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herb - Friday Apr 18, 2003

Weight: 199.4

Left the house to walk out to the prking lot. Bill is outside painting the foundation of the house with a peach colored preservative paint, and his mother Anne-Marie was out there raking the garden. She's looking forward to playing with the garden. Looked at the tire with the screw in it, it was still inflated so I'm going to take a chance and drive it up to Albright's.

Took the truck and drove carefully avoiding all bumps, and potholes. Got to Hannacroix without incident, explained the problem to the mechanic, then sat in the waiting room till they called me. The tab was $12, they pointed to my inspection sticker to tell me that it had expired in January. I thanked them and went home to call Ronnie, he wanted to go to Albany with me. When I called he said because of the Passover, and that he was going to the Temple in Hudson at around 5 or 6 he couldn't go with me.

Went to the Big & Tall Mens Shop on Wolf Road bought some underwear, a belt, and a pair of 44" pants.

hearts_desire on 04/20/2003:
so ya broke 200.. you go boy!! i know , i know, your not a boy.. you all man.. still very proud of you..keep it up.. but dont starve yourself... and if your loosing to fast.. talk to the doc.. something else might be the problem.. lets hope not.. i remember you from long ago.. about a year i would say.. i uesed to be mommyoftwo.. i couldnt find my pass word.. so i made this one..anyway.. i sure hope you had a wonderful easter.. be safe.. and GOD BLESS, LISA

herb - Thursday Apr 17, 2003

Weight: 199.4

Went to the bank, and cashed a couple of checks. Came back to Marco's where I had a 3 o'clock appointment to see Ronnie. He showed up on time and we sat down, and I explained about hanging the 3 pictures on the wall. As we were in the middle of it my kid sister shows up after seeing my car. We talked for awhile, then she went across the street for her tanning rendezvous. Well after we got the pictures up I had a slice of Apple pie, he had his earlier with just a touch of whipped cream. Thats what he says to the waitress "just a touch," but I bet his eyes would bug out if she'd put the entire can down in front of him.

After leaving him I took a ride down to the boat ramp to see the swans and ducks. The tide was really high. High enough that the river was coming into the parking lot. Stayed there for about a half hour then left to come home. Now what, I'm hearing tick, tick, tick, and it becomes more frequent as I go faster. Get out, and take a look, nothing. But I know there is something in that left front tire. I'm not taking any chances so I drive the 2 blocks back to home, and park it in the lot. This time I take a look, and there it is a big sheet metal screw complete with a washer stickin square into the tire. I figure if it's flat tomorrow I'll call triple A, and if its not I'll go to the tire shop. Fortunately talking to Joyce later on in the evening she recommended Albrights in Hannacroix which is closer.

Baylee on 04/18/2003:
Hi Herb, That's wonderful that you've been losing so steadily. Did you say a while back that you had been prescribed an antidepressant by your Dr? I think most of them do contribute to weight loss. Hey! Good job! I'm sure it will level off in time. Keep up the good work! You're sounding upbeat. I like your sense of humor.


Beth 201 on 04/18/2003:
Well sounds like you are doing good. Just wanted to stop in and say hi. You seem to be doing well on your weight loss. Have a happy easter. Beth :)

MichelleP on 04/19/2003:
Hi Herb,

I just want to say you are doing an awesome job with your weight loss. Keep up the wonderful work! Have a great Easter weekend! Hugs

herb - Wednesday Apr 16, 2003

Weight: 199.4

Aggh! I hate when that happens. The A.C. plug fits sloppily into the computer on a 45� angle, and occasionally falls out, and that is just what happened, losing me 2 paragraphs of material. But maybe that was good I was sorta ragin on Terry my housecleaner, and her Mother. Maybe God just decided it was a little too much, and erased it. Thank You, Higher Power.

Anyway, Terry, and Peggy were here at 1:45pm to clean. I thought I'd have Terry, and her son Stephen to help me pack my stuff, and move it out of the apartment, but that was not in the cards. Her boyfriend has decided to go camping in Pennsylvania next week. That leaves me scrambling for people to help me next week. Terry might be able to give me 2 days, we'll see. That's what you get when yo don't plan for options.

Brought in 3 boxes from the truck, but we never got around to filling them, truthfully I dont want to put them outside till a few days before I have to leave. First stop was at Weight Watcher's and Kate the leader got me aside and was concerned about the rate of my weigh loss between 3 to 5 pounds per week. Well this week I lost 3 pounds, and I am now 3/4 of a pound below 200, and 1 pound away from losing 50 pounds.

Next was Marco's where I celebrated with a fried egg, and bacon sandwich. My primary purpose was to replace some plain wire on the back of 2 of our photographs. Caution to All: never use plain wire to hang pictures, this wire is soft and is not tempered properly it will stretch then snap, always use picture wire cable. Jesica the waitress told me that one of the pictures came off the wall, and almost bopped a woman in the head. Next to CVS to pick up a load of prescription, and medications, then to Overeaters Anonymous for our meeting. I can't believe I didn't tell anyone that I broke 200. We got a new member tonight, a very pretty woman, petite, her problem is bulemia. You wouldn't guess what her job she has. She's a graphic artist with a speciality in designing food packaging. What she must go through in a day.

Speaking of artists, and this is true. They were searching one of Saddam Husseins palaces and found these fantasy/gothic Boris Vallejo type paintings done by a artist named "Rowena," turns out she has her studio 2 blocks away from me in Coxsackie. Small World. Here's her website http://www.rowenaart.com

Gael the Whale on 04/17/2003:
Hope you find someone to help you Great job losing weight. that is awesome.

herb - Tuesday Apr 15, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 202.4

Stayed in bed till Ronnie called, he left 2 messages on the machine. Well a half-hour later he's banging on the door wanting me to get up and dressed. I must admit it was beautiful day out with the temperature up to 85�. He has a mind like a steel trap, he remembered that I had 3 pictures in the truck, and remembers that I wanted to hang them this afternoon. I refused to get up, and finally he went away.

He came back in a hour, so proud of himself that he didn't have his slice of apple pie, but had a sandwich instead. He brought back one photograph where the wire had broken. This is a bad thing thats all I need is to have a framed photograph crashing down on someone. I know of at least three pictures where the photographer had used wire. These will have to be taken down and changed to cable (wire rope.)

Gael the Whale on 04/15/2003:
how are you enjoying the new carpet

herb - Monday Apr 14, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 202.4

Stayed in all day. Contacted Arlene the woman who has been doing my taxes since I came up here. Finally got her husband on the phone at 7pm. Arlene had a serious auto accident last year and she can no longer do taxes. I used to enjoy our once a year chats, I'm just wondering if I can or should visit her on a social basis. I'll wait till I get myself straightened out, and check back in the summer.

herb - Sunday Apr 13, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 202.4

Finally got out of the house, it was sunny, warm, and windy. Ron called me around 12:30 wanting to know when we were going to eat. Like 2 o'clock, I said no, I'd be picking him up around 3, and then we would go to Hudson in hus car.

Leaving the house I ran into Bill and his 2 daughters. Brianna the older one was trowelling a hole on the patio, and Alexa was mixing the cement in the wheelbarrow with her hands. Made some small talk then got into the grey mist, for the trip to Athens.

Ron was ready when I rolled up, we tranferred to his vehicle, and were underway. The dining experience at Wendy's was disappointing. I ordered a double classic plain, it wasn't hot, it's as if the 2 patties were parked on the back grill for the last 15 minutes. On top of that one of the toilets had backed up and there was at least an inch of water everywhere. The fat kid was tring to mop it up, but it was a losing propisition, in the fact that he was moving so slow, the cuffs of his pants dragged around in the water, and his fat belly with the red greasy shirt capped the scene.

Left there and went across thee street to Wal*Mart. I've never been in one before, seems like Ames or Kmart jisy bigger. Bought some batteries and we left.

Talked Ron to going to Russ's Donut Connection where I had 2 balls of French Vanilla Ice Cream. Russ and his family showed up, and we talked for awhile before they took off.

Went back to Ron's picked up my car and came home.

Now all I have to do tomorrow is do what I did todan and get out of that bed!!

SoccerMom on 04/14/2003:
Wow! Has it been that long since I checked in on you? Last time I looked, you were near 219. You've been doing GREAT! Congrats, Herb, you're nearly ready to wave buh-bye to the 200's club, and join another group! Wooo-hoooooooo!!

herb - Saturday Apr 12, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 202.4

A beautiful day out, but I didn't go out. Ron called me and wanted to go and eat. I put him off till Sunday. Said that we'd go to Wendy's in Hudson for some of their great burgers.

Heard on the radio that Dr. Atkins slipped on a piece of ice covered sidewalk, and did mortal damage to his head. The prognosis is "mort."

Diet Guru Dr. Atkins on Life Support Fri Apr 11, 1:11 PM ET

NEW YORK - Diet Dr. Robert C. Atkins was in a coma and on life support Friday after falling on an icy sidewalk and hitting his head earlier this week. "While we are all hoping for a miracle, and every measure possible is being taken to save his life, his chances of a meaningful recovery are slim," said his spokesman, Richard Rothstein.

Atkins' wife, Veronica, was by his side, he said. Atkins, 72, slipped Tuesday yards from his Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine in midtown Manhattan. The city had been hit by a snowstorm Monday. Atkins underwent surgery Tuesday to remove a blood clot that formed after he fell, but he remained in critical condition Friday at New York Weill Cornell Medical Center.

Atkins, a cardiologist, is the author of the best-selling "Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution." The Atkins diet emphasizes meat, eggs and cheese and discourages bread, rice and fruit. Long criticized by nutritional experts who advocate a diet rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables, the Atkins diet recently gained adherents after several studies showed that people lost weight on it without compromising their health. Rothstein said Atkins had still been seeing patients four days a week at the center.

Gael the Whale on 04/12/2003:
that is so sad . .

Spirit-Up on 04/13/2003:
That's terrible! Just finished reading Sat. local paper and a 3 year old died of head injuries too. He was standing on the back of his father's tractor, pulling into the barn and hit his head on a beam overhead, fell backwards and hit his head on the tractor on the way down. I was in tears! Can't imagine what the parents are going through at this time...the father who was driving the tractor! LIFE IS SO PRECIOUS...GEES, we have daily reminders of that, expecially after opening the paper! Talk care of each other, TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES!

herb - Friday Apr 11, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 202.4

Friday. Stayed in bed all day.

herb - Thursday Apr 10, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 202.4

went to the Dentist at 1:45 and had a filing put in. Then went to the Old World Bagel Shop had a crock of chicken soup, and a bagel. Had a nice conversation with a fellow named Eric who is a professor at Champlain College in Vermont, and he gives his courses via the Internt.

Came home for a couple of hours and lazed around here before going to the Camera Club. Finally got those 3 framed prints that Eileen has been promising me.

Gael the Whale on 04/11/2003:
ouch . dentist. how is the new carpet?

herb - Wednesday Apr 09, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 202.4

Today was weigh-in at Weight Watchers. It makes me feel good in one aspact, and that is I can control my apetite. The thing that frightens me is that I might be losing my apetite for food completely. The two women that do the weigh-ins confronted me and said that I'm losing weight too fast. What they don't know is that for days at a time I've been staying in bed and only drinking iced tea, and taking my medications.

William (Landlord), and Shawn (Floor Guy) came around 3 o'clock to measure my apartment. New wall to wall carpeting in the living room, and bedroom. Kitchen, and bath will be tiled including countertop at the sink, and countertop at the food island, bar whatever you call it.

Then I was off to Weight Watchers, and O/A. The evening was uneventful, except it's still cold out. Came straight home only stopping at Bonfare for a Tuna Salad on rye, and two bottles of Starbuck's Mocha drink.

Gael the Whale on 04/09/2003:
Hi Herb. hope you enjoy the new carpet.

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