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happy-1 - Friday Aug 27, 2021
Weight: 234.0

 Fri 8-27-21:

Still struggling to get back on habit. Cardio today was a fail. I tried to go to the beach and run. Parked at the top of the hill, got half way, realized I wasn't going to make it the whole way down and back. Partially exhausted... partially too many blisters and no socks (forgot my socks). I can make it to the green belt to run... so that is next week.

Progress as of today: 83 lbs lost so far, only 74 lbs to go!

Donkey on 08/28/2021:
Hey, I give you props for trying! Never give up!

happy-1 on 08/31/2021:
Hugs. Ty

bearcountrygg on 08/28/2021:
Just keep pushing.

happy-1 on 08/28/2021:
Also I spent way too much time on book club…

Horn_of_plenty on 08/28/2021:
interesting take you have that you like the machine as a second support showing that how you feel is truly how it is! i never thought of it that way - i'm commenting back to our last discussion a couple entries ago.

the little photo of cat and fan is cute. took me a moment to realize what the photo is of!

always love seeing little pets!

i feel you about getting back into habit. one habit i will have to get back into is getting up even EARLIER to get to work...if i want better exercise before work starts without so much rushing...

another habit that could be useful is getting up early enough not to have to pay for the toll bridge in the morning; would save me, just by mornings, over $35 a week...that's a lot of savings per month...i should do it...but it involves getting up earlier, much earlier...

i love the greenbelts/greenways here. i love to walk beside the waters, which is usually where they always lead to or are beside. also sometimes the greenways are along highways; but that is very nice too. there's usually water also near the highways....just nice views and being out and about but not too far away from civilization!

sorry about your blisters. maybe use some antifungul/antibiotic cream so you have no additional problems as they heal.

happy-1 - Thursday Aug 26, 2021
Weight: 234.0

Wed, 8-26-21: Have fallen off logging... but not off track completely. I finally managed to capture my up/down cycle of on track off track by accident in a time study for adhd book club. Augh. Spoiler alert... not a mood thing. Straight up time managememt. 

In the meantime, I've done 2 workouts with Garmin coach and training plans... still learning how... but my personal trainer is very supportive.

Progress as of today: 83 lbs lost so far, only 74 lbs to go!

Donkey on 08/27/2021:
What a cute picture - she's come so far!!!

Isn't it good news, though, that it's a time management thing? Because you know what's blocking you, and you can work on it. (?) That may be easier said than done, of course.

happy-1 on 08/27/2021:
Yes, exactly… to everything you said.

bearcountrygg on 08/27/2021:
Your cat is quite interested in the fan....mine hates them..and goes and hides under a chair...LOL

happy-1 - Tuesday Aug 24, 2021
Weight: 234.0

I found the stat lurking in Garmin that describes how utterly crap I feel after the moderna shot. 

Progress as of today: 83 lbs lost so far, only 74 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 08/24/2021:
Oh wow do I have a long way to go on the cardio. Tried Garmin training plan today. Kind of a dress rehearsal for tomorrow. Step 1 put cat in bathroom. Step 2, reclaim treadmill desk from being a cat window perch where she hangs out all day for TV. Not the other way around :-).

bearcountrygg on 08/24/2021:
When did you get the jab? Just got mine 2 hours ago.....and I'm positive you do not want to have a fitness age of 79 .

happy-1 on 08/26/2021:
April. I have felt half dead since.

bearcountrygg on 08/24/2021:
What is vo2 max

happy-1 on 08/26/2021:
It’s a measurement of how your body uses oxygen.

Jacky82020 on 08/24/2021:
Does that vo2 max mean you’re not working out? Or are less active? I felt fatigued a few days after the vaccines

happy-1 on 08/26/2021:
I walk and do yoga. Have only started to feel well enough to attempt cardio this week. Just going to the grocery store wipes me out.

horn_of_plenty on 08/24/2021:
i wouldn't want a device to tell me i'm at the bottom 5%...it's like a major diss in my face! you WILL pull it together!!!

happy-1 on 08/26/2021:
I mostly feel relieved that it’s not in my head that I feel like I’m 80. It’s a lot easier to fix my body than my head.

innerpeace on 08/24/2021:
Yeah, not sure about that machine. I hope you feel better soon.

Donkey on 08/25/2021:
Whoa... That is so cool! Your Garmin really gathers a LOT of data - and useful data! The next time you're having an off day, maybe check your VO2 levels, to see how you're consuming the oxygen.

happy-1 on 08/26/2021:
That would be pulse ox… the Circuul ring. The all day VO2 max is more… do I have the ability to make dinner when I get home from the grocery store.

Maria7 on 08/26/2021:
Hoping you feel better. Get some rest if you can.

happy-1 on 08/27/2021:

happy-1 - Saturday Aug 21, 2021
Weight: 234.0

For Friday 8-20-21:

Productivity was a challenge today. I got enough sleep this week to feel emotions other than tired... and I mostly felt "I miss my mom." Loudly. With snotty tears. The cat felt bad for me and gave me a lap cuddle. Good kitty.

My claim to fame for today was getting one day of meals in place for my macros.



Progress as of today: 83 lbs lost so far, only 74 lbs to go!

Donkey on 08/21/2021:
Aw, that's so sweet about kitty. She's such a good girl....

Your menu sounds delicious!

bearcountrygg on 08/21/2021:
Pets just sense these things....That proves that she is bonded to you.

horn_of_plenty on 08/21/2021:
I wrote you back yesterday on your entry too…..

Yes nice you have a new kitty to cuddle …..I wish you better day to come !!!

Horn_of_plenty on 08/22/2021:
i think i got enough sleep this weekend for both me & you! definite over 10 hours sleeping wtih nighttime as well as napping each day combined!

happy-1 - Thursday Aug 19, 2021
Weight: 234.0

For Thursday 8/19/21:

2nd post... Keeping up with the habits.

It's 7:20pm. Just had some keto cookies without checking the calories... Weirdly I eneded up OK according to my forecaster. I should actually eat at least another 74 calories... But it won't improve my macros much... so why bother eating since it will just push my fasting window out tomorrow. Meh. This is why this was so handy. Sleep makes such a difference. I kept trying to figure this out for months... and I knew I could make a little calculator... but just couldn't get my head around it...

The next part of the challenge is to get my macros right... the forecaster now tells me how many grams of what I need to eat... But it would be better if I had an actual meal plan. This has been a challenge because I haven't been able to figure out what I need to add to make the meals I already eat (keto hot breakfast cereal replacement, chicken breasts and bags of salad) and can pull off given all my constraints (kitchen access, preference, budget). Today I figured out how to add custom recipes and foods on strongrfastr.com... and then how to generate meal plans around them to get to my calorie / macro goals... I will play with it more tomorrow. But hope springs. 

Since I am starting to nail down the nutrition, I am changing up how I track how on or off track my caorie goal is in a separate column... no sense trying to figure out later if I got it right or not in the past. Apples to apples.

I was pretty scrambled today because nothing was in order for today when I went to bed last night. I just did my best. I froze up on the morning walk because I didn't want to encounter my dad before I was ready to get out to pick up prescriptions. I grocery shopped at aldi's without a list, threw stuff in the oven and tried to get things done... I spaced and missed yoga at 3pm because of the new time and my Alexa alerts weren't in order. I needed to wash my shoes so I didn't go for a walk today. I could have done core workout, but I worked on meal planning instead and ate cookies. Sigh. If I can knock that out though... better and better every day.



Progress as of today: 83 lbs lost so far, only 74 lbs to go!

innerpeace on 08/20/2021:
Impressive! Very analytical stuff I struggle to comprehend. I'm glad you can figure it all out and find what works for you! You go girl! I'm going to try all the alerts, maybe this will help me push away from my desk and take a break. Have a great day!

Donkey on 08/20/2021:
Thank you for sharing your charts - the visual representation of the benchmarks is very illuminating.

It does sound as though it's coming together - loud applause from this corner :-)

bearcountrygg on 08/21/2021:
Lots of work you have put into this.....if it motivates then it is worth all of the work.

horn_of_plenty on 08/21/2021:
Yes I Totally understand that it’s hard to have a large deficit if you have a lot of stress that is negative stress and not the kind of stress that is healthy stress….sometimes I do well with a little stress in calorie reduction but too much and it can be hard… I do have to eat regularly at work or I’ll overeat at home but found a lot of foods I can eat that are low cal and don’t add up too badly when I eat everything in one shot after work …if that makes sense

Good idea with your 2 cups broccoli. Do you flavor it or at least at some garlic / pepper ?!

horn_of_plenty on 08/21/2021:
Sleep def improves my eating especially if I sleep in and I’m not stressed so I just don’t reach for much - like today !!!

Good idea to quit after so many cookies if you got the flavor ….

People at work like a keto flakes cold cereal replacement - I like seeing this one man eat it - it will prob help him with his total calories as who would binge on keto cereal ?!

happy-1 - Thursday Aug 19, 2021
Weight: 234.0

For Thursday 8/19/21:

I do not understand cats... she took a swipe at me yesterday and drew blood as I was cleaning, so I clipped her claws. She'd been a little standoffish for a week or so, and instead of getting more withdrawn she's back to tucking me in at night and giving me cuddles in the morning. Cats... Sigh. Today I bring by some cans of cat food I bought that she won't eat. The neighbors that trapped her and her 6 kittens had to put 2 of the oldest kittens outside again and have ended up feeding them and several other cats. I was goimg to return them, but since they are her kittens... donate to the pool. Apparently the two oldest kittens are friendly to people, but probably just under a year old and more work than they could pull off to make them inside cats. The middle ones are doing ok as inside/outside cats. The youngest, too early to tell. Mama Cat is happy in her window perch and not asking to go outside, but when she does I will start walking her. She needs more exercise for sure. She's getting a little porky and races around when I am trying to do paperwork. I just don't want to start walking her till she starts scratching to get out in case that triggers a behavior of her scratching to get out like the last cat. He was sweeter and never bit or scratched me, so he was easier to walk. This one is a little pirhanna.

BUT I digress... The reason for my early morning post... My little calorie forecasting calculator worked! I stayed within my calorie tolerance, went to bed on time, got to sleep in about 15 minutes,  slept enough to make up for the night before, charged my body battery, controlled my sugar overnight... and most importantly didn't struggle to do it after an emotionally difficult day that left me physically worn out. Just need to do it all over again today. 

Here was my bedtime check to see how close the calculator would be. It was only off by about 20 calories. 

Here are my actual calories burned in Garmin.

It helped me sleep enough and raise my body battery a little higher.

And control my sugar overnight.

Progress as of today: 83 lbs lost so far, only 74 lbs to go!

Jacky82020 on 08/19/2021:
I have never had any confidence in calories burned on the Fitbit & I have used 3 different models. They way over estimated. I’d be a skeleton if I burned as many as it says. But always heard Gamin is a more reliable device.

happy-1 on 08/19/2021:
Garmin is crazy reliable. If I weigh in every day for 2 months and track calories using a baking scale per gram I can accurately calculate how much weight I will lose per week going forward. Just need to weigh in every day.

Jacky82020 on 08/20/2021:

Donkey on 08/20/2021:
Wow, that is really cool!!!

happy-1 on 08/22/2021:

happy-1 on 08/22/2021:

happy-1 - Wednesday Aug 18, 2021
Weight: 234.0

For Wednesday 8/18/21:

Today was a weird mix of success and setbacks. 

Success was... 1) sticking to my plan for today. 2) I made a calorie forecasting tool so that I can check my calories at 5pm and easily tell whether I need to eat more before my fasting window starts to cover my remaining calories. My stats tell me that everytime I hit a slightly more physically intense day after several negative calorie days and my negative calories top -700, the next two days I will overeat until I have exceeded the negative calories for several days by a couple of hundred. In theory, if I use this calculator everyday at 5pm, eat enough to top it off... then fast... I will lose a couple of pounds and not struggle with sleep or fasting... improving my 9pm bedtime and 14h fasting benchmarks. I think I can say this is effective if I can fast continuously for 14 days. My longest chain of fasts is 7 days in a row.


1) Walked ro the post office this am and couldn't hold it when I got home. I may have another UTI. 2) Doing better so I need to do more for dad... so I added a 1 hour dad session on wednesdays. Today was the first one. An atom bomb would have been less explosive.


Here goes my 10...

  1. Bp - Yes
  2. Ns - Yes
  3. 14h - No, but set myself up for tomorrow
  4. 2do - No... the work session failure sucked my Garmin Body Battery dry. I just finished the calculator and I will tackle it tomorrow.
  5. Pln - No. No cognitive energy left. 
  6. 2.5k5 - YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. 10cr - Yes. I bailed on yoga 15 min in because I was wiped but it still counts.
  8. 10Kstp - Yes. 44 left. I can walk back and forth in my room a few times if I need to.
  9. 7w - no, about half.
  10. 9bed - 8:30, on my way.




Progress as of today: 83 lbs lost so far, only 74 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 08/19/2021:
I'm not positive but I agree...if you spend some time daily with your dad......he will eventually calm down...but I suspect first..there will be explosions....he is also bottling things up and will need to feel like he has been heard first...then as you continue to spend daily time with him he will settle down, feel like he has your companionship and be easier to deal with. I believe it is worth a try and would give it a month or so if you can tolerate it....

happy-1 on 08/19/2021:
I do spend time with him daily at 2pm. We go over calendar, to do list, groceries. This was to add a second day of making phone calls, going through papers etc. Everything has to be on a timer for me to be able to take it… I need those photoactive badges that turn black after a period of exposure to radioactive materials that tell you it’s time to get out… but for toxic negativity… He’s just… A black hole of pain, anger and unhappiness. A senior facility might straighten him out. I hear about radical reversals. I think it’s more about giving him practice getting ready to put it aside at a 10am time slot on a wednesday.

happy-1 on 08/19/2021:
And thank you for being the only person who gets it.

horn_of_plenty on 08/19/2021:
i find i am hungrier after physically active days too...maybe have more fruit/veggies on those days to also fill your stomach....as you will be hungrier after physically active days so include more volume (if you can plan for that)

happy-1 on 08/19/2021:
Yeah, 2 cups of broccoli etc. After every meal. The struggle is that the Concerta wears off after my fasting window starts… so volume has broken down in my stomach and I’m short on calories… and over 700 too many days in a row is more than my stress tolerance level will handle. The more help dad needs in the morning, the more calories I burn and they add up… A day with a normal activity level, 10k steps, and yoga burns 3500. Dad partial assist when he’s struggling or taking him on an outing burns 1200… those 4700 days add up and then I overeat.

happy-1 on 08/19/2021:
I think if I had less stress I’d be able to handle a bigger calorie deficit, but the cumulative total I am carrying only allows me to be a little hungry and ignore it.

horn_of_plenty on 08/19/2021:
i find i am hungrier after physically active days too...maybe have more fruit/veggies on those days to also fill your stomach....as you will be hungrier after physically active days so include more volume (if you can plan for that)

happy-1 - Tuesday Aug 17, 2021
Weight: 234.0

For Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021:

One foot in front of the other, one pebble at a time, inch by inch... It's paying off. Last week was all a "good brain" week. It was also the first week where I looked at all my habits, hours I slept, what I ate, and it all kind of made sense and looked right... like yes... if I had done X, Y, or Z... that would have improved and then I would have gotten A, B, and C done.

OMG. What a relief.

Therapist says that now that she sees the 90 day averages etc. she understands now why I made a balanced scorecard across all my healthcare providers... and she might start using this with her other clients. Maybe different habits for different health situations... but 10 of them that represent bare minimum goals that can be achieved no matter how busy or tired they are. She set a target for me for this next 90 day period of just trying to get all of them to 50%. I like that idea. I think I will set up the "scoring" for the next 90 day marker so I can watch my averages.

Haven't posted habits since Thursday.  Catching myself up... I just went through my weekly calendar template I made myself. It looks like that with the good brain week I just had, I successfully used my planner daily and accomplished things. Hopefully this will just keep getting better and better.

I really need to figure out WTF is up with Nutrisense calorie tracking and figure out a meal plan. I started one yesterday.



Progress as of today: 83 lbs lost so far, only 74 lbs to go!

Jacky82020 on 08/17/2021:
You’re making great progress! One day at a time. With dieting often one hour at a time.

I’d be all Nutrisense given the cost!

happy-1 on 08/18/2021:
Yeah, I'm just eating clean right now. At least that helps.

I don't want to switch yet, I'll wait till I am over 50% on all before I change platforms and mess with my data.

Donkey on 08/18/2021:
^Jacky makes a good point.

And I *love* the therapist's idea of getting each one of your goals to 50% success. The water and the fasting goals would the major changes.... I bet you could reach the water goal pretty easily. (I find consuming to be easier than restricting, lol.)

The post-it and sleep goals just need a little boost to bring them up to 50%.

I'm wondering... Are all your goals equal? Do you benefit more from reaching some of them rather than others? (Does that make sense?)

happy-1 on 08/18/2021:
The post it and sleep goals are promising... likely there are dependencies in there... Likely 14h fasting is dependent on post it to do list, sleep, and water. I agree that the fasting and water goals would be the next ones to move the needle. Maybe a smart water bottle that tracks fluid intake.

A few months ago, all of these would have been at like 2%. I was so out of it I couldn't reliably track anything.

They aren't goals... they are benchmarks. A benchmark is a standard yardstick with which to measure performance. A goal would be to drink more water, measured by the number of oz of water entered into Garmin. Another goal would be to drink the right oz for my body weight, currently measured by the benchmark of days where I drank 7 16oz bottles of water. If my body weight drops, the goal number would change, but the benchmark of 7 16 oz bottles of water would be the same.

The benchmarks are all equal in that all of them are a "Canary in the coal mine" and have to happen at least 50% of the time in order for me to maintain my health at whatever level it is at that moment. They have to be higher than 50% to improve my health. In theory, once 50% is reached, any drops below that threshold would require immediate investigation and might trigger me to seek additional medical assistance or make major life changes (schedule a visit with an endocrinologist, cut back on a commute, etc.)

Remember that I am compensating for being stuck in the house with my dad all the time... if there was reliable casual daily company to say "Hey you seem like you are getting tired a lot more lately, what's up?" I might not need benchmarks.

horn_of_plenty on 08/18/2021:
nice job with your progress for the whole week. remember, if you miss one goal it's not a failure for everything in one shot!

happy-1 on 08/18/2021:
Yeah! It's more about habit and repeating processes than goals :-)

Donkey on 08/19/2021:
Thank you for the clarification between "goals" and "benchmarks". I see the difference. And I see better how you are using them to work for you. I still like the idea of reaching for 50%. That's very cool and also more realistic (for anyone).

Yes, I do acknowledge that your living situation is a huge factor. I apologize if I come across as not recognizing that or considering that. It really should be in the forefront of all things considered.

happy-1 - Friday Aug 13, 2021
Weight: 234.0

Friday, August 13, 2021 - 5 days in a row of being mostly on plan. Knock on wood. Spent too much time on the Book Club notes... but it really makes me feel good to put something together that seems to help other people. Posted it right before Alexa told me to stop working and wind down for the night.

Progress as of today: 83 lbs lost so far, only 74 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 08/14/2021:
That Alexa....when she is plugged in...she's kind of bossy....and that could be a good thing!!!

happy-1 on 08/17/2021:
She is! I need to pair her with some kind of electrostim device so I don't ignore her.

Donkey on 08/14/2021:

I've had Alexa offer to help me with a schedule, but I have not used her for that yet. I don't have an Alexa at work, so... there's that. I wonder if she can help me meditate? I will ask her today.

happy-1 on 08/17/2021:
Let me know what you figure out... I haven't really done much yet except routines and reminders... I need to restructure my calendar account so that she only reads out calendar stuff from a separate, sanitized calendar. I have too much junk in my current calendar setup to use that feature.

Horn_of_plenty on 08/14/2021:
all your 10k walks lately are impressive! i'm "jealous" of your ability to do that. i cannot usually walk that much even one day...i get sore as well in the days to follow. i'm good even with 30 min walks daily! that should be a goal of mine! - a BTN goal for most days of the week ;)

happy-1 on 08/18/2021:
You do a lot of other fitness stuff. You do a good job.

happy-1 - Friday Aug 13, 2021
Weight: 234.0

 For yesterday Thursday 8/12/21:

Overall not that productive a day in terms of getting myself back to work (no paperwork or job search, information that moved me forward), but a necessary pause to move forward.

  • Hc - Woke up feeling intangibly "better" with in rage sugar overnight and fasting. A little low energy, different from tired. I think the tradeoff of glipizide is lower sugar and more time in the morning (no walk right after breakfast) but lower energy levels. Not sure yet. Blisters from getting 10k steps in several days in a row after not moving much this past year. 
  • Oc - Walked in the middle of the day for the daylight.
  • Ps - Shrink appt, had to run errands on the way back. 2 stops (Aldi's, Sam's Club) which always tires me out.
  • Ns - Shrink had no ideas on how to research GoForward and had never heard of it. Dad asked me to take him to the grocery store. I do not need that nightmare. He also didn't want me to buy him food this week. I don't think I will listen to that this time... It didn't work out well.
  • Prd - Summed up stats, grocery run, calendaring, took out trash, got piles of illegal dumping together and called it in for pickup. This neighborhood. Then I cleaned the kitchen, did laundry, and made dad a chicken salad. This week's experiment was "What happens if I don't do kitchen cleanup till Thursday and only wash my own dishes?" A giant mess. 
  • Ds - Big Lots run (unnnecessary, succumbed), changing my daily plan template and alexa routines... just little tweaks here and there. They'll make upcoming days go more smoothly, but it's unplanned work so it's a distraction.


  1. Bp - Yes. In range.
  2. Ns - No. I was going to do yoga at 5, but didn't check the schedule first and didn't know it had changed. When I saw it wasn't there, I lost energy... Granted I was on the phone with the city trash pickup and it took a while, drained my energy, but I could have turned around and done the PT stuff and a 10 min core workout. I just was tired and "scattered"
  3. 14h - No, but glipizide kept sugar in range overnight anyway
  4. 2do - No, was tired in the afternoon and lost focus so I didn't
  5. Pln - Yes. This is what triggered my time on the template I didn't plan.
  6. 2.5k5 - Not sure.
  7. 10cr - No. Yoga issue above.
  8. 10Kstp - Yes.
  9. 7w - No
  10. 9bed - No, but closer... 10:30 for an asleep time of 11:17pm and a good night's rest.

Reflected, grounded, and centered. Ready to start my first task of the day, book club notes before 10am Dad session and outing to Big 5. 1pm yoga. Make a decent dinner. 


Progress as of today: 83 lbs lost so far, only 74 lbs to go!

Jacky82020 on 08/13/2021:
Was guessing glipizide was a form of exercise, but not. Googled

Seems like you’re making steady progress in all of your goals! Yay!

happy-1 on 08/13/2021:

Donkey on 08/14/2021:
Good sleep, what a godsend... GOOD!

happy-1 on 08/18/2021:

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