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herb - Wednesday Jun 18, 2003

Weight: 201.4

3:45 in the afternoon on a grey overcast day. I guess the 2 or 3 days of sunshine we got is our allotment. Still using the computer at the Old World Coffee shop, because I still haven't putting my apartment together. One thing I know for sure is that there has to be a mass reduction in the amount of "stuff" thats in that apartment.

Joyce called before I left to tell me that she's going up to Maine at the beginning of July to meet up with a school chum from grade school, but she's in a quandry as to what to tell husband George. My way is the simple way, it's called the truth, but George can't deal with the truth, and creates scenarios of his own. A weird thought comes to mind, she could take v george with her, but that might be to radical. My thought would be that George might ike the guy, and give the friendship his stamp of approval. Too weird.

Right now I'm on my way to the O/A meeting in Albany. The secret to any kind of normalcy with my breathing is to get out of the house and exercise. in my case that means walking, I've just got to stay out of bed, at least go to the desk and read or better still, unpack a box.

herb - Tuesday Jun 17, 2003

Weight: 201.4

3:30 in the afternoon, and have just left Dr. Licciardi's office. He has lost another 20 pounds for a total of 140 pounds so now he weighs 240 pounds. Wow!, so that means his gross weight was 380 pounds. Gadzook's, so if there's anyone in that weight class take heart, and for exercise the only thing he does is walk a half-hour a day. now back to me, he seems satisfied withmy general condition but wants to send me for some imaging to look for osteoporosis. This condition results from using steroids.

Made a call to Forest Hills to find out how much in arrears I'm with the rent, and got the accountant. After a few minutes she came up with the figure plus the late charges. Spoke to Dan at Apria about my oxygen, and he said that Jason or Tom would be at the apartment on Thursday. Ron called to tell me about the Ham club and Field day at the end of the month. He's going down to Long Island this weekend to see his son and the rest of his family. He also told me he bought at Way's a couch for the living room, and a bed for the guest room.

herb - Monday Jun 16, 2003

Weight: 201.4

4:30 in the afternoon, and I just came back from seeing my pulmonologist Dr. Serfillippi. This time I wrote down all the questions I wanted to ask him so it was a much more productive visit. He said I wasn't getting enough exercise, and we agreed that I should do a lot more walking. He also put me on a new inhaler, this now makes 5. It's a gorgeous day out and it makes up for all the nasty weather we've had in the past 2 weeks.

I've got to go out to the car and change my oxygen bottle so I'll say goodye for today.

herb - Tuesday Jun 10, 2003

Weight: 201.4

4:30 in the afternoon at the Old World Coffee Shop. I just came back from Ravena, and am on my second cup of decaf. It's so hard to get out of the house, it seems I'm babying myself by staying in bedbut I'm so tuckered from my breathing. I hope it's just the pollen, my grey mist is entirely green from the stuff coming off the trees. If I have the time when I'm in Albany tomorrow I'll get it washed.

Haven't heard from anybody but the bill collectors on the telephone. I got a call from ATT&T this morning saying that I owe them 31 dollars and change. I didn't even know I had an account with them. So enough complaining, I'll go over to Bonfare and head back home. Wednesday hopefully will be more productive.

herb - Sunday Jun 08, 2003

Weight: 201.4

It's Sunday at the Old World Coffee Shop. Another grey day, although the forecast last night was for sun. Yesterday, it just rained, so I went along with the program, and stayed in. Victoria called me at 2am to chit chat which got me out of bed. I love hearing from her at any time night or day but I was in such a dream state I told her I'd call her back. So at noon today I called her and she wasn't available, I'll try later provided I dont forget. Called Ron and reached him on the cell, he was with Walter at a lumber yard in Columbia County, they had been in Kingston for something and were returning. Possibly he bought those ceiling fans. Trudy called last night at 10, and I put her off too, telling her I'd call her tonight.

I'm looking out the window of the coffee shop, and across the parking lot there are two guys up on a roof putting shingles down. The place was a run down eyesore here on 9W it was a series of buildings the largest made of cinder block, and up till a year ago was functioning as a antique (junk) store. The other two stores were attached to it were made of wood. Those were knocked down and a new building was put up made of wood. When it's finished it will be medical offices for three doctors, who I'm told are ready to move in as soon as the buildings are finished.

Greene County is a wild card in this game, it's got some of the worst economic numbers of all the counties in the state. We have no hospital or college. One movie house thats in downtown Catskill where no one goes after business hours. And, as my sister correctly points out, you have to go to another county to buy a pair of underwear. Yet when I drive around here I see some of the most expensive SUV's, such as Mercedes, BMW's. The answer is, people from Manhattan coming up for weekend retreats, and people who work in Albany. The county of Albany seems to have a bullet proof job base. The three major employers are: the state goverment; the colleges, we've got about a dozen of them; and the medical business,we have three hospitals, Albany School of Medicine, and a school of pharmacology. I seem to have gone off on a tangent. I think it's because in the 7 years I've been here I've seen so much growth, and it's accelerating. We are about to be Wall-Martyred. There is one being built North of us in Glenmont, and another one in the rumor stage for Catskill which is South of us. I think I've babeled enough for this session.

herb - Friday Jun 06, 2003

Weight: 201.4

A beautiful Friday afternoon in Coxsackie, the entire week was miserable, cold and rainy. Breathing isn't that great, but I'm ascribing that to all the pollen I see in the air. I've been closely adhering to my medications, and have made an appointment for a quarterly checkup with my pulmonologist. I don't know if I'll get any benefit from the visit, or is it something that we just do in a pro-forma way.

I'm sitting in the Old World Coffee shop, and using their computer. Although it's a Microsoft, and not a Apple I'm not complaining it'll give me an opportunity to learn this Operating System. But it's hard to believe that I've been using Apples since they first came out back in 19? with the Apple ][. I'm lousy with dates, the only date that's fixed in my head is November 22, 1963. Getting back to the coffee shop it's a great place, and seems to attract an entirely different type of person. So far I've met a college professor, and a playwright. I'm not being snooty but I love conversation, and you have got to have some thought processes going on upstaires, and it helps if you read.

Well I've just been evicted, the charming waitperson has juust locked the door and came over to my table to tell me they're closing. The sign in the door says that Friday, and Saturday closing will be at 9. She tells me that there was no one coming in so they moved the closing time back to 6. So I guess I'll just go up the road to the Donut Connection. I promise coffee only! Although I just had a piece of fresh homemade orange cake here, it was so moist.

herb - Wednesday Jun 04, 2003

Weight: 201.4

Sorry gang about yesterday, but there was no reason for leaving the house,and the weather was not that great. Thanks to all the people that missed me, it sure is good to be back. But then absence makes the heart grow fonder. I'm on my way up to Albany for my weekly meeting of O/A.

Weighed myself before leaving the apartment, and it seems that I haven't gained nor lost any weight in a month. Thought I'd have to play ketchup after the month with Ronnie. My landlord "William" is becoming a little to nudgee with me. The other day he told me that I have to put my car back in the designated spot, and yesterday he saw urine in the toilet bowl, and he told me I have to flush everytime I go. This seems a little wasteful to me but I try to get along.

Right now I'm at the "Old World Coffee Shop & Bagelry." It seems that I'll be using their computer for awhile, till I get mine backup. Yet this could become a nice way of posting journals.

herb - Monday Jun 02, 2003

Weight: 201.4

I'm sort'a back. I've moved back into my apartment, but the unpacking is slowing me down. It's because of first my physical condition, emphysema, and secondly I know that a lot of "stuff" has to be thrown out, and thats a big psychological hurdle to jump after being a pack rat all my life.

My computer hasn't been set up yet, and sits on the newly tiled kitchen counter which my landlord has put in, and which he's cranked up my rent by another fifty dollars a month. We now have in Coxsackie a Coffee Shop where the owner has a wireless computer for the patrons so I am now taking full advantage of it till I get my Unfortunately I have not been paying close enough to my plan but to my health. I wound up in the Emergency Room of the Columbia Hospital one Saturday night for a breathing episode where they stabilized me and put me on a regimen of steroids. Then I had a couple of Lalapolooza nose bleeds. It's because the oxygen dries out my sinus passagess, so I,ve got to keep them moist with saline solutions, and swabbing the passages with a over the counter medication called Poulanen. (Not to sure of the spelling, will correct it tomorrow if necessary.)

It's about 6 in the evening and I'm going to wrap this up and head to Price Chopper in Catskill, and get Ronnie a box of oatmeal cookies. I must've eaten at least that much when I was there so I figure I'd replace them. Plus I'm sure I can find a few things to get me into trouble while I'm there.

This is to my sister Joyce: This is a hell of a way to keep up with my life, I try to tell as much of my thoughts, and my coming and goings in a honest way. If this were '73, and not 2003 there wouldn't be but a sentence on this sheet.

reesa23 on 06/02/2003:
It's great to see you back. I was looking for updates to your journal, and I'm glad your now back. Your my favorite journal to read.

pastagal on 06/02/2003:
Well about time herb,,i have missed you and wondered over and over if you were coming back,,plus i worry how your doing and sounds like not that great for awhile there,glad to hear your doing better tho,,sounds like your apartment is going to be nice ,,i bet you will be glad to get all moved back in,,,and i know how it is to save stuff,i do that and my hubby does that and it really can be overwhelming sometimes,,i am in need of another yard sale to get rid of tons of stuff i don't use. If you noticed i have lost some more weight,,i finally talked to hubby and he decided to go on Low Carb with me and try it and its been the best thing both of us have ever done,,i have lost 13 lbs and he has lost 14 lbs and thats about all either of us need to lose now,but its just that we feel soooooo much better now that we don't consume tons of sugar foods,,i never realized how the high carb foods were making me feel on a daily basis,,,,anyway,,,as for my son,i take him Chico which is an hours drive from us,that is where the hospital is that he will get his operation in,he was there when he was in the accident before,,,Chico is a pretty big town. Well so glad to see you back with us,,i always enjoy your entries and keeping up on how your doing,and yes been along time for us here,,its been three yrs herb,,,going on 4,,,my how time flys huh:} take care sweet buddy:}

Beth 201 on 06/03/2003:
Hi...Missed you. Glad to hear that you are doing better. Hope you like your apartment. I know what you mean. I am a pack rat myself. Everything has some reason in my mind why I can't get rid of the items. LOL Well you take care of yourself and remember you are thought of often. Hug Beth :)

Soon2BThin on 06/03/2003:
Hey, Herb, good to see you back. Sorry your health isn't up to par, sounds like you've been through a lot. I hope to see more of you around here when you get your computer back in order. Take care.

herb - Wednesday Apr 30, 2003

Weight: 201.4

Moving out of the apartment for awhile*

Definition of "awhile" - According to William my apartment should be ready for me to move back into will be between 10 to 14 days.

It's now 5PM Terry & Peggy have finished their work. They put in 4 hours over the last 2 days. I hope I've given them the right amount of money, it was 150 dollars, I'm always worried if it's too high or low. I'm going to get out of here for awhile. The guys should be here around 7PM.

herb - Tuesday Apr 29, 2003

Weight: 201.4

Saw Dr. Licciardi at noon about my breathing. He has now lost 120 pounds. Put me on Prednisone to help my respiration. Terry & Peggy worked from 2 to 4 packing & moving. Went to Ravena for prescriptions. Came back and Bill was in my aparment in the dark talking to someone on his cell phone. Then Cindy and Anne-Marie came in to talk about my apartment.

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