step at a time.

Dad is dad. Growly, cranky... a bear... LOL. I'm more recording that I ACTUALLY HAD ENERGY TO ENGAGE with him... I've been so exhausted I haven't wanted to step in it with him!

Donkey on 11/30/2021:
I'm a little confused about recovery time. With a recovery time of 3.5 days, does that mean that you should only be running about 1-2 times a week? Or am I misinterpreting what recovery means?

Interesting idea about making up an REM deficit.... Hmm... Is this something the body naturally does?

I liked your comment to Horn about amino acids influencing the onset of negative/spiraling thoughts. I do know that for myself, when my nutrition balance is off, I am more prone to depression and anxiety. So what you said makes total sense to me. I will do more research into amino acids - also because they influence recovery time too (re: BCAA supplements).

happy-1 on 11/30/2021:
I think the recovery time of 3.5 days was because I drank ginseng tea that morning on top of coffee and ADHD stimulant meds... My body just doesn't like that at all. Previously it was showing 16 hour recovery time. Recovery time is based on EPOC and all day lifestyle data... so it shows alerts if you max your stress out or are more active and delay recovery.

Amino acids are apparently considered "alternative psych treatment" which is bizarre. Why aren't they trying to balance your nutrients and acids first?

I feel clearer today. Probably the sugar and no diabetes meds, not enough time for things to build up... but still shocking that they made that big of a difference that fast.

Donkey on 11/30/2021:
PS I wanted to say that I truly appreciate the graphics that you share with us, today and yesterday in particular. Thank you!!

happy-1 on 12/02/2021:
Hugs, ty for enjoying them? I need the space to think out loud.

happy-1 - Monday Nov 29, 2021
Weight: 243.0

Monday, November 29, 2021, 5:45 am:

BIZZARE. UTTERLY BIZARRE. Here is my sugar for yesterday... What's weird about it? It is suddenly well-controlled... without diabetes meds AT ALL. No glipizide. The spikes match the number of carbs I actually ate... Not impossibly disproportionate to what I eat and do. My afternoon walk didn't cause a huge drop even though it was only 20 minutes. Why the **** don't doctors look at amino acids for all their patients???? I'm so angry.

Body Battery is up to 84 today. It didn't bottom out yesterday... yes I took it a little easy to see if I would get REM sleep last night, but I also think it didn't bottom out because I didn't take 2 Glipizide and my standard deviation (difference between the highs and lows) wasn't as big. It's not like I ate anything different or took it that much easier than I did on Saturday.

Progress as of today: 74 lbs lost so far, only 83 lbs to go!

Donkey on 11/29/2021:
Didn't you say that you have started to supplement with amino acids? Which kind are you taking?

For a while I was taking BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids <<I have NO IDEA what that means) because I read on a fitness group that a lot of lifters, exercisers, take these to help them recover quicker (I think?). I spent about $30 on a big bottle, but I didn't notice any difference, so I never ordered more.

happy-1 on 11/29/2021:
I started with tyrosine, carnitine, theanine, gaba for adhd. Glycine for sleep. After the mysterious not-a-uti I added arginine. It was so bizzarely effective, I demanded a test. I interpreted my own results with the site below because I don’t have an appointment till 12/10 and I can’t wait that long to feel better. I dug through the Internet and came up with balancing my results with P5P (the active form of B6), magnesium maleate, cholated zinc, AKG, taurine…

happy-1 on 11/29/2021:

happy-1 - Sunday Nov 28, 2021
Weight: 243.0

Sunday 11-28-21:

Inch by inch, pebble by pebble. I only had to take glipizide 1x yesterday and my sugar was 71% in range. Sugar was in range all night. Oh the power of an overnight fast.

Today I need to do some writing. Hopefully I had REM last night... It would be 3.5 days... but Garmin might mean tomorrow not tonight... IDK.

Progress as of today: 74 lbs lost so far, only 83 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 11/28/2021:
Glad to hear that your sugar was good....That is such a huge help in generally just feeling good.

happy-1 on 11/28/2021:
Right? Apparently it takes about 6 weeks of consistently 80% in range sugar to feel better… it takes time to reduce inflammation.

Donkey on 11/28/2021:
^I agree with Bear! And I also agree with getting (enough) REM!!!

So fasting helps with blood sugar. What is an effective, minimum fasting period?

happy-1 on 11/28/2021:
14h, starting 3-4 hours before bed

happy-1 on 11/28/2021:
6:35 am, checked Garmin… REM came up a little bit to 0:59 in 7:36, but still about half what I need on top of a 5 day deficit. I feel better enough to go for a run today, but I kind of want to take another rest day and see if REM comes back tonight. Maybe another tomorrow if it doesn’t. Possibly all the dad duty and chores I did Wed-Fri delayed recovery.

Body battery is higher though, 69, possibly from the combination of no Glipizide before bed and in range sugar overnight. Probably why I feel just a little bit better today.

Starting to think that my blood pressure med could be the issue as well… I’ll have to go back to monitoring BP a couple of times a day to see if I can get off that as well.

Nothing about any of this makes any sense.

happy-1 on 11/28/2021:
Also… I took a bunch of new supplements yesterday to try to start balancing my amino acids, it’s way too soon, but I swear I have an “aaaaah” feeling of sinking into a hot tub… but in the back of my eyes and jaw.

happy-1 on 11/28/2021:
3:43pm... still feeling "better" and "on it"... a rare and welcome occurrence. Not drivable though... Need better sleep quality for that.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/28/2021:
along the lines of less inflammation and good in range sugars, i'm sure it makes your skin/face feel better too! (like less acne)...my skin gets bad if i eat too poorly!

happy-1 on 11/28/2021:
That would be great... I have all these blocked pores that can't be pore-stripped where my sunglasses touch my skin.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/28/2021:
i will need to read your link about the adhd below and how technological aids are helpful, i never thought of that connection!...good point, haps!

happy-1 on 11/28/2021:
Actually… ha. I should write that article

happy-1 - Saturday Nov 27, 2021
Weight: 243.0

Saturday, 11-27-21 5:20 am:

Inch by inch. Pebble by pebble. I will conquer. Survived having my dad's friend over. I had enough energy to move the trash cans out and clean up outside, but ran out of will to do his bathroom. Just couldn't keep going. Not the best... but he still had a nice visit. She brought us her husband's frozen specialty meals for heart failure... he had a stroke. I gave her a bag of compact nutrition shakes leftover from when mom was on hospice. All that happening and she still had time to come see us. Amazing.

I didn't get any exercise in... second day soreness set in plus the fatigue... but I made mostly lower carb choices and took 2 glipizide and I was able to get my sugar in range all night. This was hard because she also brought over some thanksgiving leftovers and my dad went straight for the mashed potatoes. I made him stop and eat protein first, then tucked them away. Then I went to bed. He woke me up to demand where the pie she brought was... It was on the counter. Then when I came out, there was more conflict because he wanted me to put drinks in the fridge anfd I said no.. a small request but he's angling for 5 star white glove service and I am half dead. I still have my piece of pie from Thanksgiving set aside so I can eat it when my sugar is low... it just sat there calling to me last night.

I must have made the best worst choices because:

  1. I fell asleep easily and on time.
  2. My sugar was in range all night.

Onwards and upwards.


Progress as of today: 74 lbs lost so far, only 83 lbs to go!

Jacky82020 on 11/27/2021:
Indeed! Upwards & I onwards. I admire your positive attitude.

happy-1 on 11/27/2021:
Every day above ground…

happy-1 on 11/27/2021:
And also… I changed my Alexa settings to start the heat earlier… tracking little tweaks like this to find the perfect system to get to yoga-ready at 6am. Tonight, I will clear space for my yoga mat tonight before I go to bed. Catch is still that to fast and do yoga, I need to stop eating at 3pm, not 5:30 pm. Inch by inch.

happy-1 on 11/27/2021:
6:40 am. Day 4 of not enough REM sleep. It started on Tuesday night after I went for a walk around my neighborhood. I don’t understand.

happy-1 on 11/27/2021:
12:17am… my missing iHerb order of Active B-6 mysteriously showed up at my door! Celebrate!!!!

happy-1 on 11/27/2021:
6:30pm I finally figured out what’s wrong with the thermostat. I’ve been so tired I didn’t even see that the part that connected to the thermostat itself was frayed and only connected by a couple of wires. Facepalm. 3.5 days of recovery time sounds about right. All I did today was pack and order supplements and pick up my Vitamin D prescription… and that and the heat was literally all I could do.

Jacky82020 on 11/27/2021:
Alexa turns on the heat? Wow!

I couldn’t stop eating at 3 PM. Consume most calories nights.

happy-1 on 11/27/2021:
Yeah… it’s a challenge… I am doing better and not hungry at night anymore… but it’s weird to stop eating at 3…

Horn_of_plenty on 11/27/2021:
remember not to let the tests and results skew your mindset. you have a lot of inner strength, so do not rely only on automated results from watches and results to make you think you cannot conquer more than you think is possible. i'm saying you are stronger than you think....don't be fooled by electronics. they may be good, but not as good as our own Inner Strength.

happy-1 on 11/27/2021:
Right… UNLESS you have inattentive adhd and your introspective awareness is broken… then technological supports can help us listen to our bodies like a hearing aid. https://proudlyadhd.readysetchoose.com/52-understanding-inattentive-adhd-guest-barbara-luther/

Donkey on 11/27/2021:
Whoa, I had no idea that Alexa could turn on the heat. I guess that makes sense, but it just never occurred to me. Whoa...

#1 and #2 are HUGE victories!!!!!

happy-1 on 11/27/2021:
Right? Inch by inch.

Jacky82020 on 11/27/2021:
Donk, I’m thinking Alexa is smarter than my husband! LOL

happy-1 on 11/27/2021:
You HAVE to see the Southpark Post COVID special where Stan dated his Alexa and it didn’t work out and they are trapped in a marriage from hell but he can’t afford to upgrade and she still runs everything.

happy-1 - Friday Nov 26, 2021
Weight: 243.0

  1. Friday Nov 26, 2021 5:32 am:

Made it through Thanksgiving... about 8:30 am I went to go pick up the order at Sprouts and discovered my neighbor had parked 10 inches into our driveway. Enough for me to pull out, but because of the steep driveway and concrete fences, I needed someone to guide me out. I burned all my energy out trying to find which neighbor it was. By the time I came home, I was wiped. I just trudged through the rest of the day... washed dishes, baked sweet potatoes and squash, laundry, tidied the living room, fixed the heater, warmed up Thanksgiving dinner and ate with dad. The thing was, every-time I got up to do something I was so tired I was on the verge of tears. No anxiety or depression... straight up exhaustion. I really, really felt the lack of REM sleep and the 3.5 days of recovery that Garmin said it would take after wednesday's run. I marked a "C" for crash on my progress wall... the thing I need to avoid. Maybe ginseng tea before a run is a bad idea.

I also ended up taking glipizide 2x yesterday. Not good for me, but no way around not moving and eating Thanksgiving dinner. At least I made the best worst choices:

  1. Pulled off thanksgiving dinner with dad without incident. Had a list of 20 questions to ask seniors from some magazine ready to redirect the negative trains of thoughts.
  2. Ate too many snacks, but didn't go overboard on Thanksgiving dinner. Saved my piece of pie for breakfast :) 
  3. Built up enough sleep drive to get to sleep on time and wake up on time... 9-4. Setting myself up for success.
  4. Blood sugar wasn't too crazy high last night even though I didn't stop eating till 6:30 pm. Goal is 5:30 pm.

Waiting for Garmin to post stats at 6:30am to see if I got enough REM seep. Drumroll... Hard to make a plan for today until then. I'm not optimistic... Body battery didn't charge much. The bare minimum is:

  1. Clean the bathrooms.
  2. Have dad's friend stop by.
  3. Write challenge content if I have anything left in me for that.

Progress as of today: 74 lbs lost so far, only 83 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 11/26/2021:
6:37am. Nope. Not enough REM… 43 min. Also, no driving for me today. I wonder if 3.5 days is the number of days it will take me to get enough REM sleep again? Augh. Where is the CPAP?

bearcountrygg on 11/26/2021:
Getting blocked in by the neighbors is one thing I do not miss about living in the city.......Plus in 1 house...the only way into our driveway was through the business behind us...parking lot......when their parking lot was full...we had to find a place somewhere up the street to park because we were the corner house and there was no parking near the corner........High curbing was all around us so it was that way when we bought it....plus there was the worry about theft......that was on the regular....UGH!!!

happy-1 on 11/27/2021:
Yep! I hate the city. I feel like I am trapped in a giant garbage dump on top of concrete.

Donkey on 11/26/2021:
I still think you did a wonderful job of getting through the day successfully!

That's incredibly rude of your neighbor - whoever it was. Maybe it was someone like me who can't park to save her life. :-(

happy-1 on 11/28/2021:

No... it was a bunch of Hispanic dudes with an F everyone attitude.

Jacky82020 on 11/26/2021:
What is a body battery? Is it a Garmin feature?

happy-1 on 11/27/2021:
Yes… https://www.androidauthority.com/amp/garmin-body-battery-1209128/

happy-1 - Thursday Nov 25, 2021
Weight: 243.0

 Thursday Nov 25,2021 4:50 am:

Made the best worst decisions yesterday but they didn't result in controlled blood sugar overnight and enough sleep to deal with Thanksgiving:

  1. I woke up on time at 5am yesterday, slept 8.5 hours but had a weird REM dropout again after going for a walk in my neighborhood.
  2. I wound up, ate as planned, and tackled critical paperwork, got it in the mail. It was a little bit of stress. It spiked my sugar.
  3. I was running out of gas at 9am so I had some ginseng tea. It also spiked my sugar. Possibly caused dehydration? I need to pay closer attention to this.
  4. I was getting too hungry to think so I ate a ratio bar at 10:15 to have some fuel in the tank for a run. That spiked my sugar.
  5. I treated myself to a run on a fancy track (omg the shoes just crossed the 5 miles... they are amazing and perfect... nothing hurts today... worth every penny. I actually have to will myself not to go for a run right now... but I will just do a walk instead... trying to learn from the peak/crash cycle of 9/6/21) and this spiked my sugar. I think it was dehydration and the ginseng tea because it should have lowered my sugar... also Garmin's recovery bank went from 16h to 3.5 days!!!
  6. I skipped errands on the way home to give myself more time to eat and recover before taking dad out. This was a good choice.
  7. I picked my 3rd healthy meal of the day... a salad kit and some chicken. I tossed half the dressing and crunchies.
  8. I checked my sugar while I was eating, saw it wasn't dropping after the run and took a glipizide so it wouldn't spike after I ate... This was the error.
  9. I did minor chores and got dad ready to go. We did 3 stops... his doc appt, COVID booster, and Best Buy. He wanted fast food but I said no, we have a Sprouts order for thanksgiving with pumpkin pie and his friend and whatever that ends up being on Friday. He was a little cranky about that but overall well-behaved.   This was the right choice. I got him home and inside before he crashed.
  10. It was also good for me. The glipizide dropped my sugar too far too fast and gave me fake low glycemia. I gobbled down my planned meal (chicken in sauce with veg... low carb) while I made dad dinner.
  11. it was too low carb. Yesterday was too low calorie. I tried to immediately eat more carbs to get my sugar up so it wouldn't be too low or too high overnight. Yogurt and almond crackers. Walnuts, keto cookies and mixed nut butter. Within calories, wrong timing. My sugar took a little while to go up and then it was high all night.
  12. I was also burned out from too long a day, then lengthened it by making sure dad actually got out of his chair and got into bed to sleep with his legs up.
  13. I did right by dad but I wore myself out and was forgetting to go to bed and staying up to watch Netflix. I moved to the bed, left the tv on, and fell asleep at 9pm like a good girl. Good decision. 
  14. The higher sugar made me get up at 3:30am to pee. Couldn't fall back asleep. Up on time at 4am to follow Alexa alerts today but a little tired. Probably not enough REM but I won't know till 6:30 am when it posts.
  15. Eating a larger meal last night botched my fasting window. I need to fast till 10 am to keep the streak up... and I am up on time to do yoga, but too hungry to do yoga. Plus there is too much stuff to deal with clearing it out to do yoga. Wah. Hungry.
  16. I probably don't have enough REM under my belt to see a friend after Thanksgiving dinner today. Ugh.


Sigh. Focus for today is to fix the heater, walk on the track, pick up dinner, spend some time looking at photos with my dad and eat. Try to see my friend. Tomorrow morning I will clean the house before my dad's friend comes.

Happy Thanksgiving! May we all be as grateful for what God has provided as this cat is for his Thanksgiving dinner!


Progress as of today: 74 lbs lost so far, only 83 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 11/25/2021:
Happy Thanksgiving Hap.......You sure had a day!!

happy-1 on 11/25/2021:

Donkey on 11/25/2021:
Disrupted sleep has really plagued me this week, too. I mean, I know it's an ongoing struggle with you, but I'm blessed enough to have some good string-of-days of sleep. But when it falls apart, BAM! It hits hard.

You know, though, looking at your list, you got a lot done! I count this as another victorious day!

Happy Thanksgiving! LOL, I love the Rockwell take ;-)

happy-1 on 11/25/2021:
Hugs. And it is one that should have been solved last week if FEDEX hadn’t lost my CPAP… and the rental company had sent it when they said they would.

Jacky82020 on 11/25/2021:
Love that kitty!

What kind of running shoes do you buy? Matt gets expensive Nikes from some online place that sells the ugly ones no one else would be caught dead in. LOL. But steeply discounted & doesn’t mind the goofy colors & patterns, same shoe.

eBay seller still has my big Air Fryer. Posted a pic for you.

happy-1 on 11/26/2021:
Can’t beat Brooks for the toe box. I have super long toes. I’ll buy some replacements/spares cheap… but it’s the return policy I was buying… they sell them in combination with their orthotic inserts that their machine recommends. If it’s not the right alignment for your body, you can return them and get rescanned and corrected.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/25/2021:

Nice work yesterday, especially with your paperwork 5 hours worth. Sounds like it required focus and time management to get that done!

whenever i have tea or coffee, like you say you had, i always need to have a little sugar along with it. its generally hard for me to drink anything, besides water, without a little food/snack/candy...

even at 9pm,before bed, i will sometimes have a little something to bring my sugar up and stabilize me overnight. Sorry your sugars got a little messed up - this is why i usually try to incorporate carbs always into my meals and snacks. they truly keep me on a even keel. gone, i think, are my low carb days...i may even start to bake with more of a half and half approach of half low sugar half regular.....

happy-1 on 11/26/2021:
Sounds like you have it down to a science!!! And yum!

It felt good to get my brain back and do paperwork!

Jacky82020 on 11/25/2021:
Happy! Posted a pic of Matt’s AF steak for you! He eats half of a one pd steak one night & the other half next day.

happy-1 on 11/26/2021:
Omg it looks delicious. Why did I think you were going to make it chicken-fried?

Jacky82020 on 11/26/2021:
No, I have never made a chicken fried steak. I’m assuming that’s one coated in batter & fried. Never even saw one. I do, however, really like breadcrumb coated boneless skinless chicken breasts cooked in the AF. Same with fish.

happy-1 - Tuesday Nov 23, 2021
Weight: 243.0

Tuesday Nov 23, 2021 7:52pm:

Made the best worst decisions today:

  • Ate fewer meals and fewer calories and a 16 hour fasting window instead of 14 to see if I can get away with not taking glipizide tonight. This is really hard because my body isn't used to it yet. Will be hard to get to sleep
  • Got in 5 solid hours of paperwork today. Started at 10:30 and made it to 3:30
  • Went for a walk. Was supposed to run but I left it till too late in the day. That's ok. Garmin said I needed recovery time
  • Washed dishes, made progress on getting the house ready for thanksgiving
  • Made plans for dad to have a visitor for Friday
  • Made dad dinner and actually sat and ate with him for a little while. I can't remember the last time I had enough left in me at the end of the day to do that
  • Called one of my mom's friends to send good Thanksgiving vibes her way
  • Am in bed on time tonight. Winding down by posting here

Got more weird lab results today. Not saying what they were because they need to be interpreted and also for some reason the lab only did half the tests that were ordered so I have to go back next week. Tired, but good. I can only do what I can do.

Progress as of today: 74 lbs lost so far, only 83 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 11/23/2021:
Just noticed I have been subconsciously following the Alexa alerts today and the cat is back to reminding me it is time to take melatonin and give her treats. Right on pace with the week of September :)

bearcountrygg on 11/24/2021:
Thank you for reminding me about whole foods and inflammation....I was forgetting about that and felt the difference over the last few days and wasn't positive why.......I sounds like you had a GREAT day!!!!

happy-1 on 11/24/2021:
Had to start turning around eventually, right?

Donkey on 11/24/2021:
You did REALLY GOOD on Tuesday - YAY!!! Gotta take these victories when they come.

happy-1 on 11/24/2021:
And celebrate them… so satisfying to put a check on my progress wall.

Donkey on 11/24/2021:
PS WTH with the lab doing only half of the ordered tests??? What's up with that?

happy-1 on 11/24/2021:
It’s an endless shipshow.

Maria7 on 11/24/2021:
A belated congrats on your lower number. Yayyy!

happy-1 on 11/24/2021:

happy-1 - Tuesday Nov 23, 2021
Weight: 243.0

Tuesday 11-23-21 8am:

Up. Did not make the best worst choice decisions yesterday. I ate a no sugar added pumpkin pie,(yes the whole thing) and f'd up my blood sugar. So frustrated. I didn't HAVE to do that. I just got down, hungry, and it was there.

The amino acid test results should have been a good thing... a clue as to how to feel better and get back to work. They just made me angry. Like doctors are jerks who don't actually check everything before sending you down the wrong clinical pathway. This is beyond patient responsibility. How am I supposed to do a ton of research and check their work and all their mistakes if I don't feel well AND I don't have a medical degree. Until I started tracking I couldn't push back and say "no, I am following all instructions and I'm not getting the expected result. YOU need to do something. It isn't my lack of hard work and effort." A million angry curse words here.

Spent most of last night deciphering my amino acid resuts and ordering supplements on black friday special. Active B-6 because the low one and some high ones all point to that. 2 magnesiums because apparently there are different formulations that make the supplement more readily available. Zinc cholated for availability. Taurine... which might be why I have high cholesterol but only eat chicken and fish. AKG to balance some that might be causing anxiety.

Called the CPAP company again this morning. I had to call the warehouse manager directly. Fedex didn't even bother researching what happened to the package and weren't sending any updates. I asked them to send it signature required and in a box that doesn't say CPAP on the outside. She was flabbergasted... Where do I live? I told her LA and that I had to stop using Factor 75 meal delivery because the Fedex driver wouldn't even drop it off... I'd see it delivered and still on the back of the truck as the guy drove away.

Progress as of today: 74 lbs lost so far, only 83 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 11/23/2021:
At least I have a delightful cat

Jacky82020 on 11/23/2021:
You still don’t have the CPAP? Outrageous! Sucks the big one!

What kind of amino acid tests did you do?

I don’t take supplements other than a B-Complex & a multiple vitamin when I remember, that is. The husband takes several. I order many in bulk from Puritan’s Pride, but sometimes the Walmart generics cost less.

happy-1 on 11/23/2021:
The amino acid test is a 2 part panel… plasma and urine. I did the plasma.


Careful on quality with fish oil… you don’t want to poison yourself.

I wait for the quarterly sales at sprouts and iherb. Will have to check on puritan’s pride. I get some from Sams club online which has a surprising selection.

bearcountrygg on 11/23/2021:
If a no sugar pumpkin pie was sweetened with artificial sweeteners......Eating the entire pie would have had some side effects that would have kept me in the bathroom for the next 24 hours.....

happy-1 on 11/23/2021:
With all the fiber I suck down, who can tell?

Jacky82020 on 11/23/2021:
Do you have to belong to Sam’s to purchase online? Not a member, but occasionally they admit nonmembers. Local Sam’s junky compared to San Diego Costco, loved that store, but none around here.

I don’t take fish oil, but Matt always has. Gets Walmart generic or from Puritans Pride.

Thanks for the link, I’ll take a look.

happy-1 on 11/23/2021:
Yes on the membership to purchase online. Look for the Groupons.

happy-1 on 11/23/2021:
Yes on the membership to purchase online. Look for the Groupons.

innerpeace on 11/23/2021:
CPAP - ugh.

happy-1 on 11/23/2021:
I want it so badly.

Jacky82020 on 11/23/2021:
Thanks! Will look into Sam’s.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/23/2021:
oh my how have i fallen so far behind!? I'm really sorry!

great job with staying on your track on Monday. per the second entry about being angry about the test results, could they be off somewhat? is there any slight percentage of error? try to stay positive and on your track...it sure sounds like you have done a TON of research regarding the test / and your diet...

i hope you finally will get the CPAP soon xo

happy-1 on 11/23/2021:
Ty. Hugs

happy-1 - Monday Nov 22, 2021
Weight: 243.0

Monday 11-22-21 2:37pm:

Anger. So much anger. I fought hard for an amino acid test because the Arginine was so totally amazing. Guess which one I am low in? “Low Ethanolamine can be responsible for suppressed activity of the parasympathetic nervous system (eg. GI motility) and poor memory and cognitive function.”

I could scream. I want to sue someone. 

Progress as of today: 74 lbs lost so far, only 83 lbs to go!

Donkey on 11/23/2021:
I'm so sorry :-( Frustrating. But not all for naught.

Moving forward, though, isn't this a good thing, now? You can point to data and say calmly (or scream at the top of your lungs): WHAT ABOUT THIS?!?!?

happy-1 on 11/23/2021:
Exactly. Active B6 is only $8 a bottle.

I hate everything about GPs and the medical profession right now.

happy-1 - Monday Nov 22, 2021
Weight: 243.0

Monday November 22, 2021, 6:50am:

Success. I must have made the right combination of best worst choices yesterday because:

  • I fell asleep relatively easily, slept 8.5 hours and got 1:13 REM. Not as much as someone who doesn't have sleep issues, but enough to drive and do enough to get to bed on time last night. I guess not being able to clean the house last night was a blessing in disguise... I didn't break the energy envelope even though I wore my body battery down to 5... Garmin's "you're not dead but we bet you wish you were" level
  • I lost 2 lbs
  • My sugar was in range overnight
  • Reading fitness motivation quotes on Pinterest at bedtime helped me avoid the end of day anxiety spiral. Probably what reading the bible is supposed to do for people but it doesn't work that way for me... too cognitively stimulating
  • I was up naturally at 5 without an alarm and cognitively "there" to weigh in and take my full AM stack all at once. It's a lot of pills to take in the morning and I've been fishing out my ADHD and blood pressure meds then leaving the rest for later when I was more awake
  • I feel good enough to go for a run today. 2 days back to back? Nice. Garmin says wait till wednesday. I think I will learn from the crash week of Sept 12 and stick to my eoo day schedule. I'm shooting for 3 weeks straight of 3 runs a week. Then I will add yoga
  • Knee doesn't hurt at all, even though I thought maybe there was something wrong with the insert... It felt funny like I was running on the outside of my foot. Guess  that's what "right" feels like

Progress as of today: 74 lbs lost so far, only 83 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 11/22/2021:
Sounds good!!

happy-1 on 11/23/2021:
Hugs! Ty

Donkey on 11/23/2021:
IDK, looks good to me! :-)

happy-1 on 11/23/2021:
Inch by inch

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