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happy-1 - Sunday Dec 08, 2019
(60D: Ride trainer for at least 20 min a day)
Weight: 216.3

Day 10 of 60

Stayed up too late last night because I was tired????  Makes no sense.

Also was just mentally overwhelmed by all the unfinished projects in my room and the visual chaos that keeps pulling my attention. I need everything to be "out of sight, out of mind" or at least "in the spot it belongs" for a space to be productive.

I'm not getting the things done I need to get done, so I might as well tackle the attention glitches.


All I accomplished today was parts of little crafts... I don't know that it was an effective use of my time... 

  1. Bleached/vinegared part of a wall
  2. Fixed a towel rod
  3. Started making a ceiling light shade out of paper
  4. Changed the cat blanket to match my bedding

Also made dad dinner and did a small run to get supplies from the dollar store.

A little tired/sad today. Hopefully it is just a UTI and not full scale depression. 

Bottomless pit lonely today. I miss my ex + can't see a second round working out. Had two invites out, but not feeling well enough to go anywhere.

Progress as of today: 100.7 lbs lost so far, only 56.3 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 12/08/2019:
Mirrored screens with earth quake straps for yoga......never heard of those.

happy-1 on 12/08/2019:
They are big room divider screens with mirrors on one side. My parents used them to hide boxes in the living room when I was a kid and they only had a 50 or so boxes, lol. I am putting them kiddie corner to each other so that I can put up a camera for online yoga instructors to check my positioning so that I do it right. There's only so much they can do if they can't see you or you can't see yourself.

Earthquake straps hold things up against the wall so they don't fall over. Since the screens will be flat they have no way to stand up.

BearCountryGG on 12/08/2019:
Okay...I think I get it now. Thanks for explaining that!

happy-1 on 12/08/2019:
I will post photos when it is finished! Right now it is a pile of junk.

BearCountryGG on 12/08/2019:
I didn't know that there are online yoga instructors that did that.

happy-1 on 12/08/2019:
They are actually pretty good. At least they create the momentum to do things at home. Inertia is my biggest battle.

Donkey on 12/09/2019:
I understand the mirrored screens better. For some reason, I was picturing mirrors on a canvas, rather than a screen. Screen = window? Not sure what I was thinking, because I have a screen that I use to block off the litter box area in the basement. (It's not mirrored.)

I completely get staying awake because you are too tired. Been there.

You're doing a LOT every day, just taking care of your dad, even if it feels that you are doing nothing. Perhaps you did not go out because you were too tired. Caregiving is an exhausting endeavor.

happy-1 on 12/14/2019:
I just need to attach them to the wall. Need to find my stud finder... Then figure out how to use it. Oh for a boyfriend that knows how to do this stuff... but I can learn to do this stuff.

Just spaced completely.

I have no idea where my time goes. It just is an endless energy suck.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/10/2019:
the yoga i used to do, like 10 yrs ago, was very time consuming and energy expending. i think if i did any, i could do it at home with my smart tv that Ricky got me! :)

Those are VERY interesting crafts that you started on! do you have to be careful to bleach the wall like that?

happy-1 on 12/14/2019:
You can probably do live online yoga classes with a smart tv.

I was shocked how well the bleach actually worked. It really took the mildew stains off.

It seems a little odd to work on crafts with so many more important things to do... but it is a huge stress reliever.

happy-1 - Saturday Dec 07, 2019
(Ride trainer for at least 20 min a day)
Weight: 216.3

Day 9 of 60

Got up at 5 (dog woke me up and then pooped on her bed while she was trying to wake me up).

Got to yoga at 8. Amazing class. I might be 2" taller.

Did errands.

Made dad lunch.

Tired in my bones. Super sore. Extra coffee not helping. So much to do. No bike ride today. Pushing sand.

Having an attack of the lonelies. I enjoyed seeing my ex, but I think I mostly just missed getting out of the house.

Making dad dinner.

Try again tomorrow.

More yoga?

Progress as of today: 100.7 lbs lost so far, only 56.3 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 12/08/2019:
Sounds like yoga is a positive thing!

happy-1 on 12/08/2019:
Yoga is awesome. I felt so much better and more part of the world afterwards.

Donkey on 12/08/2019:
"Pushing sand" - some days are like that. Like Bear said, at least there was yoga. I hope you can make it to class again soon...

happy-1 on 12/08/2019:
Mondays and Saturdays for sure!!! Working on figuring out more.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/08/2019:
yes, those yoga classes are def amazing in terms of posture and how your body feels. i used to do yoga and still do a few stretches, they always make me feel taller and more upright!

yea, i agree about the ex.

happy-1 on 12/08/2019:
Yoga is awesome. This instructor is particularly awesome. I felt one whole side of my spine snap, crackle and pop... I don't have a weird tilted feeling anymore. Why don't you go to yoga anymore?

He's awesome... I miss him a lot... there's just a lot that would have to change and I'd have to set and enforce a lot of boundaries... and it's just not where I want my energy to go to right now... I need to dig myself out and get back to work... But also it is hard to be totally isolated and not have anyone.

happy-1 - Friday Dec 06, 2019
(Ride trainer for at least 20 min a day)
Weight: 216.3

Day 8 of 60 

Missed bike ride yesterday. Just couldn't get my brain together. Did get out to take stuff to Goodwill, pick up groceries, even be social. Late cup of coffee with ex. It was fun and good company. Bury the hatchet. No current plans to meet up again, but it was nice to just put things back on a happier note.

No bike ride today. Just couldn't get my brain together and didn't feel too great. A little UTI-y but won't worry about it unless it goes a couple of days. Did manage to suck it up about 2pm once stuff was in order and tackle two important tasks for today and make dad a hot meal. Chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and spinach. 

So far 3 missed days in my 60 days of bike riding. Back to the pre-bedtime checklist.

This morning I got a soft paw and big loving wakeup from my cat. Then he sat on my lap until I was ready to wake up. Maybe I should move the coffeemaker to my nightstand so I really don't hhave to get out of bed!!!!! I made the pets a fresh meal tonight and he came over and purred at me and told me how happy he was that he had a fancy dinner. Left an awesome coupon for a free cup of coffee on my desk and kitty peed on it. SOOOOOOOO GROSS. He has been returned to the bathroom. This is the first peeing on important papers thing... making me rethink the whole cat on desk option.,. A little frustrating because it was starting out as a good night.

All papers have been put away. Talk about motivation to be tidy.

Progress as of today: 100.7 lbs lost so far, only 56.3 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 12/07/2019:
What the cat did to the coupon is familiar to me...I had a dog do that while I sat on the floor sorting things from the file cabinet ( all important stuff)....I don't know if I missed her cue to let her out...or if she had been paper trained in a previous life....but she ruined a whole lot of important paperwork.....tossed it because it was too gross of a thought to keep it...and amazingly...life went on....and if I ever need any of that stuff I will have to make moves to get it replaced or do without......but as devastating as it was to me at the time......I lived through it and it's that kind of thing that lessons are made of.....sounds like a lot of other good things happened for you too .

happy-1 on 12/08/2019:
I emailed them and asked for a replacement coupon in the name of public health and promised not to bring the cat with me. Let's see if they replace it!

My dog will swipe my phone and keys and hide them on the patio because I pay too much attention to them. My cat is starting to feel that way about my laptop... I hope he doesn't pee on them!!!

happy-1 on 12/08/2019:
Actually now that I think about it, his pee looked weird. If it happens again I will take him to the vet.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/07/2019:
OMG how i feel you with the UTI symptoms. I get it time to time, especially in the hot summer when i am sweating/walking more. i hope it goes away. maybe some cranberry juice and extra shower? feel better!!

Your kitty is why i cannot get a kitty lol. i'm not ready for that at all! for pee and mess, etc...you do a great job as a kitty mom though!

happy-1 on 12/08/2019:
I think it is all the irritation from bike riding while that area toughens up again. Oops. Cranberry pills though... I have those here. Just need to pop some out.

You are a sage and wise woman for keeping pets small and manageable. As to the kitty mess... I'm working on the behavior modification and dietary changes... I can do this!

happy-1 - Wednesday Dec 04, 2019
(Ride trainer for at least 20 min a day)
Weight: 216.3

Day 6 of 60

10:30 AM and I am on my bike with no procrastination. I am getting the hang of this. I have had coffee. Dog must be evicted while I am on it, my desk was setup "enough" the night before, the fans are on and in place.  Butt is starting to toughen up. Garmin app is open to show me my heart rate while I ride. Old earphones (not noise cancelling but at least noise blocking) are on. News podcast to be played shortly. I even have an aroma therapy lamp going. Peppermint was my choice this morning.

Partially this success is due to my kitty, who woke me up on time for a 9am call. How he knew what time I absolutely had to be up by after a long night (dad tantrums) I do not know, but I am very glad he gently nudged me with his "soft claw" paws and got me going. I had slept through 3 alarms and would have missed the call. It was a little weird. Human behavior from a cat.

Good kitty! He is worth sticking out an "inappropriate elimination" phase. Go team!

Side note: I bought a stainless steel protein shaker and mixed my coffee with it this morning because the Lairds creamer clumps. It is wonderful. Like an Aussie flat white.

Progress as of today: 100.7 lbs lost so far, only 56.3 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 12/04/2019:
Sounds like a very successful day so far.....the kitty with the soft claw pat......I wish mine had that...he insists on having his foot in my mouth on my nose,cheek, etc repeatedly...but while he attempt the soft paw...it ALWAYS involves sharp claws...he has put holes in most of my clothes....every other cat has had the soft paw thing going on...this one NOPE!!!

happy-1 on 12/04/2019:
LOL... You need those little rubber claw tips you super glue onto their claws! They run around with fancy feet! https://www.chewy.com/purrdy-paws-soft-cat-nail-caps-40/dp/153904

Donkey on 12/05/2019:
I love a soft paw wake-up. It's been so long since I've had one of those.

I'll comment on your previous entry as well. It sounds like Wednesday was a much better day than Tuesday...

happy-1 on 12/06/2019:
Aaaaaaw. It's the best right? This morning he came and woke me up at 8am again, then sat on my lap and purred.

Maria7 on 12/05/2019:
Hope you have a good day. Your cat sounds very intelligent!

happy-1 on 12/06/2019:
Possibly smarter than me... He's trying to train me with rewards and penalties.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/05/2019:
Your coffee idea in the shaker sounds tasty....

and you are getting so many things done, go you! so efficient in the AM! i don't get nearly that much done in terms of electronics! :)

happy-1 on 12/06/2019:
You have no idea how much it revolutionized my cup of coffee. Delicious.

legcramps on 12/05/2019:
i love the smell of peppermint

happy-1 on 12/06/2019:
Really perked me up... Peppermint tea is also good.

Having a hard time getting the whole room to smell though!

happy-1 - Tuesday Dec 03, 2019
(Ride trainer for at least 20 min a day)
Weight: 216.3

Day 5 of 60

9:49pm and I am on the bike as I write this. I know this means it is not cardio... I just need to toughen up my butt for actual bke cardio and build the habit. I like the idea of writing here, which is my release at the same time I ride the bike to build a positive mental association.

I kind of want aero bars to support my arms as I type but that is dumb on a cheap mountain bike.

Yesterday was a marathon and it just kept going when I got home because dad was feisty.

Today I woke up about 8am, and started pre-cleaning for the organizer. Patio scrub and general pickup/dishes. She and I worked on part of the third bedroom and the linen closet. I don't know that we got much done but I do feel better. She comes back tomorrow so we can do the last 6 boxes of mom's papers. 

For dinner I made stuffed peppers, a favorite of dad's... I made 4... That's a little over a pound of ground beef, plus breadcrumbs, rice, and tomato sauce. Probably somewhere between $7-8.50 for the ingredients for 4 servings. There were also mashed potatoes. Fed dad before I left about 6:50... Left the other two in a container on the counter to cool before putting them in the fridge.Went to OA... Came home a little after 9 with bread and dessert... only to find he had eaten the 2 peppers that were for lunch tomorrow. I was pretty horrified... That was more than a day's worth of sodium with the sodas and the mayo in the potatoes... plus that much beef is bad for his heart. He had already eaten a huge tub of homemade chicken soup that had salt in the broth... My shock and horror started a big fight because he was humiliated.

So I am happy to be hiding on the bike and writing here.

OA was awful. I don't understand how these meetings help anyone. It is just people beating themselves up for every little thing they do wrong. My share is that I am taking care of my dad and I can't not buy him treats and bring them home because that is deprivation and abuse... but I can't stay out of his treats and they aren't anything I even like. I got stressed out when it was time to talk to people after... This one lady was trying to sell me on participating and being open... I just got stressed and said straight out this conversation is asking me really uncomfortable. I feel pressured I want out of this conversation now and left. It was rude... but I was just so happy to be gone.

So home, on my bike. Alone. So much for trying to be social and part of the community. Augh.

Progress as of today: 100.7 lbs lost so far, only 56.3 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/04/2019:
With OA, sorry it didn't work out how you wanted it to - but, it could just be the people's personalities there - oh well!

Sorry your daddy ate all your food! - better luck next time, huh!? i'd be upset to as i like to know my food is available and not eaten by someone else when i go looking for it!

sometimes the best thing is to be alone a little, on a bike. I do love my bike :)

happy-1 on 12/04/2019:
It wasn't the food, it was the scary levels of sodium and cholesterol. We were in the emergency room last sunday... He is impossible to get to go for urgent medical attention, so I will have to watch him and either have to a) beg/wheedle/whine/threaten/yell, b) do nothing and just silently watch hm suffer, or c) call 911 and invoke his wrath.

happy-1 on 12/04/2019:
The OA meeting... Yeah personalities, but also how it is setup. There's no way to "incubate" and learn... It's run by volunteers and they only feel right if everyone is doing the exact thing they are.

happy-1 on 12/04/2019:
Ditto on the best place to be s alone on a bike... even if it is on a trainer indoors it is still pretty good.

BearCountryGG on 12/04/2019:
YEAH...PEOPLE!!! Nuff said.

happy-1 on 12/04/2019:

Donkey on 12/05/2019:
While it was a negative experience for you, I did find your recap of the OA meeting to be very interesting. Could you find a different OA group?

I really applaud you for saying you weren't comfortable with the conversation and left. Good for you!!!

happy-1 on 12/06/2019:
I dunno if OA is for me. I don't get why they obsess over every bite and thing they ate on a holiday. That's why it's a holiday. There's no concept there of fuel.. like I need to do xyz today so I need more carbs... It's like all eating is bad eating.

happy-1 on 12/06/2019:
"I really applaud you for saying you weren't comfortable with the conversation and left. Good for you!!!"

Really???? That wasn't super mean and cruel?

happy-1 - Monday Dec 02, 2019
(Ride trainer for at least 20 min a day)
Weight: 216.3

Day 4/60

Again I write from the trainer. The stopwatch is running. 20 min minimum. Getting on it today was easy because I had already been to an 8am yoga class and I am mentally warmed up.

Dad was polite to me yesterday and this morning.It scares me because I've often thought it wouldn't kill him to be nice to me, he has aterminal condition, and maybe he's being polite because he is dying dying.

Also, no unexpected presents from the cat this morning. He might be a little backed up.

I picked up a measuring tape this morning so I can check my measurements. If they are anything like my weigh in yesterday (233.4), I am going to be horrified. I was so frustrated at not being able to find my measuring tape from my mom's ancient sewing box, I got a little upset and had "I want my mom" grief bursts all afternoon and evening.

Today is a doctor's appointment and groceries.

Yesterday I didn't cheat or binge eat although I did have a bowl of soup late night, followed by non caff tea.

56 more days. I can do this.

Progress as of today: 100.7 lbs lost so far, only 56.3 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 12/02/2019:
Maybe a good thing that you didn't find the tape.......You will lose it again....it isn't that much in the whole scheme of things.....i still miss my parents too.....think of them every day.....one thing...it's easier to remember the good times after they are gone.....((Hugs))

happy-1 on 12/04/2019:
I found the tape!!!

On some level, I just can't believe my mom is really gone. And now that I am dealing with my dad, I am so sorry I thought all the things I thought. I had no idea what she had to do every day of her life.

legcramps on 12/02/2019:
Well done on the trainer!

happy-1 on 12/04/2019:
Thank you!!!! so glad you approve!!!! That is big coming from you!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/02/2019:
Happy, things keep getting better for you! You did yoga AND the bike...and back on track without a binge. Sounds about right to me :)

happy-1 on 12/04/2019:
Riiiiiiight? So glad I have the positive influence of folks here. If you are most like the 5 people you spend the most time with, I am glad to spend my time with you.

Donkey on 12/03/2019:
I agree with all of the sentiments above- you did really well today!

happy-1 on 12/04/2019:
Thank you. Donkeys might be stubborn, clumsy, and all the other things you say... but they are also very hardy with a lot of endurance to carry a load through a tough trail. So I'll try to do more of that and this is a first step.

happy-1 - Sunday Dec 01, 2019
(Ride trainer for at least 20 min a day)
Weight: 216.3

Day 3 of riding trainer at least 20 min a day 

Used my bedtime checklist, did everything on it, colored all the little squares in green. Today I woke up at 7 with alarm today! Had coffee right away!

Then got sidetracked by cold velcro pets who wanted extra cuddles.You wouldn't have been able to resist either.

Also, there was a fly I couldn't catch. It had to be a superhero bionic fly. GMO?

So today, getting on the trainer only took me 6 hours of procrastination, but I am writing this from the trainer, on my laptop, on the new trainer desk. While I ride it in my jammies wearing water sandals. 

I know this is about discipline and mental toughness. Embracing the suck. Eating the frog. Consistency is key.

But waaaaaaah. 

More than I rode yesterday which was zero. But I thought about it all day. So I did nothing but beat myself for not getting up and doing it. 

So today is better.


Got dad out for an outing to the dollar store. Just to air our heads... because he's been polite to me for a week and I am less stressed... and I have more bandwidth.


The cat is in his bed purring and snoring at the same time. He hasn't pooped inappropriately in days. Joy!

Progress as of today: 100.7 lbs lost so far, only 56.3 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 12/01/2019:
Isn't it funny how we ( me too) can spend so much time thinking about, avoiding, finding reasons to not do something when if we had just gone and gotten it done we wouldn't have to think about it again....I do it all of the time and it frustrates me that I am willing to put myself through that.....good job getting that done today!!!

happy-1 on 12/01/2019:
Thanks! I don't know why that was so hard to make myself do.

Donkey on 12/02/2019:
Oh my do I ever hear you on procrastination...

happy-1 on 12/02/2019:

happy-1 - Saturday Nov 30, 2019
(Ride trainer for at least 20 min a day)
Weight: 216.3

Day 2 of 60 - Ride trainer for at least 20 min a day

I think I need to simplify the goal for this  push to just riding the bike on the trainer for 20 minutes a day. I am so out of condition and physically uncomfortable, that alone is the biggest push I can manage right now.

This time last year I had put my neck back together and toned and trimmed my body to be 2 sizes smaller. I've gained back 13lbs and everything just feels like I am encased in an outer layer of "flubber".

Back was feeling better yesterday... then I picked up the cat from the floor to give him a cuddle and put it out again. Then I slept and when I woke up my whole spine hurt like crazy. Then I twisted around a bit, took an Alleve, and it was better. Then I pulled a bunch of veggies from the bottom drawer of the fridge and it went out again.

Ow. Looing forward to doc visit, see if I herniated a disc.

Dad has been nice to me since Sunday. The cat pooped in his box again... I'm so relaxed and in such a good mood... I don't know what to do with myself... I've just been sitting in my bed all day like a big lump of buttter looking for chalet socks in size sasquatch. Spoiler alert: they don't make them.

We've been dairy-free for a week now. Left everything dairy off the Sams Club order... Let's see what another week of no dairy looks and feels like.

Progress as of today: 100.7 lbs lost so far, only 56.3 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/01/2019:
Why don't you do less than 20min so it doesn't seem as "all consuming" for you??? there's no rule that is HAS to be 20 min. I find 20 min to be a good length, but you could always make your way up to it starting lower. just a suggestion :)

Even though you have gained 13 lbs, you have still done well and not gone up to your highest. look how far you have come, from your weight chart! THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

you are doing great...why'd you decide on dairy free??

happy-1 on 12/01/2019:
20 felt like a good compromise... It leaves room for "oops I forgot that" and "oops this is wrong" so I at least get 5 actual minutes.

Accidental selection on dairy free... Dad had to take multiple antibiotics and they said no dairy for him which meant no dairy for me and it wasn't hard because I hadn't gone to the market in a bit... and dad has been considerably easier to live with (I will not offend your fine sensibilities with a detailed description of why) but I also feel better so I see no reason not to try another week.

Donkey on 12/01/2019:
I would say, pare down your biking goal to 5 minutes -- and that is ONLY IF your back permits this. If your back is hurting, you may want to wait. I'm just saying that when my back is kinked up, getting it unkinked becomes priority #1 in my world. Everything and everyone in this earthly life comes 2nd.

But anyway, 5 minutes is a doable goal. You can do anything for 5 minutes. You can still reap benefits from just those 5 minutes. And I wouldn't worry about building on that goal for a while. That is to say, you can go longer if you want, but the goal is reached after 5 minutes.

I applaud you for dairy free. I'm so conflicted about what to eat lately. I was driving to the store to get wet food for my poor sick kitty and just about threw an internal fit about it all - meat, dairy, bread. I guess carrot sticks are allowed guilt-free.

happy-1 on 12/01/2019:
It's not kinked... it feels... ripped? Like overnight little cells reconnect and then they get torn apart during the day? Like I was ok today till I made dinner. It wasn't that heavy but all the bending and reaching and it hurts again.

I'm tired of sitting on my butt and slacking off. I just want to hit my daily checklist and keep going. Get to the other side of feeling flabby and bloated to being energetic and tight. Get to the other side of not working and be part of the world again. Get to the other side of lonely to being included.

happy-1 - Friday Nov 29, 2019
(20min AM Bike Ride, 5 min for each late snack)
Weight: 216.3

Day 1 of 60 of riding bike 20 min in AM and 5 min before PM snacks

Stopped coughing enough to get out for Thanksgiving yesterday. Overslept till about 12 and found I've stopped coughing and back is stiff but not killing me, so I shrugged off conflict with dad. inertia and depression, and got on the bike for 20 min. The treadmill desk is perfect. I stuck my laptop on top and watched "Eat Yourself Sexy Australia" on Amazon Prime for motivation. Good job me.

Slight hiccup is that the trainer is really loud and I can't hear the laptop over it. I used headphones but still no go. Think I need noise cancelling ones.

Next step today is to get out and walk my dog to build up sleep drive.


Ate too many cookies and tortilla chips, but did make dad a healthy dinner and I can do it again tomorrow... So one step forward, two steps back.

Now that the house is clean, I am more grateful to be here.

Progress as of today: 100.7 lbs lost so far, only 56.3 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 11/29/2019:
you sound good! excellent bike riding and time schedule on it...

glad you are using the standing desk/treadmill desk. i will be needing to walk more / move more myself. last two days have been slow or maybe that's just how i feel.

when i was walking to and from the bus to work, i think it added up easily despite all the sitting i was doing at work, it seemed to work for me. we don't know what's good for us until we stop huh!?

why did you need to hear the laptop over the trainer? i'm confused with this one...?

happy-1 on 11/29/2019:
Because I'm watching tv on my laptop while I ride the bike.

I love how resilient you are and always get back on track even when you stray.

BearCountryGG on 11/30/2019:
I'm watching that series too...I remember watching that program on TV years ago....I like the gal on that......

happy-1 on 11/30/2019:
Yeah, it is motivating to watch a fitness-focused show while on the trainer. Keeps me going. Of all the makeover shows, I like that show and 10 years younger. They are both about helping people just look and feel better.

Donkey on 11/30/2019:
Oh so glad to hear that your tabletop works for your biking! I know what you mean about noise. The low-to-no resistance bike I use in the morning (just to warm up and wake up) is loud. (It's an older Schwinn.) i'm in the basement, so I can shut the door and crank up the volume on the TV while I watch the morning news.

So if you can manage it, I *would* get the better headphones - I think you'll find it necessary to keep up this habit.

I've never heard of this TV show, but I'm intrigued. I MUST get someone to set up the Amazon Prime account on our TV... Someone is having problems remembering his password.

happy-1 on 12/02/2019:
That sounds like an ideal way to exercise at home. If my dad starts complaining about the trainer noise, I will try one of those noise cancelling things you put outside a door to disrupt the sound waves.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/30/2019:
i just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you. It means a TON to hear that and you made my day in your response to my comment.

You are resilient too and you are motivating all of us with your recent successes at home and with your dad and all the hard work you've put in has paid off :)

happy-1 on 12/02/2019:
Knock on wood!!!!!!

happy-1 - Tuesday Nov 26, 2019
(20min AM Bike Ride, 5 min for each late snack)
Weight: 216.3

Dad is being nice to me and it is making me eat emorionally. Ate too many carbs last night and too many cookies today. Next I will have a piece of carrot cake. 

This morning he politely asked me to make him some coffee, like I'm a human being. Then he gave me everything I needed to do a task on our to do list... and I did it. Then I got home and said I did it and he said that's great.

Also, the cat pooped in his box again today. Multiple times, and only in his box.

What alternate dimension am I in?

Progress as of today: 100.7 lbs lost so far, only 56.3 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 11/26/2019:
That sounds like a great turn around......he does like to switch things up, doesn't he...?

happy-1 on 11/30/2019:
Right? He's still being polite to me almost 5 days since he went to the emergency room. I don't think he's ever gone that long ever.


Maria7 on 11/27/2019:
Sounds like you and your Dad have developed a better relationship. Smile. As for the cat, cooperation is begging for reward treat, ha!

happy-1 on 11/30/2019:
Knock on wood...

Kitty is a stuffed animal... He had plain chicken and rice with probiotic powder and a little pumpkin.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/27/2019:
Things are finally working out right for a change! :-D maybe things are settling for awhile and all the hard work you put in has paid off.

happy-1 on 12/02/2019:
Knock on wood!

Donkey on 11/28/2019:
I hope things continue to go well for you. Happy Thanksgiving!

happy-1 on 12/02/2019:
Knock on wood.

Donkey on 11/28/2019:
Our Associate Attorney is struggling with his elderly mom, who is facing some long-term care issues, unfortunately. You would think being an attorney, he'd have a plan, but no.

happy-1 on 12/02/2019:
Ha... That perked me up. If the pros aren't doing any better than I am... I'm doing okay.

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