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herb - Tuesday Nov 26, 2002
(Weight Watcher)
Weight: 223.8

Was on the phone tracing down an annuity my sister made me buy years ago. A friend of hers was starting as an agent, so she figured me as an easy sale, because I usually do what my sister tells me to do. Fortunately that phone call was productive. Then I went to the Coxsackie Bank, and asked Mary the vp to close my Credit Union account in NY, and transfer that money into my passbook account up here. Then I went to Ravena and cashed a couple of personal checks. Made a brief stop at CVS for bric-a-brac. On the way home I stopped at Marco's for soup, Big Mike Dulacky was there, a bear of a man with a cigarette addiction. I asked him about his daughter's 21st Birthday. He told me he wasn't there, he and his wife went to an Indian casino to see George Carlin in performance. Truth told, I might've done the same thing, Carlin rules.

From there to the dry cleaner to pick up shirts, and drop off a load of hangers. Then to the recycle bin to throw out a shopping bag of magazines. Finally gassed up the grey mist, the chatter on the radio is SNOW is threatening. I hope Thanksgiving doesn't get snowed out.

Finally home, and as I was sitting on the side of the bed taking a bi-pap treatment the phone rang. it was my old friend Jimmy H. from ABC, he was making up a clip reel for some upcoming football game. Apparently he had free time on his hands so he gave me a ring. It's always good to hear from old friends.

Marco's - Bowl of Beef Macaroni...................5pts.
Marco's - Saltines................................1pt.
Home - Crackers, Baked, CVS.......................6pts.
Home - Potato Chips Boulder, Sea Salt & Pepper....6pts.
Home - Pita Chips, Stacy's........................2pts.
Home - Cheese Slice, Jalapenio....................1pt.
Home - Tuna Noodle Casserole......................8pts.
Home - Glass of V8...............................+1pts.
TOTAL = permissible 26 to 31 points............. 30pts.

Beth 201 on 11/27/2002:
Wow what a busy day. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Beth :)

herb - Monday Nov 25, 2002
(Weight Watcher)
Weight: 223.8

Called Stanley Engel this morning to see if I could come over. I want him to work on my shelf project, he said yes. Told him I'd be there at 2 o'clock. Then called Meryl in Rockville Centre, and spent an entire hour on the phone. Then it was out the door. My landlord was putting up red reflectors on sticks on the perimeter of the parking lot to let the man with the snow plow know where the lawn starts, and the lot stops. We talked for awhile, and I asked him about the upright piano he brought upstairs last weekend. Turns out they wanted a piano for Briana, and Cindy asked around work if anyone had or knew of someone who wanted to sell one. Well there was, it was a upright piano in good condition which he got for 250 dollars. Last Sunday he rounded up a friend of his who is a stagehand, and rigger. The guy showed up with his sons, and his sons friends along with block and fall, rope, dollies, and lumber. All this to move the piano into the house, and up the stairs. Cost him 400 dollars for this. As I was standing there talking to him a woman pulled into the lot, turns out she was there to tune the piano. This little girl has so much on her plate: Chess club, dance lessons, soccer team, homework, and now piano lessons. I just wonder if it's her idea for all these extra-curricular activities or are her parents pushing her.

On the road to Ghent to see Stanley, got there a minute or two after the hour of two. Pushed the bell on the carriage house, and he let me inside to his beautiful woodworking shop. I explained what had to be done, and we talked for awhile about the Christmas party for the Ham Club, and publishing my newsletter for the camera club using Acrobat. He said he'd call me when he was finished with the job, and I'd come back. But now it was time for food, but first I stopped at the health food store in Hudson, and managed to buy three different kinds of chips; Soy, potato, and pita. Then stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a small cup of Vanilla Chai. Never did eat at Wendy's which was my plan,just came home.

At home I called Ronnie G. to find out that a deer hit his car on Sunday night after the music recital. He sent me a photo via e-mail, the right front of the car got it. The deer disappeared, so there's no report on its welfare. Then called Joyce, Trudy, and Ronnie in Queensbury. Trudy called back at around 10 o'clock. She went to see The Fat Greek Wedding with her girlfriends Carol, & Crystal.

On the way home this afternoon I stopped in Athens and talked to a guy who is working on this restaurant that is being built on the river. It seems that it's taking forever. But the guy "Gus" told me it should be opened by next May and will feature Seafood, and Greek dishes like: spanakopita (spinach pie), pastitsio, and moussaka.

Dunkin Donuts - Small Vanilla Chai................5pts.
Home - Potato Chips Boulder, Sea Salt & Pepper....9pts.
Home - Soy Crisps, Deep Sea Salted................2pts.
Home - Pita Chips, Stacy's........................2pts.
Home - Cheese Crackers, Austin...................+3pts.
TOTAL = permissible 26 to 31 points............. 21pts.

herb - Sunday Nov 24, 2002
(Weight Watcher)
Weight: 223.8

Quiet Day. Spoke to sister Joyce, and made a few phone calls. Then I went up to Glenmont stopping at Radio Shack where I bought a Seiko Electronic dictionary for $10, and I looked at DVD players my sister seems interested in getting one. Asked again about when the Radio Shack catalog is coming out, and I'm told that there wont be a paper one, it will be distributed as a CD-ROM. Yeah, but when? Then I went next door and picked up 6 barrels of Crystal Light decaffeinated. This stuff is expensive at $3.69 apiece. In fact most food is overpriced! Some of those frozen entrees are the same price as if tou ordered it in a restaurant.

Came home stopping at Video-Plus to return the DVD thaty I rented yesterday. While I was there I bought 2 used DVD's, cost $15 for both of them. One was "A Beautiful Mind" with Russell Crowe, and "The Shipping News" with Kevin Spacey. Came home and checked them out, they look good. Well it's now on to the Drudge Report, and bed.

Home - Cinnamon Toast Crunch........................8pts.
Home - Stouffer's Spaghetti & Meatballs.. ..........5pts.
Home - Cheese Crackers, Lays.......................+5pts.
TOTAL = permissible 26 to 31 points............... 18pts.

herb - Saturday Nov 23, 2002
(Weight Watcher)
Weight: 223.8

Ronnie called me around 1 and wanted to know if I wanted to take a ride down to Saugerties to help look for his friend Ron North. I hadn't been out for awhile, and I hadn't seen Ron in days, and it was a nice sunny day, so I said I'd be at his house at 2:30. Got to his house, and the outside is shaping up nicely, but he's going down the same road as I am with stuff sprouting off of every flat surface in the house.

We were off in his car and heading South on 9W with the sun blinding Ronnie as he drove. I reached up to hand him his sunglasses, the type that are big enough to put over your prescription glasses. He explained to me how they got all chewed up. He was at his friend Walter's house in Cairo, and no one noticed that the dog used his glasses as a chew toy. Ron had presence of mind to print out a map of how to get to 312 Market Street, when we found this small green bungalow with a low chain link fence around it we asked if thid is where Bonnie North lives. Well we were partially right, we just got the tense wrong. She was evicted 2 weeks ago for non-payment of rent, and the owner has no idea of her mew address. So that means Ron goes back to the drawing board. Now he decided to look for a chocolate store that makes their chocolate on premises. We drove down Route 9W all the way to Kingston, and he even took a detour to Mount Marion to show me a "cute" Post Office right by the railroad tracks. Now it was back to Saugerties, and as we pull into town there on our left is the store "Krause's Chocolates." He was all set to go in, but I refused. His rationale was "it's for gifts, for Chanukah, or for Christmas," yeah sure, for gifts. It was now about 4 in the afternoon, and I hadn't eaten yet, so I told him about this diner in Saugerties, and we were underway.

I knew this was a mistake my guard was down, I was wide open as we pulled into the Starway Cafe. and went to the back parking lot so we could walk in without climbing the stairs. This is a relatively new diner, clean, and with a small menu. Ron ordered only a slice of apple pie, but I had to get the full treatment with Hash & Eggs. It was bad, but it was soo good. Had a leisurely time eating, and we spoke about a lot of things, now it was time to head back. Outside it was dark, and I suggested that I'd drive. He assured me that he was OK, and had the proper glasses on.

Got back to his place, and it was getting windy, cold, and rainy. I warmed up the "mist", and headed up 9W to the video store. Picked up a copy of "Along Came A Spider", a thriller involving the kidnapping of a Senator's daughter, starring Morgan Freeman as Dr. Alex North. It was OK, but you can't get to analytical with the story.

Stargat� Cafe - 2 eggs over w.......................4pts.
Stargat� Cafe - corned beef hash....................8pts.
Stargat� Cafe - Rye toast, buttered.................5pts.
Stargat� Cafe - Home Fries..........................6pts.
Home - Melba Toast..................................2pts.
Home - Lays Baked Potato Chips......................5pts.
Cinnamon Toast Crunch..............................+7pt.
TOTAL = permissible 26 to 31 points............... 37pts.

herb - Friday Nov 22, 2002
(Weight Watcher)
Weight: 223.8

Another bleak rainy day. Thank goodness its not snow. Had a nice phone call with Joyce before going out. Had a talk with Anne-Marie about leaflets that were pushed under the door. It was from a family down the street who is trying to get the people on the block to put out candles inside paper bags one day before Christmas. This project keeps growing each year, and more, and more people are joining in.

First stop was the lumber yard to find out what kind of wood my bookshelves are made of. According to them it's either white oak, or birch. Found out they had those giant outdoor thermometers. It cost 9 dollars, my plan is to put it on the patio so as the winter days approach I can look out the window, and say too cold, I'm stayin inside. It's now dark, and rainy as I go over to Marco's, my job today was to put flyers on the wall for the camera club. Then it was across the street to Grand Union for a few goodies then back home. That's all.

Marco's - Cup of Chicken Noodle Soup.................3pts.
Marco's - 4 Saltines.................................1pt.
Home - Turkey Pot Pie (Swanson).....................20pts.
Home - 6 Bread Sticks................................2pts.
Home - Lays Baked Potato Chips.......................6pts.
Home - Cinnamon Toast Crunch........................12pts.
Glass of V8.........................................+1pt.
TOTAL = permissible 26 to 31 points................ 45pts.

rosewood on 11/23/2002:
Ohhh I don't like those bleak rainy days and we've been having a few of them lately. We even had some snow earlier this week but thankfully it turned to water as soon as it hit the gound.

In a town near me they put out those candles in paper bags on Christmas eve. It looks really pretty.

have a good Sunday.

Beth 201 on 11/23/2002:
Just stoped in to say I hope the rest of your weekend is a good one. Beth :)

herb - Thursday Nov 21, 2002
(Weight Watcher)
Weight: 223.8

The phone rang at 8:45 and it was Alice from the Unity Church, and she wanted to tell me that someone from O/A left the door open after the meeting. I told her that I wasn't there last night but I'd call people who i thought might be there, and I'd bring it up at next weeks meeting.

Terry and Sparky came over to clean at 3:15, and stayed one hour, during that time Michael J. called in response to my message that I left him in the morning. He was not at the O/A meeting last night, he was in Saco Maine. Isn't that strange Terry's last name is Sacco. After they left I went to Marco's, and hung the photograph that Bart left on my front porch earlier today. Then went over to Grand Union for V8 juice, and to mail a Birthday card to an old friend Pat in the city. Then it was back home.

Home - Peanut Butter crackers............... 3pts.
Marco's - Bowl of Pea Soup w. 4 saltines.....6pts.
Home - 3 slices of Turkey Bologna............3pts.
Home - Angel Hair Marinara (SmartOnes).......4pts.
Home - Cinnamon Toast Crunch (cereal).......10pts.
Home - Soft cheese (Herkimer)...............+5pts.
TOTAL = permissible 26 to 31 points........ 33pts.

herb - Wednesday Nov 20, 2002
(Weight Watcher)
Weight: 223.8

Talked only to sister Joyce today, she is still suffering with her knees, the doctor continues to give her shots in the knee, if there is no improvement she'll have to get the knee cap relaced. Not a pleasant thought to consider.

Left the house for Weight Watchers a little after 4, just stayed for the weigh-in then left. Forgot my book, and ticket stub from my 10 visit sign up. But the good news is I've lost another 0.8 of a pound. I'll take it any way I can. Then to Marco's for a bowl of soup. From there it was on to Greenville and the Rite-Aid drug store. Got some more Tussin for this stupid, stupid cough, and little boxes of raisins (2pts.), and a box of cinnamon toast cereal that I use as candy (3 pts./oz.), on to the library to wait for someone with a key to open up. Didn't wait long for David Rundell to show up with the coffee, and munchies. I went in with him, and set up chairs while Dave put on the tea pot. He had to go back home to pick up his wife Judith. While I was there alone I spotted 2 magazines, and a check book. At first I thought it was discarded because it appeared to contain only receipts. As I flipped through it there were live checks in it. I called the phone number on the face of the check, and left a message on the persons machine explaining that I found her checkbook. In the middle of a discussion the phone rings, and everyone stops talking. I call out "Oh, that's for me," its the women explaining how the checkbook happened to be here. The women wanted to have a conversation, and I'm trying to explain to her that we are in the middle of our camera club meeting, and we'd be here till 9 o'clock. As it turns out we were here till 10. The woman comes in at 9:15, and walks to the chair at the front of the room, picks up her magazines, and check book turns around, and walks out. Oh she did say Thank you over her shoulder as she was walking out. Do you want to know something, if I knew she would have done that, I would have acted the same way as I did. I call that growth.

Back to the meeting. We spent the entire night planning what we were going to be doing for the next year, but I got up front to deliver some news. One that I'm now willing to takeover the editing of our newsletter. Then I showed them the copy of Photoshop Elements 2 that I bought at Staples in Hudson last week. Between the store discount, and the rebate it turns that you can buy this $99 dollar program for $52, and change. Then I talked a little about the digital cameras that were shown at Photokina in Germany. Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, and Kodak are now selling cameras with chips having 10 mega-pixels and more. I left at 9:30. I started feeling cooped up in that room, considering that I was sitting there for 3 hours. Then a leisurely ride home on Route 81. Got to bed around midnight with my fingers crossed that Art Bell would be on tonight. Art came through, and he had one of his best shows with a fellow named Howard Rheingold who spoke about the Internet, and how the goverment, and big business want to change it. His book is titled "Smart Mobs - The Next Social Revolution." I didn't fall asleep till 5 AM.

Car - Box of Raisins.............................2pts.
Marco's - 4 saltines.............................1pt.
Home - Cereal (Cinnamon Toast Crunch)............9pt.
Marco's - bowl of chicken noodle soup...........+8pts.
TOTAL = permissible 26 to 31 points............ 20pts.

breakaway on 11/21/2002:
Hey Herb,

Good to see your still losing. I have always enjoyed your entries. Did you start counting points recently? Or have you been doing it a while now? How is it working for you? Feel hungry at all?

Have a wonderful day


pastagal on 11/21/2002:
Congrats herb on your loss for this week,,every bit counts:} and i have noticed you are keeping great track of your food and points and that is what will get you to your goal.

rosewood on 11/21/2002:
Congratulations on your weight loss! Every little bit counts! Your camera club sounds interesting! Hope you have a good week.

herb - Tuesday Nov 19, 2002
(Weight Watcher)
Weight: 224.6

Ron called me up, and we talked for awhile, and he decided to come up to see me. So when he showed up I told him that I wanted to go to CVS in Ravena. When we got there I paid for a couple of big marking pens that he picked up, and I got Vitamin C, Laundry soap, and furniture polish. I hadn't eaten, and he wanted to eat so we went to the Fox Run. I got eggs over, and he had waffles. Drove me home, because it was getting dark, and he wanted to get back home.

Called sister Joyce, and she had her knee in pain, and didn't want to talk. Then I called my niece Victoria, and left a message. She called me back an hour later. and we talked. She'll be back up here to work at Marriotts for the holiday. Then she'll spend her winter break up here working. That's it for today.

Fox Run - 2 eggs up, home fries.......................6pts.
Fox Run - 2 slices of buttered rye toast..............5pts.
Home - Crackers with Peanut Butter (Austin)..........+3pts.
TOTAL = permissible 26 to 31 points................. 14pts.

pastagal on 11/19/2002:
Hi herb,,,thank you for the nice comment to my entry today,it feels great to be writing an entry for everyone to read,this place became such a huge part of my everyday life and i have missed it terribly,but i am going to try to make an entry as often as i can till i can get back on a daily basis,i know for me i credited this place for keeping me on track and focused on my weight issues,,,i miss all of you ,,and it looks like your doing good these days and i like seeing that;} take care and keep up the great work ,i am proud of you:}}

BandMom on 11/20/2002:
Hi Herb! How is your breathing?Would you mind sending me your address so I can send you a Christmas card.If you don't want to that ok, I do understand.Take care my friend. Bandmom

BandMom on 11/20/2002:
Thank you for your address.You are a good person Herb. Take care ok. Bandmom

rosewood on 11/20/2002:
Sounds like you had a pretty busy day.

herb - Monday Nov 18, 2002
(Weight Watcher)
Weight: 224.6

Had no reason to go out, although I'm feeling better. Worked on the computer, did laundry, and worked cleaning the apartment.

In the evening made several phone calls including my nephew, and niece. Managed to get Krispin, but I couldn't get a hold of Victoria the Invisible.

Home - Crackers, Cheddar cheese, Cheetos..............4pts.
Home - Veggie Cheese (2 slices).......................2pts.
Home - Macaroni & Cheese (Boston Markets)...........+11pts.
TOTAL = permissible 26 to 31 points................. 17pts.

pastagal on 11/19/2002:
HI herb,,,,glad to see your sticking with weight watchers,,and from the looks of things your doing quite well:} i miss reading your entries,but i am going to be back soon and get caught up again,i need to get back here before i gain all my weight back,,since my son had the wreck and was hurt i have gained about 10 lbs back,,to much eating out,well you take care and keep up the good work with the good food choices:}

rosewood on 11/19/2002:
Sorry its taken so long to respond to your question. ROFL stands for "Roll On Floor Laughing" Also, I used to get on the treadmill all the time but then I guess I let is slide for awhile and the next thing you know I"m not using it at all. It's just hard to get motivated and get back on it again.

Beth 201 on 11/19/2002:
Just wanted to stop in and say hi. Sounds like you are doing great with the points. Keep it up. You have a great rest of the day.

Beth :)

SoccerMom on 11/19/2002:
Glad to hear that you're feeling better, and it looks like you did ok on your points today, too. You get an *ATTABOY* ~grin~

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