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herb - Saturday Dec 07, 2002
(Weight Watcher)
Weight: 223.8

Finally put my thermometer outside. It's one of those giant dial jobs with big letters. It's made by Taylor, costs $10, and is soo cheaply made. Ronnie came by at 2PM, and we started for our trip to Crossgate. Got there slightly after 3, and made our way to the Apple store. The place was packed cheek to jowl with Christmas shoppers. Everyone was loaded with boxes, and shopping bags. We were there to hear a lecture on recording Choral Music on the Apple. It was a first class presentation with members of the "Cathedral of All Saints" in Albany providing the voices, and the computer presentation was conducted by the choir director. The 15 minutes of singing was recorded on digital video tape, and a second lecturer came, and showed how this choral can be edited, and then turned into a DVD. It was around 5 o'clock when we left. Didn't go far just across the hall to Nancy's coffee shop where I had a chai tea, and Ron had a bagel & coffee.

When we came upstairs it was dark so I insisted on driving. Went over to Denny's on Wolf Road where we each had a chopped steak dinner. From there I drove almost straight home, except for the cop stopping us on Mansion Street. Of course Ron goes into panic mode, I rolled the window down and said to the cop "deer." He pulled us over because of the broken headlamp. He nodded, and wished us a goodnight, and we were on our way. Got in the house, and waited for Ron to call me when he got home. He called at 9:15 safe, and sound. We'll see what the 'morrow brings.

Home - Banana..........................................2pts.
Home - Cereal Quaker...................................3pts.
Denny's - Chicken Noodle Soup..........................1pt.
Denny's - Chicken Fried Steak..........................7pts.
Denny's - Mashed Potatoes..............................2pts.
Denny's - Glazed Carrots...............................1pt.
Home - Skinny Corn Chips..............................+3pts.
TOTAL = permissible 26 to 31 points...................19pts.

BandMom on 12/08/2002:
I'm gald to see you and Ron out.Take care.Bandmom

herb - Friday Dec 06, 2002
(Weight Watcher)
Weight: 223.8

A beautiful day today. Had a great nights sleep. Started calling Cigna and Hewitt to straighten out my medical. Stayed here till about 3 then went out the door just as the piano tuner was coming in. She was standing in the vestibule as I was talking to Anne-Marie in the hallway. I saw her through the small windows in the door so I reached over to let her in. Anne-Marie recognized her and said "Oh, the piano tuner, just go upstairs, the door is open." I said "Wait a minute how do we know that, she might go upstairs with that case she's carrying, and load it up with jewlery." Anne-Marie looked at me like I was nuts. "Before you go upstairs, tell me what 440 is." She, and I laughed. That seems to be the way I like to break the ice. You can only do this with people who are mellow. It had snowed yesterday, and the plowman must've been here last night. Bill with his reflecting marker posts didn't prevent the plow guy from scraping the grass in 2 or 3 places. First stop was the bank for some cash for the next week, on to Persico's in Ravena for hardware for the Mission shelf. Back to CVS to get Prilosec & Lisinopril. The computer wouldn't accept the co-pay so Virginia told me the retail price. Can you believe this $132 for a months supply of Prilosec pills, that's $4.40 per pill. No wonder us old geezers are screaming, and I don't know what would happen if I stopped taking them. I gave Virginia a number to call and she came back to me after having the phone pressed to her ear for a half hour with the same nonsense they were feeding me.

On to Marco's for a Turkey Burger, and to swap out one of Dave Rundell's pictures. I try to keep active with my little gallery. I noticed that I'm going have to start carrying Windex, and paper wipes. Restaurants are greasy, and it's settling on the top of the frames. For some reason there are finger prints on the glass. Last stop was at the junk paper box, dumped a shopping bag of magazines in. Put my car in my assigned slot, and got out. It was so beautiful. The air was crystal clear, and absolutely no breeze, just a slight chill. Walked slowly across the lot as Cindy was coming out, I scared her, because she said Ohh. I seem to do that to people a lot, it's just that I'm so quiet, people don't seem to notice me.

Came in and started to make phone calls. Had a nice conversation with sister Joyce, she noticed that I'm carbohydrate heavy on my food plan. I just can't have potato chips in the house. Called out to Trudy's house, and Maria her mom picked up the phone. She's so nice we talked about aches and pains, and she reminded me of her accident a couple of years ago when she fell into a hole in the street where a construction project was going on. She's a school crossing guard in Queens, and from what I gather she was guiding some children across the street, while walking backwards, and holding up her hand to stop traffic. Next call was to Ron, and he reminded me of a lecture were supposed to go to tomorrow at Crossgates. It's at Apple, and it concerns music, I think I'll choke him if he uses the word "nosh"

Home - Baked Potato Chips.............................12pts.
Home - Banana..........................................2pts.
Home - Turkey Bologna (3 slices).......................4pts.
Marco's - Turkey Burger on rye toast...................7pts.
Home - Cheese (Herkimer variety Pack).................+6pts.
TOTAL = permissible 26 to 31 points...................31pts.

Beth 201 on 12/07/2002:
I agree big time. Medication cost way to much. Well I am glad you are having a good week. Hope your weekend is even better. Well you sound like you are keeping yourself busy. You have a good day. Beth :)

herb - Wednesday Dec 04, 2002
(Weight Watcher)
Weight: 223.8

Breathing was bad today, even though I had a full nights sleep. Joyce called me to tell me that she thinks something is getting to her, something like the flu, and she's going to the doctor. Called Ronnie to see what he's doing. Found him at home, he went to his physical therapist in the morning, I hope he stays in, and gets his strength back. as I was wandering around in a fog in my underweat the bell rings, and as I'm walking to the door it opens. It's Terry & Sparky, and there here to clean. As soon as she sees my condition she asks me if she should come back next week. I say yes, as she, and Sparky back out the door. I'll have to call her tomorrow evening. Felt good enough to go To Weight Watchers, and weigh in. Got there at 4, and paid another $90 for the next 10 visits. It's crazy when you think about this in the cold light of day. I'm paying these people $10 just to weigh me, and mark it down on 2 seperate documents. This is the 3rd week of no gain, and no loss. By all rights I should've gained with all the mistakes I made last week.

Felt well enough to go to O/A meeting in Albany, but I had a lot of time to burn off so I headed to Border's to get a few photo magazines. Then I noticed that the gas tank was empty so filled it up at the Mobil station on Sand Creek Rd. Before leaving Wolf Road I went to Office Max looking for those 5x7 notebooks. What d'ya know, there were here, only had to go to 5 stores. Now it was time to go to the O/A meeting, arrived 15 minutes early, so I started setting up the literature, then Betsy showed up looking happy, and pretty, even though she's got a lot of personal problems. Meeting went well then we had a business meeting where I read my Treasurer's report. The only new business we discussed is to keep the meetings open. We never had a problem here, but it's been told that over at Saint Peter's Hospital a group of students from some college sat in, and started taking notes. This made a few members nervous, and I think a couple left the meeting. We decided that in our opening remarks we will put in some dialog stating that only active food abusers, and their loved ones might stay. Meeting over, I came straight home only stopping at Becker's corner to buy 3 bags of Lay's Baked potato chips. The very item that I said that I'd never buy again. Oh well, that's the very reason I'm going to O/A.

Home - Hard Boiled Egg.................................2pts.
Home - Ham & Cheese on a hard roll....................15pts.
Car - Baked Potato Chips...............................4pts.
Home - Cheddar Cheese 4 oz...........................+12pts.
TOTAL = permissible 26 to 31 points...................33pts.

Beth 201 on 12/05/2002:
Herb...You know what that does sound kind of funny. I never really thought about it. LOL Well I hope you are feeling better. You have a great day. Beth :)

BandMom on 12/05/2002:
Hi Herb! I hope you get feeling better my friend!I'm happy you didn't gain. Today is a new day.I hope ron stay in and get his strenght back to. Have a Merry Christmas. Bandmom

JUMP START on 12/05/2002:
Hi Herb, I am new on the block here. Started (again) to lose this weight and find myself already coming to a standstill on the losing part, too. So we will both hang tough and do all the right things, at least for today! Here's to a great day.

herb - Tuesday Dec 03, 2002
(Weight Watcher)
Weight: 223.8

Up before 5AM, a few minutes later the phone rings, it's my wake up call from Ronnie. Dressed quickly, but when I got to the bathroom I had to brush my teeth with chilled water from the refrigerator. Bundled up and headed out the door into the cold, and windy darkness. Cranked up the "grey mist", and slowly rolled out of the parking lot. Got to Ron's house at 6:15am, and we're off. As we pulled into the hospitals parking lot at 6:45 the dawn was just breaking, we rapidly crossed the few hundred feet of grass, and driveway, and into the hospital. We were directed up to the third floor, and to Room 329 where Carrie the nurse greeted us, and who would guide our way till we got out of there at 2PM. Carrie told Ronnie to strip, "all jewlery, all underwear, dentures, then put your clothes in the locker, put on a gown, and get into bed, I'll be back." On her trip back she drew blood, and gave him a valium, and another pill. Now she started 2 IV drips going into one line. By the time the phlebotomists arrived Ron was getting droopy, and the color was leaving his face. Phlebotomy is the study of blood, they were blood technicians. They put 2 slits on his arm, then with a 4" circular piece of blotting paper they touched the 2 slits every 30 seconds, making a series of blots around the circumfrence of the paper. They were testing how fast his blood would clot. It's an older procedure but preferred by his doctor. It's now 9AM , and it was time to roll him to the operating room. I was shown a waiting room with a hostess that was just for people like me waiting for patients to come back from surgery. In Ron's case it wasn't invasive (cutting) surgery. They were going to break up his kidney stones with a ultrasonic machine, and a stint would be inmvolved. I went into the waiting room with the thought of getting some breakfast. The hostess took me down to the first floor cafeteria. It was a small room as you would expect for a small hospital. Obviously I got there late because all that was left was one sausage patty, and a half-filled tray of scrambled eggs. Got a plate of eggs, and a black coffee, and took a seat against the wall to read this tiny book of 61 pages about cats that I bought in Grand Union. I love cats, but like all things living I can't take the responsibility for. I have a hard time taking responsibility for myself. After finishing the cat book I got off the elevator just as Ronnie's doctor came into the lounge to tell me that they had rolled my buddy out of the operating room, and he would spend the next hour and a half in PACU (Post Ambulatory Care Unit). At noon they told me I could go in and see him, they had brought him back to room 329 where we started at 7am. He was groggy, and still very white, and frail. In the middle of all this the bell goes off, they're having a fire drill. Eventually the nurse came in with a urinal for him to use, and I was horrified when he brought it up from under the sheets, it was all blood. I found out thats normal, Phew that scared me. Sat around watching the television with the sound off I find thats the only way I can bear it. What garbage. I know I know I sound like an elitist, but it is trash. Another woman named Lois came in, and started reading all the things he had to do upon his release plus some prescriptions he had to fill. That done Ron got dressed, and we awaited the call from Dr. Emu giving Ron the release to leave. Someone found him, and got a OK. A woman with a wheel chair showed up to push him to the exit. When we got to the door I went ahead, and got the car out of the lot, and we were off.

First stop was the Price Chopper to get his prescriptions filled, as I was waiting for him to come back from the mens room I spotted Amelia Andersen the president of our Camera Club she was shopping with her left arm still in the sling while her husband sat outside in the car. The doctors have told her that the bone is not knitting and there's a gap remaining. As of now there are pins in there holding things together. I asked her about the club newsletter, because when the December issue came out it said that Phyllis would continue publishing it out of Florida. I reminded her that I had volunteered to do it, and even went so far as to do a mock up, and bring it to the last meeting. She says she never got an opportunity to see it, but I do know Eileen Camuto the vp saw it. I shouldn't be writing these dramatic scripts in my mind but I do know that Amelia & Phyllis are thick, and Phyllis always seems to get her way. I'm just curious as to why she might still want to put out the paper, but then again this might be conjecture by me. After leaving her I went back to collect Ron at the druggist where he had his scripts filled. Got in the car and drove out of the parking lot, across 9W, and into the Ambrosia's parking lot. He was still dopey from the drugs because as soon as we walked in he went to the right side of the diner, the smoking side. "Where the hell are you 'goin," and then he said that he usually sat on that side. I don't think so. Got him seated, and now he cant find his Zantac pills, he goes through his pockets a couple of times and gives up. "Go down the ramp to the Grey Mist, and look on the dashboard in the plastic shopping bag from the hospital, I threw all your stuff in there." Several minutes later he comes back saying he can't find them. We ordered our food, and he got his standard mushroom omelette, with rye toast, and coffee. I had a Turkey Burger, and mash. As were sitting there he looks out to the Price Chopper lot across the street, and says "There are a lot of cars there for a Sunday morning." Now I'm stuck, what do I say. Is he pulling my leg with some kind of a joke or has he lost it. If he's lost it should I play along, or tell him it's 4PM on a Tuesday afternoon. Always anxious to keep things boiling I tell him the truth, and there's no reaction. I hope to God it's just the drugs wearing off. As we finished the waitress came over, and put the bill down. I put a buck fifty in front of my place, and told Ronnie what he owed me. Then went to the cash register to pay the bill, and wait for him. He came over got change and paid me then went off to the men's room. I went to the truck and looked through the hospital bag for his pills, and the white plastic box was there all the time. When he got in the truck I showed it to him. As I reflect back on this day I should've been kinder to him, but I was scared too, and unfortunately that the way I handled it. I swear tomorrow I'll do better. It was a short ride back to his house, and I watched him in the headlights as he went up the three steps to the deck on the side of the house, and through the door. I was off, stopping at Toby's for a couple of sandwiches on hard rolls, and a half pound of cheddar cheese.

Got home and put the food into the refrigerator, turned on the tap, and we still had no water. I was so tired I just turned up the heat, and went to bed.

Hospital - 2 eggs scrambled............................4pts.
Ambrosia - Cup of Beef Barley..........................3pts.
Ambrosia - Turkey Burger (w. bun)......................9pts.
Ambrosia - Mashed Potatoes.............................2pts.
Home - Cheddar Cheese 4 oz...........................+12pts.
TOTAL = permissible 26 to 31 points...................30pts.

herb - Monday Dec 02, 2002
(Weight Watcher)
Weight: 223.8

Woke up with a dribble of water out of the faucets, knocked on Anne-Maries door which is across the hall, she tells me that there's been a mains break, and that there letting the kids out of school at noon. Ron showed up at my apartment at 11, and we were shortly underway. First stop was Marco's where I had a Bran Muffin toasted, and buttered. Ron had his obligatory French Toast. I asked him how he rated it on a scale of 1 to 10, and he said 10. The real reason for going there was to take pictures of 3 photographs on the wall which Ron did for me with his camera. While we were eating he kept pushing these form at me concerning his operation tomorrow. I said tell me about it, I don't want to read it. At the end of this repast I paid the bill, and tip then went out to the car while he was screwin around inside.

He headed for the Crossgates Mall via Delmar, and Western Avenue. We pulled into our spot at Dick's Sporting Goods. I got the key to the electric scotter that took me to the other end of the store. Then we went down the elevator. Had to wait because Santa wouldn't hold the doors for us, and went down alone, obviously feeling his star stature. On the lower level Ron went to Vitamin World, and I went into the Apple Store. Went to the Genius Bar, and Mark explained that odd looking "�" letter I see occasionaly on a folder. He said it's programmers short hand for folder. Then we started talking about hard drives which I need for my setup. Got the 80 gigabyte LaCie unit. It is beautiful looking, and it so well made. When I got it home, suprise "Made in China." I remember buying Japanese products in the 1950's when I was a kid, Japan was rebuilding after WW-II, and there quality level was nowhere at the level the Chinese are at now. Sony, Canon, and Toyota better pray that the Chinese don't go into making their own TV's, cameras, and cars. Ronnie came in from Vitamin World after dropping a hundred and something dollars, and now he wanted to use a four thousand dollar computer with a 23" color screen to add up his cash register tape. So I got lost by paying for my drive then looking around. We now left for our next stop; Mar's Music, we made it there with a few mistaken turns in the trip. I was first out of the car and as I approached the door I saw something was wrong. Handwritten paper signs all over the door saying; "Liquidation," "Fixtures for Sale," "Closed." I opened the door and a heavy set guy was in the vestibule, sitting on a stool. As I looked into the almost bare store he said words like; "bankruptcy," "all the stores are out of business," "you can go in if you want to buy fixtures." Ron now came in, and heard the same rap, but he couldn't or wouldn't comprehend. He had it so set in his mind that he had to get this part for his Technics he refused to believe his ears or eyes. As the guy was still talking to him I had to lead him back out to the car. "I don't want to drive you drive, lets go to Denny's" that's what he tells me. "No" I say "we've got to do our errands now, and you told me that you wanted tickets for the Charlotte Church concert, and I want to do this before it gets dark." It gets dark now at 4:30 now, can you believe that.

I took the wheel of his Toyota and pulled out of the lot pointing the car Eastward to Albany, and the Pepsi Arena. Drove into the small parking lot set aside for people buying tickets, I deposited him literally 10 feet from the doors and, pointed the door to him, and told him thats where the tickets are sold. He went in, several minutes later, he comes out, and he's not smiling. Why? He got a dose of what tickets for live theatrical events are selling for. Two tickets - cost $152, and they weren't the most expensive. Now he's gotta figure out who's going to go with him. By the way Charlotte Church is not the featured performer on the ticket. Julie Andrews, and Christopher Plummer are, that doesn't sound good. He starts wondering if he'll be able to find the place in the dark, because his eyesight isn't that good at night, and is not familiar with downtown Albany. As it stands now I'm supposed to go to the Rip van Winkle Amateur Radio Society's Christmas Party. I'll go with him if he wants me to, but I'd rather him give the ticket to someone who'd really appreciate it. Finished with this chore, and now I headed for the Big-M Truck Stop in Glenmont.

When I got there I gave him the job of finding us a booth as I headed for the Mens Room. Came back to find that out of the 2 booths left he sits at the one without windows, and 2 small rickety tables, as opposed to the one with a substantial table, and in a location with windows on 2 sides. Now he starts to look for the papers that he wanted me to look at in Marco's, and he can't find them. On top of this he's been going on since we left my house about a silk baseball jacket with his call letters on it, and the fact that he's a member of the Warminster Radio Club. All day long he's insisting he left the jacket in my apartment this morning. Now it's the medical forms. First he goes through a small leather bag, then the Technics organ manual. Then he leaves the restaurant to go out to the car to toss it, twice, while I go through the bag, and book myself. Meanwhile the food comes, and he's still out in the car. He comes back dejected. I started to go through all the places where he might have left, was it Marco's, was it at the Apple store while you were tallying up your purchases at Vitamin World. He finally eats his apple pie, and drinks his coffee. The final thing on his agenda was to get gas at the "Petrol" station, yes that's the gas stations official name, "Petrol.". He got out to pump his gas while I sat at the wheel. Although his tank was three-quarters full he wanted to stop here because they have the cheapest gas, in this transaction I figure he's saved 30 cents. He can't get the credit card to work, so it annoyed him to pay cash. Do you know at our next stop in Ravena he paid for a bag of cough drops with his credit card. I've got to ask him about this. I'm having trouble with my prescriptions again. It appears that I'm once again locked out of the system. I won't be able to check into this tomorrow, I'll be over at the Columbia-Greene Hospital most of tomorrow. While driving down 9W I told him to use his cell phone, and dial the hospital to find out what time they wanted him there, and to do it by 5, before the office people start for home. After a few misdirected, and misdialed calls it was found out that he was to be there at 7AM. Seven AM - that means I'll have to be up a 5AM. To satisfy both of us I stopped at Marco's again to see if he left the papers there this morning. No they weren't was the answer when he came out with.

Finally got to my apartment, and with great expectation he thought his white silk jacket would be there. It wasn't. As we're standing there his cell phone rings, and who is it. It's the hospital, and what do they want? They want to tell him that Vitamin World called the hospital to say that Ronnie left all his medical papers on the counter in their store. OK, one mystery solved. We now tried to download the pictures he shot in Marco's, and we just couldn't make it happen. Anne-Marie came over to tell me that the water is still off, and she has it on good faith that it'll be turned on pretty soon. (NOTE: It's 11PM, and its not on.) Can we all say Overtime Boys & Girls. Anne-Marie was nice enough to give me a sealed gallon of drinking water. As Ron went out the door I told him to call me when he got home. A few minutes later the phone rings, and he tells me that this jacket he's talked about all day long was hanging on the back of a chair. The fun starts again at 5AM.

P.S. While waiting for him outside the Big-M Truck Stop I went to open the door, he locked it. Why? I put the key in the door to unlock it, and that set off the burgular alarm. It just kept blowing the horn, while every trucker in there looked out the windows at me. While I could see Ron talking to the waitress at the back of the room, neither one of them reacting to the racket outside the front door. This must've gone on for 2 or 3 minutes then it stopped. Finally he came out, and told me if I had just put the key in the ignition it would've stopped the alarm. But my question is OK lock the door because we had my brand new hard drive in there, but why the stupid alarm.

Marco's - Bran muffin & 2 pats of butter...................17pts.
Big M - 2 scrambled eggs....................................5pts.
Big M - Hashed brown potatoes...............................6pts.
Big M - 2 pieces of rye buttered............................7pts.
Home - Skinny Corn Chips...................................+3pts.
TOTAL = permissible 26 to 31 points........................38pts.

herb - Sunday Dec 01, 2002
(Weight Watcher)
Weight: 223.8

Had to be in Waterford at 2 but I started a little late, like 11:30. It would have been alright but it was necessary to stop at the Radio Shack in Glenmont, and bring back the active AM/FM antenna I bought there a couple of daysago. I tried the AM section of the antenna, and it actually made the reception worse by introducing noise into the signal. While I was there I did pick up some co-ax adapters to use with the Passive indoor FM antenna Ron loaned/gave me the other night.

Went up 787 to Waterford, arrived shortly after 1, the photographer still hadn't arrived. Everyone was walking around the house except Brother-In-Law George who stayed on the deck smoking cigarettes. Eventually the women showed up with her daughter, and they got down to work. They then moved over to the church in Troy, and retook a slew of pictures at the altar which included a few of me. When they went off to the park for there next stop I went straight to the restaurant with George, and Joyce behind me. As a consequence we had to wait for Krispin, and Robin to show. My sister, and George ordered a couple of double Absolut's to tide them over. So I ordered a crock of onion soup as an appetizer. The bride, and groom showed, menus were passed about, and the waitperson Adasm took the order. Krispin picked up the bill, and must've laid a good tip on Adam, because he kept thanking Krispin all the wat to the front door. I took off for home while the others went to the newlyweds house to change out of their tuxedos, and gowns.

Got home and rang Victoria's cell, and wound up leaving a message. Then made plans for tomorrow by calling Ron on his home phone.

Home - Quaker cereal........................................2pts.
Olde 499 House - French Onion Soup..........................4pts.
Olde 499 House - Cream of Broccoli Soup.....................4pts.
Olde 499 House - Mashed Potato..............................6pts.
Olde 499 House - Green Beans................................2pts.
Olde 499 House - Crab Cakes (3)............................12pts.
Olde 499 House - Cheese cake w. whipped cream..............12pts.
Home - Turkey Bologna slices (2)...........................+2pts.
TOTAL = permissible 26 to 31 points........................44pts.

Beth 201 on 12/02/2002:
Wow... What a day. I thought I had a lot to do. :) You have a good day. Beth :)

eighty-five on 12/02/2002:
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> <HTML><HEAD> <META content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" http-equiv=Content-Type> <META content="MSHTML 5.00.2614.3500" name=GENERATOR> <STYLE></STYLE> </HEAD> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV><FONT color=#ff7f00><B><font size=5>Calling all Diet Diary Members</B>: </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>Our friend and fellow diarist <B>MichelleP</B>, whose love, compassion and friendship have touched many of us, <B>is going into the hospital for surgery</B> this Wednesday morning, December 4th. Let's let her know how many of us will be thinking of her in the days ahead. <B>Please email her <B><U>tomorrow, Tuesday, December 3rd</U></B> at: </DIV> <P align=center>michellepoole2@aol.com <P>and wish her well! </P> <P align=center></B><I>"The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love." --Hubert Humphrey. <P> </P> <P></FONT> </P></B></I></BODY></HTML>

SoccerMom on 12/02/2002:
You can fall off the wagon for one day, but when you don't hop back on, you lose your way. What's up? You know that you want to lose those extra pounds, so why keep inviting them back? Try harder to stick within your points tomorrow, OK?

Have a great day!

herb - Saturday Nov 30, 2002
(Weight Watcher)
Weight: 223.8

Well as everyone can see I fell off the wagon, and knocked off a 5 ounce bag of Potat Chips, which cost me 15 points. I'm still eating them as I type this journal. I just want it finished, gone!

It was a productive day, and God gave me a good day. Got to Columbia-Greene Community College at 2, and my colleagues from the camera club were taking down their pictures. David & Judy put two pictures on the front seat of my pick-up which will be hung at Marco's. Hung around till 3 to talk to Eileen, and Amelia but they disappeared somewhere into the innards of the building and never got an opportunity to see them. Next stop was Ghent to see Stanley. He had finished working on the shelves trusses, and now I brought him the enpieces which have to be glued, and drilled. When I went in to his shop he had a nice Tektronix scope somebody gave him, and he bought the operator's manual complete with schematics for $1 on ebay. Drove back to Hudson and the Katterskill Health Food store for my chai tea. They didn't have it but I wound up with a bag of potato chips (15pts), what a jerk. Just the other day I swore off of them.

Went back across the river to Ronnie's house where I picked him up, and we had a fish dinner at Ursula's. After dropping him off I came straight home. While I was at his house he gave me a indoor FM antenna for my bedroom radio.

Home - Pita Chips 1serving..................................2pts.
Home - Cereal (Apples & Cinnamon)...........................3pts.
Home - Potato Chips Boulder................................15pts.
Ursula's - Cup of Chicken rice soup.........................2pts.
Ursula's - Baked Potato.....................................4pts.
Ursula's - Carrots & Peas...................................2pts.
Ursula's - Broiled Sol�.....................................2pts.
Ursula's - 2 pats of Butter.................................5pts.
Home - Peanut Butter Crackers..............................+3pts.
TOTAL = permissible 26 to 31 points........................38pts.

rosewood on 11/30/2002:
Well ok, you fell off the wagon, just brush yourself off and get back on!!!

I see I'm not the only person that has noticed you don't eat many veggies of fruits. Maybe you could buy a bag of apples or oranges. You don't have much fuss to prepare an apple or orange. Enjoy! and hey you could get some canned veggies and just prepare them in the microwave or in a pan on the stove. Not much fuss to this either. I not trying to nag, but I think fruits and veggies are soooo important.

Just trying to be a blessing 0:-)

Beth 201 on 12/01/2002:
Hey don't beat yourself up over the chips. It happens to us all. This Thursday I knocked off about 6 peanut butter cookies. Lots of points there. Plus I had a shake and a large hamburger one day. See! We just have to brush ourselves off and climb back on. Good job eating those veggies. I see that you got some carrots and peas in your food today. :) Well you keep your chin up and just try harder tomorrow. Hugs!

Beth :)

Beth 201 on 12/01/2002:
Oh...I forgot to tell you. On your comment you left me regarding putting up illuminated fruits and veggies. I did find some lights that had fruit on them. They where cute. The things they have now are so funny. Well you have a good one. Beth :)

herb - Friday Nov 29, 2002
(Weight Watcher)
Weight: 223.8

Got dressed around noon, would've been in gear earlier but my breathing was squirelly last night, and as a consequence my sleeping was off and on. Ronnie called and wanted to come over and play, but I dissuaded him, told him he should start making arrangements to have his car fixed.

Finally the wind went away, and so did the snow. So I decided I felt well enough to do my chores. First was to take one of the end panels from the shelf, and put it in the car. Next was dropping off the mail at the Hannacroix Post Office. From there to Glenmont to pickup a FM antenna that I had ordered, when the fellow brought it out from the back room I realized that this was not what I ordered, but after some thinking I took it with the proviso that I could bring it back. Finally back home stopping at Grand Union for food.

Still watching the movie "A Beautiful Mind" this time with Ron Howard's commentary. He puts family members in the movies for good luck. His wife has been in every movie he's ever made going back to when he was a kid with a 8mm camera. Plus his daughter, and brother are in this film. Also found out that he lives in Connecticut.

Home - Broccoli & Cheese (Green Giant).................3pts.
Home - Lasagna w. meat (Stouffers).....................8pts.
Home - Soy Crisps......................................3pts.
Home - Banana.........................................+2pts.
TOTAL = permissible 26 to 31 points...................16pts.

Beth 201 on 11/30/2002:
Hi Herb. That sounds good to me. Today I had some green beans, corn, peas for my veggies. Then I had a orange, apple and some grapes for my fruit. It is a start. You have a wonderful day.

Beth :)

herb - Thursday Nov 28, 2002
(Weight Watcher)
Weight: 223.8

Stayed in the house till 3:30 watching one of the best movies I've seen in months. It's "A Beautiful Mind" starring Russel Crowe, and Jennifer Connelly. I'm looking at the back of the box, and I notice that it's won gobs of Oscars, 4 of them. Plus there's so much supplementary material, it'll take you 8 hours of viewing to see it all. Finally had to shut the computer off, and get ready for dinner. As I was going out the door Anne-Maries apartment door was open, and everyone was there including Cindy's mother Lucille who is now in a nursing home. They were about to sit down to eat. I wished them all a Happy Thanksgiving, and I was off to pick-up Ronnie.

Arrived at the Log Sider in Leeds at 4:30 and we were seated immediately. I had the standard Turkey dinner as you can see below, but Ron had sauerbraten, red cabbage, and potato pancakes. Is that standard Thanksgiving dinner in Holland? But he said it was good, and he finished it off with a chocolate mousse.

After we left I drove around the town of Catskill to see if anything was open. Nothing open, dropped Ron off, and came home to watch my movie.

After reviewing my FOOD LOG for today, there will be no more potato chips. It's to expensive, just look at those points! Twenty-two points in a five and a half ounce bag of Lay's chips, insane. It's now on the same list with chocolate, and ice cream.

Home - Lays chips (Wisconsin Cheddar).................14pts.
Home - Cheese spread...................................6pts.
Home - Pita Chips......................................3pts.
Log Sider - Cream of Broccoli soup.....................2pts.
Log Sider - Red Cabbage................................1pt.
Log Sider - Turkey.....................................6pts.
Log Sider - Mashed Potatoes............................8pts.
Log Sider - Stuffing...................................8pts.
Log Sider - Pumpkin Pie...............................+6pts.
TOTAL = permissible 26 to 31 points.................. 54pts.

herb - Wednesday Nov 27, 2002
(Weight Watcher)
Weight: 223.8

It snowed during the night. Not much, stuck to the grass but not to the blactop. But it was cold go into the 20's, fortunately no wind. Stayed in the house till 4 cleaning up, doing paperwork, and telephoning.

Brushed the snow off the windows and was underway. First stop Weight Watchers, as I was standing there waiting to get weighed Katie the leader came over, and I told her how well she looked with a long brown skirt on, and pumpkin colored sweater with a little turkey pin on her chest. That along with her brown, and yellow streaked hair she looked so Thanksgiving. She says to me "Your sister tells me you're not eating fruits, and vegetables." Now I wonder how these two know each other, I'll have to ask Joyce tomorrow. Next stop Delmar, and the Boston Market for a Turkey Carver, should have gotten it without the parmesan sauce, and cheese, would have saved 6 points.

Got to the Unity Church a little early, and Katherine had every thing set up which was nice. Had a new young girl who brought her mother, the girl is visiting from California for the holiday. We had a total of nine people tonight, and I conducted the meeting. Drom there it was home stopping at Bed & Bath for a tie rack, then to Bonfare for a bag of potato chips, and hardboiled eggs.

Home - Peanut Butter Crackers........................3pts.
Boston Market - Turkey Carver.......................14pts.
Home - Lays chips (Wisconsin Cheddar)................8pts.
Home - Box of Raisins...............................+2pts.
TOTAL = permissible 26 to 31 points............. 27pts. Thursday:
Home - Lays chips (Wisconsin Cheddar)...............14pts.

rosewood on 11/27/2002:
Sounds like a good day to stay inside. I wish I could of stayed inside too. Snowed the same amount here, the grass is covered a little bit but so far the roads are ok. I hope you have a good holiday and hey I can't help but notice since you post your food. Do you ever eat any veggies? Just wondering. Take care.

Beth 201 on 11/28/2002:
Hey you guys have all the snow. We have no snow at all. It is warm for this time of year. Hey I love it however. I am not ready for Winter. LOL Hang in there. I have the same problem eating my fruit anf veggies. It is hard, but we both need to work on that area. You have a wonderful day.

Beth :)

kyrin on 11/28/2002:
You mean potato chips aren't vegetables? LOL ...Well, you did have raisins. {grins} Okay, so you are light on the fruits and veggies...but those scale numbers are continuing to go down. You get kudos for sticking with the WW!

Have a nice Thanksgiving, Herb!

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